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[video] Borgore "Nympho"

[video] Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy"

Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor drops March 10th via DJ Booth.

previous Theo Martins ft. STRFKR "Final Fantasy"

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day Day 20: When It Comes

Nyle Trailer

I dig this tape. I don’t know much about Nyle at all, aside that he can flow and has some ill tracks, and flips some dope lines (the first track alone ends with “my head’s up in the clouds like I’m talking to Simba”). Just some imaginative shit, combined with a grip of interesting beats (coming from the like of Hudson Mohawke, Side Effekt, Maverick and more), and has featured MCs like Fresh Daily co-signing dude’s flavor. I kind of feel weird calling this a mixtape, seeing as it’s 10 tracks and barely 37 minutes – has more of an EP feel to it, some shit that’d be dope to skate to. Or just cruise to. You need good soundtrack music, and this is a great mixture of rubber band flows and interesting beats. Definitely check it.

DOWNLOAD Nyle Trailer

Montage One "When U Find It"

Montage One "When U Find It" (prod. by DJ Babu): This track feels like a Dilated Peoples jawn. Not just Babu lent dude a heater, but it follows that pattern of the vocal in the beat playing lead to dude’s verses, where he builds his theme off of it. It’s cool on a few levels, has an older vibe to it. Need a slim leather jacket for this one. Or a dutch of that good. Montage One’s 10.6.3.OGX drops July 5th, with production from The Alchemist, Evidence, Oh No, E-Swift, Jake One and more.

[video] Big S.I.N. "Unemployment Line"

A.Jay.D & TyPhilly "Rolling In The Deep"

A.Jay.D & TyPhilly "Rolling In The Deep" (prod. by ROBi): I’ve been pretty far removed from the majority of what’s hitting as of late, so while I respect Adele’s talent, I’m not sure why “Rolling In The Deep” has gotten so much praise as of late, primarily in the way of a wave of remixes. MiLKMEN fam TyPhilly linked up with A.Jay for this rerub of this track, with each MC adding their own personal style to Adele’s sangin’. Something dope to put on if you love the original but want to brush off your shoulders and finesse shorty across the club.

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RTD Playlist (Week Of 3/04/2011)

Working for the weekend, currently...

Che Grand ZFTP VIII: Uche The Great

I should’ve known this was done and ready to be out. With a number of these jawns already being leaked, it makes sense that he just, out the blue, throws this up on Bandcamp. Need that new Che in my life – I love when talented individuals can set out making a quilt that inject some coded language alongside the ills of their life, all with a smile on their face (whether legit or alcohol-induced). Dude goes in with the sounds on this one – we know he flipped some Joker, but he also called in Elucid to beast a Dibia$e instrumental, as well as getting great guest spots from Tanya Morgan, separately. The soundscape on this is right up my alley, too – equal parts funk and quirk, allowing Che to open his brain and pull out the most twisted fantasies or toughest bars at the drop of a dime. If you know me, you know I had been behind Everything’s Good Ugly, and rep ZFTP and Lessondary whenever. This should be a part of your Friday night, your weekend – hell, at least until the Summer hits!

DOWNLOAD Che Grand ZFTP VIII: Uche The Great

M-Dot ft. Vituoso, King Magnetic, V. Knuckles, Singapore Kane, Red Eye & EFlash "Open Heart Surgery"

M-Dot ft. Vituoso, King Magnetic, V. Knuckles, Singapore Kane, Red Eye & EFlash "Open Heart Surgery" (prod. by Snowgoons): Beantown’s own M-Dot got on the batphone and called into a number of homies, from Snowgoons to Singapore Kane and NBS, and crafted this bloody mess. No nonsense here, just some microphone vets who pull out the scalpels and perform surgery over this jeep-heavy beat. Throw this one on while you’re hotboxing the whip with your boys and whomever’s not nodding their head might need some open-heart surgery!

Spec Boogie ft. Ash-Lee "Intercontinentalist"

Spec Boogie ft. Ash-Lee "Intercontinentalist" (prod. by The Prince of Beatz): Who better than Lessondary traveling man Boogie to drop a gem about, well, his travels. Dude’s BKLYN born but living the life all over, and homey breaks down his time zone-neglecting hustle over this Soulful beat. I remember him being one of the first artists I started to pick up on when really working on RTD, and to see Spec and the entire Lessondary crew’s growth is great. Be on the lookout for Boogie's World Tourist mixtape, which is due to land this Spring.

Tef Poe ft. GLC "Out The Kitchen (Remix)"

Tef Poe ft. GLC "Out The Kitchen (Remix)": Tef recently unleashed the video for the original version of “Out The Kitchen”, which is taken from War Machine (which you should already have grabbed), and hit me with this special remix, featuring GOOD affiliate GLC. I always knew that Poebama had some reach, but wasn’t expecting this at all. GLC opens up and drops some syrupy slick bars onto this one, but you already knew what that was all about. Poe will be out at SXSW this year, and word is a video for this version of the track is on the way. Wow. #TheForce

Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One "Rent (Remix)"

Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One "Rent (Remix)": Kyle borrowed KRS’ Edutainment for the title of his forthcoming Kev Brown-helmed EP, Re-Edutainment, why not call on KRS for the remix to this anti-rent anthem. Jimmy McMillan might’ve won if he had this as his campaign theme – seriously. They should’ve thrown some of his quotes in this right here! In any case, if you’ve ever had to pay rent and deal with the bullshit that goes with that, you already know what time it is with this track. Month after month… shit, I have to go pay mine tomorrow!

Sneakas "Hebonics 101"

Sneakas "Hebonics 101": Amazing. Not too long ago, we raised up our lighters for Big L, and now we’ve got a reimagining of his classic “Ebonics”, with Sneakas breaking down some Yiddish slang. I feel like I’ve heard this before, but it still bangs – even if it’s kind of short. It’s taken from his Hebonics 101 mixtape, which is presented by MC Serch’s Serchlite Multimedia and hosted by Peter Rosenberg. The only thing that would’ve made this more of a Jewish Hip-Hop gumbo would’ve been a skit featuring Shyne and The Real, but I digress. Features include Serch, Ill Bill, Iron Solomon and more.

Hebonics 101 by Sneakas

Bonus Beats Sneakas ft. C Rob "Good Day"

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 19: Far Away

FuseBox Radio (Week Of March 2nd, 2011)

Daddy Nino ÜberEargasms: The Life & Times of David Ruffin Jr.

Daddy Nino FTW. When I was introduced to "Aisling Sistrunk" recently, I got it. Had it on play waiting for my bus this morning. Dude takes a singular feeling and has the ability to construct so many complete thoughts about it. Sounds stupid, but listen to that track and then try to remember you’re not sitting next to dude in his living room, crushing on Alfie’s sister. On ÜberEargasms, dude not only has some sly lyrics, but some dope flips of shit you know. Just fun, and versatile. There are tracks that are a bit softer or more sexual thrown aside jams that you’ll bump with your homies or shit to just party to. And lots of rhymes about females, whether it’s asking to smash after class or cheating on his girl. Maybe the ÜberEargasms is a pun – sonic excellence wrapped up in tracks you can smash to. Or maybe I just jumped the shark. In any case, enjoy this, and wait for Something About #Bowie, which is due out in April or May.

DOWNLOAD Daddy Nino ÜberEargasms: The Life & Times of David Ruffin Jr.

Epsilon Project "My Sunshine"

Epsilon Project "My Sunshine" (prod. by Kev Brown): Loving the beat on this! Kev mixes a deep sub with some wild shit on top – I can’t even tell what the hell sound rides this jazzy beat, but it is infectious. This cut is taken from Oxygen, EP’s forthcoming album which features production from Brown, Oddisee and Exile, with guest rhymes from Blame One, MED and Wildchild. Very cool, feels like I should be opening up some old cognac and pouring up into my tumbler. In a pea coat. With a scarf. And shades. Inside.

Has-Lo "Black Rose (GumShoe Remix)"

Has-Lo "Black Rose (GumShoe Remix)" (prod. by Culture I): When I was on a beautiful nightmare of a trip to the Bahamas, I got word on the Niggaberry that Has signed with Mello Music Group for the release of In Case I Don’t Make It, which drops on the 29th of March. While I’ve not heard that, I’ve seen him live and heard enough of his music to know that not only is that union a promising one, but dude will be able to surpass any goals I saw him attaining. The original “Black Rose” was featured on MMG’s Helpless Dreamer, and is part of what today’s Hip-Hop game is missing: stories. Channeling Slick Rick, Has twists a noir tale so fly, it feels like your area turns sepia for a bit while this track’s on. Take a trip.

Cee-Rock "The Fury" "Jus Rememberin' Stuff"

Cee-Rock "The Fury" "Jus Rememberin' Stuff": Taken from his forthcoming album, Furyosity Killz The Kat, Cee dips into the days of old, playing that game us 20 and 30 somethings get into when trying to escape the impending responsibilities of being an adult. Looking at my son, I spend time thinking back to being carefree myself. Crazy how the mind works… try it. Sit and think about your favorite toys or idols when you were 7, 8 years old. Make yourself smile in these days of cold, even for a few minutes. Remember watching Mr. Wizard’s World? The first time you heard Hip-Hop? Your first kiss? Try it!

Kosha Dillz ft. Mojo Hannah "All These Years"

Kosha Dillz ft. Mojo Hannah "All These Years" (prod. by Shuko & Fonty): On the tail-end of his #GiveMeFive tour for charity, Kosha felt it was time to leak a cut from his Gina & The Garage Sale EP, which is due out later this month. Feels like he wrote this on his tour bus, riding to the next city, reminiscing about those who he’s lost, or misses, while being on the road. Contemplative track, best played while looking hopefully at the puffy clouds in the sky. One of the more versatile cats out there, seen?

Streets Buchanon "Victory Lap"

Streets Buchanon "Victory Lap": HAH! Streets didn’t know, but I’d pulled Puffy’s “Victory” back out and ran through this track lately. This isn’t the instrumental, but a restructured version using the source material, but he keeps the runnin’ and gunnin’ feel of the original in tact. This cut is taken from the Florida MC’s Grind Or Die, which will find Streets brutalizing his favorite instrumentals, as well as the odd original track from Harvey Dent, and drops on the 7th of March; all of this is a prequel to Grind Pays, which is an all-original project from Streets and Dent. Reach for your goals, no matter what. Anyone telling you you can’t do it, or you’ll be defeated – prove ‘em wrong. Make it happen, cap’n.

[video] Jakk Frost "Das Dat Shit"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (3/03/2011)

Special show here - Benji B not only drops a special "History of Photek" mix, but Photek is his guest, and runs through a grip of old and new tracks. All kinds of #winning. Photek remixed Distance's "Falling"?

The Kid Daytona On 106 & Park

This was Daytona's TV debut - big up to BET for highlighting dope music.

Performances: "Padma (So Buttery)" / "Never Be The Same"

Thursday, March 03, 2011

R.H. Bless ft. Nico The Beast & Mr. Gat "I Gotta Get It"

R.H. Bless ft. Nico The Beast & Mr. Gat "I Gotta Get It": Here’s a heavyweight banger, perfect for this transition from winter into Spring. Bless up Nico for sending this one my way. Over a twinkle of a piano and an ogre of a drum track, these three impart some wisdom on the industry, life and all things in between. Grown man rap for cats who don’t like to smile. Their hunger will have your stomach rumble, you smell me? Something to blast for those who are supporting their family, maybe as a ray of light when everything’s feeling dark.

Keon Supreme Just Cause

In a lot of my posts, I will give you my ideas and then give you, the reader, a scenario of where you might be in your life while listening to the track/project, primarily because everyone needs some kind of theme music, but also we aren’t just sitting at a table rocking tracks – music can make or break a mood, you smell me? On this project from Keon Supreme, he gives you the story – Just Cause takes place during a night in his life – from the job to the cipher to the show to the bed, with the theme of “love” and the journey of an up-and-coming artist weaved throughout. The “Lobster Talk” track, with dude describing his ills at the j-o sounds like I wrote it! It’s an intriguing release, and being a fan of Prince Paul and artists who take time to make sure their concept, whatever it is, runs through the entire project, I’m loving this. Featured MCs include Poetik Force and Blakface, with Jansport J, Salute The Gawd, Ben Bauer and other beatsmiths contributing the sonics, with Supreme even blessing the project with a beat of his own! This is like a good novel, a short clip into a complex life.

DOWNLOAD Keon Supreme Just Cause

Dice The Nicest Jackkin' Fo Beats!!!

While you’ll immediately think Dice went Cube on us, the beats he jacked are all originals from producers he fucks with, and not his normal M.O. of producing all of his shit. I can’t help but feel like his output is some shit I would have been loving back in the mid-‘90s – and that’s no diss. It has a more carefree attitude to it, and not the sound of a nigga who’s trying to only make a deal. Producers on this include Superstar O, Tek DeEp, Twan, Jazzi and others, with featured MCs like Ace Berg, Richard Wright and more, with a special Teena Marie tribute added as a bonus. All around dope project, something to throw on while you’re kickin’ it with the homies on a Saturday afternoon.

DOWNLOAD Dice The Nicest Jackkin' Fo Beats!!!

Trebles and Blues The Blue Note

While there’s already an interpretation on the BTS of this debut instrumental EP from Trebles and Blues, I feel like I need to just share a piece on this release. See, I used to want to be a producer. I’d get stuck on these classic jams and, in my head, chop the sample and lay down what I figure would be some sick beat to go along with it. Alas, I don’t own the patience or time to craft my own gems, so I have to satiate my hunger with the quality material I’m given. I don’t know T&B from a hole in the wall, but his flips are just like what I feel I would want to create. Not that that’s some high compliment, but you just get a feeling when listening to these beats. He wears his inspirations in his tracks, but like many great producers, he makes them become his own. Loads of Soul and Jazz get thrown atop some heaters – not shit you want to hear 50 MCs spitting on, but something to play soundtrack to your life. Shit to create to, you feel me? Check it out.

DOWNLOAD Trebles and Blues The Blue Note

DJ Books - The Unauthorized Mix Of Rakim

DJ Books is also #winning. Check out this comprehensive mix of nothing but Rakim. The R is one of the true dons of the game, and hearing his verses back to back to back... makes you remember why you fuck with Hip-Hop in the first place.

DOWNLOAD DJ Books - The Unauthorized Mix Of Rakim [via The Thieves Theme]

Red "Make Love To An Angel"

Red "Make Love To An Angel" (prod. by Robi): The MiLKMEN have been steadily carving their niche into the game, and the one like Red is particularly adept at crafting infectious R&B-laden lullabies to whichever flavor of the month he’s currently tasting on. I love how he flows at some points in here – that Eastern flair comes about, with him following right along to the melody. Something to bust some sweat to.

Donwill "Love Junkie (So Shifty Remix)"

Donwill "Love Junkie (So Shifty Remix)": I love the future of Hip-Hop! Donwill already bridges that gap between the Native Tongue era (sorry, Dondub!) to now, and an interesting turn comes when DJ Eleven of The Rub tapped Donwill about hooking up a “Love Junkie” EP for his 11 Inch Records. While “Love Junkie” is the infamous “ode to one night stands”, this So Shifty rerub plays like the track that was jammin’ when you saw tonight’s conquest. Honey dip was probably perspiring a little, winding her waist and giving you that wink while biting her lip. Lights flashing? Yeah, that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’s “Love Junkie” EP also includes a new B-side entitled “Look At Me”; grab the jawn now from wherever proper music is sold digitally.

Love Junkie (So Shifty remix) by 11InchRecords

D.Julien "Mirror"

D.Julien "Mirror" (prod. by Bahama Beats): D.Ju holds up a mirror to the current state of affairs, primarily on life’s ills in and out of the Hip-Hop scene. It is kind of crazy – when my wife hits me up, saying she told someone about my blog, and they wanted to holler because they’re an artist, it makes things crazy. Mad shit going on, and while some of our peers are doing right, there’s a lot of wrongdoing going on. Cats definitely need to look in that mirror, and ask themselves – what are you really doing? What’s it all for? D.Ju sparked the conversation, something to savor that won’t be on the forthcoming Ready For Tomorrow, which is due out “soon”. He’s still eating.

[video] Tef Poe "Out The Kitchen"

J Rawls Presents The #OHIOTAKEOVER Mixtape

This is one of those "does what it says on the tin" tapes. J Rawls brings forth 20+ tracks from 25 MCs from Ohio, including the likes of Copywrite, Ilyas, Dominique Larue, Count Bass D, Donwill, Stalley, Ill Poetic and plenty more. You should already know.

DOWNLOAD J Rawls Presents The #OHIOTAKEOVER Mixtape

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (3/02/2011)

[video] Katy B "Broken Record"

You can preorder Katy's "Broken Record" on iTunes... if you live in the UK that is.

[video] R.A. The Rugged Man "A Star Is Born"

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 18: Donkey Kong

[video] The ILLZ "To Know Your Place In The Universe"

!llmind x Dub MD Presents Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol.5

!llmind is the epitome of #winning. Dude's working with a shedload of MCs, as well as hooking up the Smokey Robotic conglomerate, getting plugged on TMZ and shit. I mean, really, when you live inside the truth like I do, you recognize #winning. Duh. Here's part 5 in homey's Blacks, Rhymes & Life serious, featuring the usual dope rhymes and ill beats - two discs full. You already know what the fuck is poppin', grab the shit.

DOWNLOAD !llmind x Dub MD Presents Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol.5

#Winning Recognize #Winning

The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES kind of fathered @CharlieSheen's chi right now, huh? #Winning.

DJ Soul x Rap Radar No Idea's Original 2

Pickin' up where they left off last year, DJ Soul mixes up some of the nicest samples from 2010's biggest Hip-Hop instrumentals. Proper education piece here. I love mixes like this - always up for the source material.

DOWNLOAD DJ Soul x Rap Radar No Idea's Original 2 [via Rap Radar]

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 12: The Snizz Fart Episode

On my commute to work, I like to fuck with podcasts. I used to listen to loads of music, but now it's just Pro Wrestling talk, Juan Epstein or Emilio Sparks and his crew of scumbags, going crazy on whatever topics they conjure up. They recently started doing the Emilio Sparks Experience weekly, and so far, so good... and vulgar. Topics on this episode range from how fucked up Emilio thinks Liz Lee's feet are to the details on a slap bet the boys have going. Proper funny, with bits of Hip-Hop and everything else sprinkled in. Not for the Bible thumper in your midst, but that's what makes it great.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 29: Elliott Wilson

Rap Radar Kingpin Elliott Wilson joins the Hype Men to discuss the new issue of RESPECT magazine + time spent with Rick Ross in Miami + “@ me or dap me” + Ego Trip + The Source Magazine + Elliott’s falling out with Puffy + the Chingy XXL cover + why Common’s Be got a XXL rating + Odd Future being Horrorcore + the Paul Rosenberg x Rap Radar connection + the Freshmen 10 + apologizing to Lupe Fiasco + much, much more!

JSWISS Out Of State Intuition

Persistence can be the key. While I’d not been rocking every track JSWISS was sending me in its own individual post, I listened. You know we here at rockthedub fucks with new talent on the mic, and this cat is part of that pack. He minces no words, nor does he compromise his art for anyone. What you see is what you get, and what you get is some pure Hip-Hop for the future. Well, one cipher anyways. In any case, I’m proud to, alongside, to present JSWISS’ latest mixtape, Out Of State Intuition. There’s no fluffiness or frills here – we do have some additives (features from Charlie Smarts of Kooley High, Jones Andrews, Sikz Pointz and more, with original production from Eschenbach, J Roc, Mistro and SWISS himself), and the quality of the work is its own preservative. Just provides a fun outlook on life, mixing in some insight. The fact that he’s borrowed from The Cosby Show, which my four year old has been discovering recently, is also very welcome. If you’ve got 45 minutes to kill, throw this one on from start and let it play. Highly recommended, and that’s not just because I’m presenting this – it’s really that damn fluid.

And for the title, this is a play on words from a NY kid who rocks that out-of-state tuition to UNC. Yeah, dude's a student and a teacher.

DOWNLOAD JSWISS Out Of State Intuition

Charlie Smarts "Far Fetched"

Charlie Smarts "Far Fetched": You ever seen a movie or scene in a show where someone is introduced to drugs for the first time? All their cares float away, and they get lifted to somewhere, maybe the scenery changes and brightens, UFOs flying by? This feels like the soundtrack to one of those beats. Smarts borrows some excellent Flying Lotus production and kicks all kinds of flowery lines, flipping peanut butter Peter Pan into Never Never Land Peter Pan… I could go on. The lines slide into each other, like days spent drunk kind of just mash together into one gigantic cookie. Really dense here, you might miss something. Repeated listens required - Trident will be out this month via Better Days Music Group.

Lyriciss ft. L.A. "Superbad (Extended Version)"

Lyriciss ft. L.A. "Superbad (Extended Version)" (prod. by DMan): Been a bit since I got something that DMan produced – good to hear his freshness being capitalized on. Lyriciss goes ballistic from bell to bell, no reason either. Just superbad and dumbing out. Brooklynite L.A. adds some lyrical to this nasty bit, and Lyriciss let me know the official remix to “Superbad” is on the way. Jeez.

Uptown Swuite & Konkwest "Dream Catcher"

Uptown Swuite & Konkwest "Dream Catcher" (prod. by 4Five): This cut here is taken from a forthcoming project entitled 2am Donuts. Not much word on what will be found on that, nor do I have a grip of info on these homies (aside from Swuite being down with The Usual Suspects with J.Good and others), but I know I fox with this track. 4Five crafted an awe-inspiring beat here, with sounds just sliding in and out atop some cracking drums. Swuite and Kon go full force, too. Something to cruise to as winter turns to Spring. Big up to @MykBlauuw for this one.

[video] Singapore Kane "Outside The Margins"

[video] Sha Stimuli "Wake Up & Go"

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

YC The Cynic Fall FWD

I kid with cats like YC The Cynic b/c I appreciate his talent. Saw the spark in dude early, and it's great to hear him progress into an acclaimed MC. He tries to play me like he don't know his name is YellowCake, but then he gets on these beats and drops weapons of mass destruction on them. Seriously sick shit. What's ill is that he's got collaborations with the likes of C-Rayz Walz, Sene, Soul Khan, Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman and others, and doesn't sound like a "young upstart" at all. Quality shit through and through, but you already know that. Just fucking download the tape!

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 17: I Surprise Myself Too

Odd Future Gets Signed


Gotta love how shit works. DJ Nappy has been getting acquainted with the sounds of now, and has been bitten by the Drumstep bug - I'm sorry. It's dope b/c with all of the acapellas out there, the Drumstep tempo lends itself well for his brand of refixin', so cats like Dub Foundation are right up the nigga's alley. Their recent EP, Mr. Blonde, features two versions of their "Time To Burn" tune - one in a Drumstep vibe, the other in a DnB crawl. Nappy being Nappy flipped the Drumstep version first:

Rich Boy - D Boyz (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Dub Foundation Drumstep Mix) by djnappy

And guess what? I asked for him to throw the same vocal over the Rich Boy, and it works just as nice. Dancefloor destruction like that? Like that.

DOWNLOAD Rich Boy vs. Dub Foundation - D Boyz (Disc Jockey Nappy Drumstep Refix)
DOWNLOAD Rich Boy vs. Dub Foundation - D Boyz (Disc Jockey Nappy DnB Refix)

Tell a friend to tell ya play cousin.

[video] Bun B ft. Truck Buck "Gladiators"

Rickie Jacobs "Exhibit R"

Rickie Jacobs "Exhibit R": It’s not only been a minute since I’ve listened to Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”, but it’s been a while since I’ve heard a nigga spazz over this heater of an instrumental. Rickie takes us into his cipher, bringing some proper Bmore vibes to one of the finest beats of the last couple of years. Shit don’t even make sense, just press play and be amazed.

J.Good ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y & Von Pea "Change My Way"

J.Good ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Von Pea "Change My Way" (prod. by Tellapath): Having just been introduced to J.Good the other day, I wasn’t expecting him to sort out a track with two of my favorite MCs, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Von Pea. It’s almost like they crafted this track for me. Over a heavenly beat, Leg, Pea and J provide exactly what the title says – breaking down the trials and tribulations that sew the seeds for changes niggas have to make in life. It’s hard being a starving artist, especially when you’re locked up for slanging trees when you should be in the studio or on tour. Love the cuts DJ Jun throws on here – has a lil Preem feel to it, cutting up phrases to accent the underlying theme. Beautiful track. Look On The Brightside is on the way.

[video] Pharoahe Monch ft. Idris Elba "The Warning"

FACT Mix 226: Photek

Photek's on the return with a new EP, Avalanche, and dropped this special "influences" mix for FACT. My kind of mix: diverse - there's some techno, some Hip-Hop and a gaggle of other bits. FACT says this will only be up for three weeks, so grab it now and mirror it if you like!

DOWNLOAD FACT Mix 226: Photek
FACT mix 226 - Photek (Feb '11) by factmag

Plastician On RinseFM (2/28/2011)

JSWISS ft. Maya Azucena "My Way"

JSWISS ft. Maya Azucena "My Way" (prod. by J Roc): Tomorrow, myself and Nanci O will be presenting Out Of State Intuition, the fresh new mixtape from a refreshing artist. This is the final leak, and has a lazy summer live vibe to it. Track isn't a homage to Sinatra, but the ethos is still the same: being an individual, where JSWISS picks it up and let's you know that there's no compromise when it comes to his craft. He's doing him for him, and won't be anyone's suited monkey to get a deal. Gotta respect that.

And if you've missed any of the tracks he's leaked from Out Of State Intuition, hit up this post on Nanci's page.

Monday, February 28, 2011

[video] Nice & Smooth "No Delayin'"

Shouts to eskay for this one.

King Mez x Khrysis The King's Khrysis

Presented by like eight different spots is an EP of King Mez maximizing his shit over some slick Khrysis production. I remember being introduced to Mez randomly while doing some posting for THHE, and being amazed. Love the feeling of niggas you know nothing about sending some music and it taking you to another zone. The fact that Khrysis, Herfection, Nah Right, Stussy, DJ Booth and other entities noticed what I noticed in this dude is a true testament – quality will crush all the politricks and bullshit at some point… right? Throughout the six cuts from this duo from North Carolina, features include cats like Phonte, Sean Boog and Thee Thom Hardy. Shit, feels like Six Degrees of 9th Wonder!

DOWNLOAD King Mez x Khrysis The King’s Khrysis

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 16: @Plaeboi Presents - Real Life Of DJ's

YC The Cynic "Unconscious"

YC The Cynic "Unconscious": On the eve of the release of Fall FWD, YC picks up some next level Armageddon shit to give you a heaping helping of his YellowCake nastiness. This isn't some shit to dance to - straight head severing HAM music. Almost sounds like he needs to link w/ Elucid and revolt against the man. Whoever the fuck that man is. And if you're in NY, the Fall FWD release party goes down tomorrow - the same day Fall FWD drops.

[video] DaVinci "Blame Game"

[video] Fat Tony "Nigga U Ain't Fat"

[video] ILLUS "The Mask"


[video] Apollo Brown "Never In A Million Years"

Bonus Beats Apollo Brown "Never In A Million Years"

Fused Forces & DJ Cable "Flocka Riddim"

Fused Forces & DJ Cable "Flocka Riddim": I hate being like this, but sometimes I love who I'm friends with. This riddim, cooked up by flipping some Flocka-isms from "Hard In The Paint", has been sitting on my external in some form since November of last year, and I think Cable started passing this one around over the last few weeks. Shit's boss - and is one of my favorite Grime flips of a Hip-Hop idea. The nigga Waka Flocka is supreme remedial life, and one of my favorite things about UK music is when they take something I'm comfortable with and totally retwerk it. Part of the reason I mess with DnB, dustep and Grime like I do. Fucks with this, and if you're an MC who spits to this, please let me know!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ritchcraft's 30 In 30 - Day 15: Baby I Don't Wanna Dance

Bomb Squad Mix 005

BOMB SQUAD Mix 005 switches things up with this tribute to Nelson Mandela with fresh new sounds inspired by the big tunes coming out of Africa. Tapping into the roots…big up to all the African massive worldwide!

DOWNLOAD Bomb Squad Mix 005

Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense "Sunday Drive (Remix)"

Black EL ft. El Prez & 6th Sense "Sunday Drive (Remix)" (prod. by Durkin): Firstly, someone better tell Prez that it's just Black EL, not Black Element. If I had a whip, and wanted to make a CD, I'd start the mix with this and end it with that Kidz In The Hall track. Just some shit to mob aorund town to. The original "Sunday Drive" was released on Color Commentary, which if you slept on, you should either throw yourself off a moving train into the ocean or get caught up. Black & Durk got some ish up their sleeve.

[video] Cyrano Sinatra "Dreamcatcher" LIVE

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