Saturday, July 02, 2011

[video] Kingpen Slim "Parties All Time"

Co$$ Sleepwalking

Jean Grae Cookies Or Coma

Small Eyez "Shurikens"

Small Eyez "Shurikens" (prod. by Sal Dali): I've been on some Madlib shit lately, and this right here feels like some OJ Simpson shit. Eyez is dropping his #NWords project via 2DBz on the 5th of July, and this one is some urban ninja shit. Precision cuts on the rhymes and the beat, every bar deadly and ever-so necessary. If you're in the A on the 11th of July, hit up the #NWords release party.

D-Risha - Big Trouble In Houston Texas

Dom McLennon - Decktales Volume 3


Mick Boogie & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Summertime 2

I loved last year's Summertime mixtape - and apparently, so did mad people, as it hit half a million downloads! This year's is just as dope - all of the cross-genre shit, with a lot of original jams and the Hip-Hop uses thrown in, as well as some SICK blends (that Stevie Wonder / Run DMC jawn is a personal fav). If you don't drop this at least twice during the holiday weekend, you're on crillz.

DOWNLOAD Mick Boogie & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Summertime 2

Good Hair

S.P.E.C. Dolla Presents...Every Second Counts

[video] Kool Kouzo "Mr. Feature"

Ritchcraft Whats It All About

Taking instrumentals from the 30 in 30 series from a few months ago, Ritchcraft concocted an eight-track EP with MCs like K. Sparks, Geeter, Intalek, e.d.g.e. and Foff, among others. Dude’s got a great eat for grooves, and I love the way he flips samples. Almost makes me wish I could rap – no diss to these guys, but it feels like it’s almost too easy. These beats fit like a glove. And that’s what it’s all about.

DOWNLOAD Ritchcraft Whats It All About

[video] 2 Dash Tone & Audio Games "When I Was Gone"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/01/2011)


Solid Steel (7/01/2011)

Friday, July 01, 2011

DJ Absurd ft. Dead Poets & Pacewon "Ain't Hard To Find"

DJ Absurd ft. Dead Poets & Pacewon "Ain't Hard To Find": Absurd didn’t know me from Adam, but I had to give homey props when I saw him at June’s Garden Variety. Love seeing Jersey doing it, and Absurd is definitely doing it – he recently dropped his Flying Colors EP, and this track goes IN! Pace doesn’t waste time with his verse, trust. Shouts to Brick City. You already know, the Flying Colors release party is July 3rd – if you’re in the area, go in there. Shouts to Tone Liv!

DJ Absurd (feat. Dead Poets & Pacewon) - "Ain't Hard To Find" by Diamond Music Group

The Combat Jack Show (6/29/2011)

Great episode. Three hour, jam-packed with random. The one like Nitty Scott MC touched down, then some nigga from @thepacereport rolled in on the real ballsy sly. I’m sorry, dude sounded like he was walking around with vacuums for sale. The crew (w/ Torae) speak on the recent police brutality that hit in New York, and the one like Sacha Jenkins rounds things out. Just an all-around great show, with some awkward randomness, loads of Hip-Hop (Benhameen goes ham on the mix) and lots of comedy. You need this one.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/29/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (The Random Edition) 6-29-11 by PNCRadio

PreZZure "Watch You Go"

PreZZure "Watch You Go": It’s crazy, I was going to hit up PreZZure regarding The Reset Button (which is presenting), because I remembered it was due out already. He hits me out of nowhere with this track, and lets me know that Reset is 80% done. I don’t rush great work, so we’ll get it out when it’s done, iight? In any case, this is the ultimate kiss-off to those exes out there. You have those in your life who you love, but you’re just wrong for each other. Beefing all the time, cold shoulders, all that shit. You just need to break it off. This is what you put on when you see that bitch walk away, laughing. Take a sip of something strong and let it all out. Not tears, nigga. That anger. Then go have some fun.

Advent Venture III

Myk's back! This week, he starts his "Soul Journey" series, where he plays the music of one artist chronologically, and speaks on their impact and other points of interest. Kind of like VH1 Soul's Soul Story series, but with more insight and discussion. This first edition features the mighty A Tribe Called Quest. You need this.

DOWNLOAD Advent Venture III

[video] Skit Slam "Electric Relaxation Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Skit Slam The Time Machine Mix CD

[preview] ForteBowie Something About #Bowie

ForteBowie's Something About #Bowie drops on the 8th of July, aka next Friday. Up above is the sultry woman-cover for the project. After the jump is the back cover, with the full tracklist. Big up to Bowie; this project is going to be the truth. Here are a few tracks that have already leaked:

[video] Wise Intelligent "UndergroundSpiritualGame"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (6/30/2011)

[recap] Distinct Life x New Balance "30 For 30"

Yeah, these are fresh. "At the start of June, Burn Rubber co-owner Rick Williams launched a campaign in conjunction with New Balance titled “30 for 30.” Spanning the whole month of June, the initiative was to highlight both the past, present and future of New Balance’s lifestyle range. This meant showing off some older Japan-only classics as well offering a crystal ball look involving future releases from the storied American running brand. The 30th and final day concluded with the announcing of a 2012 Burn Rubber x New Balance collaboration which is unfortunately short on details." Via Hypebeast.

[video] Sonnyjim "Psychonaut"

If you fools with that, cop the single.

[video] Apollo Brown "Tao Te Ching"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

[video] Magnetic Man ft. P Money "Anthemic"

[video] Revalation ft. Mayhem "The Goods"

[video] Esohel "Bleed" x Best Of Both Offices (Part 1)

NYPD Brutality After Pete Rock/Smif-N-Wessun Show

After a recent Monumental show in New York, a fight broke out outside of the venue. Does that mean the NYPD needed to wail on these cats like they did? This shit seriously has to stop. Being scared of the police doesn't help ANYONE, you feel me? It brings fear, and hate, to them, and a real sense of "we've got no protection". Which leads to a bunch of other stuff. Shouts to HipHopIsCoolAgain for this one.

[video] Apathy "Check To Check"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (6/29/2011)

[video] Whitefolkz "I'm A Dogg"

[video] Skrillex LIVE At Dex Fest 2011

Via Definate Films.

DMG x !llmind Presents - The "Destiny" Remix Challenge

Calling all producers!! Diamond Music Group has paired up with b.l.a.p. frontman !llmind & the NY based boutique tee-shirt brand Classic Material NY for The "Destiny" Remix Challenge. The remix is for the Illmind produced single, "Destiny" off Moke & Tone's recently release Shot Heard Round The World LP, which is now available. The producer with the winning remix receives limited edition tee-shirts courtesy of the good folks at Get started now by downloading the audio files and rules/itinerary document. If any producers experience difficulty in downloading or unzipping the files, please send an email to coalminerecords [@] and they will attempt to resolve your issue. All remixes are due no later than Monday, July 19th, good luck!!

DOWNLOAD hulkshare | mediafire

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I.C. NYC Episode 3: A Fare Slice

In 1980, New Yorker Eric Bram noticed that for twenty years the price of a subway token had tended to match the price of a slice of pizza. Thirty years later, his hypothesis still holds true. The question we wanted answered is WHY. Are the MTA and the various supposedly independent pizza shops involved in collusion - or who's taking their pricing cues from who? And what about the dollar pizza spots that have been popping up all over Manhattan recently -- could these be predicting a lower cost transit authority appearing in our future?

[video] Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun ft. Styles P & Sean Price "That's Hard"

Via Nah Right.

DNAEBEATS ft. Psalm One & Mistah FAB "Let Me Hit That"

DNAEBEATS ft. Psalm One & Mistah FAB "Let Me Hit That": Weird – I had no idea DNAEBEATS has worked with cats like GM Grimm, Gift of Gab and Quannum. On some shit that I wish I could make happen, DNAEBEATS’ “Disko Blunt”, which was found on the Seclusiasis releae Secrets Worth Dying For has been vocaled by FAB and Psalm One. Some sly funk right here (slunk?), and provides a dope electro-tinged weed anthem for you spaceraiders out there. This is on a two-track single that exclusively dropped via Beatport on the 27th of June , and on July 3rd, word is the Secret release part will be in Philly, with DNAEBEATS, Dev79 and more. Lemme hit that slunk!

How The BET Awards Changed My Life

Jay Smooth wins.

Surock ft. Pro'Verb, K-Beta, yU, Lyriciss & RAtheMC "Blasphemy"

Surock ft. Pro'Verb, K-Beta, yU, Lyriciss & RAtheMC "Blasphemy": The story behind this DMV posse cut sounds like one of my situations. Last August, Surock rounded up some elite individuals to go in on a track that was to be a bonus on his Suck My Disk SP1200 beat tape. As usually goes on when more than 2 people are working on some shit, the track didn’t get completed in time. I’m just glad it got sorted out – this is some fucking heat! The beat is some straight throwback hustler music, and each MC destroys this instrumental. Real smooth, cognac flows. Video on the way. I hope they have leather jackets on!

ForteBowie ft. Aleon Craft "Decatur"

ForteBowie ft. Aleon Craft "Decatur": Second single from Something About #Bowie finds Bowie and ATL's own Aleon Craft sending some love to one of ATL's havens. No big booty bassline anthems here - just a down-home guitar and some subtle percussion. Tracks like this have worked well for both artists, so I'm not surprised they linked up for this anthem. See, rappers, you can praise your city without an Auto-Tune'd T-Pain hook!

Esohel ft. Astonish & Kenlo Key "Take Notes"

Esohel ft. Astonish & Kenlo Key "Take Notes" (prod. by Dynamic): Guess which don got flipped on the hook? eS brings another Essential leak, alongside Moleman Astonish and Tha Intavention’s Kenlo Key, beating this brutal instrumental into submission. This is some big body music right here. Something to recite while counting your stacks, or contemplating on getting some. End of the day, once it’s past family, it’s funds. This one goes hard, trust. Was kind of surprised, actually. Need a video for this one, dunn.

Signif x KnowSum "Let's Figure It Out"

Signif x KnowSum "Let's Figure It Out": Whoa! I just flipped a Signif/Gee Wiz track yesterday, and get this snappy number for Sig and this cat KnowSum. I love the vocal bass thing he has going on here, with the strings starting and stopping? Tough. Not sure if this is really going to be going anywhere – but knowing Sig, she’s going to make more happen with dude. She weaves a crazy tale, sounds like the kiss-off to a wild relationship on the side of someone who gets cut off before their lover leaves. Fuck ‘em though, right? Nah, you think on it, ponder it over the Summer… even while you’re hugging and loving. Maybe the school year will bring you two back together? Figure that one out.

[video] 3-60 ft. Big Ooh! "Im A Get At You"

[video] Tricil "One Day Soon"

[video] Aaron Evans ft. DJ Deprave "Jazz Is Freedom"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[video] Legit "Thirteen"

Directed By Scotty Summers.

previous Legit "Thirteen"

[video] DJ Nappy LIVE In Atlanta (June 2011)

This is literally the entirety of Nappy's set in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Storms caused his time to be cut right after the first mix. @zone3 from got all of the footage.

Boomboxed Radio 3

The boy Daniel Joseph switched locations, sorted this podcast out with the one like A Sharp. Words is Phace stopped in and dropped an exclusive on that ass. Dope tracklist here, featuring cats like Divine Drummah, Venemous2000 and DJ Priority, Koncept, Run CMD and more. I saw Phace drop some lyrics at Saturday’s Garden Variety, and he’s got a tape on the way. Pop this on during your job and cool out. Forget your work, you feel me? Fucka job, just max. Then go rob somebody.

DOWNLOAD Boomboxed Radio 3

Rome Cee The Extra Mile

Bmore has some talents. I think Articulate was the first Baltimore spitter I really got into, and that put me onto Rickie Jacobs, who just blew minds with his consistency. I don’t know how or where Rome Cee fits into that mixture, but dude definitely has a drive all his own, truly going that “extra mile”. He already had USM, PedX and Spksmen putting this out, and hit me up to help spread the word. Had to oblige, especially when I realized how sick everything he had was going. I love the sound of this – has a lot of Soul soaked into these tracks, with beats coming from J. Cardim, E Hill, Swiff D and others, with features including Sean Price, E Major, UllNevaNo and more talented spitters. Rome is someone I imagine would be fun to get drunk with. Not “ha-ha”, tipping cows fun, but someone who’s natural and would be at home having a real conversation as well as just shooting the shit. Has that respect for his family, as well as a dedication to the goals he’s set for himself. If that’s you, let this be your soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee The Extra Mile

SigNif "Wish Her Well"

SigNif "Wish Her Well" (prod. by Gee Wiz): Love how Wiz and Sig have heat like this, after sorting out a dynamic EP like Significant Wizdom. Wiz has those beats that you can smell on the SPOT, knowing full well they’re going to be fantastic. Has that bounce and that screwface factor that are ready to get you cats fucked the fuck up. Sig keeps it sharp with her bars, letting you know why she should be in your “my favorite MC is…” conversation(s). Word is a video for “S.I.G.M.A.T.A.” is on the way, so be on the lookout for that, but blast this during these forthcoming scorching summer nights.

Jon Connor "Someday"

Jon Connor "Someday" (prod. by Reef): Each one of these Salvation leaks lets me know that my early appreciation of Connor’s music had basis. Over an ill beat that feels like a the backing band’s theme music for a regular nigga like me, walking to the bank, Jon Connor essentially gives you haters the middle finger, and let’s you know that he was fully aware of where he was going to. Dude’s talented, and can twist verses that tell stories and also come lyrically correct, while still keeping it concrete. New visionary for the sidewalks and alleyways out there.

Mirandom "So Far"

Mirandom "So Far": Mr. Miranda and Random have a dope collaborative project on the way entitled The Memorandum, and they figured they’d grab Common’s “The Food” and speak on how they are more concerned with what lies ahead than what they’ve left behind. You definitely need to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going, but if you don’t keep your eyes on the prize, how the fuck will you know where you’re going? I see it, and this is my motivation music.

DistantStarr For Them Vol.1

The boy DistantStarr has been working on shit, I know, but he ain’t been releasing shit. Well, he did, and I fucking forgot to post it. My bad, nigga. But you kept the good public waiting, so we’re even. Anyways, he brings his brand of futuristic funk on this one, in both concept and execution. Collaborations include the homey 2ew Gunn Ciz, Scanz, Reggie B and more, with stand-outs (in my opinion), including “For Them”, “Nike SB’s (I’m Fly)”, “Night Shift”… fuck it, it’s really all fly. Blaze to this one, forreal. Actually, Distant and Aleon Craft should link up… someone make this happen!

DOWNLOAD DistantStarr For Them Vol.1

C-Rayz Walz & Dub MD Presents All Blvck Everthing (The Prequel)

Had no idea the homey Dub MD was linking up with one of my favorite MCs, but I smiled when the first free project from C-Rayz Walz touched my inbox today (pause?). Word is All Blvck Everything (The Prequel) is not only the taster, if you will, to his All Blvck Everything: The Album, is not only a death march for his old ways, but also the death march for all competition. Walz doesn’t disappoint here – alone and on the collabo tip (with the likes of M1, iCON The Mic King, Mike Eagle, NoCanDo and more), with beats from 9th Wonder, Marley Marl, Bronze Nazareth and plenty more, he goes in with the twisted wordplay. I was always intrigued by his dominance over beats, and stayed for the intellect, and I’m glad I’ve got a grip of new jawns from him. Also kind of intrigued with what he has down the pipeline – where the fuck is C-Rayz going!?

DOWNLOAD C-Rayz Walz & Dub MD Presents All Blvck Everthing (The Prequel)

Monday, June 27, 2011

[video] ForteBowie "The Thesis"

Thelonious Martin [Super]

When he’s not doing amazing shit like graduating high school and representing what a dope producer from Jersey can be, Thelonious Martin watches [Adult Swim]. Inspired by the bumps betwixt commercials/shows, 1Up presents his 7th beat tape from this last year, [Super], with a equal nods to Soul and video games. AKA what I figure I’d have been making if I spent less time smoking weed and more time not being frustrated by my lack of patience when it comes to shit like making music or DJing. If you’re an MC, I’d say grab some of these beats now, and get your swim on. Bitch.

DOWNLOAD Thelonious Martin [Super]

"He must have thought it was white boy day..."

After seeing that both Eminem and Action Bronson recently released some murderous videos today, it reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from True Romance. Check both clips out now.

Eminem "Space Bound"

Action Bronson "Brunch"

[video] Blackout & Tone Liv LIVE At Garden Variety (6/25/2011)

Outside of Terracycle, Tone was talking to myself and Jermaine about how trying to match Blackout's energy almost threw him off his game. Black's got that Busta presence when he touches the stage.

Tom Chase "Scattered Thoughts" / "Machine Gun Brothers" (ft. Elete)

It's not Tuesday, but Tom Chase has a slick two-fer for you niggas. On the first half of this special, he literally flips some "Scattered Thoughts" over Kendrick Lamar's "Hi Power" #noOTKL, making me wish he had touched down at Garden Variety this past weekend. Just disgusting over a sly beat. On the flipside of the file, Tom and Elete link up as the "Machine Gun Brothers", taking Fat Joe's "Massacre On Madison" and Swiss cheese the track. Seriously - I don't care how many of you niggas out there are spitting, you ain't merkin' tracks like this, trust we.

DOWNLOAD Tom Chase "Scattered Thoughts" / "Machine Gun Brothers" (ft. Elete)

[video] Mr. Fickle LIVE At Garden Variety (6/25/2011)

Fickle was talking about his The Streets Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape, which you can grab for free via DatPiff right now.

Rome Cee ft. Sean Price & Jay Mastermind "So Insane"

Rome Cee ft. Sean Price & Jay Mastermind "So Insane" (prod. by Jay Mastermind): Nice little leftfield flavor for your Monday morning. Bmore's own Rome Cee hit me up a bit ago, and I was impressed by dude. I went in with no expectations, and got really hype off his shit. He asked if RTD would help present his The Extra Mile mixtape, and I said let's go. This track definitely comes hard, but on a different vibe. Been hearing a lot of organs in tracks lately, and this one digs into a dope organ paired with some fly drums. Just that hint of quirk that makes me keep pressing rewind. And anytime P! touches on a track, you know it's a problem. Soak this leak up today, and get prepared for The Extra Mile tomorrow.

[video] Paperface ft. Prep Star "She's Like A Star"

Saw Paperface on Saturday night, and was truly blown away. Love the originality and the concept. Check out this video, and grab The Paperboy EP.

[video] K-SISE "Player Shoes" LIVE

Bonus Beats K-SISE Rewind + ReplayLink

[video] Knowledge ft. The Cause "I Used To Dream"

Bonus Beats Knowledge ft. The Cause "I Used To Dream"

Sunday, June 26, 2011

DJ Absurd Flying Colors EP Release Party (7/03/2011)

That line-up is kind of classic. #jerseysalliknow more details via Facebook.

Midnight Marauders (7/09/2011) w/ 9th Wonder

[pics] Garden Variety (6/25/2011)

I just uploaded a bunch of pics from last night's #GardenVariety show that went down in Trenton (check them out via Facebook). It was good to finally meet Tone Liv, as well as see brethren like Jermaine, Self, Kasso, Leon Rainbow, Mr. Fickle, Rhymageddon and more. Other Jersey fam there included DJ Absurd, Blackout, Steve Smiff, Spitatainment, Shawn Lov and The Cause & Knowledge. Feels like each of these GV shows in Trenton are better than the last. Some highlights: Spit and Divine passing an L - mid-performance, the one and only Paperface going in, Self's insane freestyle, host Popa Chief's "FIYAFIYAFIYAFIYA", DJ M.Fasis with the straight 45 set, Blackout's performance, Tone's commanding of the stage and just the cipher itself. Always great seeing NJ Hip-Hop properly represented. I have a few videos I'll be uploading as well. Big up to the heads who made it out there, and I hope more make it out next month!

Botchamania 179

The Combat Jack Show (6/23/2011)

I knew they weren't gonna have a show at the regular time on the 22nd, due to Dallas hosting the Random Axe show - I had no idea they were still doing a show this week. The first half hour is dope - this year's BYOB BBQ is going to be memorable - and they had special guest Jean Grae in the building. You already know!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (6/23/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 6-23-11 (Jean Grae & Mike Herard) by PNCRadio

[video] Nutso ft. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush "This Is My Hood (Amazing Maze Remix)"

[video] Rome Cee "We Improvise"

[video] Seven Day "Untitled"