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[video] S.O.U.L. Purpose ft. Q-Tip "Lesson B"

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Mazzi speaks on his experiment in "Lesson A"; Q-Tip also gives his thoughts on various topics; this is an interesting piece:

[video] Mariah Carey "Bye Bye"

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I wonder what the big deal is about Nick Cannon. I guess if you gonna do it, you could do way worse than Mariah Carey.

Oh, and am I the only one who preferred Mariah with the weight on? Don't get me wrong, she's a stunna right now, but I liked her thicker thighs...

Bonus Beats: Mariah Carey ft. Jay-Z "Bye Bye (Remix)"

[video] HERO "Trust"

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Check out XXL's recent review of HERO's debut LP.

Why Everybody Should Stop Talking

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[video] A. Pinks "Hit The Lights (I'm On)"

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This shit is fire. Props to A. Pinks sending me this earlier. Hot spit from unsuspecting MCs is always what I like to hear.

Elemental Zazen "Handcuffs"

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Elemental Zazen "Handcuffs" (prod. by J.Ferra and Confidence, cuts by DJ Slipwax): I got hit with this last night, and wasn't able to peep dude's shit until today, and I was blown away. Forget the fact that, when Elemental started working on his The Glass Should Be Full back in 2005 that it was sidetracked due to a load of hard times (from the tragic loss of friends to his house burning down to brain surgery to remove a tumor). Forget the fact that he's got production from cats like Kno and Joe Beats (among others) on this project. Just focus on the revolutionary warfare that dude invokes in his music. In these trying times, Hip-Hop needs cats like Elemental to help convey these messages of fear, struggle and pain from deep within the American Dream, as well as on a more global level. Pump this in your jeeps while you are plotting your next public disturbance, or peace rally.

The Glass Should Be Full drops on May 20th on Gnawledge Records.

Bonus Beats: Elemental Zazen "Machine"

Wordsmith The Mid-Year Review Cover+Tracklist

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On May 30th, my boy Wordsmith (in conjuction with HipHopDX & DJ Denox) will be dropping a new mixtape entitled The Mid-Year Review, which features 12 of the best tracks that Words has released to the masses over the last 6 months. You will be treated to the instant-summer anthem "Park & Ride", as well as the "Word's Signing Day" freestyle, with Words and Nu Revolution crew merking the "We Roll" instrumental. You will also be treated to "The Soulless Saint", which has Words showing his deeper storytelling side (this cut is also featured on the forthcoming rock the dub compilation), among a host of others. Words hit me with the tracklist, check it out:

1. The Soulless Saint (Produced by Strada)
2. Grudge of a Madman Remix (Produced by Capish & Wodzu)
3. Danger Zone Feat. Black Knight (Produced by Professa)
4. Quest for My Existence (Produced by Professa)
5. The Missing Element (Produced by DJ Denox)
6. Dreamin' of Superstardom (Produced by Capish)
7. Scrapbook Vol. 1: The MC Years (Produced by DeMo)
8. Word's Signing Day Freestyle Feat. Kontact & Black Knight
9. Above Average Status Feat. RhymeZwell & Black Knight
10. The FunkBox Remix Feat. Kontact & SoL, Black Knight & RhymeZwell (Produced by Capish)
11. Park & Ride (Produced by Strada)
12. A Psychedelic Side to Love Feat. SoL tha Analyst (Produced by Street Level)
Bonus: Diaries of Deception Feat. D-Dub, Deedaman, & Black Knight (Produced by Strada)

For you fans of quality, hungry underground MCs, this mixtape will not be disappointing, especially since Denox is really working on the mixes and blends, making this a true old school Maxwell-tape treat. Definitely one for the Jeeps and the walkmans.

Katt Williams It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Tour [recap]


Off the rip, I wanna shout out to my mom for buying my wife and I these tickets for our anniversary. One of the best nights out we've had in a while.

Now, sue me for being biased, but Katt Williams is one of my favorite comedians out there (Chris Rock is my #1, just off consistency). So seeing him LIVE in my hometown? I'm definitely there.

First off, I want to talk about the before show-festivities. After having some fondue and doing some last-minute housework, wifey and I get to the arena to hearing a blaring speaker, complete with a white dude saying "It's Pimping Pimping" over and over and over and over. 30+ minutes of this is not fun, but due to 1) the doors not opening 'til 7PM and 2) the lack of shit to do around the Sovereign Bank Arena, we just grinned and bore it.

Now, in cities like Chicago and the ATL, I imagine niggas really put on their Saturday-night best for a Katt show. And I saw a few oddly-patterned suit jackets hanging down to the flo', but for the most part it was ho-ish looking females and random guys (a few with Diddy's NO BITCH ASS NESS tees on), with a few chuckles (this dark Black lady with yellow fingernail polish, and this big chick with biker shorts, a lingerie top and black patent leather boots on were the top), but I digress. We get inside and have some pretty bland hotdogs, some hard french fries, and check out the "merchandise", AKA some badly-painted murals of Katt that you could take photos in front of. We passed.

Now, before I get to actually sitting down, I must say that I was smart enough to pack a flask of Southern Comfort in my wife's purse. I know, wtf you do that for, but I wasn't expecting to see the beer sales they had! I kid you not, regular bottles of Smirnoff Ice and Bud Light were like $6 and $7, which isn't horrible if you go bar/club hopping. But these niggas were selling "big bombers". A big bomber is a 22 ounce bottle of beer in a 24 oz cup, being sold for fucking $10! I mean, I can walk a block from my house and cop 4 22's of Heineken for $10, what in the fuck makes you think I want to sell out loot for that. I did anyways (lol), but I mainly didn't want to tap into the SoCo early.

OK, so I finally get to my seat, which isn't on the floor, but isn't in the section before the nosebleeds, either. Perfect seating, although being on the side, a nig does get a cramp in his neck (and those seats were not comfortable at all). We get introduced to DJ CJ Flash (I think that was his name), who was tearing it UP on the decks. He was going through some older favorites, playing shit like Method Man & Redman's "Y.O.U.", EPMD "You Gots To Chill", Special Ed's "I Got It Made", a host of A Tribe Called Quest and this SICK blend of Mary J. Blige's "Real Love (rmx)" with Biggie over Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says". Too dope. He delved into some classic Soul jams, and at that point, the show was on it's way...

The host of the evening was D'Millitant, who I didn't recognize at first, but then I remembered that he used to be on Comicview back when D.L. Hughley and Cedric were the hosts. He was the MC, and spent like two seconds on stage before the first of two MCs from Katt's Kattpack Records imprint performed. The first was some cat named something like Pitch the Game Shifta or some shit (EDIT: dude's name is Klutch, as per Lady Di in the comments; peep her review of the D.C. show from the 10th of May). He was iight, nothing too major at all. I found it odd that his song was entitled "Who Is That", when I was asking myself the same thing. He then went on an extended acapella rant about pleasing females that was met with decent reception. The next was this ill MC named Xplicit Lyric. She didn't have much in the way of stage presence, but she was definitely a hot spitter, hotter than the Game Shifta. She did her introductory track, then did a 2nd track about Mr. Oh Boy, aka some dude chicks see and be like DAMN!, or "oh boy". Decent work. She spit a sick acapella and then was gone. After those two, it was time for the funny...

D did a short set that was interrupted by these ignorant ass young heads in front of me trying to figure out whow as in the right seat, and a shiftless nigga ticket checker dude who a) kept shining light in my wife's face, b) kept checking the tickets of this Rican mother sitting in front of us and c) just being an oaf-ass nigga. I'm glad he finally left, and I didn't miss too much D funny (he had his moments, but wasn't too quote-worthy). This woman by the name of Simply Cookie was the first comedienne up to bat, and she was the truth (my wife actually dug her more than Katt). She was the first to bring up the price of gas, and her "with the price of gas!" line was referenced all night. She also had some funny ass pieces about her 17 yr old son, smoking weed, ladies getting tissue paper stuck in their coochie hairs (my wife's favorite bit), being a ho and weed, whcih included her doing a rendition of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You", making it an ode to chronic. Too funny. She lit the stage up.

Next up was Leslie, who I remember seeing recently on Def Comedy Jam. She is a damn fool, but so damn funny. I remembered the bit she started with, breaking down the roles each females play in their group. She went off doing a lot about relationships and crazy people, and I fell out. She ended her show asking chicks of they suck dick, went right into the front row, all up in a bitch face like "you sucking dick? you sucking dick? you sucking dick? you sucking dick?"; it was kind of annoying at some points, but it was funny.
Once she got off the stage, the fog was alive and Katt came out to a standing ovation. Dude got right into it, first cracking on fucking tall chicks like Leslie, then he just went IN! His topics covered everything from Obama and the election to his son being put on ritalin. His theme of the night was "getting in tune with your star player" and just worrying about yourself and your family. My favorite comedians are always niggas who seem like motivational speakers, and can weave their real life with some real talk. Katt is that to the nth degree, and he's damn fucking funny while doing it. Whether he's talking (and mimicing) tigers before they eat people at the San Fran zoo, or if he's recanting a story about showing off his motorcycle skills to his people, he is just that dude.

The one bit that surprised me was his piece on the Flavor Flav roast. The first admission was Katt saying that, when he asked to see the script, he was told there wasn't one - he was told to write his pieces, and the writers would be writing everyone else's shit. How wild is that. Come to think of it, I cannot recall if Katt was reading off of a paper, but aside from Ice-T and Snoop Dogg, the majority of them were reading off of paper! Now, I get why Katt says he didn't raise hell b/c of the amount of money he was getting paid, but I don't agree with it. Flav said he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks, but still, you got kids, man. Katt said the kids ran off crying due to the way they were dogging Flav, which I admit I did laugh at, but in the context of it being something that seemed more genuine. A team of writers feeding these lines to people comes off super wack. I'm back and forth on that one.

All in all, I came home a bit hoarse, from the roaring and laughing. That's the sign of a great night. I spent time with my lady, who is the love of my life and my right hand, and I got to see one of my favorite entertainers at the top of his game.

What more could a nigga ask for!?

[video] Kardinal Offishall ft. Akon "Dangerous"

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I can only hope that tracks like this can be as big as "Low":

[video] Soulja Boy "She Gotta Donk"

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Bonus Beats: Soulja Boy "iDance", off his forthcoming iSouljaBoy album, via Different Kitchen.

DJ Smallz & Wes Fif The Streets Chose Me

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Did you know Wes Fif has a blog? Did you know he's no-longer signed to Slip-N-Slide? I'm not sure how long this project has been in the works, but he just started it up around 5:58AM EST, this morning. Mr. Haterz Everywhere has also uploaded his first "project" as a Slip-N-Slide artist, which I figure might now be a bit old. In any case, peep Wes and DJ Smallz (I am working on an interview with Mr. Southern Smoke) as they link up for this fire mixtape.

J Dilla "Diamonds"

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J Dilla "Diamonds" (prod. by Nottz): If you got this leak, you probably realized that Track 01 was like 0 seconds long, or however your MP3 player responded to the abnormally small/short file. Well, Good Blah over at The Backpack Enthusiast has uploaded what is supposed to be track #1, a cut entitled "Diamonds". I put it as produced by Nottz based on the ID3 tag on the MP3. Notice the question mark? I'm playing it real suspicious until someone (*cough* Stones Throw *cough*) gives some details.

BLING BLING! (c) Dilla Dog

EDIT: I've removed the "?" from Nottz; I got confirmation from Good Blah, Aaron M and Shake, advising my that this track has been around for a minute, and that Nottz has been confirmed as the producer. Holla.

Nino Bless Untold Scriptures Cover+Tracklist

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Nino Bless' ancitipated street LP, Untold Scriptures, is set to drop on May 20th, 2008. I had no idea cats like Big Mike, Mick Boogie and J-Love were behind this project! It looks like it will be released FOR FREE, but you also have the opportunity to support Nino buy copping both physical and digital versions of the album, through spots like, which has 4 tracks up for purchase right now: "Times Are Hard" (ft. Joe Budden), "4 In The Clip" (ft. Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap), "Urban Legends" & "3rd Degree" (ft. Saigon and Crooked I). Here's the tracklist:

1.) Intro (produced by Veterano)
2.) Da Livest (produced by Yes Sur)
3.) Peep Game (Freestyle)
4.) Times Are Hard f/Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
5.) My Piano (Freestyle)
6.) Means Of Survival (produced by Scram Jones)
7.) Going In (Freestyle) f/Grafh
8.) Name Dropping (produced by Sivey)
9.) 3rd Degree f/Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
10.) When It Rains (Freestyle)
11.) Urban Legends (produced by Veterano)
12.) Ever So Subtle (produced by Gunz N Butter)
13.) Cause Of Influence (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
14.) Blame It On Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
15.) 4 In The Clip f/Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
16.) Bright Lights (Freestyle)
17.) Won’t Change (produced by Frado)
18.) Going In Pt.2 (Freestyle)
19.) My Story (produced by Blackout Movement)
Looks like Nino and Crooked I are also looking to drop a mixtape later this year, so expect even MORE heat from this Puerto Rican Brooklynite.

Big up to Matt for the info, as per usual.

[video] Kidz In The Hall on KarmaloopTV

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KarmaloopTV's DJ Red Foxx recently sat down with Kidz In The Hall. Check this two-part interview, which definitely brings the funny:

Part 1

Part 2

Double O looks like a cross between Bill Cosby and Ray Charles with those shades and that sweater.

Shouts to Chelsea for the heads up.

2008 Coalmine Records Sampler

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Mixed by Mick Boogie, Brooklyn's Coalmine Records is giving this sampler away for free:

...a free download of our 2008 Coalmine Records Sampler as we promote next Tuesday's release of A-Sides From The Archives. Mixed by the extraordinary Mick Boogie, the sampler contains snippets from some of our forthcoming projects. Artists and producers featured on the sampler include Bekay, Canibus, CL Smooth, DJ Revolution, Heltah Skeltah, Juganot, R.A. The Rugged Man, Skyzoo, Torae, Ayatollah, Marco Polo, M-Phazes, Shuko & Young Cee.

Download this thing and jam it on out, then make sure you hit the stores for the next 3 Tuesdays:

5.06.08 : A-Sides From The Archives

For those unfamiliar with our releases, A-Sides From The Archives is a great way to catch up with our catalog and also get a taste of what's to come. This release takes the A sides from our vinyl catalog and compiles them for one release. This includes hits that feature Bekay, Big Noyd, Inspectah Deck, Saigon, Strong Arm-Steady & Supernatural in addition to bonus track of Coalmine Records 2008 Sampler (Mixed by Mick Boogie).

5.13.08 : Bekay The Horror Flick Remix EP

As a quick follow-up to Bekay's acclaimed Rawkus 50 album, The Horror Flick LP, we give the die-hards a lil appetizer until the main-course, Hunger Pains makes its way onto the table. The Horror Flick Remix EP remixes three tracks from the original Horror Flick album. Coalmine affiliate and Beat Fanatic/Wax Reform member M-Phazes remixes the lead single "I'm The Reason". This remix is recently began its college radio campaign and is already climbing up the charts at a rapid rate
[click here]. Domingo (Big Pun, Fat Joe, KRS-One) produces an incredible remix of "Ready To Go". The final track on this project ("Battlefield") is remixed by Twice As Nice Productions out of Australia. Click here for a snippet of "I'm The Reason" (M-Phazes remix).

5.20.08 : CL Smooth feat. Skyzoo "Perfect Timing" (single)

"Perfect Timing" features the legendary CL Smooth along with hip-hop's next of kin, Skyzoo, over a soulful banger produced again by beat-smith extraordinaire M-Phazes. Needless to say, the timing could not be more perfect to drop this single as Coalmine gets set to embark on a year that will be marked by one dope release after another. This track is the first single taken from the Coalmine Records forthcoming compilation album "Unearthed" which is due to be released later this year.
Click here for snippet.

Why sleep?

[video] The Fight

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David Banner is in full promotion, with his The Greatest Story Ever Told set to be released this summer. He is doing a "Greatest Stories" series, and this one is about a misunderstanding that got hairy: presents THE FINALISTS '08

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You guys may or may not have known, but has been running this competition since April of 2007; at stake: $100K and a recording contract with SRC /Universal Motown. SRC narrowed down the submissions to 9, and those finalists have been going through some tasks to try and be THE ONE! In these days of Reality TV, Steve Rifkind has decided to play the Donald Trump role in The Apprentice, and this competition has gone viral! They are up to Chapter 7 right now, and you'd be playing yourself if you missed out on this. The story is good, the production quality is very good, considering it's something that's not mass-produced for TV, but that's also part of it's charm.

Props to Brian for the heads up.

Hov Does The Right Thing

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While many are still stung over last week's 'not guilty' verdict, Jay-Z has established a trust for Sean Bell's children. This isn't the first link between Jigga and Sean Bell - Bell's fiance was featured in a Rocawear "I Will Not Lose" a few months back.

Gotta love when cats who have money, especially Black Hip-Hop MCs, do the right thing and give back.

In unrelated news, Jigga's deal with Live Nation is complete.

[video] Foxy Brown's Reality TV Show [teaser?]

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Two questions:

1) Why does Foxy Brown have a reality show coming (it looks like it's more "DVD Magazine" than real, full-fledged TV show, via On The Grind)?:

2) Why does this "teaser" play more like a 5 minute movie? What more do we really need to see?

Friday, May 2nd 2008 playlist

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I'm ecstatic. I'm going to see Katt Williams on Sunday, and although I'm gonna have a hellish Saturday, it will be so sweet. And I plan on getting my drink on, for the good part of the day at least. In any case, check out what's been poppin' off, leak-wise! [Bonus Beats: Katt Williams "Calling Out Your Name"]


leaks o' da week!




I've been on some J Dilla shit. Can't help it. Especially considering recent events. Here's a blast from the not too distant past...

Jaylib ft. Frank-N-Dank "McNasty Filth"

Enjoy your weekend, fam!

[video] JUSTICE "Stress"

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[video] Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season (Trailer)

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This is going down on May 4th (Sunday) at the MoMA (click here for more details). Props to Elucid for the heads up:

$360,000,000,000 In Da Bank

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Allow me to introduce you to Charles Ray Fuller. You think you've heard of dumb-ass niggas in dumb-ass fraud schemes, but this nigga takes the cake. This cat recently got arrested for forgery. He tried cashing a check that he says was written by his girlfriend's mother... to the tune of $360 Billion Dollars. Yes, that is not a typo. This ignorant-ass nigga tried to say "oh, she finna start me up a record label". Come on, dog. Who the fuck did you think was working at the bank that would seriously cash a $360 billion dollar check!?! Nigga, the only person that would have worked on was your doppleganger, and even he would have been like "nigga, what?"

FACT presents The Count & Sinden In The Mix

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Here's a dope mix The Count & Sinden rocked for FACT's website re-launch. Nice mixture of Hip-Hop, Dubstep and other Club treats, perfect to cap off the weekend:



1. Lil’ Wayne - A Milli [Cash Money]
2. Erykah Badu - Honey (Seiji Remix) [Universal Motown]
3. The Count and Sinden - Stinging Nettle (VIP Mix) [Domino CDR]
4. DZ - Down [True Tiger CDR]
5. Skream - Fick [CDR]
6. The Count and Sinden - Beeper (D1 Remix) [CDR]
7. Ricky Blaze - Cut Dem Off [CDR]
8. DJ MP4 - The Book Is On The Table [CDR]
9. Pretty Titty - James Brown Is Dead [Fools Gold CDR]
10. The Count of Monte Cristal - B-More Forward [Cheap Thrills]
11. Jonny L - O Yeah (Remix) [CDR]
12. Stuffa feat. Mapei - Pretty Girls (Sinden Remix) [Trunk Funk CDR]
13. Machines Don’t Care - How You Like Me [Machines Don’t Care CDR]
14. Action Man - Alarm Bell [Cheap Thrills CDR]
15. Fake Blood - Mars [Cheap Thrills CDR]
16. Young MC - Bust A Move (Dom Rimini Remix) [Delicious Vinyl CDR]
17. Malachi - Snowflake (Herve Remix) [CDR]

Via Discobelle.

[video] Radiohead "All I Need"

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Made for MTV's Exit Campaign:

[video] The Making Of Pay Jay

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This is like a year old, in terms of when it got upped to YouTube, but I just saw it, and it's relevant, considering, so props to my nigga Good Blah for this one:

KING Interview: Nas

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This interview is taken from the Stacey Dash issue. Actually some pretty insightful stuff. Check out Part 1, then bounce to Part 2. Props to Eskay for the heads up.

The Making Of "Royal Flush"

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MGG has a new post over at his XXL Blog, chopping it up with the Royal Flush production duo behind Big Boi's "Royal Flush", a banger that woke the sleeping internets a month or so ago. Here's an excerpt:

So walk us through the making of “Royal Flush.” Was it a matter of hours, days, months?

Rick: It was one night between 2:30 am and 4:50 am. Jeron had to work the next morning. We had just cut up a sample. I was playing it in my iPod one night and Big heard it, he said it was dope and it went from there. That was the first song he completed for the solo album. It was on MLK weekend matter of fact.

Jeron: The beat came with ease, it was an old sample. “Harlem Nocturne” which is a jazz standard. Joe Harnell did it too, so it had an epic sound to it.

Rick: After that everything started coming together with everybody adding their own flavor to the track. Even with Dre, how can you say “I don’t want this on my song.” He blessed us with the “ch-ch-ch” sounds. It’s like watching your Grandma cook Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t know what goes in it, but the final product tastes great.

The beat itself has a lot of elements in it.

Rick: Yeah, listening to the verses explains how things were added. The Isley Bros. sample came in because of Big’s verse. When he says “Billy Ocean mighty potent, take a voyage to Atlanits.” He’s saying just like in the song “I’ll always come back to you.” That means Hip Hop, it’s embedded in everything we do now. You always come back to the elements.

Jeron: Hip Hop is the blues of today, you hear it in everything now.

How did you feel when people said the song sounded like some old Outkast? Even inferring that the song was actually old.

Jeron: That’s a blessing. It’s an honor to hear people say it has a classic sound to it. A lot of the stuff they did in ‘93 still jams to this day.

Rick: By people saying that, it’s like having a kid, the birth of something new. People that hit us now say they want a track like that, you can’t duplicate that. You can’t do it, once you try to redo something it’s like a retro. Like the Jordan’s that’s been coming out. People say they got the retros, but I got the real Jordans. My attention span too short to duplicate stuff anyway.

That beat still has me open. Plus, any excuse to use that pic again is something I will hop on, early.

Cherish The Truth: Cover+Tracklist

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This quartet of sisters has their sophmore album, The Truth, dropping on May 13th; here's the tracklist, with producers included:

1) Killa - Produced by Don Vito for Don Vito Productions
2) I Aint Trippin - Produced by Tricky Stewart for RedZone Entertainment
3) Amnesia - Produced by J-New for Crown World Entertainment
4) Notice - Produced by Don Vito for Don Vito Productions
5) Framed Out - Produced by Tricky Stewart for RedZone Entertainment
6) Before You Were My Man - Produced by Eric Hudson for Just E. Production Group/SupaNova Management Inc.
7) Super Star - Produced by Jazze Pha for Futuristic Entertainment
8) Only One - Produced by Bryan-Michael Cox for Blackbaby, Inc
9) Love Sick - Produced by K Fam for Stay Tuned Productions/Woodland Ent. & Adonis for Phoenix Ave Productions/Woodland Ent.
10) Damages - Produced by Neff-U
11) Like A Drum - Produced by Jazze Pha for Futuristic Entertainment

For you ladies, you can enter a sweepstakes in conjunction with to receive a FREE $250 gift card; and don't forget, the BET Access Granted featuring their video for "Amnesia" is premiering on May 7th at 7:30PM. MySpace will be streaming The Truth in its entirety on May 9th, and the sisters will also be on MTV's TRL on May 13th. You ready for The Truth?

Unkut Interview: Pete Rock

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Robbie always has dope interviews; check this latest Q&A with Pete Rock. Check out Mecca's thoughts on Dilla:

There was an interview that Kanye West did in Scratch magazine where he was talking about ‘I’ll sample drums off a Pete Rock instrumental if they’re open’. That was kinda funny to me.

I believe it! I hear my snares out there, and I’m like ‘Wow, that’s fuckin’ crazy, man!’ I feel like that’s lazy shit. You obviously don’t love it as much as I do, because for you to not go out there and find it on your own…you’ll find so much if you just take the time out to go dig, man. We do all the hard work so y’all can just snatch our records up and listen for open snares and kicks? That’s some wack shit. I respect cats that come with their own sound. Like Dilla was the master at that – having kicks and snares. I just recently learned that he always two-tracks his beats – he never gave-up any separate sounds, which is a great idea I think. He didn’t want to put his kicks and snares out there so people could steal ‘em.

You mentioned Dilla. His passing must have been….


So you knew him personally?

Yeah, man! I knew him for a good three or four years before I knew he was sick! I was blown back by that, man. I never knew he was sick – he always kinda hid it from me. His music will always be alive and well, and I will make sure to that. He was one of the greatest, man. He was the greatest to ever do it, for the new cats. And for his mother to tell me that I was his favorite producer – I was like ‘Wow, that’s dope, man’. He really took it there. He kinda broadened me and opened my eyes again, and got me standing up straight on my toes, ‘cos that dude was really serious with it.

The fact that he was still working on music in hospital…

Making beats in the hospital! Yeah, man. That’s beautiful.


Bow Wow "Pole In My Basement"

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Bow Wow "Pole In My Basement": Bow Weezy - we don't believe you, from the Auto-Tune to the "we gonna make it storm" to the "I'm gone on Patron". Like, I just don't see Bow Wow knowing fuck all about skrippas, nor do I believe he has a pole in his basement (no matter how much Elucid tells me these niggas be trickin'). Just, no. No belief in this shit at all.

"For all my girls out there in the club getting their grind on"... yeah, you really give a shit.

"It's Fun To Do Bad Things"

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WTF @ "I wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friend". I mean, yes, I am ROFLMFAO right now, but I mean, if that was my son, this nigga would be FUCKED THE FUCK UP! Fuck "no video games for a whole week". Nigga, please!

[video] Spider Loc "Blutiful World"

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Bonus Beats: Spider Loc "Blutiful World" [radio / instrumental]


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Black Rob Vs. Virgo "Whoa (DJ Nappy Rough THUGSTEP Refix)" [mirror]: Y'all remember "Whoa" right? Probably one of the hypest cuts ever committed to wax. So it only makes sense that Nappy threw some equally intense, pulsating Grime right underneath it and bring it to that next level. Those booming horns in the intro kill me, everytime. Fits so well.

Oh, and major props goes out to Nick Evelation; he's set up hosting for some projects he's working on, and is allowing these refixes to be hosted with direct linkage! In the coming weeks, I'll be sorting out everything that's leaked, THUGSTEP-wise, and will be uploading it. More news on that when it goes down.

As per usual, any DJs looking for THUGSTEP, hit me up:

[video] Chris Brown "Forever"

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This is off the Exclusive: The Forever Edition release. Why is everyone on that Auto-Tune shit?

[video] Buckshot Live at SOB's

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DivaSpeakTV: Episode 14

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Amanda has some choice words for the po-po, too...

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Psychotic Girl"

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Spec Boogie "Psychotic Girl": Spec speaking the truth about those Fatal Attraction chicks who massacre relationships over a cut from The Black Keys. You gotta love the storytelling over that country-twang in the track.

Loosie's Warning Shot Wednesdays are damn essential.

[video] Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair" LIVE

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Check out Alicia Keys (and her backyard) performing her new single on David Letterman:

related: [video] Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair"

[video] Substantial "It's You (I Think)"

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Directed by Matt Hobbs. Via QN5.

[video] Jordin Sparks Fuse Interview

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You ever been a fan of a person, but not necessarily a fan of their music? I don't think I've listened to one Jordin Sparks record on purpose, but I love her voice and her as an individual. Check out this exclusive interview with Fuse On Demand, where she speaks on her American Idol experience and her first album:

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Starstruck"


Elucid "Starstruck": This week's Warning Shot from Elucid is, yes, another Sean Bell tribute. E raps "niggas wanna riot, but'ya scared of revolution" over some plodding Santogold fuzz. This is something I've been batting around myself - the idea that everyone is calling for riots, and calling for killing pigs and all of this other stuff, but when the axe drops, most of these niggas are gonna run the other way. It's mad easy to say you gonna do something, but in this country, the Sean Bell tragedy has been and will continue to be perpetrated as long as we let them do it.

Were the Black Panthers wrong? I mean, any quality revolution is organized. Where is the organization within our own cities? I went to a Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting a month ago. Niggas came in 10, 15, 30 minutes late, and it was only a handful of us in there, and even less spoke. And I hated berating the officer who conducted the proceedings, but he had no answers, only promises of "more police protection", while speaking on the declining funds going to the department. "Doing more with less" is a phrase thrown around, and is a phrase that can be used to justify 50 shots killing an unarmed groom-to-be. Must we take arms up for ourselves to be heard?

Organize and unify. Elucid, you have outdone yourself, and I will stop my venom so the people can fully focus on your track. Warning Shots stay coming - are you listening?

Bill Clinton x Jeremiah Wright

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Gotta love how that works. Via the.LIFE files.

[video] Gnarls Barkley "A Little Better"

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I have not even sat down with this album, and I don't think I'm gonna. Is it worth it?

[video] The Game On The Sean Bell Verdict

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Niggas gonna overkill the Sean Bell verdict. I say that because, while I feel for their desire to speak on such a fucked up situation, the majority of these Sean Bell tribute tracks talk loud and say nothing. Now The Game has "911 Is A Joke (Cop Killa)". All he needed to do is make a remix and throw "Fuck The Police" in the title, and he will have all of the bases covered. The thing is, what will niggas do when the deal really does go down? Everyone is a cowboy on their records, but when it's time to take it up against the establishment, will they duck into the secure homes or will they truly pick up arms and go at the establishment?

Now, while I say all of that, there are a few who seem to understand the magnitude of the situation, but then again, they've been on the forefront of making us as a people THINK about what the fuck is going on around us.

EDIT: Looks like Shake is feeling the same way I am.

Rukspin & Planas "The Nature Of It"

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Rukspin & Planas ft. Virus Syndicate & Foreign Beggars "The Nature Of It": The last time I dropped something Foreign Beggars-related, it was Dr. Syntax's awesome "Dickhead Dub". This time, we bring a bit of a Metal meets Grime-y feel to our UK Hip-Hop palatte, with this 4th release on Ranking Records. Shit like this is made straight for the floors, so if you aren't trying to get crunk in the club, steer clear from cuts like this!

Props to Corin for the heads up!

We're Back

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I apologize for rock the dub being down for a good chunk of yesterday evening... I was testing a DNS server setting, which ended up being dead. I was off the PC for like 7 hours (trying to finally get my landlord's shit out of my spot), and didn't get on until like midnight last night/this morning. DNS settings have been fixed, and while doesn't seem to work (still!), is back in effect.


New Busta Rhymes Videos

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Damn, you'd figure the Busta Rhymes madness would calm down for a bit; here's two new videos for two new tracks:

"We Made It" (ft. Linkin Park)

"Don't Touch Me"

This video is crazy.

related: Back On His Bullshit

[video] Fall Out Boy "Beat It"

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Fall Out Boy do Michael Jackson [II]:

[video] Trama ft. Muja Messiah "Fuck The Police"

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I posted this track on Saturday; here's the accompanying video:

The Roots on Hip-Hop Nation

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I need that shirt.

In any case, The Roots, in celebration of their Rising Down (which is in stores RIGHT NOW), hit up a slew of spots yesterday, doing promo and the like (hit up this post on the OKP Blog for their manic Monday); one spot was to hit up DJ Green Lantern's Sirius Satellite show last night, and were kind enough to provide audio (and tracklisting!) for this performance:



Jam Boyz (??) (ft. Dice Raw)
I Will Not Apologize
Long Time
RIP Jay Dee
Proceed Intro (RIP Dilla)
Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw)
Like A Pimp Freestyle Remix ft. David Banner
Rising Down (ft. Styles P)
Rising Up
75 Bars
Bonus: Rising Up (ft. Wale, Chrisette Michele) (Live on Letterman)

Spotted over at Nah Right.

Bonus Beats: Peep this All Hip-Hop Exclusive video, following the Roots on their photo shoot and NYC listening party:

Here's live footage of "Rising Down", featuring Styles P, from the Green Lantern performance:

And the performance w/ David Banner:

Jake The Snake ft. Ras Kass "Kilograms (I Know)"

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Jake The Snake ft. Ras Kass "Kilograms (I Know)": Feelin' this one. Solid beat, allowing J the S and Ras Kass to murk this one. Simple and plain. Be on the look out for When In Rome, which is out now, and The Last Days, which is rumored to be dropping in '09. Beantown coming thoro.

Props to Matt for the heads up!

Y-Love's This Is Babylon [preview]

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I reviewed this disc a few weeks back, and I am still impressed with what Y-Love has done, infusing his revolution-tinged "global Hip-Hop" with his Hasidic teachings, creating an interesting mix of forward-thinking Hip-Hop with more socially-aware messages. The good folks at Fanatic have given some MP3s for you guys to devour, and hopefully hearing these will get some of you hunting for this CD, which dropped today:

Y-Love is also one of URB's Next 1000, as well as co-producer of the Hip-Hop Sulha. I think, if you Hip-Hoppers who call yourselves revolutionary, you would be remiss to dismiss Y-Love before checking out what he's all about.

For you producer/remixers out there, Shemspeed is running a Y-Love Remix Contest. The winner received a Shemspeed Fun Pack (which includes CDs, stickers, posters, Fliers and an official Shemspeed t-shirt); hit this link for the files for this competition; make sure you hit up when you have completed your remixes!

Finally, Y-Love is also going on tour in the coming months:

05/15 Berlin, Germany @ Limmud Festival
05/17 Berlin, Germany @ Berlin CD Release Party…
05/22 Seattle, WA @ University of Washington
05/24 Denver, CO @ TBD Record Release Show
05/26 Boulder, CO @ Triology CD Release
05/31 Washington, DC @ Mansion Party TBD
06/27 Pittsburg @ Jambaloosa
06/29 New York, NY @ Summer Stage (Central Park)
08/21 Detroit, MI @ TBD
08/27 Manchester, UK @ TBD
08/28 London, UK @ TBD
08/30 Jerusalem, Israel @ Israel Tour

Props to Andy @ Fanatic for the info!

[video] 9th Wonder & Buckshot "The Formula"

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If you haven't heard/copped this as of yet, please do so. It has some real gems on it:

The Making Of Strictly Business

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Check out All Hip-Hop's dope piece on the making of EPMD's Strictly Business. Such a dope read, they got both Erick and Parish to speak (I guess to promote the fact that they have a new label deal) about howeach track was created.

As a matter of fact, if you aren't up on this classic, you better cop it... or, you know.

Bonus Beats: EPMD "Run It" [via 2DB] \ "It's My Thing" VLS \ "You Gots To Chill" VLS

[video] Junclassic "I Wasn't Ready"

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Jun is the truth. Overqualified coming soon:

[video] Kool-Aid x Reebok Collabo Jumpoff

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Leave it to Dallas Penn to bring you guys the truth from inside the Reebok x Kool Aid party:

Bonus Beats: Kool-Aid x Reebok = WTF?!? \ Who Drank The Jamba Juice?

The Difference Between Niggers And Blacks

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No, this isn't a new bit from Chris Rock; this is a new video from NYOil:

I was skeptical at first, but homeboy spits some truth in there.

Trap-A-Holics & Andre 3000 Alter Ego The Mixtape

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With the way Andre 3000 has been rhyming for the last year or two, I have re-established my love for his skills. After The Love Below, I admit, I figured he was done, but he got his mojo back, or maybe some good weed. Who knows? In any case, the Trapaholics decided to put together a dope mixtape full of Andre's work. Check it out:



1.royal flush feat big boi of story telling feat dj drama player
4.30 something feat. jay-z
5. you feat. lloyd & nas
7.throw some ds
8.walk it out
9.a day in the life of andre benjamin
10.long way to go feat gwen stefani
11.millionaire feat kelis
12.she lives in my lap
13.prototype and blue
16.greatest show on earth feat macy gray
17.boogie man feat big gip
18.necterine feat cherokee
20.trans df express
22.liberation feay erykah badu,cee lo&big boi
23.humble mumble feat big boi&erykah badu fresh,so clean
25.hollwood divorce feat snoop dogg&lil wayne
26.what a job feat devin the dude&snoop dogg
27.get up,git out for the hook feat coolbreeze
29.streets talking feat slick rick

Via 2DB.

[video] Checkmate outtakes

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The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES have a new video coming entitled "Checkmate", about check-cashing spots and debt and the like. I've seen a rough cut and it's damn good. They've posted a few outtakes from the vid, so check them out and keep it locked to their site for the premier:

Back On His Bullshit

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You can always tell when Busta Rhymes has a new album coming. The market seems to flood silently with a bunch of new cuts from him. Check out the joints dropped in the last couple of months:

You gotta love it. And dude is back on his shit, too; from the more mainstream/club friendly joints to just that gutter shit he's been perfecting over the last few years, dude is back with a vengeance. I'm not sure if he has another "Touch It" on this album, but he will definitely have some heaters for the street and the clubs.

related: Vibe's Busta Rhymes Feature

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #14

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My boy DJ Cable took it back to his DnB days, and drops this week's Mini Mix in that vein:



01. Die & Clipz - Number One
02. Keaton & Hive - Bring It On
03. Jaydan - After Dark
04. Lynx - Distance Zero
05. Chase & Status - Hurt You
06. Clipz - Ugly
07. Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix)

"Bring It On" was so sick when it first came out. Cable's also uploaded a refix he did of a Mistajam blend. Check it out, in his own words:

As a bonus - I have yet another refix for you all....If you listen to BBC 1Xtra then you may have heard Mistajam's rather excellent 'Night Time Soulja', where he's taken the existing Soulja Boy track, and put a Benga & Coki loop behind it.

I decided to expand on that, add a DJ friendly intro, chopped up some vocals and cut from the original track to the
'Night' instrumental....I've been sitting on this for a few months now, but thought I'd might as well share it with you....So, here's my take on Mistajam's already dope blend record:

Mistajam - 'Night Time Soulja' (DJ Cable Refix)