Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2010

Last October, I had the pleasure of introducing The Two. Fifteens to the masses with their October 2009 mix, which was chock full of Hip-Hop appeal and sub-bass riddims. Since then, the brothers have charted their own path, which led up to the recently-released ..., which is both acclaimed by those who opened their minds and slept-on by the usual gang of idiots. Not to
leave you lot in the cold, The 215's have concocted a fright-filled mix for this Halloween season, which blends found sounds with their speakerbox-freakin' big beats. If you've got some of that sticky, or something potent to sip on, I recommend you do so, then take a half hour out and try not to scare yourself shitless. Don't say Candyman in the mirror, don't mention Beetlejuice's name, and don't even think about Bloody Mary, mufucka.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens - RTD Halloween Mix 2010

Jaguar Skills - Spookalicious Mix (Halloween Special) (10/30/2010)

The Garden Variety Show (11/04/2010) October 2010 Mixtape

J57 - DATABREAK Episode 1

The super producer/PR man J57 hooked up this air-tight mix for dNp, and it's dope. I actually had no idea he did mixes - might need him to sort something for RTD. Use this as a prelude to J57's Mute Dialogue instrumental compilation that drops next week. This one has niggas rapping and shit on it, though, including Skyzoo, Soul Khan, Eyedea (RIP) & Abilities and many more.


Wafeek Monster

The game needs cats like Wafeek. Dude isn't afraid to express himself, and spit rhymes that are iller than yours. Coming out of the STL, dude has a different vibe to his beat selection and sound - really bounces all over the tracks and wears his "don't give a fuck"/"fuck you" attitude on his forehead. Backed by IM KING, TSS and 2DBz, and mixed by DJ Trackstar, Monster isn't a Halloween mask Feekee threw on - this is him, he IS a monster, and brings the reality, ugly or pretty, to each of his songs. Don't sleep.

DOWNLOAD Wafeek Monster

Friday, October 29, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 10/29/2010)

Back to normal Fall weather = so beautiful.

R.O.E. ft. Brecan Bland "I Won"

R.O.E. ft. Brecan Bland "I Won": Been a long-time coming, but BPA member R.O.E. is finishing up his A Backpacker Named R.O.E. mixtape, which RTD will be presenting, and this is the new single from it. Beats like this are so inspiring, and R.O.E.’s everyman flavor add to that many times over. Something to drop then rewind... then rewind… then rewind again. Dude won, but you been knew that, right? More on A Backpacker Named R.O.E. when the time’s right!

[video] Wes Fif "Prince Of The South"

[video] Homeboy Sandman "Calm Tornado"

[video] Katy B ft. Ms. Dynamite "Lights On"

Kore Snack Time

Without further ado, I'm proud to present (alongside Dot Got It and The Grind Daily) EMS' own Kore with his first mixtape, Snack Time. No nonsense on this one - both solo and with the EMS crew (M-Dot, Strick 9, Revalation), Kore murders a number of instrumentals, from "Hot Toddy" and "Patron Tequila" to that fucking Chris Brown "Transform Ya". Boston is an area that I always feel has some dope talent, so it's good to hear consistent heat from a crew like EMS, ya dig? Enjoy this one!

DOWNLOAD Kore Snack Time

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gravediggaz "2 More Cups of Blood"

Gravediggaz "2 More Cups of Blood" (prod. by The RZA): Weird. Random. When I was in 8th and 9th grade, I spent a lot of time fucking with the Gravediggaz' 6 Feet Deep album. Some of my favorite shit from that time was their shit, as a crew and solo. “2 Cups Of Blood” was just an interlude, if I’m not mistaken, but had one of the wildest beats on the album. Those weird scratches? It was so intense and just different, more to the leftfield shit I was checking out than shit from RZA and Prince Paul. Apparently the Gravediggaz are back, and while this track is cool, it’s not touching the original… and I’m still mourning Too Poetic. I respect any Boris Karloff reference, though.

M-Dot ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law "Eastcoast Points"

M-Dot ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law "Eastcoast Points" (prod. by Reckonize Real): Nice track here – four of the finest spitters from up and down the East Coast, nah mean? Reckonize Real cooked up a fresh live-sounding beat here, real curtain call kind of feel with that horn, and each of these cats goes for broke, you feel me? Not much you can really say but you need this. One of those sunny Fall tracks you blast while you’re playing at the park or some shit. Just good Hip-Hop Music. Download it, bitch.

Pugs Atomz "On The One"

Pugs Atomz "On The One" (prod. by Dirty Dunnz): Pugs is the shit. Not only is this a cut done for Heineken’s playlist, it drops a sample of Theo from the Stevie Wonder episode of The Cosby Show. I catch that episode at least once a year – I think I watched it with wifey a month or so ago, and really never heard anyone come into a party taumbout they “jammin’ on the one”, but to each his own. Pugs has that nice flow on this – it’s almost sung, adding a nice touch to a beat that’s just drums and percussion. Throwback feel, indeed.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of October 27th, 2010)

Benji B - Future Beats (10/28/2010)

DJ Hipnotikk Dirty South Thugstep Vol. 4

Fourth edition of Hipnotikk's Dirty South Thugstep series, and dude's far from even taking a break. You should have heard a number of these refixes right on this site; Hip throws down a number of his biggest blends, as well as some gems from DJ Nappy, DJ Hotpoint, Loud G and plenty more in a blinding mix. If you're sleepin', you're simpin', straight up.

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk Dirty South Thugstep Vol. 4

hasHBrown Rap Mayor

Here’s another project that’s been stewing for a bit, and I’m glad that one of the New Houston artists are finally bringing forth a definitive mixtape for the sleeping community out there. With Election Day going down in varying states next week, this is the perfect climate to drop a tape like this. It’s all there in the intro – HB is about preserving proper Hip-Hop, be it on the beats or with his rhymes. And does he ever. A lot of this is solo material, but heads like Hollywood Floss, John Dew and others John Stockton on this project, effortlessly. It’s really all about hasH, though – cuts like “Hydro” come with some seriously intoxicating beats, but then you flip “I’m Beamin’”, and we’re intergalactic on it. Houston’s Elite, indeed.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown Rap Mayor

Co$$ "Paranoid (Numonics Alt Mix)"

Co$$ "Paranoid (Numonics Alt Mix)": With their Revelations project surely getting ‘nuff play in your digital music device, Numon wanted to drop an alternate mix of “Paranoid”; apparently there was some debate on which version should make it to the project, and realistically, I like this one better. I think the sound in this mix is a bit more cinematic, like if I was to see Co$$ in a movie, spazzing out and hearing voices in a movie, it’d be to this version. Maybe that’s just me.

89 The Brainchild "Raping Hollywood"

89 The Brainchild "Raping Hollywood": Love how I can rap to DTV for an hour about anything, talk serious nerd wrestling shit with 89, but had no idea that DTV was doing some work for 89’s Trill MF’n Cosby, which is on the way. This is a lil’ leak to curb your hunger before the full release, and I’m glad it’s out. This is Brainchild’s “Dreams”, his “How To Rob”, just him speaking on what females he would and wouldn’t smash. Disrespect, but it’s not some serious shit – he ain’t condoning rape, just letting a thought expound into a complete track. Don’t trip!

[video] Souls of Mischief "Won One"

[video] J.A.M.E.S. ft. Frank G "Two Minute WarmUp Part 6"

Vasco "City of Angels"

Vasco "City of Angels": Jersey’s own Vasco said he penned this on a flight to Jersey from Los Angeles. When I took my one flight back home from LA, I was listening to “Paranoid” by Kanye West, realizing how much that sound made sense when you’re above the clouds. Vasco took a DOOM instrumental to express how much he dug LA. I love that city. Couldn’t live there, but I loved it. I need variation to my seasons, plus I don’t smoke weed anymore.

Primus Luta LIVE At Harvestworks NYC (10/11/2010)

This would've been a dope birthday present for me if I coulda been out in NY. Concrete Sound System FTW. Whattup, Gutta!??

[video] Weapons of Audio "Boulevard"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[preview] DJ Nappy "Thugstep Architect" Interview

Quick piece of a forthcoming interview where DJ Nappy sets the record straight on a few things. Big up to SharpShootersMedia.

Crew54 & CientifiQ Slap Rapz

This is a project I’ve been waiting to receive and drop on y’all. Slap Rapz finds CientifiQ providing some beats that will slap the shit out of you, providing some classic throwback sounds for Crew54 to blast to pieces. They kept hyping this project to me, and hearing how perfectly matched these outfits are, I’m glad they let it simmer before releasing. Throw a lot of these on during your M.O.P./DJ Premier/Freddie Foxxx sets, forreal. It’s that real.

DOWNLOAD Crew54 & CientifiQ Slap Rapz

Red "Fall For Your Type"

Red "Fall For Your Type": With The Remix Mixtape on the way, we get a full new jawn from Red, who’s getting his vocal workout on this 1AM sexing shit. Seriously. You might could drop this when you wake up and you’re trying to figure out what you’re gonna do about that shorty you’re sweet on, but really, this is some shit to make love to. Just has that strong but subtle beat, synths to fly around and Red’s dreamy vocal. It’s captivating work, and shit that makes me see how versatile the MiLKMEN truly are.

Dave Raps "$20 Gucci Bag"

Dave Raps "$20 Gucci Bag" (prod. by Papparazzi): Dave brings a new anthem to scream at cats who rock the bootleg knock-offs but wanna pop off at the mouth. This is another jawn from his Too Unknown mixtape, which drops via Outrageous Ashley on Sunday, the 31st of October. Kind of surprised I haven’t seen this or “High Life” up on her site, but I guess when you’re presenting the entire tape, there’s no need for you to post the lead-up singles! I expect a few more tracks will leak prior to mixtape release. Big up Vee Nyce.

Who are the BombZombies?

Bonus Beats The Bomb Zombies "Bangz" [this will NOT be on their album!]

previous The Bomb Zombies "Fuck What You Heard"

[video] J-Live ft. Boog Brown "The Way That I Rhyme"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (10/27/2010)

Juan Epstein (10/27/2010)

Good to have Juan Epstein on a semi-regular basis, no? I remember being in High School, and begging with my friend Joe to get the administration to allow us to broadcast an episode of The Tom Green Show at the end of the day. Fucking hammer, they loved it, too. Good to hear him still doing his thing. Proper funny here.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (10/27/2010) [via Rosenberg Radio]

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 11: Julia Segal

Comedian Julia Segal joins the Hype Men to discuss the Virginia rap scene + Rappers Looking Like Magicians + bands replacing their lead singers + Ice Cube + Eli Porter + rappers Julia would date + Jewish names + old Jay-Z vs. new Jay-Z + Das Racist + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 11: Julia Segal [via Hype Men]

[video] AG ft. Sadat X "Time Is Now"

Coalmine x Flüd "Nu World" MC Contest

Coalmine Records & Flüd Watches are calling on MCs Far & Wide to enter the "Nu World" MC Contest. Artists, please submit your best verse by Monday, November 8th for a chance to have your verse featured on the New World Remix EP. Winner also receives a limited edition Coalmine x Flud watch. Click on either of the links below to download the contest assets which include the main & instrumental version of the track as well the the contest rules & itinerary...good luck!!

DOWNLOAD [mediafire | zshare]

Dyaleks On... Being Dumb

previous Dyaleks On... School

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is fire. Via HOODLUM.

Indiana Rome Who The Hell Left The Gate Open

Seeing as it's #TEN26TEN, it's high time we drop that Indiana Rome project, no? Dude puts in work as both an MC and producer, and showcases both alongside Force affiliates like Tef Poe, Tech Supreme, Corey Black, Rockwell Knuckles and many more. Dude's got both a message and a hammer to slap the game with, and over these rattlin' riddims, he doesn't fail. You've got some enlightening anthems right up against some get money slappers, and it all works. Curse whomever left that gate open - a midwestern storm has entered...

DOWNLOAD Indiana Rome Who The Hell Left The Gate Open

[video] Gangrene "The Sickness"

ALC and Oh No linking up is so serious.

[video] Meyhem Lauren "Ray Lewis"

I'd be lying if I said I thought this official video was better than DP's, but this track is lethal regardless.

Dyaleks On... School

Here's the first installment in the week long series of video's where I'll be sharing a little bit of myself with the rest of the world in preparation for the release of my mixtape, "Make'em Yell(ow)" Hope everyone will enjoy.

[video] DELS "Trumpalump"

[video] Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Fahrenheit"

Directed by Nicolas Heller & Houston Yang.

Keon Supreme "Let Go (Ludus)"

Keon Supreme "Let Go (Ludus)" (prod. by Jansport J): Keon’s back atop a Jansport J track with this first single from his Just Cause project. This project is kind of wild – it will be “covering all 6 different Greek words for the word love”, giving you different types of love in each cut, all juxtaposed with what Keon does on a regular night. This cut is a representation of when lust meets lust inna club, and the vocal intertwined in that beat plays like the angelic voice you hear from a cutie you’re digging on.

Just Cause is set to drop on February 28th, 2011.

[video] Dregs One & Equipto "Time And Space"

Via The Generation Gap.

[video] Diplo ft. Lil' Jon "U Don't Like Me"

And now here are the visuals for Diplo + Lil Jon's "U Don't Like Me" single. If you're a sleeper, you might wanna grab the HOODLUM Refix EP of this same tune. Miss Info has a grip of info on this video, and a bunch of other things Diplo.

[video] Wafeek "Just Go"

Via TSS.

Monday, October 25, 2010

DAILY THUGSTEP #23: I-20 & Ludacris vs. Skream

THIS is one of a few new cuts that Nappy made available for free via his SoundCloud page. He's on his #fucktheworld shit, so be careful... via HOODLUM.

The Credit Union "Hard Body"

The Credit Union "Hard Body": Genrokka & Boom Blake recently leaked another cut from their Credit Union album, and this one is just what it says it is. Lovin’ the instrumental on this one – can’t even front, this one got a few rewinds today. I’d hope you niggas wouldn’t sleep on Trenton, or at least keep this track upfront in your record bins. Perfect cut for the impending cold front, although The Credit Union keeps it hot.

previous Boom Blake & Genrokka ft. AP The Mayor "Black Woman"

Fat Tony ft. Negashi Armada, Tom Cruz, & Charly East "Rap Babies"

Fat Tony ft. Negashi Armada, Tom Cruz, & Charly East "Rap Babies" (prod. by Tom Cruz): Talk about an instrumental being RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! Just peeping the progression of this beat, with the elements really crashing into each other, and being so weird yet so NOW? Awesome. This is what I’d hope rap battles would be sounding like. This is take from Fat Tony’s Tom Cruz-produced RABDARGAB, which dropped last week. I posted a pretty fun-filled video of Tony’s recently, and it’s good to hear some more of the New Houston spitters bringing something seriously awesome to the mixture. I might need the instrumental, though. Just for weirdo purposes. Grab RABDARGAB, though, Fat Tony might be part of the future.

John Public "Jack & Ginger Ale"

John Public "Jack & Ginger Ale" (prod. by 6th Sense): I’ve actually never had Jack with Ginger Ale – it’s either straight or with some Coke (no Bobby Brown). I’m not up on John Public, but he reps Jersey City and linked up with the homey 6th Sense; their collab on this one is a perfect mix. I’d actually love to be at a happy hour with a band playing this track, but I digress. One thing I do when I drink is reminisce, which fits perfectly with Public’s backwards journey he takes in this cut. This is taken from Re-Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience, which is due out on December 7th via DJ Booth (and on iTunes early 2011), and features beats from 6th, M-Phazes, Oddisee, DJay Cas and more. Interesting cut here, a nice diversion from the normal shit you hear these days. Keep it locked for more on this project from dude. Jersey!

Naughty By Nature Mixtape Release Party (10/28/2010)

Dave Raps "High Life"

Dave Raps "High Life": We’ve been giving Raps some shine here for a bit, and it looks like other sites are taking notice. The homegirl Outrageous Ashley is presenting Dave’s Too Unknown mixtape, which is set to drop on October 31st. I love the sample used in here, and the added bottom beat makes this one a pretty interesting affair. Something you could get hype to, but also vibe to in the back of your whip on a nighttime flex. Word is they have more to leak, so let’s see what else comes our way before Sunday…

[video] Kore "Gimme That Mic "

Snack Time drops Friday, October 29th.

[video] Broken Complex "Intro"

Broken Complex's album drops soon, and has features from Copywrite, Pigeon John and Intuition. This is the intro cut. Rock with it.

Soundbytes: Hollywood FLOSS

Rukus “Pass Out Freestyle (Be A Star Now)”

RukusPass Out Freestyle (Be A Star Now)”: Ruk flips a particularly popular riddim to spit some bars on his particular murderous style and dreams of stardom. He tackles the track expertly, although I wanted to hear him rip up the DnB towards the end!

The Spitzwell Brotherz x Swiff D We Don’t Own This

TSB come back with a project that’s true to it’s title. Grabbing the Basic Cable beat tape from Swiff D (who produces for Pac Div), they essentially illegally stole some cable and created their own EP from those beats. It’s good to hear the guys rockin’ these left-of-center beats, as their flavor isn’t of the cookie cutter variety – even on tracks that might be more “basic”, they turn up the flows and really explore, vocally. Love hearing cats inspired by dope projects, and this is an example of art begetting more art. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD The Spitzwell Brotherz x Swiff D We Don’t Own This

The Combat Jack Show (10/22/2010)

Newest latest edition of The Combat Jack Show, featuring RTD friends 6th Sense and the might Sam Han. Shit is late, but it's here. Get ready for com-bat!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (10/22/2010) [via PNC Radio]

Legit "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

Legit "Forgetting Sarah Marshall": Not only is this Legit's New Shit of the week, but this is the fourth (?) single from illCity's The Apatow Project. I never saw this Sarah Marshall movie, and my knowledge of Judd Apatow flicks isn't that great, but Legit is a competent MC, and works this cut really well. You feel what the fuck he's saying - it's like Smell/Feel/See/Taste-o-Vision, nahmean?

Via illCity.

[video] High Rankin "Don't Carry On Like A Rude Boy When Daddy's Got A Yacht"

This tune's available on Beatport right now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

THUGSTEP Round-Up (10/24/2010)

I've been on some shit lately - some busy shit, but some shit nonetheless. I get backed up, but really, I'm posting shit that's been archived via HOODLUM's Daily THUGSTEP series. Here are a trio of bangers (Days 20, 21 and 22) from the past 3 days.

[video] UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez