Portishead's Album 3 almost complete?

Spotted on Idolator, via Gary Savelson, via the Portishead blog:

we went to london for a fews days to finish up. we worked in molko 9 back in ~Bristol now working on some art work and getting the live stuff together. i think one more day messing about with it and it will be done. then into the wonderful world of mastering.. [joke] also the amazing MADLIB is playing with us at ATP and im putting a footy team together for a little 6 a side comp for a laugh. cheers geoff
If you go through some of the other posts, it looks like things are (finally) coming together on this one. Might have to knock out an all-Portishead Dub Session to celebrate. Maybe once the fam and I move into the new War Room.


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