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[video] Katt Williams On The View


You gotta love how he looks like he's kind of uncomfortable up there. Makes sense, though. They act like they did 2 minutes of prep before he comes on. Big up to him for making the rounds, though.

[video] G-Unit "I Like The Way She Do It"

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[video] Nas talking Nigger, Part 1

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[video] Noisia ft. Bex Riley "Gutterpunk"

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DnB's Noisia crew on a different tip with this one:

Bloodraw & Young Jeezy "Louie Bag"

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Chamillionaire Says No To Grills

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He speaks on not wearing grills anymore, being African and loving yourself/not caring about the slings and arrows of others:

Notice that his chain and diamond game are still up.

On That Leak: Lil' Mama "L.I.F.E."

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Lil' Mama "L.I.F.E.": So I guess you guys heard that Lil' Mama only did 19K her first week. Mad heads say she is a dope MC, aside from the bubblegum "Lip Gloss" shit, but I never checked for her like that. Peep this new cut, "L.I.F.E.", where she gets a bit deeper, speaking on some of the real struggles from the city. There's a video for this joint as well, but I can't embed it, so just go check it. Why companies chose to not allow embedding of their videos is beyond me.

Usher Here I Stand Tracklist

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I brought you guys the cover for Usher's Here I Stand last month, and just got hit up with the official tracklist. This album drops on May 27th, 2008, and leaks have been poppin' off like what (although most of the links are deaded once they are added) (EDIT: I got an updated tracklisting; updates are in red):

1. Intro
2. Love In This Club ft. Young Jeezy
3. This Ain't Sex
4. Trading Places
5. Moving Mountains
6. What's Your Name ft.
7. Prayer For You Interlude
8. Something Special
9. Love You Gently
10. Best Thing ft. Jay-Z
11. Before I Met You
12. His Mistakes
13. Appetite
14. What's A Man To Do
15. Lifetime
16. Love In This Club Part II ft. Beyonce & Lil' Wayne
17. Here I Stand
18. Will Work For Love (Hidden Track)

Looks like Usher will also be performing on Good Morning America on May 30th. The word I got did not say if this is part of their "Summer Concert" series they do every year, but I would imagine so. The concert goes on from 7AM to 9AM, and is free and open to the public. It goes down in Bryant Park (41st and 6th Avenue), so get down there early (but not before 5AM). I believe it's standing room only. This album looks like it's gonna be a problem.

Damn, Suge

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Eskay has the info, and more pics, of Suge Knight's recent ass-whupping. I never thought I'd see Suge Knight laid the fuck out on the sidewalk. This shit is almost as wild as Hulk Hogan losing to Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI.

Ashanti The Declaration Cover+Tracklist

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Ashanti's new album, The Declaration, is set to hit stores on June 3rd. I recently posted the uncut/bloody version of "The Way That I Love You" (as well as a live performance of it), and it looks like her new single, "Body On Me" (ft. Nelly & Akon), is about to blow. Peep the tracklist:

01. Intro
02. The Way That I Love You
03. Your Gonna Miss Me
04. So Over You
05. Struggle
06. Girlfriend
07. Things You Make Me Do feat. Robin Thicke
08. In These Streets
09. Good Good
10. Body On Me feat. Nelly & Akon
11. Mother
12. Shine
13. The Declaration

Damn, that "Mother" track should have leaked in time for Mother's Day. June 3rd yo. IT'S MURRRRRD-oh wait, IT'S UNIVERSAL MOTOOOOOOOOWN!

[video] Rhap Session: Wale

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I got this the other day and the e-mail got lost in the shuffle. Props to the Breakfast Boys for hitting me with this:

ATCQ: The Reunion Album?

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HipHopDX recently interviewed A Tribe Called Quest about the Rock The Bells tour, and among other things, the possibility of them doing it again:

DX: We’ll talk about 2009. Obviously, there’s the tendency to say, ‘Let’s look into the future.’ Currently, I know everyone just wants to kick back and enjoy the moment. But, looking into the future, there has to be some speculation, even inside of your minds, that there will be an album.
Phife: We gotta take it day by day.
Jarobi: But, there’s definitely speculation. We're not gonna sit here and say we're not thinking about it. Of course we're thinking about it! But everything has to be lined up in the proper way at the proper time. We can’t have A-to-Z and then a Y missing.

DX: Is there anything you see missing, that you can see being fixed for it to happen?
Ali: It's not anything tangible that we could physically pin point and say, "This is the element [missing for us to record another album]." It's a combination of a lot of different things. Q-Tip [click to read] is working on his solo album right now. He's been working on it for a minute. He's had several obstacles he's had to deal with with regards to the industry. That's what everyone is dealing with. It doesn’t matter if you’re the big star or the little star. So, he wants to see that happen and we want to make sure that it happens. Same with me and working on my album. We 'bout to start Phife on his. So, there’s a whole lotta other elements of life that exist as we try to co-exist with this mantra of A Tribe Called Quest that we put out there.

One can dream...

[video] David Banner "Get Like Me"

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Featuring Chris Brown & Yung Joc:

How I Spent My Stimulus

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You get your stimulus check yet? I haven't, and I'm going through a few ways on how to spend it (sadly, I don't think wifey wants me spending it all on hot wings and root beer). Check out to see how many of our fellow Americans are spending it, and add your own story.

A Major Minority

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Black ELement, as I told you, has some shit on the horizon. His new website, A Major Minority, has gone live TODAY! Dude is putting the finishing touches on an free album entitled, you guess it, A Major Minority, and is using his site to jump off the promotions, as well as keep you fans up to date on this budding MC's progress. He even threw up a new track, entitled "Keeps It Rockin'", which features NAV and is produced by Rami Afuni. Lovin' this joint lyrically, and the beat has that hard feel, but it's not too aggressive. He's also uploaded this cut "Human", which is forthcoming on my compilation. Oh yes.

So make sure you keep in tune with A Major Minority, and keep it locked here, as I will surely be hittin' you off with updates and what not on dude.

Joe Budden vs. Portishead

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I got my copy of Third the other day in the mail, and I can't stop listening to it. So I'd be remiss if I didn't post this mixtape, which features one of my favorite groups (Portishead) and one of Jersey's illest MCs (Joe Budden) together. Go download it, then give Shake and 'em some love.

Tanya Morgan ft. Elucid "The Bridge"

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Tanya Morgan ft. Elucid "The Bridge": Damn. One of the dopest trios out there right now hook up with my nigga Elucid for a banger over some tightly-flipped organs. Shit's hypnotic. You can cop TM's new release, The Bridge EP, over on iTunes and Amazon right now, or wait for hardcopies to hit stores on June 17th. Via 2DB.

Bonus Beats: Tanya Morgan "How Low"

[video] Behind The Scenes: "We Made It"

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Peep out Lah and Theo making their track "We Made It":

Bonus Beats: Lah ft. Theo "We Made It" (prod. by Saint Patrick)

Radius "Hoodicide" Mix

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Radius' Neighborhood Suicide just got released on TSLOS, and it's dope. Nice instrumental Hip-Hop with a Chi-town state of mind. This mix was given out in a shorter form during listening parties, so grab this shit up, early.

My Favorite Female Producer...

No Comments » has her very own blog. the adventures of entity starr is Entity Starr's slice of the web, where she spreads love on music she's peepin', updates you on the progress of Joulz Il's forthcoming material, and her current struggle to get better. Some powerful tracks, as well as some powerful words. Texas, stand up!

I Got My: The Life & Times Of Static

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If you guys didn't know, Static Major passed away a few months back. He is featured on Weezy's "Lollipop", and was a part of Playa. I was just checkin' out 2DB, and found this post featuring a mixtape Sermon and DJ 1Mic did, compiling a sick helping of Static's career. Check it out...



1.Cheers 2 U Ft. Playa
2.I-65 Ft. Playa
3.One Man Woman Ft. Aaliyah & Playa
4.Gin & Juice Ft. Devante Swing
5.Don’t Stop The Music Ft. Playa
6.We At It Again Ft. Timbaland, Magoo, Lil Man & Sebastian
8.Ride Till The Wheels Fall Off
10.Crank It Up Ft. David Banner
11.I Came To Bring The Pain Ft. Lil Flip, Tity Boi & Ludacris
12.Juicy Ft. Pretty Ricky
13.Speed Of Light
14.U Know
15.Good Weather Music (Never Thought) Ft. UGK & T-Hud
16.For A Long Time
17.I Got My Remix Ft. Lil Wayne
18.Dirty Mind
19.Private Number

Don't even try and sleep.'s New Releases Show (5/8/2008)

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May 8 2008. The weekly show thats documents anything new in Hip Hop from movies and music to fashion and gadgets. Hosted by Valerie Lora, the New Releases Show comes out every Thursday.


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Any of you true Hip-Hop heads need to make it out to SOB's on Monday for this. Evil Dee is a monster on the decks.

[video] Nice-N-Smooth "DWYCK" LIVE

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While neither Greg Nice or Smooth B look like their namesakes, "DWYCK" is a fucking CLASSIC. This was recorded at SOB's in December of 2007:

GRANDGOOD drops jewels like paraphernalia...

Pete Rock NY's Finest (Instrumentals)

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Essential. Try before you buy, although you need to just go ahead and cop this.

Elzhi ft. Royce Da 5'9 "Motown 25"

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Elzhi ft. Royce Da 5'9 "Motown 25" (prod. by Black Milk): Goddamn. Them New Music Cartel niggas are on their grizzly with this one. Props to Eskay and Shake for leaking this. Shake also has a few more bonus cuts from Europass, Elzhi's tour CD, which he tells me is the truth. If it sounds like this Detroit banger, I would have to agree!

[video] Killah Priest "For Tomorrow"

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[video] Pugs Atomz "Vacation"/"Dark Clouds"

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[video] Edo G "I Got To Have It" LIVE

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Edo G spittin' this classic with his Special Teamz fam up in the Middle East in Mass.

[video] Guru ft. Doo Wop "Who Got It On Lock"

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[video] Gnarls Barkley "Going On"

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[video] Mazaradi Fox ft. Aaliyah "Mazi Baby"

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Friday, May 9th 2008 playlist

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What an odd week. Felt like I wasn't able to get into the groove of things, and while I got a good amount of shit done, there's even more on the horizon! Check out the new music for this week:


leaks o' da week!


Most niggas sell wolf tickets; we give out LATE PASSES:


I'm gonna leave you with a bit more of a comedic Hip-Hop vid this week; peep how animated DJ Khaled is, trying to hype up his new joint "Out Here Grindin'" to Kanye and Consequence. I mean, I don't know many MCs who are this hype - Khaled is the fucking DJ!

WMDeez also has a rip of a 2002 Hot 97 Summer mix Khaled spun. Props to nation.

Enjoy your weekend, fam!

Marlon Wayans As Ripcord

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They're really going to have to sell me on this. I won't front - the Wayans family has been making me laugh for YEARS, but a Wayans in G.I. Joe!? I could hardly believe Low Down Dirty Shame!

Via Wooohah!.

Eva Mendes In Italian Vogue

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I'm back and forth on Eva Mendes. Sometimes, she looks very sexy (like the above shot). Other times, her features turn me off. In her most recent pictoral, for Italian Vogue, she's gone topless. Egotastic! has the spread, including the uncensored clips.

FSD Interviews Mick Boogie

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Damn, Andrew FSD is killin' it with the interviews! He recently got a quick Q&A with Mick Boogie, and I think you should check it out.

On That Leak: The Beat 102.7

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Check out these leaks from "The Beat 102.7", one of the in-game Hip-Hop stations (featuring DJ Green Lantern & DJ Mister Cee) you can listen to while playing Grand Theft Auto IV:

I remember turning the sound off on GTA: San Andreasand blastin' Green Lantern mixtapes, so this is just a perfect fit. Now all I need is a next-gen console.

Props to Mr. X for these.

[video] Tape Deck Scratchin'

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I've heard of pause-tapes, but this nigga DJ Ruthless Ramsey is using tape decks like turntables! Has to be seen to be believed:

Hit up DJ Ruthless Ramsey on MySpace.

Mystikal "Bouncin' Back"

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Mystikal "Bouncin' Back": Taken from this awesome post over at Oh Word on Mystikal. Just vibe to this one. Hip-Hop's James Brown? Slow down...

[video] Pete Rock & Royal Flush "Questions" LIVE

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My fav joint off of NY's Finest, taken from a Feb. 2008 show. Another GRANDGOOD treat - they have a slew of Pete Rock videos that just got uploaded, from "Til I Retire" to "Down With The King".

[video] Brand Nubian "All For One" LIVE

[video] Hoodrats Gone Wild

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EDIT: Looks like there's now an arrest warrant out for "Soulja Girl" (shouts to E for the heads up).

Mad Bacon

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WANT. Via about:blank (shouts to Elucid).

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 15

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Elucid X Ice T "Lifestyles RMX"

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Elucid X Ice T "Lifestyles RMX": Better late than never, I always say. Elucid flips a classic track and seriously makes it his own, providing a serious example of what could happen if more MCs would kick ballistics over straight breaks and loops. The dope thing is, this is some shit you can throw in your sets and actually get hype on the dancefloor, too! It's one of those cuts where, with a 40 oz or 2, you can do your favorite Kid'N'Play impersonation, but with a pair of headphones and a dutch to the face, you can get lost in the lyrics. Lyrically? This is the mind of a man who has seen a lot of shit go on in the street. The voice of a nigga who is on his grind, doing it the right way but is letting you fuckers know: don't test, I've been there, and if the right button is pushed, I can go right back there.

"Razor on the tongue, how you feel SON!?!"

[video] Brand Nubian "All For One" LIVE

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GRANDGOOD has more live footage from Brand Nubian live at the Knitting Factory on May 5th over on their YouTube Channel. Support live Hip-Hop.

On That Leak: Kidz In The Hall Meet El-P

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Kidz In The Hall ft. El-P "Drivin' Down The Block (Final Block Bounce Remix)": To celebrate their debut at #6 on MTV's TRL, this disgusting El-P remix of "Drivin' Down The Block" has been leaked. And it's murder. Gotta love when "underground" niggas and crackas can make your trunk rattle.

Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down The Block" (Remix)
[video] Kidz In The Hall "Drivin' Down Tha Block"

D'Angelo The Best So Far... Cover+Tracklist

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Looks like a D'Angelo best of CD/DVD (as well as video downloads and 'ringtunes') entitled The Best So Far... is set to drop on June 24th; this will include top hits, rare cuts and 7 previously unreleased videos! Check out the tracklist(s):

1. Lady
2. Brown Sugar
3. Cruisin’
4. Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine
5. Smooth
6. I Found My Smile Again
7. Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind
8. She’s Always In My Hair
9. Can’t Hide Love [live]
10. Heaven Must Be Like This
11. Your Precious Love [Erykah Badu with D’Angelo]
12. Devil’s Pie (A Cappella Interlude)
13. Left And Right [with Method Man and Redman]
14. Untitled (How Does It Feel)
15. Send It On
16. Feel Like Makin’ Love
17. Be Here [Raphael Saadiq with D'Angelo]

1. Lady
2. Brown Sugar
3. Cruisin’
4. Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine
5. Left And Right [with Method Man and Redman]
6. Untitled (How Does It Feel)
7. Send It On

Digital Album
1. Lady
2. Brown Sugar
3. Cruisin’
4. Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine
5. Smooth
6. I Found My Smile Again
7. Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind
8. She’s Always In My Hair
9. Can’t Hide Love [live]
10. Heaven Must Be Like This
11. Devil’s Pie (A Cappella Interlude)
12. Left And Right [with Method Man and Redman]
13. Untitled (How Does It Feel)
14. Send It On
15. Feel Like Makin’ Love

Video Downloads
Brown Sugar
Left And Right [with Method Man and Redman]
Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine
Send It On

Left And Right
Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine
Send It On
Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Damn exciting. I still bump my copy of Voodoo every summer. Shit, it's about time I throw it on right now...

[video] Killer Mike Interview

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On That Leak: Kia Shine "1st 48"

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Kia Shine "1st 48 (My New Style)": Yes, Kinfolk Kia Shine is back with The K.U.S.H. (which stands for Krispy Underated Southern Hustler), and a few tasties from his studio were just passed to me. This cut is entitled "1st 48" because, and I quote, "HE'S KILLING THEM!!!" In any case, check this one out, and I guess stay posted for more info when I get it.

I see you on that Beastie Boys nod, Kinfolk. I have a feeling this new LP might be the same train that the last one was, though.

Bonus Beats: Kia Shine "Co-Pilot"

REVIVE DA LIVE (Guru @ SOB's, 5/19/08)

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Definitely a dope show for those who are into Jazzamatazz:

-REVIVE DA LIVE Comes to S.O.B.'s on MAY 19thwith
GURU of Jazzmatazz and Super-Producer Solar--

--Special Suprise Guest Grammy-Award Winning Trumpeter with "A HARD GROOVE"

On Monday May 19th, S.O.B.'s presents Revive Da Live with special guests Guru of Gang Starr fame and the legendary Jazzmatazz series and his longtime musical counterpart, NYC-based super-producer Solar. Also joining these two distinguished artists on stage is a special surprise Grammy-Award Winning trumpeter with "a Hard Groove", who's name will be announced the night of the show. Guru and Solar first collaborated on the groundbreaking compilation Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1, a blend of hip-hop and jazz that combined storied Jazz musicians with contemporary rappers in a format that had never been seen before. Since Vol 1's release, Jazzmatazz has bloomed into its own movement, spawning 3 more compilations and selling out concert venues around the world.

Revive Da Live is a musical movement based on two goals: to enrich the soul of hip-hop and to redefine jazz as a genre relevant to the hip-hop generation. Revive Da Live aims to spark a jazz renaissance by revamping the formula of popular music through a Jazz/Hip-Hop union that some call a Nu-Jazz movement. Through live performance and collaboration, Revive Da Live Productions has produced and organized events that have included artists such as Robert Glasper, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Bilal, Q-Tip, Roy Hargrove and is now presenting another exciting collaboration on May 19th with Guru and Solar @ SOB'S with a SURPRISE Grammy Award-winning guest. Revive Da Live is about exposing the fusion of soulful jazz roots with the fresh, youthful energy of hip-hop to inspire jazz and hip hop enthusiasts and the two energies come together on Monday, May 19th when Guru, Solar and th e surprise Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter take the stage at the legendary S.O.B.'s in Manhattan, New York.

I wonder who the special guest is!??! More info at

Geoff Barrow: The Gloves Are Off

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Check out this no-nonsense interview with Portishead's Geoff Barrow from Remixmag. Here's a sample:

“[America's music] is shit, isn't it?” he continues. “The hip-hop artists are just rubbish. Jay-Z's records always sound good, but he got the sack from Universal. If you end up with a country Britney, it doesn't matter 'cause they're all twats anyway. Timbaland came to England trying to find a Coldplay to produce. Everyone told him to fuck off. He went to America and got his own band and they are gi-normous, the most revolting people you have ever seen in your life. They are called Timbaland. We all like it underground but no one is buying it. Even Moby is struggling.”

Damn. I'll be glad when my copy of Third finally gets delivered. Via GRANDGOOD. EDIT: Ney Soul Eu has links to Portishead LIVE at Coachella. Props to them

The Roots Are Doing It Wrong


In reading this recent NY Times article on The Roots, I got to thinking: how come Live Nation doesn't try to set up a deal for The Roots like they did for Jay-Z? I'm not saying pay ?uestlove $100 million, but doesn't it make sense for one of the touring-est acts in music today be signed to a deal like that? In today's climate, a group like The Roots seems to have an even tougher time staying relevant in the ringtone/download sector, especially with fans seeming to stop praising their albums each time a new one drops.

The Roots need some kind of machine to help them function. As long as an entity believes in them and is willing to fund their progress, their machine will move the way it should. I can only assume what would happen if they got dropped... who's going to pick them up?

Philly Cops Beat On Niggas

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While I feel for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer by some idiot with an AK-47, I cannot and do not condone cops pulling niggas out of their whips and beating them. I get that, yes, there was a report of a shooting in that area. I understand that. And I also get that cops band together in times like this. But any sympathy niggas had for the police regarding the slain officer is cast out the window when 1) they wanna Rodney King any suspects out there, and 2) they provide this massive, tri-state manhunt for one guy because a cop got killed. When niggas get murked, cases sit dusty for months. 1 cop gets shot, and the one guy who got away is fucking P.E. #1.

You also have to love how the evening news will repeatedly show people getting shot, beaten, arrested, doing perp walks and all of that, but video of cops beating the shit out of niggas is something that is instantly subpeonaed and advised to not be shown.

What gives? Is that justice?

[video] Cherish "Amnesia"

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DJ Cable's Monthly Mix - April '08

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DJ Cable's April '08 Mix is a bit late, yes, but it's a banger for those who wanna know what he was feeling last month:



01. Public Service Announcement (Intro)
02. G-Unit - I Like The Way She Do It
03. Nas - War Is Necessary
04. Skillz - Sick
05. S.O.U.L. Purpose - Lesson A
06. Joell Ortiz Feat. Max B - Let's Get This Dough
07. The Knux - Cappuccino (Remix)
08. Pacific Division - Taste
09. The Cool Kids - Sup
10. Busta Rhymes - Where My F**kin Money?
11. DJ Noodles Feat. Pitbull, Red Cafe, Hot Rod, Trazz, Murphy Lee & Jay Rock - Can't U Tell
12. Tyga Feat. Travis McCoy - Coconut Juice
13. Flo Rida Feat. Sean Kingston - Roll
14. Life The Great - Mega Man
15. Play-N-Skillz Feat. Lil Jon, Krayzie Bone & Bun B - One Mo Gin
16. Ruckspin & Planas Feat. Virus Syndicate & Foreign Beggars - The Nature Of It
17. Ludacris - Let's Stay Together

Nice mix of club bangers alongside some grittier cuts. Don't sleep!

Praverb Center Of Attention Cover+Tracklist

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Praverb's Domination Recordings debut album, Center Of Attention, is available RIGHT NOW! Dude is the epitome of "real talk", mixing his no-nonsense spirituality with sick flows and lyrics that are bound to make you laugh as easily as they'll make you think. Check out the tracklist:

1. Perfect Intro
2. Back in the Days
3. Dead 2 Sin
4. Freedom to Prevail
5. Rain
6. I Grind, You Grind feat. Trinidad
7. Tatianna
8. You Know Me
9. Time is Ticking
10. Represent
11. Ordinary Day
12. Trading Places

Beats are provided from producers like Cold Legistics, Destro, Streetwize, Teddy Roxpin, The Agonist, Frelarmi and DJ Keor. For those who are looking to hear what's on this, Domination has provided this free album sampler for you to partake in.

You can and should cop the album today from the following outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Emusic.

P.S.: Praverb will also be a featured artist on the forthcoming rock the dub compilation. Oh, yes! My review of Center Of Attention will be coming soon!

[video] LOST's Tania Raymonde Interview

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Her getting her wig pushed back was wild...

[video] Chromeo "Fancy Footwork"

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OnSMASH Interviews Buckshot & 9th Wonder

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Do the knowledge on this dope interview, then go buy The Forumula.

[video] Raheem DeVaughn "Try Again"

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45 King Vs. Wale "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D (Sammy Bananas Remix)"

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45 King Vs. Wale "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D (Sammy Bananas Remix)": Remember when I told you that after the Ghostface Killah Remix EP from Scion A/V that there'd be more to come? Enter The 45 King. If you aren't up on him and his history to the game (from "The 900 Number" to "Stan"), go do your homework. In any case, this track, which I'm giving to you for free, comes from a dope EP that molds old school with new school, from the beats to the rhymes, and is a dope treat for those who are trying to get crunk in the club.

Wale and 45 King link up on 3 cuts here, and each gets the remix treatment. They kick things off with "Roof", which has Wale going in hard over some smooth guitar loop and a fat, '95-feeling bassline. Those basketball references are dope, too. The Rub's DJ Ayers takes the 90PM beat to about 111BPM, and infuses that D.C. Go-Go party vibe that Wale is known for in his native city. Perfect Saturday afternoon cut. This is followed by "Strings", which is just that: a too-tight string section is weaved right atop some hard, crisp drums. Wale sure knows how to coast over these head-nodders, eh? Inflagranti kicks this one into a heavier dance cut, complete with a nasty bass and some wild guitar riffs for Wale's 'ruthless' boasting to murder. We let Wale seckle for a bit, and Pase Rock picks up the mic to revisit "The 900 Number" with a 2K8 version of this classic track. The beat is kept pretty much intact, if nothing it has a 2008 glow over it, and Pase keeps the old-school vibe in tact on the mic. Internets favorite Eli Esocbar takes the reigns for the rmx of this banger, giving the sax sample an electro injection, funking up this anthem for the nightclub. If you aren't vibing to this one, you're dead. Last, but certainly not least, "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D" has that vintage feel with the loops, with what sounds like at least two or 3 samples creating a new school funk band right in your headphones. I can feel my jeans getting a hair tighter, and randomly, an Africa medallion was around my neck! Sammy Bananas closes this one out with a flip of the script, keeping this one straight in the future, with freaky electro bleeps and a pulsating kick keeping the party runnin'.

It's good to hear Hip-Hop remixed well by capable DJs and producers. It's also good to know that someone as skilled as the 45 King can still churn out some bangers when he wants to. Hit up this link for audio and more info on this ill EP.

Big up to Gus for the info!

Islord & Zu "We Ain't Playin'"

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Islord & Zu ft. Hell Razah "We Ain't Playin'": Some new gems from the extended Wu-Tang family. Islord was a member of Killarmy, and Zu is his boy from Queens. They are working on a collabo album that should be dropping real soon... hit up their MySpace pages for more info.

Bonus Beats: Islord & Zu "How We Do"

[video] ti$a "Vote Obama"

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Sa-Ra's ti$a kicks off his solo career with a pro-Obama jam that samples the Isley Brothers:

Big up to Elucid for the link... I think.

Max B = A Hot Fudge Sundae

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With a cherry on top...

[video] James Pants "Cosmic Rapp"

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Question? Xanax The Mixtape

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Representing San Antonio, check out this new mixtape from Question?. Dude dares to be different, especially for a Southern artist, and is representing the Cinematic Music Group. Want to give someone new a try? I suggest peepin' this cat:



1. Listen
2. Intoxicated
3. Devil Is Here
4. Crashing Down (Feat One Republic)
5. Life Goes On
6. Sharp (Feat Jazze Pha)
7. High School 1
8. Just Look (Feat Devin The Dude)
9. Shiny Boots
10. Pass it Around (Feat Young Buck & Shiest Bubz)
11. Seat Layed Back
12. 30 Thousand Feet In the Sky
13. Neva Been a Fronta
14. Playing Games
15. Rush Rush
16. Good For Nothing
17. This Ain't A Rap Song
18. I'm Gonna Make It
19. Rise And Fall

You should also check out his new single, "Dance Like A White Boy". Big up to Roni for the heads up.

Four Tet "Ringer" Promo Mix

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Four Tet's mini album, Ringer, was released in North America today, and I just got passed a DJ Mix he made in support of it. "Ringer" is the first track, and has been getting nuff burn. The mix is a dope journey, too:



1. Four Tet - Ringer
2. Liquid Liquid - Bell Head (Harvey edit)
3. Avus - Tear
4. Burial - Raver
5. Sam Clarence - Sextant daktari
6. Wookie - Manchu 2
7. Autechre - Play neu!
8. Matt John - Olga dancekowski
9. Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
10. Plastikman - Helikopter
11. Siobhan Donaghy - Carl Craig remix
12: The Field - Action

Thank me later!

[rock theh dub Interview]: Cymarshall Law

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As we do here at rock the dub, we continue to bring you interviews will some of the illest cats you might not have heard... but should definitely get to know! Representing New Jersey and the UK, Cymarshall Law is a cat who has been putting it in for a minute. At one point he was down with Subversive Music (which was run by Company Flow's Big Jus) with his brother, but has since been grinding on his own. He's put out acclaimed projects that have gotten love on sites like Okayplayer and Hip-Hop Game, and is continuing to make it happen for himself, taking his music to large crowds out in Europe. Check out this Q&A, and get to know one of the game's budding MCs...

khal: Where in Jersey do you reside?

Cymarshall Law: Central Jersey...

khal: Who were some of your influences growing up, both inside and outside of Hip-Hop?

Cymarshall Law: Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Skit Slam (my brother who introduced me to all of them) and all the Reggae music my parents would play around the house were I grew up.

khal: What made you first want to get into making Hip-Hop, as opposed to being a fan? Do you dabble in any of the other elements (DJing/graf/breakin’/etc.)?

Cymarshall Law: I felt it... I think that is the best way to describe it; I could see myself doing it, it felt right, I love music - why not become it. As far as the rest of Hip-Hop, sure I’m involved; I mean when it’s all said and done, I might just be a DJ, old man spinning the illest joints!

khal: You first caught a break with the Everliven Sound crew, on Big Jus’ Subversive Music label, right? How was it being in a situation like that, on a label that housed cats like MF Doom and C-Rayz Walz?

Cymarshall Law: It was inspiring and motivational; I had to make sure my raps were tight. I was young, it was cool and I didn’t think much about it really, I just wrote my rhymes. I mean my brother Skit is in Everliven Sound; we were in the same house, so I was chilling cracking jokes, writing rhymes with my brother - we kept it moving

khal: After that label dissolved, tell the people about your mindstate and how you went about creating the Everlution EP? How hard was it to get your work produced, mastered, pressed and distributed?

Cymarshall Law: The Everliven Sound Everlution EP that we dropped on vinyl (exclusive to 500 copies) was a move that defines a time: Freedom Entertainment was born, and we were just tired of everyone telling us when/how/where/how high or low - we was like “nah, we'll take FREEDOM” we’ve been on it like that ever since; getting the record produced was one of the best times in my life. That wasn’t hard, it was fun. Skit made all the beats (except for 1) on an ASR I had bought and we recorded on digital recorder (a Roland 1680). This was in 2001; we got Jim Brick to master it - he did a good job. Pressing it was nothing like when pressing up a CD now: with the money that we got from an investor, we distributed through some Internet sites but we mostly it got all over the world ourselves.

khal: While many US Hip-Hop heads seem to think that the US is where it’s at for Hip-Hop, there’s a lot of hardcore heads worldwide who rock to the same beats that come from our soil. You’ve spent time touring in the UK – what is your experience when being overseas? Do you have a favorite city or venue in the UK that you performed in?

Cymarshall Law: I LOVE PERFORMING OVERSEAS! I haven’t yet rocked a crowd on European soil that the crowd wasn’t jumping at; it’s mostly because it’s something they don’t see everyday. I can’t say that I have a favorite UK venue - I rocked this crazy ass festival once with like 2000 people in front of me, but I’m sure a lot of them were twisted... it was still dope, though.

khal: You’ve been dropping CDs, performing for large crowds all over, and have been getting props from heads like Okayplayer and a host of other accolades, but you still seem grounded. Is that something you try hard to keep going, or is that just something within you?

Cymarshall Law: Within.

khal: Word is Freedom Entertainment has realigned and the first project from this will be your album, Hip Hop In The Flesh. Tell the people what that title represents, and what people can expect from your project.

Cymarshall Law: HIP HOP IN THE FLESH was last year’s album; the new one is CYMARSHALL & MR. JOEKER: HIP HOP IN THE SOUL; Mr. JoeKer out of Hungary made all of the splendid beats. I supplied the lyrics and we made something I think will have an impact.

khal: Where do you see yourself fitting into the Hip-Hop lexicon?

Cymarshall Law: Well, I see myself fitting perfectly into the space that it seems has been left for me. At first, people would say I sounded “old school but new school”, and, to me I wasn’t trying to do anything – I was just writing rhymes, but now I see the void I’m filling, and it’s just that... just writing rhymes, pure rhymes that come from the heart, just going in with lyrics, original vibes... the lexicon is missing that.

khal: Do you think there is still a market for “real Hip-Hop” on a mainstream level anymore?

Cymarshall Law: Yes.

khal: What are your feelings about the current state of the world, from the wars in Iraq to the current Presidential election process in the US?

Cymarshall Law: We need change and fast! People say I’m an optimist, sometimes they even get mad because I’m that way, but my feelings on the way the world will turn out are more hopeful than optimistic. There’s a difference. I also never claim to really know too much; there are a lot of bad things going on, but I’m sure there’s a lot of good, too. We never see that on the news, so to me it seems like that happens on purpose to put fear into the people and so on... so at the end of the day, I’m hopeful things will change, but change must come from the root. How do you get to the root of most of the worlds problems, and then begin the change? Those are the questions. To add to this I am very hopeful the presidential election this year is fair and just, however I am not optimistic that it will be.

khal: When should Hip Hop In The Soul be dropping? Will you be touring in support of this project?

Cymarshall Law: Hip Hop In The Soul drops August 30th. I’ll be touring a lot this year to promote this album with Mr. Joeker; next, look for Skit Slam to drop his solo on Freedom sometime in the late Fall.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or shout-outs before we wrap this one up?

Cymarshall Law: Yea get at me on MySpace, any other inquires can reach me at Thank you for buying my music – it’s all on iTunes now and physically for sale on the ‘Net, too. HIP HOP IN THE SOUL COMING SOON! Shout Out to all my people showing love, I’mma show it right back. Peace and successful days...

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Everliven Sound "Rudeboys" video:

[video] Pabst Blue Ribbon Coffin

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Talk about white trash:

Lil' Wayne "Lollipop (Tech Supreme Remix)"

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Lil' Wayne ft. Static Major "Lollipop (Tech Supreme Remix)": My boy from Missouri, Tech Supreme, just hit me with this remix. Dude went all out on that mid-tempo Electro Rap thing that the original brought out. I'm not a huge fan of the Auto-Tune, but I'd vibe to this mix before puttin' the original on! And yeah, you might not know of Tech, but this nigga was voted the BEST Hip-Hop Producer of 2007 by St. Louis' Riverfront Times. Sneeze on that, haters!

Bonus Beats: Bun B ft. Lil' Wayne "Damn I'm Cold"

[video] Fat Joe "You Ain't Sayin' Nothin'"

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This cut, off of Elephant In The Room, features Plies & Dre; this also features a clip for "Cocababy":

[video] Wes Fif "Through Da Roof"

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Wes Fif premieres a new cut of his at a Florida club; apparently, his swag is through tha roof:

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #15

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Props to DJ Cable for keepin' these weekly mini mixes going; this week, he threw a few party joints alongside a few UK Hip-Hop flavors. Open your ears:



01. Outkast - B.O.B.
02. The Nextmen Feat. Dynamite MC - High Score
03. Sway Dasafo - Up Your Speed
04. Collie Buddz - Come Around
05. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Feat. Lil Scrappy - What U Gonna Do
06. Dead Prez - Hip Hop
07. Foreign Beggars Feat. Skinnyman & DRS - Hold On

His April Montly Mix should be dropping today, hopefully. I'll keep you guys posted!

TROUBL - The Shoot Back Mixtape

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I wanna shout out my people over at TROUBL for hitting me with this tape last night. I peeped it on the way to work, and got that feeling that people really are trying to make a difference.

This mixtape, a true Team TROUBL effort, takes hot beats throws speeches from protest rallies regarding the Sean Bell tragedy, giving a real voice to the struggle. You even get some words from the one like Kevin Powell, who is always a welcome voice to revolution and change, especially within our communities.

You can grab it for free, and I suggest you pass it along to your like-minded people; props to TROUBL, Johnny Haze and everyone who still lends a voice to the voiceless. Together, we will mash down Babylon... together.

[video] Panic At The Disco "That Green Gentleman"

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[video] S.O.U.L. Purpose ft. Q-Tip "Lesson B"

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Mazzi speaks on his experiment in "Lesson A"; Q-Tip also gives his thoughts on various topics; this is an interesting piece:

[video] Mariah Carey "Bye Bye"

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I wonder what the big deal is about Nick Cannon. I guess if you gonna do it, you could do way worse than Mariah Carey.

Oh, and am I the only one who preferred Mariah with the weight on? Don't get me wrong, she's a stunna right now, but I liked her thicker thighs...

Bonus Beats: Mariah Carey ft. Jay-Z "Bye Bye (Remix)"

[video] HERO "Trust"

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Check out XXL's recent review of HERO's debut LP.

Why Everybody Should Stop Talking

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[video] A. Pinks "Hit The Lights (I'm On)"

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This shit is fire. Props to A. Pinks sending me this earlier. Hot spit from unsuspecting MCs is always what I like to hear.