rock the dub radio archives

Someone is hatin' on rock the dub radio. Due to an unfortunate incident involving Jay-Z's "Blue Magic", my divshare account files got ganked. I just re-upped all of the archives (rock the dub radio episodes 001-005), and will be linking them here.

The thing is, the rock the dub radio podcast's host site (podOmatic) had some problems with RAID and the majority of the data stored got ganked. I had the last 3 shows on there (episodes 004-006), and the data seems to be lost. Until I have the disposable loot to host the shows on my own, I'm rollin' with them, and I wasn't keeping each show on there anyways, but I'm just lettin' you guys know what the deal is. Here's links to the shows, as well as embedded files so you can preview. Episode 007 coming soon - all old school-esque and shit!

rock the dub radio: episode 001

rock the dub radio: episode 002

rock the dub radio: episode 003

rock the dub radio: episode 004

rock the dub radio: episode 005

rock the dub radio: episode 006

I hope you guys are feelin' these. Shouts to Chad each and every.


Anonymous said...

Feelin' all this! Where can I find the tracklist to go wit with these fine mixes?

khal said...

the tracklistings are on the individual posts for each mix. if you click the hypertext link for each show, the full tracklisting is there.

thx for checking these out.