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Substantial & Dub MD Present WINK: Something Substantial

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Dub MD might be across the Atlantic, but he doesn't fuck around when it comes to the mixtapes. He links up with Substantial for a free tape for you niggas wookin' pa 'nub, with some old classic Sub material thrown alongside newer ish, as well as some exclusive tings added to the mix.



01.)Wink Intro(feat. Billy Bee Whitums) (Produced By Tonedeff)
02.)R Love Songs Gay? (Produced By Tonedeff)
03.)Without You(Produced By Subtracktion)
04.)The Love Song(Produced By Nujabes)
05.)Eclipse (Produced By Nujabes)
06.)Hikari (Produced By Nujabes)
07.)Let Me Stay (Produced By T-Dot Da Kid)
08.)Am I Dreamin' (feat. Nate Vibez) (Produced By Marcus D)
09.)It's You (I Think)(Produced By Kno)
10.)It's You (Unknown Remix)(feat. Steph) (Produced By The Unknown)
11.)Potential (feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson) (Produced By JsouL)
12.)Precious Love (feat. Milka) (Produced By DJ Deckstream)
13.)Up Close & Personal (feat. PackFM) (Produced By Tonedeff)
14.)She Wanna Roll With A Winner(feat. Gods'Illa)(Produced By Joe.D)
15.)Peaches(feat. Deaf, Scavone, Doujah Raze & Potta) (Produced By The Resource)
16.)U Can Get It(Produced By Algorythm)
17.)Body Language (feat. Powerful of Gods'Illa) (Produced By Kokayi)
18.)Make Love (Produced By ChewFu)
19.)Can We(Produced By ChewFu)
20.)The Bidness (feat. Naturel & rnb) (Produced By Kanye West)
21.)Freq'N'U(feat. Fresh Daily & rnb) (Produced By Keeby)
22.)The Jacket 3 (feat. Steve Wallace) (Produced By Studio Steve Wallace)
23.)QT (Quality Time)(Produced By Final)
24.)I'll Be Back (feat. Sweep) (Produced By DJ Deckstream)
25.)U Were There (feat. JsouL) (Produced By Joe.D)
26.)Ugly Woman (feat. PackFM & Extended Famm)(Produced By Kno)

Jeff Chery "Zone Out"

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Jeff Chery "Zone Out" (prod. by P. Haze): Hah this one is crazy; 1226 told me I "needed" to post this, but really, I fuck with that beat. Sounds like a lil dubstep-flavor to the instrumental, and Chery (aka the artist formerly known as Pay$oz) rides it well. Something to sway to when you're bent, which means I can dig it.

6:47 "As The Disc Rotates"

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6:47 "As The Disc Rotates": In the e-mail I got about 6:47 (no, I 'm not sure what that name means), I got a number of MP3s, so I just picked one and rolled with it. Lucky for him, he flipped a classic MF DOOM instrumental. I noticed dude's got a nice rhythm to his rhymes. He also looks like he spends a lot of time on his waves. If you fuck with either of those points about 6:47, check out his mixtape Honesty.

[video] Jern Eye ft. Spank Pops & J Billion "CALI"

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Bekay "I Am ( Remix)"

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Bekay "I Am ( Remix)" (prod. by DJ Qvali): Here's the final leak from Bekay's Hunger Pains Remix EP, which dropped today. Expect remix production and features from Sha Stimuli, Push! Montana, M-Phazes and more... get that shit!

Miss Info's Brain On LOST

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I was the same way, Info. Same. Way. And I love every minute of it.

Freeway & Jake One "She Make Me Feel Alright"

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Freeway & Jake One "She Make Me Feel Alright": While any tasty I've been with doesn't want to be known as the one who makes you feel "alright", Free and Jake got this one off. Ill sample usage, with Free expounding on his chicas and pipe game. Stimulus Package is the business (aside from one glaring mistake), grab the physical copy!

KRS-One x Redman x MIMS "How To Be An Emcee 2010"

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KRS-One x Redman x MIMS "How To Be An Emcee 2010": "And if I don't hear it, nigga, I'mma FAIL yo' ass!"; then, Mr. Noble, how the FUCK did MIMS make it onto this track? I'm just saying - and how does he get in at the end!? Anyways, bob your head to this random goodie.

Shouts to Kasey (the Great).

YC You're Welcome

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We've been hyping it, and it's here - YC The Cynic's You're Welcome, which is hosted by Chaundon and has some dope features. I really hope you seekers grab this one - this is real spit from a young talent that I highly recommend you fucks with.

DOWNLOAD YC The Cynic You're Welcome

Rob Jay "Old School Flow Part II"

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Rob Jay "Old School Flow Part II": "And if life is art, then I'm probably be photography"... damn. Rob just threw this track to my inbox, and it's definitely a banger. In his words, "One thing that I really want to stress in 2010 is that I'm from Houston. I think my music combined with many people's pre-conceived notion of what Texas music is has maybe led people into assuming that I'm from somewhere else. But I'm a Texan, and even though "Old School Flow" takes an almost satirical view of how we rhymed as adolescents, I hope it also reminds listeners that I'm still in touch with my roots". I imagine Enigmatik could get behind that one.

Bonus Beats Rob Jay "Old School Flow Part II (Chopped & Screwed)" x Present Rise Of The Fallen 2: Redux

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I posted Rise Of The Fallen 2 last week, and Megatron just hit me with Redux, which features the cuts that "didn’t fit the original or tracks that didn’t make the deadline and I still wanted showcased". Fire nonetheless.



1. The Coronation Of King Starscream (Intro)
2. King Leon Freestyle (Brey Quick)
3. Rise Of The Fallen (NOem)
4. The Cold (King Mez x E Major)
5. Fist Full Of Bullets (Brookz x Hitman x Abyss Da Dark x Brozy)
6. Samuel L Megatron (Interlude)
7. Get Your Hustle Up (Prolific)
8. Bomb (Leonardo Chop)
9. Eyes Closed, Ears Plugged (Conscious)
10. What Ya Life Like (Munch)
11. 4 The Hood (Alamo)
12. State Of The Union (Poe Picasso)

[RTD Interview]: Mad Professor

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It's an honor that I got to speak to Mad Professor, one of the true torchbearers for the Dub sound. It was his No Protection remix of Massive Attack's Protection that helped me fully-realize how far Dub music could go, and from that point I truly started to discover the classics and such, and keep a finger to the pulse of the sound and its evolution. He's recently compiled a huge library of sounds for a Loopmasters' sample pack, Reel To Reel Reggae, and I got a chance to speak with him about this project, his sound and other bits.

khal: You’ve been creating dub music for a number of years; what made you decide to contribute to the Loopmasters series of sample packs?

Mad Professor: It seemed like a unique project. I had my reservations as some of my samples contain melodies which are assigned to various songs I’ve already published (that I own the rights to), but in the end it was something different to work on.

khal: How long did it take you to cull all of these samples?

Mad Professor: As you know, we draw material from the early days when Ariwa was based in a sitting room in South London till the present day. That’s a big collection to choose from, so it took quite a lot of time to make and some considerable attention to the detail.

khal: I’ve seen producers put out their riddims and such on singles, but not really seen a true reggae/dub sample pack, especially from someone of your caliber. What are some of your hopes for the future of dub in putting out projects like this?

Mad Professor: I definitely expect Dub to be represented properly, as it has been at the forefront of experimental electronic music for the past 30 years! Hopefully this pack will help provide some good tools for the scene for those who would like them.

khal: When I first heard your material, it was from the classic No Protection project, and then I did the knowledge on your previous works and continued to follow your progression. Takes us back to the release of No Protection, though: did you have any idea that this remix album would be as well-received as it became?

Mad Professor: No Protection started as a few remix singles from the then new LP from Massive. As it was such a high-end state of the art recording, at a time when analogue still ruled, it has become a benchmark project. I think digital recordings that are now the norm of the industry do not come any way near the sonic qualities of a good analogue project. The original Massive material was well-recorded using the very best, to match the dubs to the originals. I invested in two 2 inch analogue machines, a Studer A80 and an Otari, both spinning a hi-speed to deliver the true sonic sound… then was locked to my existing Ampex MM1200. Hi-speed analogue is very expensive, but it is the best sounding format ever.

khal: Your remix work has risen since then, including doing numerous remix projects for Salmonella Dub. Is your process for remixing someone’s song differ from your original productions?

Mad Professor: Remixing in the Nineties is a totally different process from now. To cut & paste on Pro-Tools/Logic is not very musical nor challenging; back then, a lot of the remixes relied on MIDI or highly-skilled musicians playing in real-time.

khal: If you had to choose, could you name an album or song of yours that you would consider to be a favorite, and/or an accurate description of your sound?

Mad Professor: I really enjoy True Born African by U-Roy from 1991, though the real outstanding projects are Who Knows The Secret of The Master Tape? from 1984, Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton from 1985 and Sign Of The Times by Macka B from 1986. All these projects consists of a combination of analogue recordings, using mid-Eighties drum machines.

khal: Do you get sent demos from aspiring dub producers?

Mad Professor: I get demos from a wide cross- section of musicians. From classical to rock, many musicians want me to get involved at various levels.

khal: Do you listen to any dubstep, and if so, do you have any favorite artists?

Mad Professor: Both of my sons are involved in making dubstep and other contemporary styles of music, some of which I like.

khal: Where do you see Dub evolving in 2010 and beyond?

Mad Professor: Who knows, lets see what happens. It could go anywhere!

khal: What can your fans expect from you and Ariwa in the near future?

Mad Professor: The studios and label are still quite active, both of my sons are quite active in the day to day running of label duties…I am semi-retired!!

khal: What do you think your legacy within Dub and for music in general will be?

Mad Professor: I’m not sure, it probably differs from all sorts of peoples opinions. It’s probably easier for me to be told this, rather than me telling you what I think ;-)

Here's a demo from the Reel To Reel Reggae pack:

Mad Professor Reel 2 Reel Reggae - Sample Pack Demo by loopmasters

If you are a producer of Dub, dubstep, Drum & Bass and other sounds, definitely pick up that Reel To Reel Reggae pack via Loopmasters. I thank the Mad Professor for taking the time out, and extra special shouts go to Rosie at Cypher PR for the hook-up. If you'd like to know more history on the Mad Professor, check out this in-depth interview at Niceup.

Pugs Atomz Drops 16 Bars In Switzerland

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[video] Chosen Few ft. Opio "Elevation"

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Reef The Lost Cauze "Dark Forces"

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Reef The Lost Cauze "Dark Forces" (prod. by Havoc): On twitter yesterday, Dumhi's was speaking on how much music Reef had been working on - like mixtape(s) worth to drop - and low and behold, Benja Styles passed this gem and two freestyles over. No word on where any of these will end up, but it looks like 2010 could be Reef's. Dude's a serious lyricist, and live? He's a beast. Should be interesting...

Bonus Beats Reef The Lost Cauze "The Cauze Is Back"
Bonus Beats Rihanna ft. Reef The Lost Cauze "Hard (Benja Styles Remix)"

[video] hasHBrown "The Popular Vote"

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previous hasHBrown "The Popular Vote"

Kardi "Say Something Else"

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Kardi "Say Something Else": Kardi reps the Bronx, but splits his time between NY and a prep school up in Mass.; this freestyle over Timbaland & Drake's "Say Something" (which has one of the more infectious hooks of the year) was just passed to me (sup Matt T!?), and I'm digging it. Dude has a confidence in his bars, and definitely doesn't scare - he's also opened up for Wale, and gotten love from my peers, like DCtoBC. If you're digging one of the best under 18, check out his Kardiology mixtape from last year.

Bonus Beats Kardi "Rock It"

M-Dot "I'm ILL Russell (Remix)"

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M-Dot "I'm ILL Russell (Remix)": M-Dot hops on Rev and Strick9's "I'm ILL Russell" and shouts out all of the blogs and sites that have given him support (you know RTD is in there). Expect a new episode of M.D.O.T.V. (with loads of tour footage), an album produced by France's DJ Jean Maron, AND a mixtape, all leading up to the release of M.usically D.riven O.ver T.ime! Niggas is busy.

previous Bekay ft. M-Dot & Reef The Lost Cauze "Brain Tumors (Remix)"

Coalmine Records' February 2010 Newsletter

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The new Coalmine Records newsletter for February 2010 is available here; read it to catch info on my digital imprint, RTD Records (plug Deal - The Villain's EPic is out now! plug) and a number of new labels under the Diamond Music Group umbrella, from imprints by Kevin Nottingham, and Numonics and Kosha Dillz to remix competitions and more!

Lil' Wayne's Last Night Of Freedom

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I believe Weezy is carted off to jail today for, what, 8-10 months, and while I'd love to think that I won't have to hear this squirrel head nigga's voice until he's gone, he's been working hard and there should be 40 videos, 87 mixtapes and 200 features with him on it for the time being. God help us all. He bullshitted with Lil' Twist on UStream last night; watch the fuckery:

Don't worry, he'll have his iPod. Via Nah Right.

EDIT So this nigga's sentencing got postponed until March 2nd due to a broken tooth? I guess Weezy didn't get Jadakiss' memo about the jail dental plan...

Nneka "Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)"

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Nneka "Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix)": I'm not sure who Nneka is; I think I've seen her name before, and I imagine she's a Pop darling in some country on the planet Earth. Thing is, it doesn't matter - C&S come again with that dubstep nastiness, with a slight rock tinge. Really anthemic... her vocal fits perfect.

Spotted over on Zebra Is Food.

[video] Kam Moye "Forever Fresh"

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Oddisee ft. yU "yU Traveling (NYC Remix)"

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Oddisee ft. yU "NYC (Remix)": Here's a fresh remix of "NYC" off of Oddisee's Traveling Man album, which is available now on iTunes, with limited-edition slimlines dropping on Feb. 16th and vinyl dropping on February 23rd. I'd recommend someone go in over all of the instrumentals on the album, or have an MC from each region touch the beat with their region's name, but something tells me that might already be underway. Shouts to audible treats.

previous Oddisee Odd Winter EP

Soulogik ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Before The Jury"


Soulogik ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Before The Jury" (prod. by Nel Sentimentum): Soulogik is from Mozambique, but now called Alexandria, VA home, and reminds me of some shit I'd hear back in the mid-'90s. I'm not sure if its the beat, his lyrics or just the overall feel, but it damn sure feels like '95 when I throw this on. And that's a beautiful thing. Legs drops in for a tale strung up of the thoughts someone has right before the jury reaches their verdict. It's an intriguing cut from Soulogik's Higher Unlearning on August 30th; dude pulls no punches, and will be painting pictures of the plight he grew up with in his homeland. We talk about Hip-Hop being universal, let's live it.

Bonus Beats Soulogik "Higher Unlearnin'" (prod. by Elevation)

Aaliyah "One In A Million (Belief Remix)"

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Bonus Beats Aaliyah "One In A Million (Belief Remix)"

TyPhilly ft. Dutch New York "Elevated (Revisited)"

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TyPhilly ft. Dutch New York "Elevated (Revisited)": The MiLKMEN's TyPhilly and Dutch New York spit what sounds like their manifesto. Really determined sounds, from the marching drums to the anxious flavoring of their lyrics. Dutch on this is a nice cookie, with a razor in the middle. Something's going on... you moving with or getting left behind?

previous MiLKMEN "In Your Dreams"

[video] BG ft. Magnolia Chop "Back To The Money"

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Dre Robinson ft. Mighty Mystic "Fade Away"

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Dre Robinson ft. Mighty Mystic "Fade Away" (prod. by Nelly Protools) [clean \ dirty]: Nelly came with the SOUNDCLASH sound effects on this one. Really aggressive on this one, but that Dancehall vibe is what keeps me moving. I hope Robinson has some heat on deck to keep this momentum going...

[preview] 2 Hungry Bros. Back For Seconds

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On March 15th, 2 Hungry Bros. are back for another round of rare groove fun with Back For Seconds, featuring a host of ill MCs like 8thW1, Fresh Daily, Substantial, Daniel Joseph, P.SO, Homeboy Sandman, Breev Evahflowin, Senor Kaos and many more! If you remember My Crew's All Thinner, you should know the science behind this one. Here are a few jawns from the project:

All of this will be making people aware of No Room For Dessert, which should be out at some point. You don't REALLY need nudging on that one, but hey, I'll take dumb hot music whenever and wherever I can. Enjoy!

The Thieves Theme & Present The Science Of Self – The Best Of DJ Khalil


DJ Khalil's is a name that people have heard, but if you didn't really check credits and know what the fuck he was about, you'd be surprised to hear what you've missed out. Props to Dot Got It and Thieves Theme for putting together this DJ Books-hosted Best of DJ Khalil mixtape. Loads of gems on there, seriously. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD The Thieves Theme & Present The Science Of Self – The Best Of DJ Khalil [via DotGotIt]

Mike Classic ft. Kid Vid "Sky High"

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Mike Classic ft. Kid Vid "Sky High": With a lot of the shit going on today, from the effects of the recession to the pain of Haiti, songs like this are needed now more than ever. Do you have aspirations? Reach for them... sky's the limit, sky high, shoot for the sky. Whatever you're trying to do, do it.

previous Mike Classic On Fat Boy Radio

Craig Bass "Ventilation"

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Craig Bass "Ventilation": Gotta love honesty. Here's a cut from Presents: Craig Bass - The Hip Hop Effect, which should drop later this month. Dude's not a hyper-lyrical cat, blowing you away with darts. He's just talking to you - letting it out over a dope beat. More info via thehiphopeffect, obviously.

Lennon "Liberty City"

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Lennon "Liberty City": No, this isn't a song about killing people with weapons you invisibly hide on your person. This is some mellow instrumental music for a chilly sunshine day. This is taken from A Beat Tape, which is the best name ever for any beat tape I've seen. Dude's 17 and hails from Connecticut... showing a lot of promise.

Shouts to thehiphopeffect.

Rebelmatic "The Edge"

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Rebelmatic "The Edge": The other day, I posted the new single from forthcoming album; The Infesticons; Creature from the Infesticons must've gotten wind of this and hit me up about his Rebelmatic project. I gotta love when my people go in on the hybrid sound - this is heavy with the metal (not too thrashy, but they ain't just looping riffs), and this is my steelo from time to time. Hell, I grew up on Metallica just like I did Run DMC (blame MTV?), and need to let my inner rocker out sometimes. These cuts are taken from their Prey For The Vulture album which dropped in October of 2009; I'm not sure what's in store for them, but I'll be on the look out,t rust.

Bonus Beats Rebelmatic "Don't Follow Me"

[video] Wiley ft. Emeli Sande "Never Be Your Woman"

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Peter Rosenberg's Big Pun Retrospective (2/7/2010)

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Via Rappers I Know. Tracklist(s) over on Rosenberg Radio.

Bonus Beats Lord Sear & Pete Rock's Big Pun Tribute (Live On Shade 45) (Hour 1 \ Hour 2) [via Rap Radar]

The Passion of the Weiss Winter Mixtape

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DJ Sach has put together a chilling mixtape for Passion of the Weiss that's right up my alley; this shit not only features Mobb Deep and A Guy Called Gerald, but it also has cuts from The Chi-Lites, Bjork, Boards of Canada and many other artists. Really thought out, with a ton of words on each track. Check it out.

DOWNLOAD The Passion of the Weiss Winter Mixtape [via Passion of the Weiss]

Makin' Me Itch

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In this odd mood right now - not sure if its the snow or the stress, but I can't listen to anything but old tapes from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz; their "practice sessions", i.e. them just throwing a beat on and dumbing out, were so sick to me when I was a high school punk. Oddly enough, I got more in tune to the Internets while scouring for info on Q-Bert and the crew, and followed turntablism for a while. Anyways, I found some old tapes online and figured I'd share my spoils...

Remember, these are all from the late '90s (I wanna say 1997-1998), and aren't for heads who can't really fuck with 60+ minutes of fresh beats and only scratch patterns. Underarms R Fun has the same beat for 62 minutes. And it's fucking sick. Buck Tooth and Stylus Wars are more varied - each segment is like 5-7 minutes, with some classic beats and other in-house productions, and some quirky interludes. This is a lil' trek into what I was about while mainstream Hip-Hop got rich during the Clinton era. And boy was I into this shit heavy. I actually copped the Stylus Wars tape from Princeton Record Exchange, and in a fucked up butterfingers incident, dropped the tape as it was being tossed to me, and a heavy door at my high school crushed it. I was dumb upset. One of my favorite tapes.

Anyways, enjoy.

Bonus Beats Invisibl Skratch Piklz Vs. Da Klams Uv Deth

Snowed In EDIT Figured I'd share some more I'm finding...

Nico The Beast Freestyle Week 3

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previous Nico The Beast "Flow Heavy Freestyle"

Nas & Damian Marley "Strong Will Continue" LIVE

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Taken from the SOS Haiti Telethon:

Via Rap Radar.

previous Damian Marley & Nas "Strong Will Continue"

Rosenberg & Combat Jack Call A Truce

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It's good to see that some Hip-Hop beef can end peacefully:

Download the convo between Rosenberg and Combat Jack here.

[video] Sheek Louch On Big Pun

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I've brought you video featuring Chuck D, Steve Rifkind and Sunkiss all speaking on Big Pun, taken from Big Pun: The Lost Files, which will be available for stream and free download on February 7th via Vlad Yudin spoke with a lot of heads (Shake posted a video with Raekwon yesterday), and the homey Jonathan Hay sent over this clip of Sheek Louch exspeaking on Pun:

[video] Jaheim ft. Jadakiss "Ain't Leavin' Without You (Remix)"

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Spotted over on 2DBz.


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Squeak Boogie married lyrics of Nas and beats of Dilla. And it's amazing. "It Ain't Hard To Tell" over the "Starz" instrumental? "Thief's Theme" over "The Red"?!?!? OMG! Has this been done before? If not, why not?

DOWNLOAD DILLmatic [via Rappers I Know]

[video] D.Julien On Good*Fella Radio

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previous YC The Cynic ft. Final Outlaw & D.Julien "The Bad Seed"

Usher ft. Jadakiss "Daddy's Home (Ted Smooth Remix)"


Usher ft. Jadakiss "Daddy's Home (Ted Smooth Remix)": Nice classic blend from the remix king, Ted Smooth. With the way "Daddy's Home" is getting burn right now, this might be the perfect time (i.e. Super Bowl weekend) to drop this one. 'Kiss drops a dope verse at the beginning. Dunzo.

QuESt "Dub Freestyle"

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QuESt "Dub Freestyle" (prod. by Numonics): Got this in my inbox, thought it was an exclusive. Silly me lol; just QuESt going for his over a reggae-influenced beat. Q's How Thoughtful and Numonics' Being Cool Doesn't Pay The Bills both drop this month, and are both mixed by DJ RTC.

previous QuESt "Swear I'm Putting On"

Friday, February 5th 2010 playlist

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The calm before the storm...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(01292010-02042010).zip (~623MB)



And now, a Jersey flashback...

Redman ft. K-Solo "It's Like That (My Big Brother)"

And for those of you who don't know, Deal - The Villain's EPic dropped this week on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets. Go grab it! Enjoy your weekend!

YC The Cynic ft. Final Outlaw & D.Julien "The Bad Seed"

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YC The Cynic ft. Final Outlaw & D.Julien "The Bad Seed": Yeah here's a new leak from You're Welcome, YC's Chaundon-presented mixtape that drops next week. Dude's only 19 but his rhymes is old... definitely sounds like he's been here before.

Shouts to Move Forward for this one.

previous [video] YC The Cynic "The Return Of Slick" LIVE

The Infecticons "Kick Anthem"

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The Infecticons "Kick Anthem": Here's a new cut from the third album in the Infesticons trilogy, Bedford Park, due out on Big Dada; Mike Ladd is a mad scientist, and his Infesticons opus has been something I've loved trying to get my mind wrapped around. Crazy story in this track, but like with most of Ladd's work, one should pay attention to it to get the full meaning.

The "Kick Anthem" single is out in April.

Dub Nation Video Blog Vol 2.0: Emalkay

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[video] Shawty Lo "A Town"

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Featuring Ludacris, The-Dream & Gucci Mane:

Rihanna's Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam 2010 Performance

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[video] Nicki Minaj & Robin Thicke On Letterman

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They perform "Shakin' It For Daddy", or something:

[video] Kardinal Offishall "We Gon Go"

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[video] El Chavo "Solitude" LIVE

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EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 018

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M-Dot ft. Strick 9 & Kore "The Enemy": We've all been having PC problems, and it looks like Rev conquered his to bring the next ThrowBack Thursday. This week, a trio of EMS beasts go in over some classic Big L. Watch out for Strick 9's Pick Ya Poison II mixtape, which will be dropping in March.

Stealth "The Jack Move (DJ Premier)"

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Stealth "The Jack Move (DJ Premier)": Stealth is back with Round 3 of his Jack Move series, taking a number of Primo instrumentals to task. Dude's killin' it right now. Next up: Kanye West!

previous Stealth "The Jack Move (9th Wonder)"

Massive Attack "Paradise Circus (Breakage's Tight Rope Remix)"

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Massive Attack "Paradise Circus (Breakage's Tight Rope Remix)": Earlier today, the tracklist for Breakage's Foundation LP surfaced, and after seeing that and hearing this sick remix, I'm psyched. I've been psyched for Massive Attack's album, even rediscovered No Protection for no good reason. Some great headphone music is on the way, and in the mood I'm in, this is the kind of shit I need in my life. Love how he throws in some CLASSIC sounds after the 2nd breakdown.


Caspa "Marmite (Original Sin Remix)"

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Caspa "Marmite (Original Sin Remix)": Crazy; as sought after as Caspa is within the dubstep scene today, Original Sin is working his way right there within Drum & Bass. They both put out exciting albums in 2009, and have been building steam with each release, so it makes sense for their worlds to collide at some point. Original Sin wastes no time bringing in some dancefloor-honed DnB to "Marmite", giving way for a truly mental tune in the mix. Forthcoming on Fabric on March 1st.

previous Caspa - USA Promo Mix

Deal - The Villain EPic: Out Now!

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You've read the press release; you've seen the "This Ain't (Love)" video; you even read our interview with Deal - The Villain. Now it's time for you to purchase the EPic, which is officially out TODAY (Feb. 2nd, 2010) in all quality digital download outlets, including:

We'll be adding links to this as they become available. It's been a long time coming, and I thank each and every one of you who helped make this happen Shouts to Deal and the entire Elite Assembly - let's keep the momentum going!

And if this is the first time you've heard of DTV, do some research then come back and purchase!

previous Deal - The Villain EPic Selections

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 2/3/2010)

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Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of February 3, 2010 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our extended commentary this week focused on the importance still of having an officially recognized Black History Month in the U.S. & U.K., extra updates about the rebuilding efforts & tampering from outside forces after the earthquake aftermath in Haiti (especially with the recent cases of illegal child trafficking), the documentary "Copyright Criminals", Net Neutrality and why it's important for everyone, this year's Grammy Awards, the passing of historian Howard Zinn, soul singer Etta James' current illness and some other subjects here and there.

There are new episodes of the Black Agenda Report and Direct EFX segments on this week's broadcast.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast over at our official blog, - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for the Week of Febuary 3, 2010 (in no particular order)

Stetasonic/Talkin' All That Jazz (12" mix)/Tommy Boy
Sade/Bring Me Home/Epic
Erykah Badu feat. Lil' Wayne/Jump Up In The Air and Stay There/White Label (
Corinne Bailey Rae/The Blackest Lily/Capitol
Raheem DeVaughn/I Don't Care/368 Music Group
Craig Mack feat. Q-Tip/Get Down RMX/Bad Boy
Damian Marley & Nas/As We Enter/White Label
Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon/Our Dreams/Gold Dust Media
Jaheim feat. Jadakiss/Ain't Leaving Without You RMX/Divine Mill
B.o.B/The Biz/White Label (
Musiq Soulchild/No Ordinary Love/
Oran "Juice" Jones/The Rain/Def Jam
Roni Size & Krust/Hop Scotch/BBE
X.O./Black Broadway/Oddisee Music
Maysa/Am I Wrong (For Loving You)/Shanachie
Groove Armada/I Won't Kneel (Mock & Toof RMX)/Om Records
Dre Robinson feat. Mighty Mystic/Fade Away (inst.)/Pollymore Music Group

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

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