Save 2nd Base!

Does this clever (albeit poorly executed) idea offend you? The idea being that, Breast Cancer affects the female breast, which many consider to be "second base" in the world of "lemme try and fuck this chick", and if you support Breast Cancer research, you will in fact be saving the spot that still soils the shorts of many a stiff male the world over.

The thing is, Salina Central High School has banned the sale of these shirts, which is now apparently making these a hotter commodity for those who are trying to buck the system, which is kind of ironic. I'm just trying to figure out why you would ban something like this, which has a CLEAR message behind it, especially given the girls' own history with Breast Cancer (one's mother is currently suffering, the other's mother passed away because of it); it's not like it's pictures of two titties on some "come lick me" kind of shit - this has a message.
The insane ideas behind some of these schools, trying to be P.C., kills me.
If you dig the shirts, you can cop some HERE.

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