Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Cinema: Thank You For Not Snitching

This is the latest episode of The Boondocks; that scene with Gangstalicious cracked me up!:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Saturday Cinema: Teens Hooked On Porn

Here's a BBC documentary on, well, teens who are "hooked on porn", AKA horny ass teens. I don't know if I'd call porn a drug, but that's just me. NSFW:

Starkey - Live at Unit One, Dallas (Dec. 2007)

Nice mix of dubstep, Hip-Hop and other dancefloor lovin' shit from the one like Starkey:



01 - The Dream “Falsetto”
02 - Lil Mama “No Music (Starkey refix)”
03 - Drums of Death “Breathe”
04 - Dirty Sonix & Kat Heat ft M.J. Zilla “Victoria’s Secret”
05 - Curses! “This is the Way (Drop the Lime remix)”
06 - Starkey “Ghettoblaster”
07 - Starkey “Listen In”
08 - L-Vis1990 “Apple Bass”
09 - Rusko “Cockney Thug (Drums of Death Baltimore Thug remix)”
10 - Durrty Goodz “Axiom”
11 - Ssion “Clown (MOVES!!! remix)”
12 - Cheeksta “Baby (TS7 remix)”
13 - Wideboys “What Your Thinking ft. Sarah Saville (Up Norf Dutty mix)”
14 - Ghislain Poirier “Blazin ft Face T (Starkey remix)”
15 - MOVES!!! “Playaz”
16 - R. Kelly “Real Talk (MOVES!!! refix)”
17 - Coki “Spongebob”
18 - Wonder “What”
19 - Low Deep “Jedi”
20 - Rustie “Diwali Boom”
21 - Pop It Off Boyz “Crank Dat Batman (Starkey Adam West mix)”
22 - Dev79 “In Ya Face”
23 - Starkey “Swollen Glands”
24 - Playaz Circle “Betta Knock ft Ludacris”
25 - Skream “Chest Boxing”
26 - Starkey “Dementia”
27 - The Prodigy “Voodoo People (Wonder remix)”
28 - Mundo “Big Up”
29 - Annie “Maybe”
30 - Virgo “Get the Fuck Up (remix)”
31 - True Tiger “Bareface What”
32 - DPM “Slow VIP”
33 - J-Sweet “Kerb”
34 - Emalkay “The Rogue”
35 - Starkey “Say Yes vs Pulse X”
36 - Simian Mobile Disco “Hustler (Roll Deep remix)”
37 - Seventeen Evergreen “Ensoniq (Vi-Polar Men refix)”
38 - Rich Boy “Throw Some D’s (Starkey remix)”
39 - Wiley “My Mistakes (Starkey remix)”
40 - Wonder ft Kano “What Have You Done”
41 - Wonder ft Kano “What Have You Done (Radioclit remix)”
42 - Lowest Layer “Where You Been”
43 - Vex’d “Louder”


Friday, January 18, 2008


sometimes you need to forget
drink a 40, let the warm set you in a place of
leave the world behind for a minute
life's walls encompass all of our all
and when we all need some time to unwind we just fall
we can't go forward or backward just fall down the hole
i wish to control these emotions that fold
and unfold and compose
my prose never flows
but my po-e-try's runnin'
straight laps around those
yet when i'm done it's just more of the dol-
drums behold
open up and take hold
of life's trouble's and souls
and scores of whores who suck dry and run away
take the money and fly
then come back the next day
my hair shows some gray
they laugh while i worry
i need to finish everything so i move in a hurry
a flurry of requests but none of mine get half-met
i try to invest but just mope around in jest
the best men have done what this one man cannot do
that's live with no crutches and obey noone's rule
i spend my time dissecting lines of time
basslines and punchlines and buslines and bustimes
and bylines and guidelines and sunshines never seen
i know when it rises and falls but that space inbetween
i'm not seen, nor am i heard
i can be read but what's a word but an extension of a feeling
a thought with no meaning
a scent you can't smell
a taste never felt
will my words ever be felt
will my words ever be felt

Friday, January 18th 2008 playlist

Odd week. Been busy, but it doesn't feel like it. It went by kind of quick, and I know I got shit done, but I guess it's the lack of things to show for it. In any case...

leak time:


I don't really have any mixes or mixtapes to speak on here. Kind of a dull Friday/slow-er week release wise.

For a final thought, I just want to leave you with these interviews of Bun B, who is still shaken by the loss of his boy Pimp C. It's sad, but you get a feel for how close they really were:

One love. Enjoy your weekend.

SOHH Focused: Wendy Williams

LOL @ her "fucked up English" comment. That's real talk though. Wendy Williams going in about who should play her in the upcoming movie about her life:

On That Leak: "Remind Me"

O-Solo "Remind Me": O-Solo is that nigga. His flow is sick, well his FLOWS, and you probably saw him murk Nems on at the Fight Klub. He later on got signed to TVT Records, and I just got passed this track, "Remind Me", which uses the same track from that Geico commercial. He murders that shit, effortlessly. New Jerz STAND UP!

Bonus Beats: Interview & Freestyles from H.E.A.T. DVD.:

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RIP Bobby Fischer

RIP Bobby Fischer, who was found dead in Iceland yesterday. Proper eccentric chessmaster status.

Save 1520

Pic jacked from Nah Right

If you've been keeping abreast to recent Hip-Hop news, you should know about the efforts to purchase 1520 Sedgewick Avenue, which is known as the place where Hip-Hop was born. DJ Kool Herc, who I think is not trying to wait for wealthy rappers to ante up some ends, has started up Save 1520, which is a charity that anyone can donate too. AHH reports that there is also a clothing line that will be available, kind of in the same vein as the Sedgewick & Cedar wears, I assume:

One hundred percent of net proceeds from the sale of Save 1520 clothing will go toward helping the 1520 Sedgwick Tenant Association obtain governmental and philanthropic assistance to purchase the building, in addition to preserving the project and maintain affordable housing.

"This is Hip-Hop's original house and home to the people, " said the Hip-Hop legend, who plans to appeal to major artists to make philanthropic donations to assist the tenants n purchasing the building. "We need to save it."

If you love Hip-Hop, I'd image you'd want to spend some cash on something like this. It would be a damn shame if this piece of our history was lost.

Here's a message from the people who live at 1520 Sedgewick Ave.:

Please help, I know I will.

[video] B.G. ft. T.I. "For A Minute"

New B.G. video featuring Tip from his forthcoming Too Hood 2 B Hollywood LP on Grand Hustle; that beat has a nice bounce to it. Via XXL:

Bonus: LowKey posted about his visit to interview B.G.; nice lil' read.

The Pacemaker

No, this doesn't have anything to do with your heart. This is the Pacemaker Portable DJ system. It fits in the palm of your hand, allows you, with the help of an LCD screen, to mix back and forth between deck "A" and deck "B", and holds 120GB of music (MP3s, FLAC, WAV & AAC formats are all supported). You can connect both speakers and headphones to playback your mixes, and this also has a USB 2.0 jack for hooking up to your PC.

The price? $700. Early Christmas gift?, via Rolling Stone.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

[video] Yea Big + Kid Static "The Life Here"

I love the drums in this track. Nice, fun-loving Hip-Hop. Just got put on to these guys, big up to Clyde. Check out Yea Big + Kid Static's MySpace page for more info.

Bonus Beats: "Eat Yo Sandwich" LIVE:

Torae Daily Conversation news

Torae's Daily Conversation drops on the 29th of January. Dude is coming with some serious heat, and has producers like DJ Premier, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Black Milk and Marco Polo, as well as MCs like Skyzoo, Tash and others on the help out. Here's the complete tracklisting:

1.) Intro (produced by Vega Benetton)
2.) Callin’ Me (produced by Eric G.)
3.) Somethin’ To See (produced by Khrysis)
4.) The Journey pt. I (produced by Pavaratti)
5.) Click f/Skyzoo (produced by DJ Premier)
6.) Fantaztik 4 f/Chaundon, Kil Ripkin & Skyzoo (produced by 9th Wonder)
7.) Think About It f/Teflon (produced by Eric G.)
8.) Switch (produced by Black Milk)
9.) Get It Goin’ (produced by Mr. Attic)
10.) Save The Day f/Stimuli & Kel Spencer (produced by Khrysis)
11.) The Nigguz Is Comin’ f/Tash (produced by Khrysis)
12.) CME The Entity f/Skyzoo, Yatta Barz & Zeqway (produced by Vega Benetton)
13.) Get It Done f/Skyzoo (produced by DJ Premier)
14.) Tayler Made (produced by Eric G.)
15.) Casualty ***Bonus Track*** (produced by Marco Polo)
MP3 links via NahRight.

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Daily Conversation EPK

Bonus Beats: Here's the Daily Conversation Inflowmercial:

[video] Renaldo Lapuz "We're Brothers Forever.

Someone sign this guy! I was on the PC last night and Idol was on, and I didn't pay attention at first, but this just went on for so long, I had to get up and watch this. It was stuck in my head all night...

I had a weird dream about broken English speaking pimps...

Paula had me cracking up with her dancing.

New Spit: FurSun

You know me, I'm always trying to shine light on the next cat, or that new cat. This dude goes by the name of FurSun, and is someone I've followed for a bit. He graduated from high school a few years ago, but even then he was thick into the rhyming and producing. Niggas wanna talk about Soulja Boy, but his rhymes and beats sound like a young nigga who doesn't know what he's doing. FurSun is on his grind with his, and it shows. He comes with a smooth flow, and has a range of bangers on the production side of things. He sent me a few cuts, and I was thoroughly impressed. If you hit his MySpace page, you can hear a gang of them ("Don't Bring Me Down" is an instant favorite, just for the catchiness of it). I love the fact that he's hungry, but is also grounded, showing love to his spot geographically ("East Coastin'") and I know, personally, that he's all about his family.

Give the young playa a chance. You WILL be impressed.

BONUS BEATS: Check my man's first live performance!:

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 1

Amanda Diva is BACK. She's been gettin' her blog on for a minute, and it looks like she has taken those webisodes to the next level. She's also straightened her hair, which is a VERY good look. I was impressed by how deep they went with this; homegirl has her segments and is speaking on a lot. It's like a visual podcast. Check these out:

Part 1

Part 2

ROFL @ "5 Tips To Avoid Jail"

Amanda is that chick. Grab her Love Experience EP via iTunes NOW!

The Observation Deck (17th Jan. 2008)

Busy morning...

Martina + Danger Mouse = "Valentine"

Sorry, today is NOT "rediscover Trip-Hop" Day, but I saw this post on Missing Toof and had to inform my Trip-Hop bredren and sistren:

Martina Topley-Bird, who gained fame from her work on Tricky's early albums, is BACK with a new album entitled The Blue God, and this track, "Valentine", is produced by Danger Mouse (who produced the entire LP, from what I'm reading); this track has a smooth, slow feel, ala Portishead or that sound. Not sure how long that MP3 link will be up, but dig this while it lasts!

related links:

[video] Morcheeba "Enjoy The Ride"

I had no idea Morcheeba was still around; I was big on their first disc, back when all I listened to was Wu-Tang and Trip-Hop (side note: Tricky's Hell EP with the Gravediggaz is a thing of beauty). Anyways, here's the video for their new single, "Enjoy The Ride", from their forthcoming album, Dive Deep (Feb. 4th for digital release, while the physical release is on the 19th of Feb.):

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[video] Madvillian "Accordion"

From the Stones Throw 102 DVD.

Too Good For Earth

I did it last year, and I'm doing it again. It has been too long, Miss Aaliyah. Happy birthday, Aaliyah. I won't dwell on this very long. Just know I have Jay-Z's "Miss You (Remix)" rollin' right now. R&B sure as hell hasn't been the same.

Stay up, angel. And for those who were looking for MP3s of some of her best, hit this link; I re-upped a bunch of cuts to zShare. Your welcome.

[video] James Lewis "Go Down, Moses" American Idol audition

This nigga. This is from the premiere of American Idol, Season 7. This nigga is named James Lewis: I had to pull the WTF card early on his ass when I saw him getting into his tour guide costume (which consisted of a frilly Prince shirt and a satin vest). OK, nigga, back in the day, we weren't rockin' those wears. If we did, they were torn, and dirty, and massa felt bad for us (shouts to Wifey for hitting pause on the DVR, b/c she KNEW I had a comment upon seeing this nigga with that shirt on). In the end, it didn't matter, because, well, check out his audition:

Nigga. Nigga, nigga, nigga nigga! No. How do you turn into a deaf mute while singing? What part of the game is that? And then he had the audacity to, after getting laughed at, trying to sing again!? Best/worst audition so far!

You guys watching these auditions? Which was your favorite?

[video] Diane Keaton's Fucking Personality

On the 15th of Jan., Diane Keaton was being interviewed by Diane Sawyer, and ended up dropping the dreaded "f-bomb":

No word on what, if anything, the FCC is going to do about this, but it looks unlikely that ABC or Good Morning America will suffer.

Oprah OWNs

Oprah Winfrey is getting her own TV network. Dubbed "OWN" (for the Oprah Winfrey Network), it's a deal with Discovery that will phase out the Discovery Health Network.

Will this make Oprah the first Black woman to have her own TV network? In any case, this is a good look, assuming that Oprah can bring the kind of quality programming the legions of women who check out her syndicated talk show will watch. Discovery Health already reaches 68 million homes, and I imagine that number rising once OWN is live next year. The other question is, her contract for The Oprah Winfrey Show is up for renewal in 2010 or 2011; she has the option of cancelling out on that, and bringing her show to OWN, which might hurt at first, but once the women of America (and the world!) twist their husbands arms, it won't be a problem for many households to get this. Hell, I'm contemplating buying wifey an XM2Go, so she can get the Oprah Network on satellite radio!

The only other thing is, WTF will she show on it? I'd imagine Dr. Oz would get play, but what about kitchen divas like Rachel Ray or Giada de Laurentiis? And that guy Nate Berkus, the home decor diva, should be in on this as well, right? Being Oprah's friend is a BIG THING with this announcement!

Can I be your friend, Oprah? Do you need a Black blogger to work your website?

RIP Brad Renfro

Just saw the news that a gifted actor by the name of Brad Renfro died. The assumption is that he finally succombed to his on-going battles with drug abuse, but no official word is available at this time.

I first saw him act in The Client, and followed him in flicks like Sleepers, Bully and American Girl (you may have also seen him in Apt Pupil, but I didn't). He was a very captivating individual, portraying these characters that were both lonely yet lovable, secretive but wanting to scream at the world. Like American Girl, a movie I had no interest in, I waited to see him on screen, he was just that ill.

You could tell, based on his run-ins with the law, that he was in a bad way, and this is just another example of cats not learning their lessons before it's too late. RIP, Brad.

More info on Renfro via Wikipedia.

Bizarre's 16 Bar Special

What's really good with D12's Bizarre selling his rhymes for $750?

Offer ends Jan. 19th. Notice a few things: he is holding a blunt roach, so I'm wondering if they need a) weed money or b) munchie money. Seriously, though, either times are way hard or B has found a great way to get his name out, virally.

Eminem, get out of the rehab and get your boy Bizarre on a joint or 2!

The Twelve Days of GetBack

So, the "Twelve Days of GetBack" are complete, and all of the FREE, alternate versions of Little Brother's GetBack have been released to the public. Phonte was so nice, he put them all in a nice, tidy .zip file. Recap the dope blog posts via the Little Brother MySpace blog.

Hall of Justus FTW.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guru's Jazzmatazz The Timebomb (Back To The Future)

New mixtape from Guru.



01 Intro (Don Gurizzy)
02 Knowledge ft. Lord Tariq
03 7 Grand Ya'll ft. Solar
04 For Ya Mind ft. Zion I
05 Peace! ft. K-Born, Highpower & Solar
06 State of Clarity ft. Common (Solar Remix)
07 Who Got It On Lock ft. Doo Wop
08 B-Boy Kamikaze ft. Tony Touch & Doo Wop (Diaz Brothers)
09 Too Slice ft. Yungun
10 So What It Do Now ft. Aceyalone
11 We Got That ft. Nature & Solar
12 Jazzy Wayz (7 Grand Exclusive)
13 Stand Up (Some Things'll Never Change) (Reggae Mix) ft. Damian Marley
14 Hot Like That ft. Medinah
15 No Need for Stress
16 Back to the Future ft. Caron Wheeler & C.Knowledge (Digable)
17 Assasino ft. Young Pablo
18 The Game Needs Me ft. Blue Scholars & Common Market
19 Feed the Hungry (Solar Remix)
20 Can't Stop the Movement (7 Grand) ft. Ms. Camille

SDSU via 2DB.

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Tryna Make A Jug"

I'm actually feelin' this one. Gorilla Zoe got this one off.

[video] Apple's Macbook Air

I know you tech-y Apple fanboys are drooling over this one; that multi-touch mouse pad is kind of hot, check out how easy it is to flip that picture! At the end, you get to see how truly thin this beast is:

Shouts to engadget.

The Observation Deck (14th Jan. 2008)

  • Wu-Tang News: U-God is suing Wu Music for $170K, ranging in monies owed for tours, albums and other things since March 2007. On the flip, Wes has video of GZA's Knitting Factory show from December 2007. Dope shit, including a fly ODB tribute.
  • At Macworld, Apple has unveiled the Macbook Air, aka a thin noebook, and the ability to rent movies via iTunes, which I guess they hope will drive the sales of Apple TV up. I guess it's hard to beat the iPhone?
  • Six DC child welfare employees have been fired over negligence in a case that has now lead to this mother being brought up on charges of murder in the deaths of her 4 daughters. Can these work
  • Looks like Green Lantern & the G-Unit have patched things up; I guess that good Internet exposure Green gives niggas was too hard to miss out on!
  • You've gotta love how LeBron got ticketed for going over 100MPH on his birthday, and is just like "it's no big deal". He just knows the world is his.
  • Fuck Bob Johnson. No, really, FUCK YOU BOB JOHNSON!
  • Pacman Jones can't stay out of trouble? Now he's hitting women in the club? What's really good with that?
  • 2010 will see a new Smurfs movie, in CGI no less.
  • Fake Shore Drive has a dope interview with Rhymefest, speaking on his Man In The Mirror mixtape, as well as info on El Che and the 2008 Presidential Elections.

Not much going on, but so much is going on.

Better Not Be My Kid

This Australian kid is wild; had a party with his parents out of town, something like 500 kids showed up and started terrorizing the neighborhood. He gets his TV interview, and is just as cocky and arrogant as can be.

I would kick my son's ass!

Dula-Mite The Certified King Of Las Vegas, Vol. 1 [review]

I gotta say, first and foremost, that cover is hilarious. Nothing says quality like Omarion and Bow Wow looking like drag queens. I also wished that Dula-Mite went at these two a bit more, but I can't front - he does well just doing him. The thing was, coming into this mixtape, I had no idea that Las Vegas was doing Hip-Hop like this, and I was impressed by what I heard. I'm not gonna say this is the best shit you heard in your life, or the best shit you heard this year, but if you are looking to get amped on the way to a club, or if you are lounging with your crew doing whatever it is you do, this is the disc you should throw on.

I'm guessing Las Vegas is more of a melting pot in terms of sounds, or maybe that's just Dula. One would think that, due to their proximity to California, they'd wear that on their sleeve. Not so; rhymes wise, these cats sound a lot more East Coast, and the beats range from club-ready Southern jawns to a bit of the sampling/looping that you'd hear coming from the Northeast, which is refreshing. What wasn't as fresh, however, were some of the guest appearances. Guys like P.L. and Oun-P don't really add much to the themes Dula establishes on tracks. It's almost as if Dula was like "OK, y'all, we're gonna rhyme about pimpin'", and they stick to the topic, while not infusing something of themselves into the tracks. I almost prefer hearing Dula by himself, b/c he has that mixture of confidence, braggadociousness, but he can also flip the script and take things a bit deeper.

Take a track like "Sex Addict". You hear many MCs dropping cuts about how many chicks they sleep with, how many freaks are on their tip, and all of the regular dicktalk that's so prevelant. Not too often do MCs get their Eric Benet on, and truly break down and admit that "yeah, I cheated, and it's aggravating me". It's almost as if we're deep inside the mind of a guy who got caught on Cheaters at the moment the camera flashes on - that instant guilt, nagging and digging deep. That's the nerve this one touches. Dula and Ques (who drops the best guest verses on this mixtape) do the same on "Want It Back (The Revolution)", which boasts a nice loop of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You". You get the social commentary, but its not too overbearing, keeping the feel light but deep, with poignant Malcolm X samples to boot.

I am torn on this mixtape, though. I loved "Raindrops", which revisits Eddie Kane (Five Heartbeats, anyone?), and has the most direct disses at the Face Off boys (we're also treated to interludes featuring hilarious samples from Coming To America, Eddie Murphy's "Ice Cream Man" piece, and others); "In The Kitchen" isn't bad, either, but seems to borrow too heavily from the "trap" rappers out of the A (that beat knocks, though). "Clap Ya Hands" benefits from Dula's smooth flow and a dope guitar lick. I hate kicking a dead horse, but Dula shines best alone. I don't want to diss his crew or the cats he asked to spit on the disc, but he obviously outshines them; I got more into the disc towards the end, where Dula goes for broke over a punched-up version of Rich Boy's "Get To Poppin'", or him digging out the instrumental for De La Soul's "Much More" for "Amazing" - which is the best example of Dula hitting that freestyle, battle rap flavor. This mixtape is deep, like 27 tracks (excluding the preview), but for the most part, each track is a fully-fleshed out song, so hearing Dula just spit was refreshing.

The only other fault of this mixtape is more personal: I didn't like the "DJ" who flipped this. The "rewinds" on a few cuts (especially on "Booty-Doo") aren't synched up right - I believe it's the third pull on "Booty-Doo" where there's a bit of silence. It's minor, but it cuts from the "live" feel you build up. The sequencing is otherwise fine, although thematically, there is a bit of repetion, but it feels like that might also have to do with the unimaginative filler some of these MCs put into their bars.

In terms of the scene today, there's so many mixtapes, leaked tracks, and albums that it's hard to decipher the dope from the "ehhh". Dula-Mite definitely shows that he has what it takes to keep his regional fame buzzing, and with the right push, build that into a more national thing. I'd personally like to hear him trim the fat, keep going deeper into familiar territory, and stay true to himself. I don't see him out there ready to murk the whole Fight Klub circuit, but dude obviously has talent and I could see any one of the stellar tracks on this, with the right backing, blowing up like anything else on the charts currently.

rock the dub gives The Certified King of Las Vegas, Vol. 1 a 3.25 out of 5. There are a load of dope ideas on here, and Dula-Mite is a solid talent. The tightness of some of the featured rhymers is questionable, but Dula is the main attraction, and holds his own with the best of them.

Burn Deez: "Clap Ya Hands", "Sex Addict", "Amazing"

You can stream AND download this mixtape via

related links:
MySpace page page

[video] Big Noyd "Things Done Changed"

Big Noyd's LP, Illustrious, is out on the 22nd of Jan.; check out the MP3 of "Things Done Changed" (prod. by Fizzy Womack) HERE.

Bonus Beats: Big Noyd "The Money" (prod. by Street Radio)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Making The Band 4 Trailer

Premieres Jan. 28th; Diddy is calling this a "Battle Of The Sexes", with all of his made bands competing to complete their albums. Expect a lot of sex and debauchery:

History Of Hip-Hop Vol. 13: 1991

Last week, Cosmo Baker brought you Vol. 12: 1990; this week, DJ Eleven steps up and takes us through 2 hours of 1991's finest. That last track was a big one for me back then.

MP3 / stream


1. NWA – Alwayz Into Somethin’
2. Cypress Hill – Latin Lingo
3. Black Sheep – Butt In The Meantime
4. De La Soul – Afro Connections At A Hi 5 (In The Eyes Of The Hoodlum)
5. Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand
6. Compton’s Most Wanted – Growin’ Up In The Hood
7. Public Enemy – Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
8. Ed OG – Gotta Have It
9. The Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks on Me
10. Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Pissin’ On Your Steps
11. A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime
12. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
13. Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
14. Gang Starr – Step In The Arena
15. MC Lyte – Poor Georgie
16. Nice & Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies (Spanish Fly Mix)
17. K.M.D. – Nitty Gritty (Dog Spelled Bkwds mix) (feat. Busta Rhymes & Brand Nubian)
18. Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)
19. Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Mistadobalina
20. Tim Dog – Fuck Compton
21. DJ Quik – Born And Raised In Compton
22. Main Source – Live At The Barbecue
23. Digital Underground – Same Song (feat. 2Pac)
24. MC Breed – Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin’
25. AMG – Bitch Betta Have My Money
26. AMG – Jiggable Pie
27. Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
28. DJ Quik – Tonight
29. Del Tha Funky Homosapien – The Wacky World of Rapid Transit
30. Ice Cube – Doing Dumb Shit
31. Scarface – Born Killer
32. A Tribe Called Quest – What?
33. Raw Fusion – Throw Your Hands In The Air
34. De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
35. Leaders Of The New School – Sobb Story
36. Cypress Hill – The Phuncky Feel One
37. DJ Quik – Sweet Black Pussy
38. A Tribe Called Quest – Buggin’ Out
39. Naughty By Nature – O.P.P
40. Poor Righteous Teachers – Shakila
41. Poor Righteous Teachers – Easy Star
42. De La Soul – Bitties In The BK Lounge
43. Gang Starr – Credit Is Due
44. Scarface – The Pimp
45. Black Sheep – La Menage feat. Q – Tip
46. De La Soul – Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
47. Scarface – A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die

Those were the MFin' days! Podcast.

We Shoulda Known

We should have known. With Mary's new album, titled Growing Pains, I think she's been dropping hints of recent steroid abuse that's come up in on-going investigations. You don't believe me? Just check out the track titles:

  • "Work That": that's her self-motivational, "500 more reps" track.
  • "Growing Pains": getting buff so quickly hurts, y'all!
  • "Just Fine": this is the denial record. She knows her hair is falling out, and the acne is coming, but yo, she's just fine.
  • "Feel Like A Woman": this joint is for the days when she starts to lose her curves, with the new muscle forming. She may look ultra-buff, but on the inside, the heart of a woman still beats.
  • "Stay Down": this is her personal plea to the 'roids-induced acne.
  • "Hurt Again": the morning after a long-night lifting session. My biceps hurt like my heart, y'all!
  • "Fade Away": 'roid-induced delusions make it seem as though the whiteheads faded away; back-ne is a bitch.
  • "Work In Progress (Growing Pains)": Mary singing in the mirror. While she might have gained 50 lbs. of solid muscle, she still sees herself as imperfect. No pain, no gain, right?
  • "Talk To Me": she has such control over her 'roid-induced physique, it's as if her abs can talk to her. They are saying "my life's just fine!"

I could go on, but I've already secured my entrance into hell with this one. Love you, Mary!

Dirtystep Mixtape, Vol. 2

While my boy DJ Nappy was crafting his THUGSTEP blends, we assumed he was the only cat really on it like that. NYC DJs Nebulla & Dore were working on their own brand of Dubstep crossed with Rap, which they dubbed "DIRTYSTEP", and figured they were the only ones on it like that. Looks like today (14th Jan. 2008), they have released the 2nd volume of their Dirtystep Mixtape (free MP3 download HERE; grab the unmixed tracks as well). Loads of remixes of popular rap cuts with Nebulla & Dore's own original production underneath.

In celebration of this mixtape, the Dirtysteppers are throwing a release party TONIGHT at Konkrete Jungle. Here's the details:

Nebulla & DJ Dore are Proud to Present:
The Dirtystep Mixtape Vol 2 (Release Party)

11:00 PM - Konkrete Jungle (The Pymarid)
101 Avenue A @ 6th Street
New York, New York

Nebulla & DJ Dore (, Code Of Arms NYC)
Temper D (Renegade Hardware, Offkey, Temper D Productions)
Human? (Survival, Konkrete Jungle)
Conscious Pilot (PMF, PA)
Guerilla (PMF, PA)

Doors @10
18+with ID
5$ Reduced Admission @
Looks like a nasty dubstep/jungle night. Don't sleep!

Erykah's Backyard

My boy Rafi hit me up asking if I saw this video; I hadn't, and inquired if it was worth it (something about Badu singing "Happy Birthday" to Raekwon wasn't appealing right then and there). His reason for asking me was the subject of Erykah's bubble. When I saw said bubble, I was kind of taken aback. She actually HAS one! I know motherhood can put on the pounds, and I love it. That's a beautiful thing... but Erykah was so rail thing, even when she was with child back in the day.

She also hasn't dropped an album in a minute, so maybe that good, at-home-no-tour-schedule cooking did her (bubble) right!

Check out this video, also provided by Rafi, for further proof of Erykah's boombastic backyard:


Shouts to Rafi for providing the tools for this post, and for the insight into Erykah's booty growth.

The Wire, Season 5: "Unconfirmed Reports" [recap]

Straight up and down: I didn't see any of this McNulty-retwerking-crime-scenes shit coming at ALL! I mean, I figured the whole convo about that guy in the morgue would have some kind of meaning, but McNulty, who is delving deeper into the drink, to start reconstructing these natural deaths into twisted homicides was just mad unexpected. And adds a layer to Jimmy that was never seen before. We've seen him pout and kick desks, undermine authority with a wink and a smirk, but him doing a 180 and trying to, I don't even know... is he crafting some kind of absurdist art gallery in response to the dwindling finances of the police department? Voicing his frustration over the lack of concern for the 20+ bodies pulled from the vacant buildings? Or is he just trying to amuse himself and solve crimes sober that he creates while drunk? Who knows... but I am with Bunk on this one. And based on the previews of next week's episode, it looks like Bunk and McNulty might be falling out over this.

Seeing Avon Barksdale brought a smile to my face. It looks like Marlo and his crew are trying to parlay with The Greek directly, instead of going through Prop. Joe, which is a good idea, but it cost Marlo "100 large" upfront just to get a sit-down with Sergei, who was not receptive to Marlo at all, but looks like he might be warming to him. Marlo's power struggle is only starting to come to a head, what, now that he realized that Major Crimes isn't on their ass anymore.

Chris and Snoop are already cracking heads, and were sent to straight merk some shittalking associates. Michael was in on the hit, and showed his green nature by questioning everything (he must realize - no matter what he knew as being real and reasonable, that drug game is a different beast - there are no rules anymore). I half-thought he was going to pop off on that lil' kid who ran out the back of the house, but you know he saw his own brother Bug in that kid. How his reluctance to complete the job will play out in later episodes remains to be seen - we don't know if Chris and/or Snoop even know about the lil' dunn that got away...

The other burgeoning story involves the Baltimore Sun, who has a conflict between Gus and the white man in charge, Whiting. Whiting is a fan of Scott Templeton's, to the point where he's pushing him to get more coverage. While Scott spoke briefly about wanting to get to a larger paper in the premiere, you can see how "new" he is, trolling around the Orioles opener, trying to obtain statements and, ultimately, coming up with crap. What does he do? He writes a story, which Gus immediately suspects, but Whiting doesn't have Gus' eye, and pushes it through. Stories like Scott's (poor black kid in a wheelchair can't get into the game) sell papers, and would be ill if there's correlating info to back up this kid's existence. My assumption is that the story was fugazi, and I also think it will propel Scott out the door into his wish. Will that be what he truly wants when he gets there, though? Ah, the rub...

A couple of other points: Freamon telling Sydnor how much of a "career case" the Clay Davis debacle is, while still staking out Marlo's crew; Freamon and McNulty fucking with the FBI dude in the parking lot; Avon throwing up the Dub; every scene Bubbles was in this week was wild, esp. with his talk of the "dope fiend lean" - homeboy is a great actor, and he is playing the SHIT out of that role.

Oh and that whole "west coast drive-by" gone awry had me ROLLIN'. That cat really though they were gonna Boyz-N-The-Hood it, but he forgot that you gotta have AIM!

The forthcoming episode looks like it will be the one to watch: hell starts breaking loose. I love it.

What did you guys think?

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rock the dub radio: episode 013

First rock the dub radio sans WGHH Radio (where you at Chad? Get at me!), and I'm still in the lab, cookin' up some marvelous Hip-Hop stew. Lil' bit of the old, a bunch of the current and some of that leaked new-new for you trainspotters out there. Check the technique:

rock the dub radio: episode 013

(direct MP3 download)

02/Redman "The Saga Continues"
03/Dr. Dre ft. Lady of Rage, Kurupt & RBX "Lyrical Gangbang"
04/Kool G Rap & DJ Polo "Poison"
05/Mad Lion ft. KRS-One "Double Trouble (Third World Remix)"
06/Mr. Lif "The Nothing"
07/Big L "Ebonics"
08/Ghostface Killah "Wise (Remix)"
09/The Game ft. Obie Trice "Growing Up In The Hood"
10/Edo G & Da Bulldogs "Acting"
11/Jean Grae "Love Thirst"
12/Big Shug "Murdapan"
13/Sadat X "90 Days"
14/Junclassic "2 Much Ain't Enuff"
15/N.W.A. "Boyz-N-The-Hood"
16/J Dilla "Workinonit"
17/Biggie Smalls "Party & Bullshit"
18/Gang Starr ft. Nice'N'Smooth "DWYCK (Horny Mix)"
19/D.I.T.C. "Day One"
20/Copywrite "Fucksoundcheck"
21/Reef The Lost Cauze ft. Sean Price "Fair Ones"
22/Percee P "The Hand That Leads You (Remix)"
23/Super Barrio Bros. "Next Level"
24/Juganot ft. Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe & Reek Da Villian "En Why Ceequal"
25/Big Noyd "Things Done Changed"
26/Busta Rhymes "Takin' What's Mine"
27/Diablo "Jail Flick"
28/Gucci Mane ft. Pimp C, Rich Boy & Blaze 1 "I Know Why"
29/Twista "For One Night"
30/Lost Boyz ft. Canibus & Redman "Beast From The East"
31/Termanology "The Music Industry"
32/Jedi Mind Tricks ft. R.A. The Rugged Man "Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story)"
You likes 'em, right?

Any MCs or producers wanting to get their tracks played on rock the dub radio, please send your best quality MP3s to I am also looking for 1 hour long sets from DJs who want to get down. Hit me at that same address so we can get some real deal talk going on. Exposure is a must!

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Kill The Noise Turn Off, Tune In (Vol. 1)

Kill The Noise (aka Ewun, DnB producer out of Rochester, NY) has dropped a new mix, full of dancefloor-funkery by the likes of Chromeo, MSTRKRFT, L.A. Riots, Ludachrist, Justice and others. Fans of the tracks blogs like Discobelle leaks should take note:


01. TURN OFF / TUNE IN Intro
02. Kill The Noise - Building Blocks
03. Kill The Noise - Kill Kill Kill
04. Boys Noize - My Head (Para One Remix) *Licky Herve Mega Mix*
05. Kanye West Feat. Daft Punk - Stronger (A-Trak Remix)
06. Foamo - Moving It Over Here
07. Villians - Rock It
08. MSTRKRFT - Easy Love
09. Boys Noize - Lava Lava
10. Ocelot - Lo Sforzo (Kill The Noise *Stress Test RMX*)
11. Justice - Stress
12. Goose - Bring It On (Teenage Bad Girl RMX)
13. Amand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul
14. Chromeo - Tenderoni
15. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor
16. Blaqstarr- Shake It To The Ground (Claude Von Stroke RMX)
17. Kill The Noise - Let's Ride
18. Le Castle Vania - Trouble In Daylight (LA Riots Remix)
19. Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)
20. Armand Van Helden - NYC Beat (MSTRKRFT Remix)
21. Kill The Noise - Hey You
22. Le Castle Vania - Tigertron (Kill The Noise Remix)
23. Kill The Noise - Pull My Strings
24. Daft Punk - The Prime Time of Your Life (Para One Remix)
25. Ludachrist - Se-bast-I-Am (SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross / Timbaland - The Way I Are Edit)
26. Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Kill The Noise Remix)
27. Boys Noize - Let’s Buy Happiness
28. Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Maximum Overdrive Remix)
Don't even try to play wallflower on this one.

Hip-Hop's On 'Roids?

Damn, 50. I always assumed you were on steroids or HGH, just based on how you look now (above) as opposed to how you looked then. Ditto that, Timbaland. Now, All Hip-Hop reports that celebrities have jumped on the 'roid train, including Fif, Timbaland, Tyler Perry, Mary J. Blige and others, I'd assume. The report states that these entertainers
are among numerous people who may have used or received prescribed shipments of steroids and injectable human growth hormone (HGH) in recent years.

Christ. Now just so you know, these stars are not being brought up on criminal charges, for no laws seem to have been violated, but for everyone who wants to shit on Barry Bonds, WWE wrestlers and Marion Jones, is it OK for guys like 50 to dope up? The price of success must be steep, but don't kid me like you are getting buff by being in the gym or drinking your own vitamin water, nigga.


Dry Your Eyes, T.O.

Check out Terrell Owens choking back a few during the post-game interview after the Cowboys loss to the Giants yesterday.

Nigga should've just let the song cry.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

[preview]: LOST, Season 4: "The Beginning Of The End"

Shouts out to DOA poster KD, who hit me with info on this promo of the premiere episode of Season 4, entitled "The Beginning Of The End". SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW NOTHING PRIOR TO THE 31ST OF JAN.: This is about 1 minute, 20 seconds long, and finds Hurley finding out that the survivors did make contact, and would be getting off the island:

Interesting ish, and hardly an idea of what we are to expect, but then again, if you're watching LOST, you should be accustomed to that!

"We laptop niggas...

...thugs on the computer!"

I had a mix over the weekend, threw a THUGSTEP/Hip-Hop/Dubstep thing going on. Been rockin' to some pretty thugged-out dubstep as of late. Check out these two cuts to get what I mean:

  • Parson "Throw Some D's": this one heavily samples Rich Boy's breakout cut, but gives it a tougher swagger. Random lyrics get spliced in, and the first bit of Polow's beat gets bounced in as well, but this one is all about that lurching, menacing monster of a bassline.
  • DZ "Slums Dub": that "ghetto of the mind" sample is the truth, really takes this cut into different territory. DZ also throws in a tight amen, and the bass goes through a few switch-ups befoe the track ends. Do not sleep.

Loads of dubstep gets dropped, but not all of it is dope. These are two newer heads who are truly makin' it happen.

"It was a Wesley Snipes movement on a Sunday in Bermuda..."