Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rival "Home Alone Freestyle"

Rival "Home Alone Freestyle": Odd. I'd had this freestyle of Rival's over Virgo's nasty "Home Alone" riddim for a bit (thanks, Nappy), but was not willing to post b/c I imagined something would fuck it up. Apparently there was to be a "Murder Edition" of his Return of The Rivz, with a grip of tracks added on. Someone was holding it up, so Rival said "fuck it" and dropped a full EP of the shit that was to be added. Shouts to Team Supreme for posting this, so I could drop this Home Alone flip without feeling bad.

Bonus Beats Virgo "Home Alone"

Thelonious Martin Leg Lamps And Bunny Suits

Hah, love the cover, and the holiday-themedness of this project. I also love that, in speaking to my wife about this, I got an idea for a series. Just gotta get these niggas behind me. ANYWAYS, that 1UP nigga sent this over for your Christmas eve. Might wanna blow a tree and sip some eggnog to this one.

DOWNLOAD Thelonius Martin Leg Lamps And Bunny Suits

Hurricane Chris vs. Magnetic Man "A Bay Bay (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Hurricane Chris vs. Magnetic Man "A Bay Bay (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)" [mirror]: As a special Christmas treat, here's one of the newest/latest refixes that Nappy's completed. I remember when "A Bay Bay" jumped its ignorant ass onto the radio. My son was just starting to rock, and I'd sing the chorus to him. Huge smiles. That's when I realized that remedial rap is detrimental to the chilluns. On the flipside, Skream and Benga had a GREAT year with their Magnetic Man album, and this cut is a lil' understated Club thumper - perfect for Chris' nignorant banter. Sip some eggnog, turn this one up and go ham. Or eat ham. Murry christmas from Nappy and RTD!

Hurricane chris - a bay bay (disc jockey nappy vs. magnetic man THUGSTEP mix) by djnappy

Gerald Walker A Gerald Walker Christmas

[video] Muja Messiah ft. Shioneas & Real Spit Ric "Happy Holidays"

Rickie Jacobs Air Jacobs Reloaded

As a special Christmas treat from @RickieJacobs, he reloads his cannons and drops a companion piece to Air Jacobs, which dropped back in September. What's ill is, he essentially redoes the entire project, as both tapes don't mirror each other - consider this a dope treat from one of Bmore's finest. Features include Artic (on the beat and the mic), B.C., Sage Bravo and many more. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs Air Jacobs Reloaded

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010 Playlist

It's a gully Santa party!

[video] Bangs "Christmas Story"

Of course he had to drop a "take you to a movie" reference.

DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Ayah "Xmas Time"

DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Ayah "Xmas Time": Here's another jam that I could only hope would be an annual jam. Jeff knows how to craft those Soulful jams, and Ayah's voice is fucking beautiful. Sip on something alcoholic to keep your belly warm on Xmas Eve.

Shouts to Different Kitchen by way of Kream.It.

DJ Solo's Nightmare Before Christmas

Just got back from seeing DJ Nappy, who highly recommended this mix. Where was I when this dropped!??! Anyways, that tracklist is ridiculous.

DOWNLOAD DJ Solo's Nightmare Before Christmas

Jaguar Skills - Special Christmas Mix (12/18/2010)

DJ JS-1 & Mix Greens A Very Special ChristMix 2

DJ JS-1 & Mix Greens A Very Special ChristMix

Force MD’s "This Christmas (Marley Marl Remix)"

Force MD’s "This Christmas (Marley Marl Remix)": Last year, the Force MD’s cooked up this remake to promote their Traditional Free Style album, and was a random favorite of mine for last Christmas. The legendary Marley Marl hooked up some fly drums for his special rerub for 2010, and this could be something your moms will enjoy while slicing up the bird or pig or whatever you heathens dine on during your Holiday feast(s). Love the lil’ additions and snippets Marl throws in here.


FuseBox Radio (Week Of December 22nd, 2010)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

[video] Vast Are ft. Double A.B. "Sour Diesel"

That beat is kind of crazy. Shouts to GRANDGOOD.

In Defense Of Humbug

I'm not mad at Jay Smooth for this one. Shouts to Info for this one!


Benji B - Future Beats (12/22/2010)

Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats "Fuck This Christmas"

Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats "Fuck This Christmas": While I have some Christmas wishes, one I didn’t realize I wanted was a new Earl Sweatshirt verse. While the actual fact of his absence for the better part of OFWGKTA’s ascension to the group everyone loves/loathes/swears they put everyone onto is anyone’s guess – I’ve heard boot camp and a grip of other ideas – his Earl album has been a steady banger since I first got put onto “Earl” this past Summer. Dude can write – straight up and down. And of course he links up with Tyler and Hodgy to drop a sleigh bell-laden anti-Christmas ode. “Fuck Santa”, “no gift for you” and a special verse featuring Tyler fucking up mad Christmas dreams? This is the thing Rudolph has nightmares about. Or the anthem that Grinch ass kids wish for. If you’re under the legal age to drink, jack some of your parent’s spiked eggnog during this year’s festivities, down it quickly and sing this, sans shirt, during your big meal. Or just sing it to yourself while thinking about all of the money spent, family you hate and whatever else ails you during the Christmas season.


Maria Isa "Santa Papi"

Maria Isa "Santa Papi": HAH! I had a feeling this would be a sly reworking of Eartha Kitt’s classic, but when Maria asked for a spliff, I died. I love reworkings of those classic Holiday gems, especially when they are talented and shine light on shit you never heard during the white washing of Christmas. Just saying. I haven’t featured this sassy siren for a year plus, so it’s a great gift to get something so fly for the Holidays. Feliz Navidad, mama.

The NU Revolution Camp "Pressure Cooker"

The NU Revolution Camp "Pressure Cooker" (prod. by Drum Majors ATL): I had no idea that Wordsmith tapped Whitefolkz to join the Nu Revolution camp! See "Pressure Cooker" as their champagne-fueled championship win anthem, with Words, White, Kontakt and Black Knight going ham over this high-energy jam. This is the first single from Super Hero Theme Music Vol. 1, their collaborative mixtape that’s set to hit the ‘Net and the skreets on February 7th.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (12/22/2010)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 20: Dan Levy

Comedian Dan Levy joins the Hype Men in Los Angeles to discuss his beef with Jensen + seeing Kriss Kross in concert with his father + rappers who live in Connecticut + gun shots at hip-hop shows + dreams of being a professional rollerblader + Tupac as an actor and messiah + T.K. Kirkland + Lil’ Wayne’s untapped humor + Weird Al Yankovic + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 20: Dan Levy [via Hype Men]
DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 19 [via Hype Men]

[video] K-Hill "Millions"

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Vampire"

[video] Copywrite "Don't Kill Me"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tef Poe War Machine

Not sure what happened, but I know the homey Tef Poe has been going through a bit of shit in the last 24 hours or so. Out of that, he and Tech Supreme pulled the trigger and released War Machine, which I was told was going to be presented by ThisIs50 and RockTheDub. In any case, this is some of Hip-Hop's finest. Tef goes ham solo, but also features cats like Vandlyzm, Family Affair, Rockwell Knuckles and more, with beats from Tech, InHouse Productions and Basement Beats. Dude's spittin' harder than he has before, and for good reason: niggas need to hear that. Tired of cats being swagged out? Need some more brutal reality in your life? War Machine is the soundtrack to your frontline assault. Get motivated.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe War Machine [via irepstl]

[trailer] Jersey Shore, S03

This shit looks amazing. Season 3 premieres January 6th!

related Pauly D has a spin-off coming soon.

YC The Cynic ft. Sene "Mr. Brown"

YC The Cynic ft. Sene "Mr. Brown" (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros): Gotta love niggas like YC and cats like J57. I think I got this track to my inbox like 4 times today, and it’s already been on a grip of your favorite blogs. For good reason, of course. This first single from Cynic’s Fall FWD mixtape (which is dropping early 2011) is just what you need – throwback Hip-Hop flavor from the 2 Hungry Chef ass niggas, accomplished new schoolers like YC and Sene carving this beat up like choice meat. Pause? Anyways, the final piece is one of my favorite characters, Charlie Brown, getting a look in the artwork. Even my son knows who the fuck Charlie Brown is. Infinite appreciation, even if J57 is getting a box of beatdown for Christmas this year.

Bonus Beats Kalae All Day ft. YC The Cynic "Datura Stramonium"

Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure "Awesome"

Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure "Awesome": If PreZZure is Hip-Hop’s Miz, I guess I’m the bloggin’ Michael Cole. khalminers, this is taken from Lyle’s Spider’s Web Castle, which also features rhymes from Gooch, as well as a number of sicknan beats. Grab that via Bandcamp, for free or a fee, yadig?

PreZZure also has a number of things hanninin, including no longer being Mic Wilson, being on the bill for the Rap Radar Xmas Party at SOBs on the 23rd of December (which includes Joell Ortiz, Reek Da Villain, Fred Da Godson, with rumors of Busta Rhymes being in attendance also floating around). He’s also working on The Reset Button, which, if you’re lucky, will be presented once again by this very site. What’s next, PreZZure on the cover of XXL? Only time will tell…

Random & K-Murdock ft. Storyville "Bedrock City"

Random & K-Murdock ft. Storyville "Bedrock City": This is fly – while touring Forever Famicon, Ran and Murdock, through a makeshift studio in a comic shop (Bedrock City Comic Shop, of course), crafted this ode to, well, reading comics. I’ve reignited my love of comic books over the last 14 months, and I’m glad I did. Escapism in its finest form, in my opinion. Although my tastes is strictly Marvel – sorry Walking Dead fans!

MiLKMEN "Gone"

MiLKMEN "Gone" (prod. by The Vamp): Love how this cut from The Vamp sounds like some eerie shit you’d expect to hear in a vampire’s castle – all murk and dark. Oddly enough, if you look at the lyrics a different way, the MiLKs could make a video where they are vampires, lamenting on the honeys who die in their immortal wake. Weird how that works, eh? I need some ends to get this RTD Video poppin’!

Manni Festo "Flow In Motion"

Manni Festo "Flow In Motion": Manni recently dropped a fly mixtape, and now brings forth this new single from his Revival Of The Fittest tape, which is due out Spring 2011. This one right here? Has that jazzy vibe that I used to be so into back in the late 90s, which I like revisiting. NJ stays active, trust we.

King I Divine "The Foil (Winter)"

King I Divine "The Foil (Winter)": Here’s some pad-happy drums from King I Divine’s Crown Jewelz 3 project, which I’m told is dropping soon. How soon? #shrug, all I know is it’s out there soon. Definitely is a great track to play while you’re building a snowman with your loved ones this winter. Wait for that beat tape, though – K.I.D. ain’t foxing around!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crizzly Don’t Be Lame V2

Need some thugstep for Christmas? You wanna fuck with this mix from San Antonio’s Crizzly. In my normal tape/album/dub trading with DJ Nappy, he put me onto this, and I just got around to listening to it. Nappy’s been all about it, and I know why – it’s pure funky dub noise with a hint of that nignorance that makes shit like thugstep so infectious. I’d hit you w/ a tracklisting, but not knowing some of these dangerous tunes is half the fun when you DO get a track ID, seen? Anyways, this is the soundtrack to your next whiteboy wasted evening. Hopefully you don’t mix this with your mom’s Christmas party, or you’re dunzo.

DOWNLOAD Crizzly Don’t Be Lame V2

[video] Blitz the Ambassador "Best I Can (Live @ Trans Musicales)"

[video] Jim Jones ft. Rell "Blow Your Smoke"

[video] Sheek Louch ft. Jeremih "After Party 2"

Via yardie.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tef Poe "Fly A Plane"

Tef Poe "Fly A Plane" (prod. by Koko Besam): For those who have been waiting long enough, the This Is 50 x Rock The Dub-sponsored War Machine mixtape from Poebama is on the way - we're talking dropping tomorrow or Wednesday, you feel me? He links up with a lurching, organ-fueled banger from Koko Besam, who's done work with cats from Diddy to Eminem, and has two tracks on War Machine. Feeling like this shit will shake the community, trust? Align or get annihilated.

[video] Elucid "FACEMELT!"

Elucid x Dibiase's "Skullcrack". SCBS dropping around the top of 2011. You're SO not ready!

89 The Brainchild Trill MFn Cosby

Shouts out to @89TheBrainchild, first and foremost. I know he had a major setback with this project, but pushed on, and with the help of Deal - The Villain pulling in the mixdown(s), this project from one of the cooler Jersey spitters who I only converse about pro wrestling with is here. Beats from many different sources, with RTD-approved MCs like Wordspit and Michael Cardigan of St. Joe Louis, and a grip of tracks that are just, well, dope. Proud to be allowed to present this with a fine group of sites. Early Christmas gift for you lames.

DOWNLOAD 89 The Brainchild Trill MFn Cosby

Brand Nubian Enters The Dubstep

Enter The Dubstep Vol. 2 drops on December 21st. Pre-order that via iTunes right now.

You Dun Know Podcast: MRK-1

[video] Jeff Spec ft. NaRai "Stop"

Bonus Beats Jeff Spec ft. NaRai "Stop"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Well Soon Sunday Night Insomnia: Part Deux

The Get Well Soon conglomerate has been making interesting tracks, utilizing abstract sounds to spit over. I'm a weird nigga myself, a lil' left of center, so hearing cats who have some really ill style exploring their art free of form and boundaries, I'm gravitated towards that. The Hip Hop Effect put me onto duce and the GWS earlier this year, and I'm now glad to present the second edition of their Sunday Night Insomnia, on a Sunday night, when I'm drinking so I don't become an insomniac. Unreleased gems and freestyles, over beats by Diplo, Flying Lotus, Kanye West, Madlib, Samiyam, Teengirl Fantasy, duce and others. If you're not initiated, grab the first Sunday Night Insomnia via DatPiff.

DOWNLOAD Get Well Soon Sunday Night Insomnia: Part Deux

Take It Personal #30

There's not been an episode of Take It Personal since Guru passed, so I'm kind of psyched that @danamo, @ElliottWilson and @caughtintheweb linked up yesterday afternoon for a special double-dose of T.I.P., with a number of topics including "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Nicki Minaj vs. Lil' Kim, Hip-Hop at the Grammys, Danyel's love of Holiday music and much more! Go in!

DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #30
DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #30.5

[video] Bryant Stewart "We On"

Via DDotOmen.