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[video] Chris Brown "Forever"

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This is off the Exclusive: The Forever Edition release. Why is everyone on that Auto-Tune shit?

[video] Buckshot Live at SOB's

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DivaSpeakTV: Episode 14

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Amanda has some choice words for the po-po, too...

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Psychotic Girl"

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Spec Boogie "Psychotic Girl": Spec speaking the truth about those Fatal Attraction chicks who massacre relationships over a cut from The Black Keys. You gotta love the storytelling over that country-twang in the track.

Loosie's Warning Shot Wednesdays are damn essential.

[video] Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair" LIVE

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Check out Alicia Keys (and her backyard) performing her new single on David Letterman:

related: [video] Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair"

[video] Substantial "It's You (I Think)"

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Directed by Matt Hobbs. Via QN5.

[video] Jordin Sparks Fuse Interview

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You ever been a fan of a person, but not necessarily a fan of their music? I don't think I've listened to one Jordin Sparks record on purpose, but I love her voice and her as an individual. Check out this exclusive interview with Fuse On Demand, where she speaks on her American Idol experience and her first album:

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Starstruck"


Elucid "Starstruck": This week's Warning Shot from Elucid is, yes, another Sean Bell tribute. E raps "niggas wanna riot, but'ya scared of revolution" over some plodding Santogold fuzz. This is something I've been batting around myself - the idea that everyone is calling for riots, and calling for killing pigs and all of this other stuff, but when the axe drops, most of these niggas are gonna run the other way. It's mad easy to say you gonna do something, but in this country, the Sean Bell tragedy has been and will continue to be perpetrated as long as we let them do it.

Were the Black Panthers wrong? I mean, any quality revolution is organized. Where is the organization within our own cities? I went to a Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting a month ago. Niggas came in 10, 15, 30 minutes late, and it was only a handful of us in there, and even less spoke. And I hated berating the officer who conducted the proceedings, but he had no answers, only promises of "more police protection", while speaking on the declining funds going to the department. "Doing more with less" is a phrase thrown around, and is a phrase that can be used to justify 50 shots killing an unarmed groom-to-be. Must we take arms up for ourselves to be heard?

Organize and unify. Elucid, you have outdone yourself, and I will stop my venom so the people can fully focus on your track. Warning Shots stay coming - are you listening?

Bill Clinton x Jeremiah Wright

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Gotta love how that works. Via the.LIFE files.

[video] Gnarls Barkley "A Little Better"

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I have not even sat down with this album, and I don't think I'm gonna. Is it worth it?

[video] The Game On The Sean Bell Verdict

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Niggas gonna overkill the Sean Bell verdict. I say that because, while I feel for their desire to speak on such a fucked up situation, the majority of these Sean Bell tribute tracks talk loud and say nothing. Now The Game has "911 Is A Joke (Cop Killa)". All he needed to do is make a remix and throw "Fuck The Police" in the title, and he will have all of the bases covered. The thing is, what will niggas do when the deal really does go down? Everyone is a cowboy on their records, but when it's time to take it up against the establishment, will they duck into the secure homes or will they truly pick up arms and go at the establishment?

Now, while I say all of that, there are a few who seem to understand the magnitude of the situation, but then again, they've been on the forefront of making us as a people THINK about what the fuck is going on around us.

EDIT: Looks like Shake is feeling the same way I am.

Rukspin & Planas "The Nature Of It"

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Rukspin & Planas ft. Virus Syndicate & Foreign Beggars "The Nature Of It": The last time I dropped something Foreign Beggars-related, it was Dr. Syntax's awesome "Dickhead Dub". This time, we bring a bit of a Metal meets Grime-y feel to our UK Hip-Hop palatte, with this 4th release on Ranking Records. Shit like this is made straight for the floors, so if you aren't trying to get crunk in the club, steer clear from cuts like this!

Props to Corin for the heads up!

We're Back

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I apologize for rock the dub being down for a good chunk of yesterday evening... I was testing a DNS server setting, which ended up being dead. I was off the PC for like 7 hours (trying to finally get my landlord's shit out of my spot), and didn't get on until like midnight last night/this morning. DNS settings have been fixed, and while doesn't seem to work (still!), is back in effect.


New Busta Rhymes Videos

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Damn, you'd figure the Busta Rhymes madness would calm down for a bit; here's two new videos for two new tracks:

"We Made It" (ft. Linkin Park)

"Don't Touch Me"

This video is crazy.

related: Back On His Bullshit

[video] Fall Out Boy "Beat It"

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Fall Out Boy do Michael Jackson [II]:

[video] Trama ft. Muja Messiah "Fuck The Police"

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I posted this track on Saturday; here's the accompanying video:

The Roots on Hip-Hop Nation

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I need that shirt.

In any case, The Roots, in celebration of their Rising Down (which is in stores RIGHT NOW), hit up a slew of spots yesterday, doing promo and the like (hit up this post on the OKP Blog for their manic Monday); one spot was to hit up DJ Green Lantern's Sirius Satellite show last night, and were kind enough to provide audio (and tracklisting!) for this performance:



Jam Boyz (??) (ft. Dice Raw)
I Will Not Apologize
Long Time
RIP Jay Dee
Proceed Intro (RIP Dilla)
Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw)
Like A Pimp Freestyle Remix ft. David Banner
Rising Down (ft. Styles P)
Rising Up
75 Bars
Bonus: Rising Up (ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele) (Live on Letterman)

Spotted over at Nah Right.

Bonus Beats: Peep this All Hip-Hop Exclusive video, following the Roots on their photo shoot and NYC listening party:

Here's live footage of "Rising Down", featuring Styles P, from the Green Lantern performance:

And the performance w/ David Banner:

Jake The Snake ft. Ras Kass "Kilograms (I Know)"

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Jake The Snake ft. Ras Kass "Kilograms (I Know)": Feelin' this one. Solid beat, allowing J the S and Ras Kass to murk this one. Simple and plain. Be on the look out for When In Rome, which is out now, and The Last Days, which is rumored to be dropping in '09. Beantown coming thoro.

Props to Matt for the heads up!

Y-Love's This Is Babylon [preview]

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I reviewed this disc a few weeks back, and I am still impressed with what Y-Love has done, infusing his revolution-tinged "global Hip-Hop" with his Hasidic teachings, creating an interesting mix of forward-thinking Hip-Hop with more socially-aware messages. The good folks at Fanatic have given some MP3s for you guys to devour, and hopefully hearing these will get some of you hunting for this CD, which dropped today:

Y-Love is also one of URB's Next 1000, as well as co-producer of the Hip-Hop Sulha. I think, if you Hip-Hoppers who call yourselves revolutionary, you would be remiss to dismiss Y-Love before checking out what he's all about.

For you producer/remixers out there, Shemspeed is running a Y-Love Remix Contest. The winner received a Shemspeed Fun Pack (which includes CDs, stickers, posters, Fliers and an official Shemspeed t-shirt); hit this link for the files for this competition; make sure you hit up when you have completed your remixes!

Finally, Y-Love is also going on tour in the coming months:

05/15 Berlin, Germany @ Limmud Festival
05/17 Berlin, Germany @ Berlin CD Release Party…
05/22 Seattle, WA @ University of Washington
05/24 Denver, CO @ TBD Record Release Show
05/26 Boulder, CO @ Triology CD Release
05/31 Washington, DC @ Mansion Party TBD
06/27 Pittsburg @ Jambaloosa
06/29 New York, NY @ Summer Stage (Central Park)
08/21 Detroit, MI @ TBD
08/27 Manchester, UK @ TBD
08/28 London, UK @ TBD
08/30 Jerusalem, Israel @ Israel Tour

Props to Andy @ Fanatic for the info!

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot "The Formula"

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If you haven't heard/copped this as of yet, please do so. It has some real gems on it:

The Making Of Strictly Business

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Check out All Hip-Hop's dope piece on the making of EPMD's Strictly Business. Such a dope read, they got both Erick and Parish to speak (I guess to promote the fact that they have a new label deal) about howeach track was created.

As a matter of fact, if you aren't up on this classic, you better cop it... or, you know.

Bonus Beats: EPMD "Run It" [via 2DB] \ "It's My Thing" VLS \ "You Gots To Chill" VLS

[video] Junclassic "I Wasn't Ready"

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Jun is the truth. Overqualified coming soon:

[video] Kool-Aid x Reebok Collabo Jumpoff

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Leave it to Dallas Penn to bring you guys the truth from inside the Reebok x Kool Aid party:

Bonus Beats: Kool-Aid x Reebok = WTF?!? \ Who Drank The Jamba Juice?

The Difference Between Niggers And Blacks

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No, this isn't a new bit from Chris Rock; this is a new video from NYOil:

I was skeptical at first, but homeboy spits some truth in there.

Trap-A-Holics & Andre 3000 Alter Ego The Mixtape

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With the way Andre 3000 has been rhyming for the last year or two, I have re-established my love for his skills. After The Love Below, I admit, I figured he was done, but he got his mojo back, or maybe some good weed. Who knows? In any case, the Trapaholics decided to put together a dope mixtape full of Andre's work. Check it out:



1.royal flush feat big boi of story telling feat dj drama player
4.30 something feat. jay-z
5. you feat. lloyd & nas
7.throw some ds
8.walk it out
9.a day in the life of andre benjamin
10.long way to go feat gwen stefani
11.millionaire feat kelis
12.she lives in my lap
13.prototype and blue
16.greatest show on earth feat macy gray
17.boogie man feat big gip
18.necterine feat cherokee
20.trans df express
22.liberation feay erykah badu,cee lo&big boi
23.humble mumble feat big boi&erykah badu fresh,so clean
25.hollwood divorce feat snoop dogg&lil wayne
26.what a job feat devin the dude&snoop dogg
27.get up,git out for the hook feat coolbreeze
29.streets talking feat slick rick

Via 2DB.

[video] Checkmate outtakes

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The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES have a new video coming entitled "Checkmate", about check-cashing spots and debt and the like. I've seen a rough cut and it's damn good. They've posted a few outtakes from the vid, so check them out and keep it locked to their site for the premier:

Back On His Bullshit

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You can always tell when Busta Rhymes has a new album coming. The market seems to flood silently with a bunch of new cuts from him. Check out the joints dropped in the last couple of months:

You gotta love it. And dude is back on his shit, too; from the more mainstream/club friendly joints to just that gutter shit he's been perfecting over the last few years, dude is back with a vengeance. I'm not sure if he has another "Touch It" on this album, but he will definitely have some heaters for the street and the clubs.

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DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #14

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My boy DJ Cable took it back to his DnB days, and drops this week's Mini Mix in that vein:



01. Die & Clipz - Number One
02. Keaton & Hive - Bring It On
03. Jaydan - After Dark
04. Lynx - Distance Zero
05. Chase & Status - Hurt You
06. Clipz - Ugly
07. Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix)

"Bring It On" was so sick when it first came out. Cable's also uploaded a refix he did of a Mistajam blend. Check it out, in his own words:

As a bonus - I have yet another refix for you all....If you listen to BBC 1Xtra then you may have heard Mistajam's rather excellent 'Night Time Soulja', where he's taken the existing Soulja Boy track, and put a Benga & Coki loop behind it.

I decided to expand on that, add a DJ friendly intro, chopped up some vocals and cut from the original track to the
'Night' instrumental....I've been sitting on this for a few months now, but thought I'd might as well share it with you....So, here's my take on Mistajam's already dope blend record:

Mistajam - 'Night Time Soulja' (DJ Cable Refix)


On That Leak: Young Shaws "Magic"

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Young Shaws "Magic" (prod. by DJ Denox): New cut passed to me from Denox. This is actually a different lane, on some really sparse shit, which is refreshing to hear, especially since this still maintains a nice club-friendly vibe to it. Not sure who Shaws is, but he holds his own.

related: Trick Trick "Fuck The Police"

[video] The-Dream ft. Young Jeezy "I Luv Your Girl"

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Something about The-Dream's style, that nigga got the ladies lovin' his shit. Peep his new video:

[video] Mickey Factz ft. The Cool Kids "Rockin' N Rollin'"

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You'd think the Cool Kids would be wearing Swatches:

[video] Mazzi "Lesson A"

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Mazzi has concocted a video for his recent diss track on Jay Electronica & The Cool Kids. "MY CULTURE IS NOT A FAD!":

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm feeling dude on this. Via 2DB.

King Kwasi "Homicide"

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King Kwasi "Homicide" (clean / dirty): Check out a track from the artist that DJ Green Lantern supposedly wouldn't listen to without some funds. What's your determination: is Green Lantern on that payola? Should DJs be looking for a check with the CDs they get passed?

EDIT: I apologize the above statement. In a fit of misunderstanding, King Kwasi is not the artist embroiled in this Green Lantern situation. Kwasi hit me up due to a comment I made in the above statement, and seeing his e-mail (which has a subject line of THEKAOSEFFECT) lead me to wrongfully assume that he was in fact the original poster. I apologize for that, and for any confusion that could possibly come from this. I was originally not going to post this retraction, and leave it off of my blog completely, but that's not being a grown man and admitting your mistakes. So, again, I apologize.

[video] Kid Sister On KarmaloopTV

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KarmaloopTV followed Kid Sister around for a night. See what it's like being one of the acts that hipsters the 'Net can't get enough of:

Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down The Block" (Remix)

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Kidz In The Hall ft. Bun B, Pusha T & The Cool Kids "Drivin' Down The Block (Remix)": After seeing that video (which is premiering on MTV's TRL today - vote it into rotation!) , you should take a time and get involved with their new remix, which reads like a who's who of Hip-Hop Blog favorites. This has been featured everywhere, with everyone giving their own thoughts - my question to you is, who do YOU think ripped it in this remix? Comment it up!

The In Crowd hits stores on May 13th, 2008. Props to Matt for the MP3.

On That Leak: Theo "Say It Right"

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Theo "Say It Right" (prod. by Kris Fame): I brought you the snippet last week, and the full MP3 hit my inbox today. I'm in love with that beat - got a nice swing-y feel to it, with that classic sample thrown in there. Props to Kris Fame for the heat, as well as Theo's slick rhymes overtop.

Erykah Badu "Real Thing (J. Slikk Remix)"

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Erykah Badu "Real Thing (J. Slikk Remix)": My nigga J. Slikk hit me with this Friday night, and I've been pumping it ever since. Just got a really grimey sheen to it, but it's smooth enough to give Badu a funky vibe to freak over. This is Slikk's submission to this Erykah Badu Remix Contest. Wish him luck!

Bonus Beats: Cy Yung "CeleBROtee" (prod. by J. Slikk); this cut is short and to the point. Lovin' that jazzy piano loop. And any track where a nigga can throw "tender vittles" into his verse is solid gold to me!

Jean Grae Chunks The Deuce?

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I initially spotted this on Amanda Diva's MySpace blog, which mirrors the post Jean put up herself:

Everyone who has been on this ride with me since the beginning and continues to be a supporter of music that makes you feel something true and vulnerable and honest by being just that.

It's been a wonderful and awful journey all at the same time. Mostly leaning towards the wonderful

Thank you for letting me share what I could with you and sharing yourselves back, as you have really been the reason that I kept on.

It's always nice to know that you could be the voice of someone who didn't have one, or know just how to say it.
No comment or letter or statement of appreciation has ever gone unnoticed.
I love to write, I love to be able to create imagery and a world out of just words.

I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music... from the bottom of my soul.

I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of hip hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so.

Thank you listeners, whom I consider my friends and family....

Enjoy.... see y'all around..

It's been amazing.. thank you again.


Word? One of the illest ladies ever to touch the mic, who was formerly known as What? What? is out of the game? I wonder why. HipHopDX posted this as well, so I guess keep it locked until more word is given. I'm sad though, homegirl was the truth on the mic.

Bonus Beats: Natural Resource ciphering at The Cooler in NYC:

Super Bonus Beats: Jean Grae The Orchestral Files [2007]

The Definition of Hip-Hop

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"That's a good question, B":

Soulbrotha "Unforgotten"

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Soulbrotha "Unforgotten": This is a cut SB created the day he heard about the Sean Bell murder. While the situation that happened in Soul's life does not directly mirror Sean Bell's situation, its a dedication that speaks on the underside of law enforcement. Props to those who protect us and do it the way it should be done... hellfire and brimstone to those who continue to persecute us for being whatever they feel is different.

Props to Soulbrotha for hitting me with this.

Fuck Tha Police

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Still on that No Justice shit.

"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired"...

J Dilla "Trucks"


I wish I had an MP3 of this - for some reason I can't dload this - can anyone help me out?

Anyways, shouts to my Backpack Enthusiast niggas for posting this one. Word is this is another joint off that Unreleased MCA album. This remakes Gary Numan's classic "Cars", and is an ode to those big whips you niggas love cruisin' in. Sounds like this was played by Benji B on 1Xtra at some point:

J Dilla "Trucks"

EDIT: Props to Jos-B in the comments for ripping the audio and re-uploading it for download; I've upped it to mediafire as well.

EDIT: Big up to Lyndon in the comments for this 320kbps MP3 rip from the divshare stream.

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[video] Barack Obama On REAL Sports

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This is a great interview, and good to see that Obama has a little game:

[video] Rihanna "Take A Bow"

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"Take A Bow" is the new Rihanna single/video, off the forthcoming re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad, which hits stores on June 17th (as least, that's what OnSMASH says):

[video] Three 6 Mafia "I'd Rather" Uncut

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Here's the Rated R/Uncut version of Three 6 Mafia's "I'd Rather":

This one gets the NSFW for the bouncing asses and the (simulated) chick on chick coochie eating.

related: [video] Three 6 Mafia ft. UNK "I'd Rather"

[video] Blaq Poet "Don't Give A Fucc"

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New promo video from Blaq Poet; The Blaq Print is on it's way:

Year Round Records, nigga.

[video] Making Of Cherish's "Amnesia" Video

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This video doesn't premiere on BET's Access Granted until ay 7th, but here's a sneak peek at what you can expect from the video for Cherish's new single, "Amnesia":

[video] Al Sharpton Promises Action

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Check out Slick Al, promising action in light of the Sean Bell verdict:

"Methodical" and "serious" sound outside of Sharpton's forte, but we shall see...

[video] Ne-Yo "Closer"

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Looks like the latest celebrity blogger is Ne-Yo. To hype up his forthcoming album, Year Of The Gentleman (in stores June 24th), he's started his own blog, There isn't MUCH up there, a few posts, but today he's posted the video for "Closer". I assume this is the only spot you can check it, so go check it. EDIT: Nope, WSHH has the video up:

PS: Checking the Wikipedia page on Ne-Yo, I had no idea this nigga was part Black, part Chinese. THAT'S why he looks the way he does!

Tony Yayo Is KRS-One

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Any high hopes I had for The Vapors, the upcoming movie about the legendary Juice Crew, are shot, now that XXL reports that Tony Yayo will be playing the role of KRS-One:

Tony Yayo refers to himself as G-Unit’s “bad guy” and in the upcoming Juice Crew movie, “The Vapors,” the rapper will fittingly play the legendary outfit’s nemesis, KRS-One. “They came to me about playing the part of KRS-One,” Yayo explained to “So I was honored to even hear that.” In a recent interview the Blastmaster confirmed Yayo would be tackling the role of the Boogie Down Productions front man in the film. The lyrical icon went toe-to-to with the Juice Crew’s MC Shan throughout the late ’80s and said he was sure he’d be portrayed as a villain in the film. “Of course, and I hope they do,” he said. “I was a villain. It was no joke and that’s what it was.” Yayo said his foray into Hollywood is a part of his plans to grow as an entrepreneur. “I want to make my own [moves], ” he said. “I’m looking towards movies right now. I’m working with people you wouldn’t even believe.”

I figured being 50's faulty weed-carrier had it's perks, but goddamn, Hollywood money? This nigga can't even act like a decent rapper on his own albums... what makes someone thing this cat can pull off a role like KRS-One!?!? I'm guessing he will be seen, and not heard, or some shit. Like a 20 second cameo. Tell me that's what it is...

Friday, April 25th 2008 playlist

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I'm still kind of down. Just on that shit. Leaving work early today, but there's never any rest for the wicked, or niggas on the grind.


leaks o' da week!




Here's a sneak at one of the cuts on the forthcoming rock the dub compilation. Shouts out to Junclassic and the Monster Island Czars...

Junclassic "The Promo"

Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

No Justice For Sean Bell

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rock the dub does not condone the use of violence on anyone, but someone has to pay for the lack of justice in the verdict of the Sean Bell murder case.

I got nothing to say about this right now, except that this Phat Kat chorus keeps running through my head. Shit like this makes you realize how little they care about our lives. And when I say "they" and "our", I'm not necessarily speaking racially, just how the establishment fucks with the people who drive this country.

Rafi has the right idea, and has dug up some of the older Sean Bell coverage on Oh Word.

Fucking bullshit. And the sad part is, niggas are too scared to revolt. So the shit will just keep on.

Bonus Beats: Papoose "50 Shots" \ Mickey Factz "I'm Sean (50 Shots More)"

The Saga Continues 2

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DJ J Boogie drops his new mixtape, The Saga Continues 2, which is hosted by the boy Panama. Some hot heat on there from a host of ill spitters. Don't sleep!

[video] Biz Markie at A3C

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Check out Biz Markie performing "Just A Friend" at this years A3c Festival:

That crowd went NUTS when that shit dropped! There's a load of pics up from this great event. Sometimes I wish I left the house.

On That Leak: Nino Bless "Da Livest"

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Nino Bless "Da Livest": Straight up NY grimey Hip-Hop. No tight pants or colorful shoes allowed when this one is on. Fitted caps pulled low, big hoodies and blunt smoke. Nino's Untold Scriptures is coming.

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[video] Generation Gap 2: The Prequel

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Here's a promo video I just got in my inbox featuring info/clips from Ali Vegas' debut album, Generation Gap 2: The Prequel, which is set to hit stores in August 2008. Should have an interview with dude coming soon...

Props to Mike B for the video!

rock the dub, the compilation: update

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Touching down, keeping you guys up on what I've been working on since I last posted about this.

The compilation, which is still FREE and strictly digital, is still a go, and I've been getting some serious fire as of late. When we last spoke, I let it be known that fire from Amanda Diva, Che Grand, Elucid, Genesis Elijah, Wordsmith and a Benja Styles remix are confirmed. Since then, I've also gotten confirmations from L.E.G.A.C.Y., Junclassic and others. Recent additions to the comp include Black ELement, 5th Flow, The Homebodies (ft. Cool Breeze), Shelly B, SIN and many more!

I've also got word that DJ Cable is up for doing a complimentary mixtape, featuring his choices of the comp and a host of exclusives made for this project.

My projected date of release would be sometime in June, but I just got a 10 hour idea that might push it, but I am trying to stick to that June 2008 date. This ain't Tha Carter III.

Gonna be something special. And is just the first of many. I'm getting a few submissions for other projects, although I know I wanna get another Hip-Hop one out by the end of the month. We'll see.

Any producers/MCs reading this who want to contribute, hit me up at or Holla.

?uestlove Interview At OnSMASH

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OnSMASH got a chance to build with ?uestlove recently. He discusses Rising Down, which is in stores on April 29th. Very great read.

[video] Donny Goines "Rocky IV Freestyle"

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Donny Goines in the studio, biggin' up his engineer and getting into a dope freestyle:


[video] Fox News, Soulja Boy and the Mailroom

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Jay Smooth drops a quick note on Fox News highlighting his Soulja Boy Presidential Debate Remix video:

Word to the mailroom.

[video] Amanda Diva "Windows Over Harlem"

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Amanda Diva's new video, taking you through vintage Harlem feel (which premiered on DivaSpeakTV Episode 13). I love the vibe of this track:

[video] R. Kelly "Hairbraider"

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Here's the new video from the pissmaster. He has an album coming out, 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, which I bet all of you ladies will be salivating over. Dude definitely knows how to craft a hit, even if this one is too Auto-Tune/vocoder heavy for me:

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 13

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Amanda Diva is back on her B.I. with a new episode of DivaSpeakTV. This episode is on the road in the ATL, and features the premiere of her *new* video for "Windows Over Harlem":

What's really good with Jermaine Dupri's studio? I wonder what Diva and JD are working on...

Dub MD Presents The UK Royal Fam Mixtape, Vol. 3

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Props to Dub MD for passing this one along; this mixtape is hosted by Solja, and features some ill UK Hip-Hop MCs, from Klashnekoff and Genesis Elijah to cats like Skepta, Wiley, S.A.S., Roll Deep and more!



01. Solja Intro
02. Solja - Waa Gwaan
03. Faro - Paper Chase (feat. McKenzie)
04. Lethal Bizzle - Police On My Back
05. Swiss - What's Your Grind (feat. Lee Ryan)
06. Klashnekoff - Question!
07. Ghetto - Who's Got?
08. Wiley - Where You Gonna Hide
09. Sincere - Once Upon A Time (feat. Natty)
10. Solja - Rumours
11. Scorcher - Shooting Stars (feat. S.A.S)
12. Pyrelli - Push The Boat Out
13. Sway - My Sword
14. Skepta - Blood, Sweat & Tears (feat. JME)
15. Roll Deep - Give Up
16. S.A.S - Nothing Long
17. Solja - Brown Boys (feat. Broke N English)
18. Ghetto - Commandments
19. Bigz - Jealousy (feat. Badness)
20. JME - Standard
21. Bashy - Valcanoe City (feat. Solja)
22. Genesis Elijah - Hard
23. Stylah - The Girl Is Mine (feat. Tony D)
24. Solja - Distance
25. Solja Outro

Don't sleep on the UK.

[video] Icadon "Cock Back (Dump A Clip)"

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Spotted this in my YouTube subscriptions before Eskay posted it, so I figured I'd let it breathe over there, seeing as Nah Right is name checked a few times in the video and all. Check out this piece:

I'm somewhat speechless. The fly skimmies with gats had me open, as did the hilarious video game footage. What a way to spend 8 minutes and 55 seconds. Your thoughts?

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Cock Blockin' Problem"

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Spec Boogie "Cock Blockin' Problem": One of the things I dig about Spec is that he knows how to flip a popular track into his own monster. He did it with his remix of "Amsterdam" as well as "Best Friend" (which can be found on On My Grind), and now takes Huey's ignorant anthem into a different kind of anthem, this one as a wake up call to you niggas (and bitches) who love to block you from your action. Scream this in their faces.

You niggas keep up with the Warning Shot Wednesdays, don't you?

By the way, Spec's Dollar-Sign Language mixtape will be dropping on Digital Gravel next week. When I get info on that, so will you.

[video] The Roots "Rising Up"

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ANOTHER video from Rising Down; this one features Wale and Chrisette Michele, who looks stunning in everything she's in:

On That Leak: Black ELement "Can't Call It"

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Black ELement "Can't Call It" (prod. by Ryan Durkin): Gotta love that new music. Representing Mass., Black EL has that hunger that many MCs often speak about, but don't showcase. Over this darker beat from Ryan Durkin, dude reps that real, no frills flow. I can tell you this: expect more heat coming from this cat, both on this site and elsewhere.

[video] Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair"

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Here's the latest video from Alica Keys' latest album:

I'm guessing this is a take on School Daze? Love the G Phi G looking niggas up in this. Matter of fact, the "dolly" scene is straight Spike Lee as well.

[video] Ashanti "Way That I Love You" LIVE

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Props to Jumpoff.TV's Harry for hitting me with this live performance from Ashanti, rocking her new single during the RnB Live Showcase at Spotlight Live in NYC:

More Prodigy Videos

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I recently brought you the videos for "ABC" and "Dirty New Yorker", and it looks like Penitentiary P has even more up his sleeve:

"Click Clack" (ft. Twin Gambino)

"Represent Me"

"Young Veterans"

All of these are on that H.N.I.C., Part 2. Props to OnSMASH for these.

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Magic Spells"

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Elucid "Magic Spells": Elucid serves you guys something a bit different this week. With Crystal Castles' "Magic Spells" serving as the soundtrack, E, as he says, "goes hard, and then some". It's the play on the contrasts that draws me into this one: dude is coming rugged on this, slick talking a plethora of topics, but he's doing it over such a sparse, seductive beat, and even throws his middle finger up while blessing a lovely hook. Talk about putting a nigga under a magic spell, this cat is weaving effortless tapestries that require multiple rewinds to fully decipher.

I swear most of you niggas ain't even ready for a fraction of this. Get your weight up.

MC Serch vs. Khia

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Subscribing to MySpace blogs is so essential. Last night, I peeped this VH1 interview with Khia, speaking on her early dismissal from Miss Rap Supreme this week. I thought it was odd that she was quick to call everyone a hater, when she was the one who spit a written that must have been crazy easy to find. I've seen notes YN posts, showing a few spots where she has ended up talking about her short tenure on the show. Leave it to MC Serch to be able to kill her with kindness, school those who don't know, and thank her for the publicity, all in one great post. Here's a sample:

I have also heard you say that I am a hater. This is far from the truth. I am not a hater at all. I was really happy to see you on the show, trying out and getting on. The things these women could have learned from you, being that you were a solo artist, no camp surrounding you, and had the success that you did is unheard of in the rap game. Little did I know that you would wind up being a crazy loonytoon who even as a professional rapper, could not put a rhyme together in 60 minutes and had to resort to reciting something that was two years old. C'mon ma, really?!? Really?!? I mean at least Lionezz tried to write and she can barely speak English, well, you have a hard time with the English language as well but at least it's your native tongue. This competition is for EMCEES, not rappers, which you are. Like I said earlier before, check please.

And that's just one point he takes to task. Gotta love it. This ain't even beef, it's reciprocal love. Khia went on there to up her status, and in doing what she did, has her name on the lips of many heads... or, at least, that's the story she's selling today.

[video] Riskay "Smell Yo Dick"

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Sounds like a Maury segment set to a beat. College Callgirl certified. This one features Aviance & Real:

Bonus Beats: Riskay ft. Aviance & Real "Smell Yo Dick" \ Riskay Vs. Reform "Dope Girl (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

[rock the dub Interview]: Sol.ID


Texan DnB, round 2! This interview features Sol.ID, part of the production outfit Autumn, as well as frequent collaborator with many of his peers. He is one of the new breed of DnB, and brings a touch of Soul to the scene. In a genre where new producers pop up on AIM daily and get signed, it's good to find a brotha who can flex skills on the boards and on the decks, and still remain crazy humble. And it is paying off for him: aside from the critical acclaim (and many plates rinsed), he's racked up releases on labels like Fokuz, Sudden Def and Celsius, and has tuns forthcoming on Future Thinkin', Vibe'z, Nu Directions, Basswerk, BIOS Recordings and Red Mist, among others. Catch this rising star while his stock stays rising!

khal: First off, how did you first get into music in general, and DNB specifically?

Sol.ID: I've been into music as long as I remember, from late night marathons of Devo & Michael Jackson's "Thriller" videos to Rage Against The Machine & Technotronic cassettes... music is definitely my first love. My first electronic purchase besides the late ‘80s commercial dance music was Tresor vol. 2, which I used as accompaniment for my martial arts routines in competition.

khal: When did your love of music become you creating music on your own?

Sol.ID: Well, initially, I was participating in music from a more classical standpoint & composition wasn't really a goal. During the same time, I was toying around with early versions of ACID DJ software along with Hammerhead, Rebirth, etc., but I really had no idea what I was doing as far as creating a final product. I didn't even know that DJ's were out playing these Techno tunes in clubs and raves until some years later.

khal: You initially burst onto the DnB scene with Autumn, quietly dropping tunes on labels like Fokuz. How did it feel to finally get music you created out in the shops?

Sol.ID: Fast forward a good 5 years... by then I'd heard Logical Progression (“Demon's Theme”!), Timeless and a ridiculous number of jockeys who influenced me to step up and express myself through DJing first and foremost. After I made somewhat of a name playing around the state and via a string of online mixes, in addition to a weekly radio show on with my partner Lost Prophet, we decided our energy would be best focused towards creating our own works. By the time the Autumn project came to pass, we already had a defined sound in mind... it was merely a matter of the engineering stepping up as it still is everyday. We would never have had the opportunities that came about without putting in all those hours promoting the shows & networking with likeminded artists such as Soulproof, ICR, and the support of guys like arQer & Realtime, who we've looked up to for ages. My man Matt-U @ Soulproof put me in touch with Marco @ Fokuz & things fell into place from there.

khal: You’re also linked up with arQer under the guise of Rapture Plume. In listening to the free EP you guys gave out recently, I noticed that that collaboration is pretty true to the styles you guys produce: blending both the soulful side and the techier side of DnB. Is that by design, or do you two just go with the flow? Are you shopping Rapture Plume tunes to labels?

Sol.ID: arQer is a mad scientist, the man can go from heavy, tech-y dancefloor killers along the lines of Bad Company or Teebee to crafting the smoothest of liquid bits, not unlike Calibre or Mutt. That's why he and Realtime get paid the big bucks to teach the youngins quality music in the Texas public schools. The Rapture Plume project is a chance for marQer and I to get down on the deeper tip. The strange thing is every tune we've done ends up being an online collab, too many extra-curriculars get in the way when we finally get a chance to link sup! We've gotten varied support on those bits from CLS & Wax, Simon "Bassline" Smith, Nookie, Amaning & Stunna. It would be nice to have seen a release on those, but with the state of DnB distribution there's no telling how long it would have taken for the batch to see light, and at the end of the day it's great to give back to the scene.

khal: One thing I do notice is that you work with a lot of other producers. Is collaborating something that you prefer? When working on tunes with other producers, how do you start the creative process? Does it differ from producer to producer?

Sol.ID: Yes, I really enjoy collaborations because I can learn so much about the work process, from creative to engineering. Also it gives me a chance to focus on one perspective without getting so wrapped up in peripherals. Due to being a newjack lots of times I'll have what I think to be a perfect idea, yet I feel my engineering skills leave something to be desired. In order for me to get the idea out in a timely manner, I'll go to one of my friends I feel can best grasp what I'm trying to get across and we'll take it from there. Other times they'll let me hear a clip of something and ask my opinion as a DJ. If I come with something that grabs their attention conceptually, they'll either send me an RNS file or bounce audio parts and we'll take it from there. In a nutshell, I generally tend to do my best work alone... but two heads are definitely better than one.

khal: What’s your production set up like? Do you prefer hardware or software?

Sol.ID: My production setup is quite minimal, but it's enough to get the job done. I use a PC with an AMD processor (time to upgrade the RAM!) loaded with Reason 4.0, Recycle, Wavelab, Ableton for messing with samples & VSTs. I really like the Tape Delay Plug, Scream Distortion Unit and lots of carefully placed Reverb! As for hardware, the only gear I use are an Axiom 25 controller, Pioneer or Sennheiser headies, and Yamaha HS80 studio monitors. As for sound design, I can never get enough samples and to be honest, I'm just starting to properly get my head around synthesis, so I'm trying to up the bar with the next batch of tunes.

khal: As mentioned previously, you have been doing a lot of collaborations lately. Are there any tracks that you are most proud of currently? If so, why?

Sol.ID: With every tune I make I try to step it up, some tunes right now that have been getting a lot of attention are "The Chosen", with Germany's Amaning (Soul:R, Metalheadz, BIOS), out now on Sudden Def, also “Soul Reaction”, which is forthcoming on Basswerk with Rio de Janeiro's Cybass (Under Construction, Rubik, Vibe'z) and “World of Emptiness”, forthcoming on Fokuz with Zyon Base (Fokuz, Lucky Devil, Shogun LTD) of Belfast. These tunes are getting support across the field from great DJs like A-Sides, State of Mind, Ant TC1, The Insiders, Flight and Crissy Criss.

khal: What’s your release schedule looking like for 2008?

Sol.ID: 2008 is going to be a big year, I'll be dropping my first solo 12" on Future Thinkin', which is a great honor to follow after artists like Sabre, Saburuko & Prolific. I have a few things confirmed, solo & collaborations forthcoming on 12" & CD compilations via Rotterdam, Netherland's based Fokuz Recordings, Basswerk out of Germany, and Red Mist out of England. Detroit's newjack Sinistarr (Creative Source, Integral, Offshore) came up with a fresh relick of Avian Jazz that is coming on his EP for Digital Blus, a spinoff of Blu Saphir. There's rumored to be a BIG remix of "The Chosen" coming later in the year, so keep your ears peeled for that one. I'm also working on projects for the legendary Vibe'z imprint (I'm onnit Dave!) and Amaning's BIOS Recordings as well as some as a few key top secret projects ;)

khal: Do you have any plans to work on an EP or album?

Sol.ID: Good question. Prophet and I secretly began work on an Autumn album project for Fokuz a little over a year ago. Little did we know how large of an undertaking it would be. Right now we're both working to mature our sounds as we want to really make an impact artistically with the LP format rather than just putting together a collection of 3-4 dancefloor cuts and a handful of random filler. In the meantime, we've got a nice collection of various tunes from melodic bits featuring guest vocalists to unexpected moody rollers... basically trying to explore the versatility of our sound. It's possible that we'll release an EP somewhere in the near future, including some fresh Autumn bits coupled with any number of collabs, with Atlanta's Midus Touch and their vocalist Tuere or the upcoming remix by one of my biggest supporters & 2008's renaissance man, Sabre (Metalheadz, Renegade, Bassbin)

khal: In DnB, many heads start their own imprints – is that something you’d want to do?

Sol.ID: As a DJ, that's a recurring question, particularly recently! I keep in contact with loads of really talented artists and somewhere down the line I would like to create an outlet for my work alongside some of my favorite producers whose work I think goes a bit under the radar. Some of those killing it on the regular include but are not limited to guys like Theory, Dan Marshall, TGM (aka The Green Man), Matt-U and Nusense. These guys know DnB inside & out and truly represent the tasteful and forward thinking sound I've come to love the genre for. Currently I don't think it's the right move for me to make but anything is possible given time, quality and maturity.

khal: You’ve also been making a name for yourself in the DJ circuit, and have even traveled to the UK to spread your sounds. What’s the best part about DJing for you? Do you use CDs or Vinyl? Do you have a favorite place to spin, and if so, why?

Sol.ID: To be honest, I've always been a DJ first so to get a chance to spread the sound abroad has been a dream come true. I've played not only in the US & across the UK, but also in Belgium, Hungary & Poland. I'm planning to make another trip to Europe this July with shows lined up from London to Lithuania. I love playing wherever there's a big vibe, whether there's 80 or 500 heads. My favorite part of it all has been bringing online relationships to the next level. I have made some great & hopefully lifelong friends through the music. I love being able to play a role of entertaining, moving people emotionally, and educating. I feel that the latter can especially be brought in the mix CD/podcast format, and I'll be recording exclusive guest mixes for Szolf├ęzs 98.6FM out of Budapest as well as upcoming BIOS Recordings & DnBTV Podcasts. Get your MP3 players ready! Regarding the CD vs. Vinyl debate, we're nearly 50 years into dance music culture... GET OVER IT & PLAY QUALITY MUSIC!

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or shout outs before we wrap this up?

Sol.ID: I just want to say thanks to everyone who's supported me & been there for me since day one. Shouts to my family, my girlfriend Jeannette, Prophet, Cle & Trill DnB, Brad Strategy (we need to finish some of those tunes!), MarQer & Dougietime, the rest of the Texas crew, C.A.B.L.E., Tom, Matyas, Sabre, Daniel @ Quadrant, Jay Stunna & the Bassdrive crew, NCDnB, Mayhem & 404audio, 2003 DSCI4 crew, the present & former DOA gang, everyone who's ever booked me (except a few, you know who you are!) and of course to Marco @ Triple Vision, Kubiks & Lomax @ Rubik, Heiner TGM @ Basswerk and Neil @ Future Thinkin for trusting in the vibes! Of course, there's too many more people to name, please stop by & check out the work of my colleagues, I'm surrounded by scores of truly gifted people.

Sol.ID Discography:

SDR12029 (2008) Amaning & Sol.ID - The Chosen
RRD03 (2007) Sol.ID & Cybass - 4AM
KNOW75 (2007) Knowledge Magazine Triple Vision Showcase
FOKUZLP002 (2007) Autumn - Canopy
CLS004 (2007) Autumn - Cut Away
FOKUZLTD013 (2007) Autumn - Dilated Times / Transmute
CLS004 (2007) Autumn - It's Always About The Girl (Lomax Rmx)
FOKUZ025 (2006) Autumn - Redemption / Pair of Grins
FOKUZLP001 (2006) Autumn & ICR - Yesterday
FOKUZCD001 (2006) Autumn & ICR - Yesterday
FOKUZLTD008 (2006) Autumn - Refuge
FOKUZLTD007 (2006) Autumn - It's Always About The Girl

Sol.ID Forthcoming:

Sol.ID - Blue Grooves (Future Thinkin)
Sol.ID - Levitation (Red Mist)
Sol.ID - Long Way From Home (Basswerk)
Sol.ID & Cybass - Soul Reaction (Basswerk)
Sol.ID & Zyon Base - World of Emptiness (Fokuz)
Sol.ID - Avian Jazz 'Sinistarr Recut' (Digital Blus)
Amaning & Sol.ID - Immortal Pleasures (Nu Directions)
Autumn & Perpetuum - Unconditional (BIOS)
Stunna, Release, Sol.ID & Amaning - Can't Get U Off My Mind (BIOS)


Sabre & Icicle - Sentry - Hardware
Subtone - Dogma - Cylon
Cern - The Blood Moon - Symptm
Dan Marshall & Mixmaster Doc - Exodus - BIOS
Pepe Braddock - Deep Burnt (Insiders Rmx)
Sol.ID - Long Way From Home - Basswerk
Soul Intent - A.I. - 31
Cybass - Japonica - Vibe'z
Random Movement - Psychedelic Dreampipe - Innerground
TGM - Hong Kong Nights