Possible American Gangster tracklist?

Over at weapons of mass distraction, there's a supposed tracklist to Jay-Z's forthcoming American Gangster from iTunes that looks mad suspicious:

1. Amen
2. Blue Magic
3. Untitled
4. Alright, Alright
5. You Don’t Know
6. And The Winner Is
7. American Gangster (Featuring T.I.)
8. Welcome
9. Ignorant Shit
10. The Demise
11. I Get Money (Remix)
OK I first assume that the "I Get Money (Remix)" is that Forbes 123 joint with 50 Cent and Diddy; if Jay wasn't trying to go radio with this, why would this be included? If you peep the original post @ wmdeez, there's other rumored tracks that are missing, like "No Hook", which was a big part of the NY Times article, as well as cuts featuring both Kanye West AND Nas. I don't see ANY of this making any sense. Not to mention that Just Blaze recently posted about the 40/40 impromptu session Hov and Blaze did on stage (with free drinks!), mentioning a cut entited "Roc Boys".

Basically, iTunes, I think you need to hold off on this until eskay posts something. I don't believe nathan until then.


Anonymous said...

This tracklist has to be bogus. There's no way that the I Get Money (Remix) would be on there. Also, unless that's a new or re-worked song, Ignorant Sh*t is a freestyle he did a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

true. but ignorant shit was pretty sick, I hope it makes the cut.

"I'm a K I double L E R, see y'all in hell, shoot ni**as straight through the E.R"

Anonymous said...

'Ignorant Shit' is definately on the Lp, its been dusted off with a new verse from Beanie. Thats crack beat i dont care how old it is and Jay murders it lyrically.