Saturday, August 18, 2012

[video] Nah Marley "Her Funeral"

Mad Decent Block Party Chicago Got Shut Down

Looks like Chicago's Mad Decent Block Party got shut down early today. It was at capacity, and it looks like the above idiocy probably caused the entire event to get shut down. I can tell you first hand that Philly had some problems (mostly kids who couldn't control their chemicals during the day - mad puke), but the door had no rush whatsoever. We got there around 2PM and it was nice and orderly. We walked out and CAME BACK IN and it was love. And Philly represented - MAD HEADS out there. Is it that serious, Chitown?

Legit ft. Dott & Eli "Treaty of Versailles"

Last New Shit Saturday leak from Legit before he drops Feliz Sabado. I wonder if he'll have some of them Sabado Gigante gems as cover art.

DOWNLOAD Legit ft. Dott & Eli "Treaty of Versailles"

Heroes x Villains "Original Choppaz"

First single from the Heroes x Villains x Trap-A-Holics Run The Trap EP, which is dropping on the 31st of August alongside a documentary. Shit goes, trust. Whether you call it Trap, post-Trap or Trap Rave (or some other random title), shit knocks.

DOWNLOAD Heroes x Villains "Original Choppaz"

Funkmaster Flex - Throwback At Noon (8/17/2012)


Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy "Westside, Right On Time"

Oh my, lovely Saturdays breed lovely tracks. No idea where this one is ending up, but I love that Top Dawg is just giving away heat. Jeezy does his thing on this, but of course Lamar is the dude. EDIT looks we just made it through #TDEFamAppreciationWeek - hit up the TDE SoundCloud for more goodies.

DOWNLOAD Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy "Westside, Right On Time" (prod. by Canei Finch)

[video] Odd Father ft. NoEmotion "Odd Emotions"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Four Tet - Solid Steel Radio Show (8/17/2012)

What you see in that picture is the vinyl used in Four Tet's mix for Solid Steel this week. I believe he's not been on the program since 2001, so it makes sense for him to go in something special. No full tracklist, but he definitely drops some Herbie Hancock, Don Cherry, Stanley Clarke and much more.

[preview] Trap Bubbling

See, when we started talking about mixing Bass Music with Hip-Hop over six years ago, many took us for fools. Figured we were on some dumb shit. And maybe we were. But fast forward six years, and it feels like those who scoffed and joked are now eating a hefty slice of crow. Serves 'em right.

Trap Bubbling is one I've been waiting to kick info on. It soundtracked my trip to the Mad Decent Block Party, and is one of the defining moments within Disc Jockey Nappy's career: "In whats truly the first time a project of this magnitude has ever been conceived on this level, Trap-A-Holics presents Trap Bubbling, a special project from Rotterdam's Munchi, mixed by the one and only Disc Jockey Nappy. The term Trap has been buzzing on the Net and in the Club over the last couple of months, with the undeniable 808 bounce moving to the next level. With this project, Munchi takes tracks many Hip-Hop heads are already familiar with (from the likes of Waka Flocka, the Diplomats and many more) and re-imagines these massive anthems for the EDM crowd. Youve probably heard producers remix and refix these tracks, but nothing with as official of a stamp as the Trapaholics have given this project. Damn, son, how's the future of music feel?!". Shit, I wrote it, I might as well use it.

I don't have a release date on this one, but trust me when I tell you - if you've been following the movements we've been making in regards to this sound, you're going to want to pay attention. The future is now.

Black Rasslin', Episode 44

If you fucks with pro wrestling, this is where you want to be. We not only run through this week's Monday Night Raw, but we give a full preview of Sunday's SummerSlam (you already know). The heftiest part of this show, though, is discussing last week's firing of AW. That nigga didn't sit down quietly, and it touches on a lot of topics within the WWE. Don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD Black Rasslin', Episode 44

[video] OTiS CLaPP "Pick Ya Pants Up"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

[video] Dom O Briggs "Not Enough Words"

Another cut from Always Inspire(d).

The Combat Jack Show (8/15/2012)

A lot of sites won't fuck with The Combat Jack Show unless there's a certain kind of guest. Maybe it shows how long I've fucked with the show, because I can't WAIT for shows where there's no guest. Proper barber shop talk, and with the kind of newsweek it's been (and with Just Blaze in the building), this was kind of necessary: "No guests..No Problem…In this episode of The Combat Jack Show it was nothing but pure barbershop talk. From changing or not changing the show’s theme song to the allegations of Nasir having ghostwriters. What was Dream Hampton and FMWJ’s intention on putting that out there? Does it matter? Was it responsible? Here our take on the real and lots more. Hit the stream below and listen to “the bad boys of radio”. #FatFreeWaterEdition #Newmanati".


[video] Bias the Black "Red Ink"

Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose - Digital Diggin EP

[video] SEMI "Actin Up Freestyle"

[video] King RA "Scenario RMX 2012"

[video] Voz Muzik ft. Marc Antoni & Ze "Here I Come"

Lenzman - Ministry Of Sound Radio Mix (8/06/2012)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CRNKN - Trillionaire Mixtape

CRNKN is a name that is making a lot of noise right now, and for good reason. A little birdy told me you can catch CRNKN in Manhattan at a show with Nappy, but we'll keep that tucked for a minute. Dude's got some fresh production chops, but I had no idea his DJ game was so deep. This mix is turntup, with cuts like his collabo with UZ, "Booty 2 The Ground", that cut "Bueller" by Brillz & ETC, as well as bits from Sliink, Giraffage, TNGHT, Baauer, Munchi and many more. Might have to get drunk early for this one!
DOWNLOAD CRNKN - Trillionaire Mixtape

Young Mind [TR005]

The homey Cable put me onto Young Mind and the "cosmic trap" sound he creates, and it looks like this is confirmed to be the 5th release on Cable's Triangulum imprint. No word on release date, but don't fuck around and miss this. Reminds me of what Joker would sound like if he took his Purple Wow sound and Trap'd it out. This is what I'm talking about when I say Trap needs more outside influences. Too many guys making generic Hip-Hop beats and passing it off as something dope. If you don't want the sound to die, don't cut the creativity off, nahmean? I hear Mr. Mitch and Decibel have remixes coming soon as well. More word when I have it.

[video] Open Mike Eagle ft. Has-Lo "Your Back Pack Past"

TNGHT - Mission Statement Mix

Apparently this mix first aired last week (on Radio 1 I imagine), and due to the obvious nature of radio (even in the UK), you can't have all the filth-flarn-filth in the mix. They dropped it via SoundCloud, in full and uncensored, and this is a fucking masterpiece. I saw Lunice in Philly a few weeks ago, and he tore shit down. This mix features cuts from their EP, forthcoming bits, the "Rooster In My Rari" remix, some Decibel, some Snoop Dogg and more. Fucks with it.

[video] YC The Cynic "Driver's Seat"

Homeboy Sandman: Foundation

[video] JSWISS "Daily Conversation"

[video] Suede Jury "Soul Sista"

[video] Top $ Raz "RACE"

[video] Bad Education "Resilient"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nardwuar vs. 2 Chainz

Scion A/V Presents Bare: Altitude

Scion A/V keeps it pushing with another five-track FreEP, this time from Bare. The title track on this bitch? Jesus christ. I can just see the headband'd up frat set fist pumping and thrashing to that one. This one also features the don Messinian, among others. You need this.

DOWNLOAD Scion A/V Presents Bare: Altitude

F.D.R. - The Inauguration

Hollywood Floss, D-Risha & Rob Jay linked up. They call themselves F.D.R.. This is their EP. Tracks produced by Chris Rockaway and Sweet Valley High. Download it - it's the shit. Duh.

DOWNLOAD F.D.R. - The Inauguration

[video] Havoc "Separated (Real From The Fake)"

I'm not mad at this at all.

DJ Marky "Everything"

Deja vu! As if dropping his first solo 12" on his Innerground imprint wasn't enough to commemorate its 50th release, Marky drops this sly devil of a tune for free... for a like on Facebook. This one feels like a throwback to the DnB sound. Love the hypnotic bass on this one; feels more like something he'd SPIN as opposed to something he'd produced. Wonder if he has more tunes like this in his vault...

Matrix & Futurebound ft. Cat Knight "Move On"

In 2012, the best way for EDM acts/artists to get Facebook props is to give away something, whether it's a free tune via their page or RSVPs to events like the Mad Decent Block Party. All of that said, here's the Metro Viper heads getting your love inna social media way. This isn't my normal cup of tea, to be honest, but it's hard to deny a tune like this, especially in the late Summer. Those kids who don't want the Summer to end will solemnly put this one on and lament on the Days of Summer Past. Or, you know, watch one of those girls shake it when it drops. Whatever works. Grab via FB (der).

[preview] Black Colar Biz ft. Andrea Triana "Eyes Come Down"

[video] Has-Lo "Inherit The Stars (Paten Locke Remix)"

[video] LikNuts "Grumpy Crocodile"

[video] Crusa "Afritada"

And now I'm hungry.

[video] Makoto "Another Generation"

Misun "Dry (Emynd Trap Remix)"

YES, ANOTHER TRAP TUNE ON RTD. DEAL WITH IT. Thing is, this is what I like to hear. Yes, Trap might be shooting itself in the foot with all of the same-y tunes, but shit, this is something that's going to set your mix apart from the usual barrage of 808 drones. Emynd is a beast on the remix tip, and he incorporated the sound of now into something rather unique and anthemic. I love that term anthemic, and the chords and vocals on this one will drop like a megaton bomb if you use it properly. Proper DJ heat.

DOWNLOAD Misun "Dry (Emynd Trap Remix)"

[video] Dutch New York "No Sleep"

[video] Diggaz With Attitude ft. Apathy & Blacastan "Casino Royale"

[video] REKS ft. Sene, Koncept & Venessa Renee "La Luna"

Three Loco ft. Diplo "We Are Farmers"

I just realized: all three of the cats from Three Loco were on shows on MTV. Andy had his own show, Dirt Nasty is Simon Rex and RiFF RAFF was on From G's To Gents. No mind-blowing bars are dropped on this one at all. DJA goes IN with the beat, flipping the Farmers Insurance jingle into a heavyweight banger. Shit, Diplo even spits some bars. CXhrist. This is taken from their free three-song sampler, which I'm assuming The Jeffries will be dropping soon.

DOWNLOAD Three Loco ft. Diplo "We Are Farmers" (prod. by DJA)

Monday, August 13, 2012

#JFJ Big Mighty Freesyle @ Jersey Fresh Jam 2012

Survival "Secrets VIP"

Now THIS is the kind of shit I need to break up the monotony. I believe Survival gave this one away because a recent mix of his hit 1000 downloads, but for whatever the reason is, it makes me realize how dope of a producer he is. He's mixing up this understated bassline workout with a grinding fuzzbox snippet along with the echo'd beats and ethereal vocals and synths. It's a huge soup and one of the reasons why I'll always fall back on DnB. Roll on, Survival... roll on.

DOWNLOAD Survival "Secrets VIP"

Spooky "Code 9"

Spooky is a guy who's moved on from the "Spartan" riddim and still knows how to create hypnotic tunes. This cut is from his forthcoming single release for Hot Mom USA, dropping on the 3rd of September. Remix pressure from Star Eyes, Moony & Wheez-ie, this one goes a bit deeper but still maintains the Grime/House vibe (if that makes sense). Truly a masterpiece in simplistic fawnk. My Lord wheeeeeeeeeeeel it!

Klever "We Don't Give A Fuck"

Something like this might be the anthem for cats who were dubstepped out that just started freaking to the 808 Trap sound over the last few months. They truly didn't give a fuck about T.I. a few years ago, but now site Trap Muzik as their shit. And if you ask them how they can stand Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane, they might repeat the refrain from this tune. Klever is doing his thing on this regardless. Fun with the bounce. Although I almost hope heads would move onto something else, because at the rate that new Trap tracks are dropping, this will be a dead sound by next Summer.

DOWNLOAD Klever "We Don't Give A Fuck"

Ray Strife & Wade Wilson "Soundz Like Drugz"

Trio of Trenton excellence right here, and the title fits perfectly with both this trifecta and the actual output that got put out. I got to see the homegirl Dready at the Jersey Fresh Jam this weekend, where I also met Wade Wilson (not sure if I introduced myself or if he knew who I am, but then again, who the fuck am I), where we definitely had a convo about Deadpool. Homegirl does the damn thing with the beats, and Strife and Wade go ham in their own right. For you cats who definitely like living loaded, you'll appreciate this. Shit, if you fuck with good music, you can't front on this. Hopefully these three have more heat in the bowl, which has to be far from cashed.

DOWNLOAD Ray Strife & Wade Wilson "Soundz Like Drugz" (prod. by Dready Mercury)

Lorenzo Vektor "Occupy (Mexicans With Guns Remix)"

Don't think I've heard new heat from Mexicans With Guns, but I fuck with this. I keep hearing this term "trap rave" to describe essentially the Trap sounds that EDM producers are making. This might be one of the tracks that comes closest to blending what I'd consider "rave" sounds in that Trap aesthetic. Love the lurching bass thrown in here as well. Some fun shit to bug out to, nahmean. Turn that woofer in your system up LOUD for this one doe.

DOWNLOAD Lorenzo Vektor "Occupy (Mexicans With Guns Remix)"

Juan Epstein (8/12/2012)

Ciph and Rosenberg keep it rollin with the latest episode of Juan Ep, and have brought back Capone (the comedian) for another banger. The one main thing I picked up is that I need to see Snow On Tha Bluff. Been sleeping on watching it but I might have to rock with that one! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes as well.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (8/12/2012)

Side-B Radio (8/12/2012)

This past Sunday's edition of Side-B wasn't as Jersey Fresh Jam-centric as I thought it'd be, but it was dope nonetheless. There's of course a new edition of Side Beatz, some Hip-Hop news (looks like Side-B and All Hip-Hop will be partnering up), an interview with Kilogram and plenty more. Word is Side-B will be going down this Thursday from 6PM to 8PM. Keep it locked to @sidebradio42 and for more details.


Pay To (Press) Play

I'd heard about DJ Mag looking into accusations of cheating to get into their Top 100 DJ poll, which I guess helps out DJ's gig rates. I'm all for healthy competition, but you'd think people would utilize skills and contacts, not their fat wallets. Pay to press play, you feel me? is reporting that DJ Mag might need to lay low; EDMSnob's investigation into that Top 100 scandal uncovered thousands of GBP spent on "advertising" within DJ Mag, resulting in full page spreads for DJs like Payl Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Erick Morillo and plenty more. You'd think these guys would keep their mouths shut if they had so much coming in for these "ads", you feel me?

I don't knock anyone's hustle - I've heard stories about some of my blogger peers. I just can't believe that on the one hand, DJ Mag is questioning the practices of some of the DJ poll entrants, but on the flipside are collecting paper for coverage. It's just sad. Where does someone go to keep it real?

#JFJ Post-Jersey Fresh Jam 2012 Cipher

And here's the cipher that sparked outside of the Jersey Fresh Jam on Saturday night. Rhymageddon, Emcee Jermaine and a number of Anti-Industry affiliates went in for no other reason than because cats is just tough. Hit the jump for more footage. These cats go in.

[video] Uptown XO "Errybody"

[video] Stealth "I'm Driftin'"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 8th 2012)

[video] Touchphonics ft. Alex Lee "A Million Pieces"

HULK & Megalodon "Infamous"

What better way to kick of Shark Week than a heavyweight dose of BASS?!

[video] King RA "K.I.N.G. R.A."

[video] Kool Keith "Who's The Man"

[video] Ab-Soul "Black Lip Bastard (Black Hippy Remix)"

#JFJ The Morning After

This is one of my favorite pieces from yesterday. I finally added all of the shots I took at the Jersey Fresh Jam (via Facebook), but I'm kind of pissed. Not at the actual event - as it was dope, but I missed some key shit: once the music got shut down, there were some freestyles going down outside. I heard Biz Mighty went off, and I caught the tail-end of Skrew in the cipher as well. I did get some footage of Rhymageddon and his crew (even Emcee Jermaine) kicking verses outside of his whip. I'll have that footage up tomorrow more than likely. I did get to interact with a LOT of the Jersey fam, including A Sharp, Phace, Wade Wilson, Dready Mercury, Tone Liv, Divine Drummah and many more, heads I can't even think of. Shit I came home and took it down early, but it was a LONG day. I am also pissed that I didn't get to post as much as I wanted to, but I know for next year what to do. And I did get a good amount of footage. Lesson(s) learned!

I saw that Roads-Art posted up a video of Yasin at the #JFJ yesterday, which you can check after the jump. There's also a grip of footage from the After Party last night. When I get more footage, I'll share.