Saturday, June 25, 2011

Custees Choice: Episode 2

The homey Self has the next installment of the Garden Variety shows in Trenton tonight at Terracycle (details HERE), and I've been sitting on the second edition of his "Custees Choice" podcast. Very Jersey-centric here: El Da Sensei, Surg, Dopplegangaz and more are featured, and it's just some ill Hip-Hop to get you ready for tonight, you feel me? Heard Self and maaaaad Trenton area MCs kill Side B Radio last night on WPRB. If you missed that one, I feel sorry for your mother. Anyways, make it out tonight!

DOWNLOAD Custees Choice: Episode 2

DeeJay 007 - Power Hour (June 2011)

I haven't heard from 007 in a MINUTE, so of course he randomly sends over his latest mix. This is more current than I know he prefers to spin, but for a great afternoon, this is the kind of shit you can blast, keep the honeys bouncing and drink to. Nice mix of Hip-Hop, Club, Bmore, Dancehall and more. Get crunk to this one.

DOWNLOAD DeeJay 007 - Power Hour (June 2011)
DeeJay 007 Power Hour (June 2011) by DEEJAY 007

YN At East Village Radio

Dope interview with YN, as well as a look behind the scenes at his recent East Village Radio "Respect The Jux" show, which you can stream (but I'd love in MP3). Via Rap Radar.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of June 22nd, 2011)

J.Rocc - Michael Jackson We Love You

Two years ago today, the world lost the King. Not just the King of Pop - without Michael Jackson, music might not be where it is today. His constant consistency helped push others to either be more like him, or take the natural abilities he had and work it in their own fashion. But I'm no acclaimed journalist, and this isn't that kind of post. I had to re-up this mix J.Rocc did two years ago, a mix that doesn't leave my BlackBerry music folder. This 79 minute trek through MJ's musical catalog is fly. Kind of plays heavy to the older, teen MJ, as J.Rocc tends to love that more disco/party/Club vibe when he's mixing. He just knows how to blend perfect bits - he has comedy bits in here (draws out a thing MJ did for The Simpsons), but also brings out just bonafide classics, as well as some gems that you might have forgotten about. In any case, put this on and reminisce. Or rediscover. Whatever you do, honor the man.

Friday, June 24, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 6/24/2011)

You already know...

The Summer Of Luvstep

Generation Bass and RTD are proud to present The Summer Of Luvstep, two mixes of pure Luvstep sounds from DJ UMB and DJ Nappy. If you're not up on Luvstep, you can hit up GenBass' post to get a full history lesson on the sound, or just check both of these mixes after the jump. Get your drink on, grab your luv and get your step on.

[video] Hawdwerk & Jansport J "You Aint Sayin Nada"

Dominique Larue ft. M-Dot & Revalation "We Are"

Dominique Larue ft. M-Dot & Revalation "We Are" (prod. by Onederkid): Of course I didn't know that Dom Larue had her Sam Jackson Project dropping via Dub MD (whattup, fucker) on the 29th of August. of course I didn't know that she linked up with two of the EMS heads (whattup, fuckers) for this BANGER. Why would I know? This is pure heat. Those strings make everything feel bigger than usual, and I love how Onederkid flips those drums randomly Just a heavyweight record. Something for supreme MCs to go dumb over. And they definitely make this track retarded.

Cold Heat feat. Sadat X & J-Love "Taking It All"

Cold Heat feat. Sadat X & J-Love "Taking It All": I'm sorry, but Sadat X is all wins, everytime. I've always been a fan of the way he spits, from that distinct voice to the almost offbeat rambling at times. Even with his adlibs and doubles, it's crazy. over this sub-heavy cut from Cold Heat's Raising The Bar, which is available for pre-order, but drops on July 19th. Hell they even got J-Love rapping!??! This is some shit to crack dutches and down brew to, forreal. And probably stomp a nigga out to as well. Queens!

Cold Heat (feat. Sadat X & J-Love) - "Taking It All" by Diamond Music Group

[video] The ILLZ "In Between Us"

Villainous Volume 21

These BrainstormLive ass niggas on they job with the podcasts. DTV comes in and brings his brand of Hip-Hop to the masses on VVR #21, alongside Daniel Joseph and Myk Dyaleks, who bring the funny. A lot of the selections this edition are classics – I was actually commenting (to myself) about how much I loved those Heltah Skeltah jams from the ‘90s, and to hear the Fab 5 on this? Amazing. You cats need those fly Hip-Hop tracks from back in the day every once in a while, right? Nigga even drops my favorite jawn from the Afro Samurai soundtrack, forreal. Respect.

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume Radio 21

Wingspan "Wait A Minute"

Wingspan "Wait A Minute" (prod. by Copywrite): Many heads know Copywrite as a supreme MC, but lately (at least) I’ve heard more from his batch of beats, and this one is a moving track. Written during a particularly dark period in Wings’ life, he just tells it like it is, pouring his emotion into the track. He didn’t’ think he’d make it to his next birthday, but he recently celebrated his 21st, and leaked this Growing Wings track the other day. It can’t all be party and bullshit, you feel me?

Esohel "Let Me Show You"

Esohel "Let Me Show You" (prod. by Serious): This instrumental is so… nah, I won’t throw a pun in there. That beat is some shit to move to – be it on the train or just in the recesses of your mind; on this, eS paints three pictures for you, giving you that vivid lyricism that you wish more heads would bring forth. City stories, mostly, from a couple of different takes. Part of that brand of Hip-Hop I grew up on, and still yearn for, to this day. His next album, Essential, drops on the 12th of July for $free.99 via

Small Professor Beats & Rhymes Jawns

I'm glad that Small Professor is finally ready to start this crazy promo run. Dude's got a few serious projects (as well as a tough remix I have been waiting on for a minute). Dude's part of that new breed of Hip-Hop producers, both from Philly and just hitting my ears over the last few years, that I've genuinely been excited about. And while dude's new, he still maintains some of those old school vibes about him. He does have a bit of that quirk in him as well, which you catch on this short EP of, well, beats and shit. You've heard a few of these if you mess with his SoundCloud, but to get them all in high quality is essential. Keep your ear to his Bandcamp for the next Small Pro release(s), seriously.

DOWNLOAD Small Professor Beats & Rhymes Jawns

Lewis "LION"

Lewis "LION": NO idea who Lewis is, but this is intriguing. The instrumental flies in differently – loads of snare hits, synths and eerie sounds that pairs up perfectly for that guttural fury that homey spits. Nothing nice or a joke around here – although he does allow himself to flow fiercely on this one. Something to rock to with the lights off… and your sobriety out the window. I might have to see what else this nigga has going on…

LION by Lewis Allen

[video] J.Rocc "Play This Also "

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[video] Thelonious Martin "Super"

Congrats on graduating high school without killin' niggas.

The Two. Fifteens The Commute Vol. 1

New compilation of sick bass-fueled bangers from The Two. Fifteens. I've had a couple of these on deck, like "Tap Dance Massacre", "I Shake. Now" and more, and it just has all of the shit I need. "Tap Dance Massacre" is straight dubfunk with a bit of those eerie Aphex Twin melodies creeping around, while in other spots, they bring the sick sublow fury to Nas & Damian Marley's "As We Enter". This is proper dub - they really melt a lot of genres into their cipher, and spit out some pure rum punch on this one. Everyone from Rihanna to Busta Rhymes has a voice on here, with loads of BPMs being touched. Don't sleep. And don't approach this without an open mind. This is the precursor to Effective When Used After, so if you're tardy to the party, this will be your boarding pass. Hop on!

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens The Commute Vol. 1 [mirror]

Boomboxed Radio 2

Dan Joseph goes in, starts out episode two of his Boomboxed Radio podcast with the mighty "Baggage Handlers". Bong bong. From there he goes into making some grown-ass cup of coffee for Deal, and it’s craziness after that. Dude is such a character, it’s great to hear niggas with personalities and shit. Big up to BrainstormLive for presenting these, although they ain’t sending them out. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Lots of Wu in this episode, heavy. You need this.

DOWNLOAD Boomboxed Radio 2

Skrewtape ft. Young Zee & Copywrite "Aint Nothin' Slick"

Skrewtape ft. Young Zee & Copywrite "Aint Nothin' Slick": At May’s Garden Variety show, I spoke to Skrew briefly and let him know that his networking game is on POINT! I can always count on him to send over some track that has just ill features on it. Over some laidback funk, Skrew links up with Jersey’s own Young Zee, as well as Ohio’s Copywrite for some expert lyricism. Something to blow a fine L and bounce to. Shouts to DJ Rhino for the ill cuts on this one. Expect to hear this and more on the Jersey Fresh Graf Jam mixtape, nahmean? Still accepting tracks, hit me up!

Jelani "Race Matters"

Jelani "Race Matters" (prod. by Durkin): Taking the lead from the Race Matters book from Dr. Cornel West, Jelani speaks on a number of issues affecting the Black race right now, from Fox News to racial profiling. Oddly enough, a nigga at my job had made mention of Willie Lynch, and that Talib Kweli line hit me in the head. I spent an hour at work being mystified at word that the "Willie Lynch speech" wasn’t real, or can’t be confirmed as legit. Oddly enough, while I hate spreading falsehoods, the shit in there mirrors what has gone on in America. Whether it’s us vs. them or us vs. us, we have been put into some fucked up predicaments that only we can reverse. Get educated and move forward.

Tone Liv ft. Sol Zalez & B. Stilt "State of Emergency"

Tone Liv ft. Sol Zalez & B. Stilt "State of Emergency" (prod. by A Sharp): Here’s some more of that dope NJ Hip-Hop for you heads out there. Word is the Remarkable Mayor is due out in Trenton this weekend for the Garden Variety Show, and I imagine Sol will be there as well. This is taken from Tone’s Jersey’s Junkyard Dog, which will be available for free download very soon. “Jersey’s all I know” is the anthem, indeed.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (6/21/2011)

Jay Cue "Awesome Sauce"

Jay Cue "Awesome Sauce": You might’ve seen me comment on the multiple emails I received regarding this track. If not, it doesn’t matter, this is all about a cat who’s reppin’ with the NRK camp out of Georgia. Another young cat that kind of reminds me of Tyler and the OF guys – mainly for how he comes across in his rhymes, and the downright leftfield beat that he’s spitting over. He actually has a few OF ties, as Vince Staples and ½ of The Jet Age Of Tomorrow were featured on his Pyramid Life album, which dropped in March. As the email states, this is for cats who are living in a “why am I living this life” kind of status… let that album be your soundtrack. Definitely has that feeling of depression/dread, but instead of crying and giving up, taking that frustration and building something with it. Interesting work, check it out.

[video] Vakill "Armor Of God"

You Need Some Ice?

I don't care how old "Bling Bling" is, nothing says "I made it" like getting some ill Hip Hop Jewelry, right? If I did, I'd fuck with a watch up like the one up above. I'm personally not too into crazy chains, but if you need some Hip Hop Jewelry, check out Trax NYC. Forreal.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Two. Fifteens "As We Enter (RMX)"

Tomorrow, The Two. Fifteens will be dropping their The Commute Vol. 1 mixtape, which features a number of leftfield bass masterpieces, further showcasing their love and experimentation with dub, Hip-Hop, IDM and other forms of trickery. This particular track is a futuristic dub take on Nas & Damian Marley's "As We Enter", complete with otherworldly bass, pulsating kicks and some of that fly back and forth flavor from Jr. Gong and Nas. Kinda wish the majors had seen this and put this on a UK release of the single, but you know how that goes.

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens "As We Enter (RMX)"
The Two. Fifteens-As We Enter (RMX)* by thetwofifteens

[video] Neak "It's Your World"

ForteBowie "3 Stax Back"

ForteBowie "3 Stax Back": Love how Bowie flips the "____ Back" craze that the MMG started, asking for Andre3000 to come back and save the ATL Hip-Hop scene from the "trap". Plus, he used the beat from "Spottieottiedopaliscious". 3 Stacks ain't been around for a bit, but when he does rear his head, he merks shit. I'd be up for his return. Something About #Bowie is due out July 8th, and will be presented by Refined Hype, Donuts And Milk and RTD.

[video] J Rawls ft. Casual "Find A New"

[video] Rapper Big Pooh "Wooden Wall Silverware"

junclassic & Jazz Spastiks "Busta Ya Melon"

junclassic & Jazz Spastiks "Busta Ya Melon": I saw some footage of jun ripping through this during K-SISE’s release party, and it looked like cats were all about this one. This is taken from their Mode 7 album, which HiPNOTT picked up and will be dropping on the 26th of July. That Busta sample in the hook, paired up with that throwback jazz in the track? This is the kind of shit I used to vibe out to years back. Back to my essence. Undeniable.

Rickie Jacobs ft. Artic "Free John"

Rickie Jacobs ft. Artic "Free John" (prod. by The Arsenals): Who’s John? They talking about Starks, Studd or Stamos? Legend or Lennon? Anyways, The Arsenals drop a track reminiscent of something Rick Rawse would spit over. Artic and Rickie go straight stupid on this one, but really, there’s nothing else to do over a riddim like this. What you gonna do, rap about art and saving the children over a track that’s essentially made for fat asses to bounce to? Come on, dude. I legit LOL’d at “you should give me brain, bitch, because I’m about to be famous”. Whoever John is, someone should be popping a pussy for him.

Jon Connor "Broken Mirrors"

Jon Connor "Broken Mirrors" (prod. by Reef): This leak from Connor’s Salvation hit the inbox the other day, and I can’t help but feel refreshed when I heard dude spit. He’s one of those cats who genuinely knows how to spit, but also knows how to construct songs. Almost like he’s cut from the Joell Ortiz cloth, ala “Kawl Me”, or a L.E.G.A.C.Y.. Dumb talented, but doing it for the people? Take heed to this one. July 12th!

Bonus Beats Kid Ink ft. Kevin Cossum & Jon Connor "Hold It Down" (prod. by APB)

Jermiside "I'm A Man"

JermisideI’m A Man”: Dear Jerm, I already knew you were a man. Hah just joking, nigga. I’m guessing Jerm is about my age, and I’ve definitely been on some reflective shit about where I’m going for the next phase of my life. Especially when I think about my son and how he’s starting kindergarten, and how I’ve got a daughter who’s overcome dumb obstacles to win Principal Awards during her recent graduation. Proud man, proud father shit, but it’s a weird tightrope. Balancing act, if you will. Part of being a man is family first, and I’m learning that more this year than any other year in my life. Anyways, enough about me – Jerm’s Live & Let Live tape, which is presented by, should be out soon. This is the second leak from it, and a sound that I wish we heard more of in the Hip-Hop.

Advent Venture II

I don’t know why, but for some reason I was not expecting them EA niggas to bounce back with new editions of their podcasts so quickly. The posts had barely cooled down in my RSS feed and I had three new episodes sent over! Continuing as he means to go on, Myk Dyaleks takes you into a deeper side of the game, showcasing his love (passion?) for Soul and RnB. This is some late-night shit. I don’t wanna call it incense sounds, but it’s definitely some shit you wanna blow a tree and straight relax with your loved one to, trust. A good bit of this edition features a promo type ting for Mara Hruby, too, which is dope. Love that they knocked out the ‘casts (VVR and Boomboxed Radio) in the same session, something they are birthing with/for Brainstorm Live. Dope shit.

DOWNLOAD Advent Venture 2

J.Gunn "Side Jawn"

J.Gunn "Side Jawn" (prod. by The Jake): This cut landed in my inbox during the Father’s Day weekend, and isn’t a situation I get involved in at all. I gotta say, though, The Jake’s Dream Season EP, which RTD Records is looking to lace you with in the near future, and J.Gunn has a few sick tracks on that project. Definitely feel like Gunn and Jake need to do an entire EP and/or LP project together, just fit perfect together. Anyways, this is one of those tracks that can put fear into a nigga’s life, especially when it comes to bringing babies and shit into your life. Don’t even worry about it, forreal. Just work on putting the proper smashgame down on your earth. What’d Chris Rock say? You have to recycle the pussy, turn the old pussy into new pussy. Do that. Be on the lookout for Gunn’s Earl Manigault LP.

Heathen ft. Uncle Murda & DV Alias Khryst "No Problems"

Heathen ft. Uncle Murda & DV Alias Khryst "No Problems" (prod. by Fran AM): Why hello, random feature banger! I’ve been conversing with Jersey spitter Heathen for a bit, and I know he has a number of heatrocks loaded and ready to go, but I had no idea a track with Uncle Murda and DV Alias Khryst was one of them! The beat/hook actually feels like it has a Dre influence to it – the dope pianos and strings over that drum feel like some 2001-era Andre Young, with the Nate Dogg-esque sangin’ on the hook. And yes, Uncle Murda brings the adlibs heavy. Love when cats bring that melodic cool to, like, hunting niggas down and threatening their lives.

2ew Gunn Ciz "Okay Cool"

2ew Gunn Ciz "Okay Cool" (prod. by AStatusBeats): Hah, this is definitely some asshole shit, Ciz, but I respect it. It’s hard to get worked up when someone is like “hey you blog? I’m a blogger, too!” It’s hard enough to get yourself on, why must you be clouded trying to get everyone else on!?! In some situations (read: most), it’s acceptable to give them the “okay, cool” and keep it moving. Lot of talkers out there, we need more doers, nahmean? This is pure comedy. Philly stays keeping it pushing. Need more from you, Ciz!

Artifacts "Turn It Out"

Artifacts "Turn It Out" (prod. by King I Divine): Here’s a nice untagged banger from that SXSW Mixtape that dropped a few weeks ago (and never unzipped properly for me, for some reason). Didn’t realize the homey King I was on this project, and that he had vets like the Artifacts(!) bruising his instrumentals. Love the creepy organ vibe to this, something really big to blast on your way to the ring… or in your whip, going to cop some juice or some shit. I always have to give it up to NJ, and El Da Sensei and Tame One rep our state properly. Maybe they can make it to a Trenton Garden Variety Show at some point?

Artifacts - Turn It Out by Diamond Music Group

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Toxic Waste"

UllNevaNo ft. Ahhzel "Outer Regions"

UllNevaNo ft. Ahhzel "Outer Regions": I had a hand in presenting UllNevaNo’s first Color Brown mixtape, and he’s back for Color Brown Part 2, this time flipping Apollo Brown instrumentals instead of Kev. This one is set to drop in the Fall, via Mix Bullies and Brick To Ya Face. Just some spaced out shit to lift off to. If you want to know more about Ull, grab that #InstantMessenger project that dropped not too long ago.

Hype Men Podcast, Episodes 43+45

Sans guest, The Hype Men spent a few recent episodes answering listener questions. Hilarity ensues, gems get dropped, and fun is had by all.

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 43
DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 45

[video] REKS "Kill'em"

[video] Grit Grammar, Iron Braydz & Baron Samedi "Ill Rap"

[video] THUGSTEP Summit (6/22/2011)

Some video footage from this past Mad Decent Monday, which was a fucking THUGSTEP takeover. Via Dabooth.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (6/15/2011)

I love the Combat Jack show when they come with the high power interviews - they are a bit more insightful and unique that regular radio shows. But when the guys are flying dolo, and start to dumb out? Classic. This week's episode started out with an odd mic, no mixer and an aggy Combat, and went left... right... and all points in between. One of the funniest and realest CJ shows in a bit.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/15/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 6-15-11 by PNCRadio

J Dilla "King (Sinistarr Remix)"

J Dilla "King (Sinistarr Remix)": This is one of those remixes where I ask why it hadn't been done before. Taking one of my favorite tracks from the Jay $tay Paid album, Sinistarr flips it in a DnB style. Not too much tweaking, just flipping it up a bit. Didn't even need too much bass. And seeing as Sinistarr is a Detroit cat, it's more than perfect. RIP Dilla Dog.


[video] Wes Fif "Golden Nights"

Apollo The Great's MTV Sucker Freestyle

[video] Nato Caliph "Prophecy"

[video] Styles P "Where The Angels Sleep"

Fat Joe Announces Big Pun Tribute

September 17th 2011

BCS in association with Vh1 Save The Music and the J Dilla Foundation
bring you


FAT JOE - special Big Pun Tribute
ILLA J - special J DILLA Tribute

This 3 day event will feature a $10,000 pro bmx competition, breakdance comps and more!

Pico Sports Arena
September 17, 2011
Pico Rivera, California

Monday, June 20, 2011

Disc Jockey Nappy SNUFF

This is a mix that I've been waiting to drop. Alongside FiftyOne:FiftyOne, I am proud to present you with SNUFF, a quick mix of deadly cuts from the homey Disc Jockey Nappy. Kind of fitting, considering that Nappy's touching down at Mad Decent Mondays tonight, and 51:51 being based in Philly. Just makes sense. This mix has been done since the weekend Hangover II dropped, and I love it more now than I did then. It's just got those quick cuts, constant destruction. Producers featured include Dillon Francis, Muffler, Trolley Snatcha, Document One, TRiLLBASS and more. Sick shit, you need this.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy SNUFF [mirror]

Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L Pt. 2 (Heavy Heart)"

Tommie Chase "O.T.K.L Pt. 2 (Heavy Heart)": Damn; Tommie is going in. More focused than last week's leak, he definitely opens up his weighted heart and allows the emotion to flood the beat. I feel this shit, too. Part of the reason I fucked with cats like Budden early on. Definitely not for those of you who can't handle real life... fuck. This is the shit that makes #winning so sweet, when you can overcome the ills of life that Tom spills in this one.

Three 6 Mafia vs. 12th Planet "Stay Fly (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

In honor of the THUGSTEP Summit going down at Philly's Mad Decent Mondays tonight, I figured I'd unleash a refix that's not hit the 'Net as of yet. This is one of his newer blends, but vibing in the older style. Love how that 12th Planet builds, and is a perfect, dumb riddim for the Triple 6 and company to fuck with.

DOWNLOAD Three 6 Mafia vs. 12th Planet "Stay Fly (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

And in honor of THUGSTEP getting a dope co-sign, I had to open the vault with a special one. This cut, as I recall, is one of the first proper, original THUGSTEP tracks done. Don P is a Philly cat who fucked with Peedi Crakk when Nappy was working on things back in '07. Nappy sent him a D1 track and the first, true "Thugstep Anthem" was concocted. Showcases everything that THUGSTEP is all about, really. Need more like these.

DOWNLOAD Don P "Thugstep Anthem"

Dev79 Presents Street Bass Bootlegs

When we hit you with Dev79's mix for HOODLUM and RTD, we told you this one was on the way. 18 fire street bass refixes of cuts from Aaliyah, The Game, Gucci Mane, Beenie Man, Gorilla Zoe and others, by acclaimed producers like 6blocc BD1982, Down Jones, Starkey, Proper Villains and Dev himself. Not much needs to be said, except if you have shit you need to do, get that shit done and vibe to this one!

DOWNLOAD Dev79 Presents Street Bass Bootlegs

[video] Mr. Fickle ft. Point Blank "24 More"

The boy Hook Jackson uploaded a video with interviews featuring Mr. Fickle, Skrew, Steve Smiff and Poppa Chief. Check that out via FB.

[video] Random Axe ft. Roc Marciano "Chewbacca"

DP wins, again. And if you need more Random Axe, check out Jaap's interview with them over on TheRapUp. And make sure you copped the album.

Diplo - Blow Your Head 001

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go The Fuck To Sleep

This is nothing but wins, especially for all the tired dads out there. Happy Father's Day. Crack open another beer. You can cop this via Amazon. Samuel Jackson FTW.

Bonus Beats The Rapture "Fred"

Father's Day Graf

Some stills and video of Luv1 painting in BKLYN on Father's Day 2010. Via.

DJ Hipnotikk & Santi Junior - Dirty South Thugstep V

The two proverbial young lions of our THUGSTEP consortium, DJ Hipnotikk and Santi Junior, have aligned for this dub-packed team-up, which marks the fifth of Hipnotikk's Dirty South Thugstep series, with a dope title that rings true: Real Recognize Real. These two have consistently brought the thunder with their refixes, but I imagine a lot of you slept. Don't worry - you can catch up with this mixtape. Each DJ goes in with their own refix catalog, featuring some exclusives to this mix and some jams you should already be up on. Action-packed THUGSTEP work out for Father's Day, seen?

DOWNLOAD DJ Hipnotikk & Santi Junior - Dirty South Thugstep V

Cymarshall Law & DJ GI JOE Hip Hop in the Soul Brother # 1

Cymarshall Law finally sorts out his DJ GI JOE-assisted tribute mix to Pete Rock. I keep saying it, but in going back to the old Juan Epstein shows, you remember how much Pete means to the game. Good to hear a cat like Cymar show respect. Not too many features on here - although RTD-Approved MCs Daniel Joseph and St. Joe Louis are on here. Pete fathered a lot of niggas styles, so on Father's Day, light something up and reminisce.

DOWNLOAD Cymarshall Law & DJ GI JOE Hip Hop in the Soul Brother # 1

Marsha Ambrosius "Father's Day 2011"

A gift for her father, reminiscent of the gift she gave her mother.

Father's Day 2011 Daddy's Little Girl by MsAmbrosius

FuseBox Radio (Week Of June 15th, 2011)