Joe Budden speaks on leaving Def Jam

You know I have to ride for Joe Budden. I mean, we're both from New Jersey, and this nigga can SPIT! Eskay interviewed Joe for XXLMag.com, and Joe let's it all hang out, and fucking makes SENSE while doing it.

Jay told XXL in 2006 that the reason Def Jam hasn’t released your new album is because you never handed in a completed project.
That’s an empty answer also. That doesn’t say anything. That doesn’t give the people anything. I’ve been recording for ages. You’ve never asked for a Joe Budden album. Nobody at Def Jam has ever asked for a Joe Budden album. I was without a recording budget for two years. Two and a half, three years I’d say. I was without an A&R for two years. Everybody keeps talking about what they don’t have, like, “We don’t have the album, we’re not blocking it.” Nobody’s talking about what happened and what’s happening. Let’s deal with facts and let’s deal with reality. I put "Gangster Party” out, it got spins, ya’ll left it for dead. I said, “Put me in with Timbaland,” I came back with a hit record and ya’ll never did nothing with it, and then ya’ll left me to sit there. And then I said, “okay, three years later, maybe they’re right, maybe I don’t have the records. Let me go get in with Just Blaze.” And then I tell Just Blaze’s manager to call up there and pay for the session and they don’t wanna pay for the session, so I paid for it out of pocket. Again. Everything I did at Def Jam was out of pocket. So I really have just all this time been waiting for this day to come.

That makes a lot of sense. It's not like Joe was laid up. Anyone who heard either of the Mood Muzik mixtapes knows that Joe stayed on his grisly. I still put on tracks like "Dumb Out" and, well, dumb out. I also don't see how they didn't think dude was marketable - "Pump It Up" was a beast!

Hopefully Joe can get into a situation where he is properly released and reclaims his spot as one of the best in the game on a worldwide level.

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