Saturday, September 10, 2011

Botchamania 183

[video] The Academy ft. Kurupt, Raekwon & Kojoe "Samaryda"

Bonus Beats The Academy ft. Kurupt, Raekwon & Kojoe "Samaryda" (prod. by Marlon Price & JP Beats)

[video] Myka 9 "I Must Cross"

[video] Malkovich "Palms"

[video] Andy Mackk "Suicide Drills"

Bonus Beats Andy Mackk Dumb Down Era

[video] Catch Lungs ft. One Be Lo "Hooliganry"

Bonus Beats Catch Lungs ft. One Be Lo "Hooliganry"

[video] Mighty NetWork "Wake'em Up"

[video] Logic "Just Another Day"

Daniel Joseph "One Million Maniacs"

[video] Paranoid Castle "Orca"

[video] banksthegenius ft. Isaac "The Good Life"

Friday, September 09, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 9/09/2011)

dem 'a wan' war

Freddie Gibbs On The Combat Jack Show

If you missed this week's show, here's some video footage from Combat Jack's interview with Freddie Gibbs:

And here's Freddie's freestyle:

Big up to

[video] Saukrates ft. Redman "Drop It Down"

Last thing Hip-Hop needs is Redman on Auto-Tune. Or whatever shit they did to their voices.

[video] Joker ft. Buggsy, Shadz, Scarz & Double "Back In The Days"

Taken from The Vision; thanks, Nappy.

[video] Planet Asia "Last Air Benders"

DJ Cable On Mixclique Vision

The homey DJ Cable gets interviewed by Mixclique Vision, speaking on everything from his early days of DJing to his multiple successes and current goings on, from DJing for Yasmin to Triangulum, which is set to drop their 2nd release VERY soon.

[video] Timeless Truth "Memorex Massacre"

[video] The Higher Concept "American Way"

Thursday, September 08, 2011

[video] Bodega Brovas "We Got It"

[video] Phesto Dee "Every Detail"

Braille - Native Lungs

Voli - In The Meanwhile (The Showcase)

[video] Apathy ft. Celph Titled "Stop What Ya Doin"

[video] Jakk Frost "Lyrics 2 Go"

The Accomplices - Got Away: The EP

The Jake x BroadNMarket on the beats, with a shitload of dope MCs on the rhymes. Don't let this one "get away" from you! See what I did there?

DOWNLOAD The Accomplices - Got Away: The EP
Got Away: The EP by BroadNMarket

[video] Kyle Rapps ft. Talib Kweli "Universe Traveler"

Taken from On Air.

The Combat Jack Show (9/06/2011)

While the majority of you Internets tune into the Combat Jack show weekly for the hilarity and randominity (yeah, I just said that), don't you dare sleep on the interview skills that CJ and the crew have. One of the realest cats in the game right now, Freddie Gibbs, stopped by the show on Tuesday for a special session. I remember hearing Gibbs on the Hype Men podcast and love that he's the same cat, no matter who's sitting in with him. If you're not a Gibbs fan before, you might become one now.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (9/06/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Freddie Gibbs) 9-6-11 by PNCRadio

[video] DaVinci "D.R.E.A.M."

Visual for Track 1 from Feast or Famine.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

[video] Craze ft. Wrekonize "Dance Alone"

Bonus Beats Craze ft. Wrekonize "Dance Alone (Codes Remix)"

[video] Astonish "Shine Like Dilla/Trees"

[video] Amanda Diva "Trendsetter"

[video] Otayo Dubb ft. Balance "Dippin' Slow"

[video] Gliffics "Just A Thought"

[video] 6:47 "Root Of Evil"

Directed by the homey Jonny Walker.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

[video] Pugs Atomz "Faster"

[video] The Throne ft. Beyonce "Lift Off"

The boy @Dallas_Penn is on it with these Watch The Throne visuals.

previous [video] The Throne "No Church In The Wild"

MED ft. Hodgy Beats "Outta Control"

This trifecta was definitely unexpected. Classic drops November 1st.

DOWNLOAD MED ft. Hodgy Beats "Outta Control" (prod. by Madlib)

[video] Evidence "You"

The Paxtons - Avenue A

First in the Paxtons' Avenue series. Them niggas FTW.

DOWNLOAD The Paxtons - Avenue A

On Rick Perry and Superman

[video] YNG_BMC ft. Messiah "Done Fi Dem"

Bonus Beats YNG_BMC ft. Messiah "Done Fi Dem" (prod. by Tha S Ence)

Myk Dyaleks - Re​@​d (Ow​)​T LOUD​!​!​!

AKA Myk's last tape. AKA the final purge before the storm... of new music.

DOWNLOAD Myk Dyaleks - Re​@​d (Ow​)​T LOUD​!​!​!

Peter Rosenberg Presents What's Poppin' Vol. 1

[video] Mega Trife & Nonsense "U Can Bet"

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor - 2 The Top

[video] Sean Price "Untitled"

[video] Moufy "Boston Lights"

Monday, September 05, 2011

[video] Rickie Jacobs ft. Street Scott "Victory Lap"

#ThisIsAnger, Week 2: Nappy x Sheer Dropz

Following up on last week's Santi Junior refix, here's the alternate version of Sheer Dropz' contribution to this EP. When I hit Sheer up, I just asked for a remix. The pack that got sent back was amazing, and included two versions: a "downtempo" remix (which will be on the This Is Anger EP that drops on the 19th of September) and this "uptempo" remix. They both do exactly what they say on the tin, and are infectious in their own rights. This "uptempo" version has a dope flow to it, and is some shit you can get Big Booty Judy to drop it low to. For this Labor Day, knock back a couple and rock to this one.

DOWNLOAD Nappy & Definate "This Is Anger (Sheer Dropz Uptempo Remix)"
Nappy & Definate - This Is Anger (Sheer Dropz Uptempo Remix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

Young Jeezy x DJ Drama – The Real Is Back 2 Mixtape

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Mouce & DJ Burn One - Til Da World Blow Up

Moka Only - The Barbecued Horse Contest Instrumentals

DJ Madd Rich & Mr. Miranda - Dave's Story: The Best of Mr. Miranda 06'-Infinity

Keon Supreme - Voicemail

Faimkills - Good Times For A Change

Armanni Reign – The SHEESH! Mixtape

Kyle Rapps - On Air

FuseBox Radio (Week Of August 31st, 2011)