XXL: Exclusive American Gangster LP info

YN got the SUPER EXCLUSIVE Jay-Z American Gangster info. I am so psyched for this. Included in this post:
  • Puffy & the Hitmen reunited like the Wu and are possibly contributing FOUR cuts?
  • Expect this project to be "the lyrical side of Reasonable Doubt meets the musical majesty of Blueprint"
  • Pharrell only does two cuts, and they are the only commercial smashes.
  • No I.D. brought a track, as does Jermaine Dupri. With Bilal. Wow.
  • As of right now, Beans is the only cat YN heard featured, on a revamped version of "Ignorant Shit".
  • There's still unfinished material out there: DJ Toomp produced a cut, and there's something with a Marvin Gaye sample that's still being worked out.

Needless to say, I am super pumped for this release. I love me some Hov when he's on his grisly. This sounds like a dope ass collection.


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