Saturday, November 13, 2010

[stream] Pacquiao vs. Margarito (11/13/2010)

Who you got?

Sonora "Paraiso (Mexicans With Guns Remix)"

Sonora "Paraiso (Mexicans With Guns Remix)": It's been a few months since I got put onto MWG with their "Dame Lo" video, and I've been keeping tabs on this emerging crews work. I needed some vibes to rock to before tonight's fight, and this track will definitely satisfy. Loads of bleeps and bass drops, with a constant set of keys atop the beat, riding a waist-windin' beat into the sun. The original of this tune is on Sonora's Siempre Fresco EP, which you might wanna check out.

Nero - Essential Mix (11/13/2010)

Friday, November 12, 2010

[video] Big J ft. Caine & Nico the Beast "Almost"

[video] Rihanna ft. Drake "What's My Name?"

King Crunk x DJ Hipnotikk

I had no idea who King Crunk was until DJ Hipnotikk put me on, but their site design is kind of fly. KC was nice enough to feature this HOODLUM affiliate, and Hip reciprocated by dropping off an exclusive mix and an exclusive release, Hipnotikk's Ludacris-remixing Get Back EP. Check out the interview HERE!

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk - King Crunk Exclusive Mix
DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk Get Back EP

The Combat Jack Show (11/12/2010)

Per usual, here’s the podcast of last night/this morning’s Combat Jack Show. Of course topics galore: the banning of 4 Loko, the emergence of “Joose” (thanks to Dallas Penn), Combat’s new pet, new bugged out rap group Odd Future, Kanye West’s leaked delivered album and much more. Be sure to tune in next week. We have a very special guest on deck. YAOWAA!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (11/12/2010) [via PNC Radio]

RTD Playlist (Week of 11/12/2010)

Hopefully you can see this...

Tanya Morgan x Big Pooh So Motivational Tour 2010

[video] Psalm One ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien "Ginsu Knives"

[video] Wes Fif "Anyway"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 10th, 2010)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

[video] Indiana Rome ft. Bryant Stewart "Living The Life"

previous Indiana Rome Who The Hell Left The Gate Open

SigNif "What Matters"

SigNif "What Matters" (prod by Gee Wiz): I won’t front – with such a void left in the dope female MC market, I have a thing for ladies who spit about more than whatever Kim and Nicki kick in their hits. I posted a dope video from Sig the other day, and it’s good to get another fire track, this one from her forthcoming SigNificant Wizdom EP. Sig’s voice is sharp but not boisterous, so you feel her lyrics more, and once you’re comfy, it’s almost like a second date. You come for the fuzzy feeling, then things start to open up, and you start to learn about people. Let her give you a bit of her story on this.

Roc C & Soul Professa ft. Concise Kilgore "Roc Kil"

Roc C & Soul Professa ft. Concise Kilgore "Roc Kil": You ever hear something that’s so nasty, once the first few bars fly by, you have to wheel the track back and start it over? Rewinds are a Jamaican thing, that migrated to DnB/dubstep culture, and is something that Funkmaster Flex gets… this track deserves a few rewinds, it’s that damn naughty. That Roc x Soul street album is on the way, and features cats like Oh No and DJ Romes, as well as this Kilgore-assisted jugular-aimed boxcutter. I don’t think it’s just that spine-tingling loop or the heavy thud of a kick – it’s both of those elements combined, with some fly flows atop. You ain’t ready.

King I Divine: The Making Of "Rise Up"

This cut is featured on D.Julien's Ready For Tomorrow release.

[video] Vado ft. Young Dro "Polo (Remix)"

[video] Rick Ross ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman "Veterans Day"

RidZilla "Magnetic Mane"

RidZilla "Magnetic Mane": RidZilla represents Australia. He cooked up this refix of Magnetic Man's "Krazy" and Gucci Mane's "Wasted". It's this week's EXCLUSIVE THUGSTEP Thursday pick over on HOODLUM. No matter how fat the bass is, Gucci sounds congested.

"Magnetic Mane" (Gucci Mane Vs Magnetic Man) (RiDZILLA Remix) - HOODLUM EXCLUSIVE by DailyThugstep

[video] P.U.D.G.E "Dorothy Looks Crazy"

[video] H.I.S.D. "Rockin' aka Space UP"

Benji B - Future Beats (11/11/2010)

Mighty High Coup "808"

Bonus Beats Mighty High Coup "808" [clean | dirty]

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Sean Mandela

@SeanMandela x @DPZ4Reezy.

Juan Epstein (11/10/2010)

Juan Epstein x Quincy Jones = some classic shit. Good to see these guys still doing it.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (11/10/2010) [via Rosenberg Radio]

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (11/10/2010)

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 13: Iron Solomon

Rapper and battle titan Iron Solomon joins the Hype Men to discuss battling E. Ness + working with Talib Kweli + transitioning from battling to original songwriting + Will.I.Am vs. Xzibit at David Faustino’s club + West Coast rap on the East Coast + Cross Colours + free Beats by Dre headphones + the most underrated rappers + Paul Barman + Jim Jones’ ad-libs + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 13: Iron Solomon [via Hype Men]

EDIT And for some reason I forgot to post Episode 12, which featured 88 Keys. Get that HERE.

BLAP: Pea's Gotta Have It Edition (11/10/2010)

[video] Pugs Atomz "Now Baby"

[video] Birdman "Fire Flame"

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

[video] Montage One "Gather Round"

[video] Bun B "Ridin Slow"

Featuring Slim Thug & Play N Skillz:

Tef Poe "Everybody Strapped"

Tef Poe "Everybody Strapped" (prod. by Indiana Rome): With War Machine on the horizon, and the injustice of the recent Oscar Grant-related trial in our recent rearview, Poe felt a certain kind of way, and decided to drop this unapologetic cut, which he finished months ago. It embodies the hatred that certain niggas have when they get tuned in and realize that shit isn’t really change for us, the little people. In this capitalist society, we are the cogs that hold the gears together to work these machines for those who push the buttons. Niggas wanna talk being disenfranchised, but are you about revolution? You willing to pick up a gun? You trying to really make a difference? Let this be your anthem. Hit the jump for Poe’s mindstate in this cut…

Sean J "Talk About (She Says)"

Sean J "Talk About (She Says)" (prod. by Soy): Damn flips are at it again! This cut is the 2nd single from Sean’s The Ego Egg Mixtape, which still has no date of droppage, although Domination will be putting it out. Setting his braggadocio aside, J dives into a bit of the personal, detailing the emotions of a wild relationship – sounds like it coulda been love, dog. Or not. Be on the lookout for a video for Sean’s “Unstoppable”, too. Blammo. Flip Up!

LANK The Roughest Draft

Good to see the Mercer County area really getting ours. Recently, LANK dropped his The Roughest Draft mixtape via DatPiff. What’s fly is, I can’t even call this a mixtape – these are all original songs, showcasing LANK’s unique blending of laidback, headnodding beats and LANK’s reality put to paper. There’s a feeling of love for the Golden Era of this shit, with the common man putting out his love for the sound while putting his own stamp on the shit. No apologies. Beats from Nomad, Soul Controller and others, with a couple of bonus LANKmixes to popular jawns thrown in at the end. Dude’s put it on for a while, so show some support and light something mean up and cruise down the Jersey Turnpike.

DOWNLOAD LANK The Roughest Draft

PUSH! Montana ft. H McCloud "They Don’t Love Me"

PUSH! Montana ft. H McCloud "They Don’t Love Me" (prod. by Kuddie Fresh): This track is heavy. Love the twinkling keys over that aggro bass/drum flavor, allowing PUSH! And McCloud to slide some serious bars across the beat, like a lyrical game of air hockey. Love a lot of the punchlines in this, as well as the scowl it gives me when I blast it. This is taken from FRESHDOPE!, PUSH!’s album that drops tomorrow via Don’t sleep!

Hellz Yea! "The Reign"

Hellz Yea! "The Reign" (prod. by DJ Ophax): Here’s the latest single from Hellz, a cut that he feels will breathe fire back into the East Coast Hip-Hop scene. It’s got that anthemic vibe to it, with the thundering kicks and some dynamic boasts from the guy. He’s a proper definition of determination and belief in oneself, you dig? When you’re feeling like you need to poke your chest out and spit on the maggots on this Earth who talk tough but come up frail, blast this.

Malkovich ft. Prince Po & Mawnstr "The Next Edition"

Malkovich ft. Prince Po & Mawnstr "The Next Edition": Feels like it’s been ages since I heard Po on anything, and this beat is perfect. Sounds like some shit I’d record during the Thursday night college radio Hip-Hop show while I was sleeping, and discover on the bus ride to school the following Friday. I love beats like this – real heavy and almost eerie, but still maintains a bop that’s fly enough for niggas to catch wreck on.

MLT "Testament"

MLT "Testament": So the homey MustListenTo picked up some of those fresh 6th Sense instrumentals, and concocted this quick shot as a lil’ preview of what you can hear from his forthcoming mixtape. He’s not looking for fans – he’s looking for believers. I imagine a lot of cats are on that, but just don’t know it yet. Has that post-Halloween leftover candy vibe to it. Almost shakes me up listening to this. Kind of bugged, especially in hearing how sharp homey spits over this.

[preview] Al-One ft. Freeway "Can't Stop"

Good Biz Music has a heater on their hands with this one! Featuring Philly’s own Freeway (and some nimble cuts from DJ Wicked), Al-One coasts over this bright beat. Representing Northeast Portland (and a part of the Sandpeople crew), dude’s touched the stage with legends like KRS-One, Slick Rick, Sugarhill Gang, Busta Rhymes and more, and has also worked with Sly Boogie and Bosko. KP passed this one over to me, and it’s fresh like sun in your face. GMC will be release Al’s solo album, Talk Of The Town, very soon, but you can cop this single right now via CDBaby.

Al-One ft. Freeway & DJ Wicked - Can't Stop by rock the dub

Also be on the lookout for GDBZ’s free Remix EP, Soul Proprietor, on November 14th; this one will be a twitter/Facebook exclusive, so be on the lookout for that, as well as the GMC Presents Incorporating Trust album, which is due out December 16th, which is then followed up by Sound Investment, which touches down in March/April 2011! Good Biz!

Breakage "Hard (Redlight Remix)"

Breakage "Hard (Redlight Remix)": Good to hear this getting a release – for free, no less! I believe I heard Shy drop this ages ago. It’s so ill to hear a primarily DnB/Dubstep label put out some multi-genre remixes, and actually make me dig the genres they are in. Redlight has his whole other flavor, super bass heavy funk funnery type shit, and it amazingly works with Newham Generals’ lyrics.

Breakage - Hard (Redlight Remix) by factmag


Bonus Beats Shy FX "Raver (MJ Cole Remix)" [via RCRDLBL]

DJ Nappy "Thugstep Architect" (Part 2)

Nappy doesn't just expound on THUGSTEP, listen to his thoughts on how it goes down in Trenton and Camden. And sandwiches. And dos and don't on getting exclusive tracks.

previous DJ Nappy "Thugstep Architect" (Part 1)

[video] SigNif "Drifting"

[video] Tyler, The Creator "French" LIVE

From last night's show in NY. Been seeing a lot of DJs/blogs getting on that OFWGKTA this. Nice to see. Typical, but nice to see. PotW has an Odd Future drinking game you should all play, too.


Karniege Presents...Can I Kick It Vol.3

"Can I Kick it Vol. 3" is the final instalment to the "Can I Kick It," series. This mixtape has more of an album feel than an actual mixtape. It’s comprised of original posse cuts and collaborations that Karniege has done over the years. You may know him from his previous work like “From the Left”, produced by Nasa, “Empire State” with Vast Aire and the “Unveiling” with Marq Spekt.

Already this project has classic songs such as “Dat’s Word” produced by the legendary Da Beatminerz, other guest appearances are made by C-Rayz Walz, MURS, Poison Pen, Wordsworth, Geechi Suede (Camp Lo) and a lot more besides. All together "Can I Kick it Vol.3" is well worth the wait! It’s a nice eye opener to what Karniege has in store for the people in 2011 when he releases his forthcoming studio album entitled "Kolorful Thawts."

DOWNLOAD Karniege Presents...Can I Kick It Vol.3

Monday, November 08, 2010

DJ SOLO Open Up The Trunk 2

Most of the time, when I post some SOLO shit, it's on a dubstep ting. This tape is for the bass lovers, but it's skraight Hip-Hop. He went straight for what is like a new resurgence of bass-heavy cuts: "I'm a huge fan of anything bass-heavy, especially hip-hop, and I realized there was a whole genre of this stuff that comes out in little pockets over a period of time, yet nobody really puts it all in one place if you're into it. And as a DJ who spins out all over the place, every time I play this kind of music, people come up to m and ask "What's THIS?!!" It seems so much of it slips under the radar and when people hear it, they absolutely loose it...including me! Not to mention, after returning to my home town of Chicago from living in LA for 6 years, I realized how much of this "sound" was coming from the Chicagoland area. So I took it upon myself to collect songs in this genre and make a series of mixtapes featuring nothin but the bangers. Some is old, some is new and some is that next level shit that headz ain't even ready for...but their kids are gonna LOVE it!!!". And if you fuck with this, check out SOLO's "Gittin' It", which he rapped, produced and did everything else on. Seriously.


[video] Big K.R.I.T. "I Ain't Shit"

Bonus Beats Big K.R.I.T. "I Ain't Shit"

Red The REMIX Mixtape

After a grip of leaks and just overall MiLKMEN appreciation, Red drops his REMIX Mixtape, which is just that - a talented nigga refixing and reconstructing shit you thought you knew. And, for the most part, shitting on the original. Hip-Hop or R&B. I don't know what these niggas are drinking, but they are hyper talented. Features include the other MiLK, TyPhilly, as well as cats like Dutch New York and others. Don't sleep.


[video] Warpath "BARS!" Live

Warpath is 1/9th of CT. crew The Autobotz. These are the bars he kicked that earned him the name WARPATH. This is my type of shit: Sharp lyricism and dope delivery minus a hook. Fans of real emceeing will have NO CHOICE but to respect and salute this,for real. The Autobotz:remember the name and check for em’. -

[video] Zab Judah vs. Lucas Matthysse

[video] Dave Raps "I Get Doe"

Via Ashley Outrageous.

previous [video] Dave Raps "High Life"

MistaJam - Saturday Night Soundclash (11/06/2010)

E Major ft. Sean Armstrong & UllNevaNo "For The Win (Remix)"

E Major ft. Sean Armstrong & UllNevaNo "For The Win (Remix)" (prod. by ShamRock): This is one of those beats where you can't bring your B game to at all - if you're going FTW, you BEST bring that big boy game, which these three MCs bring to Sham's mellow toughness. A bunch of wicked bars on this one, period. This is taken from E Major is... Better Than Yours, which drops on December 6th on Under Sound/Better Than Yours.

Bonus Beats E Major "For The Win"

[video] Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane "MC Hammer"

[video] Chrisette Michele "I'm A Star"

[video] Pink "Raise Your Glass"

Sunday, November 07, 2010

[video] Aleon Craft "Sunday"

[video] J-Live "Braggin' Writes" LIVE

This was taken during Von Pea's Pea's Gotta Have It LP release at SOB's last month. Kind of upset that the crowd didn't get wild when this instrumental dropped. Via Ka5p.

If you wanna see him perform the full track, check this video:

[video] Nelly Furtado "Night Is Young"