Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cousin Cole ft. Aaliyah "Talk 2 Me"

Cousin Cole flips a sample from the new Aaliyah track and makes some beautiful music. He prefers the "Night" mix. Which is your favorite?

Mixmag & UKF Present Sub Focus & Kill The Noise LIVE (8/25/2012)

Should be dope. This'll be going on for the next two hours. Mixmag's posted the full show for those who might've missed it.

Bro Safari - Back To Skool Mix, Vol. 2

[video] Crew54 ft. Carter Arrington "My Life"

Reid Speed - Thank You, Volume 3

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Two. Fifteens "Flight Boat"

Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Heart

Newest/latest from Lyriciss, brought to you by and Inner Loop. Third entry in his "The Balance" series. Download it so he doesn't have a fit. LOL nah homey goes in, you won't be disappointed.

DOWNLOAD Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Heart

Hollywood Floss ft. Fat Tony & Speak! "Ridin Feelin Good"

This might be my theme for any car ride I take this weekend. Celebratory status because BITCH I'M COMPLEX! I see a lot of blogs catching onto this one, for good reason. Hopefully you guys fuck with that New Houston sound - probably should peep that recently-released The Inauguration EP, with Floss, Rob Jay and D-Risha. Them boys is a problem!

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss ft. Fat Tony & Speak! "Ridin Feelin Good"

Black Rasslin' Podcast, Episode 45

Via BR: In what's turned out to be the penultimate edition of the Black Rasslin' podcast (for good reason), I recap both the 2012 edition of SummerSlam, the post-SS edition of Raw and go over a grip of info. Also play some ignant tunes. Last week will be the final episode of the Black Rasslin' Podcast as of right now. I'll make a dedicated archive soon come. Tell a friend!

DOWNLOAD Black Rasslin' Podcast, Episode 45

Optiv & BTK - 2012 Australia/New Zealand Promo Mix

Fridays were made for Drum & Bass (or is it the other way around?), and Optiv & BTK cooked up a dope promo mix for their forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand. Fast and furious neuro/tech vibes here, with a number of their collaborative bits thrown between cuts on Virus, Dispatch, Dutty Audio and Shogun Audio, among other bits. Tracklist and tour dates after the jump!

[video] King RA "Bills, Bills, Bills"

[video] DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn "The Feeling"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Botchamania 211

[video] JJ Doom "Guv'nor"

The Combat Jack Show (8/22/2012)

This week's Combat Jack Show is here, and their two-year anniversary edition, Memphis Bleek is the special guest: "In this candid and in-depth interview with M-Easy we discuss the rise, fall and “stumble” of Rocafella Records, his role in the Nas vs. Jay “beef” and much, much more. Is Bleek done with rap? What’s his current relationship with Jay? As always we got you covered". Dallas Penn is in the building as well, and while I haven't gone through the entire episode yet, this episode carries the following disclaimer: "The views and opinions expressed by Premium Pete (@PremiumPete) in this episode are those of Premium Pete and do not reflect the actions of the rest of the Combat Jack Show or PNC Radio, staff and its affiliates. As much as we love Premium Pete, we strongly encourage you NOT to re-enact what your gonna hear in real-life situations". #Newmanati #GetReadyForCombat


ETC!ETC! & Brillz & Diplo ft. Chuck Inglish "Bueller"

This is a weird one. Back when I first heard DJ Wonder drop this, I knew it as just a DOPE Trap tribue to a classic piece of '80s cinema from Brillz & ETC!ETC!. Had no idea that a) Diplo was part of it (although that can be an entirely different discussion) and b) that Chuck Inglish dropped some vocals to this. I can't front - the original of this is my real pick, but in the effort of continuting this EDM/Hip-Hop hybrid we've helped champion, I've taken an executive decision to bring you the newest latest version of this. You can grab this release for FREE via The Jeffrees; it includes the original (which also features Whiskey Pete) and a cut entitled "Swoop".

DOWNLOAD ETC!ETC! & Brillz & Diplo ft. Chuck Inglish "Bueller"

[video] Simeon Viltz & Mulatto Patriot "Hot Day"

[video] Diplo ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex - Set It Off"

[video] The Cause & Knowledge "Hallelujah"

Back & Forth: Insane Clown Posse vs. Danny Brown

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[video] Killer Mike ft. Scar "Untitled"

Tracks like this make me wish El-P was making dubstep doe.

DOA: 07.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

Better late than never? Nappy's got a lot on his plate, but shouts to him for keeping the people dancing to the Drum & Bass. Fresh flavors from July from Utah Jazz, Loadstar, Rene LaVice, Shimah, Prolix and plenty more. Freshness on deck. Grab this via DOA.

Rob Jay: #BARS Intro

Part 1 of Jay's #BARS series with Kevin Notthingham.

SoleHeaven Presents Kicks N Mixtapes Vol. 15: DJ Cable

Serious mix from the one like DJ Cable here, done in conjunction with SoleHeaven for their "Kicks N Mixtapes" series. He goes in, trust, with a bit of everything: Trap, Hip-Hop, Grime, dubstep and plenty. 33 tracks in 60 minutes, spanning the globe of what's hot (including some of his own refixes and dubplates). Don't sleep on that or the feature with Cable at SoleHeaven.

DOWNLOAD SoleHeaven Presents Kicks N Mixtapes Vol. 15: DJ Cable

Mixmag MOTW: Coldcut

Ninja Tune heads Coldcut (well, just Jon More) turned up for Mixmag's MOTW, chopping up some special carnival vibes. This one is to help promote the Ninja Tune Carnival this Sunday in London, which will feature Zed Bias, Congo Natty (!!!), Adrian Sherwood and a special guest TBA. So serious.

DuckDown Goes To Dallas: KixPo 2012

More from the DP cam after the jump.

[video] Boom Blake "Wilt Chamberlain"

[video] M@rv3lou$ "Danger"

Flying Lotus: Fly First

[video] Bare "Altitude"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life's Complex

It's official, I'm the newest member of the Complex family. Some of you may have seen the early rumblings of this on twitter back in June, but this is something I've held close to my chest, mainly because I hate jinxing things.For the last month I've been in talks with Complex about an opportunity that I won't speak too crazy about right now, primarily because it's not fully fleshed out, and also because I like keeping you guys in suspense.

When I started RTD six years ago, I'd say a small part of me wanted to be given an opportunity to get PAID to WRITE. I've felt like it was something I could do, and the hard work has definitely paid off. I won't go off on a rant or spend an entire post of thank yous, but I do want to shout out heads like Noah, my new leader, my wife Anna, my boy Nappy, supportive peeps like Miss Info, Rizoh and the countless others who've either shouted me out today or in the past about my work, and all of the heads in between. Extra special shouts to Confusion, who will be my mentor on this new endeavor. I will still be around, trust me. Once I get my rhythm, it's going to be a WRAP.

Proper, private celebration is going down at the RTD Compound this Friday at whiskey o'clock, after I say goodbye to my current gig. I'll keep you guys posted on my goings-on while at the new position - we've only just begun. Hit the jump for my celebration/theme music(s).

Root Beer & Sour: Summer Madness Vol. 1 - Sunset Seduction


Juan Epstein (8/21/2012)

Quick two-fer for the latest episode of Juan Epstein. Via Rosenberg: "This has some radio stuff in it but it’s mostly just us shooting the shit with one of my favorite people in the world, “Iron” Mike Tyson and Kevin Hart. Pretty dope stuff with another Juan Ep coming in the next couple of days".

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (8/21/2012)

Frank Ocean "Pyramids (Kastle Remix)"

Another Frank Ocean remix, but this one is dopeski. So certified that Skream and Benga already debuted it on their Radio 1 show, the one like Kastle throws his bright lights and deep bass onto one of the more acclaimed cuts from channelORANGE. Not sure what it is about Frank that has producers so ready to flip his tracks (maybe it's the same ish that had people flipping The Weeknd), but whatever it is, I'm glad someone is smashin' it. Also glad it's not so long - that's what she said! Or didn't say. Who knows. Where's my drink?

DOWNLOAD Frank Ocean "Pyramids (Kastle Remix)"

[video] Kill The Noise "Kill The Noise Pt. I"

Dom O Briggs "Live"

I recently tweeted some info that's got me in a celebratory mood (even if this last week at work is the fucking pits), and this might be the track to drop when I'm a few shots in on the Jameson this Friday at my private celebration at the RTD Compound. This is the second leak from Dom O's Gr8Summer, which drops next week (8/28). This is something to champion when drunkenly realizing how good you truly do have things. Live it up.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs "Live" (prod. by Sir Flywalker)

[video] Rockwell ft. Kito & Sam Frank "Childhood Memories"

[video] JR&PH7 ft. Skyzoo "Until It's All Said And Done"

[video] Pavy ft. Sir Michael Rocks "Heroin"

[video] Illogic & Blockhead "Ego's Orbit"

[trailer] Certified Trap

This drops the same day the Run The Trap EP drops.

[video] Keon Supreme "Wendy"

Bro Safari & Knuckle Children "Freak"

We in celebration mode all week, trust. I love when I see my favorite DnB producers totally shit on Bass Music. I won't divulge who these guys are (as that info SHOULD be common knowledge), but they absolutely murder the Trap(step) sound with this free download. Straight murders. Don't believe? Bass test your whip with this one then find out. I wanna see a video of a chick bootyclapping to the breakdown on this one. In time.

DOWNLOAD Bro Safari & Knuckle Children "Freak"

Monday, August 20, 2012

DJ Wonder Mix (8/20/2012)

DJ Wonder be dropping that shit that makes me think he understands. Who else is dropping Juicy J, NJ Rebels, Heroes x Villains, 2 Chainz' "Crack", Baauerand plenty more. Fucks with this!

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder Mix (8/20/2012)

MGK "Wild Boy (Styles&Complete Remix)"

Pardon me a bit. I don't have the Jameson I want, but I'm celebrating right now. More on that later this week. In any case, Styles&Complete don't fuck around when it comes to their remix pressure. Their latest cut has JUST dropped, and you need it. The provide a proper Trap workout to MGK's "Wild Boy", and trust, this might be the first time I really listened to some MGK! Post-Trap, Trap-Step, Trap-Rave. Nah this is just that gutter Trap music. Turnup!

DOWNLOAD MGK "Wild Boy (Styles&Complete Remix)"

[video] Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle "Full Spectrum 2"

Jansport J "I Love My Woman."

Down & Durty (8/27/2012)

If you're in NY next Monday and need to get your bass fix, you should check this night out. The mighty CRNKN will be touching down, surely bringing a shitload of Trap to the proceedings. The homey Disc Jockey Nappy will be there as a special guest as well. Should be serious. For more details hit up the Facebook Event page.

[video] Random "Buggin' (The Metamorphosis)"

Via Potholes.

[video] MiLKMEN "MEGAMiLK"

DOWNLOAD MiLKMEN "MEGAMiLK" (prod. by The Vamp)

[video] Bachelors Of Science ft. Emcee Child "Beast"

This is available on iTunes via BoS' new imprint, Code.

[video] Greg Grease "Basement Soul"

DOWNLOAD Greg Grease "Basement Soul" (prod. by Alejandro P & Bobby Raps)

Disc Jockey Nappy "Milky"

Just like Nappy to take a genre like Trap and continue to put his stamp on things. Trap Bubbling ain't just a snazzy name for the next tape he's dropping. Peep this preview and wish I could give you more.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trap Mixtape 001: Need For Mirrors

Don't get it twisted, this is a strictly Drum & Bass mix from Need For Mirrors for Trap Magazine.

Ess Vee "Loungin'"

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee "Loungin'" (prod. by Ante)

Lyriciss ft. Chill Moody & K-Beta "Calling For You"

DOWNLOAD Lyriciss ft. Chill Moody & K-Beta "Calling For You" (prod. by Grussle)

[video] Geeter & Ritchcraft "To Full"

Methodus - Rubik Retrospective

To help celebrate the Rubik 10 year anniversary, we've got something very special here for you with this brand new, 100% Rubik, exclusive mix from our A&R and Rubik Digital GM, Methodus!! The DJ mix is entitled 'Rubik Retrospective' and takes you on a journey through the last decade of Rubik music, with cuts from the beginning of the label's history to brand new, never before heard forthcoming content you can only hear in this mix!

Punchline "Haters"

DOWNLOAD Punchline "Haters" (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.)

Mecca:83 - Sketchbook Pieces

Tribeca ft. Camp Lo & M-Dot "True Lies (Remix)"

DOWNLOAD Tribeca ft. Camp Lo & M-Dot "True Lies (Remix)"

[video] MAHD "Back At It"


SkyBlew - Your Dreams Is BLEW Reality

Slaughterhouse - On The House

Behind The Unsigned: Sene

Tyke "The Number"

I had been meaning to post something from Tyke's Nightmares EP, as I'm surprised more heads don't mess with it. I was actually also surprised that this cut in particular came from Tyke; it maintains his hard-hitting DnB style, but is built around a dope double bass. DnB used to rock the double bass HEAVY, and I'm glad he brought this one back out. Not sure when this one drops, doe. Hit up the good chaps at Grid for that one.

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 15th, 2012)