Saturday, February 12, 2011

[video] Neef Buck ft. Pooda Brown, Peedi Crakk & Freeway "Best Flow"

Merky Ace "Yo"

Merky Ace "Yo" (prod. by Spooky): In his continuing quest to prove that UK > US, the one like Tim Reaper put me onto this HECTIC tune right here. Taken from Spooky's Fresh Out The Box, Vol. 2 (free) release, this starts out unassuming enough. Once this one gets going, though - Jesus. I love all kinds of funk, but when it's NOISE thrown down in a funky vibe, I'm even more about it. Just has that gutpunch effect, and doesn't let up. Too tough. This is that Grime that should get you amped for a proper night out, yeah?

Freddie Gibbs "National Anthem (Quickie Mart Remix)"

Freddie Gibbs "National Anthem (Quickie Mart Remix)": Hah! Mad kids want to thumb their noses at the THUGSTEP, but then refixes like this drop. Pure lyrical assault over some skraight dubstep fury. Quickie Mart, this is the first I've heard of you, and you're a mufuckin genius for this one. Act like I'm going mental - this is tough. Shouts to Outrageous Ash for this one!

Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Quickie Mart remix) by Quickie Mart

[video] 100 Grand "Carrie"

A lil' heavy for a Saturday morning, but this Queens MC came with an interesting visual.

[video] Fresh Vetz "Hard Hatz"

Via HipHopDX.

[video] Gucci Mane "Bought A Chicken"

Featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Wooh Da Kid:

Friday, February 11, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/11/2011)

Take the music with you...

From Mississippi To Mars Leaks

For February's FOTM: THUGSTEP post, I reintroduced all of you seekers out there to the "Drunk Gorilla". As you know, though, From Mississippi To Mars isn't all DJ Nappy refixes. DJ Cable and DJ Hipnotikk, aka the other 2/3 of HOODLUM, contributed some slammin' Stunna Mane refixes, and I wanted to give you a taste of their flyness before the full mixtape drops next week!

Isaiah Toothtaker "Baby"

Isaiah Toothtaker "Baby": I’d not peeped Toothtaker’s backstory – I know he rocked over some deep riddims, and had his album drop on Machina Muerte/Alpha Pup, but I had no idea his dementia-soaked bars were the product of multiple felonies over a lifetime that took a turn around 11, being kicked out of home. I guess this is the backstory people expect to read when they question Tyler, The Creator’s content. Oddly enough, the ones questioning the loudest are the ones who ignore both. That really real reality if frightening. Illuminati Thug Mafia is the album, and it’s for those who like a lil’ disturbia in their life.

Simeon Viltz, Pugs Atomz & Neak "Do What You Can"

Simeon Viltz, Pugs Atomz & Neak "Do What You Can" (prod. by Slot-A): Neak’s a cat I’ve been getting into more – loving the last couple tracks I’ve heard him featured on. Primeridian and Pugs Atomz are already RTD favorites, so the three of these cats dropping a banger for the sixth edition of their #illRaps series? Major. AND it’s a Dilla tribute? This has some fresh vibes to it – Soul Bounce, forreal. Once that blunt hits you in the pocket, you might be up doing the high dance to this. You know the dance – your favorite bottle of beer or red cup in one hand, a lit L in the other, eyes closed, just rocking. Yeah, I knew you’d know the dance. Fresh.

JGILLA's "Gonuts"

One of my favorite albums that J Dilla made was Donuts. It's not that it was his last work - something he literally finished while he was battling his illness at the end of his life, or that it's just got some of the most intriguing beats that I'd heard at the time on it. It's primarily b/c it came out around the time Dilla died, and the time my Uncle Smitty died. It was the soundtrack to a down period of my life, and always holds a spot in my heart - as it does for many other. DJ Franchie, who operates Know The Ledge, hit me with this editorial that his boy JGILLA wrote, putting Donuts in its proper perspective not only in Jay Dee's career, but in the Hip-Hop game as well. A paradigm shift, Donuts will stand the test of time as the work of a man who did what he wanted, and crafted a release that heads the world over felt, and drew inspiration from. I won't go in paraphrasing anymore, I'll just have you read this and "Gonuts".

Rus Jaymes "Devastating"

Rus Jaymes "Devastating" (prod. by Nex Millen): Love getting put onto new (to me) MCs with fire tracks. Nex Mill put together a rugged track, and Camden City’s own Jaymes dives right in, shank in hand. He’s been around since the mid ‘90s, from working with Dave Ghetto as illPod to being dolo as Blackmagic, Rus has been putting in work for a MINUTE. He and Nex Mill put together Rumble Fish, an EP that’s set to drop in April, years ago. It got locked in the vault, and is only seeing light of day now. Sounds fresh to my ears, too! Sounds like some shit you’d blast after removing the knife from the warm body you just stabbed the fuck up. Battle royal shit. Duff a cop in his face then mace his partner type shit. Pure havoc. And I want more.

hasHBrown "Beginning of the End"

hasHBrown "Beginning of the End" (prod. by Jett I. Masstyr): The Rap Mayor has an EP set to drop on Monday, February 14th in time for Valentine’s Day. This project, Relationsh*t, has a title that, coupled with “Beginning of the End” as an intro, sounds like it won’t be the lovey dovey fuckfest that people think V-Day is. This has the potential to be the proper clusterfuck that many relationships can be. With homey being equipped to paint pictures with words and beats, I have a feeling this EP will be the “fuck you” that many niggas have felt for that bad chick that has crushed their dreams. Not everyone can be in a great one, you dig. That’s what liquor is for.

Bonus Beats hasHBrown ft. Thurogood & Dustin Prestige "Degree of Difficulty" (prod. by Jett I Masstyr)

[video] Freddie Gibbs ft. YP "Something New"

[video] Skyzoo & !llmind "#AllAboutThat"

AUTOMatic Music ft. Signif "Fresh Dressed"

AUTOMatic Music ft. Signif "Fresh Dressed": I’m loving this winter-friendly Hip-Hop coming along. This is some shit to rock to on the bus stop, waiting for the city bus in the early morning, sun just peeking over the buildings in the city. AUTOMatic has Transistor: The Last Broadcast, and drops this cut with Signif to promote their future works. She’s gotten ‘nuff play on RTD, and with good reason. I could never afford to fuck up three months of rent to look fresh, but I’m not mad at my niggas who can. Get your SB game up, I’ll be at Wal-mart getting that two-for-1 sale poppin’.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (10/02/2011)

I posted Benji B's Dilla tribute from 5 years ago yesterday; he dropped another tribute this week on his Radio 1 show, with a lot of shit skraight from the CD-R. Bullion also stopped by for a guest mix.

DOWNLOAD Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (10/02/2011) [via QRIP]

Styles Davis Crunkstep 2

It’s been almost a year since I first heard Styles Davis and his first “Crunkstep” mix. You know how we feel about the THUGSTEP movement around here – no matter what you’re calling it, the union of Hip-Hop and Dubstep, especially the Southern Crunk shit really makes sense. This mix pairs up jams by some of the scene’s finest (Emalkay, DMZ, Rusko, 501, Skrillex) with acapellas from the likes of B.o.B., Waka Flocka, Travis Porter, Rick Ross and plenty more. It just makes sense, and is some shit you can really get your weekend started out right to.

DOWNLOAD Styles Davis Crunkstep 2

[video] Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers"

Via Odd Future.

previous Lykke Li "I Follow You (Tyler The Creator Mix)"

[video] DJ Khaled "Welcome To My Hood"

Featuring Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain:

Rickie Jacobs "Look At Me Now Freestyle"

Rickie Jacobs "Look At Me Now Freestyle": This Bmore beast has been on a tear for the last few years, and each track hits harder than the last one. He is on spazz mode on this one, and from what I understand, he’s cooking up some crillz in the lab. Straight in the whip, coastin’ over this instrumental. Tough.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 9th, 2011)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[trailer] The Source: Masters Of Ceremony

Via The Source; shouts to @Combat_Jack.

HomeBase Presents Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1

The Clubhouse has been leaking some ISH right now, to the point where I just wanted the damn project. The Clubhouse has a mixture of shit I like – a bit of the quirk, with hints of the boom-bap and some jazzy vibes. The fuck do I know, my ass is dumb. It sounds like they are a live band who loves Hip-Hop and experimentation within the confines of said genre, and if niggas as diverse as Blu, F.Stokes, Freddie Gibbs and Homeboy Sandman can fuck with them (like they do on this EP), why can’t I? Actually, fuck that. This is the Hip-Hop I wanted when I was a misunderstood nerd in high school. If I was a blogger in 1998, I’d expound upon how “like me” The Clubhouse was. I’m damn near 30, and this just combines a bunch of shit that I love about music into 20 minutes. I want 20 more. J57, hook that up for me, please. Shouts to HomeBase.

DOWNLOAD HomeBase Presents Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1

Dave Raps "Do It Right"

Dave RapsDo It Right”: Next leak from H.Y.P.E., and Dave goes a lil deeper in this one. Feels like some shit you blast late at night, with the pea coat wrapped up tight in the winter. Winter Time Grind. Straight coasting over a beautiful beat, period. Dave goes in – be on the lookout for H.Y.P.E. when it drops tomorrow!

Lykke Li "I Follow You (Tyler The Creator Mix)"

Lykke Li "I Follow You (Tyler The Creator Mix)" [mirror]: Acts like M.I.A., Lykke Li and others are the kind of shit that I assume people THINK I am all about, but I rarely listen to. I like discovering shit, but I tune out when I see everyone bigging something up. Shit, I’m way off the point. I am glad that niggas like Odd Future’s Tyler are getting these amazing looks. I don’t think he drinks, but if he does he can’t even buy beer legally, and he’s out here getting crazy co-signs. Especially when he drops some intriguing remixes like these. I mean, the use of those amazing synths reminds me of the melancholy I love in Joker’s work, but Joker doesn’t kick raps that start out with him telling a chick to go drown. It’s the use of the disturbing with the sultry. Some people try to marry those feelings, but Tyler lives it. Or at least he knows how to create it. Anyways, enjoy this. Tyler’s dropping the video for “Yonkers” off his new album on Friday, and I believe Odd Future is on Jimmy Fallon next week.


Benji B - J Dilla Tribute (Feb. 2006)

Here's a classic Dilla tribute that Benji B did on his "Deviation" show on 1Xtra, 6 days after James Yancey left this earth. He runs the gamut in this two-hour mix, featuring Dilla solo tracks, as well as his production for artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Busta Rhymes, MED, Erykah Badu, The Roots... christ. Just download it. Rest in peace, Dilla Dog. We miss you, and we thank you for your contributions to the Hip-Hop game.

DOWNLOAD Benji B - J Dilla Tribute (Feb. 2006) [via Beats, Rhimes And Life] | [mirror]

[video] Mega Ran & K-Murdock "Forever"

JSWISS This 1 Is 4 Dilla

Hello, seekers! The last time we left you, JSWISS was promoting some "Fire" with Charlie Smarts, from his forthcoming Out Of State Intuition mixtape that we will be presenting on March 2nd. Seeing as this is Dilla week month, J got the spirit and decided to celebrate Dilla's craft for this, the 5th year of his passing. Celebrate life, and with the spirit and Soul that thrives throughout Jay Dee's production, there's no better way to feel alive than to vibe out to that shit. Featured MCs on this EP include Lazurus & Sikz Pointz. #TURNITUP


Donwill "Buy Kendrick Lamar's O.D."

Donwill "Buy Kendrick Lamar’s O.D.": Sometimes you can’t just say how much a nigga needs to get involved and purchase some quality music. Some niggas need to be shown. Donwill posted a convincing argument for copping Kendrick Lamar’s Overly Dedicated, but after penning some lyrics to Lamar’s “Heaven & Hell”, he figured he’d drop some shit at the end of the track. And it’s fire, with or without Don’s bars. Highly recommended preview, with a lil’ Lessondary plug. Truthfully, you shouldn’t need to be coaxed to cop quality music, but a nudge from an esteemed spitter can go a long way.

The Brainstormers The Brainstormers EP

I know the homey Praverb was on the low, not picking up a pad or a pen to commit life to the page, but he had resurfaced with some ish on deck. Had no idea that this would turn into The Brainstormers, aka his collective alongside Cayoz, A.L. Laureate, DJ Grazzhoppa and O*Zee. This EP finds these cats really moving towards a similar goal, becoming a proper “group” as opposed to a bunch of niggas rapping together. Also had no idea they roped in heavy hitters like Crooked I, Skyzoo and Hell Razah to contribute, as well as beats from talented cats like Teddy Roxpin. Just a great introduction to a piece of the game that’s needed: unity. If you aren’t feeling the intro, “By All Means”, I don’t know what you’re about. Shouts to Dub MD for the heads up on this – saw a few alternate covers with Kevin Nottingham on them, but I’m not sure how they are affiliated. No bother, shit’s dope on it’s own!

DOWNLOAD The Brainstormers The Brainstormers EP

Big Ben ft. Genesis Elijah & Stylah "Scuff It Out"

Big Ben ft. Genesis Elijah & Stylah "Scuff It Out" (prod. by Show N Prove): This beat + these three UK spitters = a track that feels like some British M.O.P. shit. Well, minus all of the screaming and such. Just feels like a flavorful beatdown anthem .Proper aggressive club banger, get me? Be on the look for Big Ben’s The Naked Soul of Big Ben EP, which is entirely produced by Show N Prove.


[video] Raphael Saadiq "Good Man"

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 26: Eric Appel

Funny or Die writer/director Eric Appel joins the Hype Men to discuss the best hip-hop dances + being roommates with Andy Milonakis + the movie Notorious + skits on hip-hop albums + Undercover Karaoke + working with Weird Al Yankovich + recreating Every Little Step with Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson + Mellie Mel's wrestling career + getting high with Snoop Dogg + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 26: Eric Appel [via Hype Men]
DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 25 [via Hype Men]

[video] Erykah Badu "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long"

Directed by Flying Lotus.

[video] Jansport J "Epiphany" (Unofficial)

Andrew Quesada (director of TiRon & Ayomari's "What You Waiting On") posted this on my Facebook wall this morning. He’s actually shot a few videos to my instrumentals, and I love this one. This one was specifically an ad for Sixhundred LA Boutique ( and feautures the instrumental "Epiphany" off of my previous album MoveMeants (April 2010). Expect more visuals for my latest effort Save My Soul (Instrumental LP) in the upcoming weeks. You can keep up with all updates/news over at my brand new site

The NU Revolution Camp Super Hero Theme Music Vol. 1

Good to hear the final product from this four-man crew. Headed by Wordsmith, Nu Revolution has been a force to be reckoned with. I remember first hearing cats like Black Knight & Kontact do their thing, and with strong projects from the homey Whitefolkz coming up in the last year, it really made sense for him to be invited into the fold. I dropped the insane video for “Pressure Cooker” earlier today, and that’s probably one of the best examples of what this crew is about. Having fun, dropping tight rhymes and bringing it back to the essence. Everyone comes correct on this, and if you’re been a fan of the NU Revolu, you’ll know beats from Strada, Street Level, Lucki Handz and more are just what proper super heroes need for their adventures. Vibe to this.

DOWNLOAD The NU Revolution Camp Super Hero Theme Music Vol. 1

DJ SoulOne - Jelly Donuts

The Origin Of The Donuts Cover

Stones Throw posted this video and a story from Andrew Gura, who directed MED's "Push" video, about how a still from Dilla's cameo became the cover for Donuts.

[video] W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs "The Rest Did It For Checks"

Jaguar Skills - Homegrown DnB & Dubstep Mix (06/02/2011)

Rob Jay "Rap Phenomenon Intro"

Rob Jay "Rap Phenomenon Intro": On what's probably the last leak from Rap Phenomenon, Jay is rapping to us but it's an internal dialogue that he's having. I know a lot of MCs who are at that crossroads - is it all worth it? Niggas be hella talented, but for whatever reason, they aren't invited up to the big game. Kind of like ECW in 1995 - hella talent, and hella bit by the bigger feds, but the cats who ride for ECW seemingly die in ECW. Niggas will ride harder, though. And that's not something I'm mad at. Jay's got some shit on deck, trust we.

Q-Tip, Illa J & T3 On Dilla

Via Revivalist Music.

Jelani "De La Vega"

Jelani "De La Vega": Finally giving us some new ish since The Proposal, the Notherground MC known as Jelani comes with some fresh shit. This track is pretty new - it was sorted out on the 3rd of February, and takes the lead from the quotes of NYC street artist James De La Vega, whom Jelani would see growing up as a yout in Harlem. The idea of grabbing hold to your dream to do something with your artistic gifts is something I'm dealing with right now. Shit ain't easy, but once you see these gifts blossom into tangibles, it makes that struggle worth it. Kweli called it a beautiful struggle, and while it might not feel that way - become your dream.

Bomb Zombies "Sincerely Yours (Duke Westlake Remix)"

Bomb Zombies "Sincerely Yours (Duke Westlake Remix)": There's a lot of shit I don't know about, and don't try to know about. Like, who is Duke Westlake? I'm not sure at all. I know he threw a curveball at a nigga with this remix. BZ's already come with the rusty shank flow, and this leftfield shit sounds like it'd work well... on the Pop chart. Seriously. I could hear those chords going mainstream. I like this. Feed me more.

[video] The NU Revolution Camp "Pressure Cooker"

[video] Dyme Def "Timeless"

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Audible Doctor The Spread EP

I know what you're thinking: "That nigga Audible Doctor has some fresh beats, I hope this EP is all instrumental". Rest assured, Audible Doc has seven surefire drunken bangers within this EP, which is brought to you by 2DBz and HHG. The thing is, I know a lot of you niggas are MCs. Everyone is either a DJ or an MC. Or a blogger. Anyways, Audible Doc wants you to spit over these. That's right, he's planning on dropping a vocal version of Spread in the future, and wants the best rhymes over these beats. You can take these beats and record your vocals over them; shoot an e-mail to THESPREADEP@GMAIL.COM with your version by April 8th, 2011 for consideration. Hurry up - get in on this!

DOWNLOAD The Audible Doctor The Spread EP

YC The Cynic ft. Homeboy Sandman & Niles "Suicide"

YC The Cynic ft. Homeboy Sandman & Niles "Suicide" (prod. by Don Knottz & JFree): I was going back and forth with YC and Alex from Move Forward about when I had first gotten sent this track. Back before YC blew the fuck up, he hit me with a rough demo version of this track. I had plans to drop it on a forthcoming RTD compilation, but that never materialized. I am no where NEAR mad, though - this final version has been fleshed out, and has a better bounce and overall rock to it. Those cuts from M-Tri also bring something else out of it. It's a full thought, as opposed to a random idea scratched on the notepad. YC's Fall FWD mixtape drops March 1st, and will more than likely be something not to be slept-on. Dude's going places - hop on now or forever kick yourself. Or hang yourself.


Bonus Beats YC The Cynic ft. Baxter Wordsworth, P. So & 8thW1 "Fall FWD (Remix)"

The Grape Ape x Cool Deal Present Dilla

The Grape Ape and Cool Deal cooked up this mixtape for Dilla's birthday on Monday. With dropping Dilla-related posts this week, I wanted to let some of those breathe before posting this one up. Features a grip of gems from Dilla's studio. Love the varied selection here - it's not all Tribe/Slum Village - they dip into fresh remix and other ventures Jay Dee dug into. Vibe to this. RIP Dilla Dog.

DOWNLOAD The Grape Ape x Cool Deal Present Dilla

DJ House Shoes The King James Version, Vol. 1

Dilla's homey DJ House Shoes cooked up this mixtape of samples Jay Dee used in his production. No better time but the present to dissect the tools Dilla used to create his instrumentals, which are truly some of the finest, ever. Not to say I don't think other producers cook up crack, but Dilla shit does something to me. Other world shit.

DOWNLOAD DJ House Shoes The King James Version, Vol. 1

Top 100 Indie Music Blogs For Students

Just wanted to give a shout out to (particularly the one like Alexis) for including me in their "Top 100 Indie Music Blogs For Students" list. I don't get many proper accolades, and the peers within the post (big up YNotMyDream, Passion of the Weiss, Potholes In My Blog, Metal Lungies, Pigeons And Planes and others) are some of the cats I consider to be the best at what we do. I'm glad to be recognized in lists like this - makes me feel like people actually read what I'm doing! Thank you.

NXPW ft. Cee Knowledge "Grown Folks Music"

NXPW ft. Cee Knowledge "Grown Folks Music": Nex Millen and Poesh Wonder dropped a remix to “Get Me One” with Zilla Rocca that I totally missed/never got put up on, and I apologize. For their next trick, they make a jam that I imagine my mom would funk to. Has that ‘80s R&B late-night jam vibe to it, throwing in a number of throwback sounds into the mix. Cee Knowledge, whom you’ll remember from Digable Planets (which I guess is considered Grown Folk Hip-Hop at this point) drops some guest vocals on this one, and his voice – not his rhymes, just his VOICE – works wonders on this track. NXPW have an album, The Doctrine, on the way. Keep it locked.

Mr. Miranda ft. Buff1 "Tell Me"

Mr. Miranda ft. Buff1 "Tell Me" (prod. by Mute): The homey J Slikk mentioned that he has a Teena Marie tribute project on the horizon, and Miranda dropped off this cut from his Rick James tribute, The Super Freak Tape: A Tribute to Rick James, for which this is the first single from. Mute cooked up a heavenly instrumental on this one, better believe. I grew up on the music of Rick James, and feel bad that my son doesn’t have artists like this. Well, aside from the freebase and kidnapping, the curls and Eddie Murphy tracks. Rick was a talented mazzoofazzoo, and if you go through his catalog, you’d understand. Miranda (and company) has, and crafted a gem as a result.

Lyriciss "Get It"

Lyriciss "Get It" (prod. by David E. Beats): When I read that DMV spitter Lyriciss turned 23 last week, I felt old. I’m turning 30 this year, and feel like I’m at a crossroads, while Lyriciss is clearly determined. You can hear his hunger over the cymbal crashes. Dude’s Inner Loop album, The Win, is due out this Summer, but he might not put this track on it. Niggas crack me up. They will freely distribute some crack to the masses then be like “eh, this ain’t going on the album!” – what the shit finna be on it!? Hopefully something equally or doper than this. Happy belated, Lyriciss.

junclassic "Pete"

junclassic "Pete" (prod. by Wunderkind): Been a minute since I’ve posted some new jun on RTD, for no real reason. He’s gone through some changes, but is pushing his new project, Better Than Fiction, which marks his fifth album and is an ode to the one like Pete Rock. Wunderkind cooked a drunken horn-driven instrumental on this one, and he scores the entire album, so that classic Hip-Hop backpack Rap is definitely in tact. Word is jun is looking for a label to press up CDs and vinyl copies of this album, so if you’re interested, get at me – or @junclassic.

Dave Raps "The DeLorean"

Dave Raps "The DeLorean": To build-up for H.Y.P.E., an EP of originals that Dave will be released this Friday on, he drops this Back To The Future-minded track. I imagine the thought is “bringing it back with style”, but there’s nothing in this that screams “vintage”. No Michael Cole. Shit’s fly regardless, because Dave beeeeen in the future. Should’ve left that sangin’ in the hook in the past… or is that the future? His past, our future. Days of Dave’s Future Past. No? Nevermind.

The Combat Jack Show (2/04/2011)

Internal beef? Nah. Shots fired? Lots. Hey, it’s The Combat Jack Show! It couldn’t be no other way. As we all strive to perfect this show and keep you all entertained, I must say at times we’ll check each other on air. The great thing, YOU get to hear it. Is Combat Jack going hollywood now that he’s the newly appointed Managing Editor of The Source? Did he turn “Newminaiti”? Has A-King been “slippin”? Maybe Dallas Penn is on to something. All in all, no break ups over here ( a la The Roc). Moving right along…..todays guest was none other than punk rock/hip-hop group Game Rebellion. Shout outs to Premium Pete who also passed through. (side note: be sure to check out Premium Pete’s site You know what it is…

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (2/04/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 2-4-11 (Game Rebellion) by PNCRadio

[video] Five Steez "Yard Nigga Rap"

Monday, February 07, 2011

J Dilla: Still Shining

Happy Birthday, Dilla. More info via TheJDillaProject.

EDIT I saw a lot of sites posting Stray Phrases' live rendition of Dilla's Donuts. Hate to be on some trainspotter shit, but I saw Metal Lungies post that back in December. Sorry. Chairman Mao posted the Vibe article from 1996 on Jay Dee up on egotripland as well.

FYI Today's Dilla's birthday, and the date of his death is the 10th. Expect a special Dilla post daily this week. RIP to my Uncle Smitty as well.

[video] The Jet Age Of Tomorrow "Wonderland"


previous The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Journey To The 5th Echelon

[video] Nas & Damian Marley "Patience"

Love how they flipped this track; one of my favorites on the album.

Via Hypebeast.

Botchamania 162

Sunday, February 06, 2011

[stream] Super Bowl XLV (2/06/2011)

And if you want to watch the commercials after they air, hit up YouTube.

Super Bowl XLV Dub (Feb. 2011)

Random Sunday afternoon? A bunch of dubstep I love? Super Bowl Sunday? Yeah, sounds like high time for another edition of the RTD Dub Sessions. This is an under 30 minute workout of dubstep tunes from the likes of Skream, Emalkay, Doctor P, TRiLLBASS, Evol Intent and others, including a Stunna Mane refix that DJ Cable hooked up for the forthcoming From Mississippi To Mars mixtape. Yeah, it's serious.

DOWNLOAD Super Bowl XLV Dub (Feb. 2011)

DJ C-Tee - Sub FM Show (2/02/2011)

C-Tee had DJ Cable drop a heavy mix for his Sub FM show this week; Cable brings the Grime and dubstep (with some exclusive material from his Triangulum imprint), and C-Tee drops a nice varied selection.