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FOTM: THUGSTEP #6 (10/2007)

A lil' different styles. No Rap this month, but this shit still has an ill feel to it. Nappy threw Kirsty Hawkshaw's lovely vocal on "It's A Fine Day" (which was a cover of the Jane & Barton tune from 1983 of the same name) with a brutal Demonic 1 track (which is available for FREE on his "DIE!" EP through SWAEG Records - grab this and more HERE), giving her beautiful voice some bombarding bass and beats. It's a great contrast, and almost turns the sing-songy chorus into a sarcastic romp. Imagine a schoolgirl skipping through war-torn Iraq, bouncing on her way to school, singing a song as rockets and WMDs are going off along each side of her.

Rough in this jungle.

For previous THUGSTEP leaks, hit the link. Check out DJ Nappy on MySpace. And get involved, pigeons.

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deleted said...

Feeling this... had the original Demonic1 trackf or a while...

This mashup up tho...whoa!