Saturday, September 01, 2012

Certified Trap, Episode 1

Fool's Gold Presents Day Off NY (9/03/2012)

[video] Tez McClain "Two Minutes of Game"

[video] J NiCS "G-Code"

Friday, August 31, 2012

DJ Bailey's Last Show On BBC 1Xtra (8/29/2012)

Shouts to 2Shy for this. The majority of the DnB army was in there. Proper magic on this one. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did for the Drum & Bass community with your show over the last 10 years, Bailey. We know you're not GONE gone, but you'll be sorely missed from weekly radio listening.

Caught In The Middle of A 3-Way Mix: DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot & DJ Food

DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot and DJ Food did something magical for this week's Solid Steel show: "Solid Steel in association with Serato (31st August) 3 years ago Solid Steel DJs Cheeba, Moneyshot and Food had the idea of collaborating on a version of the Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album made entirely from the original sample sources, shortly after Moneyshot aired his mix of their ‘Check Your Head’ album in the same way.

Finally the result is here, titled ‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ - each of them have taken a third of the album to work on and combined their efforts into a mix that will make you hear it in a new way. Aside from the original sample sources they’ve included commentary from the Beasties, vintage interviews, demo versions and much more.

The mix was over half way completed when they heard the tragic news of MCA‘s death in May so the impetus to finish it was instantly doubled and new meaning given to the project. It goes without saying that this is also a tribute to Adam Yauch and the legacy he left behind and we hope it will be embraced by Beastie fans around the globe."

[video] Koncept "It's Amazin"

Yup, this IS the Mets anthem. Track produced by J57, Mike13 and Parks. Photo Rob filmed and directed this one for The7Line. Waiting on my clothing hookup. Please? I need a sponsor, LOL. You can also grab this track via iTunes.

[video] Dream McLean "Network"

I had no idea Chase & Status had signed Dream to MTA. If yo want a C&S Trap-esque remix of "Network", hit up the Facebook and give a "Like".

Juan Epstein (8/31/2012)

With Floyd's personality, this should be INTERESTING! I threw up the video for this Juan Ep after the jump...

SpaceGhostPurrp - Mysterious Phonk: The Instrumentals

In my opinion, this is how the album should've been released from the rip.

Rich Quick "Kinda iLL" Remix Contest

We are now accepting submissions for the Kinda iLL Challenge : a remix contest for emcees & producers!

Submit your remix to , and your verse or beat may be chosen to be featured on the Kinda iLL Remix, which will be promoted by Rich Quick & Karl Lazlo, along with the winning emcee and producer.

The winner will receive featured placement on hip-hop sites around the country including and more, an email blast to over 50,000 industry tastemakers and a chance to perform the track with Rich Quick at an upcoming live performance!!!

NOTE: **Also included with this song are : the complete instrumental, the complete acapella, & the radio edit version***

[video] Copywrite ft. Context "Ghost in the Machine"

[video] King RA "What You Know About That???"

Colsed Sessions Vol. 2

Thursday, August 30, 2012

[video] Nas "Bye Baby"

I'm secure in my situation, so it feels weird that this is my favorite shit off Life Is Good. Love Nas rapping over his love life over a drum-less loop. I GUESS YOU KNEW AND BLEW A GOOOOD THIIIING... BAY-BAAAAAAAAAAAY! Heartfelt.

[video] Thuz ft. Strong Arm Steady "Colors"

Shouts to COMPLEX.

[video] Lyriciss "My Life"

[video] J-Live "As I Start (Over)"

This tracks is available on Bandcamp.

Wickaman & RV "Sound Clash"

This one sounds like it got dropped during last night's final 1Xtra D&B Show from Bailey (which I'll be posting once I get links - big up Bailey), and this is release #2 on Ram's latest offshoot, ProgRAM. Wickaman has been coming into his own, after first dropping bits with J Majik and the Infrared crew. This cut with RV? The bass and drums remind me of the Dope Dragon flavors, but he adds some fly elements that really take this into a different place. Works well on the floor, I'd imagine, but can also be grooved to in your armchair. And really, that's the point, right? Catch this one on the 17th of September.

[video] Neak ft. The ILLZ & Simeon Viltz "God Help The Middle Class"

[video] 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West "Birthday Song"

This is obnoxiously ratchet. If that's even a term. So hilarious.

The Combat Jack Show (8/29/2012)

Newest/latest edition of  The Combat Jack Show is out, and here's the rundown: "On this episode of The Combat Jack Show we had upcoming underground artists The Dopplegangaz in the lab. Yeah we fux with underground too. This ep reminds me of how fun hip hop can be with no filler. Also, for the first time on the show we had an actual fanboy sneaker swap courtesy of Dallas Penn. Pure hilarity of course. You know the drilly..."


Foreign Beggars ft. D.ABLO "Anywhere"

Foreign Beggars have been on a roll. Eddie Jeffrys (formerly of 16bit) produced this one - that drop is MEAN! This tune is out now.

Starkey - Red Bull Studios Mix

Fresh mix from the dude Starkey here, coasting through a grip of Bass Music bits for 45 minutes. It features a GRIP of his own productions from various labels (including the mighty "DPMO", which is forthcoming on Slit Jockey), as well as bits from DJ Cable, Mr. Mitch, SRC, Iggy Azalea, DS1, Baauer, Mella Dee and The Beatles. No typo.

MILFCAST004: Spooky

We already brought you the massive "Code 9", which is due out on Labor Day (Sept. 3rd), and Hot Mom asked Spooky to cook up a special Grime mix for their MILFCAST. 32 tracks, 47 minutes. My Lord. Features cuts from Spooky, Bauuer (remixed by DJ Cable), Dismantle, DVA, Mr. Mitch, Addison Groove, P Jam and many, many more. Get your MILF on.

[video] MellowHype "La Bonita"

Lyle Horowitz - A Good Clean Fight

A Good Clean Fight symbolizes a lot, all at once.

Stories about the fight to stay in a relationship, stay sober and stay focused are weaved in with songs that take the more literal implication of the album title to create a body of work that's as personal as it is conceptual.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz - A Good Clean Fight

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[video] Mr. MFN eXquire "Position of Passion"

Jay-Z "Who You Wit (ACCRO Remix)"

I've got a feeling you guys are still sleeping. Say no more. I'll take a minute while you discover ACCRO's Use My Music. You done now? Bet. This shit righ there? Smashing. As I explained last night, the best shit about proper EDM remixes is when you get something that's dumb familiar in your life and turn it on it's head. Flippin' a classic like Hov's "Who You Wit" isn't easy, but this is how you do it. Taking the best elements of the original and fattening it up with Trap aesthetics (along with some seriously huge drums), ACCRO threw this one right in the system and churned out a beast. DJs, you should know what to do with tunes like this - unsuspecting crowds will NOT be ready for it!

DOWNLOAD Jay-Z "Who You Wit (ACCRO Remix)"

EDIT DJ Wonder dropped this in his set yesterday; grab it HERE. Shouts to him!

Mister Cee's Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Mix (8/29/2012)

I rocked to classic Michael earlier today, as we're known to do for his born day and the day he passed. During his Throwback At Noon, Mister Cee paid tribute to the King of Pop as well. #RIPMJ

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee's Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Mix (8/29/2012)

The Holy Order "The Holy Order"

Do I have to spell this the fuck out? Literally, everything is right there in the promo art. Sene. ScienZe. YellowCake The Cynic. Soul Khan. They're The Holy Order. Audible Doctor produced this. Reminds me of when "Slaughterhouse" dropped, only no Nino Bless. Oh, and this is a lot better. Khan's delivery always kills me. Christ. This shit rocks. The fuck you listening to anything else for?!

DOWNLOAD The Holy Order "The Holy Order" (prod. by Audible Doctor)

Charlie XCX "You're The One (Loadstar Remix)"

Shit, I thought the party was done when The Internet (w/ Mike G) remixed this one. Of course Loadstar had to go all "anthemic Drum & Bass" on the shit. It works, thought. To a motherfucking T. Loadstar's the future, you see, and when you're The Future (notice the capitals), you can pull things off like looping a seductive woman singing "midnight" into a hypnotic DnB cookie. Look for this one to drop next week, via Asylum.

[video] Trolly Snatcha "Disco Stick Rock & Roll"

[video] Hollywood FLOSS "The Comeback"

Mala ft. Danay Suarez "Noche Sueños"

And the latest clip from Mala In Cuba, we find Mala perfectly blending the Cuban flavor in a dubwise cookie. Deep bass, seductive vocals and that throwback DUB echo chamber shit? Too heavy. This is taken from the limited vinyl boxset, which includes 4 x 180g vinyl (which if you purchase you get a FREE download code with bonus tracks). Mala's work on this is sounding exactly like it should.

Benja Styles Presents Beyond The Remix

One of the first DJs I've seen getting steam purely off his remix game was the homey Benja Styles. It just makes sense that he compiles his work into this project, which is hosted by DJ Felli Fel,Clinton Sparks & DJ NoPhrillz. Benja likes to make his remixes anthemic, bringing in dope MCs that he knows (like Freeway, Tek, Young Chris, Reef the Lost Cauze, Jakk Frost, Rich Quick, E Ness and Chill Moody and many more), and you can chart his progress here, remixing hits and getting airplay both locally and internationally. Dope shit to rock to.

DOWNLOAD Benja Styles Presents Beyond The Remix

[preview] Datsik's Firepower Tour

Peep the "Vortex" that Datsik's bringing out on his Firepower Tour, which starts Thursday August 30th in Denver. There's more details on the "Vortex" DJ Booth over at Billboard - shit looks sick! Get your tickets today.

Hopefully he adds a Philly date...

[video] Harn SOLO "Catch Me If You Can"

MIK x BD1982 "Shadow of Death (Elsewhere Remix)"

Love these Seclus Jockey freebies. 005 is a deep remix from Elsewhere, flipping this MIK x BD1982 cut. Just a beautiful peace of space-y Grime. Peep the vocals, wiseman flows from MIK on this one. MIK's Contrast drops on the 17th of September via Slit Jockey - don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD MIK x BD1982 "Shadow of Death (Elsewhere Remix)"

Numonics - The Fiona Apple Project

This project was sparked by a convo Numonics had with J57 McDuck, with the good homey sampling some of Fiona Apple's new album, making five beats in one day. Fresh.

DOWNLOAD Numonics - The Fiona Apple Project

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[video] Rav. P "Perverted Since '83"

Dom O Briggs - Gr8Summer

It really has been. I definitely didn't expect the Summer to finish out with Dom O Briggs dropping ANOTHER project, backed by [adultswim]. The boy Dom is all about that grind. The kind of young brother I have no problem co-signing, because he's doing him... greatly. And winning... greatly. Cheers to you, Young Briggs.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs - Gr8Summer

[video] J.A.i The Profit ft. Scoop "We Got It On Lock"

Redlight ft. Ms. Dynamite "What You Talking About (Filthy Disco Remix)"

WASTEMAN! This is why I fucks with Trap. Trap does the same that Dubstep did - it takes shit that I truly embraced and throws it against this whole other sound, somehow making me appreciate both sounds AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. I loved the original cut from Redlight, and I believe Skream had a blend that he'd draw, but Filthy Disco straight Trap'd the fuck out of Dynamite's vocals. Need more like this, definitely. Don't be scared of the Trap - shit's not going ANYWHERE!

DOWNLOAD Redlight ft. Ms. Dynamite "What You Talking About (Filthy Disco Remix)"

Craze "Grabbin Chocas"

Don't know what I like about this more - the fact that Craze has called himself the "Moombah game Uncle Luke", the straight-forward use of this "grabbin chochas" theme or the fact that he used an old pic of Tommy Dreamer for the promo art. Straight up Moombahton meets Miami Bass because why the fuck not. Summer ain't over yet!

DOWNLOAD Craze "Grabbin Chocas"

[video] Esohel x Chandler London "In Too Deep"

DOWNLOAD Esohel x Chandler London "In Too Deep" (prod. by Dynamics)

Skrillex x Flux Pavilion @ The Shacklewell Arms (8/26/2012)

This is footage taken from that Skrillex party at a 200-capacity pub. Of course they start out dropping ƱZ back to back. Actually stays in the Trap for this one. More dubstep flavors after the jump.

[video] Brown Bag AllStars "406"

This is the Brown Bag AllStars' official Fat Beats tribute track. This is some important ish, because there'd be no BBAS if it wasn't for Fat Beats, as that's where they all met - while working at the legendary record shop. Cameos include DJ Premier, DJ Eclipse, Rickey Powell and the entire BBAS. Track produced by The Audible Doctor. Brown Label Pt. 2 EP drops September 4th (the same day I start at Complex) via

Curtiss King ft. Glasses Malone & Hit-Boy "Ratchets Still Jockin' (Remix)"

I love this one. I already posted the video (and the original), as well as the Jansport J remix, and was surprised when this one hit the inbox, with Hit-Boy and Glasses Malone contributing verses to this one. This is for the cats who be in the club turntup, but can still spot a ratchet with the beer goggles. Atychiphobia - The Fear Of Failure is coming soon.

DOWNLOAD Curtiss King ft. Glasses Malone & Hit-Boy "Ratchets Still Jockin' (Remix)"

Rickie Jacobs "Grow"

Via BMXXX: "In this thing we call life, you must grow through what you go through, as growth is essential while you continue on the path to brilliance! Take Rickie Jacobs for example! For the past three years and then some, Rickie Jacobs has been focused on growing through his artistic craft and using the lessons he learns within the industry in his own personal life as he steadily grows towards being the best man he can be! With his latest project, Live Epic, still in rotation amongst many of his supporters, Rickie Jacobs releases something light to hold you over until his next moves come to fruition!"

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs "Grow"

Danny Brown In London

Fuck the dumb shit - I seriously hope a Danny Brown x TNGHT collabo happens.

[video] Ras Kass "Sushi"

[video] WhiteOut & Tef Poe "Feel Like I Do"

JR&PH7 - So Far, So Good

[video] Earl Grey "Time"

The Red Giants "Time 2 Roll"

Jermiside is straight no nonsense on this second single from The Red Giants' Supercharged LP. Brickbeats and Jerm really show how well they work together on this one. Brick drops a hypnotic beat, and Jerm drops line for line. Some shit to really cruise to, rocking and banging on the steering wheel to. Lines for days.

DOWNLOAD The Red Giants "Time 2 Roll"

Pavy "Icon Life" Part 2: Still Working

Marsten House Freestyles EP 166: Nico The Beast

[video] The Niceguys "Magick"

[video] Jon Connor "Never Left"

[video] Snow Tha Product "Good Girls"

Up top is the "Good Girl" version; the "Bad Girl" version is down bottom (which makes sense).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dubmonger - Dub of The Living Dead

I keep trying to tell you guys that the "dub" in "rockthedub" DOES have it's roots in, you know, dub. Hopefully you caught the DOA feature I did on Dubmonger, and you looked out for his Dub Of The Living Dead EP that dropped about a month ago. I have a feeling you guys slept on it, so please give this one a spin. Six tracks of filthy dubwise riddims. Whether you're a toker or a joker, you'll be into these. Mastered by LXC, and out now - what more do you truly need!?

DJ Jazzy Jeff - Life Colors

You can't go wrong with Jazzy Jeff: "Presented by LRG and Complex Magazine, Life Colors from legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff is a sonic representation that thinking differently and aiming to change the status quo is something that never goes out of style. Harnessed over 40 tracks that spans both the old and new - including tracks from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Santigold, Slum Village, J Cole, the Pharcyde and many more - the iconic DJ serves as a willing tour guide to bridge the gap between black and white thinking and a colorful renaissance".

Esohel ft. Nitty Scott, MC "Paid Dues"

Good shit happens when you check your inbox, trust me. This shit flew by me, and I think some of these so-called best sites slept. Esohel and Nitty go disgustoid over this throwback sampling slapper from Ricky Dubs, taken from Es and Ricky's On Purpose With A Purpose. Feel like I've paid mine and the payback is looking glorious. No luck, all grind. Getyousome!

PURCHASE Esohel ft. Nitty Scott, MC "Paid Dues" (prod. by Ricky Dubs)

Homeboy Sandman: Foundation (Part 2)

Did you see Part 1?

Disc Jockey Nappy On Shade45 (8/31/2012)

Got some DOPE news for you fans of Disc Jockey Nappy:

AUGUST 27TH, 2012 - You might have to rename this week “Nappy’s NY Takeover”! With the Down & Durty show going down TONIGHT at The Westway in NYC, you’d think the one like Nappy would be satisfied, right? Word is he’ll bookend this week with a special guest set this Friday Morning (August 31st) on Sway In The Morning, which can only be heard on Eminem’s Shade 45 via Sirius XM! That’s right, with DJ Wonder already having dropped/premiered numerous refixes that Nappy has crafted, he’s now letting Nappy step up to the decks and showcase his sound on a worldwide scale! The only way to know what he will be dropping is to tune in to Sway In The Morning this Friday from 9:30-10AM to hear it for yourselves!

Windows Of Soul (Sept. 21st-23rd 2012)

Kasso and the crew previewing the dope "Windows Of Soul" project, which is going down on a block of East Hanover Street in Trenton, from the 21st-23rd of September. Love that S.A.G.E. is forming like Voltron to bring CULTURE like this to the city. All art is being submitted - worldwide - so hit the jump for the flyer and info on how to get things sent out. Good to see Black Collar Biz performing on the 23rd of September as well. Truth.

Shawn Lov & Rich Quick "Keep It Lit"

Dreary weather today? Nothing like some certified Jersey fly shit to keep your spirits up. Produced by the homey The Custodian of Records, Shawn Lov and Rich Quick collaborated to do it some justice. This one's for you Hip-Hop lovers who feel like you carry the torch for the true school. Consider this your anthem. Definitely the last ones left - need to get my son memorizing this one!

DOWNLOAD Shawn Lov & Rich Quick "Keep It Lit" (prod. by The Custodian of Records)

Dom O Briggs ft. Teon Pierce & Ryshon Jones "Out Chea (Remix)"

We previewed the full tracklist for Dom O Briggs' Gr8Summmer, which drops on the 28th of August (AKA TOMORROW). The release event is on the 27th of August (TONIGHT) in BKLYN. Flier is ^^^. Just to make sure you guys don't sleep, check this remix of "Out Chea" featuring Teon Pierce & Ryshon Jones, flipping a cut originally found on Always Inspire(d). Fucks with the kid!

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs ft. Teon Pierce & Ryshon Jones "Out Chea (Remix)"

[video] Uptown XO "Occupy DC"

[preview] Rhymageddon #SuckAClip T-Shirt

Not too many designers show you how things are made, so it's dope to see the elements that went into the t-shirt for Rhymageddon's #SuckAClip track. Need one of these!

Side-B Radio (8/26/2012)

[video] Trife & Centric "Oh Lord"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hoodwork The Mixtapes, Vol. 1

Legit "Leave"

Last leak from Legit's New Shit Saturdays before he drops his New Shit Saturday compilation, Feliz Sabado, on Saturday. Saturdays, in the park.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Leave"

FuseBox Radio (Week of August 22nd, 2012)

Juan Epstein (8/26/2012)

This one's been long-awaited. Busta was featured on the Method Man/Redman episode many moons ago, but Juan Epstein link up with the god for some official tissue. Ebro is even in the building for a cameo. Feels like classic Juan Ep again!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (8/26/2012)

[preview] Dom O Briggs - Gr8 Summer

Niggas be full of surprises. Like Dom O, who sent over the artwork for his forthcoming Gr8 Summer project, which not only features cats like Teon Price, Ryshon Jones, Krs Kasanova and more, but is being presented by the DealWithNoDeal fam and... um... ADULT SWIM! Niggas be so full of surprises. Shouts to the young bol for that! Peep the previously-leaked "TurnUp" and "Live", and hit the jump for the official tracklisting.

BRAVE NEW WORLD: 2012 Sampler

[video] Wilkinson "Automatic"

[video] Diggaz With Attitude ft. Vinnie Paz, Roc Marciano & Celph Titled "1st Degree Murder"