"That's Not Hip-Hop, That's Flip Flop"

I'm sorry, who are you? Anyone posing as the Hip-Hop Government needs to show me some credentials, especially if you are telling my people how to wear their dungarees. If I started a "Emo Government", and made placards saying shit like "Hey man, that's wack - I can see your sack!", I'd be a fucking asshole, ignorant bastard and would probably get trumped up on hate crime/obscenity laws.

Looks, baggy pants and saggy pants is a style that's been passed down from Black people in prison (no belts, loose fitting, jail-issued clothes, you do the math). How come this so-called Hip-Hop Government doesn't try to get our people to realize that we need to work on getting our kids into better situations education wise, and safety wise. You can wear baggy pants and still go to college and be a doctor. Don't diss a nigga or a chick over the style in which they wear their pants. I don't sag my jeans, but I also like to have my nuts feel comfortable. Straight leg bullshit is for work purposes, and even then, I need them to be a bit roomy just so I'm not uncomfortable at work.

If you guys want these kids to stop wearing baggy pants... is your so-called Hip-Hop Government providing stipends to provide proper-fitting clothes to them?

On a side note, peeping this so-called Hip-Hop Government's website, it looks like this is the only thing they are about. There's two banners on all pages, and of course you can cop the above shirt (I love the "GET THIS JOINT NOW" on the buy page). You can also sign up and become a member, but there's no word on what being a member entails, exactly. We don't believe you, you need more people.

XXL covered this, as did a few other spots. I'm tired, and I feel for my people's in Dallas.

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Joulz Il said...

Yes, it is getting very ignorant down here. It just seems like the society here is looking for any other purpose to focus on than the purposes that need to be handled. Sagging pants are important, but racism is not. Some of these older cats are crazy.