Saturday, December 04, 2010

[video] Redman "Def Jammable"

previous Redman Pancakes & Syrup Mixtape

Friday, December 03, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 12/03/2010)

Let's play catch-up...

[video] Kid Capri "I Turn It Out"

This really isn't necessary, is it?

The Combat Jack Show (12/03/2010)

Fresh off of the Misgiving Thanksgiving holiday, PNC Radio is back and in full effect. Special guest Editor In Chief of Complex Magazine, Noah Callahan-Bever stopped by the show for a rare up-close and personal interview. N_C_B discusses his early beginnings as a journalist, print media, the evolving of Complex Magazine as well as his recent illness (which he overcame). Of course Combat and Dallas take me to trial as to why the station was on hiatus hence no “Black Friday Edition” for the show, lol! All that and much much more. You know the drill...

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (12/03/2010) [via PNC Radio]
Combat Jack Show 12-3-10 (Noah Callahan-Bever) Full by PNCRadio

The Emilio Sparks Experience Special Edition – The Waka Elliott Episode with Elliott Wilson

Hip-Hop is a funny thing, especially among the cats I look up to, or whom people would say are my peers. While I don't build with heads like YN or Emilio Sparks regarding Hip-Hop, but Pro Wrestling? We go ham. Maybe it's because I stay tweetin' about WWE and TNA (TNA has a PPV this Sunday!), but the Hip-Hop Journalism set fucks with me on some Pro Wrestling shit. Anyways, I had no idea Sparks had a podcast, but he and Elliott Wilson linked up for a special chat. Grab this shit NOW!

[video] Singapore Kane "Tom & Jerry"

[video] Cypress Hill "Light It Up"

It's definitely been a year since I first heard this one...

[video] Gangrene "All Bad"

Via Nah Right.

[video] The Clipse ft. Pharrell & Kenna "Life Change"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Joell Ortiz On The Combat Jack Show

While most sites sleep on The Combat Jack Show, you RTD readers should've already listened to their 11/19/2010 show, which featured the mighty Joell Ortiz. A King shot over three videos from the ill interview conducted, and you can watch them shits if you hit the jump. Yaowa. And make sure you check out The Combat Jack Show, Thursday night/Friday morning, 12AM - 2AM, on PNC Radio.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of December 1st, 2010)

Redman Pancakes & Syrup Mixtape

For whatever reason, Def Jam isn't trying to promote Redman, even though his new album, Reggie, drops on the 7th of December, which is next week. Fucked up, right? Red being Red, he sorted out a new mixtape, featuring cuts like "Def Jammable", as well as niggas like Saukrates, Ready Roc and more. Realistically, it's Redman, so you need this. Period, nigga.

DOWNLOAD Redman Pancakes & Syrup Mixtape [via @therealredman]

Benji B - Future Beats (12/02/2010)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (12/01/2010)

[video] Ill Legit & Wes Restless "Pipe Dreams"

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 16: Nick Catchdubs

Fool’s Gold Records honcho / DJ / hip-hop historian Nick Catchdubs joins the Hype Men to discuss + who rapped over the Cheers theme song + going from graphic design jobs to interviewing Snoop Dogg on set of a Dylan McDermott movie + the return of the early 2000’s + what happened to the white girl from the Missy Elliott videos + the best DJ drops + why Kid Sister’s Family Reunion didn’t work + working with Kid Cudi and Wale + J.Cole’s logo + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 16: Nick Catchdubs [via Hype Men]

MistaJam On BBC 1Xtra (11/29/2010)

[video] Strong Arm Steady ft. Too $hort "On Point"

Bonus Beats Strong Arm Steady ft. Too $hort "On Point"

[video] Astroid Boys "Welcome To The Zoo"

[video] N.O.R.E. ft. Imam T.H.U.G. "Blam"

Soul Khan's Sucker Freestyle

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

D/Will & Dominique Larue Carpe

This is one of those projects that, when I got asked to present it, it was a no-brainer. I randomly got a blast featuring Dominique Larue's music a while ago, and was glad to hear a female who had flow. With ladies like Nicki Minaj only showcasing one side of the coin to the mainstream, I love when ladies like Jean Grae, Eternity, Zane One and Dom Larue let it be known that it's not just dudes going ham on the mic. I'm proud to present this EP of nothing but Dom over beats produced by D/Will. They have a pretty organic feel, as if Dom was the only MC that needed to be on these. The project also flows well - while each track has it's own ebbs and flows, they all maintain the same vibe. Someone gave Dom the green light, and "it's on, nigga, it's on...".

DOWNLOAD D\Will & Dominique Larue Carpe [mirror]


Dizzee Rascal vs. Lazer Sword "Fix Up, Look Sharp (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": I first want to apologize - while I've posted 'nuff DJ Nappy refix material in the interim, I've not posted a FOTM post since September 2009. Realistically, the hard drive that had EVERYTHING of his died, and I literally didn't get all of those jawns until a few weeks ago. What's funny is, this first refix isn't even from that older batch! This is a new(er) refix, flippin' what can be argued as Dizzee's largest crossover hit with a bangin' synth-party from Lazer Sword. While it's not an Old School breakbeat workout, or a charged-up Grime instrumental, this new school Electro bop fits perfect under Dizzee's boasts, don't you agree?

Now that the floodgates have been opened, expect these to come back up. Both new shit and old gems that need more press. We're far from done...

[video] Money Making Jam Boys "Judgment Day"

4th Annual Yule Prog Festival (12/14/2010)

Generation Next 2 (12/9/2010)

[video] High Rankin & Evolve Or Die vs. Wizard Sleeve "Lockdown"

This Is Suicide Dub Vol. 2 is out now. Grab it via Suicide Dub.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T-Hud ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Mikee Merge "Gangsta (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)"

T-Hud ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Mikee Merge "Gangsta (DJ Nappy Extended THUGSTEP Refix)": I know, I know, this leaked on Monday, but that wasn't the full DJ-friendly refix. Forreal, though - we going 7+ minutes for you DJs out there supporting the sound. Mikee Merge came with the serious bouncefunk on that bassline, giving this T-Hud/Triple Six gangsterism a futuristic bassflex. Some shit to get lost in, trust.

I'll be dropping a new refix from Nappy tomorrow, as I bring back the "First Of The Month" THUGSTEP posts. You've been warned!

Family Affair ft. Rockwell Knuckles "Words of a Hustle"

Family Affair ft. Rockwell Knuckles "Words of a Hustle": Here’s some bounce from the STL, on a more melancholic vibe. Taken from Family Affair’s Welcome To The Underground project, this one finds FA linking with Rocky Knuckles to put some pimpin’ in ya simpin’, ya smell me? Take heed to the words of the older gods. They’ve been there – and know where you can and can’t go. No sleepin’!

Intalek "Grow"

Intalek "Grow" (prod. by Ritchcraft): If you’re a good reader, you should remember the Lives & Vibes EP that Intalek and Ritch dropped earlier this year. That opus has been fattened into a 15-track “international version”, which is now available on iTunes and Amazon. This is one of the new tracks, and it’s excellent. Ritch brings a sick flip of a fly sample, allowing Intalek to weave some refreshingly poignant lines into. Shit’s an anthem for those who are seeking that constant elevation. Enjoy that, then cop the full release of Lives & Vibes, yadig?

[preview] Brand Nubian Enter The Dubstep Vol. 2

Remember that Wu-Tang Enter The Dubstep project that dropped last year? Well, it looks like FrankRadio and iHipHop have linked up again for another one, this time allowing dubstep producers like Hellfire Machina and Dem Soul to flip some Brand Nubian acapellas. I'm feeling what I'm hearing more now; hit the jump for refixes of "Slow Down" and "How Long", then let a nigga know what you think. This drops on the 21st of December, so if you're digging, be on the lookout!

[video] The Lessondary "Faded"

I remember watching (parts of) this track being made. Shot & directed by Ali Boombaye.

Via Spec Boogie.

Sean J "Elevate"

Sean J "Elevate" (prod. by Unselftitled): Love when an MC really takes cues from the beat and adjusts his bars accordingly. Unselftitled (WTF is that name?) flipped a dope track here, with some lush strings and unexpected turns, and Sean keeps it upright like a pro. This cut is the third official single from The Ego Egg Mixtape, which finally has a release date: December 1st! There will also be a video for this track coming. If I can offer my $0.02, I’d suggest they have video of swans and shit. Or J rapping in a swan suit. Think it over. You can keep that, I won’t even haggle over copyright shit.

Zumo Kollie "Times Of Our Lives"

Zumo Kollie "Times Of Our Lives": Any artist out there who hasn’t hit 30 and still has dreams/goals of shitting on the entire Earth with their worth, this one is yours. Raise a glass of, um, whatever 20-somethings drank in 2010, or hold up whatever smoking device you use in your cipher, and toast to the grind, salute the struggle, and say hello to Zumo. Rhode Island is the home of my favorite sister-in-law, and the home of one of our more introspective MCs. Be on the lookout for Kollie’s Last Showing, whenever the hell it drops.

[video] Rajeev Wins "Flying Chopsticks"

Bonus Beats
Rajeev Wins Chinese Food

[video] AUTOMatic "Higher"

M-Dot "Self Reflection"

M-DotSelf Reflection” (prod. by Pauly Fingaz): When I first got introduced to the EMS camp, M-Dot was the most visible, getting a lot of praise within their area, and on a more national level. With his Making Doubters Over Think mixtape, which his hosted by Billy Danze & DJ G.I. Joe and drops on December 7th (and is presented by HipHopDX, DJ Booth, Kevin Nottingham, 5StarHipHop and WERS 88.9FM), he’s gonna keep his stock rising. I for one don’t think a nigga needs THAT many presenters, but ‘nuff respect to him on getting those spots behind him. If the rest of the project sounds as crispy and wintery as this 2nd single, he’s on the right path.

[video] Neako "Androids & Fake Tits"

Monday, November 29, 2010

T-Hud ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Mikee Merge "Gangsta (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

T-Hud ft. Three 6 Mafia vs. Mikee Merge "Gangsta (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": Last week, Nappy introduced Beyonce to the Drumstep movement, and this week's new (and by new, I mean really new) blend finds T-Hud and the Triple Six gettin' it how they live over Mikee Merge's sick sub-lovin' bass. Something for you Cadillac rydas, purple smokers (and sippers), via HOODLUM.

I'll be resurrecting the "First Of The Month" leaks this week, with a brand newbie for you THUGSTEP lovers out there. Oh yes, it's on and populatin'.

MiLKMEN "All Day"

MiLKMEN "All Day" (prod. by Robi): Had no idea where Robi was going with that vocal in the beat initially, but I love the bounce he slid up underneath. I get the feeling that he might mess with that Drum & Bass, but that might also be a nigga dream. ANYWAYS, the MiLKs do what they do best: merk beats. Doubletime, normal speed, whatever it is, these two know how to spit. That’s a given. And they also know how to keep shit to the left, just a tad, so niggas like me can have some excitement and be kept guessing.

Reek Da Villian ft. M.O.P "Fall In Line"

Reek Da Villian ft. M.O.P "Fall In Line" (prod. by Soul Professa): Reek’s name has been poppin’ up kind of heavy, much to do with his association with Busta Rhymes (yes, co-signs still work these days), but on a nasty number with the Firing Squad? Soul P did it again with that metal riff he threw in there. Treatment for the video should be in a dusty biker bar, with MOP and Reek rollin in with cowboy boots and 10 gallon hats, mean muggin’. It may or may not involve niggas getting shot with six shooters and chesty barmaids, but that’s not essential. Well, maybe t is. Reek mixtape coming soon?

UllNevaNo "UllNevaNovember"

UllNevaNo "UllNevaNovember" (prod. by Minus Nine): And as we further travel down the Land of Ill Track Titles That Incorporate A Nigga’s Rap Name, UllNevaNo drops a fresh Fall track before November’s end. No links up with fellow Action Figures affiliate Minus Nine for a quick heatrocket for this glorious #musicmonday. If you’re in Bmore on Friday, the Color Brown listening party is going down, but you already knew that, right?

Catch Wreck "Concerto"

Catch Wreck "Concerto": Tackling “Concerto Of The Desperado”, Wreck brings you his new revolution rap, which can be found on his forthcoming ADHD mixtape. Kind of fitting for a revolutionary, no? I wonder if, when Huey Freeman dreams, tracks like this are the soundtrack? Anyways, Catch follows in the footsteps of the niggas I grew up listening to, niggas who are on a mission by any means necessary. Fight the good fight, brother.

Concerto by Catch Wreck

Armond ft. Jalili Jimiyu "Blank Canvas"

Armond ft. Jalili Jimiyu "Blank Canvas": As you should know, Armond has two albums dropping on the same day before the end of the year, and this is the first leak from those batches of songs. Being a father, I feel for the real life he spits on this track. I couldn’t imagine not seeing my son daily, let alone only seeing him three times in a year?!?! I’d go hammer, forreal. I hope his shorty listens to this some day, and knows his dad still loves him. Keep the faith, my nigga – hopefully that situation turns around for you and yours.

Duane Banx "I'm On It"

Duane Banx "I'm On It": Each day, I feel older – bones creaking, wines taste richer, kids seem younger. Duane is probably one of those artists cats don’t think I’d be associated, as he represents the new(er) sounds that the high school kids who game chicks and smoke loosies bounce to on the train. Dude’s grind is kind of mean, and his work hooks me. This might be my favorite of the tracks he’s sent, as it sounds like his bars are part of the game he would spit to a female on the bus stop, or wherever young niggas kick game to females at. I don’t know. I’m living life in headphones, I might not even see what’s poppin’. Anyways, new project from the boy Banx coming soon.

[video] Shy FX "Raver"

Featuring Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor:

Easily one of my favorite tunes of 2010. First single from Shy's Larger Than Life LP, which is due out in 2011. Such a big tune. Hit the comments with how many cameos were in this video - this is what the DnB scene needs more of!

[video] T.I. ft. Rocko "I Can't Help It"

[video] Layne Harper "City Lights"

Bonus Beats Layne Harper "City Lights" (prod. by Q-Tip)

Genrokka Speaks On The Credit Union

The Credit Union drops on January 1st, 2011.

Maffew Ragazino "Gravy & Celery"

Maffew Ragazino "Gravy & Celery" (prod. by Qwan): Just posted a cut from Ragazino Sr. the other day, and I don't smoke green anymore, but I always have to give it up to tracks that embody that feeling I liked when I was proper bent - usually on a Saturday night, blowing trees and sippin' on something potent. Maff captures that time over this throwback feel, which can be found on Dub Floyd's Chronic Illness Vol. 1 mixtape. You got the itch? Light something, drank something nigga!

[video] B Magic x Noyz & Spooks "The Breakfast Club"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

Damn. There was a summer in my formative years where you couldn't tell me that the Naked Gun movies weren't the funniest things out there. Back before OJ killed that white lady (come on...), he was the most funniest bumblingest idiot in any buffoon movie. And Leslie Nielsen played the parody cop role to a "T". Dude had the whole thing down - I couldn't even tell you what other movies or roles he's done (Wiki dat)... wait, he was in an episode of M*A*S*H* that flipped my lid when I saw it. Anyways, Nielsen was the man, and word came today that homey passed away at 84. Rest in power, Lt. Drebin.

MistaJam - Saturday Night Soundclash (11/27/2010)

[video] Keri Hilson ft. Rick Ross "The Way You Love Me"

Well... that was unexpected.

T-Razor The Chronic 2012

After dropping the final leak from this the other day, T-Razor's full project has dropped, and it's definitely worth it. This isn't something to speed down the highway to - roll up whatever sack you just copped, go blunt fi blunt, and cool out. Shit's the soundtrack to sunny, lazy Sundays. Ride (slow) to this.

DOWNLOAD T-Razor The Chronic 2012

[video] Dula-Mite "Respect My F.R.E.S.H." / "Turn My Bass Up"