Saturday, April 05, 2008

J-Live "Be No Slave"

J-Live "Be No Slave": Damn, I had no idea J had a new album coming. Looks like Then What Happened is set to drop on May 25th. This track is sick. Via Boo Goo Doo Boom.

It's Official!?!?!

Word from AHH (and the Daily News, the L.A. Times and a host of other sites) is that Jay-Z and Beyonce made it official on April 4th. Until I see a detailed spread, I'll be a bit skeptical (as is TMZ), especially with the constant rumors of nuptials provided by such noteworthy sites as MEDIATAKEOUT and others. It's a good look if they are - congrats to the newlyweds!

Friday, April 04, 2008

2008 Black Weblog Awards Theme

This post is a month old, but it looks ike the theme of the 2008 Black Weblog Awards has been set. August 1st is the starting date. Which Black Blogs do you follow? Who do you think will win this year?

Here's 2007's Winners; and the main website, which you should check out for future info.


Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered 40 years ago today. Keep the dream alive.

related: MLK Vs. J Dilla

[video] Talib Kweli & Strong Arm Steady - Rap City Freestyle

Love seeing these cats in the booth:

Via Nah Right by way of OnSMASH.

On That Leak: Sav Killz "Fresh Gutta"

Sav Killz ft. Ali Vegas "Fresh Gutta" (prod. by Keelay): Peep this teaser from Brooklynite and Wu-Tang affiliate Sav Killz' forthcoming Success Is Inevitable mixtape, which will be hosted by DJ J Ronin. This beat sneaks up on you, be warned!

Bonus Beats: Willie Tha Kid "Splendid!"

Shouts to Alex for these!

Friday, April 4th 2008 playlist

I told Enigmatik that this week was gonna be wild with the leaks. He questioned me at first, but by like Wednesday afternoon he was all "you was right". I'm the oracle of that shit, yo. I seen it.


leaks o' da week!


We're giving late passes for all of you late asses:

*phew* Did you get all of that?


OK, so I don't have MTV Jams anymore, but I've loved how MTV Hits has been playing blocks of classic Hip-Hop videos and performances, in celebration of Yo! MTV Raps. I think they need to bring it back. In any case, I watched this performance last night, and it just struck me as being what I truly miss in today's Rap scene...

Public Enemy "Don't Believe The Hype" (LIVE on MTV):

Classic, even if I don't get the Knicks/Pirates combo Chuck D had on. Regardless, sift through those cuts, enjoy them, and enjoy your weekend!

DJ Heat & Blu (So)ul Amazing

New "mixtape" from DJ Heat, featuring loads of Blu cuts. I ain't mad at 2DB for taking dude to task a bit, but if you are looking for a primer on Blu, check this tape out:



01 Blu - Piece
02 Blu - Git It Now f. Move.Meant & Trek Life
03 Blu - City of Los(t) Ang(e)les f. Co$$
04 Sene - Dope 4 Gold f. Blu
05 Blu - Spanish Winter
06 Blu - My Boy Blu
07 It’s Ok (Part One) f. Myth & Definite
08 Blu - Local Legend (prod. Flying Lotus)
09 Blu - Respect
10 J Dilla - Sun In My Face f. Blu & Jontel
11 Mumbles - Never Ending f. Flora Purim & Blu
12 Blu - Top 5 N Luv (Taking a Little Break)
13 Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel (rmx) f. Joell Ortiz & Blu
14 Blu - Bad News Barnes
15 Blu & Sene are… A Day Late A Dollar Short - Stoopid (prod. Blu)
16 Blu - Mars (rmx)
17 Blu - Fly (Song of Liberation) (prod. Exile)
18 Blu - Maintain f. Donel Smokes, Co$$ & Jontel (prod. Exile)


Khia Reviews Still Da Baddest

One would hope that all rap beefs would involve shit like this: Khia went to Target on April 1st and copped Trina's Still Da Baddest, and reviewed it on her MySpace blog. Here's an excerpt:



I wonder if Khia will review CDs for my blog?

previous: On That Leak: Khia "Be Your Lady"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

[video] Give The Drummer Some

DJ Q-Bert rockin' out crazy patterns on his signature deck:

[video] John Brown vs. The Game

So if you guys don't check out WSHH, you might not have seen the following interview The Game did with Mass Appeal, where he spoke on how wack he felt John Brown and others were:

Now John Brown has a new video out, dissing dude. Negative points for bringing out the Change Of Heart footage, but what can you do:

[video] Fat Joe ft. K.A.R. "300 Brolic (War) (Remix)"

Bonus points for the winos/crackheads in the intro:

[video] eMC TV

Is this the first edition of eMC TV? Who knows; they break down their album, The Show:

[video] Illa Ghee "Bullet & A Bracelet"

Illa Ghee is no longer with Mobb Deep... I guess I didn't pay attention, I never knew he was down with them like that. He's not that nigga:

[video] Peter Rosenberg & ?uestlove

While in Florida on his way to Wrestlemania XXIV, Peter Rosenberg bumped into ?uestlove at the airport; peep their conversation:

The Finale

Crooked I "The Last Hip-Hop Weekly (Fallen Soldiers Freestyle)" [mirror]: You knew it had to end, right? 52 weeks, 52 freestyles. Dude has more than proved that he is a problem. Peep this finale and rejoice in the free shit that dope MCs do for the public. Via 2DB, who also threw up the preceeding 51 weeks.

Here are some Crooked I links:

DJ Cable's Monthly Mixtape - March '08

DJ Cable drops his March mix a tad late, but it's chock full of bangers!:



01. Fat Joe – That White
02. Hot Rod Feat. 50 Cent – Chase Da Cat
03. Outkast Feat. Raekwon – Royal Flush
04. Dogg Pound Gang – Cheat
05. Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell – Sets Up
06. B.O.B Feat. Amy Winehouse – Grip Your Body
07. Jay-Z Feat. Timbaland – Ain't I
08. The Game Feat. Ya Boy – Big Dreams (Remix)
09. Tyga Feat. Lil Wayne & Gata – Exquisite
10. Ray Cash – Itz Me (Whop It Out)
11. Lil Wayne – Lollipop
12. Lil Wayne Feat. Corey Gunz – Millie (Remix)
13. Juganot – I Don't Give A What
14. Dizzee Rascal Feat. UGK – Where Da G's (El-P Remix)
15. Baby D Feat. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo – In The Freezer
16. Busta Rhymes – Lights Camera Action

Cable is also be getting 1000 copies of this pressed up, so get at him if you're trying to snag a copy!

On That Leak: I-Self Devine "Where's The Joy"

I-Self Devine "Where's The Joy" (prod. by Medium Zach): If you're smart, you heard this on MPLS Massacre Vol. 1; I-Self's forthcoming album, I-Self Is... The Sound of Low Class America, features production from Jake One, Vitamin D, Medium Zach, BeanOne and King Karnov, and is due out in the near future on Rhymesayers. Shouts to Jon Jon, as per usual.

[video] The Principle of Connectedness

Aside from the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES, the only other vlogger I can get into is Jay Smooth. He just has a way of connecting the art of the written/spoken word with the idea of creating a compelling video image that not too many vloggers or writers truly can master. His piece from yesterday that you can catch over at, is very interesting - and while not "Hip-Hop" persay, is a mantra that more people should think about:

On That Leak: Panama "Mr. International"

Panama "Mr. International" (prod. by D.I.R.): Hopefully you didn't miss my interview with Panama. Dude is doing the damn thing, especially over heaters like this. Bump this one in your whips, throw it on your mixtapes, and keep dude's name in the streets.

[video] SDSU Interview: Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz sat down with Sit Down Stand Up to discuss upcoming shows, his influences, and other bits, and even blessed SDSU with a freestyle:

Big up to Wes for all of his hard work.

ATLiens Resurrection

New mixtape from DJ Food Stamp that exclusively uses instrumentals from Common's Resurrection and Outkast's ATLiens and blends a host of MCs over them. Check it out:



01 DJ Food Stamp - ATLiens Resurrection
02 Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (ATLiens Blend)
03 Ying Yang Twins - Salt Shaker (ATLiens Blend)
04 Tha Alkaholiks f. ODB - Hip Hop Drunkies (Communism Blend)
05 Jurassic 5 - Unified Rebellion (Maintaining Blend)
06 Pharcyde - Runnin (Mainstream Blend)
07 Redman - Can’t Wait (Wailin’ Blend)
08 Mos Def - Mathematics (Watermelon Blend)
09 Nas f. Olu Dara - Bridging The Gap (Two Dope Boyz Blend)
10 MF DOOM - Vomit (Two Dope Boyz Blend)
11 The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (I Used To Love H.E.R. Blend)
12 Cee-Lo f. Timbaland - Ill Be (Ova Da Wudz Blend)
13 M.O.P. - Pounds Up (Millennium Blend)
14 Beatnuts - Props Over Here (This Is Me Blend)
15 Nas - It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Jazzy Belle Blend)
16 East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Orange Pineapple Juice Blend)
17 Common - Chi City (13th Floor/Growing Old Blend)
18 Afu-Ra - Whirlwind Thru Cities (Nuthin’ To Do Blend)
19 Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Chapter 13 Blend)
20 Jungle Brothers - How Ya Want It We Got It (Elevators DNP 86 Remix Blend)
21 Camp Lo - Luchini (Babylon Blend)
22 Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean (Sum Shit I Wrote Blend)

Via 2DB.

[video] Jay-Z: "Fuck Bush!"

Jay-Z showing his support for Barack Obama during a concert performance, with some annoying ass chick saying "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" too often:

[video] Do "The Wam"

So Lil' Wayne has a dance called The Wam, which looks like something a crackhead would do, trying to proposition a bitch for some sex:

I mean, is this what it has come to?

Bonus Beats: Lil' Wayne ft. Gorilla Zoe "Lollipop (Remix)" (via Xclusives Zone)

[video] 12 Year Old Strippin'?

Here's a 6+ minute exceprt from a recent O'Reilly Factor about a 12 year old who was caught skrippin':

Damn shame. And how the club could still keep its license is beyond me...

[video] I-20 "Flicking Ashes"

I love how we are making two minute videos. I feel like I just bought a promo reel:

I do like the grid-work in the visual, though.

The Observation Deck (3rd April 2008)

In rock the dub news, the compilation is coming along well. Still waiting on submissions from a few good people, and I'm getting heat in from a number of folks you guys may or may not be down with. Shouts to L.E.G.A.C.Y. for the burner the other day! Also, I'm working on another special mix with a good friend/blogging peer that should surface in the coming weeks - more on that when it gets closer. Other than that, the kid is just doing him. More reviews, more leaks, more videos - just more coming at you, everyday. Beating you in the head, you smell me?

You Are Important!

In high school, I always seemed to roll with people who had great talent. It still boggles the mind that people I went to high school with have gone on to continue in their Art, and create captivating pieces. One of those such people is Stephanie Cinelli. She has the gift of the eye, which helps in the staging and storytelling that goes on within her photography. One such piece, You Are Important, is available for purchase through 20x200. Imagine trying to tell the story of a family going through separation and divorce... without words. The art of making an image sing/scream/curse/sob is just one of the many gifts Steph has, and the above piece is no exception. More from the artist:

Beneath the carefully composed tableaux of these photographs underlies the common thread of unsettled individuals and broken lives. This body of work attempts to grasp the subtleties of the changing landscape of a household divided and the everyday struggle of a family enduring separation and divorce. These fragmented lives are described through their belongings, strewn about, laid to collect dust, now forgotten. Their surroundings, once vestiges of safety and sanctuary, now lost. Lacking a voice to narrate their history, the environment is left to tell the story for the family.

Very interesting stuff. For more information on Stephanie Cinelli, hit up her website, or this interview over at Jen Bekman's blog.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Trackstar the DJ presents Boogie Bang 13

Goddamn - Trackstar just dropped Still Dreamin', and Boogie Bang 12 is only a month old, but he already has Boogie Bang 13 up and ready, with Chaundon & Vandalyzm of the Justus League handling hosting duties. New music from The Roots, Scarface, Vandalyzm, NYOil, AZ, Wafeek, John Hill and others make this set a must-grab:

DOWNLOAD (link updated April 4th, 2008)


1. Big Boi/Andre/Raekwon-Royal Flush
2. Jay-Z-Maybach Music
3. The Roots/Mos Def/Styles P-Rising Down (Hum Drum)
4. Method Man/Redman-Broken Language 2008
5. Joell Ortiz-Free Agent 90s Freestyle
6. Vandalyzm/Big Pooh-Hands High (prod. Vandalyzm)
7. Crooked I-Back Down (Hip Hop Weekly #50)
8. Tef Poe-The Perfect Rhyme (snippet) (prod. Dro)
9. NYOil-F***cking Dumb***
10. Chaundon-Can I Live
11. Joell Ortiz/Novel-Fighters Remix
12. Lupe Fiasco/Young Jeezy/TI-Superstar Remix
13. AZ-No Superstar
14. The Roots/Dice Raw/Peedi Peedi-Get Busy
15. Vandalyzm-Get Dough (prod. Flying Lotus)
16. Scarface/Nas-Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Remix
17. Talib Kweli/Nina Sky/Joell Ortiz/Blu-Hostile Gospel Remix
18. Black Spade/Tef Poe-Good Crazy (prod. Stoney Rock)
19. Chaundon/Darien Brockington-Don't Take it Personal
20. Fowlstyle-Retrospect
21. Gotta Be Karim/Family Affair-We Here (prod. Stoney Rock)
22. Vandalyzm/D Hendrix-Frontin (prod. Vandalyzm)
23. NYOil-The Difference
24. Wafeek-Cocaine Flow
25. Chaundon/Darien Brockington/Percy Miracles-Understanding
26. John Hill-37th Chamber (prod. Tom Inglish)

Don't sleep.

On That Leak: Kashmere "Do The Numbers"

Kashmere "Do The Numbers" (prod. by LG & Jehst): More UK Hip-Hop for the people (shouts to Corin for these). Kashmere's sophmore LP, Raiders of The Lost Archives, will be released on Jehst's Ynr Productions imprint on April 28th. This track has a nice, uptempo vibe to it, with a Nice-N-Smooth sample that took me all the way back to like 5th grade.

[video] Tila Tequila "Paralyze"

Another new video from Tila Tequila:

Just like with "Stripper Friends", I'll jut say NSFW b/c of her ginormous breasts and seductive teasing. I don't think Pop is working for her. Wasn't she doing Punk or Metal or some shit? She might need to keep with that, leave the slinky Pop shit to someone more qualified.

[video] Ying Yang Twins "Drop" (Making Of)

Go behind the scenes of the new ignorant banger from the Ying Yang Twins:

I'm mad that they used that Beastie Boys sample in there.

Vast Aire ft. Vordul Mega "Mecca And The Ox"

Vast Aire ft. Vordul Mega "Mecca And The Ox" (prod. by Pete Rock): From Vast's forthcoming Deuces Wild album. Produced by Pete Rock. Need I say more?!

Via Nah Right; more info over at The Rap Up.

Katt Williams Hits Trenton

There's not too many comedians that genuinely crack me up. Chris Rock is one, and I can't think of many others that are still performing today. The first time I saw Katt Williams on Comicview, then seeing his subsequent appearances on Wild'n Out and his Pimp Chronicles Part 1 special, I just can't stop from laughing. Even thinking of his VOICE kills me. Dude is just talented.

My wife just hit me on the work phone like "got to Sovereign Bank Arena's website and look at May 4th" - and low and behold, I see Katt's "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'" Tour is making a stop in my hometown, Trenton, NJ, on May 4th. Tickets are kind of pricey ($45, $50 & $55), well for me anyways, but wifey and I will be in the house. Tix go on sale April 5th.

The last time I went to see comedians in Trenton was damn near 5 years ago - we went to see D.L. Hughley, Sommore (Trenton, stand up!) and Chris Thomas at the Arena, and had a ball. Ya dig, yeah!

Warning Shot Wednesday: "We Carry On"

Elucid "We Carry On": First off, I've been waiting for this moment for a minute. Elucid and I build a lot, although I was a fan of his long before we ever met, from his work with the Loosie Music crew, as well as the awesome Smash N Grab mixtape (he was also one of the featured artists on the Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group mixtape). He's got a new grind going, including his forthcoming album, and a featured track on my forthcoming rock the dub compilation. Alas, it's time to get reacquainted: that's where Warning Shot Wednesdays comes in.

This week finds him sticking to the Smash N Grab ethos of ripping over some unconventional tracks. Here, he is catching wreck over some soon-to-be-released Portishead cut, and its downright breathtaking. Pay attention and stay awake - we gonna be here for a while!

5th Flow Quarter To A Half Mixtape

Shouts to Houston's JClay (1/3 of 5th Flow) for hitting me with their new mixtape, Quater To A Half. They represent (and own) Pink Slip Records, and bring that fire from the Dirty straight to your chest. They've sold 100K mixtapes worldwide, have been featured on 20+ mixtapes in the past two months, and have opened for cats like the Ying Yang Twins, Pimp C (RIP), Trina & Lil' Jon, and have gotten airplay in Chicago, L.A., North Carolina and Toronto. From the sounds of their tracks, I bet their live shows are off the chain!

Bonus Beats: Check out this live performance of "They Callin' My Name":

On That Leak: Dr Syntax "Dickhead Dub"

Dr Syntax "Dickhead Dub": Gotta love how they flipped the Kate Nash sample with this one. I also like hearing UK MCs catch wreck. Foreign Beggars-affiliated Syntax is humorous, and seems to just not give a fuck, which is something I definitely appreciate. Oh and look out for the DJ Clue parody. As the English would say, it's spot on. Syntax has gotten props on Radio 1, as well as on Dusty Crates Radio.

"Dickhead Dub" is going to be released on Beer & Rap / Dented Records on June 4th as a digital download + limited edition doulbe-gatefold vinyl single, as well as on Betamax cassette.

[rock the dub Interview]: Panama

I love when you find out that an artist you are speaking with is someone you have definitely seen before, but have no idea where. I had that happen to me at the end of 2007, when Panama hit me up. He had sent me some of his tracks earlier in 2007, but it wasn't until late 2007 that we spoke on doing this interview. Funny thing is, I was watching season 4 of The Wire, and had just watched the episode where Bubbles gets beat up and robbed, and finally two and two got put together: Panama was dude fucking Bubbles up! Come to find out, dude is a lot more than a hood who whups on smackheads - he is both an up and coming MC, as well as a man trying to get a fashion line and label going. I am kicking myself for not getting this up during the final season of The Wire, but things just happen that way. In any case, peep game:

khal: First off, can you tell the people a bit about yourself? Where are you from? How did you get involved in rhyming, acting, clothing design? Who are you affiliated with?

Panama: My name is Panama aka Da Spanish Kid, Mr. “North Dat Crusie wit Da Souf” (out now), Mr. “Come see more u need more when u step foot in B’more”, I just happen to be that dude according to the public lol. I was born in NYC and partially rasied in the Bronx & Baltimore, but if cats want me to get technical I’m originally from Panama, the real jungle. I’m from where kids will pop you for a peak of the fridge or simply a dollar, it gets that ugly. I got involved in rhyming when my cousins told me I was nice at it at an early age, like 15 or 16; it’s more like a hobby not something I wanted to do on some real shit!! If people don’t know, I am an actor first before a rapper; this is the craft I will do for free because it’s my passion. The clothing line came from a good friend of mine: he started it up and I wanted in - I figured he had something hot and I wanted to help to see him prosper, and to keep it real with my fans… I wanted to get some free shit at first!! Now that I’m part owner, I am so happy I made that decision early.

khal: What is it about you that’s different than other entrepreneurs in the game?

Panama: The difference between me and other entrepreneurs in the game (is that) I have loyalty, respect and I am a true grinder - I really does this 24/7… I’m here to build relationships and start a movement. Sometimes, I think people get caught up in a lot of bullshit. I move with intelligence and caution. I can’t lie and say I don’t want to benefit from my craft or ideas that I put out, but I’m not trying to get over on people (that) I want to bring along on my journey.

khal: For those who have never heard your style before, could you describe it in 3 words?

Panama: You know, it’s quite funny that you ask that question, because I don’t feel I have a style, but let me take a stab at it. I consider myself a true artist and a natural born entertainer, but here are my three words that may describe my style: poetic, pure and fresh.

khal: I also hear you are a co-CEO of YE Records. What is YE all about? How many artists are up under your label?

Panama: Yes indeed I am co-CEO of YE Records. YE is the foundation of my whole movement, it stands for Young Execs, where every man is a boss and you take orders. I run the label with my man Shawn Smith, Jr. and my cousin J’mar White. I don’t consider myself having people under me because everyone on this label is practically family, the label has 4 rappers including myself Barba, Dungin and MJ!!! At this current moment, I am YE records.

khal: Do you have any album projects coming from either yourself or other artists in the near future?

Panama: You already know that I’m grindin’. With that being said, I have a few projects coming out early 08!!! I have a tape with DJ Black Jesus from Dallas, TX entitled Street Money; to follow up that classic tape my producer/brother BlackJab teamed up with DJ Stacks and DJ Cause to drop another tape. To top all that, BlackJab and I are working on an official mix album entitled, RING SIDE SEATS: THE WEIGH IN that will have features from Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Vic Damone, Q Da Kid, Sparkdawg, Yungtexxus, etc. Not to mention I might squeeze another tape out before the official the mix album with DJ Ghost entitled Field Trip, so look out for that!!

khal: You spent your life growing up in two different spots on the East Coast: the Bronx and Baltimore. How did your time spent in both spots help shape the kind of guy you are, not only as an artist but as an overall person?

Panama: It shaped me up crazy: both cities are totally different, not so much the cities but the people around me. Being from New York, it made me a big competitor and a tremendous grinder, but when I came down to B’more I was able to become a man. This city is where I fought most and built relationships with some of the coolest cats you will ever meet, which today is known as YE and Bottom Line!!! I have a balance, but honestly speaking, it wasn’t these spots that molded the kid, it was my country Panama, the realest of the real, where I seen and lived in true poverty and real ghettos. Today, I stand as a young man that don’t take life for granted and knows that there is no time to waste.

khal: Speaking of Baltimore, I think its crazy that I’ve seen your work without even knowing who you are: you were dude beating Bubbles’ ass during Season 4 of The Wire! How did you get involved with such a great show?

Panama: Well, I’m an actor at heart so don’t be surprise when u see the kid in mad films and commercials because this is what I do for real. I am a college graduate with a BA. I have a manager (Linda Townsend) and she linked up with Pat Moran, who was casting the critically acclaimed series. My manager set up an audition for the kid and I went in and did what I had to do to land the part; truth be told, I was only promised one episode, but after the directors saw my performance, they continued to write my ass in the script and I became known to be the dude that was beating up Bubbles, big shouts to BUBS!!!

khal: Do you have any further acting gigs that you can talk about?

Panama: I stay auditioning for acting gigs, what I can tell you is that I’m up for a role in a new movie with Russell Crowe entitled State Of Play…other than that, I’m goin’ hard with my music and my clothing line.

khal: What are the similarities between acting and being a rap artist? If you could only do one, which would you choose, and why?

Panama: Both crafts are very much alike: you are allowed to express yourself in many different ways. Look at this way: most rap artists have a character that they create for themselves in order to sell or feel comfortable in. It’s quite hard to find a real rap artist that is truly themselves. In both crafts you need to make the characters believable in order to be respected by those who watch or by those you are entertaining. If I could only do one, I will act; this a craft I went to school for and craft that I will do for free… true passion when I display this amazing talent God has given me.

khal: Tell the people a bit about your fashion line, Bmore Creative.

Panama: Bmore Creatives’ success is a result of hand quality art inspired by spontaneous ideas that come from emotions and personal moods. The customer is presented with the opportunity to wear affordable clothing while having a fly and fresh look of color schemes, quotes, and limited edition pieces that are created with a stroke of a brush. Artists such as Juelz Santana, Method Man and Lupe Fiasco “dare to be different”, following the motto of Bmore Creative, while displaying their own lyrical art. Bmore Creative specializes in quality art, not quantity; the clothing line can be found in Baltimore, MD and will soon extend its appeal to the world. Bmore Creative clothing is universal, with a marketing and advertising concept to unite both urban and suburban America.

khal: How far are you trying to take your music career? Do you want to be someone who’s well respected in the Rap Game, or someone who is getting that cheddar?

Panama: I’m tryna take my music career as far as it can go. There is no limits to what I can do and what I can accomplish. I plan to have a lengthy career in the music industry. I am a complete artist and I’m real to what I do and what I say out of my mouth. I have a passion for this: this is not a quick scheme for me to get money, even though I do want to benefit from my talent, I do music because I love music, I act because I love acting and I entertain because I enjoy people. I want to be respected in the game and become a household name, point blank. I figure if I’m a household name and I’m well respected there is no question that the kid is getting paid.

khal: Where do you see yourself and your projects going in the next, say, 5 years?

Panama: I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet, on top of the game and nothin’ but classic material…I am poetic P and you got to respect poetry!!! It’s nothin’ like hearing a fresh sound and real shit…how can you deny that…if you do, you hating and that’s always good right? Lol…you don’t have to answer that!!!

khal: What can we expect from you in the immediate future?

Panama: Just expect more music and hot tapes from the kid and me signing to one of these labels that been calling me for the past few months!!! Also, expect my personal websites and if any of my fans have names for me, message me through MySpace and I will check it out… if I decide to use your name, I will send you an autographed box set of The Wire!!!

khal: Do you have any final words or shouts you’d like to kick to the people?

Panama: First and Foremost I will like to thank my fans, it’s a beautiful thing when you know you have fans and all that. Anyway all my fans and supporters can check the kid out on YouTube for my footage!!! For all my new listeners and fans come and check out my MySpace page and my clothing line. I will also like to thank a few sites that hold me down all diddy day, (Teks), Raptalk (Dub MD), HipHopRuckus (Corey, BadNews), Talk Dat Ish (Tionna Smalls), (Stun), (Adept, Owl), HHPulse, Rago Magazine, (S.J. American way) etc.; I will like to thank you for taking interest in the kid, I really do appreciate everything. I do this music thing for y’all; I love what I do and I’m gonna do it ‘til I can’t anymore. I will like to thank my label , my partner Andre Williams, my camera man Alex P, my engineer Antonio Corcella and my dude Awthentik (Capitol Music); I want to send a big shout to my super producer BlackJab. Much respect to every artist I deal with like my dude Rated R (ESR), Lo Smooth, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Q Da Kid, Agonee and my two cousins Sparkdawg and Yungtexxus… live well, love life and laugh often…other than that lets get it!! By the way if you are ever in B’more to party come party with my promotion team Jetset Mafia and Goodlife Productions… we have the city on lock down – it’s not a game!!!

related links:
Panama on MySpace
Bmore Creative
Xclusives Zone feature

Sucker Freestyle:

[video] Chaos Theory Trailer

In theaters April 11th:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

[video] Joell Ortiz - Kiss 100 FM Freestyle

Joell Ortiz is a monster. Peep him on DJ MK's show on Kiss 100:

[video] Ric Flair's Farewell Address

On Raw last night, Ric Flair gave his farewell address. He will not be stepping into the ring anymore. Ever. I mean, you might not realize this, but that's the end of an era. Aside from Hip-Hop, Professional Wrestling has been something I've followed since I was a shorty. I believe I started watching NWA shows in '86 or '87, and Flair and the Four Horsemen were the truth. Classy, aggressive, talented and just the fucking dons of any spot they frequented. Here is his address, followed by the plethora of greats and current wrestlers who came down to show support (spotted over at Rosenberg Radio):

Part 1:

Part 2:

We love you, Nature Boy. You will be missed. And you've brought a lot of fun and class to the sport.

Bonus Beats:

Ric Flair on Sting:

"Stylin' & Profilin'"

"Training Bra"

Ric Flair Vs. Sting - Last Match on WCW Nitro:

So many others - do you guys have a favorite Ric Flair moment? EDIT: Props to MCG; great minds think alike.

[video] Jay Electronica @ Nokia Theater

Jacked from Nah Right, who jacked Miss Info, here's a bit of Jay Electronica's show up in NY from Monday. Although I think him coming out with the Doom-esque mask is funny, yeah I'm not really impressed dude's performance. Maybe he just had the jitters?:

Y'all niggas' hype is gonna pop this niggas balloon prematurely. To be fair, I really don't see the hate on his performance, but then again, this doesn't describe a lot of the shit I was reading last night, so who knows what we aren't seeing.

On That Leak: Nas "You A Nigger, Too"

Nas "You A Nigger Too": You didn't know I had that source in the Def Jam offices, did you? I figured, shit, why hold on to fire like this all for my lonesome, ya know? So, peep this new track from the forthcoming Nigger album. Esco definitely went in on this one, sounds like he smoked a whole sack of that purp and just went to task on all you niggas! Get on this, early!


Aesop Rock vs. Municiple "Easy (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": This is a track for all of those who dig what Nappy has been doing with his refixes, but aren't into the more Dirty South/Crunk rappers that really make the tracks work. Do realize that this track from Aesop is not his more complex. It's actually a pretty simplified cut compared to some of his work. In any case, Rock drops an ill flow that it matched by the IDM-ish Dubstep from Municiple. Nappy done done it again!

[video] Kanye West ft. Chris Martin "Homecoming"

Good to see Chicago's champion artist (sorry, Common) taking it back to the Chi on this vid:

Monday, March 31, 2008

[video] Björk "Wanderlust"

New video from Björk; yes, this is some out there shit. I'm into how that melody was built:

[video] Freedom Of Speech Trailer

Here's a short trailer for Eddie Griffin's new DVD, Freedom Of Speech, which hits stores on April 8th:

Jay Electronica: Don't Believe The Hype?

I knew there was something about Jay Electronica I didn't like. I'm normally not one to fall victim to hype machines, especially with a dude with that wack of a name. I mean, if 10,000 bloggers are calling this cat the Second Coming, and even Nas bigs him up (although he does end up turning the convo on himself), isn't dude the truth? I just didn't realize he was Living With Baduizm. So basically, all of the hype, all of the accolades, are only going to a) go to his head and b) result in him producing an album of epic hype that will probably end up being a big mindfuck/"huh?" to the community as a whole, and he will be destined to collaborate with The Roots and Talib Kweli but never truly realize his own illness.

I know what you're saying: "damn, khal, why you got to be so mean?" I know, I know - I'm not even well versed in dude's music. What I've heard I've been on the fence with - what I like from him, I love, but the shit I don't like, I really don't like. Thing is, when I read performance reviews like these, it's hard to hold out hope for dude. When I read shit like "Jay gets angry and threatens the crowd by saying Mos won’t perform if they don’t listen", I look at neph as more of a confused father, trying to gain some footing, and not an overwhelmingly gifted MC who is trying to connect. How you gonna complain and try and scold niggas when Mos Def isn't even in the fucking building?

Or maybe dude just needs to step his performance game up. Second performance or not, with all of the hype, you would think this nigga was a bit more polished. Time will tell, though.

[video] Joell Ortiz vs. DJ Mentat

From the YouTube page:

A little exclusive Behind-The-Scenes taster from a forthcoming Joell Ortiz collabo with DJ Mentat. partly shot at the Jump Off studio in London. The vocals were laid down about 20minutes before we shot the video on Green Screen. Obviously, this hasn't been edited yet. I say Behind-The-Scenes because we're putting it out there with the Green Screen still there so when it drops on TV you can say "raaahhh.... i seen that online, shit was all green n shit!"

Check it out:

[video] Joulz Il "How Cool Is He" (Making Of)

It's good to know my boy Joulz Il is out there in the D, back in the studio with Entity. Check out the making of a new track, "How Cool Is He" (ft. Original Soul):

Bonus Beats:

"R&B Beef & Vocoders"

"It's Not Your Year"

"Freestyle (October 2007)"

Keep it locked to Joulz Il TV.

[video] The Roots Rising Down Jam Session

World premiere of footage from last week's jam session up in NYC:

[video] Lupe Fiasco "Paris, Tokyo" (Live @ Spring Break)

One of the only tracks I like off of The Cool ("Gold Watch" is my shit), check this live performance of "Paris Tokyo" by Lupe Fiasco at MTV's Spring Break (via Nah Right):

Is that white boy Matthew Santos? If so, when did the nigga singing the hook become the hypeman? And when did suspenders come back in style?

Bonus Beats: Lupe will be playing at S.O.B.'s on May the 14th; it's to be an intimate set, so get focused.

Donny Goines The Non Fiction EP

Big FREE EP from Donny Goines, Shake & Loads of unsigned/unheard-of producers providing ill backdrops for the one like Donny Goines. Grab this beast now.

DJ Cable - Weekly Mini Mix #10

DJ Cable is out there doing his thing - he's even started a blog (I see you too, Tipz)! Check out his latest Mini Mix:



01. Kid Sister - Switch Board
02. Chamillionaire Feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin'
03. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna & Lil' Fate - P-Poppin'
04. Timbaland - Oh Timbaland
05. Dizzee Rascal Feat. UGK - Where Da G's
06. Rick Ross - Hustlin'
07. Mr. Oizo - Stunt
08. Paul Wall Feat. Bun B - They Don't Know

Took it Down South for a taste - I likes!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

[video] "B-Boy Massacre"

Video and track made by DJ P. More info over at TSS:

Bonus Beats: DJ P "B-Boy Massacre"

Record Store Day

I just checked, and my local shop, the Princeton Record Exchange, is set to participate on Record Store Day. I have no idea what I'll be buying, but wifey and I will be out there, recreating our first date. What you gonna buy?

[video] "Trusted (Lying Bitch)"

From the Lidget Green Project, featuring Guilty Simpson:

Not an official video, but that beat is bangin'. Shouts to DMB Records hittin' me with this. You can cop this track on Amazon MP3, iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and other retailers right now. Word is LGP's next single ("Sick Day" ft. Craig G) will hit this summer, with an official video being shot in L.A. - keep it locked!

[video] King Beans

Beanie Sigel responds to Gillie Da Kid's claims of being the King of Philly:

Bonus Beats: State Property "Ocean's Seven" (via Nah Right)

Memphis Bleek Feed The Streets Part 3

Get Low Records & Pain In Da Ass linked up for this brand new Memphis Bleek tape:



01 Pain In Da Ass Intro
02 G.O.D. Freestyle
03 Pain In Da Ass Skit
04 Doing Me
05 Speedin
06 Cash Flow
07 FUck With Me
08 Do My Thing
09 Gettin Money (Exclusive)
10 Pain In Da Ass Skit
11 My Life
12 White Girl
13 Imma Hug
14 I’m the Underboss
15 Gotta Come Up f. Uncle Murda
16 Get Rite 2 It
17 Leather So Soft
18 The Game Don’t Wait
19 Get a Couple
20 Smoke Wit Me
21 Pain In Da Ass Skit
22 New Day
23 Getlow Outro

Again, via 2DB.

I’ve Already Outshined Your Favorite Rapper

Busta Rhymes is that dude - always has been, and still continues to do the damn thing, after all the flash and hype. Check out this new mixtape he did with Superstar Jay:



01 Intro
02 Do It Big
03 You Dont Want
04 Its Over
05 God Help You
06 Lights Camera Action
07 On Top
08 Interlude
09 The Rulership
10 Shine f. Focus & Bishop Lamont
11 Red Wine
12 Survive f. Big Lou & Reek Da Villian
13 They Know
14 Ching A Ling Remix f. Missy Elliot & Ciara
15 Speedin Remix f. Rick Ross, Flo-rida, Lil Wayne, Baby, Plies, Brisco & Fat Joe
16 Crying Remix f. Mario)
17 Feedback Remix f. Janet Jackson)
18 Outro

Via 2DB.

Pitbull stays CRUNK!

Do you see this tour bus? This is Pitbull's CRUNK! bus. CRUNK! is holding a contest that will net you a CRUNK! Trunk (and get your pic up on CRUNK!'s blog) if you are selected. All you have to do is this: find Pitbull's CRUNK! bus, snap a pic of it, and upload it to Flickr & add it to the Pitbull CRUNK!!! Bus Contest group. CRUNK! picks your pic and you get notified. Simple. So, head on over to Pitbull's MySpace page for tour details, and get to snappin'!

The Observation Deck (30th March 2008)

  • Concrete Loop has pics up of the Hollywood Biggie & Faith. What do you think?
  • Do you remember this video of Pauly Shore wondering why certain comedians are funny? Here are some responses from Vivica A. Fox, Charlie Murphy, Katt Williams and others. And, as many of you believed, it was a joke.
  • Beanie Sigel just got sentenced to three months in jail over dirty piss. Damn shame, especially given that the nigga is saying he only gets $0.14 an album. Crying shame. Koch, pick up the phone!
  • So Papoose and Remy Ma really are a) a couple and b) getting married. Hopefully they have their nuptials before she gets locked up.
  • Miss Info has copies of letters that L.A. Times reporter Chuck Philips wrote to inmates trying to secure interviews on his Biggie/Pac stories. interesting read...
  • Ric Flair has been inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last night. End of an era, no doubt.
  • What's good with all this Max B got robbed/shot malarky? Super sketch on those details... like how a nigga in critical condition- at home!?!
So glad I have off tomorrow... enjoy your Sunday!