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RIP Camu Tao

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Camu Tao succumbed to his two-year bout with cancer. UGHH heads know what time it was with the MHz/Weathermen crew. So blast some S.A. Smash or any of Camu's other bangers and reminisce on this day of Memorial.

[video] Serius Jones "Lafayette"

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[video] Kanye West "Flashing Lights", Version 2?

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Nick G hit me with an e-mail to this new video for "Flashing Lights"; dude says that, apparently, Kanye filmed 3 different videos for this track (remember this one?), and this is to be the 2nd version:

This is what I assumed the video would look like. Mad drunk (and hot) girls, wacky editing and the like. Any confirmation on this being legit?

EDIT: Eskay has more info on this.

[video] DJ Q-Bert & Shortkut - Guitar Center Tour

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I actually had no idea until, say, 4 minutes ago that Q-Bert has his own channel on YouTube. Check out Thud Rumble.

ghetto mini blog

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Setting up a mini blog in Blogger is retardo. So I didn't do it. But if you hit the sidebar, there's a new menu entitled "pint size dub". Those are links that I feel are very choice. Keep your eyes on it, as I will be updating it a few times a day.

[video] Making Of "We Made It"

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Myk Dyaleks "Sound Alikes (All Rappers)"

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Myk Dyaleks "Sound Alikes (All Rappers)": 1/3 of Brokn.Englsh, Myk is setting up some marvelous shit for his forthcoming album project. This is just a taster - drop this during a warm Saturday afternoon and just zone out, vibe off those "good ol' days".

Shouts to J-Dub for the heads up.

[video] Hotstylz ft. Yung Joc "Lookin' Boy"

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Wait, I had no idea this got picked up forreal; I was wondering why I heard this on 106 & Park earlier tonight:

"Lookin' Boy" sounds fucking retarded compared to "Lookin' Ass Nigga".

Fitzroy Paradise Low

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Fitzroy's Paradise Low debut album is a thing of beauty. From reflective, intellectual lyrics to a heavy assortment of leftfield beats, this is Hip-Hop for those who think outside of the box. And for a limited time, he's offering up the album for free. No bullshit. This link will allow you to download Paradise Low for free; act quick, though - the link becomes inactive on May 26th (Monday). I highly recommend it - essential cuts include deep bounce of "Badman", "The Way I Move" and "Her", but you should sample it fi yaself and get involved. Then thank the man for offering it up to you.

Cy Yung "Mr Magic"

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First single off the Back II Lyfe project. Cy is a monster.

[video] Busta Rhymes on Radio 1

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Busta Rhymes brought the "Don't Touch Me (Remix)" to Tim Westwood:

That shit is ridiculous. Such an infectious beat, makes me fall back in love with Hip-Hop.

[video] Wale "W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E."

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Sparkle ID's R. Kelly

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You niggas remember Sparkle right? She did that cut "Be Careful", of the lone album R. Kelly produced and wrote for her. Word is that the chick that Robert "allegedly" pissed on an fucked at a young age is one of Sparkle's relatives, and that Sparkle ID'd Robert in the videotape with her alleged niece. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that shit got hot in the courtroom today, and Sparkle ended up in a shouting match with Kelly's defense. Crazy shit.

That "Be Careful" song could be some serious foreshadowing shit, given the behind the scenes relationship Sparkle and Kells could have had.

Slick Rick Receives Pardon


Good for Ricky D. I swear, though, when I saw the e-mail this came in, I couldn't see the whole title, and I foolishly thought Shyne was getting pardoned. Or Remy Ma. Silly khal.

EDIT: Shouts to jon jon in the comments for reminding me that NY's gov is a blind nigga. I guess niggas with eye patches and legally blind niggas gotta stick together!

Friday, May 23rd 2008 playlist

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This week was chill, then yesterday and today fucked my whole game up. If this is super late, forgive me...


leaks o' da week...


We're handing out LATE PASSES for you guys:


I am so ready for my workday to be over. Shit got really busy due to some changes made here, and with another chick out, I am sitting here questioning why I even came in today. I am reminded of this video...

Mr. Lif "Live From The Plantation"

Good thing we have a long weekend. Enjoy your's, fam.

[video] Big Kuntry King "Goin' Ham"

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[video] Wes Fif "I'm Here Now"

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Lil' Wayne "A Milli (Instrumental)"


Lil' Wayne "A Milli (Instrumental)": Uploaded and now shared because, damnit, this beat is choice, and more (read: dope) MCs need to hop on it and flood the streets this summer.

Bonus Beats: Lil' Wayne "I" [No DJ version; via BGDB, by way of Mr. X]

[video] Aceyalone "Give It Here"

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Featuring Ahmad & Pep Love, this cut is from the forthcoming Project Blowed Presents The Good Brothers album:

Unkut Interview: Keith Shocklee (Part 1)

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This is essential reading, especially for those who don't know how it went down in the late 70's, or for those who want to know how the Bomb Squad became who they are. Big up to Robbie.

Check out Keith Shocklee on MySpace.

illRoots & Notherground Music Presents Wildhead Portibeast

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I'm guessing you heard Wildabeast's "Machine Gun" remix, right? Well, the good folks over at illRoots and Notherground put out this dope project, flippin' Portishead beats with Wildabeast rhymes. Download it, and peep the video below that (sort of) explains the project:



01. Is It All It Seems
02. Pedestal
03. Machine Gun (ft. 6th Sense)
04. Damn
05. Timetomoveover (prod. by 6th Sense)
06. What The Truth Should Be
07. It's True
08. Stranger (ft. 6th Sense)
09. All For Nothing
10. How Can I Carry On (At This Point)

[video] ESSO "The Anti Backpack"

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Shake's also got ESSO's E3: E-Day mixtape linked up. ESSO is the truth, don't sleep.

Spec Boogie Dollar Sign Language Mixtape

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Download this, now. Via 2DB, because none of the Loosie niggas like sending me anything! In any case, I listened to a rough cut of this last week, and it's a banger.

[video] Usher "Moving Mountains"

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Tone Tank The Black Six Sessions EP

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Tone Tank does the damn thing. I was actually looking for some Hip-Hop with that harder edge to it. Here's some info on this FREE EP:

One half of rap duo Iller Than Theirs as well member of the collective Nuclear Family celebrates the release of his free solo EP 'The Black Six Sessions', which is made up of old school hardcore punk-rock breaks and samples with production from Doc Strange, Scott Thorough and J.Howells Werthman.

Don't even sleep. Reminds me of the punk rock bands I went to HS with; they were into Hip-Hop, but aside from a random sampler on stage, all of their licks were coming from guitars and drums. "Only In America" is my shit. Hit this link to download The Black Six Sessions, early.

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 17

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Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It"

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Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It" [clean \ dirty]: Just Blaze let it be known earlier today that both he and Sai Giddy have been quietly working on getting Sai off of Atlantic. He's since been 100% released, and retained their masters, and while that sounds like an amazing feat, given the business that gets done in the music industry today, it doesn't sound like Atlantic was trying to release a Saigon album anytime soon. Sounds like a clean break to me.

2008 Hip-Hop success = not on a major label. One question, though: Justin Blaze had his Fort Knox label through Atlantic, right? Saigon was signed through Fort Knox/Atlantic, no? Did Fort Knox bounce from Atlantic too, or just Saigon?

KRS-One @ SOB's (5/25/2008)

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Doors open at 8PM, show at 9PM. $20 for advance tickets, $25 day of. More info here. Shouts to Kozza for the heads up.

Quivver "Surin"

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Quivver "Surin": Here's a moody progressive house number from Quivver's forthcoming album, Dirty Nails And Vapour Trails, which drops on his Boz Boz label on July 26th. Quivver, aka John Graham, might be more familiar to Jungle/Drum & Bass heads as the man behind the Skanna guise. He created some captivating music under that moniker, and he has a cut on this album entitled "Chasin' A Feeling" that got major spins at this year's WMC, as well as being dropped by Pete Tong on Radio 1 last month. Here's the tracklist for this longplayer that's set to feature new cuts from Quivver in house, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Chill Out and other sounds:

1. “Intro”
2. “Surin”
3. “Chasin A Feeling”
4. “What’s Not Going On”
5. “Tick Tick”
6. “2 Notes ‘N’ A Beat”
7. “Dancing In Dark Rooms”
8. “Fallin’”
9. “Ghosts”
10. “These Are The Days”

Be on the look out for this one. And know where you heard about it first!

Shouts to Justin for the heads up.


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I brought you guys the outtakes from this hilarious shoot last month, but now it is time for THE iNTERNETS PREMIERE!!

The Internets Celebrities (Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam) go in for an investigative report on Check-Cashing. Themes explored include usury, economic instability, commercial banks and their profit line, and the cycle of poverty.

Oh yeah, it's a comedy.

The video is shot on location in Bushwick and Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. Also stars special guest Internets Celebrity Ben Popken of

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski
Shot by Ian Savage, Josh Weisbrot
Music by El Keter; instrumental from song "The Bottom Line" off Sankofa's album The Tortoise Hustle. Used with full permission.

So glad this is finally out there. I have been seeing rough cuts for the past month or so, and I commend these guys on their work. Possibly the best video of theirs I've seen. Ever.

Aaliyah U R Missed Mix, Pts 1 & 2

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To help commemorate The Fader's 4th annual ICON issue (which features a tribute to Aaliyah), DJ Caps dropped an exclusive mix of Aaliyah treats for your consumption. This is something I meant to post last week but didn't get around to doing. Check it...

DJ Caps Aaliyah U R Missed Mix (Part 1 \ Part 2)

Rest in power, ma.

Phil Of Da Future

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Damn. This DJ Jazzy Jeff artist is being co-signed by Mick Boogie AND I don't think much more needs to be said - check him out!

Phil Nash x Mick Boogie x - Phil Of The Future

More info, and an interview, over at illRoots.

The Other Suge Knight Knockout

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One of the smartest bloggers out there; that Wire comparison is dead on:

Soulbrotha Exodus Mixtape

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Props to Soulbrotha for hitting my inbox with this stunning mixtape, Exodus, which is mixed by the one like DJ Fusion. With production from cats like J-Zone, Don Cannon and Hurricane Ivan (!), as well as the one like B-live and many other heads being featured on this, real Hip-Hop is still alive. Don't sleep:

DOWNLOAD: .zip / .mp3


01. Intro (prod. by Andre Jackson)
02. Born for a purpose (prod. by Mahjik, scratches by Jodo)
03. Illuminate (prod. by Hurricane Ivan)
04. Karizma feat. Rukus (prod. by K-V)
05. Naija Tin (arranged by Doug Funny)
06. Be great now or later (prod. by J-Zone)
07. '06 till Infinity
08. 85' Get down (prod. by B-live)
09. Word in yo' life
10. Wahala feat. Rukus & Mercy (prod. by Marciano beats)
11. After (the afterparty) feat. Rukus (prod. by Andre Jackson)
12. Naijaluvthing feat. Keno (prod. by Erik Rico)
13. Never let up feat. Plussign (B-live & Soulbrotha) (prod. by Infekt)
14. It's what you do (prod. by B-live)
15. Song of Sorrows feat. Mercy (prod. by Random)
16. Just a dream (prod. by DJ Don Cannon)
17. Shy Groovin' feat. Alexis (prod. by Doug Funny)
18. Lord Thanks gifterlude
19. Outro (prod. by Andre Jackson)

He's also hit me with the video for "Born For A Purpose":

[video] G-Unit "I Like The Way She Do It" (Uncut)

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related: [video] G-Unit on 106 & Park \ [video] G-Unit "I Like The Way She Do It"

Nino Bless Untold Scriptures Mixtape

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I kept tellin' you guys this was coming, I even told you today. And now, it's here. Props to Shake for hitting me with the link to this, then posting it up himself. Fire, forreal.

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


1.) Intro by DJ Lennox (produced by Veterano)
2.) Da Livest (produced by Yes Sur)
3.) Peep Game (Freestyle)
4.) Times Are Hard f/Joe Budden (produced by Focus)
5.) My Piano (Freestyle)
6.) Means Of Survival (produced by Scram Jones)
7.) Going In (Freestyle) f/Grafh
8.) Name Dropping (produced by Sivey)
9.) 3rd Degree f/Saigon and Crooked I (produced by Scram Jones)
10.) When It Rains (Freestyle)
11.) Urban Legends (produced by Veterano)
12.) Ever So Subtle (produced by Gunz N Butter)
13.) Cause Of Influence (Nick’s Story) (produced by Veterano)
14.) Blame It On Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
15.) 4 In The Clip f/Joell Ortiz, Styles P & Kool G Rap (produced by Veterano)
16.) Bright Lights (Freestyle)
17.) Won’t Change (produced by Frado)
18.) Going In Pt.2 (Freestyle)
19.) My Story (produced by Blackout Movement)

Enjoy. And don't forget, special "limited edition" versions of this project are being sold, both physically and digitally; matter of fact, hit up if you are trying to support the artist.

[video] Kanye West & Common LIVE

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Peep out Common and Kanye West performing live for DJ Reflex's birthday party:

Via SkeeTV.

Who Said Gangsters Don't Dance ?!?!

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Ryan Durkin, who I previously featured on this Black ELement post, has concocted a quick Remix EP of Jay-Z's American Gangster. Who Said Gangsters Don't Dance ?!?! mixes up Jigga rhymes with some faster tempos, dipping into a House/Techno vibe.



01. Durkin's Intro
02. Jay-Z "Party Life (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
03. Jay-Z "I Know (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
04. Jay-Z "Pray (Ryan Durkin Remix)"
05. Jay-Z "Roc Boys (Ryan Durkin Remix)"

To be honest, I think "Party Life" and "I Know" work very well with the hyper beats, especially "I Know", where he flips the beat from the 4x4 kicks to the slower beat. I recommend this for DJs who like spinning Hip-Hop and Club beats and need some WMDs (whattup low-bee?) for their sets.

Shouts to Black EL for the heads up.

[video] Michelle Williams "We Break The Dawn"

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Wasn't homegirl on some Gospel shit?:

[video] Jean Grae "Love Thirst"

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Bonus Beats: Jean Grae ft. Busta Rhymes "Love Thirst (Remix)"

[video] RZA "You Can't Stop Me Now"/"Drama" Trailer

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Why videos need trailers is beyond me:

[video] Cory Gunz "Richer Than Richie"

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[video] OnSMASH's Nas Interview, Pt. 2

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I threw Part 1 in this post:

Nino Bless "Name Droppin'"

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Nino Bless "Name Droppin'": Untold Scriptures drops today. Cuts by Scram Jones.

Big up to Matt, as per usual.

[video] Mike Tyson Cannes Press Conference

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Don't know if you guys are aware, but Mike Tyson has a new movie out about his life; recent comments he's made while promoting it hit the 'Net, and I just see that IFC has uploaded video from his Cannes press conference; check it out:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Usher ft. Jay-Z "Best Thing"


Usher ft. Jay-Z "Best Thing" (prod. by Jermaine Dupri No ID, as per Andrew's confirmation): Taken from Usher's forthcoming Here I Stand, I think this would have been a doper lead single, especially given that both have recently been married. How the fuck did JD cook up this beat... was No ID sitting over his shoulder?!

Via Eskay.

I guess this is what was being recorded during this video:

[video] Team Blackout "J5 On 'Em"

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So they took that "J5" dance from Run's House and made a dance out of it, eh? Smart move. Rev. Reun's son JoJo and his crew link up with DJ Webstar on this Ron Browz-produced joint:

Check out Diggy getting his as well.

related: [video] Team Blackout In The Lab

Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)"

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Nas "N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave & The Master)": I know, I know, I'm done with Esco. It's just that, hearing tracks like this, that are so exactly what I thought Nigger was going to be about, it just upsets me that dude is now doubling back on the title. That title + this content = what the fuck the game needs now, not some egotistical cock stroke.

Via Shake, by way of Legend, AKA the New Music Niggers.

[video] Rick Ross "Here I Am"/"Maybach Music"

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"Here I Am" features Nelly & Avery Storm; Jay-Z does NOT appear in the "Maybach Music" portion of this vid:

[video] Blood Raw "Bitch So Bad"

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Did we really need another version of "Leather So Soft"?:

"she love when I call"? What is this, 5th grade?

[video] Mic Terror "Lesson C"

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What a letdown...

related: Mic Terror "Lesson C"

DJ Cable's Weekly Mix #17

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I could imagine this mix bumpin' in the club:



01. Rick James - Superfreak
02. MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
03. DJ Spider - I'd Rather Get Some Head
04. Usher Vs. DJ Danny Diggz - Bass In This Club
05. Dynamite MC - Rush The DJ
06. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back
07. 69 Boyz - Tootsie Roll

DJ Cable does it again.

[video] Ben Baller on KarmaloopTV

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That California piece is ridiculous.

100K Battle

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Brought to you by and The World Famous Wake Up Show.

I'm Done With Nas


Seriously. At times, I figured I was the only one who was behind the idea of Nas putting out Nigger as some kind of social commentary shit. After hearing "Be A Nigger Too", I felt I was vindicated. Lo and behold, just like when the album that is now Hip-Hop Is Dead was just a rumor, Nas has flipped the script and is now reportedly calling the album... drumroll please... Nas:

According to, a Def Jam representative has confirmed that Nas will no longer be naming his upcoming project Nigger. Instead, Nasir Jones will opt for a less controversial title: Nas.

It seemed that Nas and Def Jam were comfortable with the eyebrow raising title. Island Def Jam Music Chair, L.A. Reid, even went so far as to say "Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand beside him," in an interview last year.
But as the release draws near, Nas spoke to MTV about the increasing pressure to change the title.

"Everybody is trying to stop the title," Nas stated. "Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what's gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?"

It seems that the phrase "pressure busts pipes" has finally reared its head as the controversial title has effectively been changed.

No comment as of yet from Nas or Def Jam regarding the change as of press time.

Nigger, please! Get off that dumb shit. If you seriously come with anything but Nigger as the title of this album, I will have lost mad respect for you. Seriously - I respect you as an artist, but to build this shit up to a fever pitch, then just clown niggas (just like you did the last go-round) is a bitch move, and I know I am tired of it.

Eskay has the right idea.

I fucking wanted that album, too. I've been getting back to buying albums, and as long as the tracks were hot, I was going to buy that shit off the rip. I'm not buying Nas, I'll tell you that. I'm seriously disgusted...

[video] World Record Titties

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Check out Sheyla Hershey, who currently has 34 FFF breasts, and wants to get bigger titties:

I like how she says she hasn't had any problems... right now. Ma, you're 28. Call back in 30 years. Your back is going to be twisted.

Radius "Logan's Square (Rent's Due)"

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Radius "Logan Square (Rent's Due)": Radius' debut album for TSLOS, Neighborhood Suicide, was released on May 6th. And I love it. Think DJ Shadow if he hailed from Chi-town. Raw, emotional instrumental Hip-Hop from a talented brother, documenting his feelings towards his city at the time of creation (to hear him say it, "Neighborhood Suicide started in late 2006 and early 2007, The Winter Season… I was tired of Chicago, but only because I felt I couldn't make anything workout here. I needed fresh air. I started working on a project that I felt reflected the way I was feeling, down and out but happy, free and expressive too, like I knew that if I could be heard I would feel better and I felt I would/could have people that would support my sound. I was also working on a lot of more break-heavy, experimental, more layered and zone out /journey tracks, as I'd like to call them."). Journey tracks are definitely a great title for these beats. This is heavy-parka, riding on the train, headphone funk. This is "turn up the heater", late night, back seat of the sedan road trip music. Awkward walks home with that special someone riddims.

File under experimental Hip-Hop, in between Shadow and DJ Krush. Serious as a heart attack, y'all.

Bonus Beats: Radius "Englewood (Necessary Growth)"

[video] GDP "Succomb"

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That beat is murder, and dude is dope on the mic as well:

Shouts to Pat for hitting me with this. Division East in this.

Bonus Beats: Peep GDP Live in New Brunswick

And for you fashion-concious heads, be sure to check out

[video] Fitzroy "The Way I Move"

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Shouts to my boy J Speck for hittin' me with this - something a bit different, Hip-Hop with a dope Roots/Ras twist to it; check out more Fitzroy music here:

The Gay Hip-Hop Book

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rock the dub radio: episode 020

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Odd pic, I know, but that's my sentiment. The last rtd radio post was from last month - I had some drama and moving of things out of my house to do (the war room hasn't moved, just decluttered shit), and had no time to rock this two weeks ago. This is a fun mix, though. I played around with things a bit, and knocked this out relatively quickly on Friday night. The majority of this is new spit from the last month, with some gems thrown in for good measure...

rock the dub radio: episode 020

(direct MP3 dload link)


01/Brokn.Englsh "TCBY"
02/Big Boi ft. Raekwon & Andre 3000 "Royal Flush"
03/Raekwon ft. Ghostface "Necro"
04/NYGz ft. Lady of Rage, Freddie Foxxx & Royce Da 5'9 "Ya Dayz R #'d (Remix)"
05/Das EFX "Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix)"
06/Kurupt "Yessir"
07/9th Wonder & Buckshot ft. Arafat Yates & Big Chops "Shinin' Y'All"
08/Vast Aire "Crush"
09/Jean Grae ft. Busta Rhymes "Love Thirst (Remix)"
10/interlude: Still Dreamin' 2
11/Presto ft. Sadat X, O.C. & Large Professor "Conquer Mentally"
12/Che Grand "Brown Study"
13/Che Grand "Crash"
14/Danny! ft. Che Grand "Yoko Ono"
15/Tanya Morgan ft. Elucid "The Bridge"
16/Elucid "Lifestyles RMX"
17/Mazzi "Lesson A"
18/Foul Mouth Jerk ft. El Da Sensei "NJ Transit"
19/Elzhi ft. Royce Da 5'9 "Motown 25"
20/J Dilla ft. Frank-N-Dank "We F'd Up"
21/Kidz In The Hall ft. El-P "Drivin' Down The Block (Final Bounce Remix)"
22/Bun B ft. Pimp C & Chamillionaire "Underground Thang"
23/Bravehearts ft. D-Stress & Cory Gunz "Pocket Or Two"
24/Nas "Be A Nigger Too"
25/Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkings "Letter To Obama"
26/Kaos "Girls Rock Too"
27/SoulBrotha ft. Rukus "Dopest Emcees"
28/Lil' Wayne "A Millie"
29/R.O.E. "Somethin' New"
30/Erykah Badu "Real Thing (J. Slikk Remix)"
31/Hustle Simmons ft. 84 & Fel Sweetenberg "The Rundown"
32/Praverb "Freedom To Prevail"
33/Idle Warship ft. Chester French "Fall Back"

I hope you guys dig it. As per usual, any MCs/DJs/producers wanting me to showcase their tracks on rock the dub radio, hit me up at, or hit me on MySpace. Holla!

rock the dub radio: RSS \ iTunes

[video] Idle Warship "Fall Back"

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related: Idle Warship ft. Chester French "Fall Back"

Win CRUNK!!!

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The good folks over at CRUNK!!! Energy Drink hit me up with an e-mail about two new contests they are holding. They are giving away a CRUNK!!! Trunk which includes the following: an exclusive CRUNK!!! cooler, 4 cases of CRUNK!!!, and hats & T-shirts. Both contests are easy to enter, involve your favorite social networking sites, and will be ending on May 28th!

For info on both contests, hit up the following links:

Myspace Contest for Friends of CRUNK!!! Energy Drink!
Facebook Contest for Fans of CRUNK!!! Energy Drink!

and for more info on CRUNK!!! in general, hit up their blog. Shouts to Reg for the heads up!

[video] Ludacrhist Live

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EDIT: Here's a load more videos of Ludachrist live...

Do Bloggers Get Sponsored?

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I like clothes. I'm no fashion plate, but ill clothes (especially dope t-shirts) always make me excited. I have like 3 t-shirt drawers: one for the ones my son can spit up and puke on (I'm smart like that), one's that I don't mind going to the grocery store with, and one drawer with my tees that I treat better than my suit(s). I have just always been like that.

Another thing I have been is a loud spokesperson for things I love and appreciate. If you peep my blog on any regular basis, you see - I ride for the shit I love.

Now, those in the skateboarding scene know, the thing to get is a sponsorship. It shows that you aren't just some regular cat. Some company, whether it's clothes or boards or whatever, feels that you can be a representative of their brand.

Shouldn't bloggers get the same treatment? Most bloggers have their own voice, but aside from cats like Eskay getting linked up with the Complex fam, or TSS and Rizoh being down with Rawkus, I don't really see much like that in the blogosphere, esp. the Hip-Hop blogs.

So, what say you clothing companies? Do you want me, a guy who appreciates style, to be your online face?

There Can Only Be One

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Want. Via Wooohah!.

Wordsmith "The Missing Element"

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Wordsmith "The Missing Element" (prod. by Denox): More cuts from Words' forthcoming mixtape. Review coming soon!

[video] t.A.T.u. "White Robe" (Uncensored)

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These Russian chicks get naked in their new video. If you are not up on this duo, who seems to revel in controversy, hit up Wikipedia. The original video premiered back in Nov 2007; here is the uncensored, NSFW version:

Holliewood "Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It"


Holliewood "Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It": Here's an '08 anthem for you Brooklynites... if you want it, that is. There's also a "promo video" that was sent with this. It looks like a mini movie or some shit, check it out. From the e-mail I received:

KRS-One & Slick Rick were channeled to create a massive fusion reliving the essence of Hip-Hop.

Holliewood is a emcee born & raised in Brooklyn, N.Y with a mission to bring back what Hip-Hop once was "I remember coming up when music was music, where live rap battles were taking place on every corner & it was all for the love of music, where you could catch a b-boy breaking on a cardboard box while trying not to scuff the shell tops lol" Holliewood, often referred to as H.Wood is set to take the music world by storm. His debut single "Brooklyn Keeps On Takin It" is just the beginning, with a vast sound & a unique approach to this rapidly declining music world, Holliewood is bound to birth new life to the industry.

so here it is... fresh from the masters, undoubtedly "Brooklyn Keeps On Takin It"

EDIT: The more I listen to this, dude def. sounds (or tries to sound like) Slick Rick. I'm not saying that's a good thing, though.

[video] Black Moon LIVE

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From Dec 2007, via GRANDGOOD:

Buckshot "I Ain't No Joke"

"I Got Cha Opin"

"How Many MC's"

"Who Got It The Props"

[video] The Game on 106 & Park

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[video] Coldplay "Violet Hill"

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Kanyeezy and Hova's favorite 'rock' band has a new video from their forthcoming album:

[video] The Game ft. Keyshia Cole "Game's Pain"

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[video] Dame Grease ft. Max B "Connecticut Kush"

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[video] Brokn.Englsh "TCBY"


My new anthem:; New Jeru stand up!

"This War Is Not About You...Shut The Hell Up!"

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Props to Johnny Haze for the heads up on this:

Treasure Fingers & Kill the Noise School’s Out for Forever

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01. schools out forever skit

treasure fingers mix
02. louis la roche - on the floor
03. only freak - can’t get away (solid groove remix)
04. panther DLX - slave in slave out
05. romanthony - curious (treasure fingers remix)
06. pierre de la touche - dance all night
07. cut copy - lights & music (moulinex remix)
08. fake shark real zombie - designer drugs (designer drugs)
09. para one - piste bleue (rrrump edit)
10. michael gray - borderline (treasure fingers edit)
11. o’bryan - im freaky (romeo erotic / treasure fingers reflip)
12. midnight star - midus touch (treasure fingers edit)
13. intermission

kill the noise mix
14. chromeo - call me up (kill the noise remix)
15. mr. oizo - flat beat (computer club’s fat eric remix)
16. sinden & count of monte cristal - beeper (fake blood remix)
17. estelle feat. kanye west - american boy (kill the noise remix)
18. moston & malente - fucked up (stupid fresh mix)
19. american dream team - the american dream
20. kill the noise - kill kill kill
21. siriusmo - all the girls (tomboy remix)
22. elektrons feat pete simpson & soup - get up (herve gets down remix)
23. boys noize - oh! (a-trak remix)
24. cryptonites - i can’t give you up (kill the noise remix)

On That Leak: Hustle Simmons "The Rundown"

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Hustle Simmons ft. 84 & Fel Sweetenberg "The Rundown": My nigga Tha S Ence, who is 1/2 of Hustle Simmons, hit me with this cut last night. And then I secured it for the compilation. See how quick that works? Their album hits iTunes on June 24th, so make sure you cop it when they drop it. This flier has release dates and info on all 3 of the aforementioned acts, so please do not sleep.

[video] "Learn How To Jig"

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Now, my assumption is these lil' niggas don't know what a "jiggaboo" is, but the title of this instructional video cracks me up:

Bonus Beats: Lil' Josh & Ernest "Jigga Juice"

Mic Terror "Lesson C"


Mic Terror "Lesson C": This is a response record to Mazzi's "Lesson A" and "Lesson B" diss track/experiments from from a few weeks ago. Andrew FSD sent this over, and advised that a video is set to drop later on today. When he posts it, I'll update this post with it. For right now, check out these photos and this interview he posted earlier this week.

What do you guys think? I'm personally not feeling it for a few reasons: 1) that "Lean Back (remix)" instrumental is super played, 2) dude went the other way - while Mazzi actually had some reasoning behind "Lesson A", this is just kind of like more personal attacking. I'm not that up on Mic Terror, I admit, but my expectations must have been something else...

Friday, May 16th 2008 playlist

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You gotta love when you make some unexpected moves, only to be pushed back a few steps. Oh well. In any case, I've been getting some super fire for the compilation. It's a good chunk of the way done, just waiting on a few things. Some good leaks this week, too (I can't get enough of the new Bun B and Herbaliser albums). Check out what I have been accumulating...



Come grab ya late pass, folk:

What more could you ask for?


I've been on an Herbaliser kick since hearing their new album, and wanted to hit you with one of my favorite videos of theirs. Big up to the cut-up music:

The Herbaliser "Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks"

Have a safe weekend, fam.