Saturday, October 23, 2010

[video] Truth Universal "Serve & Protect"

Soulja Boy vs. Rude Kid "Birdwalk (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Soulja Boy vs. Rude Kid "Birdwalk (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": And as HOODLUM does, a new project is on the horizon. While I won't give everything away, expect a lot of rude refixes from this next one. From what I understand, this is a cut that's not making the release, but it's the shit. Rude Kid's fast-paced groove pairs up perfect with Souljer's spastic rhymes. Rock to this one this weeken'. Via HOODLUM.

Fly Guys Present The F Word, Episode 1.5

These niggas is crazy. If you fuck with this, grab their mixtape, My Girlfriend.

[video] Phillip Morris "Collateral Damage For The Corporation" / "Hell Yeah"

C'mon Son 19

Friday, October 22, 2010

[preview] Break & Die "Slow Down"

Break & Die "Slow Down [radio rip]": I actually heard Die drop this on Kiss FM last week, but when Bailey threw this on during this week's show, I had to rip it. When people ask me why I listen to Jungle/Drum & Bass, it's for shit like this. It's the idea that cats can take memorable music (in this case, some choice snippets from Stephanie Mills' "You're Puttin' A Rush On Me") and present it in a context I fuck with, i.e. sub-heavy DnB beats. It fits so perfectly, bridging the younger me who used to ride with my mom, who would rinse WDAS FM in Philly, with all of that Soul & R&B, and juxtaposes the younger me who used to blow trees and soak in a shitload of DnB, trying to find myself. It's the '95 sample style of Jungle that I would play to death every Saturday night, with the sonic expertise of the now. It's a number of influences in my life, thrown together in one supremely-awesome cookie. Let me indulge.

Taken from Break's forthcoming Resistance LP, which is due out sometime soon (hopefully!) on Symmetry. I ripped this because, while a lot of DJs got this track, it's not up for stream via Symmetry's SoundCloud. Sorry!

RTD Playlist (Week of 10/22/2010)

End of the week status. Crack open a cold one...

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Reunion Show On WKCR (10/22/10)

TheSeKondElement "Ms. Fantastic"

TheSeKondElement "Ms. Fantastic" (prod. by Yen): You’d think homegirl hadn’t just dropped a mixtape! This cut is taken from her forthcoming Rhythm & Poetry EP, which is due out November 1st, and showcases her hybrid sound. She has the fresh flow, with a beat that’s definitely different, but altogether fresh and perfect-fitting. She doesn’t just drop Hip-Hop – expect some R&B, Spoken Word and more on R&P, nahmean? Might have to start adding her into that echelon of rhymers who just happen to possess a uterus.

Iron Lyon ft. Slim Kid Tre "Keep On"

Iron Lyon ft. Slim Kid Tre "Keep On" (prod. by Chad Dubz & Mr Koichi): The last time I hit you with a cut from Lyon’s Foundation EP, he had heavyweights like Sean Price aligned with him. He takes it from the East Coast to the Left, with Pharcyde’s Slim Kid Tre, who fits perfectly over this laidback guitar-driven groove. The subject matter matches the beat, with this being something to get you chugging along, past the breaking point. Plus, if you’re overcome by the intoxicating smoke or drink you’re imbibing, this lovely soundtrack will hold you like a warm bed. Keep pushin’, seekers.

Co$$ x Numonics Revelations

There’s been a number of leaks thrown out, and a number of sites that have caught on to Co$$ and Numonics’ union, but the time has come to read through their Revelations. I’d say “make sure you smoke something/drink something while rockin’ to this”, but not only does that go without saying, it’s really just not necessary. This combination is just perfect. Co$$ has a dope voice, something that feels different, and I appreciate how he doesn’t mince words or hold back – if it’s on his mind and makes it to his pen, it’s on the page and out of his mouth soon enough. With all of that soul-bearing, you need Soulful soundscapes, and the one like Numonics knocks it out the park each and every. I won’t go too deep into each track, but “Fake Kings” is an anthem over here right now, as there are a lot of you fake kings out there in many walks of life. I see you, we see you.

Anyways, download this and make it the soundtrack for your now.

DOWNLOAD Co$$ x Numonics Revelations [via 2DBz]

Spiderfang Hatchback Music

Hip-Hop is my main love when it comes to music, with the art of being eccentric and/or singular at a close second. This Spiderfang shit reminds me of both, and fits into the area of my playlist that also encompasses Sharkula, Odd Future, Das Racist (who are featured on “Pink Polo Shirts”) and others, cats who are smart enough to dumb out pon the dancefloor. I don’t know what the term “hipster” means anymore, but I’d assume a lot of heads would affix that tag to this quick shot, but really, it’s just fun. Remember fun? The shit you did when you stopped caring and listening to what you should be doing? Yup, that’s Spiderfang (aka Jonah Weiner). It’s the sound of not giving a fuck and smiling a lot. To a beat.

Big up to Hans Beck, who mixed four out of these 7 tracks, and produced track 7, "So NPR", which I featured on The Four Horsemen earlier this year.

DOWNLOAD Spiderfang Hatchback Music

Hip-Hop Galactus

It’s been damn near a year since I dug back into the Marvel Universe (while flirting with Image a bit) full force. I used to go pretty hard in my comic book reading, with my obsession for all things X-Men/Punisher/Ghost Rider, and its been good to see how far my favorite comic book characters have evolved (or devolved) since I put the books down over a decade ago. I noticed this week that two books (Chaos War #2 and Hulk #26) both had quick cameos/references to the eater of earths, Galactus, and both references shook whomever he encountered. Dude is a hungry demigod, one who’s story has been told in plenty of books, and is pretty much unmatched in the Marvel Universe. It got me thinking earlier on twitter: does Hip-Hop have a Galactus? And if so, who is his equal in our scheme of things?

A few heads brought up the mighty Hex Murda, who definitely works in that scheme of things, based on his persona and lore. I’m wondering, though, if Hex is Galactus, who is his Silver Surfer? Who else do you think fits the Galactus mold inna Hip-Hop zone? Reply to this post or tweet me (and use the #hiphopgalactus hashtag), so we can see if there is an eater of earths within the worldwide Hip-Hop scene.

Evol Intent Unconditional Evol

Evol Intent brings you a blistering laptop-live mix, based on performances from their fall 2009 tour. Defying genres, this mix has moments of drum and bass, dubstep, hiphop and everything in-between.

Accompanying this live mix is an EP of remixes and edits exported and extended for DJ sets. Included in this EP are some of the top requests the guys got along the tour.
These tunes include:
- 'The Rewards is More Cheese (Evol Intent Live Edit)' : This is a remix of Deadmau5's smash hit ready for drum and bass sets.
- 'Binary Calling' : a mashup of Evol Intent's remix of Tech Itch/Kemal's 'the
Calling' with Binary Finary's seminal trance classic '1998.'
- 'Champion Sound' (Evol Intent dubstep edit) : a classic amongst most drum and bass heads, Q-Project's 'Champion Sound' is updated for the dubstep crowd.
- Raven (Evol Intent Ravenstep Remix) : this is Evol Intent's dubstep take on Proxy's big tune 'Raven.'
- Calle Ocho (Evol Intent Dubstep Remix) - This is Pitbull's massive hit (otherwise known as "I Know You Want Me") re-imagined as dubstep.

DOWNLOAD Evol Intent Unconditional Evol [or grab everything separated HERE]

St Joe Louis ft. Chordz Cordero "30,000 (LOASOM Remix)"

St Joe Louis ft. Chordz Cordero "30,000 (LOASOM Remix)" (prod. by DJ K.O. & Elementality): Love the flex that K.O. put into this “Living Out A State Of Mind” remix of the lead single from SJL’s 30,000 Feet High And Rising project that dropped a big ago. The backdrop here, with the FAT bass paired with some dope guitar work, brings a new element to the “30,000” theme. Stakes are higher than ever, and I’m glad that these EA-affiliates are documenting that. RTD Records still plans on dropping their “Good Morning” single, which features “30,000” on it, so be on the lookout for that.

DJ J-Live First Things First, Vol. 3

This is the latest installment of the mixtape series "First Things First". Like the previous two, Volume 3 is a mix of quality hip hop, both old and new. All of the songs are the first real song on their respective albums. As always, "skits and interludes not included". First Things First Vol 3 is both mixed and hosted by DJ J-Live, with assistance and guest drops from super producer J-Live, and emcee extraordinaire J-live. While they were busy plugging their new 6 song EP "Undivided Attention" (on vinyl and digital November 2nd) they also took time out to correct a mistake made on Volume 2.

DOWNLOAD DJ J-Live First Things First, Vol. 3

[video] Remarkable Mayor ft. Tone Liv "Floating"

[video] M.anifest "Coming To America"

DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y., Kaleber & Typ Ill "Ya Gone (DJ JS-1 Remix)"

DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y., Kaleber & Typ Ill "Ya Gone (DJ JS-1 Remix)" [clean | dirty]: You probably slept on the BYOB EP – for shame. There’s a lot of sick Hip-Hop being made that you “everything is dead” fucks continue to sleep on. Concept and Knox have their BYOB LP set to drop soon, and this bombastic remix of “Ya Gone”, concocted by the one and only JS-1, is the lead single. I’m biased, but the boy Leg went in. BYOB also features rhymes from Chaundon, Big Noyd, Illa Ghee and Little Vic, with beats provided by DJ Supa Dave, DJ Skizz, Little Vic and more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

DAILY THUGSTEP #19: Outkast vs. Quad Control

You should've heard this on Dirty South Thugstep Vol. 2, as this tune closed that mix out. If you slept? Grab both and kick your weekend off RIGHT. Via HOODLUM.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of October 20th, 2010)

Odd Future LIVE At Low End Theory (10/20/2010)

Spotted over on GRANDGOOD; this footage features "Sandwitches".

[video] Jeff Spec ft. Soul Felons "Clyde Stubblefield"

Bonus Beats Jeff Spec ft. Soul Felons "Clyde Stubblefield"

J. Rocc "Play This Too"

J. Rocc "Play This Too": One thing I love hearing is talented DJs showcasing their influences and diverse musical backgrounds. J. Rocc's sets always surprise me, because he’ll cut up a random part of a record, getting his Flash on and creating some excellent riddims out of an old Jackson 5 record, for example. This cut is taken from his Play This Too EP, which is a great glimpse at the excellence of what his album, Some Cold Rock Stuf, could be. We’ve seen Beat Junkies heads like DJ Babu flourish on their own in the producer field, but while Babu is more boom bap, J. Rocc is more Funk, more Soul, more, well, cold rock stuf. Can’t wait to hear the full LP!

[video] RoQ'y TyRaiD "WOOSAH"

previous RoQ'y TyRaiD "Woosah"

Von Pea "Good Life"

Von Pea "Good Life": Finally, Pea’s Gotta Have It, and while I know there’s a lot of sleepers out there, I’d hope that some of you would go grab Pea’s debut album for whatever reason – be it love for themed albums, support of the TM/Lessondary collectives, an interest in dope beats and captivating rhymes? Whatever the reason may be, grab that digitally via Amazon or iTunes, or grab a physical copy. This is one of the cuts where Pea siphons his life from high school into the overall theme of the album, including not changing the names of the females he knew he’d bag when he “made it”. Well, I don’t know how many of those honeys got the dillz, but he definitely made one of my favorite albums of the year.

previous RTD Interview: Von Pea

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/20/2010)

Copywrite ft. Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm "Three Story Building"

Copywrite ft. Dilated Peoples & MF Grimm "Three Story Building": When I see dynamic pairings like this, I am awestruck. Oddly enough, when these three different factions were bubbling 10 years ago, I don’t think I’d even see or believe they’d get down on a record. Copy and Grimm used to be some of my favorite emcees when most niggas were b-centric, and it’s good to hear both of these individuals still keeping it golden in 2010, and beyond. Love the play on words here, but I won’t disturb it by expounding on the shit. Just listen to some Hip-Hop done right, then cop Copywrite’s Life and Times of Peter Nelson when it drops on November 16th.

[video] Humble The Poet ft. Mandeep Sethi & Ras Ceylon "Gutter"

Benji B - Future Beats (10/21/2010)

[video] Dwele "Watch Me"

bored at home on a tuesday night, why not make a song and shoot a video. . .

[video] Dagha & Psych Major"WildFellow"

This is taken from the Noise Is The Trigger EP from Dagha & Psych Major.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DAILY THUGSTEP #18: Lil Flip vs. Kromestar


RBMA Culture Clash (10/14/2010)

You already got a little taste of Shy FX's dismantling of Skream & Benga at the RBMA Culture Clash last week, and now not only have the streams been made available, but Blogandbass has download links. Early!

[video] J.A.M.E.S. WATTS ft. Frank G "Wish You Were Here"

The Very Worst Of J.A.M.E.S. WATTS drops on 2DBz on November 1st.

Coma - Gloktoberfest Mix (October 2010)

Coma is a producer who's been hitting me up out of the blue, and I've become a fan through his sick dubstep productions. Never heard a mix of his before, but that title + the tracklist intrigued me. Let's discover a new talent together...

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 10: Combat Jack

Industry insider Combat Jack joins the Hype Men to discuss what the heart and soul of early Rocafella + Dame Dash asshole moments + the Hitmen’s resentment toward Puffy + 50 Cent and The Madd Rapper + the nicest rapper you’ve never heard + what the New Boyz bring to the table + comic books + his Complex list + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 10: Combat Jack [via Hype Men]
Bonus Beats Hype Men Podcast, Episode 9 [via Hype Men]

Chosen Ones Dubstep Special (16/10/2010)

Weird - on the same night MistaJam has his special Dubstep Guest Mix show, Hatcha hosts a similar event on Kiss 100 with guests Lost, Subscape, D1, Tunnidge, Sgt Pokes and Rod Azlan going back to back to back to back to back to back to back (I think?) for a two-hour throwdown.

"High Tide": Numonics Interview

Numonics sits down with JonnyWalker of SUPERINTERNATIONAL to discuss his upcoming mixtape with Co$$ and the South Florida hip hop monthly "The Rising".

[video] J. GUNN "Pinot Noir"

Produced by The Jake.

Kyle Rapps ft. Planet Asia "Hand Over Fist"

Kyle Rapps ft. Planet Asia "Hand Over Fist" (prod. by Belief): Kyle is back, this time with the one like Planet Asia over this SERIOUS beat from Belief. I wish I was getting money hand over fist – I’d be punching people. Why does being broke make niggas so violent? And why did Planet Asia beast over this one!?!? And who else thinks Rapps has a serious Rolodex!?!!?!?!

G-Scott "SkyLife"

G-Scott "SkyLife": Taking a TSS post about heads needing to remix classic video game soundtracks led G-Scott to flip the Sonic The Hedgehog “Robotnik Theme” into this future bounce. This melody is so choice, I remember Joker dropping this during his “Ghetto Clang” mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, just the theme – it’s that good, untouched. Oh, I finally bought Sonic 4, and it’s taking some getting used to. The soundtrack is just as hype/annoying as you like it, too.

Anyways, watch out for a special version of “Sky Life” to drop on G’s mixtape.

Sene "Eye M Sorry!"

Sene "Eye M Sorry!" (prod. by No Games): I read something the other day where people are two times more likely to apologize to a stranger than their loved ones. Keep this in mind when listening to this Sene cut. If you love someone and wrong them, be sure to take the time to sincerely apologize. You don’t have to write a sick rhyme over a flute-driven instrumental, but maybe you could put this track on a mixtape for her? Or not. Don’t bother, Sene won for this one. Hopefully he got some good make-up sex for this one. This track is taken from Sene's forthcoming Metropolispeaker LP.

Shouts to J57 for the heads up!

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Window Pain Pt. 1"

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Window Pain Pt. 1" (prod. by Dox): Been a bit since I’ve spoken with Legs, but it’s good to know one of my favorite MCs is still providing that real shit. Leg’s Featuring Part 2 is due out soon, but right now? This shit has a crazy feel to it – that sample Dox uses is intense. Feels like some Rocky shit, which might be good for Leg. Underdog status. Ready to duff the fuck out of whomever you see as invincible. I could see this as Leg’s intro track at his next show.

[video] dead prez "Malcom, Garvey, Huey"

[video] DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill "Millenniums of Murder"

[video] Cloud City Classic ft. K-Rec "Brand New Kicks"

If you dig this, grab Brand New Kicks for free.

Grenade126 ft. Dashius Clay "Audio Dope 2"

Grenade126 ft. Dashius Clay "Audio Dope 2": True story: I gave Pilot Talk a once over, didn’t really get that into it. No diss to Curren$y, just not what I’m on at all right now. This beat is something I missed, so I’m glad that Gren and Dash beast over this Ski Beatz instrumental – I might need to revist the Curren$y album!

[video] Freeway "Elevators"

Bonus Beats Freeway "Elevators" (prod. by Jake One)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DAILY THUGSTEP #17: 71 North & 6ne vs. Dom

Another unreleased Nappy jawn, via HOODLUM. This is one from the archives that never got a release, if I'm not mistaken - that bass is so fresh.

Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Fahrenheit"

Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Fahrenheit" (prod. by Marink): Crazy track here. I’m sad that Eyedea left this world so prematurely. Cats like Soul Khan (and most of the BBAS camp) bring me back to those days where all I listened to was battles and lyrical excellence. This 2nd single from Soul Like Khan will be a staple in my earbuds for the better part of this Fall, with that eerie vocal/crisp drum combo from marink, and Khan’s tough, tough bars.

Soul Like Khan is due out November 16th; a video for “Fahrenheit” is due out next week. Big up to J57 for this one.

Rukus ft. SoulBrotha "Natalie Suliman Music"

Rukus ft. SoulBrotha "Natalie Suliman Music": Two of the finest Nigerian MCs today have flipped Rick Ross’ “Aston Martin Music” into a pretty interesting concept. Natalaie Suliman is a UK-born Sudanese model, and someone many males would aspire to get with. How do they think they can get in her good graces? By guapping up and giving her whatever riches she desires, by any means necessary. Thing is, most people feel that they make their own hustle, but the message here is that a lot of that is birthed from The Creator (no Pete Rock). Hit the jump for the SoulBrotha-sung chorus and it’s translation (he flips part of it in pidgin).

Ryu Black "Metsu Ansatsuken"

Ryu Black "Metsu Ansatsuken": Been a minute since I’ve heard something new from Ryu Black, so I’m glad this brooding track has been leaked. Feels like some Afro Samurai shit (which is definitely Ryu’s zone), but this is taken from Perfect Heaven (天), Black’s album that’s set to drop on January 11th. Hit up his Kickstarter campaign for more details and how you can get down on what should be a super-interesting piece of music.

Indiana Rome ft. Theresa Payne "Wake Up"

Indiana Rome ft. Theresa Payne "Wake Up": For as many bullshit tracks being hyped by the latest flavor of the month, I know I can count on The Force to bring some revolution funk to the forefront. Indiana rides this hybrid back to the future shit as a proper wake up call to you sleepy-eyed bitch bastards in the world. If this is the first you’ve heard of Rome, you might wanna take a shot of the strongest liquor you’ve got, sit back and let this soak into all of your pores.

Who The Hell Left The Gate Open?, #TEN26TEN.

Kore ft. Strick 9 & Revalation "Illusion"

Kore ft. Strick 9 & Revalation "Illusion": On October 29th, DotGotIt, TheGrindDaily and RockTheDub will present Kore’s Snack Time project. EMS goes in, and I have no problem co-signing their movements. This first single borrows (and brutalizes) Drake’s “Light Up”, and allows Strick and Rev to get some. Snack Time is due out October 29th – get ready for that!

Co$$ "Revelations"

Co$$ "Revelations" (prod. by Numonics): I know a lot of cats might clown or get discouraged by the non-Hip-Hop that I post here, but a lot of these cats who get championed know what the fuck is going on, and in listening to the intro to this title track from Co$$ & Numonics’ forthcoming project, you can hear Numonics’ EDM background. It’s gone as soon as it drops, and this delves into some psychedelic comedown music from this perfect combination. Reefer madness in the mental bled onto legal pad.

Legit ft. Julian Malone "Twisted Metal"

Legit ft. Julian Malone "Twisted Metal": Why yes, this is definitely the latest New Shit Saturday leak from Legit. I’d clown him for dropping it days late, but this is too good. Familiar beats and a grimey guitar really open this track up, allowing Legit to “be so sick”, he could “give a Mac a virus”. Gotta love humorous computer virus lines. Really aggressive feel here, I’d love to see homey perform this live. And it’s good to know that there’s more GOOD music out of Chicago that isn’t affiliated with Kanye’s label.

Dice The Nicest "Can’t Help It"

Dice The Nicest "Can’t Help It" (prod. by Superstar O): I don’t know Dice like that, but he has a great sound overall. Reminds me of the shit I grew up listening to, beat-wise, but he has that new school lyrical flavor to it. While he’s done pretty much all of the production on his past shit, his new project, Jackkin’ Fo Beats!!!, will feature all outside production. This is a dope party-starter, from the hype production to the throwback vocal snippet throughout the verses. Soulful but punched up with some hype drums. Expect the full project to drop December 2010/January 2011.

Bonus Beats Dice The Nicest "Recrium Freeverse" (prod. by Jazzi)

Hood Apostle x DJ Buka Presents Got Lyrics?

Hood Apostle aka Mr. Got Lyrics, is a rising star on the music scene. The 23 year old MC has been honing his craft since the age of 16. His homemade "Back To The Lab" mixtapes garnered him much respect on the streets and rap ciphers across the globe. Hood cites his musical influences to be Eminem, DMX, Nas, Big L, Jadakiss, Royce Da 5'9" and 50 Cent to name a few.

Tired of wack rappers wasting hot beats with non lyrical abilities, Hood decided to take a bold step and not only diss these rappers but he took their beats and made them his own. Mr. Got Lyrics is ready to dismantle lyrically anyone who stands in his way of becoming the next great emcee. Take a listen to his foray into the game via "Got Lyrics? Mixtape". Up next Lil Red Rhymin Hood" and a standout verse on J.Rawls new posse cut single "Were On Top" coming soon...

DOWNLOAD Hood Apostle x DJ Buka Presents Got Lyrics?

[video] Nina Sky "You Ain't Got It (Funk That)"

MiLKMEN @ Moody Mammoth Studios, Part 2

Word is this track will drop next week... but not before another BTS video!

previous MiLKMEN @ Moody Mammoth Studios

[video] Jon Connor "Epic"

Pugs Atomz The Decade EPK

drops October 26th.

[video] STS "In For The Kill"

previous STS "In For The Kill"

Big Up Podcast 35: Incyde

[video] Grillade "Remain The Same"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Thugstep #16: Yo Gotti vs. The Others


[video] Flying Lotus "Kill Your Co-Workers"

Corey Black "How We Rock"

Corey Black "How We Rock": The Force, I swear they keep the scene flooded with quality Hip-Hop on the regulack. I’m not sure who was on the beats here, but they have some dusty fingers – that loop is some throwback cookie dough. No real crazy zany shit here, just Black’s story, and an example of how he rocks and rolls, both over the beat and through this crazy game called life. Hunger is there – trust.

Katt Williams Made His Mark On Hip-Hop

Katt Williams: 9 Lives is out on November 2nd.

Co$$ ft. Sene "Tick Tock"

Co$$ ft. Sene "Tick Tock" (prod. by Numonics): Lovin’ the flip Numonics did to this beat, with that guitar-soaked excellence delving into those strings? Nice boom bap on this one here, giving Co$$ and Sene the perfect bed to lay some intricate bars atop. Revelations is on the way, and I’m loving what I’ve heard so far.

Quest M.C.O.D.Y. "My Letter"

Here's the latest installment for #MCODYmonday "This is me at one of my most strongest and vulnerable points" says Quest MCODY of the song that was recorded a few year's back while he was creating his critically acclaimed album "The Light Project". "It's about how hard it is to kill something within, in order to live with yourself."

DOWNLOAD Quest M.C.O.D.Y. "My Letter"

Gripz ft. K. Sparks "Soulful"

Gripz ft. K. Sparks "Soulful" (prod. by Anno Domini): New leak from Poetic Literature 3, Gripz is growing from strength to strength. Anno’s drums have that nice militant feel to them, almost sounding like some recent Sade ish, which he builds a nice bed atop of it. Really moving. Gripz and Sparks cut open their chests and let their soul peak out on this. Loads of witty bars, really taking advantage of the beauty in this beat. Poetic Literature 3 is on the way!

Hood Apostle "Hood Bars"

Hood Apostle "Hood Bars": Dub MD sent this one over, taken from Hood Apostle’s hood mixtape, Got Lyrics?, which drops tomorrow, hood Tuesday. He definitely keeps it hood, dropping hood bars at whomever pisses him off, including SODMG. That’s kind of hood, but that’s what hood niggas (and apostles) do. This shit is long, too, so you might want to roll a dutch, light it and let it soak in for 7 minutes while Apostle batters a number of hood beats.

Atari Blitzkrieg ft. Fuca Chan "An Evening In Tokyo"

Atari Blitzkrieg ft. Fuca Chan "An Evening In Tokyo" (prod. by magOwl): Back when I used to roll ditches of Trenton’s dirtiest, I’d cop quality anime movies and spend evenings in awe to these captivating cartoon characters bringing more depth than most live-action flicks we get shoveled. A.B.’s latest EP, Perfect Blue, is an homage to Satoshi Kon, who created one of my favorite anime flicks (Perfect Blue) and many more captivating flicks. That shit was some stalker fantasy, like a twisted Bodyguard with a splash of J-Pop. Production from this EP (which is available now) comes from Moka Only, Jazz Spastiks, Dr. Quandary and more, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Say word. Give yourself a two-fer: grab the movie, grab this EP, and enjoy yourself.

It's A Rap Presents Summer Daze

I love this time of year – chilly mornings, but when you get out of work, it’s sunny and sweater/sweatshirt weather. Indian summer or not, this mixtape from the good folk at It’s A Rap is perfect for these sunny afternoons, something to sip a tall goblet of that red while wishing you could go to the beach and see some bitties. Featured MCs include Ayomari, Rickie Jacobs, YC The Cynic, phredDIAMOND, Kardi, Illecism, brandUn DeShay, Tunji and plenty more of that proper new school/new breed sound. If you miss the summer, throw this one on and reminisce. Then go write an e-mail to your summer house shorty, then delete it before It gets sent.

DOWNLOAD It's A Rap Presents Summer Daze [via It's A Rap]

Gray Cardi ft. DJ Corbett "This Is Me"

Gray Cardi ft. DJ Corbett "This Is Me" (prod. by Black Light Music): The boy Cardi uses this as his anthem to get past the bullshit in everyday life. You might need to get on that, too. No word on what the fug Cardi has coming next, but sitting here, letting this instrumental soak in? This might be enough to help you sekkle…