Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jadakiss ft. 50 Cent "Dump (It's Like That)"

Jadakiss ft. 50 Cent "Dump (It's Like That)": It's a shame - back when I was spending most of my Saturday nights alone, getting tipsy and spending the night playing GTA2 or Super Smash Bros. while blastin' some of the most ignorant shit I could find was a given. A track like this is something to rock LOUD, and rewind often. No idea what this is dropping on, or why Kiss and Fif decided to get together NOW (although I imagine 50 wanted a sick street record to help keep him in the public eye), but I love it.

Via In Flex We Trust.

Daily Thugstep #14: Big L, 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls vs. Heist

One of Hipnotikk's best refixes - Heist's "I Need Killers" with the "Killer Combination" atop? Fuego. Via HOODLUM.

[video] Twista ft. Raekwon "The Heat"

[video] Lil Wayne ft. Gudda Gudda "I Don't Like The Look Of It"

[video] Lil' Wayne ft. Birdman "Pop Dat (No Ceilings)"

MellowHype "Right Here"

MellowHype "Right Here": When I saw the cover for BLACKENEDWHITE a few weeks ago, and heard it was dropping on Halloween? Definitely excited, and to add to their growing number of major media co-signs (did you see them in LA Weekly?), premiered this yesterday. Laid back vibe, but that's MellowHype - if you aren't up on YellowWhite, I recommend you fucking with that. Hodgy and Left Brain are perfect for each other. OF is bound to take over your Internets sooner or later. You will be glad they did, too.


Cablevision Is Gangster, Part 2

It was only this past March that Cablevision stood their ground with ABC during Oscar season, now News Corp has pulled Fox5 & My Network 9 in New York and Fox29 in Philly, which are channels I admittedly don't watch that often, but in this heavy sports time, have niggas in surrounding areas without options to catch World Series and NFL games like, now. Cablevision has laid down the law, and is even going ham on Twitter, but you do have two options if you're trying to stream TV on the web. Use them wisely, or hit me up if you need help.

Friday, October 15, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 10/15/2010)

Grab me a beer...

[video] Ski Beatz ft. Nesby Phips "Blue And Green"

Apparently, Ski Beatz has an album of Miles Davis remixes, and he flips one of my favorite Miles tracks, ever. I always told myself, if I ever learned how to be a dope producer, I'd flip this track, but it doesn't sound like he touched the bit that I really loved. I'm not mad at this remix at all.

Shy FX At RBMA Culture Clash (10/14/2010)

MAD tweets last night during the Culture Clash, all saying how tough Shy FX's set was. This dubplate is serious - Shy got Katy B to sing a bunch of soundbwoy shit at Skream + Benga over "Katy B On A Mission", which Benga produced! Classic soundclash ting. From what the tweets said, Shy had a serious number of dubs... I can't wait to hear the set!

Bass, Beats & Clicks has a nice round-up of the event. RBMA put a number of pics up.

[video] Rick Ross "I'm A Star"

[video] Cassidy "Drumma Bass"

The Combat Jack Show (10/15/2010)

Classic. Legendary. Dopeness. All three words used to describe last nights (early mawnin’) Combat Jack Radio Show. El Hefe of RapRadar, Elliott Wilson, graced us with his presence and dropped some gems on a myriad of topics i.e. the infamous Source 5 Mic rating, “blogger beef”, his relationship with the almighty Shady Records camp, his “Top 5 Hottest” rappers and much much more. Shit, the traffic was so crazy the live broadcast was briefly interrupted. Peep the stream and downloads below. INTERNETS!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (10/15/2010) [mirror] [via PNC Radio]

DJ Hipnotikk - Thug Soldiers EP

Following DJ Nappy's 5 Mic General release, DJ Hipnotikk throws his five nicest refixes over Caspa riddims, aka the Thug Soldiers EP. With so many biters and perpetrators to the THUGSTEP sound, it is kind of like HOODLUM are the warriors, the keepers and guarders of the true ethos of the sound. Featured are some refixes you should be away of, as well as a VIP of his "U Don't Like Me" refix, the original of which is found on the first HOODLUM EP. You niggas wanna lollygag and present the shit like you made it, right? Keep faking, keep sleeping and keep hatin'. Your wack feeds our growth, and when the bandwagon passes you, feel free to hop along.

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk - Thug Soldiers EP [via HOODLUM]

Skream - Return Of The Stella Sessions (10/13/2010)

THUGSTEP Round-Up (10/15/2010)

I missed posting the last two Daily Thugstep postings via HOODLUM's blog, so catch that and a special Thugstep Thursdays feature with 3 refixes from Labwerx' own Loud G down bottom. Shouts to Cable, Hipnotikk and Nappy - they've got an exciting project coming up next, ya dig?

Rickie Jacobs ft. Supe & Rome "Fryday"

Rickie Jacobs ft. Supe & RomeFryday” (prod. by Trey Michaels): Here’s something to smoke to, you smell me? If this was 2000, you’d smell that dirt that could be found on Trenton blocks. Unless I was a lil flush with the cash, then it’d be something of a better strain… did I just derail? Only a few weeks removed from the awesome Air Jacobs, Rickie comes back with an anthem for you pothead ass niggas. Kick your feet up, light something up and space out…

M-Dot ft. Tek, Billy Danze & Grand Agent "Run For Cover"

M-Dot ft. Tek, Billy Danze & Grand Agent "Run For Cover" (prod. by DJ Jean Maron): M-Dot & Jean Maron’s Run MPC has been getting a LOT of love, and it’s cuts like these, that speak to those Jansport wearers in a lot of us, with certified featured mic veterans (Danze’s ad-libs on that hook kill me) atop a hypnotic, infectious beat. It’s really that simple, nahmean? Speaking of Danze, he’s hosting M-Dot’s forthcoming M.aking D.oubters O.ver T.hink. You’ve been warned!

RayDawn "Fuck What They Say"

RayDawn "Fuck What They Say": New one from the homey RayDawn, taken from his Controlled Chaos mixtape, which is hosted by Aphilliates member DJ MoonDawg, and drops November 26th. This is an inspirational track for those who might be down because some hater tried to shoot down their dreams. You really should be saying “fuck you and your negativity” and do you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boom Blake "Exhibit Blake"

Boom Blake "Exhibit Blake": Hah, I remember when everyone and their mama had an "Exhibit C" freestyle, and niggas were HEATED! Sean J dropped his version last week, and I saw Lil’ B drop his "Exhibit Based", so I had to smile when one of Trenton’s finest finally decided to leak out his tough turn over one of Just Blaze’s finest beats. With the days getting shorter and the temps getting colder, it’s good to hear one of my city’s own bringing that heat for the Fall. Money First is a dynamic camp, and Blake is the head. Lyrical exercise for that bitch ass…

Chose vs. Daft Punk "Synopsis"

Chose vs. Daft Punk "Synopsis": Philly boy Chose took Daft Punk dropping some newness to be a sign that he must massacre it. Lots of cats try to hit those fast(er) flows, double time and all that, but Chose combines a real presence and lyrical skill to going in like that. It’s not easy to rock over EDM beats and still wow people with your verbs, so it’s good to hear Chose blow down all of your preconceived notions. Proper anthem for those who dream of what the future sounds like.

[video] Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Almost Home"

Muja Messiah ft. P.O.S. "Dear God"

Muja Messiah ft. P.O.S. "Dear God": Muja gets his Ghostface on over this Monsters of Folk track, bringing forth a pretty interesting dialogue about, well, religion. The 2nd verse is the craziest in my opinion, really brings forth the conversations I have with wifey about religion and shit. It’s hard to really give all of oneself and BELIEVE in intangibles, ya dig? Or is this too deep for y’all. This is taken from M-16’s, which is out now.

Amor Jones "Hey Mista"

Amor Jones "Hey Mista" (prod. by Nefarious!): I love wh en producers flip a classic sample, and leave a defining piece of the original in the beat – then the MC actually builds the concept of the track around that. Little shit, folks. This cut might be about a year old, and was supposed to be the intro to Amor’s forthcoming The Wake Up Show, but he was like “fuck you, Mista” and went another way. That’s fine though, this is the beginning of what should be a flood of material coming from Amor. Hope you’ve got your life preserver…

[video] Redman "Tigerstyle"

Bonus Beats Redman "Tigerstyle"
Bonus Beats Redman "Def Jammable"

Pat-Lee The Name EP

You are now listening to the sounds of the future” is one of the first lines Pat-Lee flips on “Number 1”, and he’s definitely got a nice hybrid, forward-thinking feel to this EP. The majority of this project is produced by Best Kept Secret, who provides a lot of DC/go-go flavored percussion to these beats, allowing Pat to kick some really fly material, which is both very accessible, but not cheap or phony. Pat’s being himself, and really, that’s all you can ask for. I remember dropping Pat’s “Fashion Gangsta” almost two years ago, and I appreciate Pat for doing this drop for me. Definitely appreciated, troop.

DOWNLOAD Pat-Lee The Name EP

FuseBox Radio (Week Of October 13th, 2010)

Benji B - Future Beats (10/14/2010)

[video] Olivier Daysoul Mr. Saint Louis Mini-Doc

Bonus Beats Olivier DaySoul "Labor" (prod. by Oddisee)

Olivier's Mr. Saint Louis EP drops tomorrow.

Mr. Scruff LIVE At Ninja Tune XX Party (10/02/2010)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[video] Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)"

[video] Eric Benet "Sometimes I Cry"

[video] Lloyd "Lay It Down"

[video] Reflection Eternal "Long Hot Summer"

A Day In The Life Of Killa Kyleon

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 8: Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo Riddle

EPISODE 8: comedians and writers Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle join the Hype Men to discuss their work on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon + having Black Thought as a Secret Santa + The Social Network + Harvard, as portrayed in the movies + The Coup + Slow Jammin’ The News + The Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake rap tribute + forgiving Chris Brown + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 8: Bashir Salahuddin & Diallo Riddle [via Hype Men]

[preview] Von Pea Peas Gotta Have It

Of course, the one time I make sure I get an interview sorted the week of a release, it gets delayed! For some reason, Von Pea's Peas Gotta Have It, which was due out yesterday, has been pushed back to the 19th of October. Not a HUGE push, but just very late in letting everyone (including the artist) know about it. Foul play, but Von put up five tracks for you Lessondary lovers to stream - these aren't even the best off the album, IMHO, but they are fucking sick nonetheless. Enjoy these, then make sure you cop that album next week! Pre-order it off of Amazon if you have to, so you won't forget.

<a href="">Pea's Gotta Have It by Von Pea</a>

[video] Wordsmith "Show Me The Money" / "Touch Backdown" (ft. Jnes)

Bonus Beats Wordsmith "In This Corner" (prod. by J-Mac)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cy Yung & J. Slikk Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez

I've literally been hyping this album since June of 2008, when "Dreamcatcher Revisited" leaked, and it's almost surreal to finally have this opus on my harddrive. Cy Yung and J. Slikk have been through a lot making Soul Train Dancer, their tribute to Rosie Perez (and yes, fuck those other guys, these two BEEN on that Rosie shit). Completely produced by Slikk, Cy goes off, and these two epitomize what's missing within the game. Classic samples? True lyricism? A backpacker's aesthetic? Check all of those, and then some. This is actually a great time to drop the release, with all of the leaves falling and the temperatures dropping - it's a time to get nostalgic, and this back to the future flavor is the stuff (wet) dreams (about Rosie in White Men Can't Jump) are made of. Featured MCs include Rashid Hadee, The Primeridian, Wordsmith, Melatone, Indy Sparks and plenty more. This shit is better than you thought it'd be, and truer than the first time you thanked God for the left nipple... and the right nipple. BPA.

"Cuz I feel like she is us, groundbreaking..."

DOWNLOAD Cy Yung & J. Slikk Soul Train Dancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez

Daily Thugstep #10: Gucci vs. Downlink

Daddy's Money FTW. Via HOODLUM.

Co$$ "Free"

Co$$ "Free" (prod. by Numonics): Wow. Love the uplifting beat from the homey Numonics, and as per usual, he and Co$$ link up like Legos and create some awesome art. There are a number of things out in Florida that make me smile, and the beautiful music these two create together is at the top. This is one of those empowering jawns, some shit you pull up the pea coat collar, open your arms and embrace the autumn sunshine. Quality.

Revelations will be out in a few weeks, via 2DBz, Crooks & Castles & PONY International.

Starklove ft. Big Pep & DJ D-Styles "Insufficient Funds"

Starklove ft. Big Pep & DJ D-Styles "Insufficient Funds": Good thing this track is available for free – I don’t have the funds to post the shit if niggas tryna sue! This is taken from Starklove’s Desiderata album, which features a lot of D-Styles and a good grip of sub-lovin’ basslines. This track encompasses the depressing mindstate of some of us who are trapped in a rut, financially, who aren’t that far from seriously jacking anyone who looks like they have more than $50 in their pocket. Starklove’s Desiderata, saw its digital pre-release on the 10th of October, with full release on October 20th.

Bonus Beats Starklove ft. Dirty Elegance & DJ D-Styles "Melophobia Redux"

For a little bit more on Starklove, hit the jump for the press release. Shit’s intriguing…

Tre Bishop Let’s Play Pretend EP

Another winner from Dallas, Texas. Tre Bishop’s 20 years of life is channeled into his Soul-drenched R&B, blending seductive suites with proper talent. Music is dude’s passion, and he brings a fresh face to the saccharine R&B scene currently, with gifted vocals and mesmerizing arrangements. Tre has been killin’ open mics in the Dallas area, and recently linked up with The Apex Agency, who are a few friends of RTD who’ve been putting it down for a MINUTE! With that team behind him, he sorted out a five-track EP, Let’s Play Pretend, to introduce you to his cipher. Grab a glass of that good red wine, turn the lights down low, and work your significant other into a frenzy to this.

DOWNLOAD Tre Bishop Let’s Play Pretend EP

Indiana Rome "Funeral Fresh"

Indiana Rome "Funeral Fresh" (prod. by Tech Supreme): Definitely feels like The Force is leaking out material from someone in the crew every couple of days, and this macabre jam, with haunting synths from my nigga Tech Supe, is a perfect spookfest for Halloween. It’s a pretty ill idea – the fact that a lot of niggas get superclean for funerals – whether they’re in the coffin or mourning their lost one.

"That nigga fresh to death, God rest his soooooul..."

MiLKMEN "Make It Go"

MiLKMEN "Make It Go": No this is NOT the jawn from the Moody Mammoth Studios vid, but Ty told me that will be out next week. This is a jawn from Red’s The Remix mixtape, and delves into the R&B flavors that the MiLKs dwell in. It’s a hybrid sound that kind of reminds me of the stuff Drake does, but without all of the pseudo-struggle bullshit. Proper bedroom music for those fit freaks who loved criss sneaks and can roll Dutches.

[video] Chase & Status ft. Tempa T "Hypest Hype"

Gotta love when a leaked track seems to make an outfit switch their plan. This track has been going ham on the 'Net and clubs for a minute, and it looks like a video had to get sorted out for the demand. I love that Tempa T is rockin' one of those Ali New Era fitteds in the video - still need mine. Anyways, I hear that Chase & Status are going to be offering "Hypest Hype" on their website for free on November 8th, but I'm going to assume you've already got it.

PROFILE: Peter Rosenberg

[video] Epsilon Project "Get Live (Remix)"

Bonus Beats Epsilon Project "Sleeping Giant (Remix)"

DOA Mix: Muffler

Here's a three deck dubstep mix from Muffler (aka Konsta), who has recently started producing dubstep; his first release for Dieselboy's SubHuman imprint just came out, and they are disgusting. Check out our mini Q&A and the mix via DOA.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Thugstep #9: Big Kuntry King vs. Reform

And the birthday hits keep coming... one of my favorite THUGSTEP refixes drops on my birthday. Undeniable THUGSTEP classic. Via HOODLUM.

Mic Wilson Phase Two

While I'm not sure he realized it, after presenting Mic Wilson's Square One: My Radio, it's fitting that Phase Two drops on my birthday, no? Not only do you get the full version of "Follow Along", but you get Michael Scott clips, introspective lyrical wizardry, and a grip of bangers from YN's lil' brother. One of the best birthday presents I've gotten in a while! Hit the jump for PreZZure's thoughts on the project, and of course the links to dload the opus.

Whygee "White Shadows"

Whygee "White Shadows" (prod. by Deal - The Villain): Two of my favorite slept-on niggas aligned for a few gems that never made the light of day, and this is one of them. For full disclosure, Why and I wanted to do another Boondocks-centric release, sort of like Mr. Bitches, but bigger, and I suggested DTV linking with Why, and they got along pretty well. I don't wanna say this track is full of paranoia, as a lot of these thoughts are very real, and are based in truths, but you know, nigga sleep on reality like they sleep on good music. This flips Huey's "White Shadow" ghost, who really would enlighten him to the realism of varying situations in his life.

Not sure what, if anything, will happen to the next Why/RTD Boondocks project, but this and the other jawn that's sitting on my harddrive... shit has SUCH promise!

RTD Interview: Von Pea

I remember when I first gave Brooklynati a listen through, I was instantly hooked on "Just Not True", one of the more "rappity-rap" tracks on Tanya Morgan's opus. It was Von Pea's verse that really stuck out, and I remember tweeting a few lines and attributing them to Pea, and him hitting me back, saying how a lot of people didn't pick up on whatever line I posted. I don't know if my subconcious stuck to that, or it was just deeper listening, but I realize now that I started checking for Pea more after that encounter, especially some of the shit I had loved but hadn't listened to in a while. Dude comes with a mixture of ill rhymes, be it something introspective, or humorous. Deep or conversational, Von Pea isn't one to sleep on with a pen or on the beats. His album, Pea's Gotta Have It, is set to drop tomorrow, and I wanted to speak with the Brooklynite about the album in a few different contexts, and also just get more of an idea about this nigga who can drop a Julie Newmar reference in a rhyme... but you probably missed that one!

Kronic Plague "Killumbus Day"

Kronic Plague "Killumbus Day" (prod. by DJ Mprov): While a lot of you celebrate today as a day your ass is out of work, some of us have to go in. Kronic goes in, but his topic is the ills that Columbus infected in this nation. I've heard a lot of people discuss history this way, and how our textbooks might suffer from revisionism. Study this text and come to your own conclusions...

Edo G & M-Dot LIVE @ Lowell Brewery (11/13/2010)

[video] Billy Drease Williams "Just Doin' It"

previous Billy Drease Williams "Just Doin' It"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daily Thugstep #8: Bg vs. Malente & Dex

God rested on Sundays, but HOODLUM doesn't.

Freeway & Jakk Frost On Official Street Radio

This footage was recently unearthed from a broadcast this past July.

MistaJam On BBC 1Xtra (06/10/2010)

Pretty special edition of MistaJam's radio show, featuring Magnetic Man's Maida Vale live session, a mini mix from Crissy Criss and some other bits. If I was on the radio, this would be the kind of show I'd be doing.

DOWNLOAD MistaJam On BBC 1Xtra (06/10/2010)

Marsha Ambrosius "The Ballad of Hope She Cheats"

This track from Marsha Ambrosius has been impacting radio, which is a great thing. Homegirl's had that voice for a minute, and seeing her striking out on her own with these captivating solo works is a beautiful thing. In a time where I don't feel connected to much new R&B (I need to get back to listening to Ciph & Rosenberg) - I don't know what's going on anymore), Marsha brings something both fresh and comforting, like your favorite blanket fresh out of the dryer. Check out her new single, and then read up on how it came to be via her blog.

The Ballad of Hope She Cheats: Sex So Good by MsAmbrosius