Saturday, December 18, 2010

[stream] Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal (12/18/2010)

Or try HERE. Or HERE.

[video] Co$$ ft. Sene "Tick Tock"

[video] David Banner & 9th Wonder "Be With You"

Featuring Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius:

Illa Ghee & Big Lou - All Elements TV Cipher

[video] Nicki Minaj "Your Love (Silent Dust Remix)"

previous [preview] Nicki Minaj "Your Love (Silent Dust Remix)"

YN On Shade45

With a number of switches going down on terrestrial radio morning shows (in an effort, I think, to shit on Ciph & Rosenberg), Elliott Wilson was asked to host Shade45's morning show on Sirius. I don't own satellite radio, but love the format, and he brought the pain - they recently uploaded a number of recorded goodies, including interviews with Drake, Q-Tip, B.o.B. and plenty more!

DOWNLOAD YN On Shade45 [via Rap Radar]

[video] Jammer "Back To The 90's"

previous Jammer "Back To The '90s"

Friday, December 17, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 12/17/2010)

Weekly delights, nigga. Love it.

The Combat Jack Show (12/17/2010)

#FreeOnSmash #FreeOnSmash That was the theme for the show as our special guest were 2/7ths of the almighty New Music Cartel, Hof from (the now seized) OnSmash and Eskay from NahRight. Also in the studio was rappers Troy Ave and Maffew Ragazino. Hear what Hof and Eskay has to say about the site seizure of OnSmash, plans for the future and what they hope to be the outcome in this pending historic case. You wanna hear what Eskay has to say about you disgruntled artist complaining about not being on NahRight, or how to get the attention of the elite blogs and the status of Lupegate vs. NahRight/2Dopeboys? It’s all here. And of course Troy Ave and Maffew Ragazino spit some bars of fury. You know the drill…..

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (12/17/2010) [via PNC Radio]
Combat Jack Show 12-17-10 (Eskay & HofOnSmash) by PNCRadio

Troy Ave x Maffew Ragazino Freestyle x Combat Jack Show 12-17-10 by PNCRadio

Eazy E ft. MC Ren vs. Guido "Tha Muthaphukkin Real (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Eazy E ft. MC Ren vs. Guido "Tha Muthaphukkin Real (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": This dropped as the 70th DAILY THUGSTEP post over on HOODLUM, so Nappy felt the need to drop something really really new. So new, this nigga here never heard it. The sax in this track sounds like something from back then, for some odd reason, and this just fits. 'Nuff said. Architect wins.

Eazy-E - Tha Muthaphukkin Real ft. MC Ren (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Guido THUGSTEP mix) by djnappy

House of Billiam x DJ Cable Mix

The second mix in House of Billiam's series of exclusive DJ collaborations is by three-time DMC Champion DJ Cable. He's given us an exclusive Hip-Hop mix with extra scratchy goodness - this mix was even late because he was so keen to make it bloody brilliant, and you won't hear it anywhere else.

You can grab their podcast HERE.

Bonus Beats Caspa "Marmite (Cable VIP Re-edit)"
Caspa - Marmite (Cable VIP Re-Edit) by djcable

FuseBox Radio (Week Of December 17th, 2010)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Well Soon "BooksAreLooks"

Get Well Soon "BooksAreLooks": It's not often that you find tracks where the rhymes can be as abstractly funky as the beats - it's a crapshoot, sometimes. The GWS crew comes from Virginia, and their leftfield choices in beat selection (both found and original) is always the perfect backdrop to their madcap rhymes. This cut almost feels like they started freestyling at random and came up with a sudden theme, and transported this synthy bass of Flying Lotus' into something completely different. And amazing. Or as I was told, this is "something different than whatever they were listening to five minutes ago, yet familiar. A lack of a defined category. Something beautiful that you've wanted to listen to. That you want to like. Humble swag".

This cut is taken from Sunday Night Insomnia, Part Deux, which and rockthedub will be releasing... eventually. This isn't even a warning shot. It's a rediscovery of some shit you never knew existed. Or did and kept to yourself. Whatever you wanna call it, it's yours. And happy 1st birthday to THHE!

Benji B - Future Beats (12/16/2010)

[video] DviousMindZ "PeopleCHANGE"

previous DviousMindZ Beat Reel 001

[video] Freepoint Crew "FIN"

Kind of like Pharcyde's "Drop"; I just wish they had did a better job of rapping backwards - it looks like a bunch of mumbling during the verses.

New Jersey Elite Cypher

Featuring Serius Jones, Arsonal, Lady Luck, O-Solo, Sam Scarfo, Rah Digga & Avalanche:

[video] Neako "1979 WorldWide Convention"

[video] Thadd Williams "Center of Attention"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ghetto Big Mac 3: The Search for Sauce

The whole iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES movement started with the 1 million plus served "Ghetto Big Mac". You thought it was over, but the Rafi and Dallas hopped into the Delorean and WHAM, "Futuristic Brunch". Here's part 3 of this epic saga...

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (12/15/2010)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 18: Pete Wentz

Former Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz joins the Hype Men to discuss his Roc-a-fella chain + Jay-Z as Def Jam president + Lupe, Cool Kids and Chicago hip-hop + touring with 50 Cent + working with Pharrell vs. working with The Neptunes + Kanye dissing Fall Out Boy on their own remix + Tyga getting pulled over in Pete’s car + what rappers Pete tried to sign to his label + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 18: Pete Wentz [via Hype Men]

DJ Nappy x Generation Bass

Shouts to DJ Umb for hooking up this dope feature on Generation Bass on the Thugstep Architect. It's funny to see all of those tracks laid out like that, especially when I know there's plenty more where those came from...

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Whatever You Call 'Em"

DJ Critical Hype and Hip-Hop Kings Present A Tribute to Eyedea

I’ve been seeing a number of people say that 2010 was a dark year, for good reason, and I remember the Sunday that word came about that Eyedea was gone. Word quietly emerged that this gifted MC had accidentally OD’d, I guess to have people not dwell on the what and why, and just let us revisit his catalog, which Critical Hype and HHK did with this tribute tape, which features classic tracks, freestyles (including the spectacular back and forth Eyedea had with Slug on the Wake Up Show) and interview snippets, all compiled to give you an idea of what the world lost when Eyedea passed. Dude’s a Legend for a number of different reasons, and this time capsule will give you a glimpse of why myself and many other fans say so. RIP Eyedea.

DOWNLOAD DJ Critical Hype and Hip-Hop Kings Present A Tribute to Eyedea

DviousMindZ Beat Reel 001

Canadia’s own DviousMindZ cooked up a project that does exactly what it says on the tin – 75% of an hour devoted to a grip of his beats – 35 in total. Dude has some serious heat, too – he comes with some really dope samples IMO, and really brings something that feels missing to the plate. Might have to have him contribute some ish to this other project I need to finish… ANYWAYS, grab this one for free, or be a sport and plunk some dollars down for it, to help contribute to his fund to cop a butter WWE Title belt.

DOWNLOAD DviousMindZ Beat Reel 001

Rockwell Knuckles "All Work No Play"

Rockwell Knuckles "All Work No Play": Here's Force-affiliate Rocky Knuck dropping the (frustrated) grown man's anthem. What's deep is, niggas get into doing Hip-Hop for "the love", and when they get the idea that this shit could make bank, it stops being fun... kind of like any other passion you might have in life that you wanna turn into profit. Looks like homey flipped the "End Credits" from Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which is kind of a dope parallel to this, if you sit and think about it. Or just revel in this fly track, and wait for Knuck's It's All Happening to drop in the near future.

Shouts to Trackstar for this one!

William H & Indiana Rome ft. Bryant Stewart "Gone"

William H & Indiana Rome ft. Bryant Stewart "Gone": Well damn – some Midwest heat on this one! Taken from Bulls vs. Pacers: Eastern Conference Finals (which is an EP that drops in Jan. 2011, not the name of a new video game), William and Indiana rep their cities, and speak to these niggas wondering where their girlfriends went. This actually has some cocky appeal to it – I could seriously hear this playing on the radio, with Stewart getting his Trey Songz hookman shit on.

[video] M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Tribeca "When We Were Young"

YetiOne & El Carnicero "Lights, Camera, Tragedy"

YetiOne & El Carnicero "Lights, Camera, Tragedy": One half of Capricorn.One, El Carn The Butcher hit me with this uptempo party jam in the vein of “The Message”, where cats take to the dancefloor to speak about life’s ills and injustice. Kind of paranoid packed with loads of dexterity in the flows leads to this interesting cut that got unleashed today, I believe. Not even word on what in the fuck is gwarnin’ with these two pon the near future, which you really shouldn’t be focused on anyways. Crack a brew and two step with the girlie across the room; break down his lyrics over a cup of coffee at her crib. In there like swimwear, bitch.

YetiOne & El Carnicero - Lights, Camera, Tragedy by El Carnicero

RadioKilla presents Rubadubstep Vol.3

I think that duck picked up the wrong pair of glasses; "Third installment in the Rubadubstep series of urban vocal dubstep mixtapes. Tracks and remixes from Magnetic Man, Skream, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mr Oizo, Boyz II Men, Fake Blood, Plan B, Ciara, Lethal Bizzle, Kano, Flux Pavillion & more".

DOWNLOAD RadioKilla presents Rubadubstep Vol.3 [via]
RadioKilla presents Rubadubstep Vol.3 by DJ RadioKilla

The Super Cool Show (12/23/2010)

[video] Seanie Mic "MTV Is A Joke"

[video] Sheek Louch "Remeber Me"

[video] Bamboo Bros "Stay High"

[video] Blanco ft. Redman "Boss"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Botchamania 155

Botchamania 154

Casey Veggies ft. Tyler, The Creator "DTA"

Casey Veggies ft. Tyler, The Creator "DTA" (prod. by Wolf Haley): I can't help it, I'm primarily posting this because Casey's Sleeping In Class got posted in some spots that either didn't realize how hard OFWGKTA hates on them, or don't care, due to ties to Veggies. Whatever the case may be, it's hard for me to not immediately skip to this Wolf-produced banger. Has that fly bounce with the melancholic keys overtop. Showcases Tyler's range IMO. I could say this is my favorite track off of the project, but it's really just the only shit I've listened to... I'll get to the rest of it, I promise!

Nappy "This Is Anger"

Nappy "This Is Anger" (prod. by Definate): THIS IS THUGSTEP. I don’t care what some of my comrades might say, or how they might describe the sound. Ignorant. Confident. Bass-heavy. There have been some fly original thugstep tracks done, but it makes sense that Nappy, the Thugstep Architect, laces some homegrown Jersey dubstep, produced by frequent collaborator Definate. The blueprint has been laid for a while, and discussed even more, but I have a feeling that people will finally begin to understand what the fuck niggas have been talkin’ about when this one smacks the shit out of them. From AOL chatrooms, bootlegging #sour to quick runs, puffin’ sour, this movement is moving with you or over you. You didn’t know my DJ could rap, did you? Keep it locked… the nigga is more talented than 85% of you fucks give him credit for. Blast this one LOUD.

Nappy - This Is Anger (Produced By Definate) by djnappy

[video] Q-Unique "Mr. Lopez"

[trailer] The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sensational

More info over on

[video] Blu & Exile "Seasons"

[video] Fabolous "You Be Killin' 'Em"


I posted this up over on the rtd:tumblr last night (while RTD was dealing with the effects of a Blogger/Google hacking), but this long-lost EPK/fish taco promo video for The Sub Bass Diet has finally seen the light. Elucid FTW:

Directed by Ali Boombaye.

Jon Connor "Free"

Jon Connor "Free": ‘Nuff chatter has been given to the travesty that occurred on Thanksgiving Day, with one of the top tier blogs catching a beatdown in what I’ve repeatedly said was some bullshit, compared to the list of sites that got shut down. I believe OS’ Hof will be touching down at The Combat Jack Show this week, so hopefully this bullshit will get put on the Internets for whomever to see, and revolutionize to. I kind of wish Connor spent some time spitting about the situation – it’s almost as if he just tacked their name onto the freestyle, but whatever works. Free dem!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Curly Castro "TeenAger" / "Wise"

Philly spitter, dreaded lyricist, Curly Castro has finished his Winston's Appeal album, right? What's the one thing he forgot about, though? Promo, nigga! So here's a double single that he flung into my inbox over the weekend, full of flavorful musings and sharp darts.

Curly Castro "TeenAger" (prod. by Green Lidget Position): Not sure who GLP is, but this Hip-Hop/Jungle hybrid shit is RIGHT up my alley. Castro takes the "back in the days when I was a teen-ager" line and really let's you peer into the windows, alleys and basements where he and his compadres let loose and lived life. When one's an adult, it's hard to not reflect on the "glory days", or the "gory days", depending on how you spent those days. Love the aggression in Castro's delivery, thrown against a massive wall of sound.

Curly Castro "Wise" (prod. by Ta'raach): Castro channels Slick Rick and the other cinematic MCs out there, and tells a wild tale about some Jungle Fever that turns into a rape case. You'd think, in the Obama-run America, race issues wouldn't be running, but I could seriously imagine a story like this hitting the news wire, like, tomorrow.

Heavy single for you lot out there - and I know Cas has a number of fire tracks up his sleeve. Winston's Appeal drops in January, so we'll see what else pops up!

Reef The Lost Cauze Raiders Of The Lost Art

No matter how many names are thrown on the covert art (peace to NoPhrillz and Benja Styles), this tape is essential. A sick mix of freestyles over a number of cuts, as well as some SICK features that Reef The Lost Cauze has done recently, you get a great glimpse at one of the staples of the Philly Hip-Hop scene. Dude puts me in the zone of a Sean Price, a cat with wit and raw lyrics just beasting over any beat thrown at him. And if you're not up on the Haj-produced "Philly Cousins", you're playing yourself.

DOWNLOAD Reef The Lost Cauze Raiders Of The Lost Art

[video] Show Dem Camp ft. May D "Farable"

1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: The Sound Of Dubstep 2010

MistaJam, Annie Mac & DJ Nappy's future babymomma Katy B take a look back at 2010's year in dubstep, with the likes of Benga, Skream, Nero & Chase & Status chiming in. Shouts to Fried My Little Brain for this one!

DOWNLOAD 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: The Sound Of Dubstep 2010

Dreamsblend x Po Politickin x Roccett San Andreas Fault Volume 1 and present "San Andreas Fault Volume 1". Hosted by Get Your Green Up recording artist Roccett, "San Andreas Fault Volume One" features exclusive music from Roccett, Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, and Cali Swag District. Mixed by DJPete Blue, SAF vol 1 also showcases the best in indie rap with tracks from Jumz, GQ Bugs, Astro, and more.

DOWNLOAD Dreamsblend x Po Politickin x Roccett San Andreas Fault Volume 1

[video] Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon "Kush"

Aside from Akon, I'm not really mad at this one. Has a nice bounce to it. Is it a "Still D.R.E."? Hell naw, but I'm not HATING this.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

John Legend & The Roots - BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale Session

Recently, John Legend & The Roots performed tracks from their Wake Up! album at BBC Radio 1's legendary Maida Vale studios. I posted MistaJam's show from earlier this week where he played the entire recording, but hadn't seen anyone just posting this awesome session, so I took the liberty of ripping it and such. They even performed "Ordinary People". Lovin' it!

DOWNLOAD John Legend & The Roots - BBC Radio 1 Maida Vale Session

R.O.E. Vlog, Episode 1: Working With J. Slikk

R.O.E. stays working, and has a dope project on the way. I know I NEED that beat Slikk drops, though. Lemme find out...

1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: Dubstep Download Mix (12/12/2010)

Skream, D1, Lost, Starkey & MRK1 go in with some special, exclusive mixes. Seeing as these have been made available for download on the BBC Radio 1 website, but only to UK Internets, I figured it made more sense to at least post the entire broadcast.

DOWNLOAD 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: Dubstep Download Mix (12/12/2010) [via QRIP]

Crissy Criss - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: The Future of Dubstep (12/12/2010)

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Get It Together" LIVE

Labwerx ATL & The Freak Beat Present Dubstep Uncovered

The one like DJ Hipnotikk flipped a special mix for the bredren over at The Freak Beat, but with an interesting concept behind it. I'll let @zone3 describe it: "The concept I have been dreaming of for this mix was to create a mix of dubstep cover songs and remixes to make something accessible to those that don’t normally listen to dubstep. Hipnotikk realized my dream with this crazy 1hr+ long dark journey into dubz".

DOWNLOAD Labwerx ATL & The Freak Beat Present Dubstep Uncovered [via The Freak Beat]
Labwerx & The Freak Beat Pres: DUBSTEP UNCOVERED (Mixed By DJ Hipnotikk) by djhipnotikk

1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: The Dubstep Soundclash (12/11/2010)

This is the shit I had been waiting for during this BBC Radio 1/1Xtra Dubstep Takeover we've been documenting all week. MistaJam hosted a special Dubstep Soundclash last night, featuring the likes of DJ Plastician, MRK1, Flux Pavilion, P Money and many more going head to head, proper Soundclash style.

DOWNLOAD 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover: The Dubstep Soundclash (12/11/2010) [via QRIP]