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Westwood On 1Xtra (6/10/2011)

Aside from dropped fresh new bits from the likes of Joker, Jakwob, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy and others, the UK badman himself Westwood had the Wu-Tang Clan in studio talking Hip-Hop, touring and Prince William and Kate. Yeah. Not your typical Hip-Hop show, but I figure you Wu heads would be into this, for the archives.

DOWNLOAD Westwood On 1Xtra (6/10/2011)

ForteBowie "The Night Out"

ForteBowie "The Night Out": What's funny about me is, while I fuck with Odd Future more than most, I never really got into Frank Ocean (I remember him from MellowHype's "Hell" before anything else), so I'm kind of discovering him through these freestyles and remixes I'm hearing. Bowie, who likes to release music in milestones, threw this one in my inbox the other night when he hit his 600th follower on twitter (@fortebowie). This non-Something About #Bowie composition is over Frank's "Novocane", which is getting dumb burn on the radio. Forte takes the obvious late night creep flair of the beat and crafts a track about encountering a female during a night out. You can see it, like a Zenith. Crispy quick visual shit. By the way, Something About #Bowie will be presented by Refined Hype, Donuts & Milk and rockthedub. More deets on the release date and such should be rollin' out next week.

previous ForteBowie "The Thesis"

STEF. Menace To Sobriety 2: The Re-Up

This is some shit I got put up on a bit ago, and never really sunk my teeth into. I also, truthfully, don’t know much about STEF., but I fuck with this. This came from my quick obsession with Avion, who is featured on “Mothership”; I have this thing where I’m definitely getting older (I’ll be 30 later this year), but I am almost drawn to the new breed of cats. There’s a shitload of young cats out there who have dumb talent, and just don’t give a fuck. They’re making music, primarily for themselves, and don’t really care if you don’t hear it. I respect that. Move in your own circles and keep it rockin’. Most of the production on this comes from local DMV producers like Enduhstreatz, Deuce The Music, Jamal Gray and Blackheart, and the results are varied – you’ve got cuts that are more sample-based, while others just hit you with homegrown synths and aggression. STEF. Sounds ill over either style, and will share his weed – features include Fresh Daily, the aforementioned Avion, Kingpen Slim and more. Some shit to play when you’re blowing trees with the homies, doing nothing, or really out there creating. Soundtrack for the anti-establishment. Or just gaming on bitches. You decide.

DOWNLOAD STEF. Menace To Sobriety 2: The Re-Up

The Combat Jack Show (6/08/2011)

Newest latest episode of Combat Jack's show, featuring a recap of the most recent Hot 97 Summer Jam, how you niggas need to be operating on twitter, LeBron James scoring eight points and mad other points that bring up, what? Comedy. Great show, fam.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/08/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 6-8-11 by PNCRadio

2011 Run MPC Remix Contest

In 2010 “Run MPC” was released on Soulspazm Records to much critical acclaim. Receiving high praise from websites like HipHopDX and 2dopeboyz, as well as newspapers like the Boston Globe and Boston Phoenix. The album featured legendary hip-hop artists such as Masta Ace, Billy Danze (M.O.P), Tek (Smif-N-Wessun), Kool G. Rap, Keith Murray and more in addition to some of the hottest new comers like Torae, Sha Stimuli, Termanology. It spawned 3 successful videos and a European Tour. Now iStandard, Beat Society & Soulspazm Records are presenting your chance to become part of this memorable project by entering the “2011 Run MPC Remix Contest”. Download the acapellas, create your remix of a song, a few songs or the whole album & upload it to for your chance to win a free iStandard account (valued at $99), a producer spotlight on & have your remix EP released on iTunes.


[video] Heathen "Idiot Box"

T.S.B. Presents The Sampler FreEP

Good to hear that a couple of the leaks the Spitzwell Brothers have been sending are now on a proper project. This FreEP finds the TSB over beats from Ced Hughes, Damu The Fudgemunk and Syd Justice, eschewing thoughts on how fly they are, how ill they are and just thoughts on what the fuck is going on in life – theirs and in general. It’s funny – at times, I listen to their shit and realize how old I’m becoming, but then a track like “Crystal Ball of Dreams” will come on, and it sounds JUST LIKE the shit I grew up vibing to when I was trying to find the perfect beat. Don’t sleep on ther TSB, trust. I’ve got a feeling their live show is just as fly as their gear.

DOWNLOAD T.S.B. Presents The Sampler FreEP

Friday, June 10, 2011

Donny Goines "One By One"

Donny Goines "One By One" (prod. by Simon Illa): Senseless violence is a bitch. Everything definitely happens for a reason, but there's no reason why kids need to be getting killed for nothing. Donny knew Tysha Jones, the woman who was killed during the recent Brighton Beach shooting, and he uses his art to both remember her life and question why things like this happen in the first place. RIP Tysha.

RTD Playlist (Week Of 6/10/2011)

Calm down.

[video] Brookes Brothers "In Your Eyes"

My favorite cut from the recently-released Brookes Brothers album, featuring vocals from Johnny Osbourne.

General Monks ft. Ras Kass, Killer Ben & Montage One "Kill Ya Self"

General Monks ft. Ras Kass, Killer Ben & Montage One "Kill Ya Self": This is some beast music. General Monks is Planet Asia and TriState bringing that fury from the Left. Esbe Clothing and Wandering Worx helped present their Each Step Becomes Elevated, and this track off of it is a fucking MONSTER! No nonsense, straight to the jugular bars over a haunting, intense beat. Features also include Krondon, Phil The Agony, Killa Kali and more, with beats from Evidence, Jansport J, Lee Bannon and other heatmakers. If you’re trying to get in the mood for that forthcoming Random Axe, I’d recommend putting this on to 10.

Kill Ya Self - General Monks (Feat. Ras Kass, Killer Ben & Montage One) by Wandering Worx

[trailer] Von Pea "Thanks For Your Children"

Featuring Elucid & Che Grand:

Video coming soon? Cop Pea's Gotta Have It now.

The ILLZ "In Between Us (Remix)"

The ILLZ "In Between Us (Remix)": Love the way ILLZ is presenting his music – he’s not just thinking about a dope album cover, or a fly hook. He will put out some music, then figure out how to appropriate his shit into a different theme or medium. This cut is taken from Let It Fall, a four-part story that ILLZ and Kristopher Rey-Talley have created, based around tracks from ILLZ’ The Pursuit LP. Not sure how they will be weaving the project when it’s finished, but A for effort and A+ for execution on this first piece of the puzzle.

In Between Us (Remix) by TheILLZ

[video] Aabaraki ft. Soul Khan "Karate"

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (6/09/2011)

JSWISS "Mirror"

JSWISS "Mirror" (prod. by The Colombians): Not sure how many more leaks SWISS is trying to throw out before All For Us drops on the 13th (via Not Quite Millionaires), but this one is perfect. Great summertime light shit. Some shit to blast on a sunny beach, drink in hand. Dude gets real with it – fire some shots at cats who think they are really doing it, hoping they heed his words of how quickly hot niggas become not niggas. Diggin’ this one more than I thought I would!

Each One, Teach One (6/10/2011)

Jermaine told me about this the other day, didn't see info pop up on it until now. Shouts to Leon Rainbow and the entire Vicious Styles Crew. Those guys really use their gifts for the community, and this showcase will let you see that. Tonight at Cafe Ole. Details via Facebook.

[video] J The S ft. Lisa Bello "Thunder & Rain"

Gerald Walker "Shackles"

Gerald Walker "Shackles" (prod. by J.LBS): Been seeing Walker get his weight up over the last few years, and he keeps it pushing. I was surprised to see that this cut might be a demo for something from his Grand Hustle-presented mixtape, The Other Half of Letting Go, as when I put it on, it felt like the furthest thing from Grand Hustle. Dude definitely doesn’t hold his tongue, but he also does that Drake thing of blending his rhymes and his sangin’ mid-verse. And the nigga does it with ease. It’s good to have an artist free from the shackles, really doing what the fox they want to do with their music.

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (6/09/2011)

K-Sise Rewind+Replay Album Release Party (6/10/2011)

If you're in Astoria tonight, you need to be at BELIEF Skateshop & Boutique for this ill record release party. K-SISE, junclassic, Brown Bag AllStars, Ceez and more - with free beer? Get in early, BBAS might drank all that up.

Bonus Beats K-SISE ft. junclassic "Lost & Found"

And as an added bonus, the homey Praverb recently interviewed jun - kind of in-depth! Check it out. I imagine K-SISE and jun will have a grip of material for you guys in the very near future.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of June 8th, 2011)

[video] Kool Keith "Bushman"

Don't ask.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

[stream] Sub Heat (6/09/2011)

Oh yes, we've got a live-stream of tonight's Sub Heat party in Chicago. For all details, hit this post, and if you're in Chicago - what the fuck are you watching a live-stream for!? Go down to V-Live and get BASSED!

ForteBowie "The Thesis"

ForteBowie "The Thesis": I'd like to hit you with a little exclusive from the nigga Bowie, who has asked rockthedub to be one of the presenters of his Something About #Bowie project. I heard about six or seven cuts from it yesterday, and my gosh - this shit is ridic. Dude's style is just intoxicating - he knows the right beat to rock to, and once he gets in the pocket, it's over - he owns that shit. This cut rides a slow funk groove, and he just drops some slick shit over it. With each line, each bar, each progression, you get more into the track. Not too many MCs have that power, to ride a beat and make a beat excel, but this shit right here, nigga? Proper introduction for those who might not be up on neph.

The KickDrums ft. The Kid Daytona "Take Shape Automatically"

The KickDrums ft. The Kid Daytona "Take Shape Automatically": In listening to old Juan Epsteins (like, from 2008), it’s crazy to hear how often Daytona got mentioned. You’d almost feel like he should be in a bigger space right now, but he’s definitely been grinding. He sent over this cut from The KickDrums’ Ghost mixtape, which features The RZA, Machine Gun Kelly, Freddie Gibbs, GLC and more, and is a precursor to their Meet Your Ghost album (due out June 28th). Kind of a different flavor, hearing him on more Rock-tinged tracks, but he rides it effortlessly (like a true MC should), and shows his range. I guess he got the instrumental and took shape to it, automatic. Spark something to this.

Jon Connor "Big City Dreams"

Jon Connor "Big City Dreams" (prod. by Rob 'Reef' Tewlow): Been a bit since Sav put the Internets onto Flint’s own Jon Connor, and his stock has fucking RISEN! On the 12th of July, he’s dropping an EP entitled Salvation via iTunes, and this is the first leak. Over a big beat, Jon speaks on his big dreams, with a lot of big bars full of tough rhymes. Dude’s hungry. I have a feeling this forthcoming project is going to expose him to a lot of cats, and do a LOT of good for his career. Or I can hope it does. And I will forever respect Undertaker references.

The Dubstep Show (6/08/2011)

Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Agony & O.C. "Just Keep Holding"

Dysfunkshunal Familee ft. Agony & O.C. "Just Keep Holding": Kind of crazy – I’ve been going through old Juan Epsteins, and listened to Fat Joe from 2008, talking about how he was the final decision to have O.C. added to the DITC camp. Anyways, this is the 2nd single from Dysfunkshunal Familee’s Family Reunion LP, which got a lot of love – including an honorable mention in Preemo’s best of 2010 list. This shit right here? Fun throwback feel. The message is dope, and the beat is perfect for the warmer weather. Put this on and open up your windows, let some sun (and hope) shine in, you smell me?

Dysfunkshunal Familee (feat. Agony & O.C.) - "Just Keep Holding" by Diamond Music Group

Brown Bag AllStars "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)"

Brown Bag AllStars "Get Ready (DJ Brace Remix)": BBAS, as a crew, probably have four or five projects in the can, ready to be released, but tightfisted J57 isn’t in a sharing mood. He wants to keep sharing shit from their brilliant double-disc Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 compilation, which was recently dropped via Fat Beats. I can play that game, bastard. Shit like this are my kind of beats – dope low-end, funky drums and some fly pianos. Just some big body shit. Rock to this and hope J57 is in a giving mood next time, fucking Scrooge McDuck.

[video] Zumo Kollie "It Was On My Mind"

Bonus Beats Zumo Kollie "It Was On My Mind"

Skrillex - The Mothership 001 (6/04/2011)

Of course, after Nappy and I have some convos wondering why there's no real dubstep/Bass music representation on satellite radio, Skrillex pops up with a show. I'm not sure how often he's on - hell, they don't have him listed in their DJ list, but this happened. He drops a load of his own bits, as well as a shitload of bangers. Need more of this!

DOWNLOAD Skrillex - The Mothership 001 (6/04/2011)

OTiS CLaPP ft. YC The Cynic & Top $ Raz "High Road"

OTiS CLaPP ft. YC The Cynic & Top $ Raz "High Road" (prod. by Miles): Here’s a cut YellowCake The Cynic sent over that he did with his homies. Can’t front, though – he outshines OTiS and Raz on this. No diss to them, but dude’s just too fly with his. I guess that’s why he’s rocking last on it, though. Goes in with his verse, too. Something to kick your feet up to and contemplate life about, you feel me? Really try and figure out what you’re doing in life. To each his own.

[video] Haze Brown ft. Heathen "End Game"

Kontact & Black Knight “Free”

Kontact & Black KnightFree” (prod. by Benny Rome): Took long enough, but it looks like Wordsmith’s Nu Revolution camp is going in with their own project. Tact N Black have their Eye Of The Storm mixtape dropping on July 25th, and they released this first leak, which works wonders. Not to say you wouldn’t know who these two cats are, but with a dude on his grind like Words is, it can be difficult to get them their own spot, so after putting on Whitefolkz, it makes sense for these two to get theirs. Rome’s cooked up a banger for them, and they ride that shit to perfection. Great intro.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

[video] Jansport J "Wishing"

J's Save my Soul album got re-released on iTunes, with two new cuts - "Wishing" is one of them

The Emilio Sparks Experience: Special Edition 3 (The After School Special)

I’ve gotta say, this more than any edition of Emilio Sparks’ podcast has hit me harder than any other they’ve done. Shouts to Mike for opening up about his depression/addiction – I went through a similar situation, and while I had people to speak to, I wasn’t trying to open up about that stuff. Not to say this episode is all down and deep and serious, but sometimes you need to have those real conversations, especially when it comes to mental health. Respect for bringing this part of your life out, fam. Really appreciated, and I hope anyone who is feeling down and is self-medicating, listen to this and know there are options for you. Keep the faith and get that help if you can/need.

DOWNLOAD The Emilio Sparks Experience: Special Edition 3 (The After School Special)

D.Julien Ready For Tomorrow

Been a bit since we got a full project from D.Julien, eh? However long it’s been, it feels like it was too long, so to get this new project from Ju, with only two features? I’m all about that. It’s almost criminal to not mention D.Ju in those conversations about dope MCs on the come-up. Dude’s got nothing but talent, and knows how to parallel the issues in his life with the bigger picture, and sees how he fits within the game. The title track is poignant, a definitive statement in a nation that many feel is lost, and D.Ju coasts over every track on here, dropping gems and gaining new fans with every 16. You need a glimpse of tomorrow’s finest? Throw this one on and get an advanced look into the future.

DOWNLOAD D.Julien Ready For Tomorrow Presents The South

REUPSpot has been coming correct, not only bringing themed tapes, but really showcasing hidden talent within those themes. Most cats might see “The South” and will look immediately for Lil Jon, Bun B or some hybrid of the two. For their mixtape, cats like Pat Lee, NatStar, Tunk, Kyle Hubbard and others rep their region, but aren’t defined by their region. Early favorites are Vice Gripp’s “I’m Charlie Sheen’n”, which does what it says on the tin, or tracks like “Black Rock” from Jon Black. Just a dope addition to those who grew up on Houston, Memphis, Atlanta and other Southern cliques, but wanted some fresh faces to swang to.

DOWNLOAD Presents The South

Kosha Dillz "Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)"

Kosha Dillz "Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)" (prod. by Shuko): This hit my inbox a day after Summer Jam 2011, but Kosha Dillz performed at the 2009 and 2010 Hot 97 Summer Jams, to much praise, so this time of the year is kind of good for him, yeah? This tri-lingual (Spanish / Hebrew / English) track actually got performed at the NYC Israel Day Parade on the 5th of June, and is a great alternative for the Summer jams you normally hear. The instrumental is perfect – primarily an infectious beat, with some percussive elements and other bits thrown in to really accent that riddim, with Dillz going in with his seemingly effortless blending of three languages in the same rhyme! This cut is found on Gina and The Garage Sale, which is out now!

Kosha Dillz - Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech) by Diamond Music Group

Jelani "Away We Go"

Jelani "Away We Go" (prod. by Durkin): I’m fucking anti-social. I’m cool in certain situations, but I’m forever feeling like the oddball/oddman out, especially when you get into spots where your bullshit sense starts tingling. Pause? Anyways, I’ve personally found that, once my personal business is complete, it’s easy to just dip, and Jelani composes a track that has perfectly painted that side of me to a “T”. He brings this idea to a head in three different situations: trying to reconcile a relationship with his Pops, Dapper Dan (yes, that Dapper Dan), being in a major where you know everything they are trying to teach you and a relationship that’s just not built on what a good relationship needs to be. The instrumental Durkin concocts adds to the true school feel of this – really having fun and making light of real emotions, but keeping it all the way Hip-Hop. Jelani’s slowly becoming one of my favs for the consistent string of tracks he’s been putting out, and I nominate as the spot he drops his mixtape (or whatever this Jelani x Durkin project will be) with. Just putting that out there.

Uptown Swuite "Southside"

Uptown Swuite "Southside" (prod. by DJ Flow): I’m the first to admit, I’m not a well-traveled person. I’ve been to varying spots on the East, and I was in LA for a few days a few years ago, so I love hearing cats document their corners of the Earth to tracks. Swuite does that for his Cali home, over a slick instrumental. Also not up on DJ Flow, but I fucks with this – has that dusty bassline, with a dope crack for a snare. Has a dope vintage, almost dub-like feel to it, but with a harder-edge. Pairs up well with Swuite’s old head-looking in rhymes, showcasing the fun and the muck with growing up on his hood. Be on the lookout for Church St. Blues, which drops via DJ Booth on the 21st of June.

Zumo Kollie "Let Me Chill"

Zumo KollieLet Me Chill”: On Memorial Day, I leaked The KhemLab’s “Streets Won’t Let Me Chill” flip, and now the homey Kollie goes in on the Diamond District instrumental. While he’s been working on Last Showing (his sophomore project), he’s been fielding a lot of questions about his music, output and such, and instead of repeating himself, I figure he felt the need to commit a response to rhyme. When you’re a fan of the music, sometimes it’s hard for heads to realize that cats still have to EAT, and with that need, plus the other things going on in life (family, love, fun, etc.), sometimes shit might not get released as quickly as YOU might want to be. I almost wish this was called “Y’all Just Chill”, as sometimes, patience is truly a virtue. Let the man work and support when he’s dropped his release, as with any artist you fox with.

[video] DJ JS-1 ft. Tonedeff "Last To Know"

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 43

Here's a guest-less edition of Hype Men, where the guys take listener questions.

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 43
Bonus Beats Hype Men Podcast, Episode 42: Jerry O'Connell

[trailer] Wrecking Crew presents: Wu-Tang Pulp

Wu-Tang Pulp has been a project I've seen grow to fruition. The Wrecking Crew (Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo and Curly Castro) have been reimagining classic Wu-Tang Clan tracks, with a host of cats. The shit I've heard is tough... real tough. Check out this teaser:

And now, download this BANGER:

"The Boxcutter Went" (produced by Zilla Rocca) by Has-Lo aka Lo Custamto, Zilla Rocca aka Vic Sage, Curly Castro aka Smuggla Winston, and Elucid aka E Gutta. All wins.

[video] NORE "Bottles Go Bang"

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[video] Pharoahe Monch "Black Hand Side"

Featuring Styles P & Phonte:

[video] Grant Parks feat. Sadat X & Grand Daddy I.U. "Know Your Role"

Rickie Jacobs "Rude Genius"

Rickie Jacobs "Rude Genius" (prod. by Sean Sundance): Rickie is the epitome of constant movement. Bmore reppin’, he’s high and going in, period. Love that fuzz-driven beat that Sundance provides – it’s something to get niggas hype and invigorated, and allows Rickie to do what he does best… go ham. I kind of wish I knew what the fuck he has on the horizon – have this feeling that nephew has some SHIT on the way. We’ll see.


Feel like I’ve leaked a SHIT load of Tranzformer shit over the last five, six months. Maybe three or four. Who knows. Dude’s got the ill flavor in his beats – he has that dope synth vibe on some cuts, but then can bring some dusty samples with ease. On this free (!) album, he brings in cats like Co$$, Tone Liv, Blame One and Jefferson Prince, as well as BBAS fam like Soul Khan, Koncept and that schmuck J57 – although he’s only shouting Tranz out. Anyways, this is another example of, plain and simple, quality Hip-Hop. Varying tempos of excellence. All for free. Fuck are you waiting for - download that!

DOWNLOAD Tranzformer

Magnum O ft. Wise Intelligent "In the Streets"

Magnum O ft. Wise Intelligent "In the Streets" (prod. by Illmind): I feel like I heard Che Grand rap over this a few years back. Taken from Magnum O’s Masterpiece Theater, which is available now, Mag links up with the Poor Righteous Teacher, Djezuz Djonez, who throws that Caribbean flair he is known to flip and kills this, double time. Tri-state irie vibes, but there’s a message in there – feel like Nas needs to be on this beat.

Magnum O feat Wise Intelligent In the Streets prod by iLLmind by wiseintelligent

QuESt ft. Omen "The Sight"

QuESt ft. Omen "The Sight" (prod. by A.I. (ICE)): Love how QuESt went from radio silence to kicking back into gear. Over another A.I. (ICE) (how does one pronounce that?) beat, QuESt and Omen team up for this new leak from How Thougthful 2, over this deep, jazzy beat. This is one of those tracks where they almost speak in the third person, detailing where they are in the game right now as if they are not themselves… if that makes sense to you. Shit can get hard, and times can get look tough, but if you keep things positive and stay working hard, shit will pan out the way you destine it to be. Gotta be hard to be a talented nigga who either gets slept on or has niggas judging you for whatever reason. Just do you, troop.

KMW "As The Wheels Turn"

KMW "As The Wheels Turn" (prod. by InHouse Productions): Here’s the first single from the Kings of The Midwest (aka Indiana Rome & D.I. Skreet) album, something crazy to get your summer playlists sorted out to. Rome has that trunk knock – love the bump this one has, feels like it’s made to announce that you’re here. Introductory for them, and intro/theme music for you when you step into the club, pull up to the block, etc. – just some big body shit to rock to.

Humpasaur Jones & Dr. Quandary "Funeral Groupies"

Humpasaur Jones & Dr. Quandary "Funeral Groupies": Here’s a leak from the Humpasaur Jones album Breakup Music, which is entirely produced by Dr. Quandary. This cut’s taken from an acid session from last summer, and has an interesting vibe to it. Love how the drums are pushed a bit further in front, while the keys and other bits feel like they’re blurry – they are there, but not in focus. Jones goes into some dope shit on the lyrics… just a dope track to lay back and sink into. Open, honest, and a bit murky.

[video] NoCanDo x El-P "Time Won't Tell (Remix)"

Bonus Beats NoCanDo x El-P "Time Won't Tell (Remix)"

Jonny Walker "Take It"

Jonny Walker "Take It" (prod. by Major McCloud): New leak from Walker’s forthcoming Brunch mixtape, and this is an anthem with a message that I need to undertake. Too many times, many of us sit around, hoping life plays to the aspirations we have for ourselves, when sometimes, we have the tools we require and just need to go for it – realize our dreams and grab hold, you feel me? Most of the good shit that’s happened in life has been born in a situation where I just did what the fuck I needed to do. Hustle harder. You feel me? Eminent domain your life, fam.

Take It by Jonny Walker

[video] Nato Caliph ft. Black Spade "Revel"

[video] Elzhi "Elmatic"

MistaJam - Saturday Night Soundclash (6/04/2011)

I actually rocked to this late Saturday night - some serious sounds. Dope producer-driven conversation with Chase & Status, a special 25-minute mix from Joker, and some of the finest beats within the Bass Music scene. You already know!

DOWNLOAD MistaJam - Saturday Night Soundclash (6/04/2011)

The 54 Reality Show: Beat Marauders Edition

Sukh Knight Vs. Three 6 Mafia "Rather Get Some Head (DJ Cable Blend)"

Monday, June 06, 2011

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Demons"

L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Demons" (prod. by Tom Delay): New leak from the homey Legs, which finds him staying just as personal and raw as ever over a SICK Tom Delay beat. Gotta say, I'm a big fan of homey's work, and this is some of the best shit I've heard from him. I can only pray that the Devil lets Delay and Leg put in more work. Amerikkkan Psycho album on the way... maybe?

[video] RoQ'y TyRaiD "Break Shit"

Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt. 3)"

Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt. 3)": Following up on the leak of "IDK" last week, Tommie goes in a slightly different on this one (Ode To Kendrick Lamar). When someone has some shit to get off their chest, I'd rather not put my own views or thoughts on it - just click play and let Tommie in for a bit. Fucking heavy mental, this shit mirrors the struggles and just LIFE that we dialogue internally. And it's a hefty dose of REAL TALK.

DJ Nappy Interviews Starkey

Via Generation Bass. Shouts to Definate.

[video] Killah Priest "Tonight We Ride"

Sunday, June 05, 2011

[video] Dregs One "Wake Up"

[video] Mr. Fickle "Flatline"

[video] Math Hoffa "Nuketown"

[video] Show Dem Camp ft. MI "Dreamer"