This was going to be a post dedicated to this AWESOME mix from floodwatchmusic.com: it's a dedication to RZA beats, circa 1993-1997 (any Wu Tang Clan fans from that era know, RZA laid the groundwork for some phenomenal aural treats in that span). All instrumental, all dope, and featuring many of your favorite Wu cuts. Grab it and show some love! (Shouts to Rafi for the link)

My nigga E then hit me with this post on his blog, which features video of Ghostface winning (as well as a load of Wu-related music). Actually, it's the RZA letting it be known that 8 Diagrams got pushed back to December 11th, to make way for Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab releasing on December 4th. It's good to know that you can bitch and, in the end, get your way. My only question is: aside from "Celebrate", what do we know about this album? It could be 12 tracks of polka beats. Or it could be Ghostface Vs. Really Doe Vs. Amy Winehouse? Who knows. Do the RZA or any other Wu-affilliates rock the mic or the boards?

I guess we'll have to wait another month and a half...

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