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NYG'z Welcome To G-Dom [review]

While I've always been a fan of the NYG'z, I've never really listened to what they were saying. It was always about "the beat, the beat, the beat", but when DJ Premier is on the boards, how can it be about anything else? Here is my track-by-track attempt at giving the NYG'z the respect for their mic skills with their "street-album" Welcome To G-Dom, on Primo's label Year Round.

"Itz On" (ft. Rave)
I just realized I don't know who makes up the NYG'z. I know its two niggas, but I see this is featuring some nigga named Rave, and I don't know how to tell them apart. At least M.O.P. will say their names in their rhymes. Very ill intro beat from Preem though: so simple, but he makes it sound so beautiful. Word to wanting Mayor Dinkins back, but I don't know what awards show would be giving the NYG'z 'Best Album' honors - no disrespect, I'm just saying, look at the industry.

"Ya Dayz R #'d"
Instant lovely string funk from Preem; peep how he flipped the intro strings and took it to another zone. Seems like the NYG'z don't want to speak on their streetlife, but that grit is in their spit. I wonder how ill it has to be to hear that bomb ass Premier instrumental and be like "wow this is MY TRACK". I like the bit about dude talkin' about having his casket standing "so the critics can kiss my ass". Made me smile. (OnSmash has the video HERE)

"3 Man Weave" (ft. Reef, Hustle & Mic Ock)
Who are these niggas? The piano sample in this one is slick. This guy Reef is alright, but its not anything I've not heard X amount of times from X amout of MCs. LOL @ "I feel like we dry snitchin', we telling y'all too much". These guys are funny. WTF are their names?!

"Laundry Kings" (ft. St. Laz)
HAAARD track, got the wild trunk-rattlin' bass. That piano loop can be grating at times, it seems kind of loud in the shit. I call shit like this "drive-by music", or shit you'd hear coming from some nigga's whip whilst in drive-by mode. The title refers to laundering drug money, I think. This guy St. Laz sounds like he doesn't have much to live for. I think the one nigga's name in NYG'z is Pants? I remember the "Hiney" interlude from the last Gangstarr LP, and he kept saying that. Weird.

"Sufferin'" (ft. Rave & Fizzy Wo)
Fizzy Womack! That nigga looks like an ugly midget. He spits fire, and his beats are Primo-lite. This beat is weird, that sample with the fucking jingle bell? Bananas. It's dope to hear Fizroy get introspective though. I don't know what it's like lookin' at a coffin catalog, but I can imagine.

"Get 2 Tha Point"
"Here's my button/nigga push it, we can rock all night" sounds WILD homo. Not really my favorite cut on this - that beat is mad sleepy. I like the "niggas" samples on the chorus.

"G'z & Hustlaz" (ft. Rave)
They revisit that Snoop cut of the same title from his debut album. Kind of surprised hearing Preem rock something so common and not flipping it. These cats ride the beat WELL! Outside of the streets, though, what are these cats about?

"Welcome 2 G-Dom" (ft. Rave)
Do these guys owe "Rave" something? How does someone with such a wack name get on so many cuts? Another snoozer.

"What Kinda Life" (ft. Raw)
I think it's odd that dude starts this out talkin' about "my life's the shit", when all they spit about is the trials of street life. Did he mean to say "my life's shit"? Them talking about "Arm & Hammer giving me my kickback" has already been done.

"Giantz Ta Thiz"
I remember this one! This is the way to flip shit I've heard before. The same sample for Jay-Z's "Ain't No Nigga" gets a proper rough re-rub, and the NYG'z air it out, sounding mad dated but I love it. Anyone shouting out "Dom Perignon and reefer" is NOT new school. This also has an interlude featuring 2Pac's interview on MTV from 95 or so. I love that "throwin' salami" shit.

"Bow Down" (ft. Blaq Poet & Rave)
Weird beat. Classic break with some flipped piano nonsense. I am tired of tired cliches.

"Broken Dreams" (ft. Imani Montana & Versatile)
WTF. This chick rhymin' sucks. This can't be a Preemo beat though. I mean this sounds like anyone could have done it, and better. Oh wait, another chick is on the mic? These chicks don't sound good. Where's the Lady of Rage when you need her?

"Raps 4 U" (ft. Boy Bucka & Harlem Fatz)
Minnie Ripperton samples are always welcome. I'm lovin' the "quiet storm" vibe on this one. Not too braggadocious, some nice wordplay. And who still sips Mo'?

"Bullseye" (ft. Troy Sluggs, Royal Flush, J.U.I.C.E)
I love the work on that vocal sample. Hypnotic beat, and that first verse rides it well. "Bullseye/direct hit don't miss" will now be stuck in my head all day. Shouts out to Royal Flush, btw.

"Black Buddafly" (ft. Rave & Aisha)
That "black buddaflyyyy" in the intro gets on my fucking nerves. They should have got someone else to sing that... or just left it the fuck out. I'm quick to hit fast forward b/c of that, but the pro-Black female lyrics are worth it. Deep beat, too.

This has one of those ill superhero feels to it; that 70's blaxploitation horn steeze to it. They glide on this beat so slyly, too. "It's that fiery hot shit" indeed.

I love that the NYG'z are so hood, so street and so underground. I wish they were at least 2D, though, because even Guru would switch up the lyrics over those Primo beats...

rock the dub gives Welcome To G-Dom a 3.5 out of 5 stars. If this project as a) an EP or b) more varied, it'd have scored higher. When they get it right, it's golden, though.

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