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Metafore Word To Me EP [review]

I like hearing new cats. I love hearing that hunger, and I like being able to see a career ascend. It doesn't really work when a nigga sounds like mad other niggas in the game, though. This is Metafore's problem...

Off the rip, dude sounds like a Fabolous clone. The whole "head game" line could be seen a mile away, and this beat, which has a bit of a knock, doesn't really do much for this dude's style. I guess this is dude's attempt to have a lil' non-dancing nigga dance going down, but "leanin' low" isn't really poppin', duke.

This is a really serious Fabolous jacking. The whole "necklace gleam" and that female in the chorus sounds like vintage Fab... without the skills. I won't front, Metafore definitely has the talent, and knows how to ride on a beat. Very confident sounding bars, I just don't really see originality in his style.

"Stuntin' Is A Habit"
My review copy doesn't say who's featured on this track (Barricade?), but his ridiculously lazy flow makes it look like Meta is Jay-Z and this unknown MC is Bleek. I also thought it was odd that they both kept jackin' lines from the chorus into their rhymes, as if they pulled a lil' too hard from the L and got sloppy.

"Have It Your Way"
Dude is 18 speakin' like he can really "do it aaaaaall night". He doesn't sound like he has any hair on his nuts, but he makes it seem like this is the last stop. Sounds more like a track that would make you sleep... not something you'd want to mash a chick out to. And this is the 2nd "squirrel trying to get a nut" reference in a 5 track EP!?

"Dreams (Nobody Really Cares)"
Wow, a beat on this release I actually like? That old soul loop really does what it needs to do, and Meta spits like he's supposed to. More introspective, more potent. Real. Loving this one.

I can't help it. Dude is 18, and sounds very promising. He obviously has skills on the mic, and knows how to rock varying beats. Is he ready to take the crown, or even be in constant nationwide rotation? Not in my opinion...

rock the dub gives the Word To Me EP 2.5 out of 5 stars. You can hear the talent, but it's overshadowed by tired lines and mimicry that is unnecessary for someone with such obvious talent.

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