Saturday, January 01, 2011

Boom Blake & Genrokka The Credit Union

The New Year's Day releases keep rollin' in, with a tape I've been anticipating for a bit. Straight out of Trenton, NJ, we've got Money First's Boom Blake linking up with Genrokka for their long-awaited Credit Union album, with beats provided by Divine Drummah, Ill Kayn, Sinitus Tempo and plenty more. These cats are about ends, and the money talk is long, but they also take time out to speak about life, with heartfelt tracks like "Black Woman" rounding out what turns into an unexpectedly diverse tracklisting here. I also love the throwback samples in a number of these tracks - love hearing cats from my era dipping back into classic sounds.

DOWNLOAD Boom Blake & Genrokka The Credit Union [mirror]

Azage "I Made It"

Azage "I Made It" (prod. by Ching Ching): I told you niggas that a lot of projects were dropping today, and it looks like movements are coming to a head today, too. Azage's looking to drop his next project, Good Riddance, in "early 2011, and this is the first leak from that project. In his words, "you will see a lot of the project's visuals relate to the Cosby Show. Good Riddance is Azage's reference to saying bye to his far from perfect childhood to moving in with the Huxtables (so to speak). More than often viewers of the Huxtables found the family to be picture perfect".

[video] The Wrongguys ft. Naledge "Awesome"

Bonus Beats The Wrongguys ft. Naledge "Awesome"

Señor Kaos The Most Interesting MC In The World

Hip-Hop is built, to a degree, on boasts. When a nigga like Señor Kaos, who's on his steady grind year in, year out, goes in and says he's The Most Interesting MC In The World, you have to take notice. Dude's definitely got multiple facets to his MC being, and showcases that on this project, which is being presented by Dot Got It and The Kaos Effect. Features on this include talented cats like Homeboy Sandman, 8th W1, Donwill, Buff1, Binkis Recs and more, with beats from 2 Hungry Bros., DJ Eleven, Illastrate and plenty other heads. Download this and figure out if his boast is true - how interesting are the OTHER niggas in your playlist?

DOWNLOAD Señor Kaos The Most Interesting MC In The World

[video] Ghostface Killah "Starkology"

Double Tony Starks! Via DP.

Moruf GSOM: Ready To Live

I know a few cats have projects set to drop today, the 1st of January in the 2011th year of our Lord. We'll start with the nigga Moruf, a 22 year old Jersey spitter who's got an ear for fly beats. He has scooped up a grip of beats and introduces you to his Garden State Of Mind. This is a mixtape of moods, almost like picking up a box of old Polaroids and thinking back to various stages of your life. Using those experiences to forge your way in the new year, or to the next goal in your journey. You Ready To Live? Let this be your soundtrack...

DOWNLOAD Moruf Ready To Live


David Banner ft. Lil' Flip vs. Skream "Like A Pimp (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": I was going to randomly leak some new new new neaux shit for the new new new year, but with Nappy in love with that new Banner/9th Wonder album, I had to dip back. And then I realized that this didn't get it's own proper post (unless I'm Jack Trippin'). This was one of my favorite flips. This blend took one of my favorite ignant anthems and paired it up with one of my early favorite jams from Skream's back catalog. Just undeniable flavor on this, and it fits too perfect... throw this one on and po' a lil' mo in ya cup, chief. Drank up and celebrate this new year!

The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Journey To The 5th Echelon

Newest release from the OFWGKTA camp. Kind of bugged out space journey on this one, with features from Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Mike G and more, with Ty and Left Brain on additional production. For those of you out there who think Odd Future is just some MurderDeathKill/teen angst shit (which it can be), this shows their range. A lot of this reminds me on the experimental tangents N*E*R*D* takes their music on. Some of this shit is spaced out - you might be a bit buggy if you puff a blunt before rockin' to this, but that might also be your steelo. Highly recommended.

DOWNLOAD The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Journey To The 5th Echelon [via Odd Future]

Friday, December 31, 2010

The NiggaNet 2010

This week, I had wanted to drop a #niggameme a day, showcasing some of the videos related to niggas that had me rollin' all year. Of course that didn't happen. Oddly enough, @EnigmatikBGDB got two treats from me on NYE - his Bulls beating my Nyets made me change my twicon, and I threw all of these #niggamemes into a glorious NiggaNet post for BGDB. These are the YouTube videos I couldn't stop watching, from General Larry Platt to "Shawt Bus Shawty" to the Epic Beard Man. Not sure you know what I'm talking about? All the goods are HERE. If you fuck with that, PLEASE leave a comment. I'm trying to do those yearly.

RTD Playlist (Week Of 12/31/2010)

Drinks UP!

C'Mon Son: 2010 Year In Review

Mr. Peter Parker's Best of 2010 Mixtape

Mr. Peter Parker does what it says on the tin. If you're looking for some of the hottest (above ground) flavors from Hip-Hop, this mixtape more than likely has it on it. If you're going to be spending NYE home (like me) and want to recap the year while you drink it away, this should be your soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD Mr. Peter Parker's Best of 2010 Mixtape [mirror]

Bekay "2010 Year In Review"

Bekay "2010 Year In Review": Like we always do about this time, capable MCs are attacking some of the year's finest instrumentals, recapping the year we're winding out of. Bekay flips J Cole's "Who Dat" to bring us his 7th consecutive "Year In Review", and boy does he keep it pushin'! All I need is Skillz to finally drop his 2010 Rap Up (he's still doing that, right?), and I'll be good! Cheers to you, Bekay!

Genrokka "This Is The Life"

Genrokka "This Is The Life": With Teena Marie’s recent passing, I was halfway expecting mad cats to start flipping her tracks. That hasn’t happened, which is probably for the better – I need to find out who made this beat. They flipped “Portuguese Love”, a personal favorite from her back cat, and really lay down some proper grown man bars about living your life your way, realizing the consequences for your actions, good or bad. The way they slid Lady T into that hook is so beautiful, too. Just enforces what Genny spits throughout the jawn. Something to sip something to and really think about your life and actions. Trenton’s got this on lock, you smell me?

Datahowler "Prophet"

Datahowler "Prophet": You should’ve known about Datahowler from a previous AKA, but we won’t go in depth into that. New guise, new sonics, same top notch quality. “Prophet” is the first single from his forthcoming Slowdrifter album, which you can support via Kickstarter right now. This cut takes me back – it has a throwback synth funk to it, but on a slightly slower edge. Synths like this are usually used for bouncier tracks, but the cold melancholy that the sampled vocals bring in make this one a bit more introspective, taking things a bit inward. Word is Slowdrifter (which is due out on the 25th of January), is a vintage-loving project, with some limited cassette copies of the LP even dropping. Tough stuff. Need to grab this one!

Prophet by Datahowler

EDIT The man himself says NO samples were used in this track!

@khal Thanks for the love man! And there are no samples in the song. I played it all even the vocals and drums! The synth is a Polykorgless than a minute ago via Echofon

Shit You Need To Buy: 2010 Edition

With 2010 winding down, I figured I'd make a list of shit that really got me through the year. Shit I may or may not have championed on this very site, but things I think you need to make sure are in your stash for Entertainment, as the shit is dope.

Brown Bag AllStars Two-Fer!

J57 thinks he’s slick – he’s just gonna randomly leak quality shit at the end of the year, for no other reason than to showcase how fresh the BBAS is, huh? Fucking bastard. Two-fer right chea…

[video] Rockwell Knuckles "Silly Human"

Shouts to TSS.

[video] Cristol ft. Miss AJ "Who You Finna Try"

One of my guilty niggameme pleasures finally gets an official video. Dropped smack before the end of 2010. Go out with a bang and all that.

Solid Steel (12/31/2010)

Word Life, The Rapture & Dow Jonez ft. Money Stax "Run For Cover"

Word Life, The Rapture & Dow Jonez ft. Money Stax "Run For Cover" (prod. by M Slago): Dallas does the damn thing – and is still making hot shit. These Tejas spitters are lining up for their Rampage EP – M Slago on all of the beats, with Word, Rapture and Jonez dismantling the production. “Run For Cover” is the perfect introduction to these guys – the beat has a different swing to it – love the way that sample is flipped throughout the track, and these cats don’t come up for air. Guerillas swinging through the jungle, slicing whomever is in their path – move with or move over.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Botchamania 157

[video] Homeboy Sandman, Moses Rockwell & P.SO "King Of Kings"

Fused Forces Cold Turkey EP

During the Christmas weekend, the homies over at Substance Abuse released a free EP from two sick producers I have the privilege to converse with, Fused Forces. These two deal with my boy DJ Cable a lot, and make some sick dubstep and Grime tunes. I wish I could leak some of the stuff I have, but for now, this four-track BANGER is what you need to dissect. What I love is that these four tracks actually showcase four different sounds – nothing like a dubstep producer who will continuously throw out the SAME basstones or whatever. We go from the more subtle cuts (“Molten Rock”) to the sinister crackers (“Time Perception”) to cuts like “Sabotage”, which is reminiscent of the sounds that made me first fuck with dubstep. Whether you’re trying to spice up your sets or just throw on something dope from someone you might not be up on, grab this EP. Happy Holidays!

DOWNLOAD Fused Forces Cold Turkey EP

High Rankin - 2010 Round Up Mix

The one like High Rankin runs through some of his favorites from 2010. If I was a DJ, I'd make a mix similar to this for 2010. Only more Elucid and HOODLUM refixes. Sue me.

DOWNLOAD High Rankin - 2010 Round Up Mix
High Rankin - 2010 Round Up Mix by High Rankin

Money First ft. Richie Lane "We Soaring"

Money First ft. Richie Lane "We Soaring" [clean | dirty]: Trenton's finest drop this slick single right before the end of 2010. These cats are realistically some of the cats I could see going mainstream. They have the sound down pat, and grind enough to really make an impact. Oddly enough, I've never built with these dudes, and they live in the same damn area as I do! In any case, their digital LP, Digital Money, is on the way, as well as a video for "We Soaring", so expect to hear more from these fly niggas in the new year.

EDIT You can cop this now via iTunes.

[video] MyGrane McNastee "You You You Too"/"Power Movements"

All praise due to GRANDGOOD for this one. Amazing.

[video] Remarkable Mayor "No Swag Needed (SciFi Stu Remix)"

Bonus Beats Remarkable Mayor ft. John Robinson "No Swag Needed (SciFi Stu Remix) "
Bonus Beats SciFi Stu From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul LP Sampler

[video] Roc Marciano ft. Sean Price "Snow (Remix)"

Blizzard-racked New York (and a Transformer) plays the backdrop for this video by the homey Dallas Penn. Check out how DP and CS spent their 2010 Winter Wonderland.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (12/29/2010)

Funkmaster Flex & Kool DJ Red Alert - Christmas Eve Old School Mix

Purple Tape Pedigree uploaded this SERIOUS Hip-Hop lesson right here. This past Christmas Eve, Funkmaster Flex & Kool DJ Red Alert (with Mister Cee) went IN on an old school mix, as well as some real Hip-Hop history talk. Anyone doubting a) Flex's pedigree on the decks or b) what classic Hip-Hop is needs to get on this mix, early.

DOWNLOAD Part 1 | Part 2

Dr. Ew & John Beans Future Thugs Vol. 2

Redman On Good*Fella

Here Part 1.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

J. Slikk A Tribute to Jen DeLeon

2010 has been a wild ride for J. Slikk; some projects got finished and released, while real life took it's toll. Throughout it all, he's still made beats, and his Tribute To Jen DeLeon is a testament to his quest for the perfect beat, no matter the sound. Hell, he even includes the BANGER that was heard at the end of this R.O.E. vlog. My LAWD! I'll let the beats speak for themselves. After you download, hit the jump for Slikk's words on this project, and more!

DOWNLOAD J. Slikk A Tribute to Jen DeLeon

Marsha Ambrosius Covers Teena Marie's "Yes Indeed"

Via Soul Culture.

related RIP Teena Marie

[video] Catch Wreck "Concerto"

previous Catch Wreck "Concerto"

Dave Pearce Meets Chuck D - 6 Mix (12/26/2010)

On November 3 1987, BBC 6 Music and then Radio London DJ Dave Pearce introduced hip-hop group Public Enemy live on stage at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. The next year, the band sampled Dave’s intro for the opening track of their 1988 album ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions to Hold Us Back’; the record which propelled the band to stardom worldwide. Since then, ‘Nation of Millions’ has been proclaimed as the greatest hip hop album of all time, feted by everyone from Rolling Stone magazine to Jay Z. Two decades on, Dave and Public Enemy front man Chuck D meet to reminisce about the birth of rap music in the US and UK and how things have changed in 2010. The pair discuss how they met, how Dave ended up becoming the first person to play them on UK radio, and the role the band played in bring rap music to the mainstream on both sides of the Atlantic. They also discuss the firebrand politics which came to characterize their lyrics and the role they played in taking rap from an underground sound which wasn’t played on daytime radio to becoming the pre-eminent sound in mainstream music. Chuck D also picks a selection of music which soundtracked the era including LL Cool J, Stetsasonic and the World Famous Supreme Team and plays the music which informed his childhood including James Brown. There’s also a chance to hear live music from the infamous 1987 Hammersmith Odeon show, last heard on radio over two decades ago.

DOWNLOAD Dave Pearce Meets Chuck D - 6 Mix (12/26/2010)

[video] Willie Joe ft. Dice "Coming Up"

Monday, December 27, 2010

Elucid "Dream On" x "Nigga"

Back in May of this year, I was speaking to Elucid on gChat, and the phrase super chocolate black simian came about. That quip spawned sessions of trading beats and drafts, and on January 11th, 2011, Elucid's Super Chocolate Black Simian will be unleashed pon the world. To whet your appetites, or to introduce you to the man if you niggas are like "@elucidwho?", here's the first glimpse at this awesome project.

From Elucid: "Its a privilege to introduce some of the first sounds taken from my upcoming release Super Chocolate Black Simian. More dark hearted negromancy cataloging otherworldy journeys into rap, dub, and noise terrorism".

DOWNLOAD Elucid "Dream On" x "Nigga"

Botchamania 156

Cutline - Annie Nightingale Guest Mix (12/17/2010)

Jeryl, who owns Infectious PR, is one half of Cutline, and is just an all-around dope guy, is one of my favorite people in the world. Dope personality, talented on a number of points, and just great individual. With his boy Danny, they've gone on a number of (ad)ventures within the industyr, and their Cutline guise has scored a number of wins, including remixes that have been signed for Hospital and Infrared. A little over a week ago, BBC Radio 1's Annie Nightingale pressed play on a guest mix they did for her show, and I've been itching to post. It's the bees knees, and something you genre-benders need to get into your life. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Cutline - Annie Nightingale Guest Mix (12/17/2010)

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith ft. Jakk Frost & Sha Stimuli "Back In (Remix)"

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith ft. Jakk Frost & Sha Stimuli "Back In (Remix)" (prod. by Strada): I love how everyone is gearing up for releases for next week. If you're a fan of Wordsmith, you've heard beats from Strada on this blog over numerous times, and on the 4th of January, he has an instrumental mixtape, Acoustic Treatment, dropping. This shit is going to feature choice beats from Strada & Words' catalog over the last four years, and this remix, which features Jakk and Stimuli, is a GREAT bonus jam for this project.

Jansport J "Forever"

Jansport J "Forever": Everybody is going to be dropping projects on either January 1st or the 11th. Jansport J's forthcoming instrumental album, Save My Soul, has a banger of a vanilly on the cover. Oh, and it drops on the 11th of January! I've been a fan of J's for a bit, and I'm glad to see dude getting his shine on for his wonderful beats. I do feel like he might be a bit underrated, though, so hopefully you listen to this, be like "damn, dude nice!", then grab the full jammer when it touches down next month.

Tyler, The Creator LIVE At The Roxy (12/22/2010)

From their BADS ANTA show.

[video] Seanie Mic "2010 Rap Up: The Year of WTF"

Sitdown With DJ Premier & Pete Rock

Via DJ Premier Blog.

[video] Lyriciss "Give 'Em A Show"

DJ Bailey - 1997 Darkness

Wonderful mix of the darker side of Drum & Bass. Not sure if this mix has an official title - this is just the name I saw via this Dogs On Acid post.

DOWNLOAD DJ Bailey - 1997 Darkness

Sunday, December 26, 2010

RIP Teena Marie

Damn. When I was growing up, my mom's radio stayed on WDAS in Philadelphia. Old Soul, Funk and R&B was what I was reared on, and my mom was a huge fan of Rick James, so coming across mad Teena Marie tracks was just part of whatever trips we were on. Lady T had a beautiful voice - I mean, in a world where everyone thinks they are an American Idol, Teena could blow. Live. In the booth. Wherever. She's dropped a string of hits ("Portugese Love", "Square Biz", and my personal favorite, "Fire & Desire" with Rick), and has been sampled by everyone from The Fugees to The Firm. Hell, at one point, Birdman signed her to his "Cash Money Classics" label! She was a legend in my mom's house, is a legend on my wife's iPhone, and will not be forgotten. I'm sad when I hear that Teena Marie passed away today, a day after her daughter's birthday. She will be sorely missed. Rest in power, Teena.

Skream "CTO"

Skream "CTO": Yesterday, I randomly saw a @GetDarker tweet about a Skream Freeizm album that dropped yesterday. What a Christmas gift! 13 tracks of 140 BPM pressure from the one like Skream is what I needed. What's ill is, this track "CTO" is something I've been hearing dropped a lot over the last few months, blew my mind away. It's not the Skream dub I've been waiting for, but this, coupled with a grip of the tunes, is what helped me win throughout Christmas night. Thanx, Skream!

Although, word that this might be the last Freeizm isn't sitting well with me.

Scripts 'N Screwz The Hangover EP

The niggas known as Scripts N Screwz have been doing the damn thing all year - for longer than that, really, but you should've been charting their projects via RTD, as I've presented Loose Screwz' Satellites mixtape, as well as Script's Director's Cut project. As a lil' post-Christmas treat, they've sorted out a five-track EP, which includes their banger "On 10". Safe to say that most of you did some drankin' last night, so while you go grab your steak and eggs or whatever hangover cure you fuck with, rock to this, you feel me?

DOWNLOAD Scripts 'N Screwz The Hangover EP

Wise Intelligent On (12/24/2010)

Wise Intelligent a.k.a. Djezuz Djonez of the Poor Righteous Teachers interviews, performs, and plays new, exclusive tracks on the Live Show on Christmas Eve. The legendary New Jersey emcee, who spoke at length with's Doc C & DJ D.SCOTT, has a new album and new book coming soon. Check out the live cypher from the end of the show featuring fellow Jersey rappers, Da Boy Bake and Big Worm.

Bro Safari - Cleveland Mix (12/11/2010)

For those who don't know, Bro Safari = Evol Intent / Ludachrist's Knick: "Recently, I played a really fun show in Cleveland. When I was setting up my gear, I ran into all sorts of technical issues with my midi controllers. Things just weren't working. But, instead of getting angry and ruining the show, I decided to buck up and just make it work with what I had... And it wound up being plenty.

I decided to put the exported set online for everyone to download and enjoy. An hour of relentless dubstep. A full-on venture, deep into Bro-territory".

DOWNLOAD Bro Safari - Cleveland Mix (12/11/2010)
Bro Safari - Cleveland Mix - December 11 2010 by KNICK_evolintent_luda_bro

Maffew Ragazino On Live From HeadQCourterz

[video] DviousMindZ "FeelsliketheEND"