Ghostface Killah f/Sean Price- "Pisstachio"*

*Niggas gotta have fun sometimes, no? E and I were going back and forth about this whole Ghostface Vs. Wu thing, and I got bit by the bug. We ended up on some collabo shit, Ghostface Vs. Sean Price. Check it out!

verse 1 - Ghostface Killah

Teddy Ruxpin ass banana Snapple head niggas
Spagehetti head chocolate nutriment ass niggas
Drippin' pastries on my clarks
While I'm eatin' guppies wit the sharks
Flew into the heavenly skies
G O D sitting on the throne with apple pie
I threw a razor in his face on the low
Punched the kid in the head, he had an afro
Shit was crazy how lazy the drugs made me
But the fiends tried to creep
Poppoed in the magazine, gun talker of the year award
Don't ever fucks with Theodore
Pop-pop as my gun talked back,
Rest in peace, cop the flowers paid respects to Jack
I raw dogged his baby mother on Valentine's
Big footed bitch, Pumas size 9's
Cunt juice and oil
Left the bedsheet soil
Pretty bitches freak the ferry boat with the foil
Super team cream laser eye beam with the scope knocked out
Leave the pope locked out
"Niggas you cant smoke in my house"
Bazooka Joe timers
Shaolin project grinders

verse 2 - Sean Price

Beat batterer, give P a beat, battle ya
Snatch ya heart like Euros did slaves out of Africa
One shot to the dome then I rattle ya
Abra-ca-dabra, David Blaine with the magic,
poof-poof, the hammers blow and make it tragic
It's a shame when these niggas act drastic
How the fuck is these niggas gon act drastic
Don't let me get nervous or somethin'
Tear your spine out the frame then fuck up ya function
I bring the gems, Pa
on you and ya friends, Pa
Niggas getting shook for they dough, give up the ends Pa
Flash the fo' fifth with the fo' fifth flasher
Flashin n' forfeit ya cash before I blast ya
Have the pastor ask you who the best in rap disaster
Once Ruck now i go by my government name
Sean Price number 1 then I fucked up the game (P!)
The Ruck without rock I be, I self lord and master
Grasp the gat faster than sheep running on pasture
Face smasher
Broke rapper take the stash and open gash her
Sean P, not the Youngblood but I'm like a young Blood
Shoot up ya whole territory then make the new slugs hug
Powerful posture pumpin pellets into the game
How the fuck you get into my game? me?
Two arms, 3 legs, and 4 shotties
I write my murder in ink like Ja and Irv gotti
5 dime hotties built like Rihanna on stilts
Sean P perfectly pinching up the quilt
Brokest rapper you know, do all kinds of tracks for dough
and when I'm ready to blast off, y'all niggas gon know

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

verse 3 - Ghostface Killah
Eating Herr's chips flipped the script like Spongebob on Urkle
Touch the purple nurple let the eyeshadow cleanse ya soul
This be Big Ghost, the man with the big toast
Spotted Big Red, we took a long trip coast to coast
He drank the orange tonic
I had some kush
I puff the la slowly
He pissed in a bush
Grabbed a lil turtle on the tush, got the eye jammy
Ghost the illest Wu nigga never to win a Grammy
Remember being at Mammy house, stay off the couch in the corner
Got my first feel off that lil Jack Horner
Rhyme scorner, coke general, game provider
Ghost wylin like a sweater in the drier
the African David Bowie, most niggas don't know me
Check the scale bitch, throw it on ya clit then blow me
Straight off!

verse 4 - Sean Price

Powerful P
Poppin' Pistols Protection Profession
Pop session
Rhyme wreckin'
Mike checkin
Waitin' on heaven with the reverend
Barry Bonds grand slam bats when I rap
Sean P and Big Ghost like cocaine on the track
No Bobby and Whitney
I'm not the rapper that'll battle on Smack
I'm type to smack a rapper then sell 'em some crack
Fuck a DVD if it don't pay Franklins to P
Props to P don't mean shit if I can't pay power to see
That's my word to my son and my word to my bitch
Monkey Barz, Jesus Price, Mic Tyson, man I'm tryin' to get rich
3 solos then I'm done, yo I'm out this bitch
Duckdown, Theodore, Wu-Tang and the Boot Camp Clik
Grab ya Timbs, Clarks and hoodies, we runnin' this shit

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

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