Saturday, August 11, 2012

#JFJ Hot Outside

Hot outside. Very hot. The thing with the Terracycle spot is that it's great and in the cut, but it also has no shade/trees in the open area. I'm in a secret chamber of the building doing this post right now. I am reserved in the fact that I've not met my personal quota, but it just wasn't happening. I got to see a lot of my local Jersey fam though: Tone Liv, Self, Black Collar Biz, Phace, Skrewtape and plenty more cats have been here. Seen FEED rock with Divine Drummah, as well as saw King Don (above) and KV do their thing. I got to meet neph from, and I'm still waiting on seeing cats like Daniel Joseph and Jermaine.

Shit, word just hit from Jermaine - the Trenton Police shut the music down. I saw them earlier making the vendors move out of the way, but the music had been at a VERY decent level. Might be a permit issue. What the fuck?!?! Hit the FB for images and shit, we'll see what's good.

#JFJ King Don At Jersey Fresh Jam 2012

The Almighty KD goes in for Spring Street. Performances are goingdown, but they aren't on the schedule. Just saw Divine Drummah in the building!

#JFJ Styles Stay Vicious

Ayo - sun is baking out here. Next year? A tree LOL. It's fter noon and the writers are getting UP. Don't believe me, check the evidence. Luv1 is doing his thing. I don't know everyone, but that's not my job. We just documenting and enjoying right now. Ahmad is running through some Jersey Hip-Hop (Artifacts, Redman, Queen Latifah Queen Latifah, etc.), because you can't forget New Jersey. Still sweating my ass off. The performances will be going down in the open area, and it should be a doozy. Check the set times if you'be got someone in particular youre trying to see. Until then, check the FB album for my digital ca footage. And come the fuck out! Skrewtape and his missus have! Let's go!

#JFJ It Begins...

My personal morning tarted out kind of slow, and this Wifi issue was pissing me off, but as you can see, I GOT IT! DJ Ahmad is playing the fly shit on the decks, the paint is in the air and the love is flowing. Nothing is as Hip-Hop as the Jersey Fresh Jam. I'm hyped for this! I'll be updating pics throughout the day, praying there's no rain and rocking to the great music. Keep up with this link if you wanna see the continuous picture uploads. And if you're in the area, come out! Full details via And if you're tweeting, use #JFJ. Let's go!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Joey Breakdown - Midnight Lights Vol 4

From Joey Breakdown: "The tunes that make up this set have been sound-tracking my summer of 2012 and I've been anticipating sharing them in the form of a mix. Featuring 35 tracks by the likes of Marcus Intalex, Paradox, Dub Phizix, Break, Skeptical, Heist, Spectrasoul, Lynx, Enei, Subwave, Fracture, Emperor, Jubei, Skitty, Earl Grey, and more. Labels featured in the mix include Metalheadz, V, Soul:R, Critical, Exit, Subtitles, Audioporn, Renegade Hardware, Vibration, RAM among others. Full tracklist coming soon.

As always - mixed in one shot on 2 Pioneer CDJ's. No edits, no software. Huge giant BIG UP to all producers and labels featured in the mix - continuing to prove that drum n bass is not only NOT dead, but just as rad as ever".

You can grab Midnight Lights Volumes 1-3 via the drumskool215 blog or their Podomatic page.

[video] GDP "Stretch Somethin"

[video] Black Collar Biz "The Sentence"

This is the first single from High Grade Artistry, and is produced by Quantic.

This Is Thugstep, Vol. 3

With recent news about the Skrillex x Kanye West collaboration, compilations like the This Is Thugstep series are needed now more than ever, if nothing just to say "this shit isn't new: catch-up". While the first compilation showed you a lot of the foundation of this sound (and tracks that exemplified the sound), volume two took it a step further, showing a lot of the refixes that came out after THUGSTEP's formation and how other DJs have freaked the sound. Volume 3 has dropped today, and has a grip of original tunes in this vein. You've got new(er) stuff from Bassnectar (with Lupe Fiasco), Casey Veggies, Cypress Hill & Rusko, Stinkahbell & Psy:am, Heroes x Villains and more, with refix pressure from Santi Junior, Spinstyles and Stratus. Nappy tested, RTD-approved. Artwork again done by @theotisjones, with ClubTapes supporting the movement. It never stops.

DOWNLOAD This Is Thugstep, Vol. 3

Jersey Fresh Jam 2012 Itinerary

Hopefully if you're in the tri-state area, you're goign to be hitting up the Jersey Fresh Jam tomorrow, August 11th, sometime between 10AM and 8PM. I just wanted to break a couple of things down regarding the events that will be taking place...

Kanye West x Skrillex For Next Kanye Album

In another example of "khal been done told us about this", Skrillex recently spoke about working on a track with Kanye West for his next album: "I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it's actually going to be the first song on his new album". After hearing "Who Gon Stop Me Now", you already should've known that this was the beginning... for 'Ye. We've been off on that THUGSTEP for how long now? More info on this, as well as Skrillex's response to deadmau5, over on Rolling Stone.

Black Rasslin' Podcast EP43

With the Jersey Fresh Jam this Saturday, you know I had to keep the selections Jersey. We also preview SummerSlam, give details on what's going on with Kharma, JTG's twitter rant and much, much more. Please let your people(s) know about this show!

DOWNLOAD Black Rasslin' Podcast EP43

[video] DJ Marky "Ya Thang"

DJ Sliink - Boiler Room NY Live Set

Sliink didn't put any date on this set, but he goes in on this one, dipping from the Club shit into some R&B into the Trap sounds of now. It's his, he spent it.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tone Liv, Arty McFly, Sol Zalez & Nalm Myers "Real Math"

With this Saturday being the Jersey Fresh Jam, pardon me for my NJ shit. A Sharp produced this banger, giving room for four truly capable spitters to express themselves. The hook is a pretty astute cautionary phrase, and that throwback flavor in the instrumental does something. This is TallCan rap right here, word to your liquor store.

DOWNLOAD Tone Liv, Arty McFly, Sol Zalez & Nalm Myers "Real Math" (prod. by A Sharp)

daBOOTH Music Festival (8/11/2012)

Nardwuar vs. Skrillex

deadmau5 In Studio Q

> album title goes here < is available on August 14th for pre-order via iTunes; it drops on the 25th of September. Features on it include Imogen Heap, Cypress Hill and Gerard Way.

[video] Double A.B. & Dub Sonata ft. Roc Marciano "Lord Knows What"

Dom O Briggs "TurnUp"

First leak from Dom O's Gr8Summer, and it's a doozie. I keep talking about the Mad Decent Block Party, but that Saturday I had heard the term "turn up" all fucking day. I'm with it, though. I'm not as young as the kids in the crowd, but that spirit makes me feel like a nigga can cook and not worry. Love the beat off this one - has that lazy fuzzbox bass, with the throwback drums RIGHT UP IN US FACE. FUCK THE DUMB SHIT!

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs "TurnUp" (prod. by BanksOnTheBeat)

blctxt "Warning Signz"

This the kind of attitude I fucks with. You heard niggas steady taumbout "revolution", but they ain't really ready to take a post. Don't even say it's time for revolution, just revolt and let the media put the tag on it. Gotta disassociate from the straight line and go left. In all facets, if you're really about it. "They call it revolutionary / But it’s more like necessary".

DOWNLOAD blctxt "Warning Signz" (prod. by AWOL)


Full disclosure: I was underwhelmed seeing RiFF RAFF at the Mad Decent Block Party this past Saturday. I pretty much hung it up when his song was playing but he wasn't rapping. He ended up doing a lot of rapping over his full tracks, but whatever. Dude's definitely in his own lane, and the Mad Decent co-sign has me wondering what he's gonna be doing. This 25-track BiRTH OF AN iCON mixtape is his official Mad Decent debut; it features beats from Caspa, Flux Pavilion, DJA, Paul Devro and more, with features from Action Bronson and Chief Keef. Might need to sip on some lean for this one.


FamJuice x Hot 107.9 x HipHopSince1987 "In The Lab" Cypher

This features Apollo The Great, Chill Moody, Young Savage, Leemazin, Carmen Amare, Big Ooh and Sir.

[video] M-Dot "Detour"

The Combat Jack Show (8/08/2012)

When I heard that Charlamagne Tha God was on The Combat Jack Show, I knew it was gonna be serious. Dude doesn't hold back, and has his hands in a number of pots, from The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, Guy Code and plenty more. Per CJ, "This dude is truly fearless. Listen to how he saw the radio game, came, pause, and conquered. And he’s not stopping. I want to be like him when I grow up". They also ask Just Blaze for a grant. #GetReadyForCombat #Newmanati


[video] NoEmotion "Red Crabs"

[video] SL Jones x DJ Burn One "HellaTrill AF"

[video] Kid Koala "8 Bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY)"

[video] Knife Party "Centipede"

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

[video] Ethel Cee & Dumhi "Coke & Yoga"

[video] Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Shame"

This is a continuation of the "Thuggin'" video.

F.D.R. "The Come Up"

If you are or have ever been an aspiring artist, the tales weaved over this Sweet Valley High track from the F.D.R. collective should sound like your own story, I imagine. I still wild out when I hear how cats are asked to PAY to perform. Takes money to make money, but I hate stories like this. The Inauguration drops August 14th.

DOWNLOAD F.D.R. "The Come Up" (prod. by Sweet Valley High)

No Doubt "Settle Down (Major Lazer Remix)"

In my household, my wife and I have similar tastes in music. We differ on some shit - I fucks with DnB, while No Doubt and John Mayer get just as much play from her. I imagine this Major Lazer remix of No Doubt's latest single would have us meeting in the middle. Throwing a crowd-rocking Moombahton flex to Gwen's vocal, making this one work well on the floors. Word is this is the first of five remixes to debut from No Doubt in the very near future, with their Push and Shove album set to drop September 25th. The Moombahton sound isn't my normal thing, but after hitting the Mad Decent Block Party last weekend, I can't help it. You know I'm a freak for remixes of Pop tracks. Fuck you want?!

Starkey ft. Trim "DPMO"

I just realized that one face I wish I'd seen in Philly this past weekend was Starkey's. One of the finest examples of Street Bass on American soil is this guy, and this cut "DPMO" is proof positive of that statement. This one will be dropping on white vinyl on the 10th of September as a special collector's item. This is said to eventually hit digital release at some point, but that'll be for a while, and the instrumental for "DPMO", in all of it's great vengeance and furious anger, will be exclusive to the digital release. This cut features Trim, who is out of East London and is dropping his debut LP on Rinse later this year. Don't sleep.

Trolley Snatcha x Scion AV

You're not going to bed, are you? Wake yo punk ass up, then! Trolley Snatcha's sorted out a five-track EP - for free! - for Scion AV, and it has some bangers. This isn't some "let's give away some less than stellar bits" kind of thing. We've got features from Subscape and Foreign Beggars, and these tunes will mash up any dance you drop them in. No nonsense at all - just a slice of the EDM scene, delivered with precision.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Survival - August 2012 Studio Mix

No matter where I dip off, musically, it always seems to go back to Drum & Bass. I could give a shit how progressive you feel other forms of EDM are, but Drum & Bass is truly the only all-encompassing sound out there. Survival is a gifted producer who never ceases to amaze me with his DJ technique. The intro tune on this is legend, and he amasses a number of cuts in this one from Octane, DLR, Subterra, Vicious Circle & Need For Mirrors, Halogenix and plenty more. Pure heat.

Narduwar vs. Juicy J

Shouts to Nappy for playing Blue Dream & Lean while we rode down South Street.

Odd Future x Rosenberg

You remember "H.A.M. (Sandwich)"? Peep Tyler's Real Late Freestyle, and an interview after the jump.

Scion AV: Dante Hoagland Interview

This is lil Danny Brown from the "Grown Up" video. This kid wins.

Savage Rehab - Planet V Mix

Been on a DnB flex lately, don't mind me. Savage Rehab is a name I'm just getting wind of, but this mix isn't one to sleep on. V is touching down at Covert this Saturday, with Bryan Gee, DJ Krust, Jumping Jack Frost, Artificial Intelligence, Eveson and S.R. doing the damn thing, and Rehab touches this very V-centric mix. It touches on some harder-edges but mostly plays it chilled and soulful. Dope afternoon happy hour rinseout.

Small Professor - Moar Mistress Jawns

The boy Small Pro has spent the last year unloaded on a gaggle of instrumental projects, but none of them are as, well, focused as this one. He actually borrowed from the recent craze of dropping cassettes and split this one into two sides; as Pro says: "the first six tracks are built around and on soul samples that have been chopped, screwed, broken and pieced back together. The second half is more electronic based and percussively loose, a nod to the tunes coming from my people overseas and in Cali". They're previews of full-length releases, which will kick off with an album entitled Cool Story, Pro, which is set to drop in the Fall. Grab this ho right now, genius.

PURCHASE Small Professor - Moar Mistress Jawns

Topaz Jones x Stan Ross - 106 Miles To Chicago

Before Thelonious Martin moved out to Chitown, he was one of the darlings of the Jersey underground, fucking with the Tastemakers NJ crew. He's since built up a strong following through a Ruby Hornet connect, and those entities recently dropped this EP, featuring Martin beats under rhymes from the god Topaz Jones and Stan Ross. You already know how Topaz and Thelonious get down together, they cook crillz, and do just that for this quick six-track EP, nahmean? August music, trust we.

DOWNLOAD Topaz Jones x Stan Ross - 106 Miles To Chicago

Break Presents Symmetry Podcast 002

Straight and to the point with this one. Break returns with his label's podcast, going in for 40 minutes with a mix thatincludes cuts from the Various Artists album The Other Side, which Symmetry is dropping in late September. Break goes in and this mix is a proper showcase of the future of the DnB scene. Or something.

[video] The Audible Doctor ft. Chandon "Success (Part 1)"

DOWNLOAD The Audible Doctor ft. Chandon "Success (Part 1)"

Mega Ran - Tour: A Date With A Dream

Here's a free tape of new Mega Ran material that he cooked up during his Summer Sessions tour: "A Date with a Dream is an ode to the struggles and triumphs that come with life on the road as a musician - and life in general - an undying love for his musical craft and Hip Hop; the culmination of all the hard work that goes into booking and financing an entire tour on the independent level". Features include Jermiside, RoQY TyRaiD and MC Pennywise, as well as a flip of Ludacris' "Area Codes".

DOWNLOAD Mega Ran - Tour: A Date With A Dream

[video] Jeff Lucky "New Generation"

[video] 810 "Something To Prove"

Bladerunner - Spearhead @ Relay Promo Mix

Smart move by the Spearhead massive, securing this exclusive mix from Bladerunner in anticipation of their Spearhead Records Presents show at Relay on the 24th of August, where he's featured alongside BCee, Blu Mar Ten, Technicolour & Komatic and LSB. Sweet, seductive sounds mixed with that throwback to the future flavor he is smashing shit with.

[video] Tef Poe ft. WhiteOut "Fallen Angel (Interlude)"

[video] Rapsody "Believe Me"

DJ Concept - Sonidos Para Tu Alma

I started reading this book The Road Through Wonderland, and homegirl who wrote it moved to California in the 70s. Her descriptive language and the sounds from this beat tape from DJ Concept make me wanna a) learn how to drive a drop top car and b) drive up and down the Cali roadways. Miss me with the porn star turned drug runner who beats on underage mistresses part doe.

DOWNLOAD DJ Concept - Sonidos Para Tu Alma

Mac G Herc - Pretty Ugly Collabos

I'd love to sit here and be like "Mac G Herc is the shit!", but I don't know who neph is. I always find it weird when an artist is relatively unknown to me, but they have a project with collabos from YC The Cynic, ESSO, The Black Sunn, Jarren Benton, Fresh Daily and a bunch of other artists I mess with. I hope the name of this one is just an ironic statement. He didn't leave any other info, but I know dude is from Denmark. I'm trying, yall. You try, too.

DOWNLOAD Mac G Herc - Pretty Ugly Collabos

Monday, August 06, 2012

KGB "Mad Doctor"

Sometimes, you just need a tearing instrumental to get them aggro vibes out. KGB threw this out as a little preview, but I end up having a shitload of questions. No word on ANYTHING other than this being some of his new shit on deck. My Lord just put on your bass face for a minute.

Side-B Radio (8/06/2012)

Ice Cube x Juan Epstein

First time I think I've seen a damn-near full episode of Juan Ep on video. You heard this already during the Season 5 premiere, but here's the full interview on video. Hit the jump for the next bits.

Boom Shottas: JA50 (@SlimK4 CnS Reggae/Dancehall Mix)

Mighty High Coup - Dark Side Of The Boom

Dope project from Mighty High Coup and THEFREAKBEAT, featuring some fresh beats from the likes of TRiLLBASS, ADHD, Wes Green and plenty more. Nothing but the best in bass music alongside capable MCs that can ride those kinds of vibes. You already know how RTD fucks with the hybrid sound, and projects like this are exactly what I rock to. Shouts to the cats who helped me enjoy the Mad Decent Block Party this past Saturday. This could've been the soundtrack to my weekend.

DOWNLOAD Mighty High Coup - Dark Side Of The Boom

Ray Dawn ft. The 2 Of Diamonds "Pimps Up"

Back in May, I posted a video from The 2 Of Diamonds. Ray hit me on the BBM like "I rocked with them at SXSW, we working on some material". I know Ray has a project on the horizon, but linking up with T2OD AND The Jake on the beat? This is straight murder. This shit right here is exactly what I'm trying to mob out to. Once I get some good news, this'll be the cut I throw on. With a tall glass of Blue Moon. Say what, bitch! And if you want more from Ray, peep his feature on Ohini Jonez' "Any Given Sunday", which leaked earlier today. Stay up.

DOWNLOAD Ray Dawn ft. The 2 Of Diamonds "Pimps Up" (prod. by The Jake)

Ohini Jonez ft. Ray Dawn "Any Given Sunday"

"Since Mos Def's taken, I guess I'm most ill" is the first line this cat threw that threw me. Taking "techno breaks and making operas" was the second. Ohini Jonez is returning to the scene with his The Prelude EP, which Kevin Nottingham is dropping ont he 26th of August (his birthday), and this leak is hard. You know my love of quirk within my Hip-Hop, and this one has a different vibe to it. They really go leftfield with the instrumental on this one, and both of these cats go dumb. Shouts to Fawn Nicole for this one - she warned me this one was gonna be special!

DOWNLOAD Ohini Jonez ft. Ray Dawn "Any Given Sunday"

Evil Nine ft. Danny Brown "Black Brad Pitt"

After hitting Philly for the Mad Decent Block Party this past Saturday, I've single handedly seen crowds who probably wouldn't fuck with 808 heavy shit 7, 8 years ago go absolutely dumb for shit like this. I'm not mad at all, I like fat beats, and the Trap sound is where it's at. Danny Brown knows the shit, and creeps onto the best tracks, doing his own brand of nignorance to these future beats. This collab with Evil Nine is set to drop on Bromance Records, which is ran by Brodinski. Shit just makes sense. I expect the Polo-shirt rocking Frat crowd will be spitting these lyrics to their favorite sorority sisters by the end of next week.

Tom Chase "Dark Knight"

One thing I HATE when shocking things (like the Aurora shooting during the Dark Knight Rises premiere) is when cats just half-ass drop a weak bar relating to the current event. The boy Tom Chase isn't one of those hopalong niggas. This cut, produced by @clawsbeats, essentially fleshes out a narrative based on a story we've heard time and again: someone who has some deep issues, a loner who thrives in the escapist activities like comic book reading and formulates plans to cause real world damage. Accented by snippets of news stories on this case, Chase crafts a thought-provoking cinema on wax. He said the beat just spoke to him and this is the result. And you niggas wonder why I can't put too much into the mindless drivel that passes as entertainment. Shouts to Chidda. #CLDCLB

DOWNLOAD Tom Chase "Dark Knight" (prod. by @clawsbeats)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

NotioN - The Built Arrangement LP

Legit "A Based Freestyle"

DOWNLOAD Legit "A Based Freestyle" (prod. by Purge+Audit)

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 1st, 2012)

The Black Opera - Overture