Saturday, February 26, 2011

[video] Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson "Typhoon Rap"

Self Induced Illness is out now.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 14: London

Common - The Supa MC (mixed by DJ Books)

Smedium shirt on the cover aside, DJ Books drops a grip of tracks that showcase the ill side of Chitown's Common. Com used to be one of my favorite MCs over the years, and while I've not dug much of his more recent output, dude's an obvious talent, and this tape provides a pretty accurate picture of his many gifts. Oh, and this is apparently Part 1.

DOWNLOAD Common - The Supa MC (mixed by DJ Books) [mirror]

Boo Goo Doo Boom Presents Boom Shottas, Pt. 8

This nigga @EnigmatikBGDB think he slick - took him so long to rock out Part 7, now he think he can trot out Part 8 before the end of the month? You know what it is, biggest Dancehall jams right now, seen?

DOWNLOAD Boo Goo Doo Boom Presents Boom Shottas, Pt. 8

[video] Skit Slam & DJ Tee "If You're Talking BS"

Bonus Beats Skit Slam & DJ Tee "If You're Talking BS"

Money Making Jam Boys On Toca Tuesdays

Via Al Lindstrom.

Friday, February 25, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 2/25/2011)

Turn frown upside down...

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 13: Sorry

Johnny Spanish "Like That"

Johnny Spanish "Like That" (prod. by DJ Burn One): This shit fits, unlike OJ and those wack black gloves. Burn One has some shit that plays the low-end with a slight twist - has a dope, nighttime cruisin' feel to it, and is a perfect bed for Johnny Spanish's green-drenched bars. Dude is taking residence in the pocket on this one. Oddly enough, this won't be on Spanish's upcoming album. And happy birthday to Johnny Spanish! Smoke something for the Kentucky spitter.

Nyle ft. Fresh Daily & Mic-L "Dundiddit"

Nyle ft. Fresh Daily & Mic-L "Dundiddit": Here's some of that "damn, that's what's missing!" in Hip-Hop shit. Big classic breaks, sly bassline and creeping vintage samples. Taken from TRAILER*, which drops on the 4th of March, and I'm hoping features more flavorful examples of the shit you really need to be checking for, you Rap slores. Fuck with this.

[video] J The S "Anyways"

Charlie Smarts "The Skin"

Charlie Smarts "The Skin": Thank you, Smarts. You made me finally look up the theme song for Portlandia (Washed Out's "Feel It All Around"), which you sampled for this track. Has that boom bap but also adds a heavy vibe - shit's proper moody. This Kooley High member has a new project, Trident, dropping in March. Can't wait, nigga.

Odd Future On MTV

Big up to Tyler, The Creator and all of OFWGKTA. If I was a teen and into them and see them on this level so early, I'd lose my shit. I'm kind of losing my shit right now. Awesome.

Hump Jones vs. Willie Green "Please Do"

Hump Jones vs. Willie Green ft. Pro, Mohrer Les & Zilla Rocca "Please Do": This is one of those concepts I love - it's as simple as saying "let's write a list of do's and don't's), but goes straight to the core of what cats should be doing, avoiding and minding. I also love that the Three Pistol man himself, Zilla, totally goes leftfield and smashes this one. Loving the beat on this one - rugged Hip-Hop shit. Keep your backpacks on.

Virtuoso ft. Akrobatik & Casual "No Fear"

Virtuoso ft. Akrobatik & Casual "No Fear" (prod. by Blue Sky Black Death): Sometimes, you just need some tough lyrics and dope beats. Tracks that stay underground, non-mainstream by design. Akrobatik is one of those cats who I wish got more credit for his work - he put out a BANGER of an album a while back, and is still around, but should be on more people's lips more often. This is taken from Virtuoso's The Final Conflict album, which is out on Big Bang right now.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of February 23rd, 2011)

[video] Hiatus ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson "Insurrection"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

YC The Cynic "More & More"

YC The Cynic ft. Soul Khan, Von Pea & Sene "More & More" (prod. by J57): Holy Black Jesus! YellowCake The Cynic cooks up some WMDs with official microphone mutilators Soul Khan, Von Pilsner and Sene over a beat by a beatsmith that I want to beat-up, Jay Fifty Seven. All taken from Fall FWD, which drops on the 1st of March. This cut is just as awesome and touching and tough and lyrically sharp as you figure it'd be. Everyone's on their A-game. All it needs is a drunk dude on the end, talking shit and naming names. Some Thursday night, "THE WEEKEND HAS BEGUN" shit.

Neak "It's Your World"

Neak "It's Your World" (prod. by Slot-A & INTLMC): Lovin' this. I made like 10 CDs for wifey in three days, all shit from the '80s and '90s, and this heatrock of a beat is drenched in Cross Colours and Triple Fat Goose, you feel me? No? Hop in the wayback machine, hockeypuck. Dope beats for #illRaps, seen? The Pete Rock x Soul II Soul blend on this is so necessary - we need more of that throwback sound for right now.

El Gant ft. J57 & Tek "Problems"

El Gant ft. J57 & Tek "Problems" (prod. by J57): Hah, J57 has a problem, and it's spelled k-h-a-l. LOL just kidding. Dude's problem is being in a crew who drops consistent hot shit. He supplies a fly beat that allows these three to puff up their chests and kick some type retart shit. If you've got problems in your life right now, take a shot or 4 and blast this one. Repeat status. But keep them to yourself, no matter how hard you have to punch someone for trying to get it out of you. Pause.

Daddy Nino "Aisling Sistrunk"

Daddy Nino "Aisling Sistrunk" (prod. by TheLegion): I am NOT mad at this at all. Actually, I was thinking about My Brother & Me due to MTV2 showing reruns of Martin, and seeing the Christmas episode where the waterhead boy was on. My Brother & Me wasn't the best show, but being a kid looking for more Black shows on Nickelodeon, that was about all we had. I definitely had a lil' crush on Melanie, and in doing a bit of research, had no idea that Amanda Diva was the lil' shorty on there, too. Anyways, tributes like this are always the kind of shit I need in my life, and makes me want to hear Nino's UberEargasms: The Life & Times of David Ruffin Jr., which is said to be dropping in four days.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (2/24/2011)

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 12: The Great One

John Dew ft. The Boy Illinois & Rob Jay "Rich Man (Remix)"

John Dew ft. The Boy Illinois & Rob Jay "Rich Man (Remix)" (prod. by Jett I Masstyr): Here’s some more of that New Houston. Jett I, aka hasHBrown, cooked up a proper throwback Blaxploitation-sounding anthem for these three to coast over. This isn’t the Shaft theme, though – this is the shit playing while “the bad guys” are in their basement, polishing gats and getting their heist plans sorted. I’d actually like to see them do an entire project ike this – each track being a different scene to a classic Blaxploitation flick that was never made. Or is that just me getting my hopes up?

Kayo & Quake "Heavy"

Kayo & Quake "Heavy" (prod. by Cam Smith): Kayo and Quake completed The Search, an EP that drops on the 1st of March, and is the story of “a person on a journey to find himself”. Life can get heavy – I know a few people who are currently swimming in some thicker terrains, and might need a life jacket. Or just learn how to dog paddle. In any case, shit is never easy in this thing called life, and the best way to start combating that is realizing how wild things can be.

The Search also features production from Ritchcraft, 2oolman, Tone Mason, Scena, DJ Soul and Yogi (from Studio 9) and St. Lucia. Be on the lookout!

MCMF "Johnny Stockton"

MCMF "Johnny Stockton": The other day, I posted a Spa & MCMF jawn dedicated to the females. Think of that track as Thursday night. You got the romantic smashtime down, and you’re off on Friday. Honey dip leaves your pad, and your throw this one on, getting amped for some alcohol-induced debauchery with your crew. Proper fuck the world, I’m doing me and having fun doing it type music. Set it off music. With Spring hurrying its way on, this will be the shit to set off the riot to.

Koncept & Tranzformer More Than Meets The Eye

You should’ve been waiting for this one… BBAS affiliate Koncept and Cali producer Tranzformer linked up for this DJ Booth-presented EP, bringing a brief summation of what the fuck you need to be rocking to on your iTunes/iPod/iPad or whatever electronic device you utilize to ingest music aurally. Phew. This is cold brew for beer drinkers, but not the drinkers who will tear the club up – the kind of cats who will clown you for your broke kicks but pay your tab at the end of the night. As long as you bring over some dank. This also features Jefferson Price, a UK spitter who cracks a Tranzformer track that I got passed for the forthcoming RTD 5th Anniversary Compilation… but more on that later. Right now, this is Kon and Tranz’ time. Drink it up, hockey pucks!

DOWNLOAD Koncept & Tranzformer More Than Meets The Eye

Smokey Robotic "Voices"

Smokey Robotic "Voices" (prod. by !llmind & Dr. Know Jr.): !llmind is a fucking shapeshifter. He’s one of the only cats who can believably make a proper banger of an album with Skyzoo, pure Hip-Hop shit, but then still dip into this Smokey Robotic collective and truly let their freak flag fly. Makes him the kind of producer who might be on the berth of mainstream appeal, you smell me? Nah, of course not. This cut is taken from Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 5, which is due out Monday, February 28th, and will feature cats like Crooked I, Masta Ace, Ed O.G, Lloyd Banks, Maino and plenty more. Genius. Big up Dub MD.

Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy"

Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy": Theo is a mthrfckng trip. Linking up with Portland indie band Starf*cker, this nigga feels like he went to Europe and got enamored by the soundtrack to their show Skins (quick aside: I watch the US version of Skins and applaud the balls of some of the stories, even if execution isn’t always pitch perfect). Theo takes us through his dreamtasy as an artist getting noticed, and the path he’s travel/journey he’s been dragged on. Feels like a music montage, with a lot of running through alleyways and jumping on stages, then ending with him at home, pad and pen, sleep on the couch. Did I just write the fckng treatment for the video, Theo?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Electric LIVE In Paris

The Electric go ham for the Parisians for Radio Nova. Looks like fun! Chicago Now has a full recap of their tour.

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 11: The Search (Promo 1)

JSWISS ft. Jones Andrews "Limbo"

JSWISS ft. Jones Andrews "Limbo": I like that JSWISS comes with a built-in fanbase. Makes presenting Out Of State Intuition (which drops on the 2nd of March) much easier. Homey tells me that, due to overwhelming demand, he was coaxed to drop this slick track to whet their palette. Jones Andrews shouldn’t be a stranger to those who keep an ear to the fly ish, and this piano-driven track is the perfect bed for these two to jump on. Has an old time feel, as if these two new-school phenoms were subtly bringing it back to the essence…

[video] FKi "SmashMouth"

Gerald Walker "Ran That Scam (Demo)"

Gerald Walker "Ran That Scam (Demo)": I’m kind of waiting for Gerald Walker to make a larger splash. Dude’s got crazy work ethic – hell, he dropped a few notable mixtapes in 2010, and is already working on an EP with Cardo of Taylor Gang. In between his hectic schedule, he demos a cut about smutting out chicks. It kind of reminds me of how Drake does things – some sly filth on the rhymes, with some crooning on the hook. He’s no Drake clone, but with the sparse beat and that subject matter, I hope he wasn’t waving his hands all around while recording his rhymes with an interesting twist.

Planet Cognac BETA

Following up on their Alpha release, Planet Cognac touches down with some left-of-center cuts on their latest release. Tracks like “Dutygul” are immediately user-friendly for a cat like me who loves the dub(step) side of life, with them being one of the more original (dare I say) THUGSTEP outfits currently out there. They get that sound, and a number of others, and are seemingly unafraid to express the different hues of their personalities on this one. Fun shit to dumb out to with a few of your best peeps, a sack of something sticky and a few pints of something brown. Take that however you want to.


J.Good ft. Ayomari & Keno "The Rush"

J.Good ft. Ayomari & Keno "The Rush" (prod. by Jansport J): Came for the dope beats, stayed for the thoughtful rhymes. I’ve heard shit from Ayomari before, but I’m pretty sure the other two MCs on here are new to me, but that everyman vibe over this hypnotic Jansport J track? Excellent. Also like the cautionary note this track is drenched in – too many niggas get that sucker for love shit going on, and throw themselves into a relationship with a girl’s ass before knowing the person it’s attached to. Just saying, be mindful. This is taken from J.Good’s Look On The Bright Side LP.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 28: Dave Segal

Comedian and Rappers Looking Like Magicians creator Dave Segal joins the Hype Men to discuss how we put him on, Odd Future, where "Show Me What You Got" ranks against Jay-Z songs, weed rap, Def Jux, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Kid Cudi the actor and Shia Labeouf the director, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, which rapper could possibly be the best friend, and much more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 28: Dave Segal

BOOGNIGHTS "Playing Games"

BOOGNIGHTS "Playing Games" (prod. by 8 Bit Attack): Been a minute since I got a new track from NIGHTS, so I wasn’t expecting the instrumental excellence that this track held. Not sure who 8 Bit Attack is, but cotdamn this is insanity. NIGHTS goes in with the double time, but I can’t front – I almost wish he left this beat alone. Niggas can get lost in the zaniness hidden in that track.


Bonus Beats The ILLZ "Learn To Fly"

[video] Chamillionaire ft. Big K.R.I.T. "This Is My World"

[video] M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron ft. Big Shug "Tap Out"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Chopped & Screwed)"

Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Chopped & Screwed)": For some reason today, I came across a number of OFWGKTA articles. And I like it. I still wish a nigga like Tyler was out when I was 18, 19. Fuck whatever tag you want to throw onto Odd Future, these cats fill a void. The fact that so many people can't figure out when to laugh at the joke or hold their purses tighter to their person is an even better reason for these cats to get whatever looks come their way. We need more artists who make us think and scare the shit out of us. I don't know about you, but the music that has stuck with me has been the shit I've legitimately said "what the fuck!?!?" to, for whatever reason. Tyler and the Odd Future Wolf Gang genuinely make me love music again. They have since I first got put onto them last summer, and I hope to be confused and entertained by their next phase.

Anyways, you already know of "Yonkers", but you might not be up on Mike G, OFWGKTA member who also has a knack for chopping and screwing tracks (check his YouTube). He's flipped shit like Earl Sweatshirt's "Couch" and Tyler's Bastard. It's not a matter of "Yonkers" needing to be C&S'd - just listen to it and love the shit. Dead.

Tyler the Creator - "Yonkers" (Chopped & Screwed) by TheRapUp

Via TRU x Ruby Hornet x Mostly Junk Food.

YC The Cynic Fall FWD Release Party (3/01/2011)

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 10: One Step

Che Grand ft. Von Pea "Let Off Another Round (Brown)"

Che Grand ft. Von Pea "Let Off Another Round (Brown)": Listening to this jawn makes me think back to when I first got an e-mail from Grizzly. It’s been a MINUTE since I first heard his work, and those earlier days, when people thought Tanya Morgan was a chick singing R&B are long gone. Glad these niggas still spit and contribute to the culture. I kind of wish my son has niggas like this to grow up listening to – sounds like I need to get on my job with that one! I’m not even gonna mention Che’s next project – that shit’ll drop when it’s ready, Freddy.

Shouts to Meka.

[video] Louis Boston "Smile Again"

Bonus Beats DJ Killer Tomato + Louis Boston Money Making Brothers Mixtape

[video] Pace Won & Mr. Green "Can You Hear Me?"

Sweatshop Union "Makeshift Kingdom"

Sweatshop Union "Makeshift Kingdom": I realize how much beats drive me – the steady drum here, with those weird vocal samples thrown atop? Caught me, quick. One of those beats that make proper MCs dumb out too. Sweatshop reps the Northwest, and has done everything from being signed to EMI to being one of URB’s Next 100 last year. The band has a new EP on the horizon, and if this is any indication – you’re not ready for this. I love hearing tracks that I wish I could see performed life. I can imagine this going off, then S.U. going IN on some next level debauchery towards the end. Ready for the brockout, trust.

Spa & MCMF "She's The 1"

Spa & MCMF "She's The 1" (prod. by Insizion): Following up their NJ Transit album, Spa & MCMF drop this single to pay tribute to those women who stand behind their men. Feels like the anthem I need to sing to my wife. Truly inspiring woman, and no matter how humble she tries to act, she doesn’t realize how much her pushing helps me do shit and figure shit out. Kind of female you want to give the world to. Some day, ma!

Jelani "Great Night"

Jelani "Great Night": Following up on the love that “De La Vega” got, Jelani pulls out the thump and bounce and turns things up a bit. Funny enough, I was sitting around depressed that I essentially “missed” the 60+ degree weather we had on the East Coast this past Friday; Jelani left his normal cave-like existence and hit up a party in SoHo. He heard this track and went hammer for a night – woke up the next day, looped the original and birthed the track you’re downloading/jamming to right now. Live a little and enjoy the night.

Phantogram ft. Intuition "When I'm Small (Remix)"

Phantogram ft. Intuition "When I'm Small (Remix)": Intuition is following up I Ruined These Songs For You with I Ruined These Songs For You Too, and this is the first fucked up rendition from his studio. Impose Mag dropped the exclusive, but I don’t know if I’d want ruined tracks to be dropped exclusively on my site. So I waited a few days to share the spoiled song with you, the reader of – how bad is it? Actually, not very bad. I don’t know who Phantogram is, but it actually sounds like his raps fit perfectly into this track – almost the antithesis of ruining… wait, I see what he did there! Trickster, you!

Hollywood Floss ft. Laws "Dream Killer 2.0"

Hollywood Floss ft. Laws "Dream Killer 2.0": My nigga Flawse not only embraces his role within the scene, but begs you to make people question why he isn’t mentioned in larger circles. Following up House Of Dreams, Floss joins Laws on this track from the forthcoming release One Fan At A Time, taking aim at all of your pre-conceived notions about what should be poppin’ today. Cats like Flawse, Rob Jay, hasHBrown – that “New Houston” – just need to be given a chance; they already shit on a number of you niggas. Just sayin’.

Big S.I.N. "Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow"

Big S.I.N. "Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow" (prod. by Joe Burn Em): Feels like it’s been a long minute since S.I.N. has hit me with some new music, so I welcomed this throwback-flex he hit me with the other day. S.I.N. gets in the pocket with his flow and doesn’t let go, for good or ill sometimes, but he keeps it fun and interesting and real in every track. This is some shit your moms might need to rock to, forreal. S.I.N.’s State of Emergency is due out in March, so blast this and wait for the video!

[video] DJ I-Dee ft. Eli Porter "Part Time MC"

Bonus Beats DJ I-Dee ft. Eli Porter "Part Time MC"

Mouse Sucks "Nice Guys Finish Last"

Mouse Sucks "Nice Guys Finish Last": I like giving cats the benny of the doubt, primarily b/c I remember being in HS, missing out on a lot of living due to being too nice. This cat Mouse Sucks is a 17 year old Brooklynite gives a voice to how I was feeling many moons ago, and I dig that about this. Even love the random sounds he’s fused together here. His mixtape, The Ginyu Force, is on the way – hopefully he won’t be last in line.

Stealth "Tears of Metal"

Stealth "Tears of Metal": Stealth’s back after a six-month absence and coasts over Rawse’s “Tears of Joy”. One of those instrumentals that really transports you, infectious. Not sure what the homey has cooking for the next chapter of his life, but now that he’s out of the cryostasis, hopefully we get a steady stream of heat from the nigga.

Stealth-Tears of Metal by stealth912

[video] Family Affair "Rotation"

Dutch New York LIVE At The Bowery Poetry Club (2/17/2011)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Naughty By Nature x Hip Hop Karaoke (2/24/2011)

Hit this Facebook event page for full details - looks like the HHKNJ winner will win an XBox 360 that Naughty By Nature will be signing!

[video] Durrty Goodz "Oi Wot U Lookin At"

[video] Jeff Chery "Come From"

Tre Bishop "Let Me Show You How To Love"

Tre Bishop "Let Me Show You How To Love": Tre just released a mixtape, and lets you macks out there know how have a soundtrack of seduction. When I get most R&B, the majority of it is some throwaway ish – this is some shit you got made to. Or, if you were fucking in the mid-‘90s, some shit you made a baby to, you feel me? Whatever the case, there’s going to be some sweating when this track comes on the stereo. Be on the lookout for Tre’s Levitation EP, which drops in May!

Treekeeper "Nashvillains"

Treekeeper "Nashvillains": I featured Treekeeper a few weeks back, and he hit me with a new single the other day. “Nashvillains” is a tribute to Dilla for what’s being heralded as Dilla Month, and has some interesting twists and turns. Really leftfield on the sounds, from fuzzy bass to off-kilter drums, and some downright intriguing movements about a minute or so into the track. Really hooked me when I first heard it. Dude’s on it – reminds me of the days when all I’d rock to was the Hip-Hop shit that Luke Vibert was making. Care free.

Nashvillains by Treekeeper

Avionadramida "Bitch"

Avionadramida "Bitch": I recently got introduced to Avion(adramida), and noticed that this new track dropped via Dopealopeagus, and this is dope. Pretty sparse beat – lazy drum with lazy bass dipping in and out. It kind of reminds me of “Graveyard Chamber”, where cats who don’t really play instruments cook up a beat and just go ham on it. Avion’s fucking retarded with the rhymes, it’s hard to pinpoint one or 2 specific lines, as each couple bars has some crazy reference or ill punchline. He even goes from written to freestyle for no other reason that because he can. Kool Klux, nigga!

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 9: Bye Bye Baby

[video] Juga-Naut "OLOGY"

[video] Nato Caliph "Physics 720 (and the Universal Laws of...)"

Kenny Ken What They Call Him Vol 2

Nice slice of newness from Virginia's own Kenny Ken. I hate getting put onto someone from the second edition of their heat, but then getting word that he's been getting props for a while. I guess everyone has to get put on at some point! It also helps that RTD friend Trackstar the DJ is on the wheels, mixing this one together. This tape is kind of short - runs under 30 minutes, but that's enough time to hear Kenny flip varying styles, from more mainstream flows to proper gutter lyrical exercises. He flips through some industry beats, as well as a couple of featured remixes. If you're hungry for some new-new, pick this one up and give it a run.

DOWNLOAD Kenny Ken What They Call Him Vol 2

[video] Nato Caliph "Appreciation"

previous Nato Caliph "Appreciation"

[video] Dremur ft. Jay 3 & ICE "Cloud 9"

[video] Gucci Mane ft. Birdman "Mouth Full Of Gold"

[video] Gucci Mane ft. Soulja Boy & Yo Gotti "Burrr"

I one day hope my colds could make me sound like Gucci.

Drum & Bass At The NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

It'd been killing me all Saturday night - I was watching the Saturday Night competitions for All-Star Weekend, and during the Foot Locker 3 Point Challenge, I kept hearing faint Drum & Bass drums and a subtle horn sample. I decided to take my question to DOA, and the good folks enlightened me to the tune playing during that competition:

One of those tracks that got a proper rinse last year. Anyways, I'm sorry, but that would've fucked with me if I didn't get the ID. Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday blog reading(s).

M-Dot LIVE At Providence College

DJ Mickey Knox The Baked Mix, Volume Three

It's been about six months since The Baked Mix, Vol. 2 dropped, and even longer since I puffed that good cheeba cheeba, but if I was trying to get lifted, a mix like this would be the soundtrack to that return session. Artists featured include Soul Khan, Nems, Verbal Kent, Jon Connor and others. Bash Brother Mickey Knox knows what the hell he's doing!

DOWNLOAD DJ Mickey Knox The Baked Mix, Volume Three

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Botchamania 163

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 8: Alter Ego

[video] Juicy J ft. Machine Gun Kelly "Inhale"

[preview] Triangulum 001

Triangulum is DJ Cable's digital imprint. Anything goes at 140 BPM. Check out the first release, which is due out on March.

Fused Forces & DJ Cable - Yoshimitsu / DCult - Drunken Master (TR001) by triangulum

Keep it locked here, on twitter or via Facebook for more details.