Tired of Fiascogate

Straight up, I am not a Lupe Fiasco fan. Anyone who has read my review of Food & Liquor should know this. And without sounding like a jaded old school head, I will refrain from filibustering inre: my love for all things Midnight Marauders (even if E caught the brunt of what I was saying a few days ago). I agree whole-heartedly with what Phonte had to say about Lupe's stance, but I still cannot understand the ignorance that is Lupe.

Miss Info posted her views on his VIBE.com comments, which followed up Q-Tip's views on the situation. I think it's kind of telling that Lupe compared A Tribe Called Quest to MC Hammer, given Tip's lines in "Check The Rhime"; Lupe, your argument about Hammer selling more records than ATCQ, then assuming that Tribe wouldn't be as worldwide is bananas. Hammer sold more records than Wu-Tang, but they are just as big, if not bigger, than him worldwide.

The kind of nigga who is talkin' about kids in Harlem not ever wanting to listen to A Tribe Called Quest would be the same kids who have no reason to listen to YOU, nigga. Aside from the critical acclaim Food & Liquor received, you didn't even go gold. And after all of this, you want to stay stubborn, which is understandable, but wouldn't you at least be curious? Or do you feel such resentment that when you see the cover of MM and cringe?

Niggas like you are the reason for your own downfall - not leaks, not label drama, not the public. You came out the box trying to act as if Q-Tip called upon you to join the Tribute, which we find out didn't go down like that. Then you get the spot on the Tribute, and fuck up. It's not even the fuck-up that bothers people, it's the context. You purposefully said "Yo I ain't even listen to that album" a WHILE ago, no doubt trying to distance yourself from the dreaded "backpacker" syndrome in Rap today, and that very statement came back to fuck you, kind of like a coked out Adebisi on a rampage. You should've already known how harsh the 'Net can be, and being 1) an artist and 2) a man, your skin should be a few hairs thicker than that. Alas, we find out that the microwave Muslim is just a punk, more "hurt" than he should be, based on his pseudo-nonchalance.

One of these days, Lupe, you are going to look back at this situation. Way after your (alleged) 3-album stint, way-way after FNF has shut the doors on the Chicago offices. Way after Pharrell has retired from singing badly but making great beats. You will look back on this situation. Will it be with a sly smile? Will it be with a wimper? Will you just feel dumbstruck that YOU let this rollercoaster continue, all the while with your hand on the brake, hesitating. Are you truly ready to feel the backlash? You not only played yourself, it looks like you might have pissed off a legion of dedicated Tribe fans, fans who saw your stale ass as a torchbearer. No matter how reluctant you were to fly that flag, as an artist and a character, your job is to please the fanbase. Those same backpackers you want to distance yourself from? Those are the same heads who championed you on blogs, forums and at your shows. 8Ball & MJG? Do you truly think they give a wet fart about Lupe Fiasco?

Kids in Harlem. If a nigga in Harlem can recite a Lupe line, I'd be surprised. Go fix your face and pray to Allah that The Cool doesn't flop. Hard.

Fucking microwave Muslim ass niggas. Hate on.

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Yep...you went in.