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[video] Prodigy "Dirty New Yorker"

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Another gem from H.N.I.C., Part 2, although I doubt P has cooked crillz anytime recently:

[video] Keak Da Sneak "That Go (Remix)"

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Didn't see this one coming; features both Prodigy and The Alchemist:

Mazzi "Lesson A"

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Mazzi "Lesson A": S.O.U.L. Purpose's Mazzi goes at both Jay Electronica AND The Cool Kids on this. Not sure where this is coming from, but that beat is the truth, and you know what, who cares - I know a lot of you feel the same way about those cats. Jersey, what?!?!

Via 2DB. EDIT: Miss Info got a response from Mazzi on where this is coming from, here's a snippet:

Look, it’s expected of Hurricane Chris or some one of that genre to be on that gimmick shit but not what we dub real/underground/true school Hip Hop… Let that be! No tools! No posers! No herbs! No space alien rappers who really ain’t on it like that! No little kids tryna’ live out an era they are only partly up on!

Mikey from The Cool Kids has responded in this URB interview, but he really says nothing more than "I'll send him a copy of the album" and "he knows our music". I can't see them even going back at him, just based on their style, but what Mazzi has said needed to be said.

related: S.O.UL. Purpose The Construction [review]

Stacey Dash's KING Spread

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I brought you the scans of the cover a few weeks back; the boy Shake (by way of Cutiecentral) has a gang of them over at 2DB. Make sure you don't drool on yourself...

PS: for all of you guys who are going to say "Damn, she's 42!?!!", please shut the fuck up and man up. Like a woman who isn't 19-23 can't be a fucking dime?

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Self Construction.

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Been a busy few months for KRS-One; Eskay posted up a link to what looks like a shorter version of the "Self Construction" project that KRS is working on. 55 emcees in total, and this track is only 3 minutes? I wonder how he's going to work this out - will it be one massive track ala The Game's "One Blood" remix, or will it be broken down in sections? Who knows.

KRS-One ft. Various Artists "Self Construction"

Andrew has also posted up some video footage of KRS at a recent Stop The Violence 2008 press conference:

I hope this movement can open the eyes of some of you heads out there.

[video] NYG'z "Bow Down"

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Video for "Bow Down", featuring Blaq Poet & Rave Roulet, from their Welcome 2 G-Dom CD:

Still not a big fan of this track, but I love this CD.

Ghostface Killah "Charlie Brown (Guns-N-Bombs Remix)"

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Ghostface Killah "Charlie Brown (Guns-N-Bombs Remix)": Pitchfork provided this remix about a month or so ago, hyping up this remix project that Scion AV put forth. You fast rap fans should remember "Charlie Brown" - it was released on an early version of of Fishscale, but didn't make the final cut (due to clearance issues). Well, it looks like the GFK & the Rhythm Roots All-Stars' version of "Charlie Brown" is getting an MP3 release on May 6th, which is also the same day that Scion AV is putting out the "Charlie Brown" Remixes package.

This set takes things to the next level: bridging "fast rap" and the more club/electro oriented sounds, 4 production outfits have been tapped to put their own spin on it. Ed Banger fans will be happy to know that DJ Mehdi (alongside a verse from Mapei) doesn't stray far from the original, but turns it to the left a bit, digging deeper into the original's vibe and making some nice, murky magic. The next remix finds Orgasmic takes Ghost's lyrics and really takes it back to the Electro style. Listening to this version makes me wish I had some cardboard, an adidas tracksuit and some five-finger rings. Yuksek drops what might be the most rave-friendly mix in here, sounding not unlike something Fat Boy Slim would use to get the crowd sweaty. That lil' melody thrown in there is hypnotic, real talk. The above remix from Gun-N-Bombs reminds me of some twisted disco, like Daft Punk on HGH. That initial disco feel is there, but this one comes in with harder-hitting drums, some twisted bleeps and sounds, and some nice glitches on GFK's rhymes.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to talk about being different, and bridging the gap, but no one is truly trying to flip GOOD shit. A lot of the Rap/Rave hybrids I hear ("Pretty Rave Girl" and "Say Yeah", for example) tend to fall flat because it's more Rap than anything else. When you are trying to create that "new" shit, you need to be liberal with both sounds, which is something that Scion AV has definitely done with this one. Word is more acts are getting into the swing of things with this project, so check out their site for more info. And enjoy that Guns-N-Bombs rmx while it's available!

Shouts to Aaron B for the info.

Killah Priest "I Believe"

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Killah Priest "I Believe": New joint from Priest's forthcoming Behind The Stained Glass, which drops on May 20th. Definitely can't go wrong when he's spittin' that real.

Props to Shake.

NYOil 9 Wonders Mixtape

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NYOil and Trackstar the DJ link up to bring you the mixtape in support of NYOil's 9 Wonders EP from a few months back. It features cuts from that EP, highlights from Hood Treason, and some other treats. You can grab it over at, for free (check out what The Source has to say on this mixtape - props to them for the placement).

Bonus Beats: NYOil has a drop over at Unkut taking Nas to task over his recently-leaked "Be A Nigger Too". What do you think? Does NYOil get it right? Did Nas jack NYOil? Who's the nigga?

On That Leak: Vast Aire "T.V. Land"

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Vast Aire "T.V. Land" (prod. by Melodius Monk): Lovin' the old school feel in this one; does that odd guitar sample in there remind anyone else of vintage Wu? In any case, this one has the dope lyrics from Vast, that ill bounce and is the official single to Vast's Deuces Wild album (I dropped the street single earlier this month), which drops June 24th.

Big up to Matt for this one.

Sav Killz & Company

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Here are a few cuts featuring Wu-Tang affiliate Sav Killz off the DJ J-Ronin & DJ Snips mixtape, All Elements, Vol. 9, which is hosted by Joell Ortiz:

These have drops on them already, but is a good idea of what to expect from the latest All Elements mixtape. Sav also has a street album, Still Determined, in the works, so keep your ears to the street.

related: On That Leak: Sav Killz "Fresh Gutta"

Props to Alex on this one!

[rock the dub Interview]: DEAD P.A.

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In the first of two "Drum & Bass from Texas" interviews I lined up, I got a chance to chop it up with DEAD P.A.'s Papa Zero. He hit me up sometime last year, and we chopped it up a bit just talking about their music, his personal situation, and live DnB in general. What I loved about DEAD P.A. was the ability of them to, within a genre of producers and DJs who feel they are larger than life, were able to still poke fun at themselves and genuinely have fun making the music they make. No grandstanding or "holier than thou" posturing, just dope music with a real emphasis on the live show. Jason looks at his crew as a sort of "Blue Man Group" type of thing, which fits them to a T (minus the corporate money). Not just tight tunes, but a true experience that you have to see/hear to believe...

khal: What’s the story behind DEAD P.A.? The core of the group is Papa Zero and The Human Drum Machine. How did you two get together, and what was the inspiration behind creating a live Drum & Bass band?

Papa Zero: George and I performed in rock bands in high school in the early 90's and as anyone in a band knows - it's no easy task to keep it together. When my band Backlash found itself in a rut struggling to maintain a drummer for several years, George was asked to join. Shortly thereafter, he swiped the band's bass player to form yet another band. I purchased a drum machine and sampler and took a new direction with a more electronic edge. The solo performance evolved into Population Zero in 1996 and I began playing clubs, warehouses, and festivals throughout Texas. In the meantime, George had gone off to school in Boston. Upon his graduation and return in 2003, he made contact with me and happened to mention that he had acquired a Roland TD-10 drum kit. The suggestion of a jam session was made and we quickly realized the potential for a live performance. Levon and Krystal joined the act in subsequent years but their schedules often dictate that the touring act remain the two founding members. Although we both love Drum & Bass, I wouldn’t say that we were compelled to specifically be a “Drum & Bass band.” The majority of my solo material around 2003 consisted of DnB and it seemed to make for a more frenetic live performance with a drummer. We play DnB sets but have included many other genres when circumstances allow. In some cases, we find it better to portray ourselves outside Drum & Bass altogether since we don’t quite sound like conventional DnB artists. We’ve started using the term “Drum n Breaks.”

khal: What’s your setup like? There’s obviously drums and your keyboards/synthesizers, but what else is involved with your live shows?

Papa Zero: Our primary goal is more performance oriented rather than mixing. I’ve always preferred to interact directly with the music and audience rather than act as a sort of “meta-composition” DJ. Accordingly, our setup will change with the circumstances surrounding the show and the songs we are performing. Obviously, when we are flown out to a show we have to scale our gear to what will keep us both self-contained as well as travel ready. I always bring a small multi-channel mixer for multiple instrument input. We run live mics for vocals, key-triggered drum loops and basslines from my K2000, I run a DJ mixer as a hub between the live drummer and some pre-arranged backing track material. It’s so much fun having a live drummer on the crossfader and a bit of a laugh to pull turntablism “tricks” on a DJ mixer without actually using any turntables. I used to play guitar during our sets but in January of 2007 I was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. The resulting tumor significantly damaged the fine motor skills in my left hand so that I am no longer capable of playing guitar.

khal: You’ve recently dropped an album, The Dead Will Rise. How did you guys produce the album – was it made in the same way as your live shows are, or did you use samplers and drum machines and the like?

Papa Zero: Although I always use Logic to record and sequence when writing a track, I really don’t constrain production to any rhyme or reason. This can contribute to me taking forever to finish something. I use an assortment of hardware and software, analogue and digital. Our songs vary in tempo and feel so I often have to rework or reconstruct them for a live show. The only song on the album that we’ve never played live is “Lifeguard.” I’m afraid to let George near a mic to sing that one live since his performance during the recording turns out to have been a once in a lifetime cut! Fortunately, he makes up for this in his ability to play the hell out of the drums and MC.

khal: You’ve gotten loads of accolades from throughout the Texas area. Where else have you guys brought your brand of DnB to? Do you have any dreams/plans on trying to craft tunes for release on a DnB-specific label?

Papa Zero: Ironically, and despite the fact that we didn’t have a release, we’ve played through a considerable portion of the U.S. up to this point. We’ve played weeklies such as SuckaFree in Panama City, Beyond Beats in OKC, and Torque in Orlando, mainstay events like Tastemakers of Breaks in Miami during WMC, Devil’s Night 9 in Las Vegas, Soulstice in Fayetteville, Bayfest in Mobile and big one-off events in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans among many others. I try to keep photo albums of shows on our homepage and our MySpace sites. Labels in dancefloor / club / electronica genres always release material based on the merits of whether or not it flows with the cumulative catalogue of its releases. This only makes sense since their primary market (the DJ) is looking for music that will easily fit into his or her set. I typically write songs without regard to how DJ friendly they are and this has worked against us in getting music released on DnB labels – but we’re always open to it.

khal: What do you think sets your brand of DnB apart from a DJ who is equally skilled at rockin’ a party? Do you think there could be a situation where you’d perform live with in tangent with a DJ?

Papa Zero: Aside from the obvious difference of a live and in your face performance – the one thing that tends to really set us apart is our sense of humor. We’ve never fit the mold of “hardass junglists” and our shows inescapably reflect that, be it George’s off the cuff rhymes making fun of me onstage or outlandish costumes and stage theatrics. In regard to performing alongside a DJ - during the Winter Music Conference of ’06 we had the pleasure of performing with the DMC champion DJ ID. After we performed our set, ID wanted to “jam” with us – so while he beat juggled, scratched, and threw in cut samples on vinyl, George went to town on the drums and I played leads or basslines on synth. It was really an improv of sorts that couldn’t have lasted more than 20 minutes, but the crowd just went effing nuts.

khal: One thing I have seen in pictures is you guys not being afraid to go all out, dressing up in wacky and interesting get-up, helping give the show more character. How did that aspect come about? Are there future concepts you guys will be employing, costume wise?

Papa Zero: Conceptually we’ve always wanted more of a “Blue Man Group” style performance where the music is joined at the hip with visuals, the live performance and an event we’re playing as a whole. Though we wanted this from DEAD P.A.’s inception, we’ve had to build up to the point where the catalogue of music and chemistry of the show could really facilitate some of those ideas or convey a unified theme or message. It started mostly with the customization of our sets to fit themes of parties chosen by promoters but gradually worked into theme tours and performance theatrics like those in the current “DEAD P.A. for President” Tour.

khal: Are there any things as a band that DEAD P.A. has not tackled as of yet? Where do you see the outfit progressing to in the near future?

Papa Zero: We’d love to collaborate more with other artists – onstage, in production or remix. There are a million theme sets we have talked about working up – from Drum & Bass covers of cheesy 80’s songs to cancer awareness-themed sets. I don’t think we’ve really even scratched the surface of where things can go. We’ve even talked about doing an acoustic arrangement of some of our tracks to perform live. George and I quite often video tape our escapades while touring. In light of the things we’ve seen, my cancer, and our undiminished sense of humor, we’ve discussed the possibility of story boarding and pitching a reality show. Of course, everything has a proper time and place and each of these wacky ideas may have to wait for its respective moment.

khal: The live DnB band aspect has not had that one shining star that’s gotten acclaim for both production prowess when it comes to albums as well as their live show. Do you feel DEAD P.A. can reach that height, or is that not on your radar?

Papa Zero: I’ve been hearing about a live Evol Intent project in the works forever and look forward to seeing what comes of it. I believe both Roni Size and London Electricity saw a bit of limelight in regard to both release and live performance but certainly no DnB artist has had the spotlight like Moby, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, BT or Crystal Method. So far the only “breakthrough” artists for electronica in general have been a bit more transcendent of genre. On occasion I think we do tap into hooks and performances that have mass appeal but I can’t really objectively say whether or not we’ll become superstars. We certainly aim to get our music out to anyone that cares to hear it and have been grateful for the response we’ve seen. Whether or not we breakout and are accepted into the mainstream, I do believe that DEAD P.A. is a prototype of sorts for acts that will come about in the future consisting of similar setups. Technology is making it more viable everyday and a large part of our success thus far has a lot to do with the fact that there isn’t anything quite like us out there. It’s only a matter of time before more acts pop up. KJ Sawka of Seattle is one performer I hope to hear more from. While his live P.A. set is a bit less of a confrontational performance than ours, he is a brilliant drummer that really captures the essence of Drum & Bass.

khal: I know none of you guys are DJs, but do you actively follow DnB releases? Are there any tracks that you wish you had produced, or that you would like to recreate live?

Papa Zero: Since neither of us are DJs we don’t invest in releases as a DJ would so I don’t always have my finger on the pulse of what the hot new sound is or the latest and greatest track. For better or worse, this probably speaks to the fact that we never sound like what is going on in DnB. We do get exposure of course, from DJ mixes we get as well as from the artists themselves but I don’t think either of us has ever wished we had made a song that we heard. Every song is a creature hatched from the unique character of the artist that pieced it together and while I have many faces and wells to draw from I can’t covet the character of another – I can only relate and enjoy the art they provide. In regards to doing cover songs – nothing is off limits too us. We’ve performed dancefloor covers ranging from Pantera’s “Broken” to Britney Spears' “Hit Me Baby One More Time” without blinking. With the right context, we’d do a cover of an electronic contemporary as easily as we’d play a song from The Muppet Show.

khal: Where will you guys be performing next?

Papa Zero: Because of my cancer affliction I underwent a ten hour open brain surgery in January of 2007, 6 weeks of daily radiation, and have undergone 11 chemotherapy treatments. Needless to say this put music and performance on the sidelines for a while. We had so much momentum going into ‘07 and unfortunately only played 3 shows – one of which I was unable to attend. While I’m still fighting cancer, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m capable of touring again so we’ve booked quite a few gigs this year already. I’ve been amazed at how quickly the ball picked up right where we left off. We just hit Austin on the Guitar Hero 3 stage during the SXSW music conference. Upcoming shows include a slot on the annual Houston 91.7 FM Rice Radio concert as well as a performance in Dallas for Fully Funktional’s party “Simply Evolve.” We are still coordinating and booking dates for our “DEAD P.A. for President” Tour and look forward to hitting New Jersey for the first time in June.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts, comments or shout outs?

Papa Zero: Our gratitude goes out to everyone that has come out to our shows, bought a CD, sported a DEAD P.A. T-shirt, booked us, or just taken the time to listen to our music!

DEAD P.A.'s The Dead Will Rise is available courtesy of Goinka Records. A forthcoming split 12” between DEAD P.A. and Devine & Emily Play will be available courtesy of Goinka Records and 2nd Movement.


[video] Bun B ft. Sean Kingston "That's Gangsta"

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While I think Sean Kingston needs more people, and I'm not the biggest JR Rotem fan, I am diggin' this track from Bun's forthcoming II Trill, which hits stores May 20th:

[video] Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down Tha Block"

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Nice to see some heads havin' fun with it, for a change; The In Crowd hits stores May 13th:

[video] B.o.B. ft. Rich Boy "Haterz Everywhere"

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Damn this took long to make. I remember rockin' to this this time last year! Shouts to my nigga DJ Nappy, who rocked a refix of the version featuring Wes Fif:

[video] AC ft. Trife Da God "Trapped On The Island"

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AC and Trife Da God put a hilarious spin on Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" video, showing you how Yeezy ended up in that trunk:

Directed by Steven Tapia.

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On That Leak: J Dilla "We F'd Up"


J Dilla "We F'd Up" (prod. by Kanye West) [mirrors: divshare / mediafire]: On a tip from XXL's Scratch Blog, I did a Google search and found this gem. This is supposedly from Dilla's unreleased MCA album, which, if you listen to this Wikipedia entry, is rumored to be titled Pay Jay, and is getting a release, as well as being leaked. This track is bangin'; not the Kanye of today, but I love it. (NOTE: I'm assuming this is ripped from a promo copy, that's why that random outerspace noise is in there... it also sounds like Frank-N-Dank are featured in this).

I like how Dilla is playin' off the hook from R. Kelly's "Fiesta".

EDIT: I'm also seeing some sites have this track titled "Pay Jay", but that doesn't sound right, based on the hook.

EDIT: Mirrors are up; Props to The Robert Flack Chronicles for the divshare, and I just re-upped this to mediafire.

EDIT: Looks like Kanye has finally heard this joint, which he says is titled "Pay Jay". Eskay has added this zShare link as well.

On a related note, I copped the 2xCD version of Champion Sound for Record Store Day. What'd you get?!

YN's At It Again

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Couple of YN sightings on your people's favorite blogs; he flew over to Nah Right and dropped Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 2, and broke down a classic Big Kap video for OnSMASH. Where will YN pop up next? Who knows - what we do know is that Episode 2 of Miss Rap Supreme premieres tonight... get plugged in!

On That Leak: Nas "Be A Nigger Too"

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Nas "Be A Nigger Too" (prod. by Salaam Remi & Big Jack): No, this isn't an April Fool's joke, this is the real deal. I'm not really into this beat, but I knew, lyrically, it would be venom like this. I wasn't expecting new Nas & Salaam to sound like the antithesis of "Made You Look", but what can you do? And all that talk about the radio, does he think this is going to get radio airplay?!!?

I guess Nigger is going to be a reality?

Linked straight jacked from Eskay. I had to.

EDIT: I love how All Hip-Hop censors the word nigger but let's shit like kike and spic fly un *'d.

Rizoh Radio 24: Special Effects

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Rizoh wasn't playing when he said Rizoh Radio was back. # 24 drops major fire, including Breez Evahflowin's "Radio Song":



01. Young Buck - It’s Not O.K.
02. 50 Cent - Liar Liar
03. Mann - Ghetto Girl
04. Mahagani - DJ (Stand Over There)
05. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Remix)
06. Usher - Love in This Club (Remix)
07. Madonna (feat. JT & Timbaland) - 4 Minutes (Remix)
08. Keith Murray - Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful
09. Lala (feat The Game) - Sprung on a Thug
10. Lil Wayne - Lisa Marie
11. Estelle (feat. Kardinal Offishall) - Magnificent
12. Amanda Diva - Windows Over Harlem
13. The Roots - Hum Drum(Alternate Mix)
14. Truth Universal - Black Culture
15. Common Market - Black Patch War
16. Elucid - Many Moons
17. Prodigy - Cut Em Short
18. AZ (feat Twista) - Body Rock
19. Breez Evahflowin’ - Radio
20. Khia - Be Your Lady
21. Bobby Creekwater - F*cking up My Cool
22. Rhymefest - No Sunshine
23. Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine
24. Young Buck - My Interview

*****Secret Bonus Track*****

Fire for days.

L.E.O. Spiritual Intelligence

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No, I am not sure of who L.E.O. is. Yes, I am downloading this because it's produced entirely by The Large Professor, and mixed by J-Zone. Yes, I assume this will be dope. Yes, I am advising you to grab this based on that knowledge.



EDIT: Metal Lungies has a new Beat Drop up, and your's truly contributed to it. Check out their Beat Drop on Large Professor.

Air Yeezy

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Here's a shot of the Air Yeezy, aka the sneaker Kanye West & Nike are working on. Yes, it glows in the dark. No, I have no idea when this will be released, or in what kind of quantity (I assume it will be limited edition).

Via Sneaker Files.

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #13

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DJ Cable's back this week with a different style, more on the House/Fidget swing of things:



01. DJ Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground (Amadeus M Remix)
02. Dizzee Rascal – Flex (Dave Spoon Remix)
03. Larry Tee Feat. Princess Superstar – Licky (Herve Goes Low Remix)
04. Larry Tee – I Love U (Yeah! Woho! Remix)
05. Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat
06. Cassius – Feeling For You
07. Daggers – Magazine (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) & Twista Feat. Kanye West – Overnight Celebrity (Acapella)

Lots of blog-friendly producers up in this one. I actually loved "Flat Beat" when it first came out years ago (US heads more than likely heard that cut in those Levi's ads in 1999, with the lil Flat Eric puppet, head-nodding). Props to Cable for pullin' that one out.

Theo "Say It Right" [snippet]


Theo "Say It Right" (prod. by Kris Fame) [snippet]: Here's a snippet of a forthcoming track from Theo. I know I know that sample, but I can't place it for shit. This joint is coming on a project entitled The Birth. Get involved. DJ Drama put his stamp of approval on it, all over the snippet!

related: Theo "Somethin' For Me"

[video] Joulz Il - The Making Of "Hopeless"

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Joulz Il in the studio making some of that "reality music". Entity Starr on the beats:

[video] OC & AG "2 For The Money"

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Check out the rough cut of this video from two DITC legends. Word from this post over at the Year Round Records blog (they had a blog? And why is it titled "UNOFFICIAL DJ PREMIER BLOG"?) says that there's a forthcoming ALBUM from these two entitled, surprisingly, OC and AG. This joint was produced by Showbiz, with DJ Premier on the cuts:

Knowledge & Wisdom, Vol. 1

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Peep this classic mixtape from one of my favorite Ragga Jungle producers, Terry T, AKA the head of Knowledge & Wisdom. This runs through some classics from a decade ago, and is heavy on the Congo Natty sound (some V/Full Cycle thrown in there too). MC stylings provided by Dyer, Frisky & Demolition Man, so for all you Ragga/Dance Hall heads, you are in for a super treat.

320kbps MP3s: Side 1 / Side 2

Light up ya spliff and bounce to this... IN DA MIX!

rock the dub radio: episode 019

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That picture tells it all about this week's mix: hour 1 is a trip for you weed puffers, bringing you some of my favorite ganja-friendly cuts. Some classics along with some newer jams, to give you that skankin' vibe. The 2nd hour is a mix I made in dedication to the lovers in the crowd. Yesterday, the 19th of April, was a dual anniversary for me: not only has it been 6 years since I've been attached to the lady of my life, but it's also our 3 year weeding anniversary. Loads of Hip-Hop Love jawns, from dedications to the woman you don't know to the chattin' up of females you're trying to get down with. Get into it:

rock the dub radio: episode 019

(direct MP3 download)


01/The Roots ft. Bahamadia "Push Up Ya Lighter"
02/Redman "Pick It Up"
03/Channel Live ft. KRS-One "Mad Izm (Buckwild Remix)"
04/Mad Lion "Big Box Of Blunts"
05/Method Man ft. Streetlife & Carlton Fisk "4:20"
06/Redman ft. Method Man & Ready Roc "Blow Treez"
07/Pete Rock ft. Chip Fu & Rene "Ready Fe War"
08/Sheek Louch "We At War"
09/Purple Ribbon All-Stars vs JuJu "Kryptonite (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"
10/interlude: Katt Williams/Legalize It
11/BINKIS "Money Green Greens"
12/Styles P ft. Swizz Beats "Blow My Mind (Benja Styles Remix)"
13/Guilty Simpson "Footwork"
14/Jaylib "Pillz"
15/J-Live "Like This Anna"
16/Mos Def "Miss Fat Booty"
17/A Tribe Called Quest "Bonita Applebum"
18/A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation"
19/A Tribe Called Quest "Against The World"
20/Tanya Morgan "Walk My Way (Dream On)"
21/Prince Paul "You Make Me (A.K.C.)"
22/The Perceptionists "Love Letters"
23/Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna "Camay"
24/dead prez "Mind Sex"
25/Theo "Somethin' For Me"
26/J Dilla "Time: The Donut Of The Heart"
27/DJ Q-Bert "Aphrodisiskratch"
28/Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige "You're All I Need (Razor Sharp Mix)"
29/The Roots ft. Jill Scott & Eve "You Got Me"

Pass a J with your ladyfriend for the 1st hour, then snuggle up with her for hour 2.

links: URL \ RSS \ iTunes

[rock the dub Interview]: DJ Wally Pish Posh

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Being a weird-ass teenager, I was always looking for some subversive shit to get my mind wrapped around. Without a drug habit in my high school years, my main escape was music. I'd read articles in magazines and then scour the mom & pops in my area, feeding the beast. This is how I stumbled upon DJ Wally. I actually discovered him on Soulslinger's Don't Believe album, and once I heard he had his own album dropping (Genetic Flaw), I was all over it. Quirky sense of humor, tough beats, ill(bient) intellect and just a keen ear for melody, this CD is a staple of my collection, and something I always delve into every few years, for old times sake. I've since followed Wally's career, from his Jungle turn was Pish Posh back in the Rawkuts days to his more experimental excursions following that. He's a gifted DJ, a talented music maker, and a ganja enthusiast. So, on this, the global cannabis holiday, it's only right to bring you this interview with Wally that I've had on my thumb drive for a minute...

khal: You’ve been creating music for a while, it seems. When did you first start producing? Was there one particular thing that made you decide to try your hand at beat making? And when did you realize that you were onto something?

DJ Wally: I think I first starting making tracks back in 1990, and it would have been something I thought about for a bunch of years prior. I used to listen to the weekend radio shows on WBLS with Mr. Magic & Marley Marl and Kiss FM with DJ Red Alert or Chuck Chillout here in NY, and I would buy all the 12"s them guys were spinning on the shows and try to imitate their mixes. I would later recognize the music from the tracks was sampled from previously recorded songs and that’s when I knew I wanted to make Hip-Hop beats.

khal: Who are some of your influences, musically, and just in general?

DJ Wally: Well, obviously the usual suspects: Kool Herc, Bam, Red Alert, Marley, Pete, Premier, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Beatles, Bob Marley, The Police… the list goes on and on musically; outside of music, I would have to say Rodney Dangerfield and David Icke.

khal: How does your writing process differ from when you first started, if it differs at all? Do you approach, say, a Hip-Hop track differently than you would a DnB tune?

DJ Wally: When I write Hip-Hop tunes, the bulk of what I’m creating is usually hammered out in less than 20 minutes, and I still make Hip-Hop the same way I made it back in 1990... ha-ha, if it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with it. With DnB, I will usually start out with some layered drum patterns then work out some bass and then some strings etc., and go on to creating different sequences of the same sounds to keep it progressive.

khal: What’s your setup like these days? Do you use both software and hardware to create music, and if so, do you have any preferences in terms of programs, instruments, etc.?

DJ Wally: Mostly all software these days. I fire up my MPC2000 when I make some some vintage Hip-Hop. I’m a Reason and Cubase user for the most part, but I have all of the hot shit and use all different sequencers from time to time just to stay current. Some favorite VST's include: Slayer2, z3TA, Predator, Korg Legacy, wavs, plug-ins, etc. - although my tools have changed somewhat, my approach is still the same.

khal: Now I, like many other heads, first heard your music around 1997, which culminated with your awesome Genetic Flaw album. Can you take us to your mind state back then – were you trying to make a statement, or was this just a compilation of tracks you were making at the time?

DJ Wally: It was a weird time in NY... experimental Hip-Hop was new and fresh. There were lots of parties all week long; there were a bunch of us playing these parties: DJ Spooky, DJ Olive, DJ Smash, DJ Chillfreez, DJ Swingsett - my mind state back then was very “DJ”; I was spinning most nights and making tracks during the day, but I was hearing people talking about Trip-Hop, and I thought that sounded wack; then I would hear the so-called "Trip-Hop" tracks, and they were more or less instrumental Hip-Hop tracks, so I thought they should sound sillier/crazier and more memorable. As far as Genetic Flaw, it was definitely a concept album like all my CDs: pure silliness.

khal: 1998 followed suit with two full-length releases from you: Stoned Ranger Rides Again and the first Pish Posh CD, Up Jumps The Boogie. Noticeably, your output was getting crazy love at the time. Was it a conscious effort to drop more Jungle at the time, or were you just going with the flow?

DJ Wally: Jungle was just part of the package in NY at the time. The experimental parties were Dub, Jungle, Ambient and Trip-Hop, all on the same night, usually split up on 2-3 different sound systems in 2-3 different rooms. I was constantly getting my fill of Jungle all the time even though I was not spinning or buying Jungle records. Eventually, I just wanted to create more of an energetic vibe so I began experimenting with Jungle production which later turned into Drum & Bass.

khal: How did the Rawkuts deal come about, and why did it seem to fold as fast as it came up? Were there any tracks that didn’t get to see the light of day during that period that you’d wish had come out?

DJ Wally: I signed to Rawkus in ’97; they were not the Hip-Hop giant they became at this point. They were a small outfit with an endless bank account to play with – essentially the American Dream. Their taste in music was all over the place, from Hip-Hop to experimental Dance and Rock, so eventually they wound up becoming a Hip-Hop label after big success with Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch; Rawkuts was created to keep things separated for marketing purposes and to just give the label its own identity.

khal: Speaking of Rawkuts, I remember you did remixes of both Reflection Eternal AND Blackstar tunes. Has Kweli and Mos heard your remixes? Were they receptive? How “into” DnB was Rawkus at that time?

DJ Wally: At this point in time, Rawkus was into DnB and those remixes both got rave reviews from the label and from Kweli & Mos.

khal: Out of all of the DJ Wally/Pish Posh CDs you’ve released, which would you say is your most complete release, and why? On the flip to that question, which project do you wish you could go back in and take another crack at?

DJ Wally: I think I would have to say Emulatory Whoredom, because I created that just after 9/11 and it was a crazy time in NY (as well as everywhere else in the world). I think, when I listen back to that CD, I can feel the tension and uneasiness that I felt back in Sept. of 2001. As far as going back to any album, I could go back to any of them and find things I would have done differently...

khal: With DJ Seen and Chris Thomas, you three linked up and became the Burner Brothers. You guys have been staples in the NYC DnB, as well as a force to be reckoned with in American DnB. How did you three get together, and what is it about you guys that clicks the way it does?

DJ Wally: We are just really tight friends, with all of us being into all the same things, so obviously we just click with making tunes.

khal: Rumblings have been going around within the last year or two about the Burner Brothers in some way, shape or form getting back into the studio and banging out some new material. Has this ever gone down?

DJ Wally: We have a few DnB things in the works... myself and Chris Thomas are constantly working together in the advertisement industry making music for all the cable and major networks.

khal: Only those who follow your discography will see how deep your remix game is, with you doing work for artists like Hive, Nina Simone, George Michael, Alicia Keys and Afrika Bambataa, among others. Are you being presented with these opportunities, or do you create the remixes then shop them to the labels? Also, what would you consider to have been your best remix?

DJ Wally: Remixes are usually presented to me and are exciting opportunities to really put your unique twist on something, especially if it happens to be a song you really like. I think my favorite remix would have to be Nina Simone. She is timeless and unforgettable.

khal: Aside from the Burner Brothers, you’ve also collaborated with artists like Swingsett, Soulslinger, Willie Ross and others. Do you have any artists that you have not worked with yet that you’d like to?

DJ Wally: All of the above mentioned are friends of mine. As far as collaborating with other artists, I am always open to new ideas. I could create a list that goes on forever of artists I would like to work with.

khal: What’s going on with Proximity Minds? Are you guys still bangin’ out tracks?

DJ Wally: It has been a minute, but we are definitely gonna get back on that real soon.

khal: Currently, what are you working on? Is that your beat on that Ice T track for the Gangland TV show? What about “Hamburger Hill”? Is there anything else we can look out for from you in the near future?

DJ Wally: Yes, that’s my track featuring Ice-T for The History Channel’s Gangland series. Look out for my man Big Pep - he's one of my main projects I’m working on: he's fiya!! Trust me!!! I’m also working on some more biz from Mental Sharp and Shannon Swain.

khal: Are you still actively DJing? Where can heads see you spin in the coming months? Do you have a current top10 of tracks you’re feeling?

DJ Wally: Currently, I am not spinning out much any longer. I will spin for friends at private parties or larger corporate/celebrity parties. I just got washed out on the whole DJ thing: I was spinning every weekend, Fridays and Saturdays all over the country from like ‘98-2001, then I started to slow down and only play the real worthwhile shows. 9/11 killed the party scene: promoters were afraid to throw large events; they still are.

khal: Outside of making music, how do you spend your time?

DJ Wally: Raising my 7 year old daughter with my wife, living on the beach and enjoying life.

khal: Do you have any final comments/advice/etc. for the heads?

DJ Wally: Don’t pee in the pool... Only users lose drugs... A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

As a special 4/20 mix, I have re-upped and am now sharing Wally's Whole Car Top 2 Bottom mix. This thing is a 30 minute excursion that's heavy on the basics, drawing from a plethora of sample sources, found bits and other gems, in a special Wally style. Make sure you take two hits, take two more, then throw this jammy on. Shouts to Wally for sorting that to me, and for rocking the interview!


[video] Stack$ & Jah Cure "Flying High"

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Light 'ya spliff:

Bonus Beats: Stacks & Jah Cure "Flying High"

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Looks like Philly finally has a new DnB website! Brought to you by Grayfox and the good folks over at DnBTV, is filling a void in the East Coast DnB scene that's been going on for some time now. I've been seeing the sneak peeks and I must say, this shit is tight. If you rep the Philly DnB scene, or just want to see what they're working with, get on over to and sign up for the forum and all!

4/20 launches are the truth.

Nevermind The Memento

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Fuck The Wizard Of Oz vs. Dark Side Of The Moon for a second. This cat over at has been making DVDs (17 in total) of movies he's synched with albums. Yes, you too can purchase Nevermind The Memento, which supposedly features some very crazy sync ups, including the "He's the one" from "In Bloom" and one of Lenny's pictures.

The movies are like $22 a pop, but they come with packaging, and really, it makes more sense than missing the match by a few seconds. I can't tell from the preview, though, if the movies have their audio or not...

Via Rolling Stone.

Making The Band 4 Tour

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Diddy is asking you to hit up the website to grab up those tickets, early:

Starts in Orlando, FL on May 24th. Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie, Cheri Dennis... if this is your kind of thing, get 'em early!

Usher Here I Stand Cover

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Looks like a scene from a Tarantino movie. Probably a dead hooker in the trunk of that car. In any case, this is the cover for Usher's forthcoming album, which is due in stores May 27th.

[video] Prodigy "ABC"

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I slept on this when it first came around, but in listening to H.N.I.C. Part 2, this cut had me OPEN:

The Camp "Walk On By"

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The Camp "Walk On By" (prod. by Teddy Roxpin): I'm a sucker for ill samples. The Campaign is available right now.

Shouts to Matt for this one.

Y-Love This Is Babylon [review]

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I will admit it: while I think Matisyahu is dope, I was kind of concerned when this was billed as being some form of "Jewish Hip-Hop". Word to MC Paul Barnum, I hadn't heard too many artists who wore their religion on their sleeves like that. Thing is, Y-Love isn't like that. The way he infuses his Hasidism is not unlike how Rakim infused 5% knowledge into his raps - he kept the music where you could feel it, all the while still touching on the social commentary he deemed important. Y-Love aims to do this, all the while giving the people something they can dance to...

"This Is Babylon"
First things first, Jake Break does the damn thing with these beats. That wobbly bass, thrown into a bed of snaps and a somber kick, provides a deep bed for Y's intellect. I wish I knew what homeboy was saying in some spots, I guess that's Aramaic he's chanting? His views aren't that far from some of the Babylon-speak that Rastafari dabble in, which definitely works. Nice intro to this CD...

Revolutionary Hip-Hop, 2008. That down home feel to this organ-driven track makes Y get into that pocket with his flows. I love the congas thrown in here. Definitely all about the positive vibes - I could seriously hear this one getting a crowd hype.

"Bring It On Down"
This is a weirder track, sonically. While Y-Love is trying to free the shackled ghetto yout, the beats are on this funky swing, but I am not too keen on the feedback and random synth notes in the background. Still has an appeal to it, though.

"Keep The Party Divine"
Does exactly what the title suggests. The use of the crazy, piercing synth works better here as a wild melody. Y gets a bit deeper into this, with more words and a more complex flow packed on top of this one. I wonder how I can get "respected on 260 dimensions"...

"Check The Technique (ft. Shaanan Street of Hadag Nachash)"
This one is heavy on the percussion, which is a crazy contrast to the plinky melodies on top, and rhymes referencing MySpace. Feel like I'm in a drum circle, and a cat just randomly catchin' wreck over their slaps. Y digs into where he came from and why he's doing what he's doing today. I don't know what language Shaanan Street is rhyming in, and I wonder how long it took him to write that; dude flows nicely in whatever language he is speaking.

"Exhibit A: The Diagnosis"
Interlude leading into the next cut. It doesn't make much sense until you get into the following track.

"New Disease"
This is all about the disease of the mind that our society pollutes us with. I like how Y attacks this beat, I can't explain his style, really. I could see him doing a concept album ala Kool Keith or Prince Paul. Or rockin' over some real sonic craftsmen. He definitely has that talent.

This sounds like what Barack Obama needs to be spittin up on the debate block. We need to break the shackles and recreate our society. Heed the words!

"This Is A Test"
Another interlude that makes more sense when the next track kicks off.

"State Of The Nation"
This beat is wild. Jungle-ish, crazy percussion, wild bassline. Y-Love goes off on how he sees our nation right now. I love that 2nd verse, with all the stats he brings up.

"Mind Transit"
"Bombin' ya synagogue like Ahmadinejad". Word? This sounds like a tribal documentary remixed with an inner city frolic. Sneaky funk freak.

"From Brooklyn To Ramle (ft. Saz)"
This beat sounds like something Ghostface would murder, but this is another track rapped in both English and another language. Dope rhymes from Y, again. Introspective madness.

"Mt. Sinai (ft. Super Dane)"
Lovin' that dance hall feel on that hook. This one has a futuristic bop to it. Lovin' the whole platter.

"Mehadrin Rhymin'"
Those eerie melodies get me everytime. This cut is on some stream of consciousness feeling shit. Really frantic. I love it, though, especially how the goes from more downtempo to a faster click. Kind of combines everything that's been established and throws it in one pot.

While I don't subscribe to his religion, I can respect a cat who has found a way to get positive, especially in these trying times. More power to the brother for picking up his craft and using his skills to try and save a few of us. If you like shit from Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and others who mix a bit of politics into their punch, and you are a fan of forward-thinking sonics, this is right up your alley.

rock the dub gives This Is Babylon 3.75 out of 5 stars. Solid effort, and while I wouldn't bump this on the regular, I would not be mad if it came on randomly. Nice mixture of ill technique and deep thought.

Burn Deez: "State Of The Nation", "New Disease", "6000"

This Is Babylon is available NOW on Amazon MP3. CDs should be in stores on April 29th, 2008.


Is 50 Basing?

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See what happens when you stop taking that HGH? In any case, 50, Banks and Yayo got interviewed by Rhapsody, and it's a dope interview for the most part. 50 speaks on Young Buck, Fat Joe and his (idiotic) comments about Alicia Keys are in there, too.

Friday, April 18th 2008 playlist

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Props to everyone who has been hitting me up about these Friday playlist features; I was recently told that Fridays are mine, which I take great pride in. But the things is, this would be nothing without the many blogs that I follow, so props to my peers for providing the 'Net with dem leaks!


leaks o' da week!


Come and get'cha LATE PASS!


This week, due to my 3 year anniversary, I wanted to throw up a video that's meaningful to both myself and my wifey. This is "our song", I guess you'd say. Grab your shorty, and make some springtime love happen to this one...

Maxwell "Fortunate"

Enjoy your weekend - and go buy some fucking music tomorrow!

C'mon, Busta

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Why Linkin Park? How come rappers can't be into cool Rock, or at least niggas who play Rock (Bad Brains are still kickin')?