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Homie Spumoni!?!?

Spotted @ Crunk & Disorderly (big up E)

Yo, OK I'm a fan of Donald Faison's. I rememeber dude being in Sugar Hill and Clueless when he was younger, and was a big fan. I also love Jamie-Lynn Sigler (my Sopranos appreciation is well-documented). And fucking Paul Mooney is the truth. One of the best Black comedians and writers ever, no bullshit. I wasn't expecting a movie with all 3 of them in it, especially entitled Homie Spumoni. Check the plot:

Meet Renato: a pasta-loving, Dean Martin-worshipping Italian-American living la dolce vita and working at his papa's Little Italy deli. Until his African-American birth parents show up, claiming he's their long-lost son Leroy. Now that he's suddenly black, "Leroy" tries his best to shoot hoops and dig hip-hop, but all he really wants is for everyone to just get along!

Say what? We beef on Hip-Hop music, Michael Vick, Don Imus, saggy pants and the like, but we let ignorant bullshit like this through? I don't give a frigid fuck if this never made it to the theaters... why would someone like Whoopi Goldberg sign on to be in some heaping bullshit like this?

I'm half-tempted to buy this and review it. I want to see how low my people's culture can go.

You can diss on Homeboys In Outer Space and whatever other nonsense you want to; Homie Spumoni, dog? SMH...


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