Saturday, June 19, 2010

[video] Kurupt "Yessir"

Shouts to Nah Right.

Luu Breeze & DJ Hektik Silence of the Lambs

I haven't heard much new ish from Luu Breeze, so I'm happy this mixtape dropped in my inbox earlier today. Nice mix of covers and freestyles mixed in with original content. Dude's talented, and gets a lot of burn up Toronto way. Give this one a try.

TabLiv The Vermont Tapes

Here's a semi-concept album from Tab (from the Dead Poets) and Tone Liv that's based on a road trip to Vermont. Just some dope Summer sounds with that dope '90s Underground feel to it. Smoke something, light something and kick back to this.

DOWNLOAD TabLiv The Vermont Tapes

[video] Sav Killz "We Don't Look To The Skies"

Marsean & Pj "I Hate Your Beatz"

Marsean & Pj "I Hate Your Beatz": Here's a lil' message for those garbage-ass producers that we end up hearing all the motherfucking time, from two drunken non-rappers who probably live life just like you and I. Sheeny sent this over, primarily b/c Private Paul Germany Jr (aka Pj) is getting deployed to Iraq on the 21st - yes, we're still at war over there. Stay up, Pj, and come home safe - I know your fam is over the "I miss you" shit, but for real - we're very appreciative of the work you and the others on the frontline are putting in. Now bump this loud as FUCK and do that dance!

[preview] Hawdwerk Off The Clock

Bonus Beats Hawdwerk "You Already Know" (prod. by Curtiss King)

<a href="">You Already Know by HawdWerk</a>

Off The Clock is due out June 22nd.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tunji ft. Deacon the Villain "Towards The Future"

Tunji ft. Deacon the Villain "Towards The Future" (prod. by Cook Classics): Here is a cut that's a year in the making that Tunji was kind enough to gift to us on his birthday. You should know him from Inverse, but he's working on a solo EP, Still Rising, which is due out this Fall. This one is dedicated to LA, for its celebratory appeal. Rock to this.

Friday, June 18th 2010 playlist

Why am I at work? It's too nice out!


RTD_PLAYLIST_(06112010-06172010).ZIP (~ 620MB)



And because Father's Day is this Sunday, I had to throw this on...

Enjoy your weekend. Shouts to Ron Artest for keeping it real. And get your pops something nice. One.

[trailer] Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming

The Force... Everybody Wins

You should already be up on The Force, aka the STL conglomerate that encompasses artists like Tef Poe, Tech Supreme, Nato Caliph, Vandalyzm, Rockwell Knuckles, Gotta Be Karim and mad other artists that you should be up on (if not, this Riverfront Times article should be more than helpful). Next week, they are releasing a CD of their singles entitled Everybody Wins, which hits shops next week (well, it'll be in St. Louis' Vintage Vinyl). Proceeds of the sale of the album will go to helping misfortunate and homeless children with the help of Patches Clothing, Ben & Jerry's and Molina Healthcare. Gotta love Hip-Hop with a purpose. After the cut, you can find a download link and the tracklist, which is a who's who of St. Louis Hip-Hop - truly an awesome disc, and if you can cop it, please do. Shouts to Nato for passing this one to me - love seeing talented brothers on something positive.

Crawl B4 U Walk: Singapore Kane & Ghetto Lion Drop

Bonus Beats Dominique Larue "I'm Gone" (prod. by Hank McCoy)

Crawl B4 U Walk is set to drop next week - don't sleep!

[video] Justin Bieber ft. Usher "Somebody To Love (Remix)"

[video] Juicy J ft. Jelly Roll "Og Masta Kush"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

[video] Xzibit "Hurt Locker"

The War Reporters: CNN

Word to Dallas Penn.

[video] Breez Evahflowin "I Know"

[video] Snoop Dogg "Oh Snookie"

Lil' B "T-Shirts & Buddens"

Lil' B "T-Shirts & Buddens": Jeez... all Lil B wanted was a twitter follow from Joe Budden, and I guess Mouse went in on dude (as he's known to do via tweet)... and The Based God actually threw a diss track at him? And it's possibly the best thing I've heard from him... which isn't really SAYING much, but I'm not mad at homey for dissing on Budden.

"Joe Budden TV, Joe Bitch TV?"

Wow. I just want to see Joey go at dude... EDIT Uh oh...

Deal - The Villain "Nolos"

Deal - The Villain "Nolos": While we're still waiting for that Jackson Jones, @Deal_TheVillain passed off this quick tail of a female who rocked gats under tatas and knew how to use 'em. Sounds like a Rican Coffy. Dude has a knack for beasting over that Madlib, don't he?

previous Deal - The Villain "Pooches"

The Mad Bloggers' Weekly Podcast, EP12

Another edition of the TMB Weekly Podcast, with fresh material from artists like The Roots, SoulStice, Haz Solo, Apollo Brown, Fashawn and many more.

DOWNLOAD [mirror]

Neako "CDR Freestyle (Ice Cream)"

Neako "CDR Freestyle (Ice Cream)": Here's an exclusive freestyle Neako cooked up for Crack Distributors Radio. Why yes, he definitely laced Raekwon's classic. Kind of bodies it, too! The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition is due out July 23rd.

Grip Plyaz ft. Tuki "WHATDAHELLRDOZE"

Grip Plyaz ft. Tuki "WHATDAHELLRDOZE" (prod. by The Weathermen): When Gotty blasted out Grip's "Step Out" video, I asked him to keep me in the loop. What do we get today? An anthem for those who are trying to figure out what kicks you have on your feet. Nigga ask me, I'm rocking Payless cross trainers. Trust and believe. I never got too into exclusive kick hunting, but if I was, this'd be my shit. WHATDAHELLRDOZE?!? 6pack vol. 1: A Prelude to Purp, Wind & Fire is on the way...

Shouts to TSS.

[video] The Niceguys ft. Jack Freeman "Not At All"

The irony is, the "how to make a rap video" thing has been done before.

Bonus Beats The Niceguys ft. Jack Freeman "Not At All"

[video] DJ Paul ft. Mac Butta "Ima Show My"

Bonus Beats DJ Paul ft. Mac Butta "Ima Show My" [clean | dirty]

DJ Drama & Killa Kyleon Natural Born Killa

I had posted the "Killa" video, and @EnigmatikBGDB posted "Hold Up" and "Tocarra", but for some reason I missed @KillaKyleon's Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Natural Born Killa. And I fucks with this - tracks like "Street Life" are right up there with the shit Jeezy is spittin', but its shit like "Swang Real Wide" with Z-RO are my shit. Love that laid back, Cadillac bounce. I'm always learning more about Houston, especially from talking to E on the regular, so I got appreciation for this. Might need to turn up my speakers on Saturday and mash this one out.

DOWNLOAD DJ Drama & Killa Kyleon Natural Born Killa [mirror]

<a href="">Hold Up by amgmusic</a>

And don't get it twisted - this is presented by Authintik Musik Group, Kyleon's label. He's no longer with Slim Thugg OR Boss Hogg Outlawz. Get that money, nigga!

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 6/16/2010)

Fly On The Wall: The ARE & B.E Talk Perception of Music

previous The ARE & B.E Teaser #1

Che Grand ft. Spec Boogie "Standin' Too Close"

Che Grand ft. Spec Boogie "Standin' Too Close": Going through my RSS feeds this morning and saw that @CheGrand leaked a few jawns from the Fixtape 2 yesterday afternoon. And they are definitely dope. He said he's ready to lose a few fans... if that's the case, stop making such infectious material, Grizzly!

Bonus Beats Che Grand "The Mood (Jungle Music)"

previous Che Grand "Lawwd Listen"

DOA Mix: DJ Distance

New Q&A and mix from one of my favorite dubstep producers, and a true pioneer in the sound, DJ Distance. I reckon it came out kind of nice - thoughts?

Scripts Director's Cut Cover

We brought you Loose Screwz' Satellites, and I premiered "I'm Ill" - now I bring to you the cover for Scripts' Director's Cut, which RTD will be presenting to you on June 22nd. SNS go ham for STL and Hip-Hop in general, and this opus will be no exception.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pugs Atomz: Kinda Like 16 Bars At Fat Beats NYC

Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z "Under Pressure"

Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z "Under Pressure": Wow. And to think, about a half hour ago, I was giving a list of the fuckboy stories I was tired of, and the NMC premiere the Dre and Hov collabo from Detox, "Under Pressure". And I don't think I like it too much. Hey, I'm all about Club music and Hip-Hop clashing and opening new doors - but I've got a certain idea of how Dre and Jay should sound together, and this faux-bounce bullshit is not what I expected, nor something I particularly give a fuck about/am interested in. I had a feeling Detox would let me down...

(NMC tagged) MP3 via Splash. And as YN noted, it does sound pretty unfinished. I hope they finish it with a totally different, better beat.

[video] Kelis "4th Of July"

[video] Birdman ft. Lil' Wayne & Tyga "Loyalty"

[video] Nick Pratt "Black Adam"

[preview] GreatWhite Brothers Sun Dresses and Sandals

The ARE & B.E Teaser #1

previous The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "This Way"

MiLKMEN Served With Milk & Honey

Definitely been waiting for this, and with the amount of leaks and such I've been posting, I'm glad the final project is available. MiLKMEN go in over a number of found beats, and bring along cats like Dutch New York and A.Jay.D. They add their signature masterpiece flows and harmonies to these cuts, damn near taking each one for their own.

MCMF ft. Ruin "These Bars Can't Hold Me"

MCMF ft. Ruin "These Bars Can't Hold Me" (prod. by Camron 'NASA' Reams): Here's the first single from NJ's own MCMF's debut album, Make U Believe, which is out August 2010. That beat is kind of crazy - fans of those hectic Dipset tracks should find this one knockin' in their whips effortlessly. Word is Kajmir Royale has produced 6 cuts from this album as well. Should be an interesting summer.

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;These Bars Can't Hold Me (Feat. Ruin) by MCMF&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Intalek "Far Away"

Intalek "Far Away" (prod. by Ritchcraft): This is the first single from Intalek & Ritchcraft's Lives & Vibes EP, which is due out on July 5th. Great introduction for heads who aren't up on either - 'Lek's vocals fit in effortlessly with Ritch's key-heavy instrumental. Sounds like someone floating through space/the clouds. Great work.

The Opus "Eons"

The Opus "Eons": Had no idea what to expect from this one when it hit the inbox, but I'm truly impressed. I'm not versed on who The Opus is at all, but from their note, this is a staple of their live show production, and if so, this might be a proper highlight of their show. Lovin' the flutework on this one - loads of rapid-fire playing over this hypnotic beat. Reminds me of something DJ Krush would've churned out years back. Smooth vibe, with a lot of space to let instrumentalists get theirs. This is taken from their Praying Mantis Plus project, so hit that up as well if you're loving this as much as I am

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;Eons by The OPUS&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Boat"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Return Of The Hater: Channel 54 Commercial

Crew54's Channel 54: The Reality Show EP will be dropping on June 25th. Check out the single, "Moving Around":

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (7/10/2010)

@HHKNJ done done it again! Looks like the god @Rhymeageddon is celebrating his bornday and putting in a special performance on that night. $5 all night? Be there.

Keyel "Slowing Down"

Keyel "Slowing Down": Here's an exclusive that Cleveland's own Keyel gave to Apple Juice Break for a mixtape, but ended up being posted on its own, and rightly so. Some lazy afternoon business here, trust and believe. Loving what Keyel have been doing, but you been knew that, right?

Topaz Jones "Light Up Freestyle"

Topaz Jones "Light Up Freestyle": I try to tell you guys that Jersey stays active - especially the younger cats - and of course, on the release date of Thank Me Later, 17 year old @TopazJones hits me with a freestyle over "Light Up". Interesting cat right here, I'm not mad. Great introduction - hit me with the next track, Jones!

OnSMASH Invasion (6/29/2010)

Get tickets here.

VIMBY Feature: The ILLZ

DJ Fracture Presents... "My Break Up Mix"

It’s time for another installment in the ‘DJ Fracture Presents’ series. This time it’s a sad one.

I recently split up with the most incredible girl i have ever found and to be honest, it’s left me feeling a bit hollow. So what better way to try and fill up on vibes again than by playing records!
If the girl in question is reading this, no hard feelings. That’s just life i guess. And to everyone else, here is a mix of songs that pretty much sums it up. Damn it’s hard!

[video] Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg "California Gurls"

Dallas Penn x Drake Best Buy In-Store (6/14/2010)

Via Dallas Penn.

[video] Rhymefest "Prosperity"

[video] Tef Poe "Show Stealers"

Spotted over on TSS.

previous Tef Poe "War Machine"
previous Tef Poe ft. Kyjuan & Luey V "Showstealers (Remix)"

Drake "Light Up (Rikers Remix)"

Drake ft. Jay-Z & Lil' Wayne "Light Up (Rikers Remix)": One of my favorites off of Thank Me Later (which is out today, but you should've known that), I had this playing on the way into work today. There'd been talk of Weezy having bars for this (I think he was supposed to be on this, too?), and it looks like he spit a 32 via telephone and it was affixed to the track. I still say Hov did the best out of all three - very sick verse from him, teacher to student status.

Via Nah Right by way of October's Very Own.

[video] Junior Reid ft. Cassidy "I'm So Crazy"

[video] Gyptian ft. Hontiss "Love Of My Life"

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rollin' Rockers Bang!Bang! Sampler

I posted the old version of this release earlier this year, and we got hype when we heard that the Rollin' Rockers signed with Ever Ready for the new and improved version of Bang!Bang!, which is available for pre-order right now. That pre-order's for the sick USB drive version of the album, which comes in a fresh pharmaceutical pill form - all in limited-edition colorways, exclusive mixes, videos, photos and other content! Get your order in now, as they start shipping June 16th.

But you may ask, what does this revamped version sound like? Well, I've been lucky to know Perpetuum and have heard the progression of the sound, and when I say that you should imagine P-Funk discovering dubstep, Electro and other genres and funking them out with a Hip-Hop appeal, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Tracks like "Litro", which now has a more upfront Drum & Bass edge to it, or "Thangz High", which ride that dubstep vein just the way I like it? Serious next-level shit. I always wish for more artists to take chances and really experiment - and you can tell that these Fresh Coasters are willing to twerk it, and get it. Just check out the Electro bouncefest of "Molly Ringwald", or the George Clinton 2410 head-nodder "Neon Lights"... man, I could go on and on. I hope to finally sort out an interview with these guys, going into all of this, but for the time being, check out the 8+ minute sampler for Bang!Bang!.

DOWNLOAD Rollin' Rockers Bang!Bang! Sampler

EDIT Here's the BTS for their "Molly Ringwald" video

Random & K-Murdock ft. Ilyas "Hero Muzik"

Random & K-Murdock ft. Ilyas "Hero Muzik": Here's another leak from Mega Ran & Murdock's Forever Famicom project, which is all built on beats culled from video games; I-El joins in on this Zelda-sampling adventure. Love the thump on this one. I was playing Blaster Master the other day - love those 8-bit classics. This track is taken from the Forever Famicon Bonus Pak, which includes 14 instrumentals, three unreleased tracks and bonus beats (and is available for FREE if you cop Forever Famicom via Bandcamp).

Ran said that Ilyas has a new project with Cinci MC Juice Lee entitled Double Dragons that Ran is executive producing - of COURSE this is all about video games, too. Might have to cop those off of the Wii Shop, too!

Nucci Reyo "Flow My Love"

Nucci Reyo "Flow My Love": Reyo is doing exactly what the title says - flowing his love, speaking on his heart, just getting some ish off his chest. Gotta appreciate when niggas speak their minds - too many cats keep that shit inside, fuck around catch heart attacks and shit over stress. Especially as Black men, we need to relieve as much stress as possible.

DJ SOLO - Hated In The Nation

Sick new BASS PUNK mix from the one like DJ SOLO: "This is my new concept album/mixtape/EP "DJ SOLO - Hated In The Nation" which contains all original DJ SOLO bootlegs, re-edits, and remixes, along with 5 original rap tracks over dubstep, drum n bass, and hip-hop, and is "hosted" from beyond the grave by the most hated outlaw punk rocker himself...GG Allin!! The goal of this mix, other than to be fun and entertaining, is to draw a clear line in the sand between what used to be considered "dubstep" and the newer hardcore style that has now evolved into something that the original dubstep fans cannot identify with and for the most part, downright HATE. I want to open the doors for hardcore bass music of all genres including dubstep, DnB, electro, and Hip-Hop, to be united without it being subject to someone else's rules and standards. This ain't your father's dubstep...this is BASS PUNK!".


01. So Vexed (DJ SOLO Meth Lab Edit) - Funtcase x Crissy Criss
02. Ghost Train (feat. DJ SOLO) - Datsik (Mechano)
03. Inspector Toast Fucking Says Fuck You (DJ SOLO Edit) - Diesel x Lily Allen
04. Lounge Act 2.5 (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Tek-One x Nirvana
05. Shuttin' Down The Sweet Shop (DJ SOLO Mega-Leg):
a) Sweet Box - DJ SOLO
b) Sweet Shop (Moskas Curved Remix)
c) Sweet Shop (Robzords & Damo Remix)
06. Drop It Like B-More Bam Bam (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Snoop Dogg x DJ Fashen
07. Chicago Mobster Dance (feat. DJ SOLO) - Doctor P (Rasputin's Gold)
08. Love (That's What She Said feat. DJ SOLO) - Borgore
09. Starman (DJ SOLO Anunnaki Bootleg) - Tek-One x David Bowie
10. High Plains Drifter (Manson Family Remix feat. DJ SOLO x3) - Beastie Boys
11. Sandman Raving On Molly (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Cookie Monsta x Metallica x Beastie Boys
12. Bass Punx! (feat. DJ SOLO) - Steppa & Kitcha (Let's Go Get Em)
13. My Story (Interlude feat. DJ SOLO) - Black Sabbath
14. I Used To Love Her (Fuck Hip-Hop feat. DJ SOLO) - Free The Robots (Orion's Belt Buckle)
15. Gold & A Pager (feat. DJ SOLO) - Cool Kids
16. Punk Rockers At The Circle K (DJ SOLO Bootleg)- Trolley Snatch x Iggy Pop
17. Forgot About Tainted Dreams (DJ SOLO Bootleg) - Chrispy x Soft Cell x Eurythmics x Eminem
18. Kiss Me I'm Polish (DJ SOLO Remix)- DJ SOLO x Eddie Blazonczyk

Tone Trump ft. Ceo Cue "B.M.F Freestyle (Philly G Mix)"

Tone Trump ft. Ceo Cue "B.M.F Freestyle (Philly G Mix)" [clean | dirty]: Hah a lot of people fuck with Rawse's "B.M.F.", and I'm glad some 215 boys took the opportunity to beast over this trunk rattler. If you're not up on what Trump does on the mic, consider this your grimey introduction. Enjoy that.

EDIT Added the video. Apparently Trump has a Kay Slay-hosted mixtape out July 4th.

[video] PenDragon ft. Street Heat "Make You Feel My Pain"

Taken from Style For Free.

Tef Poe "War Machine"

Tef Poe "War Machine": Was just talking to Poebama via gChat as he's out in NYC making it happen, and he unleashes this cut over T.I.'s latest. And of course he got skraight disrespectful once he puts his gear on. Fuck your favorite rapper and the blogger who blogs about him. It's The Force, bitch.

Drake x Green The Block

Hit up for more info, and grab their Stop Offshore Drilling! mixtape (which I hope isn't a diss to Kid Hum and I's project).

Cook Classics ft. Avriel Epps "Bouncer"

Cook Classics ft. Avriel Epps "Bouncer": Been a minute since I've posted some RnB-ish fire on RTD, and this is a banger courtesy of Cook Class. Love the vintage video game bleeps paired up with that snappy Soul vibe. Homegirl is from LA and has a great voice... very grown-up, sexy. Final leak from Recharged, which you can grab via iTunes. Shouts to Tunji.

It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2 Cover+Tracklist

On July 13th, 6th Sense and Society will be dropping 6th's It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2 w/ a limited edition run of CD and t-shirt packages. Word is these tracks will be flipped into superb visual experiences (aka dope ass videos) by some talented cats, so be on the lookout for those, too. Artwork by Black Marmalade. Hit the jump for the tracklist.

[video] Dice The Nicest "I'm Dope"

I'm feeling this LOL. Taken from Almost Famous.

[video] Toddla T ft. Wayne Marshall "Sky Surfin'"

Bonus Beats Toddla T ft. Wayne Marshall "Sky Surfin'"

Money Makin' Jam Boys Studio Session II

Joints soundin' FRESH! Shouts to Meka.

[video] Ess Vee "Skills"

Monday Hate Ep 1

You should have seen the cuts from Dumhi that I've posted on RTD time and again. If not, you're deaf or dumb. Or blind. Super Hellen Keller status. Anywas, Dumhi's Haj has been hard at work at, optimizing it with interviews, news on their output, a store and other shit, like my new Monday Hate series. The first article was posted today, and deals with my thoughts/views on fuckers on twitter. Not everyone, but the assholes who can be dumb annoying with it. Check it out.

Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Mr. Porter & The Alchemist "Tim Westwood Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Mr. Porter & The Alchemist "Tim Westwood Freestyle" [via Nah Right]

Elite Assembly "Elite Senario"

Elite Assembly "Elite Senario" [mirror]: HAH! So the story goes that NJ everyman Self asked EA to do a joint over some classic '90s appeal. What do they do? They take "Royal Rumble", one of my favs that they did, and threw that over ATCQ's "Scenario" - shit works super well, too. Loving this, matter of fact. Go grab Welcome To The Playoffs for more EA fury, bitch, and peep the original "Royal Rumble" via Deal - The Villain's DDi mixtape. BONG!

FACT Mix 158: Instra:Mental

WHO RUN IT?! Podcast (June 2010)

In support of this Thursday's show in Philly, Seuclasis' WHO RUN IT?! Podcast features an interview and freestyle from the don Elucid. Grip of sick beats too from the likes of Redlight, Starkey, BD1982, CapricornOne, Rude Kid and plenty more.

The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "This Way"

The ARE & Brokn.Englsh "This Way": I actually forgot that I got told that B.E and The ARE were going to be putting out a dope project; ever since I got put on to The ARE via Dem Damn Jacksons, I've been making sure to peep out his work, and you already know RTD are big supporters of the EA movement, so this project (TheAre & BE) is right up my alley. And it sounds just like it should - from those darting organs in the chorus to the sly bop during the hooks, this shit knocks and is a perfect Spring/Summer flex.

MiLKMEN x Dutch New York

With the MiLKMEN dropping their Served With Milk & Honey mixtape next week (via, and Dutch New York dropping his Katrina Flood mixtape soon, I got two new tracks from these cats in my inbox this morn. Flippin' styles and keeping it NY:

The Boondocks S03E07: "The Fun-Raiser"

previous The Boondocks S03E06: "Smokin With Cigarettes"

[video] Big Boi "General Patton"

previous Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot Cover+Tracklist

[video] Gorilla Zoe "Mirror"

[video] Styles P ft. Sheek Louch & Tyler Woods "Mr. Invincible"

[video] Wordsmith & JNesmuziq "All In Stride"

Taken from A.Sesay's The A Special; directed by R. Badwah & Murray Pictures.

Bonus Beats Wordsmith "The Villain Freestyle"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

[video] Scarface "Dopeman Music"

Via Rap Radar by way of Dirty Glove Bastard.

DnB Bootlegs (6/13/2010)

During Fabio's most recent show on BBC Radio 1, a couple of fresh DnB bootlegs were played... check 'em out!

B.o.B. "Nothin' On You (DnB Bootleg)" [radip rip]

Nothing too crazy here, some solid Amens in here, which kind of punch up the feel of the original. Fabio said he can't reveal who did this, b/c "a few mans would be in trouble" haha. Atlantic FTL.

Jay-Z "Star Is Born (DnB Bootleg)" [radio rip]

Had no idea this one existed - love the bassline in this one. Netsky dropped this one in the mix - wouldn't be surprised if High Contrast knocked this one out, as he's already done two Kanye West bootlegs, you feel me? This one works very well!

[preview] Dre Robinson "Wah Do Dem"

BTS of the video shoot for @drerob's "Wah Do Dem":

[video] Styles P LIVE At SOBs

Via Gotty.

[video] Hollywood Floss "Once You"

Ill lil' EPK for XPeriment Vol. 2, which is on the way. If you haven't done that yet, cop @HollywoodFloss' House Of Dreams via iTunes or Big Cartel.

[video] Warren Britt "In The City"

Featuring YC The Cynic & J Monopoly: