Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakage & Skream - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/11/2010)

Breakage drops 2 hours of massive tracks including the track that got him into Dubstep & his artist to watch for next year! Plus for the last hour of the show it’s Skream, recorded live at Outlook Festival in Croatia, with heavyweight MC’s P Money & D Double E on PA duties!

DOWNLOAD Breakage & Skream - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/11/2010) [via QRIP]

[video] RAtheMC "Champion"

[video] City Slickers "First Round"

[video] Rasi Caprice ft. Ras Kass & Wais P "Playing With Fire"

Bonus Beats Rasi Caprice ft. Ras Kass & Wais P "Playing With Fire"

Scuba & Hot Flush Recordings - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover M1X (12/12/2010)

This week, Hot Flush Recordings head-honcho, Scuba came to Radio 1Xtra as part of the Dubstep Takeover, bringing a heavy-weight selection of friends with him! With mixes from Sepalcure, Boddika, and George Fitzgerald, as well as getting on the decks himself, Scuba also had Pangaea’s live set recorded at Outlook Festival in Croatia this summer. And if that wasn’t enough, Joy Orbison and Mount Kimbie dropped by for a chat. If you want to hear a selection of tracks from across the dubstep/bass music spectrum, this is the show for you.

DOWNLOAD Scuba & Hot Flush Recordings - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover M1X (12/12/2010) [via QRIP]

[video] Cymarshall Law "Best Kept Secret"

Bonus Beats Cymarshall Law "Best Kept Secret"

[video] PNC ft. The Checks Let Your Lover Know"

Benji B - Future Beats (12/09/2010)

Friday, December 10, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 12/10/2010)

Get bent.

[video] Tricky "Ghetto Stars"

First track from Tricky in a WHILE that gives me that feeling that his first couple of albums had. Not production-wise, but with the back and forth on the vocals. Kind of fly to see Tricky in his hood, too.

The Combat Jack Show (12/10/2010)

Another great show in the bag! Big shout outs to the PNC Radio family and all of our supporters (Salutes to Dart Adams, Robbie, Nation, Khal etc.). 2011 is upon us and we definitely have some great things in store. With that being said, there has been a lot of moving and shaking in radio land. You want to know what Combat Jack, Dallas and myself think about all that? Haha, peep the podcast below. Shots or no shots, you make the call. Also in the building with us was legendary “American Gangster” and founder of Black Hand Entertainment, Chaz Williams and their very own Queens-born MC, Grafh. You know we got the homie to spit some bars too! Friends, colleagues, haters and biters we see you in technicolor. #BLAOW

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (12/10/2010) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 12-10-10 (Chaz and Grafh) by PNCRadio

Grafh Freestyle x The Combat Jack Show by PNCRadio

[video] Progression of J NiCS

[video] Sheek Louch "Jungle Music"

Benji B - 1Xtra Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/09/2010)

[video] The GTW ft. Danny Brusco "Blow Me Away"

[video] Domo Genesis ft. Ace Creator "Super Market" LIVE

One of my favorite tracks from Rolling Papers, LIVE:

Bonus Beats Domo Genesis ft. Ace Creator "Super Market"

[video] Riz MC "Dark H earts"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of December 8th, 2010)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dear araabMUZIK

Before you go onto interviews talking about how disgusted you are about Kanye West using the MPC during the VMAs, realize that DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark had been "Pushin' Buttons" during live shows for years.

Come on, man. You get props for the way you rock the MPC, but these niggas have ROUTINES, been had routines, using nothing but MPCs. Fall back.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 17: Vashtie

Hip-Hop renaissance woman Vashtie joins the Hype Men to discuss burritos + Air Jordans + Andre Agassi pumps + the origins of Rosewood + the HawthoRNe movement + directing Justin Bieber’s first video + the future of Child Rebel Soldiers + true New York City artists + Spike Lee + making Def Jam cooler + the aging problem in hip-hop + Xzibit memes + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 17: Vashtie [via Hype Men]

MistaJam On BBC 1Xtra (12/08/2010)

MistaJam has highlights from an amazing night at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios which saw John Legend and The Roots come together to record a very special session. Plus Jam Hot artist Emalkay picks his 3 favourite tracks not from the genre he’s known for and Mistajam delivers another Daily Dose Of Dubstep.

DOWNLOAD MistaJam On BBC 1Xtra (12/08/2010) [via QRIP]

So Kodak: John Gotty

Good to see niggas like @JohnGotty getting some RESPECT.

[video] Michael Jackson ft. Akon "Hold My Hand"

[video] Young Dro ft. Gucci Mane & T.I. "Freeze Me"

[trailer] Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (12/9/2010)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (12/08/2010)

[video] Red "Something"

D-Black Long Story Short…

True story: I tweeted with D over copping thermals for the cold weather, and I got sent this project. This EP is dope because it’s long-awaited, and features tracks that have waited a long time to get released. New Black City dropped a while back, and these cuts span creation dates from late 2008 until some point in 2010, and feature beats from Illmind (like four o’ ‘em!), Epik, Lab Ox (Roc Nation) and my nigga Matik. Dude has a new album, Success Story, on the way, but why not catch up on the other novels in this evolving series?

DOWNLOAD D-Black Long Story Short…

The Sole Vibe Leaks Two New Jawns

These niggas thinking they just gonna leak two tracks at one time? I hope ya dog dies!

AV "The Quiet" (prod. by Nice Rec): Wow. This is one of those tracks that has such an odd beat to it, once you hear it actually drop and get a groove going, you almost HAVE to rewind the damn thing. You might not be up on AV, so this track might be the shit you will need to decipher and let soak in, you smell me? And any Salute Your Shorts reference is A-OK with me.

Mario Dones ft. Kam Moye "What More Could You Want?" (prod. by Keelay & Zaire): With a dope feature and a dope beat from some dope producers, how much more dope do you want, smackhead!? See what I did there? Anyways, this futuristic thump comes courtesy of Kee & Z, while Dones and Moye ride it perfectly. Surfin’ ass rappers. Realistically, there’s not much more you could want. Well, the video could have Amber Rose dancing… real slow. In those leggings. #swoon

Koncept x Tranzformer "Day Dreaming"

Koncept x Tranzformer "Day Dreaming": BBAS has put their stamp on 2010 with a grip of fly releases and other shits. And alcohol consumption. Anyways, Kon and Tranzformer have a “FreEP” on the way, and this is the first leak. Just what you’d expect from this tandem: inspirational real life spit atop some illustrious samples and textures upon a drumbeat. Just saying, 2nd verse is the truth. Fucking J57 didn’t say when this “FreEP” drops, so fuck him. He wants to fight anyways, so maybe it’ll be out on the day we finally throw down and have a show down. Yeah. Or maybe in the next month or so. Who knows?

Maffew Ragazino "Foreign Exchange Student"

Maffew Ragazino "Foreign Exchange Student": Maffew Rag is currently killin’ it right now – he does nothing but that on this one. Gotta love a pair of loops having the ability to take you elsewhere, and I love Maff’s interpretation of “foreign exchange student”. I don’t get fly like that with my gear, but I respect the game.

Seven Day ft. The Alumni "OurLife"

Seven Day ft. The Alumni "OurLife": I recently leaked a cut from Concepts 2, and now bring you this hypnotic jam from the Seven Day collective. Beats like this crack me up – you get that feeling that this couple of seconds is heaven, and just keep bringing it back. Rewind production. And a perfect soundbed for lyricists to coast upon. Light up to this one.

Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. Big Lou, Chino XL, Thirstin Howl III "Latin Connection"

Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. Big Lou, Chino XL, Thirstin Howl III "Latin Connection": I have a feeling cats slept on this, but truth be told, all of these MCs get slept on. Over a simple yet effective beat, these four kind of abuse the track. Jersey to Cali collaborating, and I can’t help it – Chino kind of shitted on this track. He starts out a bit slow, but starts weaving those tough bars as his verse builds. Shouts to Dot Got It for this one!

Supreme Team "Interview #4080"

Supreme Team "Interview #4080": New Madlib, who alongside Kareem Riggins form the Supreme Team. Glad to hear that the “your last name plus my last name equals our group name” stee isn’t continuing. January finds Madlib dropping Medicine Show #11, and features Oh No, AG, Strong Arm Steady and some Jaylib-era Madlib & Dilla from their unfinished second album. Wait, unfinished second album!?! Fuck. This track is banana split, though. Love it.

Supreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins) - Interview #4080 by stonesthrow

Aaron LaCrate ft. Greg Nice & Flavor Flav "Ayo Ayo"

Aaron LaCrate ft. Greg Nice & Flavor Flav "Ayo Ayo": It’s funny to hear artists stretch out and embrace different sounds. Wasn’t expecting Greg Nice and Flav to jump on some club-thumping dubstep shit like this, were you? I do hate when MCs who have some semblance of talent rapping like they don’t think they can do more than party chants and whatnot on tracks that aren’t “Hip-Hop”. As a matter of fact, outside of the mix, this track is kind of booty. Decent DJ tool, and Flav should’ve gotten more time to spit, you feel me? This is on Nice’s The Popcycle, but if he wanted to fuck with dubstep, he could’ve done more than this!

Sean J The Ego Egg Mixtape

The last week or so has been kind of wild for me, for no real reason, so I’m sorry this didn’t get posted when this tape dropped last week. Sean J has that confidence mixed with fresh talent that puts him heads and shoulders above a bunch of niggas that get more shine than him, especially when he links up with Soy to form Flip Them Guys, who presents this mixtape with Domination Recordings, but that’s not to say that Sean isn’t nice over beats by other producers – the nigga Unselftitled laced the beat for “Elevate”, as well as Nine Six and Mental Abstracto, as well as featuring a grip of dope MCs, although with an ego the size of Humpty Dumpty, it’s hard to see this as anything but Sean J’s showcase.

DOWNLOAD Sean J The Ego Egg Mixtape

Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/07/2010)

True Tiger are next up with a special dubstep mix as 1Xtra’s dubstep takeover continues. Stanza, Bluebear, Sukh Knight & Stenchman are in the mix plus MC Chunky blesses the mic.

Introducing The Freestyle iPhone App

Shouts to Alex at Move Forward Music for hipping me to this Freestyle App for the iPhone: "The Freestyle iPhone App, a portable recording studio for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, has created quite a buzz in the hip-hop community since the new and improved version 2.1 hit the Apple App Store last week. Combining a notepad, recorder and 14 original built-in instrumentals, Freestyle 2.1 allows MCs and writers to capture their creativity and record lyrics on-the-go, and then upload songs to Facebook, Soundcloud or Twitter as soon as they are recorded". That's kind of fly, right? Hit the jump to check out MCs like Sene & Koncept using this new tool for you MCs out there...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

[video] T.I. ft. Rick Ross "Pledge Of Allegiance"

Crissy Criss - Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/06/2010)

On the 11th of December, dubstep will be taking over BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. This is kind of a kick-off mix, although it's truly a three-hour dubstep show, with Crissy not only dropping some of the illest tracks, but conducting interviews with True Tiger & Scuba!

DOWNLOAD Crissy Criss - Dubstep Takeover Dubstep M1X (12/06/2010) [via QRIP]

Juan Epstein with Redman

Ciph and Rosenberg take their Juan Epstein podcast to NJ with the one and only this week. I'm with eskay - why Miguel had to be all over this shit is beyond me, but Red still got his jokes and real talk in there. He speaks truth about a number of topics, and reps for Jersey all over this. Listen to this, then go cop Red's new album, Reggie.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein with Redman

[video] Chase & Status ft. Liam Bailey "Blind Faith"

[video] Weapons of Audio "An Ode to Mannish Boy"

Download this track over on DJ Booth.

[video] Obie Trice "Anymore"

[video] Lloyd ft. 50 Cent "Let's Get It In"

M-Dot Making Doubters Over Think

Newest/latest mixtape from Beantown's finest M-Dot, which is presented by HipHopDX, DJBooth, KevinNottingham & 5StarHipHop... I think the Michael Scott Paper Company also had an in on this. "Recent winner of the 2010 Boston Music Awards "Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" and winner of the 2010 Boston Phoenix "Best Hip Hop Act," M-Dot, brings you his highly anticipated mixtape "Making Doubters Over Think." This is the follow up to '09's "Money Doesn't Own Thought" and the 2nd mixtape in M-Dot's acronym series. Proving the work ethic he is known around New England for, this is his second CD in just 4 months. He recently dropped the critically acclaimed "Run MPC" album in August on Soulspazm, which is a collaborative CD with French producer/DJ, Jean Maron. And with co-signs from Chuck D, Billy Danze, Craig G., DJ JS-1, A.G. and others, Run MPC has become a Hip-Hop Fan Favorite. So now M-Dot brings you this brand new 24 track CD to hold fans over until his official solo debut in 2011".

DOWNLOAD M-Dot Making Doubters Over Think

A.Sesay Presents The A Special EP

I got the video for the Wordsmith feature a while ago; here's the full EP from producer A.Sesay: "Producer A.Sesay collaborates with 19 amazing artists from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) to create The "A Special" EP A debut project which he says "Is for the common man/woman--this EP is for every person that is trying to do more with their lives." Whether you're trying to become an entrepreneur or trying to move up in your company one promotion at a time...The "A Special" EP is definitely for you!".

DOWNLOAD A.Sesay Presents The A Special EP

Monday, December 06, 2010

So Motivational Tour: BKLYN (12/8/2010)

[video] Philthy Rich ft. Mitchy Slick & Messy Marv "Project Nigga"

[video] Dirt Platoon "Almighty"

Bonus Beats Dirt Platoon "Almighty" (prod. by Tom Delay)

Cop Deeper Than Dirt via iTunes or Brake Fast Records.

Stones Throw @ Red Bull Culture Clash LA (12/3/10)

Needless to say, they won.

[video] Dutch NewYork "Can't Hide"

Shy FX Raver EP

I've been championing this track for a bit - I first heard it over three months ago on MistaJam's show, and was instantly amazed. It's everything I loved about Jungle and Drum & Bass, from the perfectly-utilized source material to GOOD lyrics and all other kinds of Soul infused in it. Hell, it even gets on its Carnival ting at the end, which I didn't even realize was part of the same tune at first! The video dropped last week, and made me wish I could've cameo'd in it - all kinds of scene luminaries are spotted in there, giving the track a kind of unifying quality with the scene, which at times can be very segregated. Good music brings us all together, no? Well, anyways, I know the MJ Cole remix was given away, but this free download, which costs nothing but being added to the Digital Soundboy mailing list, also includes two mixes from Shy FX: the original and a more dancehall version. They also give out the Breakage version, which touches on a lil' hardcore jungle techno ting, and is one of the highlights of this EP. Big tune overall, and it costs you nah-ting. Hit this link and get some quality music for the beginning of your week!

[video] Joell Ortiz "Battle Cry"

Sunday, December 05, 2010

[preview] Nicki Minaj "Your Love (Silent Dust Remix)"

About a year ago, I'd just wait for a bootleg or refix of a track by someone who has a body as bangin' as Nicki Minaj - her backside is a thing of beauty, and if you don't believe me, ask Regis. I have to give it up to my boys Silent Dust, aka Hobzee & Zyon Base, two producers who started out doing Drum & Bass together and have morphed their sound into so much more. I think a lot of people fucked with the original Minaj track due to that very immediate sample, but you can invoke the same kind of airy emotion using your own homegrown sounds. SD kept it minimal on this, with a motivational kick and bass thump, with some really clean and calm guitars floating around. It's a real moving track, something to slow dance/jam to on a Sunday afternoon, curtains drawn, maybe some candles lit. I was lucky enough to have a copy of what's becoming their debut album for Soul:R on the external for a bit, and hope to be getting some kind of feature over on DOA for them soon, but until then, rock to this...

Nicki Minaj - Your Love (Silent Dust Remix) by SilentDust

[video] Chali 2na "Step Your Game Up"