Lean Makes You Fat

Moe Dee, you on that drank?

First and foremost, RIP to Big Moe. Now, peepin' MGG's post over at XXL, I learned something today that my boy E confirmed: drinkin' that drank makes you big. Lookin' at guys like Paul Wall and Mike Jones, you can tell that some arteries and shit have been clogged and are making it harder for the shit to pass through. Plus, check out Beanie Sigel: he been on pills AND lean for years, and he is a mountain of a man. It just makes me think: who else is on that drank? Kool Moe Dee is looking massive these days. Could he be on that purple rain?

With this newly-acquired info, though, I doubt Lil' Wayne be on that lean. He is too fucking skinny to fit the bill. I don't doubt he fires up that green on the reg, but he looks like he missed a whole gang of meals.

I'm just saying.

So kids, stay off that lean - it can kill you!

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