Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gone In 60 Seconds: Part I - Emcee Jermaine

Legit ft. Eli "Handz Up"

Legit ft. Eli "Handz Up" (prod. by Best Kept Secret): Here's another crowd-pleaser from Legit's forthcoming mixtape, which is now appropriately titled The Post Graduation Tape. That beat has some throwback appeal, shit - the whole track is geared to get a crowd hype, whether it's a chantable chorus or those slick lyricals. Dude is truly impressive.

previous Legit ft. U.G. "Valedictorian"

[preview] DLRN "The Bridge"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Drake "Westwood Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Drake "Westwood Freestyle"
Bonus Beats Drake "Westwood Freestyle (Cookin Soul Remix)" [via CS]
Bonus Beats Drake "Bollywood Flow" (Statik Selektah Blend) [via NR]

Friday, June 11th 2010 playlist

Another graff boombox banger, courtesy of Bizzle; hit up Random Graffiti for more funk like this.


RTD_PLAYLIST_(06042010-06102010).zip (~848 MB)



And here's some new newness from everyone's favorite gremlin...

Gucci Mane "Everybody Looking"

Whether you're checking the World Cup or you're just maxing, enjoy your weekend. And thanks for the continued support - more to come!

[video] MIMS ft. Trey Songz "Donkey Booty"

[video] Travie McCoy ft. T-Pain & Young Cash "The Manual"

Save The Old Barracks!

Damn; my wife told me last night that the Old Barracks, a state and national landmark, will be closed on June 30th, 2010, due to our glorious Gov. Christie's plan to cut overall spending. Now, I'm all for eliminating waste - but let's go to where the money is being wasted most. How much is Christie doling out for those skyboxes he made sure he kept? Surely those aren't as important as one of the remaining Barracks in the country!

[video] Juvenile "Drop That Thang"

Deadpool Previews (6/11/2010)

Hit the jump for links to preview Deadpool #24 and Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth#12, both of which will be available on June 16th.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

WordSpit ft. Coco Sarai "Hello Good Morning" LIVE

[video] J The S "The Painted Man"

[video] Donwill & Von Pea ft. Che Grand "Headphone Rock"

Taken from Sandwich Shop; hit up Sutra for the listening party tonight. If @CheGrand is there, wish him a happy birthday.

Raekwon "Super High Freestyle"

Raekwon "Super High Freestyle": When I hear Rawse over beats like this, they never sound right. Chef jumps on this, and those Blaxploitation dreams (and nightmares) feel like they are right in a nigga face. Rae needs to flip more tracks like this, seriously. Shouts to Alex at Killer Beez for this one.

Bonus Beats Ill Bill ft. Raekwon "Thousands To M's" [via OnSMASH]

Daniel Joseph "Sound The Alarm"

Daniel Joseph "Sound The Alarm": What happens when Espee finds a grip of Black Milk instrumentals? He goes ape shit. I think he forgot that he was gonna sort one of these to me for this Pro-Jersey mixtape I'm slowly working on, but that's OK. Maybe I can use that forgetfulness to make him do something new for me? Haha let's go!

Pic via VICER.

Bonus Beats Daniel Joseph "Take It There"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 6/09/2010)

[video] Rhymefest "Talk My Shit"

[video] PIll "On Da Korner"

Mike Classic On Urban Latino Radio

Sandwich Shop Listening Party (6/10/2010)

previous Donwill & Von Pea The Sandwich Shop

Elite Assembly "The Wimbly"

Elite Assembly "The Wimbly": Back in April, EA put out their Welcome To The Playoffs mixtape, which I imagine a number of you nuccas slept on for whatever reason. Jersey stays active, and this track (which features St. Joe Louis, Daniel Joseph, Deal - The Villain and Khi Khobane) is proof positive. You fuck with this? Grab that Welcome To The Playoffs, you dig me?

<a href="">The Wimbly by Elite Assembly</a>

The Mad Bloggers Weekly Podcast, EP11

The Mad Bloggers are back with the latest installment of their Weekly Podcast, featuring fresh material from Dumhi, The Roots, Shad, Kanye West, Brother Ali and plenty more!

Bloggerhouse Presents The Best Of May

Here's the Bloggerhouse crews' latest mixtape, giving you the best of May 2010. This was mixed by Eric BH and mastered by St. Mic. Artists on this include cats like Nottz, Leonard Dstroy, Oddisee, Flying Lotus, Kev Brown, Apollo Brown and many other quality cats. You sleep on this and you're sleeping on real spit, and real beats.

Singapore Kane's Crawl B4 U Walk Drop

previous Re-Surch's Crawl B4 U Walk Drop

Juan Epstein (6/10/2010)

Rosenberg posted this new episode of Juan Epstein with actor/comedian Bill Burr. I remember him from his bits on Chappelle's Show, and I think he is on some network TV show currently, but I rarely watch TV anymore. I did catch up on The Office via Netflix and iFail.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (6/10/2010)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

[preview] Boondocks S03: "The Fun-Raiser"

[video] Jansport J "MoveMeants"

Lloyal Lloyalmania

Damn, Lloyal had niggas waiting like two years for this! Hopefully you're aware of what this MC can do, and now he steps in the squared circle to straight body a grip of tracks. Hit the jump.

MiLKMEN "On2theNext1" / "Is it Fake Love?"

[video] Neako "Chief Rocka 2010"

Told you this one was dropping today.

[trailer] DJ Hero 2

Reef The Lost Cauze "My Style's Greater"

Reef The Lost Cauze "My Style's Greater" (prod. by Haj): Reef linked up with Haj of Dumhi for the 179th entry of DJ Booth's Freestyle Series. Enjoy this freebie, then go cop Fight Music; its essential.

[video] Benga "Baltimore Clap"

Re-Surch's Crawl B4 U Walk Drop

DJ Books x Singapore Kane x Thieves Theme x OneThree Music x Dub MD x Rock The Dub. Soon come.

[video] Good Biz "Issues"

Taken from Principle & Interest.

Sene + theClubhouse = Recess

I told you Sene and theClubhouse had some stuff brewing:

Shouts to J57.

DJ Daddy's Money - Jahova's Rubber Band

@DJDaddysMoney hit me with this bouncy thugstep blend of Rusko's "Jahova" w/ T.I.'s trap anthem, "Rubber Band Man". Crunktastic ecstasy ensues.

[video] Trey Songz "Already Taken"

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

[video] Redman "Lookin' Fly"

[video] Frank Ramz & Shortman Score "Down In The BX"

Money First ft. Genrokka & Kilogram "Gettin' Money"

Money First ft. Genrokka & Kilogram "Gettin' Money": I'm sorry, this cut is kind of mean right now. Trenton in the house as the Money First unit drops this fresh cut on you. If you want to live that "Lamborghini Lifestyle", you need to get that loot, so of course MF has to devote a track to this. Yes, that History Channel shit is real - trust and believe. Get yours.

Dre Robinson "The Reason (Greg's Fault)"

Dre Robinson "The Reason (Greg's Fault)" (prod by Nelly ProToolz): Hah, the homey @GValentinoBall fucked around and told @DreRob to (his words) "quit playing around and rap"... Dre did just that and emerged with this heatrock. Cotdamn - Dre - QUIT PLAYING AROUND AND RAP! PLEASE!

Nucci Reyo "The Eagle"

Nucci Reyo "The Eagle" (prod. by Fresh Airez & Jag): Nucci is going kind of deep with this one - "One thing I think is vital in these days is that the preacher's not preach a gospel to the people that talks about life being so perfect and well with Jesus Christ as though there will be no trials and tribulations. As Christians, we go through things but the difference is that God is with us when we go through things. A terrible analogy would suggest that God is like an umbrella and the rain is inevitable, but either you are prepared with an umbrella or you aren't". Deep, especially in these trying times.

previous Nucci Reyo ft. A-Natural "Anywhere But Bed"

DU2010 (mixed by Trackstar the DJ)

In support of Digital Underground's The Greenlight EP, Trackstar the DJ cooked up a sick mixtape of past, present and future funk from the D.U. collective. Light up a green monster and let this one ride.

DOWNLOAD DU2010 (mixed by Trackstar the DJ)

[video] Saheed "The UP's"

previous Saheed "The UP's"

[video] Mighty High Coup "808"

Guilty Simpson Ghettodes

Oh No was tapped to remix a grip of Guilty Simpson tracks utilizing the Now-Again catalog. A bunch of these have been released/leaked in various pieces (and I've personally been playing the shit out of his "Killer" remix), and today Stones Throw has made them all available for download.

DOWNLOAD Guilty Simpson Ghettodes

1. American Nightmare
2. Piglets
3. Riches
4. Futuristic feat. ME
5. What to Do
6. Rob
7. The Ghetto (Interlude)
8. The Ghetto
9. Y'all Scared
10. Dreads
11. Killer
12. Runners feat. Black Milk
13. Raw (Interlude)
14. Kinda

[video] Naughty By Nature "I Gotta Lotta"

Via eskay.

DJ Cable Podcast (May 2010)

If you check out his blog, you know DJ Cable has been and will be on a roll with the DJ gigs. He just came back from Austria! So excuse the week lateness of this edition. Loads of Hip-Hop and Electronica, with some dubstep and Grime towards the end.

[video] Jedi Nemesis "Brass Knuckles"

Fade to Blonde: A Summer Mix (mixed by Zilla Rocca)

The 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers' own Zilla Rocca has sorted out a dope mix for the summer. I'd break some amazing soliloquy on it, but his write-up is perfection in a martini glass...

Are You Serious: Slim Thug's Relationship Manifesto

Yesterday, Slim Thug pissed off the Black Female Delegation with this article on Vibe, speaking on the need for Black Women to stand by Black Men more. The bol @EnigmatikBGDB has been toying with this new article idea, Are You Serious, and decided to pop that idea's cherry using this topic. I contributed a couple lines. Check it out, and be on the lookout for more AYS from BGDB.

Lil' B Gets Knocked Out: The Lost Audio

previous Lil' B Gets Snuck?

Sic Osyrus ft. Mysonne "Good Evenin'"

Sic Osyrus ft. Mysonne "Good Evenin'" (prod. by Rhythm J): Hah this is a dope wake-up call for you fucks who are sleepin' on that quality Hip-Hop. Dope beat - love the sample chopped up in there - is that Alfred Hitchcock Presents? I just caught that. That used to be my SHIT! Add some furious bars in here and there's nothing much to say but STOP SLEEPIN' or catch a dirt nap. Shouts to @RhythmJ for sending this.

Artwork by Will Lee.

<a href="">Good Evenin feat Mysonne prod Rhythm J by Rhythm J</a>

Monday, June 07, 2010

Dane aka The Beautiful Monster "Sloppy Jalopy"

Dane aka The Beautiful Monster "Sloppy Jalopy": We first got introduced to Dane (aka The Beautiful Monster) with "12 Hour Shifts", and this next cut, from his The Monsterous Collection mixtape, is more of that real life rap, this time rockin' an homage to his hoopty. I know a lot of you keep it fresh, even if your mode of trans isn't really poppy. Dude bounces nicely over this thick kickin' anthem. Shouts to GSHH and ACRC.

Bonus Beats Dane aka The Beautiful Monster "The Anesthetic"

Joell Ortiz "Drunk"

Joell Ortiz "Drunk": And with hearing this, I realize that Ortiz is the most versatile out of Slaughterhouse, and therefore my favorite of the four. I wanna see Ortiz go far.

MP3 via YK2 Daily.

Laugh Your Ass Off Comedy Show (6/24/2010)

[video] Apakalips "On My Way"

If you dig this, grab Apakalips' The Definition mixtape.

The Spitzwell Brotherz ft. Ced Hughes "I'm Gone"

The Spitzwell Brotherz ft. Ced Hughes "I'm Gone": Damn. Been wondering what TSB are doing, and just got passed this new futuristic cut featuring Ced Hughes. Nothing too heavy on the lyrics, just 3 cats bodying a particularly dope beat.

Neako "Chief Rocka 2010"

Neako "Chief Rocka 2010" (prod. by K-Def): Jersey's own revisits a NJ classic, reworking Lords of the Underground's "Chief Rocka" for DJ Booth's freestyle series. Word from GFCny is that a video for this will be dropping Wednesday, so be on the lookout for that one.

previous Neako "Madonna"

Esohel "Against All Odds"

Bonus Beats Esohel "Against All Odds" (prod. by Serious)

[video] Gil Scott-Heron "I'm Here"

Shouts to Nah Right.

Lil' B Gets Snuck?

This fucked up my afternoon. Not sure what the deal is with this, especially since the audio on it is pretty awful, but from what I gather the Polo hat wearing nigga asked Lil' B to call Soulja Boy and put some Berkley niggas on. I can understand B kind of being like "why you putting me on the spot, go 'head", but dayum - neph then goes in and hits B with a bunch of punches. B should've stayed in the chair, though, because that last hit is the game ender.

Looks like a total set-up, considering that once they give him the end shot, they are Michael Bolton. It's really a herb thing to do, but I can't stop watching it. Or the .gif.

EDIT Lil B explains what happened:

[video] Young Jeezy "Stop Playin' Wit Me" / "My Camaro"

Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot Cover+Tracklist

Still high off of "General Patton", I just got hit with the tracklist for Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty album, which is due out on July 6th. No Three Stacks, for those who were wishing wondering... shouts to BoBO for this one.

[video] Statik Selektah ft. Bun B, Wale & Colin Munroe "So Close So Far"

[video] Wordsmith "As The Art Fades Away"

Directed by Olawale.

Bonus Beats Wordsmith "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong"

[video] Rhymefest ft. Phonte "Say Wassup"

Yep, it's in 3-D:

Dutch New York "Can't Hide"

Dutch New York "Can't Hide" (prod. by Dash): @DutchNewYork is leaking more material from Katrina Flood, and while last week's leak was a freestyle, this week we get a vintage-sounding original. Love the classic vibe in the beat, and it sounds like it made DNY step back and give you a glimpse of his life to now.

[video] MONSTALUNG "Fresh Like Dougie"

Bonus Beats MONSTALUNG "Fresh Like Dougie"

Atari Blitzkrieg "No More Noize"

Atari Blitzkrieg "No More Noize": Holy 8bit Hip-Hop, here's something from A.B.'s AlphaBetaC EP, which is available for free right the fuck now; producer Krohme produced a cut that features C-Rayz Walz. This is just some tough, different stuff to vibe to. You know how we do here - might have to find out what's really really poppy with Atari Blitz!

Word is Godsendant Music will be dropping the full release in July.

Sene "The Hype"

Sene "The Hype" (prod. by Tranzformer): Unleashing more from the non-Reality Bites stash, Sene comes with another banger. Makes me think of the moves I make in my own ventures, and while in one circle heads think I've done a lot, but outside of those circles, I ain't done shit. Don't let hype kill your dreams. Shouts to J57, who says Sene has some heat with The Clubhouse on deck.

previous Sene "Love, Me"

[video] AZ "Feel My Pain"

The Boondocks S03E06: "Smokin With Cigarettes"

previous The Boondocks S03E05: "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy"

[video] Super Chron Flight Brothers "Strangers With Candy"

Cape Verde drops digitally on June 22nd, physically on July 13th.

previous Super Chron Flight Bros "Reggie Miller"

BarrelHouseTV: D.Julien Freestyle

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tef Poe ft. Kyjuan & Luey V "Showstealers (Remix)"

Tef Poe ft. Kyjuan & Luey V "Showstealers (Remix)": The original appeared on The Redeemer, and now Poebama has enlisted St. Lunatic Kyjuan & Luey V for the remix to this HBCU marching band-flavored BANGER! Shit like this needs to be played during football games and shit. I'd rock to this one. Poe's "Waka Flocka with the brain of a Black Panther" line kills it... murder.

Shouts to IREPSTL.

TDome ft. Von Pea "Another Workday 2: OT"

TDome ft. Von Pea "Another Workday 2: OT" (prod. by Huck B): Everyone's a rapper, but not everyone can just rap for a living, you dig? In this continuation of "Another Workday", TDome and Von Pea speak on the balance of your 9-5 clock punchin' and the 5-9 artist crunchin'. Hopefully my niggas can get their brass ring, so we can all eat off this industry, instead of dying for a living and killing ourselves for the industry.

[video] Pill "OK Denn" LIVE

Taken from the 1140: The Overdose Release Party, which Gotty attended and sorted out a dope write-up on.