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Joe Budden Vs. Ransom

WOW. Just yesterday, Ransom's "Kid Brother" was leaked, dissing Joe Budden over Kanye's "Big Brother" beat. The very next day, Joey came at him with "Heart Of The City", murkin' Ransom in proper form.

The shackles are off, and it looks like NJ's finest is set to make it hot for someone!

BONUS: The video of Kay Slay's interview with Joe is up on BGDB.

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Anonymous said...

this is a bitter/sweet situation. thats why buddens explains "this aint beef, more of a family feud". which is true. Its like when you and your older cousin are having an arguement. Its good because both of these dudes are beast! buddens has more fame, but ran always "goes in" hard on every track. If your a fan of mixtape artist you'll enjoy this "beef" as much as i am! ITS THAT ONTOP MUSIC!
D.Dinero (TDOT)