Saturday, July 03, 2010

[video] Young Jeezy "I'm Just Say'in"

The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 1

When I leaked Ill Legit's "I'm Ill" video+MP3, I told you he had something like 200+ tracks ready to leak on a series of mixtapes - this is the first one. 13 tracks deep, featuring The Gent$, Isis Rose and plenty other spitters, but enough space for Illy to truly let you know who he is. Keep it locked, as these will be dropping whenever the FUCK Illy feels like it.

DOWNLOAD The Life & Rhymes of Ill Legit, Vol. 1
<a href="">Im Ill by Ill Legit</a>

Rob Jay "Javascript Freestyle"

Rob Jay "Javascript Freestyle": Here's a freestyle that is taken from Rob's 2DBz-presented The Rap Phenomenon; he coasts over "Microphone Fiend" and flips ill lines comparing MCing to computer ish. New Houston got it on lock, yadaamean?

"I ain't Black, I got reverse vitiligo" - WOW!

[video] Maino "Get Em Tiger"

Jabari "The Introduction"

Jabari "The Introduction": Here's a cut from Chitown spitter Jabari. He basically does what it says on the tin. Not sure if he has any kind of mixtape dropping, but get to know the nigga and fuck with whatever he has on the horizon, OK?

Busta Rhymes ft. Swizz Beats "Stop The Party (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)"

Busta Rhymes ft. Swizz Beats "Stop The Party (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)": I definitely didn't like the beat on the original "Stop The Party", so Ted Smooth flippin' it with the "Simon Says" instrumental? Instant smash... niggas are packin' HEAT for the Fourth! Fireworks in the daytime.

LeBron James: King of NY

When did new York become the east coast Los Angeles?

This is what it looks like now with all of this LeBron James hype. I mean, sure the guy must be good because he won a few several high school championships but so did Stephon Marbury.

Dontrevius Wenters, the perennial draft day hopeful of the New York Knickerbockers, returns to the streets of New York to find out why everybody is clamoring for the Knicks to sign LeBron and not him.

Word to Dallas Penn.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie Summertime: The Mixtape

WOW! UNDRCRWN and Movement Boutique linked up with DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie to sort out this FRESH 49-track mixtape of summer-flavored tracks, including jams from Jay-Z, Jodeci, Faze-O, Quincy Jones, J Dilla, LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest and plenty others! Perfect for your Fourth of July cookouts, or anytime you're lazin' with your people and need a diverse mix to get you going...

Friday, July 02, 2010

Leaders Of The New Cool (7/14/2010)

Bonus Beats The Mecca Of Rhymes, Jones Andrews & Young Rush "Got It Locked" (prod. by Equinox Productions)

Dwele "Hold On (dBridge Bootleg)"

Dwele "Hold On (dBridge Bootleg)": Here's a SICK DnB remix of some soothing Dwele shit. dBridge unleashed like four free tracks this week, and this leads the pack for me. I don't rock to as much RnB as I should, daily, but I remember when I used to try and get my mom into DnB - I'd drop tracks like this for her. Oddly enough, she wouldn't fuck with this, but she was into the Les Nubianes, and their proto-jungle musings. Anyways, enjoy this with someone special.

[video] BYOB vs. J Majik & Wickaman "Save My Life"

Bonus Beats BYOB vs. J Majik & Wickaman "Save My Life (Dubstep Mix)"

[preview] Boondocks S03: "The Story of Lando Freeman"

Shouts to Shake.

Bonus Beats Boondocks Bootleg Interviews Aaron McGruder

Nina Sky "You Ain't Got It (Funk That)"

Nina Sky "You Ain't Got It (Funk That)" (prod. by DJ Yonny): Nice one, Yonny - "Funk Dat" is a serious classic, at least out here in the Tri-State - I remember buggin' out with the homies on rides home from basketball games to this. This cut is taken from Nina Sky's forthcoming EP, The Other Side, which also boasts production from Double 0 (of Kidz In The Hall), Clinton Sparks and Tittsworth! Should be a proper portrait of their melting pot sound. Good to hear them doing their thing! DJs, this is a perfect cut to sneak into your sets during this long weekend, trust.

Shouts to GFCny for this.

Justin Bieber "Baby (El-P Death Mix)"

Justin Bieber "Baby (El-P Death Mix)": HAH! I remember seeing El-P tweet, saying that if he got a Bieber acapella, he'd remix it. Looks like XLR8R took him up on it, and he dropped the bomb. No way was I expecting him to flip another Pop(ular) White act, The Beatles, and totally bastardize what Bieber was doing. Simply amazing. Shouts to PIMB for the heads up.

Friday, July 2nd 2010 playlist

Should be an interesting weekend...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(06252010-07012010).zip (~589 MB)



Here's Serius Jones freestyling in Hollywood:

Enjoy the long weekend. I've got a special tape dropping on Sunday. Holla!

Dave Raps "Sounds So Good"

Dave Raps "Sounds So Good" (prod. by Vee Nyce): It's been a little over a year since I introduced you to Dave Raps with "Liquor, White Hoes", which was a Spring Break anthem that got slept on. The homey Vee Nyce passed this track over yesterday, and it's in a different lane - that beat is hyper seductive, and Dave doesn't hesitate, spittin' on a number of things that end up going back to a bad ass chick. This cut is taken from Yes, I Do..., so if you fucks with this, you need to get on that.

Recess "Escalators"

Recess "Escalators": Here's another leak from the Sene/theClubhouse Recess project. This is an interesting mix - I dig these cuts because while they are a bit left of center, it's a great mix, really a true hybrid sound. I hope they are going to push this as a live thing.

Shouts to J57 and Soul Khan for putting their interns onto the site, too - greatly appreciated!

previous Recess ft. Donwill "Dance Pants"

Grit Grammar ft. Genesis Elijah "Hard Times"

Grit Grammar ft. Genesis Elijah "Hard Times" (prod. by Baron Samedi) [clean | dirty]: Here's some fresh new UKHH from Grit's forthcoming album, Life Music, featuring RTD friend Genesis Elijah. 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth has already championed this record, and is set to help push Grit's album into the stratosphere. This is for those grown mans dem, reminiscing on life, yeah?

Unreleased D.Julien Freestyle On Fat Boy Radio

DJ Fricktion x Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz got to hear some of the homey DJ Fricktion's beats recently...

Ortiz impersonating Funkmaster Flex is a trip LOL. Then he plays Joell a track for Crooked I:

Looks like we have a winner!

Show & Prove Superbowl (7/05/2010)

If you're out on Monday, go support the St. Joe Louis boys as they compete for a spot on the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival's bill. After party features Large Pro!?!? Go in!

Shouts to Keya for this.

[video] Dynamix "Accordianz"

Dynamix = Monsta X + junclassic.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

[video] Bun B, GLC & BJ The Chicago Kid "Happiness Before Riches"

Shouts to Numonics for this one.

[video] Big Boi ft. Vonnegutt "Follow Us"

Von Pea So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes

Before Von Pea drops Pea's Gotta Have It, he releases this sick mixtape... the MOST SKULLDUGGERY OF MIXTAPES, featuring cuts you might not have heard, and some gems that got lost on the way, featuring the Lessondary camp, Danny!, Sene, XV and many more. I've had the pleasure of jamming to this over the last couple of weeks, and am glad to drop it on the public. Oh, (Cover) ArtByShake. Shouts to Meka.

DOWNLOAD Von Pea So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes

The Mad Bloggers Weekly Podcast, EP14

This week's TMB podcast features a number of acts from this year's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. The Mad Bloggers will be taking a two-week break, so enjoy this for the time being!

DOWNLOAD [mirror] | iTUNES

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 6/30/2010)

Elliott Wilson: One Year On (Part 2)

previous Elliott Wilson: One Year On (Part 1)

King FOE & Whygee ft. Julox "Changes"

King FOE & Whygee ft. Julox "Changes" (prod. by S.O.): Last week, we got a lil' preview of FOE & WhyGee's Dispensary Music project, and I just got passed an exclusive off of it. Hah, memories... you hear that sample in there, too, right? This is for those who stay stuck on varying types of "medicine", over a perfectly placed, space-y track. That PERFECT art? Shouts to happylittletreesdesign, and big up to Kid Hum for the hookup!

The Evolution Of Beanpie

Hit up for more info.

Catch Wreck "Outta Control"

Catch Wreck "Outta Control" [clean | dirty]: Wreck and Rah Intelligence have been working hard, and this is the first leak from their EP 4 The People, which should be out for free very soon. Shit's kinda gritty - hardhitting and raw Rap.

[video] Gucci Mane ft. Mylah "Antisocial"

Fly On The Wall: The ARE & B.E Talk DJ Screw

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rammellzee Update

Quick story: a few hours after making my post about Rammellzee's passing, I got an e-mail from a member of his family. They thought they were making a comment on the post, and their remarks were very sweet, spreading love to Ramm from here to the hereafter. After conversing with them for a bit, I was given info on Ramm's death that I'm now allowed to share. I'm seeing more media outlets reporting on his life and untimely death, but I wasn't seeing much on the cause.

The NY Times did report that he died after a long illness, and I'm hearing that liver failure was what took Rammellzee on the night of June 28th. I'm being told that he didn't want some big wake or anything, but wanted to go out with a party. Details on the service and such are to follow, as the family is still dealing with their loss. Respect to them for holding it together in a time like this. If/when I get more info on this, I'll let you know.

Shouts to guys like eskay for giving his thoughts, and to noz for tumblin' a bunch of Rammellzee quotes, thoughts, videos and such. Dude's legacy is felt throughout the scene, and pieces of his experimentation in a number of fields still resound today. I hope someone does a true tribute or comprehensive piece on Rammellzee, as while I know of him from my own Hip-Hop studies and excursions, Rammellzee on wax can be expensive, so obtaining his work, especially his early stuff, has been the stuff fingers get dusty for.

Another pioneer has left us, but we should use this as another example to stay up on our history, and keep the names of the legends of Hip-Hop ringin'. Keep it locked.

EDIT Here's a Facebook tribute page, and a dope article from Fast Company.

Mic Wilson "Reach Out" x "Good Times"

Been a month since Mic Wilson turned the "Lights Out", and with turning 2 today, he passed me a couple of jawns from Phase Two, which is out on August 31st...

Mic Wilson "Reach Out": Love the sample on this one, and he goes off on those succulent females that cats are scoping out... everywhere. Those ones you just want to reach out and... yeah, you get me. Nice use of the vocal in the sample, too.
<a href="">Reach Out by Mic Wilson</a>

Mic Wilson "Good Times": Hah, Mic ain't playing around with these beats man! Here's something to tip your glasses to.

<a href="">Good Times by Mic Wilson</a>

Two dope, quick shots... might get another one in the VERY near future.

Rubberoom "Black Box"

Rubberoom "Black Box": The first leak from The Opus of The Opus featured Slug; this next leak features Rubberoom sounding the horns and going in on some warfare shit about the fall of their 3-2-1- label. This is the last track recorded as Rubberoom.

<a href="">BLACK BOX by the OPUS</a>

Nucci Reyo On PassDatGreenTV

100 Akres Presents The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape

I love/hate meeting people on twitter and not realizing what kind of shit they are into. This cat @FreshNerd is someone I've rapped with over varying things, didn't know too much about what the guy did, and I get this amazing project in my inbox earlier today! FN flipped Cyndi Lauper's debut album She's So Unusual (yes, that's the one with "She Bop", "Time After Time" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun") and freaked each track. What might be fun is playing this and guessing which track got flipped - then listening to the very end of each track, as the original is revealed!

DOWNLOAD 100 Akres presents The Cyndi Lauper Beat Tape
<a href="">SoundsLike fun by 100 Akres</a>

Indiana Rome ft. Theresa Payne "Dream"

Indiana Rome ft. Theresa Payne "Dream" (prod. by InHouse Productions): Smooth track about your dream lady from Force-member @IndianaRome. This is the first taste of his Who The Hell Left The Gate Open project, and is the kind of throwback classic that grown-folks can get down to. Two-step to this with a fist full of that good cognac, ya dig?

[video] Azage "Hard"

previous Azage The Bars Outbreak 1.5

[video] KingPen Slim "Gone"

previous KingPen Slim ft. Jim Jones "My Life is a Movie"

[video] Keith Sweat ft. Joe "Test Drive"

[trailer] Jersey Shore 2

Starts July 29th - looks more ignorant and remedial than Season 1, which I'm all about! All of the beef and stories were regarding them fighting cats in Miami - nothing about them scrapping with each other!

St. Joe Louis "Members Only (Remix)"

St. Joe Louis ft. Rew Mec, Daniel Joseph & PH "Members Only (Remix)" (prod. by Def Dom): Behind the scenes, SJL has been working on a number of things. RTD Records will be releasing the single for "Good Morning" in the near future, the project is still on the horizon, and SJL has been coordinating a Remix EP for Almost There. This leak is the first peak, featuring a new track from Def Dom (who culled Brokn.Englsh's The Drawing Board), Elite Assembly members Rew Mec & Daniel Joseph, and the MC formerly known as Pumpkinhead. I already know J57 did a remix for this project, and there should be some surprises in store. Bang!

<a href="">Members Only Remix by StJoeLouis</a>

[video] Truth Universal "The Grassroots Campaign"

[video] The Dre Skuffs Project Documentary

Bonus Beats Dre Skuffs The Dre Skuffs Project [via]

DJ Delz x Wordsmith Present Jackin' for Beats: Wordplay Edition

I actually meant to get this up earlier, but with work being done over on DOA and such, I got sidetracked. We've been leaking tracks for this for a month or so, but now it's time for the full released, mixed by DJ Delz, presented by 2DBz and featuring one of the hardest working MCs I know (and have known for like 5, 6 years I believe), Wordsmith. I saw he just returned from overseas, and I imagine he has at least two more projects to drop before 2010 is over. Features on this include the Nu Revolution camp as well as Roc Marciano, Sha Stimuli, K-Sparks, Ruste Juxx and more!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RIP Rammellzee

Word from Fab 5 Freddy is that Rammellzee, one of Hip-Hop's true legends, has passed away. If you saw Style Wars, you should definitely remember his seminal track "Beat Bop" with K-Rob and the oft-debated role of Basquiat as producer (many say he worked on the beat, while others say he had more of a Hollywood-esque producer style, aka FUNDING). I'd go on about them any ideas and theories he concocted (hit his website for those), or his roots within the early days of Hip-Hop, but really, you should do your own research. Or do the knowledge...

I'm not seeing any media outlets speaking on this (although it was added to his Wikipedia page), but that's how it goes. I will say that cats like DOOM, Kool Keith and other subverts were cut from RAMMs' cloth. A true original and Hip-Hop Pioneer.

Here's an interview from Noz with RAM circa 2008, and Jeff Weiss posted up an MP3 of "Beat Bop" as well as a dope interview on PotW. Do the knowledge and pay some respect. Rest in Power, RAMM.

Cimer Amor ft. Jakk Frost, Side Effect, Baby Blak & Daniela Romeo "Step Aside"

"Step Aside" featuring Jakk Frost, Side Effect, Baby Blak & Daniela Romeo is the 3rd leak off Cimer Amor's producer compilation Taking Nowhere, Somewhere (TNS) which drops today through Coalmine Records. The album features guest appearances from Sha Stimuli, King Magnetic, Torae, Side Effect, Baby Blak, CAEN Project, Jakk Frost and many more. Cop it here on iTunes!

MiLKMEN "Power (Remix)"

MiLKMEN "Power (Remix)": The MiLKMEN remixed Kanye's latest, and managed to keep their shirts on... I hope. As per usual, they take niggas to Flight School on their own beats. Too easy.

[video] DMC "I Got More Songs Than You"

[video] Consequence ft. Styles P "Don't Stand So Close"

Taken from that Movies On Demand mixtape.

Eternia Speaks To The World

Eternia & MoSS' At Last is out today. Grab that via iTunes or Fat Beats - support that good Hip-Hop.

Via Flawless Hustle. Peace to SAV*ONE.

FakeShoreDrive Interviews Big Boi

Via FSD.

[video] Rhymefest "City Is Falling"

[video] Sean Price "Let Me Tell You"

Shouts to Meka/Dallas.

previous [video] Sean Price "Shut The Fuck Up"

The ARE & B.E Teaser #3

previous The ARE & B.E Teaser #2

[video] Phil Ade "Borderline"

Official Street Radio: Peedi Crakk (6/10/2010)

[video] Sean Price "Shut The Fuck Up"

[video] Toni Braxton "Woman"

[video] Fonzworth Bentley ft. Anthony Hamilton "Greener"

RTD Presents Explizit One The Hustler EP

I hit you with a preview on Friday, and now the full instrumental EP from EMS' own Explizit One, who has laced beats for cats like Jaysaun, Special Teamz, the mighty Edo G and many more. The ill thing is, he took to this like a film score, "telling the story of a Hustler caught up in the fast life and just trying to find the right path in life, all told in beat form". This is a free preview leading up to E One's album, Out My Mama's Basement.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Elliott Wilson: One Year On (Part 1)

HipHop Chronicle UK catches up with YN a year after Rap Radar's inception (and a year after their first discussion) to discuss what it is to be a blogger today, whatever lessons he's learned in the last year.

Neako "B.M.F. Freestyle"

Neako "B.M.F. Freestyle": I was actually chatting with Rodney from GSHH about Neako's buzz - dude might be one of the next from NJ to make some noise. He tackles Rawse's "BMF" instrumental, and puts his stamp on it. Not only is The Rubix Cube Yellow Edition out on July 23rd, but Neak mentions that Junkfood 2: The 2nd Store Run is on the way, too! GFC!

Intalek And Ritchcraft Lives And Vibes EPK

Bonus Beats Intalek "I'm The Man" (prod. by Ritchcraft)

Get Your Buzz Up Vol 1 "NYC To Philly" (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Fresh mixtape from Coast 2 Coast, Official Street Radio and a grip of other talented spots, hosted by the one and only DJ NoPhrillz. Features include Nico The Beast, Panama, 2ew Gunn Ciz, Money First and plenty more ill acts from NYC to Philly. Hit the jump for the goods!

MTV UK Interviews DJ Cable

From winning DOA/UAF DnB competitions to being featured on Mistajam's show, my boy DJ Cable has been on FIRE! To add to that heat, he was recently featured on MTV UK; he discussed his accolades, #thugstep and other bits, and graciously named checked myself and RTD. Massive respect, Cable! Now just so you guys know, Cable's following up Fuck Thugstep Vol. 1 with a new edition, set to drop in a month's time (or so). It will feature some blends you might have heard before, as well as some fresh exclusives - hopefully by some Brooklyn MC who shall remain nameless. We'll see - as per usual, I'll keep you abreast to that and other bits of thugsteppery. It's great to hear that one of my favorite DJs, and someone I consider a friend, is getting that kind of shine. Nice one.

[video] Gerald Walker "Everything People Say I Am, Thats What I'm Not"

[video] DJ Khaled ft. V/A "All I Do Is Win (Remix)"

Via Nah Right.

Genrokka "Young, Gifted & Black"

Genrokka "Young, Gifted & Black": I first introduced you guys to Gen via Money First's "Gettin' Money"; if you were smart, you "Where Did She Go" off of the DJ Books-mixed Crawl B4 U Walk, and earlier today I got this quick shot over a classic Kane instrumental. Gen (PKA Genera'l) represents Trenton, and has been putting in work - you might have heard him on mixtapes from DJs Doo Wop and Green Lantern to local favorites like Plexx. Genrokka has a few projects on deck, from The Credit Union with Money First's Boom Blake, as well as his album Give U Me (the single "Give U Me" should be coming out soon).

Bonus Beats Boom Blake & Genrokka "Keep Telling Me"

Peter Rosenberg Gets Slapped

I've not listened to today's show to know what transpired - and even from the video, it's hard to tell - but that's the beautiful Velvet Sky from TNA slapping Rosenberg. I'd go ham on some wrestling insider nonsense, but that's for black rasslin'; I will say that Rosenberg does do the Official TNA Podcast with Andrew Goldstein, so don't be surprised if they just pulled an Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler on you. Just sayin'! Well played, whatever it is, Pete!

[video] Mobb Deep At The Middle East (6/26/2010)

Nothing like a packed crowd rhyming line for line to a classic. Shouts to Marco @ Bostonian617 for passing this one over.

Tanya Morgan & The Kickdrums (7/24/2010)

C.I.O.N. Burris "Ghost of Charles Barkley"

C.I.O.N. Burris ft. Deal - The Villain "Ghost of Charles Barkley": Brokn.Englsh's Mr. C.I.O.N. Burris beasted "Ghost of Christopher Wallace" like Chuck in the paint, you dig me? And this isn't the Phoenix Suns Chuck - this is the red uniform Sixers Chuck. The thing is, DTV (who ironically calls me Diddy) plays super Puff on this. As a matter of fact, Cion might be pissed, but I didn't upload the version he blasted - this is the unedited version with DTV goin' ham about you bitch ass niggas ass fuckers. Pure comedy, but like Eminem said "I joke when I say I'm the best in the booth but a lot of truth is said in jest". Deal with THAT, pens.

The ARE & B.E. is on the way...

previous The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "Can't Fuck With Detroit"

[video] MiLKMEN "Tryna Get Some"

Hah, the MiLKMEN spoof "Karaoke" - niggas brought the funny:

Corey Black "Stylin'"

Corey Black "Stylin'" (prod. by InHouse Productions): Hah dude definitely styles on those opening bars - just peep the references Corey drops. Love the beat InHouse threw in here - sounds like they took the same Annie sample from "Hard Knock Life" and just used that first note. I dunno, it's something bottom-heavy for this STL Force member to go dumb on.

S.T. "Nevermind The Interest"

S.T. "Nevermind The Interest": Brick City representer over here. Representing Urban Background, S.T. is kinda crazy on this one. Dude weaves some ill wordplay up in this one - like how he builds his bars over this laidback banger. Definitely need to be kept abreast of his output - LET'S GO!

Nico The Beast's The Beast Within Release Party

Go cop that The Beast Within right now!

[preview] Cy Yung & J. Slikk Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute to Rosie Perez

It's been about a month since "Mayhem" leaked, and J. Slikk let me know that it got some radio play up in NY, which is kind of amazing. I'd been waiting for these snippets from the completed Soul Train Dancer album to come about, and Slikk hit me with the pack over the weekend - had to let them marinate before I drop the bomb today. Let me tell you, this was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Cy Yung blends that honesty with lyrical wit, and Slikk's beats are the answer to a lot of the bullshit fuckery that BET loves to highlight in their yearly coon fest "awards show". BPA is out here - be on the lookout for the full album on July 6th!

DOWNLOAD Cy Yung & J. Slikk Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute to Rosie Perez [snippets]

The Boondocks S03E09: "A Date With the Booty Warrior"

previous The Boondocks S03E08: "Pause"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Manni Festo "Never Too Much"

Manni Festo "Never Too Much": And yet another Jersey MC, this time flippin' a classic from Luther Vandross to set the party off right. Manni's working on a mixtape, Translating Universal Notes, that's set to drop on July 7th, and from the tracks I've heard, dude definitely has a spark. You can hear the way he rides this beat, nahmean? Have this one ready for your backyard BBQ!

Shouts to Thelonius Martin for directing the future of #NJHipHop to my inbox.

Moeses Soulright The 2nd "2010 State Of The Union"

Moeses Soulright The 2nd "2010 State Of The Union": This track does exactly what it says on the tin, with Moeses reminding me of Scarface while going in about what's wrong with Hip-Hop in 2010. His mixtape, The Delicatessen, is available on iTunes and Amazon right now!

[stream] BET Awards 2010

I've really got no desire to watch this, but you might. Shouts to YAF (and if the link goes down, follow @PhillyCustoms for new links).