Saturday, September 24, 2011

[video] Verbal Kush & Lex One "Give Thanks"

[video] ForteBowie "Me 2"

[video] Moufy "Boston"

Features David Ortiz. Not rapping, but he's definitely rockin'.

[video] Rob Yung "So You Think You Can Rap"

[video] Casual "Fiend For Hip-Hop"

[video] Hardaway Smith ft. Faith James "Eyes Wide Open"

[video] Neako "LVLYSL"

Bonus Beats Neako "LVLYSL" (prod. by Neako)

RTD Playlist (Week Of 9/23/2011)

curl up with a nice one...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Young Nigga "Come Threw Looking Clean"

I actually was dying over Tyler on Juan Epstein this morning, but the bullshit at my job had me miss this Young Nigga phenomenon. Apparently the clamor over the latest Odd Future signee shut down their site? If you saw the pic above, you couldn't really think it was a new member, though... right? Tyler forever comes with the different names and personalities and such, but this one is like fully realized. Kind of reminds me of Kool Keith's excursions into Black Elvis land, only this is a Lil B flavor. Fun shit. I really hope Expensive Pasta comes out, though.

DOWNLOAD Young Nigga "Come Threw Looking Clean" [via atrilli]

Elucid "Demolition"

Cotdamn. This is one of those cuts that have had me open for a minute, and I actually brought it back out recently, and it knocks just as hard as it did when I first got it. Elucid is in my top tier of MCs because the nigga knows how to dismantle these Armageddon riddims with just as much rage against the machine that's needed. I know he had been working with producer A.M. Breakups for a bit, and this was one of the fruits of their labor. It actually features a snippet of my voice, too. Anyways, this is taken from the Backwoodz Studioz The Cost Of Living compilation, which features a motherload of tracks from the likes of Elucid, junclassic, Willie Green, billy woods, Vordul Mega and plenty more. Essentially, Backwoodz has a grip of albums coming from these guys (yes, Elucid has an album on the way!), so they had to showcase the dope shit on deck. Don't you even DARE sleep on this shit!

DOWNLOAD Elucid "Demolition" (prod. by A.M. Breakups)

Bonus Beats Backwoodz Studioz Presents The Cost Of Living [mirror]

[video] Identity Festival 2011

Here's a barrage of footage from the 2011 Identity Festival, but fuck all of that for a second... who made that shit-hot track that's playing as the soundtrack!?!?!? Shouts to Definate for the footage.

Lloyd Banks "Check Me Out (Quickie Mart Bass Remix)"

It's a Friday night. You might be getting ready to hit the club. Mack a bitch. Smoke a dutch. Me? I'm prepping to pre-blog for the weekend. Whatever the case may be, this cut right here? This that shit to blast LOUD while you're preparing your night. Whatever the festivities may be. Quickie Mart has been rocking some serious bangers on the low; he rocked a dope Freddie Gibbs refix, and now he takes the G-Unit spitter into the nasty, gutter bass territory. Really noisey, but perfect. Rock to this one.

DOWNLOAD Lloyd Banks "Check Me Out (Quickie Mart Bass Remix)"
Lloyd Banks - Check Me Out (Quickie Mart bass remix) by Quickie Mart

Adebisi ft. Emcee Jermaine "Ain't Got"

When I saw Q from TMB talking about a new cut from Adebisi and my homey Emcee Jermaine, that was some shit I ain't got. At the time. Now, you all got it. This one right here? Taken from Adebisi's The Blaxploitation Part 2, which is dropping in October. This won't be on the Jermaine EP, which I'll be dropping on RTD Records in the near future, but you know, both cats go in. I been digging Adebisi's ish, and Jermaine is the home team - even if we don't link up like we should. Working fathers got responsibilities. But eff all of that. It's Friday, go sit around the kitchen table and look over those bills and recognize the funds you ain't got. Or open up that fridge and count how many beers you ain't got. But once you go over the ain't gots, strap up those boots and figure out and to make them ain't gots get got. (c) R-Truth

DOWNLOAD Adebisi ft. Emcee Jermaine "Ain't Got" (prod. by Noc Beats)

[video] Godilla ft. ToneLiv "Cobra Commander"

Tenacity ft. Guilty Simpson & Shi Dog "Let's Get It On"

I'm a bad friend. Well, I'm a busy friend. With all of the shit going on, some shit slips by, but I had to throw this up. The homey Tenacity is working towards I'm Different, a mixtape he's dropping on the 4th of October. It's mixed by DJ Rhettmatic and hosted by DJ House Shoes, so you should already know, neph isn't bullshitting. He sent over this, the third leak from I'm Different, which features one of my favorite MCs, Guilty Simpson, but I'm going to include the two previous leaks so you pimps know it's not a game. This one is big body fresh, something to rock LOUD in your whip.

DOWNLOAD Tenacity ft. Guilty Simpson & Shi Dog "Let's Get It On" (prod. by Tranzformer)

Let's Get It On (featuring Guilty Simpson & Shi Dog) by Tenacity

Bonus Beats Tenacity "A Badge & A Gun" (prod. by Smash Bros)
Bonus Beats Tenacity "Rap Guy's Girlfriend" (prod. by Haircut)

Botchamania 185

[video] DopeHead "Airbags"

Thank you, Gotty.

[video] Paperface "Lock & Key"

[video] The Plexiglass Fountain "Northbound Blues"

The Plexiglass Fountain = Cyclops & Tokyo Cigar. Their Year of the Dragon: 2012 A.D. album is due out early 2012.

[video] BIG S.I.N. "Da Saga Continues"

I always felt like heads slept on the Redman original.

Skream & Benga On BBC Radio 1 (9/23/2011)

Skream & Benga sat in for Annie Nightingale's Radio 1 show, with Sgt. Pokes along for the ride. The one like Trolley Snatcha contributed a guest mix. If you needed some dubstep to kick your day off proper, you could do a LOT worse!

DOWNLOAD Skream & Benga On Radio 1 (9/23/2011)

[video] Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose "Squeeze Freestyle"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (9/21/2011)

[video] DaVinci "Fillmore Story"

[video] DLRN ft. Prometheus Brown & Illecism "Reset"

[video] Progress Report ft. 5 ill and Angelica Moross "Enjoy The Ride"

I needed that.

Bonus Beats Progress Report ft. 5 ill and Angelica Moross "Enjoy The Ride"

16 Bars From Pugs Atomz: Shanghai

Hollywood FLOSS - One Fan At A Time

One day after our interview, presents Hollywood FLOSS's One Fan At A Time, which is his free skreet album released on your Internets. Features include Naledge, Jackie Chain, Laws, YP and even one of them Day26 niggas (not the one leaking bitchassness, doe). FLOSS is forever going to take it there, so if you're looking for fun or focus, he's got it all. Beast from the likes of Chris Rockaway, Brandun Deshay and someone named Sweet Valley High (that name is so cold). FLAWSE put his whole foot in the stew this time. Take a sip, nigga.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood FLOSS - One Fan At A Time

The KhemLab "Put It To Rest"

Been a minute since I started talking about The KhemLab, a conglomerate of MCs that features cats from the Offshore Drilling project, as well as some additions, and over a number of starts and stops, we're proud to say that the project will be dropping next month. Don't ask for a day yet, doe. If you're like me, you've been living with a migraine. Just feel like there's a lot that are on our plates, and there's a bunch of bullshit trying to clog the pipeline of progress. Kind of like this project. What'd these guys do, though? Put their nose to the grindstone, set their sights on the prize and annihilated anything standing in their way. Main Course, junclassic and Sky 7th took this theme and beasted over this 2 Deep production. Love the drums in this one, really tough, and I'm a sucker for piano loops. There's a lot more heat on this KhemLab project, trust. You've been warned.

DOWNLOAD The KhemLab "Put It To Rest" (prod. by 2 Deep) [mirror]

[video] Eric Roberson ft. Phonte "Picture Perfect"

[video] Toddla T ft. Wayne Marshall & Skream "Streets So Warm"

The Combat Jack Show (9/21/2011)

In the shadow of the #TroyDavis execution, Combat Jack pressed on with another fine program. Heads like Maffew Ragazino (who recently dropped Rhyme Pays) and 40 Glocc stopped by to chew the fat. Solid show, appreciate the fam trying to crack the whip and get shit tight(er).

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (9/21/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Maffew Ragazino & 40Glocc) 9-21-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Lateb ft. Reef the Lost Cauze "Shut Shit Down"

Bonus Beats Lateb ft. Reef the Lost Cauze "Shut Shit Down" (prod. by Vanderslice)

[video] Uno Hype "Top Billin"

[video] Dutch New York "The Tabernacle"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[video] Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown & EL-P "The Last Huzzah"

Eli Porter On Tosh.0

Shouts to Bol.

[RTD Interview]: Hollywood FLOSS

I remember the random Saturday afternoon where I first heard, and posted, Hollywood FLOSS' music. Two years ago, he sent over a track and I threw it up on BGDB. I was impressed, and apparently mad heads started taking notice, because over the next few years, he's been featured everywhere, from 2DBz to XXL. I won't say I told you so, but I'm glad that FLOSS has gotten the looks he's received, and has consistently churned out product to the Internets, for free and for a fee. While you've no doubt seen his name pop up on this blog over the last few years, it makes sense for him and I to sit down and really break down who the fuck his is, on the eve of his latest release, One Fan At A Time, which drops tomorrow, September 22nd. We break down how he got his unique moniker, how hardcore the ladies stalk him, and how he approaches this game.

[video] Phranchyze "Beaches"

[video] Maffew Ragazino "Black Sheep"

Side-B Radio (9/18/2011)

After being silent during WPRB's 9/11 tribute, Side-B returned on the 18th with a great show. If you've been checking out the show, you know they've been working on the Side-B video show, which should have its first episode coming up soon. Anyways, time for dope music, and this edition features cuts from The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy, 9th Prince, Doppelgangaz, DJ Absurd, Jakk Frost, Genrokka and others. Rock to this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[video] Meyhen Lauren "Just Can't Win"

Title of this one is about how I've felt today, LOL. Nice hype Lauren for the nightwalkers.

[video] Brown Bag AllStars "Got It All (DJ Brace Remix)"

Video directed by Brian Robinson. Track taken from Brown Bag Season Vol. 1, which is available in double CD format or on iTunes.

[video] Pavy "Hip Hop Is My Home"

[video] SkyBlew "Excuse My Lateness"

[video] Rich & Fameus "Ready For Take Off"

Rich & Fameus parade with some sultry vampire chicks, utilizing 12th Planet's remix of Little Jinder. Not bad work. Taken from their Ready For Take Off mixtape, which was hosted by Don Cannon.

[video] GDP ft. Pistol "Social Enema"

Monday, September 19, 2011

#ThisIsAnger - Out Now!

Just wanted to let all you thugsteppers know that Nappy & Definate's "This Is Anger" EP is available today in all good digital download spots through my RTDLTD imprint. It's been a long time coming - I remember when Nappy laid these vocals down on Definate's nasty riddim, and was in awe at how anthemic this truly is to our movement. Building from that to a full remix project, and securing versions from guys like Spooky, Teeza, Tim Reaper and The Two. Fifteens, as well as introducing heads to the likes of Sheer Dropz and Linton Brown? I feel like this has different flavors for the lovers of this sound - you've got more bouncy, club-ready versions to the darker, more sinister vibes, along with a full-on Jungle rinser and that 215 quirk. I personally tried to build this like the CD maxi singles I would buy back in the day, with a number of variations on a central theme. It's a true testament to what we've been building five years ago - for free. Not sure how often you'll get releases like this from this conglomerate, but there's been a grip of mixes, remixes and refixes given away... support our endeavors and get some BIG tunes to boot!

PURCHASE iTunes | Juno Download | Trackitdown | Nu Urban | Digital-Tunes | Red Eye Records

And here's a final version of Santi Junior's "This Is Anger" refix, under his new guise for all things refixed, Thugsteppa:

Nappy vs. S-X - This Is Anger (Thugsteppa Refix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

[video] City Slick "Hostage"

The new City Slick record drops on the 20th of September.

[video] The Dean’s List ft. OnCue "All Systems Go"

[video] Associated Minds x Eatgood Records "The Highball"

Taken from The Highball.

[video] Mr. Miranda "Key To Success"

[video] Heathen "Pullin Cards"

[video] NJ Rebels "LookaHere"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steve Smiff ft. Phace "Outta Spite Freestyle"

If you missed the Street Dreamz, Vol. 1 mixtape that Smiff put out last month, you definitely slept on this cut from that tape. Well, it's so dope, they felt the need to sort you out with an untagged version, both dirty and clean (for you niggas who actually play music pon the radio). Two of NJ's finest right here, representing and dismantling this track. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD Steve Smiff ft. Phace "Outta Spite Freestyle" [clean | dirty]

[video] Casey Veggies "I Be Over Shit"

This feels cool as fuck. Especially if you're a bit faded. You faded? This is your shit.

Sahtyre - The Buddha

Planet Cognac & rock the dub Present... (10/03/2011)

If you're looking to get rattled the fuck up by some serious bass, you need to be in Brooklyn on the night of the 3rd of October. The likes of Heroes x Villains, DJ Trigon, DJ Nappy, Space Jesus and Soundboy Pussy will be murdering the Public Assembly. Open *vodka* bar from 10-11, 21+ to enter? If you RSVP via, you gain $7 entry, but it'll be $10 at the door. Let a nigga know if you're trying to attend via Facebook.

Rickie Jacobs - Die Brilliant

On today, his 25th birthday, Rickie Jacobs unearths his debut album, Die Brilliant. I won't sit here in my cavern, speaking on how I had this cat on my radar before most... including his handlers... but you know, I've been telling you about this Bmore beast for years now. I'm actually surprised it took this long for nephew to drop his debut album, but I like how his story has progressed. "They say every day a star is born. Twenty five years ago on this day, September 18th, a star was born. He's now known as Baltimore's finest, Rickie Jacobs. Today, on his birthday, he blesses the game with his debut album, Die Brilliant. Executive produced by Street Scott, this project holds 14 records of pure brilliance. It's Rickie Jacobs' gift to you. Your gift in return would be pressing play and allowing the talent within Rickie Jacobs' heart, body and soul to blast through your speakers at obnoxious volumes. This is merely the beginning. It's a MoonLite Club thing, and soon, you will know what this movement is all about. Die Brilliant is more than a project. It's a message. It's a lifestyle. And we don't have far to go. Let's toast to Sweet Revenge. Live epic, Die Brilliant!" And just so you know, this is the "Standard Edition" - the full edition drops on Tuesday, on iTunes, and will feature three additional cuts.

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs - Die Brilliant

FuseBox Radio (Week Of September 14th, 2011)