Saturday, April 19, 2008

Making The Band 4 Tour

Diddy is asking you to hit up the website to grab up those tickets, early:

Starts in Orlando, FL on May 24th. Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie, Cheri Dennis... if this is your kind of thing, get 'em early!

Usher Here I Stand Cover

Looks like a scene from a Tarantino movie. Probably a dead hooker in the trunk of that car. In any case, this is the cover for Usher's forthcoming album, which is due in stores May 27th.

[video] Prodigy "ABC"

I slept on this when it first came around, but in listening to H.N.I.C. Part 2, this cut had me OPEN:

The Camp "Walk On By"

The Camp "Walk On By" (prod. by Teddy Roxpin): I'm a sucker for ill samples. The Campaign is available right now.

Shouts to Matt for this one.

Y-Love This Is Babylon [review]

I will admit it: while I think Matisyahu is dope, I was kind of concerned when this was billed as being some form of "Jewish Hip-Hop". Word to MC Paul Barnum, I hadn't heard too many artists who wore their religion on their sleeves like that. Thing is, Y-Love isn't like that. The way he infuses his Hasidism is not unlike how Rakim infused 5% knowledge into his raps - he kept the music where you could feel it, all the while still touching on the social commentary he deemed important. Y-Love aims to do this, all the while giving the people something they can dance to...

"This Is Babylon"
First things first, Jake Break does the damn thing with these beats. That wobbly bass, thrown into a bed of snaps and a somber kick, provides a deep bed for Y's intellect. I wish I knew what homeboy was saying in some spots, I guess that's Aramaic he's chanting? His views aren't that far from some of the Babylon-speak that Rastafari dabble in, which definitely works. Nice intro to this CD...

Revolutionary Hip-Hop, 2008. That down home feel to this organ-driven track makes Y get into that pocket with his flows. I love the congas thrown in here. Definitely all about the positive vibes - I could seriously hear this one getting a crowd hype.

"Bring It On Down"
This is a weirder track, sonically. While Y-Love is trying to free the shackled ghetto yout, the beats are on this funky swing, but I am not too keen on the feedback and random synth notes in the background. Still has an appeal to it, though.

"Keep The Party Divine"
Does exactly what the title suggests. The use of the crazy, piercing synth works better here as a wild melody. Y gets a bit deeper into this, with more words and a more complex flow packed on top of this one. I wonder how I can get "respected on 260 dimensions"...

"Check The Technique (ft. Shaanan Street of Hadag Nachash)"
This one is heavy on the percussion, which is a crazy contrast to the plinky melodies on top, and rhymes referencing MySpace. Feel like I'm in a drum circle, and a cat just randomly catchin' wreck over their slaps. Y digs into where he came from and why he's doing what he's doing today. I don't know what language Shaanan Street is rhyming in, and I wonder how long it took him to write that; dude flows nicely in whatever language he is speaking.

"Exhibit A: The Diagnosis"
Interlude leading into the next cut. It doesn't make much sense until you get into the following track.

"New Disease"
This is all about the disease of the mind that our society pollutes us with. I like how Y attacks this beat, I can't explain his style, really. I could see him doing a concept album ala Kool Keith or Prince Paul. Or rockin' over some real sonic craftsmen. He definitely has that talent.

This sounds like what Barack Obama needs to be spittin up on the debate block. We need to break the shackles and recreate our society. Heed the words!

"This Is A Test"
Another interlude that makes more sense when the next track kicks off.

"State Of The Nation"
This beat is wild. Jungle-ish, crazy percussion, wild bassline. Y-Love goes off on how he sees our nation right now. I love that 2nd verse, with all the stats he brings up.

"Mind Transit"
"Bombin' ya synagogue like Ahmadinejad". Word? This sounds like a tribal documentary remixed with an inner city frolic. Sneaky funk freak.

"From Brooklyn To Ramle (ft. Saz)"
This beat sounds like something Ghostface would murder, but this is another track rapped in both English and another language. Dope rhymes from Y, again. Introspective madness.

"Mt. Sinai (ft. Super Dane)"
Lovin' that dance hall feel on that hook. This one has a futuristic bop to it. Lovin' the whole platter.

"Mehadrin Rhymin'"
Those eerie melodies get me everytime. This cut is on some stream of consciousness feeling shit. Really frantic. I love it, though, especially how the goes from more downtempo to a faster click. Kind of combines everything that's been established and throws it in one pot.

While I don't subscribe to his religion, I can respect a cat who has found a way to get positive, especially in these trying times. More power to the brother for picking up his craft and using his skills to try and save a few of us. If you like shit from Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and others who mix a bit of politics into their punch, and you are a fan of forward-thinking sonics, this is right up your alley.

rock the dub gives This Is Babylon 3.75 out of 5 stars. Solid effort, and while I wouldn't bump this on the regular, I would not be mad if it came on randomly. Nice mixture of ill technique and deep thought.

Burn Deez: "State Of The Nation", "New Disease", "6000"

This Is Babylon is available NOW on Amazon MP3. CDs should be in stores on April 29th, 2008.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Is 50 Basing?

See what happens when you stop taking that HGH? In any case, 50, Banks and Yayo got interviewed by Rhapsody, and it's a dope interview for the most part. 50 speaks on Young Buck, Fat Joe and his (idiotic) comments about Alicia Keys are in there, too.

Friday, April 18th 2008 playlist

Props to everyone who has been hitting me up about these Friday playlist features; I was recently told that Fridays are mine, which I take great pride in. But the things is, this would be nothing without the many blogs that I follow, so props to my peers for providing the 'Net with dem leaks!


leaks o' da week!


Come and get'cha LATE PASS!


This week, due to my 3 year anniversary, I wanted to throw up a video that's meaningful to both myself and my wifey. This is "our song", I guess you'd say. Grab your shorty, and make some springtime love happen to this one...

Maxwell "Fortunate"

Enjoy your weekend - and go buy some fucking music tomorrow!

C'mon, Busta

Why Linkin Park? How come rappers can't be into cool Rock, or at least niggas who play Rock (Bad Brains are still kickin')?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

[video] Mary J. Blige "Stay Down"

Here's the full version of Mary's new video:

elpuoC ddO ehT yelkraB selranG

For some reason, Gnarls Barkley are offering their latest LP, The Odd Couple, up as a free download... the catch is, it's one long track, and it's all in reverse. Beats, vocals, everything. The other catch is, you have to register for it over at this website.

I'm scratching my head on this one, too.

On That Leak: Scram Jones "Third Degree"

Scram Jones ft. Nino Bless, Saigon & Crooked I "Third Degree": One of my favorite producers and three of the 'Nets hottest MCs combine for a beast of a track. Just a big record, something you can throw on when you want to be on the train with the screwface on. Blast this in your headphones or out your trunks. So many one-liners on this one, with some dope flows as well. Blaow!

Word is this will be featured on Scram's forthcoming Nature Sounds LP, as well as Nino's Untold Scriptures, which should be available in 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully I can finagle a copy of that for review.

Props to Matt on this one!

Nakim "I Get It In"

Nakim "I Get It In" (prod. by The Runners): Some more GFCnewyork shit. This banger is produced by The Runners, and it shows. Eerie sample & bangin' bass, and I'm actually kind of surprised a GFC igga is on this tip, what this being the same crew that Mickey Factz is down with. Pop a bottle to this.

[video] Buckshot & 9th Wonder "Hold It Down"

Long awaited video of this Buckshot & 9th Wonder track I leaked last month:

Prodigy H.N.I.C., Pt. 2

New album from Prodigy; try before you buy.

[video] Soulja Boy Presidential Debate Remix

Jay Smooth, you sick for this one:

You also 100% right. The fuck they worried about Obama rockin' the flag pin for?


Boo Goo Doo Boom is straight murderin' it right now, and like he says - the C&D's keep coming in! Check out Dr. Dre's opus, Detox.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2
Tha Carter III

EDIT: Enigmatik has posted this letter explaining his leaks. I'm right there with him - put out'cha shit!

[video] Shortee Wop "Gangsta Walk"

Gotta love how even the most subtle movement is turned into a dance, with a ignant-ass hook and semi-danceable beat:

Via The Fader (props to Elucid for the heads up).

[video] Pot In Pans Trailer

Looks like these guys have the right idea 3 days before 4/20:

This DVD is the first to teach people how to cook with marijuana. Host Chef Magic and his assistants introduce the viewer to the world of medicinal marijuana and its usefulness as an ingredient in various foods and snacks. Marijuana has over 420 different uses for the human body including treatment for muscular dystrophy, bipolar, cataracts, cancers, and AIDS. This DVD not only gives you recipes for cookies, cakes, and muffins, but also a list of healing teas and other hot beverages. Everything is prepared right before your eyes. A collection of tasty treats, informational facts, and a dash of kitchen humor makes this DVD interesting and enjoyable

Check back on 4/20 for a special episode of rock the dub radio...

[video] Mariah Carey ft. T-Pain "Migrate"

Peep Mariah and T-Pain performing "Migrate" (off her new album) live:

Breez Evahflowin' "Radio Song"

Breez Evahflowin' "Radio Song" (prod. by Burt Fox & DJ Manic): I love when I get gems passed to my inbox. RiotControl NYC's Burt Fox passed me this lovely throwback sounding joint he co-produced, which features Breez Evahflowin' (remember him?) kicking knowledge about his early days, hearing his joints on the radio, and what he's learned from them. Some of you younger MCs might could learn something from this.

Bonus Beats: Breez freestyling for random cats in LDN:

Wordsmith "Park & Ride"

Wordsmith "Park & Ride" (prod. by Strada): The Nu Revolution head is back with another banger, and might I add this is a rock the dub exclusive! For you cats who are entering this weekend with BEAUTIFUL weather (something like 78 degrees tomorrow in NJ), this is the perfect chill record to blast out of your speakerboxes, or max to at your cookouts. Real smooth shit. Props to Words for the inbox love.

related: Wordsmith "Word's Signing Day" Freestyle

[video] Panama "Heroic"

New video from the boy Panama:

Dude has the right niggas workin' his videos, best believe.

VH1 Interview: Yo-Yo

There's a Celebreality Interview with Yo-Yo, co-host of Miss Rap Supreme, over at VH1. Yo-Yo was the truth back in the day, if you don't know, go learn something. It's good that they chose her instead of someone like MC Lyte or Salt-N-Pepa, mainly because Yo-Yo seems to be overlooked when the convo of dope female MCs comes up.

"You Can't Play With My Yo Yo"

"Black Pearl"

"If ya don't know, ya betta ask!" (c) Redman

Spec Boogie "Soldier"

Spec Boogie "Soldier": I didn't get the memo on this week's WSW from Spec Boogie (his "Superfly" freestyle was last week's, and I got the scoop on Elucid), so I apologize for this Warning Shot Wednesday coming on a Thursday. This week has Spec flippin' an Erykah Badu jam for Spec to get all thoughtful and actually plays back and forth with Badu a taste.

Via 2DB.

related: [rock the dub Interview]: Spec Boogie \ Spec Boogie remakes an album!

Roy Ayers at SOB's - TONIGHT!

I can't believe I missed this one when I was making my SOB's post yesterday. Roy Ayers is a don on the production tip, having been influential for so many heads on the boards, as well as for artists like Mary J. Blige and others who have rapped/sang over samples of his catalogue. Hit this link for more info, as well as this slammin' video of Roy live:

Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 8PM.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 12

Diva's speakin', in two parts (with a brand-new feature):

Part 1

I'm not hatin' at Alicia Keys being the Supa-Woman of the Week, either. I am confused about how Miss Rap Supreme is a sign of Reality TV going crazy - has Amanda not seen some of the shit Fox and ABC has put on TV for the last few years?!

Part 2

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

[video] Fly Society "Fresh"

How Terry Kennedy "has bitches by the bundles" when pics have surfaced of him fucking with Angela Simmons confuses me:

[video] Tyga ft. Travis McCoy "Coconut Juice"

related: Tyga No Introduction - The Series: April 10th

[video] 6th Sense "Ignite The People (Like Obama)"

Get that message out:

Bonus Beats: 6th Sense "Ignite The People (Like Obama)"

Video & MP3 via 2DB.

Hip-Hop Shows @ SOB's (April/May 2008)

Props to Alex @ SOB's for hitting me with these every now and again; here's some Hip-Hop shows coming in April and May:

All hot shows, definitely grab your tickets before they go ghost!

Theo "Somethin' For Me"

Theo "Somethin' For Me" (prod. by 9th Wonder): Rhode Island's Theo is onto something. I'm all about that "timeless" sound in the beat and in his flow. Fits perfectly into a mix I'm working on for rock the dub radio 019, check for it. Also check out Theo, who is a budding MC/DJ/R&B Artist. Rhode Island's finest? Quite possible. \

Bonus Beats: Theo "T.V. Show" (prod. by Kid Vicious)

[rock the dub Interview]: J. Slikk

One thing that the forthcoming rock the dub compilation has done, aside from getting me some SICK tracks, is introduced me to even more new talent. Chicago's J. Slikk is just one of the talented cats I've had the pleasure of building with recently. He passed me a cut from R.O.E. entitled "Can't Help Myself", and, being a blogger, I get passed MP3s all the time. Not very often do I get "that feeling" when I hit play on a track anymore. Just the bounce of the sample, the way it was flipped to match the beat, then the smooth lyrics? I was in awe. Since that time, I've gotten to know J. Slikk on a couple of levels, and from the heat I'm hearing from him and his BPA crew, I am honored to hit you guys off with this interview we wrapped up a month or so ago...

khal: First off, how did you get your start producing tracks? Do you know how to play any instruments?

J. Slikk: Well, I’d have to say I got my start when I was 13. One day I was sitting in my room listening to music, when, for whatever reason, I decided to take the first line of Snoop’s version of “Lodi Dodi”, chop it, loop it over and over again, then dub the final product to another tape. I like to call that one my first official beat. I did it a few more times with other tapes, then quit for a minute. Then I began to just study how others got their start and what was hot at that point. By the time I was about 16 I saved up, grabbed me some gear and got to work… I’ve been at it ever since. As far as instruments, I was always a percussionist. I can play the drums, xylophone as odd as that seems, Timpani (even odder) and a couple more. For the most part, I taught myself how to play the piano as well.

khal: What equipment do you use to produce? Do you have one piece that you absolutely must use to produce, and why is this piece so cherished?

J. Slikk: Currently, I use a Numark TT200 turntable, an old HP Pavilion desktop circa 1999 that I upgrade from time to time (I also use a brand new HP laptop when traveling or at school), Cool Edit Pro 2.0, and a program called Modplug Tracker. It’s not a program a lot of people have heard of, but for a little history lesson, it was actually used many years ago to create a lot of background music for old Nintendo games. I used to use an old Casio keyboard but it shorted out, and an old EMU sampler that I had to pawn for financial reasons. It’s tough being a struggling musician and college student. I can’t go without my Modplug though. That is the basis of all my beats. Where I transfer my samples, drums, EQ, just everything. I can’t function at all with out it.

khal: Who are some of your idols, production-wise?

J. Slikk: I always looked up to Pete Rock the most. From the Mecca till now, it’s always been about the Chocolate Boy Wonder. In addition to that, DJ Premier has a huge influence on my sound. Others would probably be RZA, Kanye, No I.D., Alchemist, The Neptunes, Jay Dee, the Ummah, 9th wonder, Khrysis, and the Bomb Squad, to name a few.

khal: The tracks I’ve heard from you have been on that straight Hip-Hop, but not necessarily stuck in today’s sound. It seems like you hark back to the classic boom-bap of years past. Is that a conscious move?

J. Slikk: Well, yeah it is. When you listened to joints back in the day and even now when you listen to joints FROM back in the day, you’ll just hear sound that’s fuller than you hear from a lot of today’s records. I used to be a person who listened to the “now”, whether on WGCI (here in the city) or on BET, but when things just started sounding “dumbed down” and repetitive for a lack of better wording; that’s when I turned off the TV & the radio and just focused on all the things I grew up on. All the things my big brother used to bump in car when he’d take me places when I was a kid. All the things my mom and dad, aunts and uncles played in the house growing up. All those things put together equal a better sound in a better time for music. I’ll pull out my old Mecca And The Soul Brother, Labcabincalifornia, some Curtis Mayfield or whatever else I have in my crates that I got on my mind that day, zone out to it, then just go to the boards and zone out based on that feeling I get from listening to those kinda records. I want the listener to get the same feeling from my records that I get from listening to the ones I have in my collection. I fully understand that times change, but just like the concept of sampling in the generic sense, why not make the old (boom-bap) new again.

khal: Who do you rate as dope producers/MCs in the game right now?

J. Slikk: Funny you should ask that! For producers, I’d probably say Pete Rock and Primo are definitely still relevant as ever. Madlib is a beast. I listen to a lot of 9th Wonder. Khrysis, Cynergy Soundz (my good friend and collaborator), obviously Kanye, Nottz, Illmind, Fatin, Hezekiah, Just Blaze, No I.D., Tall Black Guy is dope, 5th Element (5.I.F.), Kenny Keys from All Natural Inc, and a hand full of producers from the Chi that really aren’t getting their just due.

khal: I first heard you through cats like Cy Yung and R.O.E., who I understand are all affiliated in the “BackPacker’s Anonymous” crew. How did B.P.A. come together?

J. Slikk: Well, we came together in 2005. I was at home sick for a few months (with something a lot worse than a cold), so when I had the energy and wasn’t in pain, I would sit up and spend all my time doing new beats and trying to craft a new sound. You see, I had also just gotten out of a bad deal with an upstart record label; I had lost all my previous beats when my hard drive crashed on my computer, and I was just looking for a fresh start altogether. In my new found free time, I decided to advertise my new stuff over at MySpace. So when I got my page up, Cynergy Soundz hit me up and complimented me on the joints I had up. I did the same. From there we exchanged feedback back and forth, ‘til one day, I had an idea. I asked him to do a compilation with me to showcase our beats with upcoming artists, rhymes or vocals. The first one to sign up for the idea was a cat who Cynergy had already worked with before. One of the greatest lyricists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with: Cy Yung. From there we found more and more people to work with on the compilation. We would call the compilation Foreign Currency after the fact that he was from Toronto and I was from Chicago and the fact that we were both broke and struggling. After FC was finished, with the exception of 4 or 5 artist on the compilation, we had asked the participants if they wanted to join up and start a force for good music. We wanted to hit people like the Native Tongues and just bring back quality music in tremendous quantity. 3 years later, here we are: Cynergy, Cyrano (Cy Yung), S.H.Y., Izzy, R.O.E., Oscah, and myself. All but 3 of the faces have changed but the team is as strong as ever and now we’re starting to make noise.

khal: What made you guys want to start your own blog? How do you see the role of Hip-Hop Blogs in the game as a whole – are they a gift or a curse?

J. Slikk: We wanted to have a place to put all our projects, news, and sneak previews of things yet to come. You can’t squeeze all that on a MySpace Music page, so Cy cooked up a blog where we could all go and put up various things and keep the people posted on what we’re working on. It’s a gift in a sense that we’re keeping the public informed, and the fact that the few fans we have can check us out, give us feedback, and spread the word at the same time without having to go through add me’s, message me’s, comments, and all that craziness. The blog is less about the individual and more about the collective. The only way I can think of it as being a curse is just the fact of time. I, for one, go to school, come home from school, go to Best Buy to make a living for a few hours, and spend quality time with my lady. In the little free time I have, I got to make the most of and get whatever music I need to complete done for the day. I never have too much time for the “blogging” unless I check my email or MySpace or whatever for a few minutes a day.

khal: How do you guys work – are you tailor making beats for people, or do you all create and write on the spot?

J. Slikk: It’s a little half and half. Half the time, I do a beat, send it off and wait for a finished product. The other half, I do a beat right then and there, someone writes to it, then we record. In a lot of cases, I do beats based on the personality and style of the artist. I’ve not only done Hip-Hop, but R&B, Soul and even some Pop in the past. It’s all about molding a beat that possesses your sound to the artist. Once you do that, you let the artist work however the situation sees fit.

khal: In speaking with you, I know you have a serious batch of projects coming, both from yourself and the crew as a whole. The R.O.E. mixtape is out, as well as Oscah’s album – what’s next?

J. Slikk: Man oh man it’s a lot! Let’s see how good the old 23 year old memory is! I got three major projects I’m working on right now. After 2 Foreign Currencies, and 2 mixtapes, I’m finally doing my first solo compilation called Flavor Spectrum. So far I’ve got all the beats done, 3 or 4 full tracks are complete, with at least ten more on the way. A single will be picked and out in the next month or so. I’ve also got Cy’s album, A Tribute To Rosie Perez. It’s a throwback and tribute to classic hip hop albums. The major influences for the album are albums like Mecca And The Soul Brother, Midnight Marauders, Little Brother’s The Listening, and a couple more. From there we start R.O.E.’s album. As you know, it’s already gotten off with a bang with his song “Can’t Help Myself” and we hope to build on that. We’re also going to get started on S.H.Y.’s album soon. He’s already got a few done with Cynergy and myself. I did “Great Day” on his album and there’s a few more to come. I just did 3 tracks off of Oscah’s album. including the first single “Lose You 2 Love You”. With a bunch of other side projects and hopes and aspirations of landing on a bigger name project, it’s going to be a busy but productive year.

khal: Are there any MCs or artists that you would like to get down with?

J. Slikk: I’d love the opportunity to work with a lot of people. People like Common, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Mos Def, Slum Village, Pharrell, Kanye, Jay-Z, ATCQ, De La Soul, Darien Brockington, Little Brother (group or solo’s), L.E.G.A.C.Y., Latoiya Williams, John Legend, Pharoahe Monch, MF Doom and many more. Just about anybody who’ll give the kid a shot really.

khal: What are some of your favorite beats – both things you produced and stuff from other producers?

J. Slikk: Some of my all time favorites would have to be… Pete and CL’s “T.R.O.Y.”, “Lots Of Lovin’”, “Soul Brother #1”, pretty much the rest of the Mecca album, Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down (Remix)”, House of Pain’s “Jump Around (Remix)”, a lot of Primo and Gangstarr, Tribe’s first two albums were full of amazing sounds, as was Little Brother’s The Listening. There’s so many from other people, I can’t really name them in one sitting. As far as mine, I’d probably say R.O.E.’s “Cant Help Myself” is my all time favorite. I’m loving a lot of the newer stuff I’ve done. In years past, I’d say Kas’ “The Theory” was one of my fav’s. R.O.E.’s “Sweet Love” from his mixtape before last. Etmet’s “No Better Love” and “Somebody Else” as well, just to name a few.

khal: I also know that you used to hop on the mic and get busy! Do you ever have any plans to release tracks that you’ve rhymed on? Do you think something like that would lump you into the pocket of rapping producers (Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Madlib, etc.)?

J. Slikk: I actually released an album of my rhymes when I was 16. I didn’t do any of the beats, though. People liked it - naturally I hated it, so it hasn’t seen light of day since. I may drop an album again, but at this point, I’m trying to get my beats out there, so it’s not likely. Early on, I was compared to Kanye in the sense that I was sampling records for beats and being an emcee as well, I didn’t have a problem with it to be honest. It’s actually a good thing to be versatile in that sense.

khal: Where do you see the music industry going in the next, say, 10 years?

J. Slikk: I can’t really say where it will go, more so where I hope it goes. I hope it just gets better. More classic sounds, less watered down sounds. No matter what part of the world you come from, there was always a better sound that came before you for the most part. People should recognize that and take advantage. It’s not always a good thing to be innovative, especially when that innovation leads to taking away from something that was already done very well to begin with. You don’t have to be a carbon copy, just put your own touch to things. Better music on a more consistent basis is the best thing we can possibly hope for in the next 10 years.

khal: Where would you like to see yourself in the game? Do you have plans to be signed to bigger labels, or running your own label in the “big leagues”?

J. Slikk: Well, for the last two years I’ve been shopping beats to bigger name artists. I’ve sat and talked face to face with a handful of them… corresponded through the proper channels with the rest of them. I’ve gotten close to closing deals a many times, but to my luck, no deals have been reached. I keep doing it with optimism though. Somebody will call at some point. After all, there is no promise in this business. Just hustle. Out side of that, I plan to keep advancing my crew in any way I can hoping if I cant get through the door, one of them can.

khal: What do you do outside of music?

J. Slikk: Let’s see… nothing really. I go to school (working on two degrees), I work after school, spend time with my lovely lady after that, and that’s it. I was a popular guy in high school, but pretty much haven’t had a lot of friends since. But I’m not going to get into the many reasons why at the moment. Other than that, everything else I do pretty much revolves around music.

khal: Do you have any tips for cats who might be in your position?

J. Slikk: Yeah... Work hard, have fun, and STAY PATIENT! Everything will come in due time, as long as you pay those dues. I’ve been working hard at this for a good part of this decade, but the window’s definitely still wide open. I’m in a position where 4 people I went to high school and college with are entering professional sports league drafts ranging from last year to next, one actress has gotten several big roles in Hollywood, two fashion models have gone big time, one family member and a handful of my musical peers have gotten their big breaks already… all this before me. Yes, it drives me crazy to think about all the success others I know have had before me when I feel I should have gotten at least one break by now, but I know that if I’m patient, my time is coming. Keep plugging at it. You just have to be at the right place at the right time.

khal: Do you have any shout outs or final thoughts?

J. Slikk: Yessir, Oscah’s Reinventing The SoulStar is out right now, go get it! Flavor Spectrum will be out this summer, Cy Yung’s A Tribute to Rosie Perez, will be out this summer, S.H.Y.’s Risky Business will be out this summer, R.O.E.… well, you get my point. I’d shout out any and all fans. Thank you for your support. We wouldn’t be where we are (if you can consider us being anywhere) without your ears. Keep listening and spreading the word. WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! The family and friends who’ve shown their undying love and support: I appreciate and love you all very much. For the family and friends who turned their heads the other way and focused on other things and basically insinuated things others were doing weren’t near as important as what I was doing. You all know who you are. No hard feelings. Just know that anybody can dream. It takes a strong person to aim higher and make that dream a reality in the face of people who don’t take other’s dreams seriously. With that said, thank rock the dub for the opportunities for exposure. Stay tuned, ‘cause B.P.A. is coming!

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Is this getting BET play? Phonte is featured on "Paper Chaser":

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Many Moons"

Elucid "Many Moons": I imagine this latest Warning Shot from Elucid is what Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo envision Gnarls Barkley to sound like - sadly, Cee-Lo ain't penning venom quite this potent. Elucid flips a this Janelle Monae cut something fierce, sounding like the soundtrack to some psychadelic Vietnam war story that doesn't end very well (isn't that the way with all Vietnam stories?)... those organs, that fast-paced feel, those poisonous darts. "On a mission from God", forreal.

Warning Shot Wednesday: "Black Cat Orgy"
Warning Shot Wednesday: "We Carry On"

Eli Porter Revisited

We're all going to hell over this. I can't help it, though. I really just love watching this Eli Porter vs. Envy video. The thing is, so has the rest of the 'Net. Check out these videos that I guess you would call "tributes" (props to Enigmatik for the links):

Eli Porter - Best Man

I love how they flipped his rhymes over that track.

Iron Mic: Eli Porter vs Raindrop

This one cracks me up, but peep the version with the alternate ending - so fucking spooky/weird/hilarious/LOLworthy.

Iron Mic: Eli is possessed

These are all from this YouTube user. Shout him out for the funny. I won't say I'm done with the Eli Porter phenomenon, but I am only going to post shit that's truly amazing from this whole fiasco from now on. I promise.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rich Boy Bigger Than The Mayor



01 Intro
02 Buried Alive
03 Wrist Out the Window
04 Monsta
05 Out the Hood
06 Haters Wish
07 Ghetto Queen
08 Rollin Rollin
09 Ms Pacman
10 PO’d Up
11 The Cars
12 Bitch I Know
13 She Wanna
14 Take It Off
15 Supafly
16 Outro

Via The Rap Up.

[video] Wu-Tang Clan "The Heart Gently Weeps"

And I was just saying the other day, where the fuck are the new videos from 8 Diagrams; guess I should have just left well enough alone:

[video] Donny Goines Update

D. Goines let's us know what he's doing right now, since he's been kind of quiet for a minute:

Got a feelin' his forthcoming LP is gonna be a beast.

[video] N*E*R*D "Everyone Nose" (Making Of)

Peep this behind the scenes footage from N*E*R*D's new video:

Kidz In The Hall "Work To Do" (Remix)

Kidz In The Hall ft. Talib Kweli, Bun B & Nato Caliph "Work To Do (Obama For America) (Remix)": The boy Nato Caliph hit me with this just not 15 minutes ago. Official like a referee with a whistle, recorded with Naledge in St. Louis. St. Louis has that fire, and no I'm not a Saint Lunatic. Just trust we.

Mann ft. Sean Kingston "Ghetto Girl"

Mann ft. Sean Kingston "Ghetto Girl" (prod. by JR Rotem): JR brought out Sean Kingston, now he brings out L.A.'s Mann, who kind of reminds me of Sean, but on a more Hip-Hop tip. I can see the Pop charts burnin' up over this, and parents being pissed about Sean's interpolations.

Vibe's Busta Rhymes Feature

Very interesting read on the metamorphisis that Busta has gone through since signing with Aftermath. While I still enjoyed his last album, and think he is still one of the iller MCs in the game, his personal life seems to have flipped and bounce, esp. after Izzy's murder. If you're a fan of Busta's, I recommend reading this, as they got comments from everyone: Kay Slay, Rah Digga, Dinco D, Charlie Brown and many others.

[video] Mariah on Oprah

Check out Mariah Carey on Oprah, which aired yesterday:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Mariah performing "Bye Bye"

E=MC² is in stores today.

Drunk White Chicks

Both pics ia the.LIFE Files.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

Via Boo Goo Doo Boom, who is on fire right now. First Tha Carter III, now this?!

[video] Portishead in Portishead

Shouts to Current TV (and Elucid for the link); Portishead running through 7 songs on Third in this studio performance in Portishead, England:

Such a big fan. Two weeks, fam.

[video] Khia vs. Ms. Cherry

Taken from last night's Miss Rap Supreme premiere:


[video] Lil' Wayne Live

Taken from The Truth DVD, Lil' Wayne pays tribute to Michael Vick & T.I., rockin' a "Get It Shawty" Freestyle and performing "Prostitute":

That dance he's doing, is that a variation of The Wam?

[video] Step Brother Trailer

Another flick for you Will Ferrell/John Reilly fans:

In theaters July 25th.

Monday, April 14, 2008

[video] Three 6 Mafia ft. UNK "I'd Rather"

New Three 6 Mafia video. Head is the shit, but I don't think anything beats pussy:

related: Three 6 Mafia x DJ UNK x Gov. Eliot Spitzer

Obama Vs. Gumbel

An interview with Senator Barack Obama will be premiered on Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports tomorrow night at 10PM. Apparently he talks about his love of basketball.

Bonus Beats: DJ Green Lantern ft. Mavado & Barack Obama "We Need Barack"

[video] The Roots ft. Patrick Stump "Birthday Girl"

New video from The Roots. Features porn actress Sasha Grey. I am still not feelin' this:

Talk about beating a theme into someone's head. What was that at the end, some To Catch A Predator shit?

Tha Carter III

Via Boo Goo Doo Boom. Get that shit while it's hot.

Miss Rap Supreme Premieres Tonight!

And I cannot wait. Eskay has already live-blogged the special noon-time sly VH1 showing of the premiere (all of you working stiffs, like myself, can catch it tonight at 10 PM), and YN & Robbie put together a 16-track compilation of some of Rap's illest cuts from the female rappers that get no love, entitled Hard Body Female Spit Vol. 1.

related: [video] Miss Rap Supreme Trailer

[video] Made Of Honor Trailer

I'm not a fan of romantic movies (although wifey does have me sit in on some of these flicks), but I don't think I'd be mad going to see this. And where the fuck has Kadeem Hardison been!?:

In theaters May 2nd.

[video] Biggie Smalls: Rap Phenomenon Trailer

I've been waiting for a documentary/hood DVD featuring Biggie being Biggie, behind the scenes. You always hear about his comedy and joking out of the limelight, and it looks like this doc makes it happen. Exec produced by D-Roc:

Via Nah Right. Anyone looking for something to get me for my birthday or Christmas, this is it.

[video] Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige "You're All Welcome"

Didn't realize you could make videos and songs based on your tour. I would love to hear a Best Of Both Worlds with Jay and Mary:

Bonus Beats: Jay-Z ft. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beats "You're Welcome"

related: [video] Jay-Z in Houston

[video] The Difference Between Paranoid and Suspicious

Jay Smooth's take on Alicia Key's recent remarks on Gangsta Rap:

Yeah I definitely don't think homegirl is crazy. I mean, I hope those who are calling her crazy are not the same ones who said that the East vs. West "coastal beef" was a ploy of the media... I see where AK is coming from. Do I agree? Eh, I won't go that far. But I see what she's saying.

[video] Jay-Z in Houston

Spotted over at BGDB; Hov rocks another "Fuck Bush!" moment. I like the way the pics move on that big ass monitor:

Must be nice to have that many muhfuckas at your concert, rockin'.

Bonus Beats: Jigga and Bun B perform "Big Pimpin'"

[video] "The Hardest" Freestyle

From DJ Green Lantern's Invasion Radio, I believe MP3s of this have been going around late last year (EDIT: rapidshare link); Styles P, Uncle Murda, Freeway & Beanie Sigel GO IN (if I'm not mistaken, it's from the same session this Joe Budden freestyle came from):

[video] Cuban Link ft. Nubia "Somos Latinos"

Cuban Link on that Reggaeton; mad fly ladies in this one, too:

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #12

You already know how we do with DJ Cable; check out his latest weekly mix:



01. Trina Feat. Ludacris - B R Right
02. Ginuwine - Pony
03. Jay-Z Feat. Twista & Missy Elliot - Is That Yo Bitch?
04. Roll Deep - Badman
05. Skepta Feat. President, JME, Friscoe, Dan, Scorcher, Bossman, Cell 22, Dimples & Danny B - Private Caller
06. David Banner Feat. Twista & Busta Rhymes - Like A Pimp (Remix)
07. Trick Daddy Feat. Lil Jon & Twista - Let's Go

Fire forreal.

Also, for you THUGSTEP lovers, Cable, who got bit by the bug my nigga DJ Nappy created, has thrown his recent mashup up on mediafire, and I'm sitting in my cubicle right now, rockin':

Lil Scrappy ft. Young Buck "Money In The Shattered Bank (Cable Vs. Coki Thugstep Refix)"

Fire forreal. I dare you to front on that.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Favorite Things: A Primer

I promised you guys a review of Negativland's Our Favorite Things DVD last month, but haven't had the time to sit down with it and truly give it my undivided attention. I was given a slab of links from Andy @ Fanatic, though, and wanted to share them with you, so you could decide what you though. Here we go!

"KPIX News Feature"

(this is a real news story documenting the David Brom controversy)

"Freedom Is Waiting"

"Aluminum or Glass"

As an added bonus, there was also an acapella CD released with this DVD from the 180G's. This band of brothers took on classic Negativland and put their Detroit doo-wop spin on it, to much success. Check out these tracks:

Do you really need any other reason to check this out? Not at all! So head on over to the Negativland store and pick up this piece of culture-jamming history.

The Hoarsemen Snacks & Catastrophes [review]

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - wait, not THOSE Horsemen. The Hoarsemen are a collective out of New York, reppin' "alternative" Hip-Hop (meaning that they pack both turntables AND kazoos) for you lovers of shit that's a bit askew. Is their debut album, Snacks & Catastrophes, dope enough for you to cop? Let's find out:

"Neck Bop"
This cut starts out with some head-noddin' drums and a solid organ melody, which get paired up with MC Long Division's quirky lines and that odd hook, this CD reminds me of what Beck was doing on Odelay, minus the wall-of-sound sampledelica.

"Brown Bag"
This is the lead single. Another solid groove, with dude throwing in words not normally heard on your regular Rap disc (I mean, who rhymes shit like metropolis?), but dude also has some ill things strung together, like this end game on the first verse: "Got to make my name ring bells like a pugilist/Spitting some old hotness like Vesuvius/I sip Bombay, turn clubs to Pompeii/And critics, y'all can all go to Hell like Dante". Not your normal raps, for they take a bit of thought! Also diggin' the New Brunswick drop.

"Feel Mine"
Three songs deep and each is on that mid-tempo, live bop to it. Not that bad, but hopefully the paces changes every now and again. I bet these cats are dope live, especially homey who makes all the weird voices on their hooks. Like who says "OK I'm going to sound like a little kid/weird old man on EVERY hook"? Lyrically, this reminds me of the Anticon heads, but with more rhythm to the flows and less SAT words...

"Pablo McNasty's Revenge"
I miss DJ-only tracks. Even if this is an interlude, this one has a DJ Disk charm to it. If you didn't hear his Ancient Termites CD, you're missing out.

"Dookie Booty"
This one kicks it up a tad - I could see this one going down nice at a beer-soaked basement party. Got that fun vibe to it, not far from cats like Digital Underground back in the day.

"The Ballad Of Three Fingered Joe"
This is more Hip-Hop/Country hybrid than anything Nelly and Tim McGraw could ever come up with. All this track is missing is a verse from Slick Rick as Joe.

"You're Not Allowed To Volunteer Here Anymore"
I think this is one of the first tracks I've heard in a while that mentions Modelo beer. I had those once - the bottles are funny looking, but the brew was sub-par. I was going to do a series of posts where I bought beer, drank them, then reviewed the beers, but I realized that was a trigger to alcoholism. In any case, this one has a funky vibe to it. I love the cut-up phone ringing at the very end.

"The Carnival"
Odd-ass interlude of a carny bigging up the Hoarsemen (mad adjectives abound).

"Snacks 'n' Catastrophe"
Fuzz-box Hip-Hop, complete with kazoos. Grimey, yo!

"Gulps (The Captain Has Bad Dreams)"
Dude who does the captain voice (I'm guessing that's Loosey?) is spot-on. That pitter-patter kick in this makes that beat. Love that low-key bass, too. Perfect bed for the deep-sea themes in this killer.

Here comes the bevy of SAT rhymes. You sophmores and juniors need to just study this cut for your verbal section.

"Monkey Heads"
Definitely didn't expect this proto-jungle banger. Lovin' the freaky flavor of this interlude.

This one is the closest to a trunk-rattler on this set, with some hardcore scratching alongside a boomin' bassline. I also love dude's rhymes, reminds me of the early '90s.

Does exactly what it says on the tin - this is a fly cut that would go down PERFECT in a live setting. This would get the crowds rocking, especially those who are full of couples, or those just trying to get buck nasty on a broad.

"City Man"
With the bongo/conga line in this, sounds like a classic break with dude going buck over it. Another block (party) rocker.

In the end, this isn't what I'd normally peep at all, which is sad. It's good to hear Hip-Hop coming from that leftfield side of things, especially when it's not like a crew of guys who are trying to just use Rap as a tool. You can tell The Hoarsemen both love Hip-Hop and are good at what they do, making their particular brand of shit that much more interesting. While I think the CD isn't the best way to take in a set like this (I'd imagine their live shows are a good time), it's definitely a solid base for their budding future.

rock the dub gives Snacks & Catastrophes a 3.75 out of 5 stars. Flippin' Hip-Hop on its ear, these cats bridge a love for what was great about Hip-Hop with a desire to bring in their other influences into the mix, creating a vibrant stew and a funky good time.

Burn Deez: "You're Not Allowed To Volunteer Here Anymore", "Brown Bag", "The Ballad Of Three Fingered Joe", "Rotgut", "Dookie Booty"

Snacks & Catastrophes is available on April 15th, 2008. Check out their website for more information. If you are in the New York area on Thursday, April 17th, check out their album release party at Fontana's Bar in the L.E.S.; aside from the Hoarsemen, live performances will be coming from K Banger, the1shanti, The Woes and a host of others, with drink specials provided by Function Drinks and Svedka Vodka.

Check out this in depth interview with Long Division over at What Now, Then?