Saturday, February 19, 2011

[video] Kanye West "All Of The Lights"

Featuring Rihanna & Kid Cudi:

The Legendary

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 7: Hit The Road

The HU$ ft. Hezekiah, PORN & Poindexter "One"

The HU$ ft. Hezekiah, PORN & Poindexter "One": Some infectious shit to wake up to from The HU$, fka(?) Hustle Simmons, aka Dave Ghet & Tha S Ence. Straight hypnotic Hip-Hop from the 215th, from their No Days Off project. This is one of those tracks that I put on and have to rewind and let soak back into my cipher. Just some feelgood Saturday morning shit. Wake up, puff a dutch and get your grown man on.

Dave Ghet + Tha S Ence (The HU$) “One” ft. Hezekiah, PORN, & Poindexter by thasence

[video] Mr. Miranda "Lost Direction"

[review] Saigon The Greatest Story Never Told

Yeah, I'm no Saigon fan, but when TRU needed a review of his album, The Greatest Story Never Told, I ended up doing some writing about it. Not the actual content, but the fiasco leading up to it. The one like @Nahshon handled the album work. It's up now, check it out.

[video] MiLKMEN ft. Dutch New York "Real Deal (Remix)" LIVE

Kosha Dillz Is Making A Documentary

[video] Lunchmoney "Blackberry Bars"

Directed by Mandon Lovett for Super International.

Friday, February 18, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/18/2011)

alexander nevermind

Stunna Mane From Mississippi To Mars (mixed by DJ Cable)

The time for talkin' about this is over. The seeds for this tape were planted early December of 2010, with a phone convo between DJ Nappy and Stunna Mane. A mutual respect for the hustle was formed, and a tentative release of "NBA All-Star Weekend 2011" was discussed. What started out as a four-track remix EP turned into a THUGSTEP album, with Nappy, DJ Cable and DJ Hipnotikk digging into their bins and crafting some dubstep refixes to Stunna's acapellas. And it came out smashin'. It's one thing to grab your weapons and fire at will - it's another to have an artist see the vision and give you the tools to work with. Mixed by DJ Cable, this is a true testament to the movement that we ushered in a while ago. This isn't a victory lap - this race has just started - but the path is charted, and the new terrain is being discovered.

And before we let you go, we have to kick some shouts: first, shouts to Stunna Mane, Tonya and everyone down at So Damn Pretty Entertainment for seeing the vision and allowing us to work with you. 'Nuff respect to Ego Thieves for not only presenting this mixtape, but for the hosting. Big up to Justin Rossi for the artwork - holler at him if you need some ish done. I'd personally like to big up the HOODLUM triumverate of Nappy, Cable and Hipnotikk - strength to strength, fam! And big to all of the sites who fuck with THUGSTEP and understand the movement.

From Mississippi To Mars by djnappy

Elucid Super Chocolate Black Simian

Released today is Elucid's long-awaited Super Chocolate Black Simian, which I personally saw birthed from a random convo Gutta had. He's been forging off into varying states of "noise terrorism" (big up to Primus Luta, who mixed this project), taking his already awe-inspiring delivery and raw lyricism and merging that with dub, dubstep, Grime and all other forms of bass. With beats from Breakage, Jamie Vex'd, Lorn, El-P, Skream, Mexicans With Guns and more, Elucid brings his brand of futuristic fury that's been getting some critical acclaim as of late. In what I'd consider his illest experiment to date, Elucid is realizing his full potential, and showcasing true hybrid sound. Future music for forward-thinkers. The soundtrack for the destruction of the establishment. Essentially, a real nigga kickin' that shit you need to hear.

DOWNLOAD Elucid Super Chocolate Black Simian via Concrete Sound System
01 Super Chocolate Black Simian MANGLEDMIX Part 1 by E L U C I D


No Standbys (prod. by 12th Planet)
Fuck the Dumb (prod. by 12th Planet)
Together (prod. by Breakage)
Dream On (prod. by Chasing Shadows)
Counteract (prod. by Sensei)
Pain Parade (prod. by Jamie Vex'd)
MEANR (prod. by El-P)
Braking For Zombies (prod. by Mexicans with Guns)
Brainwaver (prod. by Lorn/Samiyam)
Nigga (prod. by DVA)
Self Destruct (prod. by Leonard Dstroy)
Evol Ill (prod. by Skream)

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 16th, 2011)

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 6: I Can Roll (Inspiration)

Kyle Rapps ft. Silent Knight "Lazy Dayze"

Kyle Rapps ft. Silent Knight "Lazy Dayze" (prod. by Ray Contour): Jesus Christ! Ray Contour is a genius for this beat right here. Feels like some shit that I might annoy people with, not b/c it’s annoying, but I’d get drunk and have to keep playing the intro again. So playful, which probably enticed Rapps to kick some crazy raps about whatever came to his pen. Good to hear that Jersey is still breeding a core group of MCs who retain the old ways. Both of these niggas go off, period. Rapps’ Re-Edutainment is out next month. This track ain’t on it. You’re welcome.

[video] Suave The Ape "War Thoughts"

Bonus Beat Suave The Ape "Free The Mind"

[video] Isaiah Toothtaker "Baby"

previous Isaiah Toothtaker "Baby"

Emay ft. Co$$ & Dex "Moonlight"

Emay ft. Co$$ & Dex "Moonlight": Another example of an expertly-utilized vocal within a beat making me keep my fingers off the “STOP” button. From what this Ontario, Canada producer/MC told me, this cut had been sitting around for a few years, and under the dust – this shit is heavy. Feels like those inner monologues you have while walking with your homies in the woods, smoking dutches and being mischievous. It’s times like that where no matter how many people are there, you really are alone, discovering yourself. Anyways, Emay just recently dropped an EP, Mind Altering Dynamics, so maybe that drug reference I just dropped makes more sense than I realized.

Proph ft. Dane The Beautiful Monster "Boy To Man (Life)"

Proph ft. Dane The Beautiful Monster "Boy To Man (Life)" (prod. by DJ Skillz): Apparently this track got released a couple of months back, so shouts to the nigga Rodney from GSHH for catching me up to speed. Proph has his debut album, Death of Posers, set to drop this summer, and this track is kind of dope. It actually ties into the album title – you figure, it’s around that age where boys start to smell themselves when they start rallying against anything they consider a poser. We might need to bring that shit back – from rappers to writers, there’s a grip of cats who hop on the bandwagon like they’ve been down. Just count how many blogs started covering Odd Future This week. Anyways, Proph and Dane break down their growth, Motownphilly style, kickin’ knowledge effortlessly over DJ Skillz’ hypnotic instrumental.

Chrysis ft. Toussaint "The Game"

Chrysis ft. Toussaint "The Game" (prod. by SMKA): New (to me) artist Chrysis recently put out his Underground Crown EP, and sent along this quiet storm thumper, produced by the mighty SMKA. This is one of those tracks for niggas who want to roam, and might be caught up in some new-new, but realize that they have some good-good at home and actually dip out. You know, the story niggas usually give their chicks on Maury. Right after they say “it was a accident” or “it’s temptation, bae”. You know, them nigras.

Adele "Rolling In The Deep (El Carnicero Drum&Space Remix)"

Adele "Rolling In The Deep (El Carnicero Drum&Space Remix)": Adele is one of those singers that I get into by a superior remix. Meaning, I might not want to regularly fuck with their singles, but some producer will twist their vocals in a remix that I’ll absolutely love, and I become a random fan. I know DJ Nappy fucks with her, and this refix from The Butcher is fly enough to make me check for her. Her vocals are solid, and while they are obviously more suited for whatever Soulful compositions she normally makes, hearing those chops bounce over this future freakfest of a beat? Yeah, this fits.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep (El Carnicero Drum & Space Remix) by El Carnicero

[video] Meyhem Lauren ft. Maffew Ragazino "Even More Butter"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Internet Gangsta

@BigOCDiesel FTW.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 5: No More

Zilla Rocca Bad Weather Classic

Over the last year or so, I’ve been getting closer to Philly’s own Zilla Rocca. Not closer like we talk about life’s ills, but a sort of trust has formed, and that trust has afforded me the ability to hear a lot of his shit prior to even an idea of where it’s coming out on. And hearing him nurture this idea of “noir-hop”, which obviously borrows from a film genre I don’t fuck with nearly as much as I need to, and a proper appreciation for quality Hip-Hop, both classic boom bap and the sounds you’ll be hearing in the future. Fuck. Dude’s just got some exciting material brewing, which World Around noticed and put out as Bad Weather Classic, which might be the soundtrack to a demented mind left snowed in by the punishing snowstorm over the last few months. Oddly, it gets released just as the temperatures are rising and the snow’s just about gone. For now. Everything’s cyclical, right? Aside from his own production, Zilla also has beats from Face-One and RTD fam Small Professor, with features from the mighty Curly Castro and the one like MaLLy. This is some shit for train rides or table sitdowns, with half a bottle of whisky and deep thoughts/conversation. Intoxicating. Big up World Around.

DOWNLOAD Zilla Rocca Bad Weather Classic

And if you're smart, and in Phoenix, you'll catch Zilla, Curly and Nocando tomorrow night at The Hidden House.

Juan Epstein: Lil' Kim (2/17/2011)

One of my favorite recurring things between Ciph and Rosenberg is Ciph recounting his days as Lil' Kim's DJ - this is first album Hardcore Kim. Whether it's stories about her being bucky nekkie backstage, or Ciph having to duck from bullets while smashing some dude's girl while on the road with Kim, or just her owing him money, the shit always cracks me up. For this special two hour edition, Ciph, Peter and Kim go IN on everything - from Biggie to Nicki. Even if you don't believe the Black Friday Kim of today, you need this.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein: Lil' Kim (2/17/2011)

Odd Future On Jimmy Fallon

Via yardie.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (2/17/2011)

Cello Kid Forget Me Not

I got put on to Cello Kid’s music a few weeks back, and got sent his new mixtape, Forget Me Not, and I digs it. I have a thing about cats reworking classic jams, and the “Stairway To Heaven” flip on “Step By Step” had me hooked, early. Cello stands up for the outcasts, the loners and all of that, and brings his talents to express his thoughts on love and life, with a cool and wit that’s all his own. Nothing too dark here, which I dig as well. This tape is hosted by DJ JMayy & Pretty Boys "r" Us, who are a great fit. Rock out to this one with the windows open as well!

DOWNLOAD Cello Kid Forget Me Not

Dumhi ft. Reef The Lost Cauze "4th Of July"

Dumhi ft. Reef The Lost Cauze "4th Of July": Reef sounds good with a number of producers, but truth be told, I’d just like to hear him over Dumhi’s productions. This cut, taken from the forthcoming Dumhi release The Whole World’s Watching, was recording on the 4th of July, and has some anti-American graffiti sprayed all over it. Reef doesn’t mince words – feels like an anthem from the Civil Rights movement, like Reef got possessed by a nigga who just got attacked by a K-9. Word of Haj is that Dub MD’s commissioned an alternate version of this, but his cryptic fuckery doesn’t help in me knowing where or when that will surface. For right now, dig into this one.

M Dubba, Marz McFly, GT Garza, John Dew & Cameron Wallace "Bandit"

M Dubba, Marz McFly, GT Garza, John Dew & Cameron Wallace "Bandit" (prod. by Tim Ned): There are a few regions that randomly get love on RTD, like St. Louis. I’ve also become friends with cats out in Houston, and the homey John Dew sent over this track from Tim Ned’s SKYhigh2 project. All of these cats make it a point to show their skills over this hype track, doing it all for H-Town. Not something I’m trying to bang everyday, but if you throw this on a CD to take a proper ride to, you’ll jam HARD to this rollin’ down the highway.

Uno Hype "Pieces"

Uno Hype "Pieces" (prod. by DJ Black Diamond): I admit it – I’m a sucker for the “Funky Drummer”. I’m not 100% sold on syrupy guitar strumming atop one of the absolute meanest breakbeats ever, but it works for Hype’s tale of honesty. Uno’s one of a few DMV teens I’m hearing good things about, and if I hear more like the beginning of this track and less of the watered-down shit in the end, I’m all about that.

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor ft. Cam Dollaz "Back My Way"

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor ft. Cam Dollaz "Back My Way": Spanish and T-Razor had an interesting 2010, getting some good co-signs and both dropping some fly projects. They also like to smoke that reefer, and it sounds like the sounds of coughing on that indo got inserted into this laid-back beat. Love lil’ shit like that. Straight Kentucky buddha bars, taken from their collaborative mixtape, 2 The Top.

Donny Goines "Ich!ban"

Donny Goines "Ich!ban": Don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Not saying this new single from Goines is bad at all – I think the beat just has Donny going in a bit more aggressive here. I’m not mad at it at all – sounds like a nigga gotta hunger for that paper, and this edge suits him nicely. Track has a harder feel, but could have a club rockin’ if performed life. You can cop this on iTunes as well, and be sure to be on the lookout for Success Served Cold.

Theo Martins "The Passover"

Theo Martins "The Passover" (prod. by Bink!): Super secret-face Theo Martins only said that this is a new jawn that will be featured on “a freestyle project I will be releasing later this quarter”, like he’s some suit-and-tie record exec. No title, no Nathan. In any case, this bangs. Kind of feels like it samples from the same bed that Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor borrows from, but instead of some shit to get bucky nekkie and sloppy to, the drums go ham. Love kick-heavy beats, especially with all the percussion in it. Not sure if it’s a found beat or something exclusive to Theo Marty Mar, but this combo bangs regardless.

[video] Apollo The Great ft. Sean Price "Struggle No More"

Bonus Beats Apollo The Great ft. Sean Price "Struggle No More"

[video] Quite Nyce "Cautious"

Bonus Beats RADIx "I'm A Beast" (prod. by OBI ONE)

[video] Faith Evans "Right Here"

[video] Jakk Frost ft. Vitamin D "Mekka N The Sole Brother"

[video] K. Vincent ft. Dalé "We Made It"

[video] CliffHanga "Landmines"

Bonus Beats CliffHanga "Landmines"

[video] Kash Flow "Coke-iEna"

Directed by Jonny Walker for Super International.

[video] Smoke DZA "Ralph Lifshitz"

Bonus Beats Smoke DZA "Ralph Lifshitz"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Avion "Android 17"

Avion "Android 17" (prod. by rMell): First off, respect to DJ Nappy for putting me onto this cat. I won't say the Kool Klux Klan are the next Odd Future - that's craziness - but it feels ill to have another pack of teens doing their fucking thing, and being ill doing it. I'm just getting put onto these niggas, but it looks like sites like Back To Pluto have been up on them for a minute. I actually tweeted a couple lines from this track, and cats like Deal - The Villain were feeling it, so I know I'm not crazy. No hook on this, just a shitload of sick bars. Nappy said he felt like that 2002/2003 underground vibe to this, I'd say '98 all the way. Straight don't give a fuck style. And I hate to be on some "oh this nigga so young spitting this hard", but really, when cats like Avion and Earl Sweatshirt get me hyped about Hip-Hop's future, and neither of them can vote, it's just an interesting thing to ponder. Maybe it's truly time to say fuck the old guard, let's build up these talented cats on the under.

Hopefully we'll hear more from Avion and the Kool Klux...

Via B2P.

"What Does YC Stand For?"

Whattup fam. A lot of people ask me what the YC in my name stands for. And I always tell'em to guess. So, we decided to put people on the spot, and got some pretty hilarious answers. If you watch til the end, you'll see the mixtape cover AND get a snippet of the outro. Fall FWD drops March 1st!


Bonus Beats The ILLZ "November Sky (Single Version)"

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 4: On

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (2/16/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (2/11/2011)

#Newmanati #Newmanati What are you willing to risk to be apart of the almighty? Who is a part of the grand NEWMANATI? Is it Combat Jack? Dallas? A-King? Maybe the intern Jerome? What is the NEWMANATI? Haha! Nothing but pure antics on The Combat Jack Show. The guests on this show straight outta Queens reppin’ that ‘Lo Life, Meyhem Lauren and also outta the BX borough legendary platinum producer Buckwild. From DITC, Big L, Fat Joe, Notorious BIG, Nas, Dr. Dre and so on Buckwild’s resume is astonishing. Want to know the story behind Notorious BIG’s “I Gotta Story To tell”? Who was the track originally made for? Who was mad that they didn’t get a crack at it? Well hit the play/download button below and enjoy.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (2/11/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 2-11-11 (Mayhem Lauren & Producer Buckwild) by PNCRadio

Steve-Ography: Tyler, The Creator

They were in DC earlier this week, and ripped through Santo's last night. Odd Future will be hitting Jimmy Fallon tonight. Check out this Steve-Ography, as well as the pics and commentary over at The Source. OFWGKTA.

The Two. Fifteens "I Shake. Now"

The Two. Fifteens "I Shake. Now": It's been a minute since The Two. Fifteens dropped ..., and we told you that their Effective When Used After was on the way. Well, this is the first release from their forthcoming album, and it's heavy. Kicks off with a nice call-and-response bleep session, with a steady drum keeping this nice and tidy. Overall mood is ominous, but they keep some otherworldly funk and bounce within the proceedings, with what feels like just a tinge of the quirk to keep cats like me guessing. That bleep melody is so damn catchy, though. I dare some of you MCs to touch down on this riddim right here.

I've no date for Effective When Used After, but if you're not seriously hype for this project, you need your head examined. If you fuck with this and are new to The Two Fifteens, check out their "Katana Or Tanto" video right... now.

The Two. Fifteens- I Shake. Now by thetwofifteens

Pennywise "Have A Little Fun"

Pennywise "Have A Little Fun" (prod. by DJ Grumble): Wow – “what a big surprise” is right! I’m not up on dude, and I must admit, it was Grumble’s dope track that made my ears perk up, but Penny did his thing on this! Proper mantra, too – cats can be serious, but it’s almost like everything they do has to be serious. Niggas never smile, ever? Not around your moms? Kind of like that Katt Williams joke about "bangin on bacon". Anyways, lose a little control, don’t treat every day like it’s all a deadline, and life a bit. Please?

Penny’s You Can All Die Now will be out this Summer.

Tha S Ence Presents Hustle Simmons Instrumentals

Do you guys remember the Dave Ghetto & Tha S Ence album under their Hustle Simmons guise that dropped in 2008? If you did, you need to wake up and grab that, early. These two rep the tri-state Hip-Hop scene to the fullest, and provided an intoxicating project. Tha S Ence felt it was time to let niggas know, and gave away the instrumentals for this opus the other day. I’ve been following his work for a bit – possibly prior to starting RTD – and he’s got that knack. Dude knows how to pick the right sample and dismantle it for his use. Not too many of his beats I DON’T like, you smell me? Take a gander.

DOWNLOAD Tha S Ence Presents Hustle Simmons Instrumentals
Tha S Ence - Hustle Simmons (2008) Instrumentals by thasence

J Griff, St. Laz & Nico The Beast "Hit List"

J Griff, St. Laz & Nico The Beast "Hit List": Talk about some randerm. The one and only Big OC Diesel hit me on twitter with this track, and it’s straight destruction. Nasty guitar riffs drive the epic bars spit by these three. You already know I’m a fan of Nico’s, and hearing Griff and Laz link up with dude to take out the bitchmade rappers on their hit list? Proper murder. Some shit to straight mean mug cats to, be it on the train or in the street. Then when they open their mouth to speak, just punch the fucking shit out of them. Brain stabbed with the nosebone status. Timberland boots to the windpipe shit. Fuck that. Temp might be rising, but it’s still cold. Let these fuckers know who has the real heat.

J-Rocc LIVE At Groovelicious

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 27: Freddie Gibbs

Gary, Indiana's own Freddie Gibbs joins the Hype Men to discuss ESPN's Sports Guy Bill Simmons + his Interscope days + the infamous Complex interview + a failed Funny or Die video with a certain crazy actress + his White audience + wanting to smack up Skip Bayliss + the most embarrassing CD he ever bought + his appearance during Night of 140 Tweets + who Freddie should work with + much more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 27: Freddie Gibbs

The 54 Reality Show 2011, Episode #2

[video] Natasha Kmeto "Party Girl"

[video] 6:47 "My Niche"

Directed by Jonny Walker for Super International.

[video] J. Viewz "This City Means No Love" LIVE

Shouts to Break Thru Radio for this one.

[video] Jon Connor "American Psycho"

[video] Indiana Rome & William H. ft. Bryant Stewart "Gone"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[video] Venomous2000 & DJ Priority ft. M. Josephine "Soul Sensation"

If you mess with this, go cop their Fresh, Amazingly album (which features cats like Cymarshall Law, Tone Liv, Rhymageddon, Sole Zales and many more) right now.

Theo Martins "Just Can’t Get Enough"

Theo Martins "Just Can’t Get Enough": When this came on, I immediately thought about the cruise I took with Wifey in January. No, not the sucky part where were 25 hours late meeting the ship. On the last night of the trip, the “Broadway-style” show in the theater was a salute to the ‘80s, and the shit Theo flipped on this one? Super ‘80s meltdown, and I’m not even a fan of Depeche Mode. This is the first single to Theo’s Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor, which sounds like it’s going to be the soundtrack to the Spring of 2011, so gobble up these jams early and pray you have enough loot for booze when that cold is ghost.

Fresh Daily ft. Nicholaus Ryan Gant "Second Hand High"

Fresh Daily ft. Nicholaus Ryan Gant "Second Hand High" (prod. by Benamin): Feels like it’s been a minute since I’ve gotten some new-new from Fresh. Them AOK cats stay consistently working, and I can only hope that this is the beginning of a tidal wave of new-new from the homey. Love the low-end funk on this one, with the temperatures rising in the East, this is something to open the windows to and really let that good sunshine in. Think of this as a continuation of D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar”, with Daily comparing the feeling that certain someone gives him to the buzz off a dutch. Love how he flipped some of those lines in the second verse. Something for all you fine bitties out there, especially the ones who don’t know how fine they really are. We see you.

The Cut ft. DJ Revolution, Q-Bert & Jazzy Jeff

Amazing. This is some hyper Hip-Hop nerd shit, with Revolution, QBert & Jazz breaking down "The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff". Shouts to Know The Ledge.

[video] Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers" LIVE

Here's footage form Tyler's first live performance of "Yonkers", which is available on iTunes right now with a third verse. Via PDS.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 3: Introducing 'Bif'

Mister Cee - Big L Tribute Mix (2/15/2011)

On Hot 97 today, Mister Cee dropped this special tribute mix celebrating the life and rhymes of the one and only Big L. I remember getting HOOKED on L's work years back (I was a big DITC fan), and his punchlines still kill me. That "'98 Freestyle" from The Big Picture, which caught a particularly ill session from the legendary Stretch & Bobbito show is one of my personal favorites. Anyways, peep Cee's tribute.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee - Big L Tribute Mix (2/15/2011) [via Rap Radar]

[video] Nyle "F.A.N.G."

Jamal Science "Life Is Like A Jungle"

Jamal Science "Life Is Like A Jungle" (prod. by Panik): Some ill Molemen shit that got sent over the weekend. Jamal is a new(er) cat from out Chicago way, and has that immediate shit you need to light something to and dive deep into. Panik laces dude with a track full of Soul and feeling, with a hypnotic thrown in there that’s just calling me. Cuts on this track come from Australia’s DJ Tune. Hopefully we get to hear more new music from this cat.

Intuition "Sanctuary"

Intuition "Sanctuary" (prod. by Dibia$e): First time I’ve heard new Intuition in a while, and hearing him over a Dibia$e beat is sick. Has that fresh guitar in there, which when you add to those strings and that driving beat creates on cloud that Intuition takes the time to really paint a specific picture for you. Most cats forget how to properly tell an intriguing story in rhyme. Miss that shit. Anyways, Intuition & VerBS have an EP, Kings, coming soon, and Intuition will also be performing at Paid Dues, so 2011 has some interesting plot twists for the homey.

Mike Classic "The Gift"

Mike Classic "The Gift": Been a bit since I heard some new Classic, and in that time, homey sorted out his own website, and dropped this track to mark the beginning of this chapter. Dude’s young, but he is ill. I’ve said it before – I could see a nigga like this properly making it. I think he has “it” on a few levels, but what the fuck do I know? I imagine homey has a tape on the way.

Curly Castro + Interpretive Dancers = "West Indian Rum" LIVE

Is it just me, or does @ZillaRocca look like A-Trak in this video? Anyways, @CurlyCastro and two interpretive dancers performed a version of "West Indian Rum" LIVE recently. All about the different styles, yeah? Full recap of this night is over at And if you've been sleeping, you need to grab that Winston's Appeal.

Keon Supreme "Be Happy"

Keon Supreme "Be Happy" (prod. by Kaleem Wasif): here’s the first official single from Supreme’s Just Cause project – you remember, the album that follows the theme of a night in the life of Keon. Homey takes this idea that everyone universally strives for and, in the context of the thoughts before he goes to bed, paints this as the picture we all see in our sleep stories, detailing why we need that idea to become a reality.

Just Cause drops February 28th.

Void Pedal "Looking Glass"

Void Pedal "Looking Glass": Chicago births some sick producers – cats like Kanye West, No I.D., J Slikk, Radius and others all hail from that part of the map, and craft some fire. Void Pedal is another Chicago beatsmith who is dropping his album, Omni Colour, on the 22nd of February via Fieldwerk. Loving the synthwork on this track; some ill cyberfunk to help the time fly quicker whilst being stuck in a cubicle, I say. Keep the faith.

Void Pedal - Looking Glass by fieldwerk

[video] J. Cole ft. Drake "In The Morning"

[video] Big Shug "New Era"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thelonious Martin 8-Bits Of My Heart

Thelonious Martin loves dropping these themed-instrumental projects during the holidays, right? I like posting them - there's always something about having special (good) releases to rock to during a holiday, instead of the normal cheeseball stuff, most of which was made popular years ago but doesn't reflect the depression and drunken pain most experience during days like this. Rock to this no matter what you do - be it smashin' your valentine or smashin' your ex-valentine's shit.

DOWNLOAD Thelonious Martin 8-Bits Of My Heart

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 2: Please Enjoy Responsibly

DJ JS-1 - Valentine's Mix

JSWISS ft. Mistro "So Good"

JSWISS ft. Mistro "So Good": Third single from JSWISS' Out Of State Intuition, and out just in time for Valentine's Day. Every year, there's one track that you might need to jack some lines from, show your shorty how much they mean to you. This is that track. Something to utilize underneath some soft candlelight and fine wine. Red wine at that. Thank SWISS tomorrow, then dload the tape right here when it drops next month!

previous JSWISS This 1 Is 4 Dilla

[preview] Infarkt [RTDLTD007]

Many of you know, I've definitely got labels poppin' off. My Drum & Bass one is a bit more active, and the first release of 2011 dropped today. DnB is a passion of mine, and these two cuts from Infarkt represent some of the fresher new sounds coming out today. Dude's from Estonia and bring that minimal/tech vibe, and these two tracks are a pair of slappers...

RTDLTD007 by rock the dub

I've dropped info on this release over at the digest, and will be updating that post later with more purchase links. You can cop it right now from iTunes, Nu Urban, DOA / Trackitdown, Juno, DNBA, Digital-Tunes and Beatport.

hasHBrown Relationsh*t EP

That cover pretty much says it all, right? hasHBrown concocted a "soulful and realistic cautionary tale about relationships". Takes you from the good to the bad to the awful to the hey it's OK to the make-up sex to the let's get back together. Minus the tear-soaked pillows, mountains of voice and text messages and depleted bank accounts. And, in my case, minus the multiple bottles of alcohol. You know how we roll. Features include THEM affiliates Dustin Prestige & Thurogood Wordsmith.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown Relationsh*t EP

[video] The Wrongguys "This Morning"

Bonus Beats The Wrongguys "This Morning"

[video] Sneaky ft. RQM "Deeper"

SNEAKY - FEEL LIKE A REMIX album sampler mix by snky

DJ Cable - 2011 Valentine's Mix

Latest mix from the one like Cable on a Valentine's tip: "Last year, DJ Hotpoint & I brought you "Heavy Petting"… It was our definitive collection of Slow Jams. Rather than repeat the same formula, this time around I've selected a bunch of love-themed Dubstep & Grime tunes (yes, they do exist!), alongside a healthy dose of misogynistic Hip Hop & Booty Bass in the latter half of the mix, plus the odd cheeky bootleg, and some forthcoming material on Triangulum". Rock to this!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

[video] Kendrick Lamar "Cut You Off"

Shouts to TSS.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 1: Beats Make ME

The homey Ritchcraft is bringing you a special promo building up to the SXSW in Austin. Starting today, he'll be premiering a new beat a day via his YouTube page. Here's the first:

Keep it locked to for all of these, and more!

[video] Rob Jay "Javascript Flow"

Directed by Brian Christ.