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SMH @ Katt Williams

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Please tell me my hard-earned monies spent on your DVD did NOT contribute to this assault on regular fashion, Katt. And is that supposed to be a noose around your neck? What's really good?

EDIT (May 5th 2008): I've since found out WHY Katt was wearing a noose around his neck, and it makes perfect sense. On his "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'" Tour, Katt let it be known that it was not the nooses that scare niggas... it's the HANGING that scares niggas. It was an effort to attack those who were hanging nooses all around. Katt likens it to throwing bullets on the ground, hoping to scare someone. Damn funny, and real shit.

(Pic from Fresh, passed to me by E)

Lean Makes You Fat

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Moe Dee, you on that drank?

First and foremost, RIP to Big Moe. Now, peepin' MGG's post over at XXL, I learned something today that my boy E confirmed: drinkin' that drank makes you big. Lookin' at guys like Paul Wall and Mike Jones, you can tell that some arteries and shit have been clogged and are making it harder for the shit to pass through. Plus, check out Beanie Sigel: he been on pills AND lean for years, and he is a mountain of a man. It just makes me think: who else is on that drank? Kool Moe Dee is looking massive these days. Could he be on that purple rain?

With this newly-acquired info, though, I doubt Lil' Wayne be on that lean. He is too fucking skinny to fit the bill. I don't doubt he fires up that green on the reg, but he looks like he missed a whole gang of meals.

I'm just saying.

So kids, stay off that lean - it can kill you!

Ghostface Killah f/Sean Price- "Pisstachio"*

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*Niggas gotta have fun sometimes, no? E and I were going back and forth about this whole Ghostface Vs. Wu thing, and I got bit by the bug. We ended up on some collabo shit, Ghostface Vs. Sean Price. Check it out!

verse 1 - Ghostface Killah

Teddy Ruxpin ass banana Snapple head niggas
Spagehetti head chocolate nutriment ass niggas
Drippin' pastries on my clarks
While I'm eatin' guppies wit the sharks
Flew into the heavenly skies
G O D sitting on the throne with apple pie
I threw a razor in his face on the low
Punched the kid in the head, he had an afro
Shit was crazy how lazy the drugs made me
But the fiends tried to creep
Poppoed in the magazine, gun talker of the year award
Don't ever fucks with Theodore
Pop-pop as my gun talked back,
Rest in peace, cop the flowers paid respects to Jack
I raw dogged his baby mother on Valentine's
Big footed bitch, Pumas size 9's
Cunt juice and oil
Left the bedsheet soil
Pretty bitches freak the ferry boat with the foil
Super team cream laser eye beam with the scope knocked out
Leave the pope locked out
"Niggas you cant smoke in my house"
Bazooka Joe timers
Shaolin project grinders

verse 2 - Sean Price

Beat batterer, give P a beat, battle ya
Snatch ya heart like Euros did slaves out of Africa
One shot to the dome then I rattle ya
Abra-ca-dabra, David Blaine with the magic,
poof-poof, the hammers blow and make it tragic
It's a shame when these niggas act drastic
How the fuck is these niggas gon act drastic
Don't let me get nervous or somethin'
Tear your spine out the frame then fuck up ya function
I bring the gems, Pa
on you and ya friends, Pa
Niggas getting shook for they dough, give up the ends Pa
Flash the fo' fifth with the fo' fifth flasher
Flashin n' forfeit ya cash before I blast ya
Have the pastor ask you who the best in rap disaster
Once Ruck now i go by my government name
Sean Price number 1 then I fucked up the game (P!)
The Ruck without rock I be, I self lord and master
Grasp the gat faster than sheep running on pasture
Face smasher
Broke rapper take the stash and open gash her
Sean P, not the Youngblood but I'm like a young Blood
Shoot up ya whole territory then make the new slugs hug
Powerful posture pumpin pellets into the game
How the fuck you get into my game? me?
Two arms, 3 legs, and 4 shotties
I write my murder in ink like Ja and Irv gotti
5 dime hotties built like Rihanna on stilts
Sean P perfectly pinching up the quilt
Brokest rapper you know, do all kinds of tracks for dough
and when I'm ready to blast off, y'all niggas gon know

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

verse 3 - Ghostface Killah
Eating Herr's chips flipped the script like Spongebob on Urkle
Touch the purple nurple let the eyeshadow cleanse ya soul
This be Big Ghost, the man with the big toast
Spotted Big Red, we took a long trip coast to coast
He drank the orange tonic
I had some kush
I puff the la slowly
He pissed in a bush
Grabbed a lil turtle on the tush, got the eye jammy
Ghost the illest Wu nigga never to win a Grammy
Remember being at Mammy house, stay off the couch in the corner
Got my first feel off that lil Jack Horner
Rhyme scorner, coke general, game provider
Ghost wylin like a sweater in the drier
the African David Bowie, most niggas don't know me
Check the scale bitch, throw it on ya clit then blow me
Straight off!

verse 4 - Sean Price

Powerful P
Poppin' Pistols Protection Profession
Pop session
Rhyme wreckin'
Mike checkin
Waitin' on heaven with the reverend
Barry Bonds grand slam bats when I rap
Sean P and Big Ghost like cocaine on the track
No Bobby and Whitney
I'm not the rapper that'll battle on Smack
I'm type to smack a rapper then sell 'em some crack
Fuck a DVD if it don't pay Franklins to P
Props to P don't mean shit if I can't pay power to see
That's my word to my son and my word to my bitch
Monkey Barz, Jesus Price, Mic Tyson, man I'm tryin' to get rich
3 solos then I'm done, yo I'm out this bitch
Duckdown, Theodore, Wu-Tang and the Boot Camp Clik
Grab ya Timbs, Clarks and hoodies, we runnin' this shit

chorus - Ghostface Killah

We dudes makin' jokes in the class yo
Brolic dudes who smash broads and eat Pisstachios
Stay gettin cash yo
Sell crack, fuck bitches, then collect Pisstachios

Joe Budden speaks on leaving Def Jam

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You know I have to ride for Joe Budden. I mean, we're both from New Jersey, and this nigga can SPIT! Eskay interviewed Joe for, and Joe let's it all hang out, and fucking makes SENSE while doing it.

Jay told XXL in 2006 that the reason Def Jam hasn’t released your new album is because you never handed in a completed project.
That’s an empty answer also. That doesn’t say anything. That doesn’t give the people anything. I’ve been recording for ages. You’ve never asked for a Joe Budden album. Nobody at Def Jam has ever asked for a Joe Budden album. I was without a recording budget for two years. Two and a half, three years I’d say. I was without an A&R for two years. Everybody keeps talking about what they don’t have, like, “We don’t have the album, we’re not blocking it.” Nobody’s talking about what happened and what’s happening. Let’s deal with facts and let’s deal with reality. I put "Gangster Party” out, it got spins, ya’ll left it for dead. I said, “Put me in with Timbaland,” I came back with a hit record and ya’ll never did nothing with it, and then ya’ll left me to sit there. And then I said, “okay, three years later, maybe they’re right, maybe I don’t have the records. Let me go get in with Just Blaze.” And then I tell Just Blaze’s manager to call up there and pay for the session and they don’t wanna pay for the session, so I paid for it out of pocket. Again. Everything I did at Def Jam was out of pocket. So I really have just all this time been waiting for this day to come.

That makes a lot of sense. It's not like Joe was laid up. Anyone who heard either of the Mood Muzik mixtapes knows that Joe stayed on his grisly. I still put on tracks like "Dumb Out" and, well, dumb out. I also don't see how they didn't think dude was marketable - "Pump It Up" was a beast!

Hopefully Joe can get into a situation where he is properly released and reclaims his spot as one of the best in the game on a worldwide level.

The Observation Deck (15th Oct. 2007)

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Now why you gotta go and do that?

Nas LIVE @ The Roseland Ballroom (Oct. 2007)

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I already posted one video over @ Flawless Hustle (shouts to Hav & SBK); this is another piece of that night. Nas performs "Nas Is Like", "Nastradamus", "Ether" (sans Jay-Z dissin'), "Black Republicans" (sans Jay-Z) and "You Da Man" for a hungry crowd:

Shouts to Wes AGAIN for this video.

rock the dub radio archives


Someone is hatin' on rock the dub radio. Due to an unfortunate incident involving Jay-Z's "Blue Magic", my divshare account files got ganked. I just re-upped all of the archives (rock the dub radio episodes 001-005), and will be linking them here.

The thing is, the rock the dub radio podcast's host site (podOmatic) had some problems with RAID and the majority of the data stored got ganked. I had the last 3 shows on there (episodes 004-006), and the data seems to be lost. Until I have the disposable loot to host the shows on my own, I'm rollin' with them, and I wasn't keeping each show on there anyways, but I'm just lettin' you guys know what the deal is. Here's links to the shows, as well as embedded files so you can preview. Episode 007 coming soon - all old school-esque and shit!

rock the dub radio: episode 001

rock the dub radio: episode 002

rock the dub radio: episode 003

rock the dub radio: episode 004

rock the dub radio: episode 005

rock the dub radio: episode 006

I hope you guys are feelin' these. Shouts to Chad each and every.

Good Reason to Post a Sarah Silverman Pic

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Chartreuse's post on Viacom's hate on all things YouTube/Internets, with a correlation to Rafi, Dallas and the Internets Celebrities' "VH1 Hip-Hop Honors" video of "Scenario". Both Rafi and Dallas have also expressed their disgust over this situation.

Speaking of the iC's, "Bodega" is getting CNN Headline News love this weekend. Chea!

American Pimp (in 9 Parts)

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New feature on rock the dub: Saturday Cinema. Gonna try and find these full flicks that people chop and post online. To give you some history - I'm not a FAN of pimps and the pimp game, but the intrigue of these niggas and their lives interests me. HBO has had specials on the pimps and the ho's, and not only are they good for laughs, but it's a pretty telling capsule of what the struggle can do to some people.

The first is a documentary from the niggas that brought you Menace II Society. The Hughes Brothers present: American Pimp:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8; Part 9.

When I find more, I'll post more. On Saturdays. Saturday Cinema, holla.

Soulja Boy Vs. Barney

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Captain America to return?

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Didn't this 47 just get murked? Marvel announced yesterday that they are having Capt. America rise from the dead, sans his shield, gloves, winged mask and all other things Capt. America. He will also be masquerading under some secret identity.

Maybe they will make him a nigga, like they did when Superman died?

Infamous Mobb Reality Rap Tracklisting

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Just got a press release on this. The new Infamous Mobb LP, Reality Rap, is due out November 6th. Looks like 7 out of 17 of these heaters were produced by The Alchemist, and also features beats from Havoc, Erick Sermon, Evidence and others. Check out the tracklist:

1.) Capital Q (produced by E Blaze)
2.) Who Can You Trust (produced by Urilius)
3.) Border Line (produced by Enrico Alexander)
4.) Betti Bye Bye (produced by Erick Sermon)
5.) Itz A Gift (produced by Steve Sola)
6.) Blauu! f/Havoc (produced by Havoc)
7.) Get It Poppin (produced by Sid Roams)
8.) Streetz Of NY f/Erick Sermon (produced by Sid Roams)
9.) Music 4 The User (produced by Evidence)
10.) We Here (U Know) (produced by A Dog)
11.) That Smell (produced by King Benny
12.) Reality Rap (produced by Alchemist)
13.) The Cypher
14.) Double El f/Big Noyd (produced by Chaze)
15.) Closer (produced by Sid Roams)
16.) Handle Ya Business f/Prodigy (produced by Steve Sola)
17.) Hustle Hard f/Alchemist (produced by Alchemist)

Keep it locked to their MySpace page for more info on this banger.

Friday, October 12th 2007 playlist

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Sad to say, no top 5 from ya boy this week. Too many leaks. That new Jay-Z joint = certified bananas!

mad leaks:


There's a couple of bloggers out there compiling music for you cats:

Enigmatik over at BGDB has the first volume of his iBoom series up. It features new Jay-Z, some UGK, Clipse, Sean Price, The ARE and others!

Noz over at Cocaine Blunts re-upped his Bounce For Relief mixtape/CD of classic New Orleans Bounce Hip-Hop tracks. So vintage, so dope.


Want that DNB? Some heat over at DPD. This week's FYLP features choice selections from Mayhem, High Contrast (his recent Essential Mix), ASC, a Planet Funk podcast featuring Mace & Wayz, the October 4th 2007 Therapy Sessions (featuring mixes from Dylan, Robyn Chaos, Bailey and others), a live recording of a slammin' Futurebound mix with MC S.A.S. and an exclusive DOA mix from DJ Empress. Flames.


I'm talking to my boy Che Grand, and figured I should drop a video on the man who is doing his thing on the album level come Early 2008 (Feb./March); here's dude in the studio with Von Pea, Spec Boogie, Suburb and Filthy recording their track "Trainspottin'", which is a beautiful cut off of his Official Bootleg Import EP. In any case, let the fun begin!:


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I don't have much to say on my birthday this year. It's been a wild year, and I made it past 25, so I should be able to sign up for Nigga Social Security, right? It's also John Peel Day, so go listen to loads of different, exciting cuts. I know I will.

Not right now though. I figured, fuck labels for a day. I'm gonna drop some of my favorite videos in this thread. Let's go!

Black Moon "World Wind"

The Herbaliser "Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks"

The Specials "Ghost Town"

Reprazent "Brown Paper Bag"

Mad Professor "Kunte Kinte"

Just where my head is at. I'm clock watchin' like a bitch. Fried chicken and mac & cheese awaiting me.


Sonic added to Super Smash Bros. Brawl lineup

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I don't own a Wii. I want one, but not yet. This game might make me cop one, though!

Didn't you always want to see Sonic and Mario whup each others asses? Well, the Sega star has been added! There's loads of screenshots of his special moves, and they look awesome. (For even more surprise guest stars, check out these assist trophies!)

So now I need to cop a Wii, and a High Def TV. *sigh*

(As seen on - subscribe to their RSS Feed for the latest news.)

J Dilla Show TONIGHT In Brooklyn

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(click pic for larger image)

Big up to Da Beatminerz for this one. I wish I could go, looks like something I'd be into. $10, all going to the Dilla's family and the Lupus Foundation of America. 7PM-2AM, 21+.

As seen on Notes From A Different Kitchen.

Wordsmith ft. D-Dub, Mic Brown & A-Class-HipHop "In The Headlines" [MP3]

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Wordsmith ft. D-Dub, Mic Brown & A-Class-HipHop "In The Headlines" (zShare stream/download) (prod. by DeMo)

Wordsmith and his crew drop a heater with a dope loop in it. It sounds like it's about "the incident", but it's not.

Word is Words, Nas' A&R, and Strada will be on a conference call to try and sort out the details. I'm guessing HipHopDX will be dropping the exclusive story once the call is over, so stay tuned!

Tired of Fiascogate

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Straight up, I am not a Lupe Fiasco fan. Anyone who has read my review of Food & Liquor should know this. And without sounding like a jaded old school head, I will refrain from filibustering inre: my love for all things Midnight Marauders (even if E caught the brunt of what I was saying a few days ago). I agree whole-heartedly with what Phonte had to say about Lupe's stance, but I still cannot understand the ignorance that is Lupe.

Miss Info posted her views on his comments, which followed up Q-Tip's views on the situation. I think it's kind of telling that Lupe compared A Tribe Called Quest to MC Hammer, given Tip's lines in "Check The Rhime"; Lupe, your argument about Hammer selling more records than ATCQ, then assuming that Tribe wouldn't be as worldwide is bananas. Hammer sold more records than Wu-Tang, but they are just as big, if not bigger, than him worldwide.

The kind of nigga who is talkin' about kids in Harlem not ever wanting to listen to A Tribe Called Quest would be the same kids who have no reason to listen to YOU, nigga. Aside from the critical acclaim Food & Liquor received, you didn't even go gold. And after all of this, you want to stay stubborn, which is understandable, but wouldn't you at least be curious? Or do you feel such resentment that when you see the cover of MM and cringe?

Niggas like you are the reason for your own downfall - not leaks, not label drama, not the public. You came out the box trying to act as if Q-Tip called upon you to join the Tribute, which we find out didn't go down like that. Then you get the spot on the Tribute, and fuck up. It's not even the fuck-up that bothers people, it's the context. You purposefully said "Yo I ain't even listen to that album" a WHILE ago, no doubt trying to distance yourself from the dreaded "backpacker" syndrome in Rap today, and that very statement came back to fuck you, kind of like a coked out Adebisi on a rampage. You should've already known how harsh the 'Net can be, and being 1) an artist and 2) a man, your skin should be a few hairs thicker than that. Alas, we find out that the microwave Muslim is just a punk, more "hurt" than he should be, based on his pseudo-nonchalance.

One of these days, Lupe, you are going to look back at this situation. Way after your (alleged) 3-album stint, way-way after FNF has shut the doors on the Chicago offices. Way after Pharrell has retired from singing badly but making great beats. You will look back on this situation. Will it be with a sly smile? Will it be with a wimper? Will you just feel dumbstruck that YOU let this rollercoaster continue, all the while with your hand on the brake, hesitating. Are you truly ready to feel the backlash? You not only played yourself, it looks like you might have pissed off a legion of dedicated Tribe fans, fans who saw your stale ass as a torchbearer. No matter how reluctant you were to fly that flag, as an artist and a character, your job is to please the fanbase. Those same backpackers you want to distance yourself from? Those are the same heads who championed you on blogs, forums and at your shows. 8Ball & MJG? Do you truly think they give a wet fart about Lupe Fiasco?

Kids in Harlem. If a nigga in Harlem can recite a Lupe line, I'd be surprised. Go fix your face and pray to Allah that The Cool doesn't flop. Hard.

Fucking microwave Muslim ass niggas. Hate on.

Lookin' Ass Nigga

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This shit is hilarious.

The Ashley Banks line is my shit. Shouts to Perp for the link.

DJ Envy + Red Cafe: The Co-Op [info]

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The Co-Op is in stores today. Check out Red Cafe freestyling on Rap City:

Peep the tracklisting:

1. School Of Hard Knocks (Intro)
2. Keepin' It 2 Real (Skit 1)
3. What It Be Like
4. What It Do (feat. Remy Ma)
5. Dolla Bill (feat. Fabolous)
6. Ghetto Children (feat. Mr. Easy)
7. Keeping It 2 Real (Skit 2)
8. Move Like A G (feat. Uncle Murda & Styles P)
9. Shakedown 4 Life
10. Things You Do (feat. Nina Sky)
11. Invincible
12. Keeping It 2 Real (Skit 3)
13. Buck Buck (Feat. Sheek Louch)
14. Section 8
15. Mr. Lover (feat. Black Buddafly)

And grab the bangin' "Dolla Bill" REMIX featuring Jermaine Dupri, Juelz Santana, Sean Kingston and Busta Rhymes (CLEAN / DIRTY). Grab it!

KRS-One on 50 Cent, Kanye and current Hip-Hop

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KRS-One kickin' knowledge on the red carpet:

His "Flashing Lights" thing kills me.

(Big up to E for the link)

Amanday All Day (webisode 4)

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Amanda breaks down her experience(s) @ the 2k7 VMAs, Pt. II:

SMACK DVD Battle: Iron Solomon Vs. Math

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This shit is wild:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I think Iron Solomon got him on this one...

Internets Celebrities: "Scenario" Tribute

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Rafi & Dallas got the ill video of Busta, Common, Lupe and the Imperial Skateboard P doing a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" from tonight's Hip-Hop Honors show. Ch-check it:

The iCs are so gully, they got strong-armed when said camera was seen... CHEA!

The RZA speaks on the Beatles

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RZA should be a motivational speaker.

I also love how he answers the phone like "PEACE!"

Full interview coming next month on KOTORIMAG.COM.

Nah Right: American Gangster news

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Eskay got to listen in to what sounds like the fucking LP of the year. I envy Eskay. Check out his write up.

The Amazing Technicolor Busta Rhymes

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This was passed to me by Wes from, and was taken at the Boost Mobile Rock Corps show on the 6th of October at Radio City Music Hall. He posted a few choice shots here, and you can view all of these pics on Flickr.

rock the dub radio: episode 006

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You already know.

This edition of the rock the dub radio podcast features a host of new-ish tracks, as well as some personal favorites. There's new spit from Scarface, the Wu-Tang Clan, 9th Wonder (with Little Brother), Smif-N-Wessun (with Joell Ortiz) and a host of others; I threw in some Common, Kanye, Mobb Deep, Shyne, Sporty Thievez... endless. Some unreleased heat from the likes of Affiliate, Mickey Factz, Jacewon and others. Big up to Cole Cash, dude is on fire. Oh and make sure you peep that "Al Sharpton Is A Ho" cut - too true!

rock the dub radio: episode 006

(Direct MP3 download [~108MB])


02/Scarface "Never"
03/Statik Selektah ft. Termanology, Talib Kweli & Consequence "Express Yourself '08"
04/9th Wonder ft. Little Brother "No Time To Chill"
05/Busta Rhymes ft. Akon & Shabba Ranks "Clear The Air"
06/Wu-Tang Clan "Watch Your Mouth"
07/Smif-N-Wesson ft. Joell Ortiz "Stomp"
08/Big Shug ft. Royce Da 5'9, Termanology & Singapore Kan "Play It (Remix)"
09/Affiliate "Left, Right"
10/interlude: Col. Jessup vs. Cole Cash
11/Kanye West ft. Common "My Way Home"
12/Shyne "More Or Less"
13/Mobb Deep "Capital P, Capital H"
14/Big Pooh ft. Joe Scudda & Median "Scars"
15/No I.D. "Fate Or Destiny"
16/Common "1,2 Many"
17/Elemental Emcee ft. Chief Rocker Busy Bee "Al Sharpton Is A Ho"
18/Jacewon "So Far To Go (Part III)"
19/Mickey Factz "Talk Yo Ish"
20/Elucid vs. Bjork "Army Of Me"
21/Big Kuntry ft. Leland Austin "Goin' Hem"
22/Slim Thug ft. Jay-Z "I Ain't Heard Of That/Change Clothes"
23/Clipse "Momma I'm So Sorry"
24/Sporty Thievez "Cheapskate"
25/Kia Shine ft. MJG & 8Ball "Bluff City Classic"
26/50 Cent "Curtis 187"
27/50 Cent "What Do You Got"
28/50 Cent "I Don't Need You"
29/Ghostface Killah ft. Sheek Louch "Blue Armor"
30/Nas "No Idea's Original"
31/Blitz the Ambassador "Hands of Time"
Shouts to Chad @ WGHH Radio all day. Any MCs/producers/DJs who want to send me some tracks, email me at One love.

When White Girls Go Crunk

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"let me see what you got"...

Did Nas jack a Wordsmith track?


You guys heard the recently leaked "Surviving The Times" track from Nas, right? It's off his forthcoming Greatest Hits package, and my boy Wordsmith hit me with this link, discussing the similarities between a track of his entitled "As The Art Fades Away" and the Nas track (hear Words' track on his MySpace page). Check some excerpts of Wordsmith's piece about the similarities between the two:

I wrote my track “As the Art Fades Away” in 2006, as an unofficial version that I actually recently re-recorded for my debut album “The Next Level Experience” on Saturday, October 6th until I heard about this. My in house producer Strada made this beat a year ago and I am here to just state the facts and not attack Nas, so I just ask that everyone judges this fairly. No producer is going start a track the exact same way and no producer is going use the same sounds, loops, rhythems, etc. to create a track. My version starts off with a sample of my own voice saying “The pop rap charts make the art fade away” followed by “That’s the whole tragic point my friend.” Now, whoever produced Nas’s version, and I heard its Chris Webber, which sounds rather odd to me, would not start there track off with the same sample unless they heard it somewhere else first. To me they strung the sample out from there, so it would sound different, but the piano, horn, and baseline are exactly the same way my producer laid his.

So Words is saying Chris Webber (will Nas ever learn?) might have cribbed how Words' track started ouw, samples and all? Chris needs to be training, not producing (jacking?) beats for Escobar...

Two, my producer used “What Would I do” as the hook part of my song and I Chose to fill it in by saying Imagine if certain rappers never did what they did, how would the game be. Nas’s version uses the same concept, but the producer uses a different section of the song where its says,”What Would I do,” from the Wiz and just looped the hook. I have never officially released this track and it can only be heard on my myspace page.
Reminds me of the whole Apex Productions/"I Get Money" MySpace cribbing...
Finally, please don't look at this as I am complaining because I am not, I just felt the need to speak on it because so many great people have come to my defense, so I would like to thank everyone out there for that and I even would like to think any haters as well because we all have a job to do. So what I have done is post links to both tracks below, please check them out and leave your comments.

What do you think? The Nas track; the Wordsmith track. Did they jack Wordsmith?

DJ Sara & DJ Ryusei Freestyle Session

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This is the latest I've seen on their YouTube channel. I think the first DJ is their dad or whomever is teachin' these prodigies how to cut:


Friday, October 5th 2007 playlist


That top five is all I have been keeping on repeat in the MP3 player this week. Varying styles, but seriously beautiful music.

01/A-Sides "Memory Lane" [damn, A-Sides sure knows how to pick those samples!]
02/Chaka Khan ft. Mary J. Blige "Disrespectful" [best track on Chaka's latest CD.]
03/Opus III Vs. Demonic 1 "Fine Day (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP refix)" [My nigga done done it again!]
04/Hell Rell ft. Young Dro "You Know What It Is" [Rell spits hot garbage on this, Dro does the damn thing, but that beat is what this is all about.]
05/Mala "Alicia" [One of the DMZ boys revamps an Alicia Keys interlude into a sexy Dubstep romp.]

the leak fantastic:


I recently got an e-mail inre: this UK DMC turntablist champion, JFB. He's representing Brighton, UK, and dropped two mixes for the massive: here's a Drum & Bass Mix for August 2007, and a here's one that's a "DJ Battle Jam" CD mix. Hit up dude's MySpace for more info.


DJ Trackstar's Boogie Bang 9.5 (The Interlude) is available for you guys; this is to tide you over 'til that Boogie Bang X drops:

Kanye West/Lil Wayne-Barry Bonds
Crooked I-Uh Oh Freestyle
UGK/TI-Hit the Block
Big Will-TV (prod. Mr. Skip-A-Beat)
Lupe Fiasco/Gemini-We On
Playaz Circle/Lil Wayne-Duffle Bag Boy
David Banner-So Special
Chamillionaire/Slick Rick-Hip Hop Police
Joell Ortiz-Caught Up
Tef Poe-144 Bars (prod. Dro)
Styles P-Stop Skeemin
Crooked I-New West Anthem
Joell Ortiz/Ras Kass/Stimuli/Grafh-125 pt 3
Vandalyzm/Royce 5'9/Naledge-The Last Time (prod. 9th Wonder)
Talib Kweli/Justin Timberlake-The Nature
Kanye West/Dwele-Flashing Lights
Kanye West/Mos Def-Good Night
Cormega/Dwele-Sleep Well
Common-Break My Heart
Chaundon/Keisha Shontelle-Sunday
Screwz N Scripts-Way Back When (prod. Troublestylez)
Kanye West-Champion
Little Brother-Good Clothes



There's a couple of Whoo Kid-helmed mixtapes about: both G-Unit Radio 25 (Hosted by Chris Rock) with 50 Cent and The Cons Vol. 5 (Refuse To Die) with Consequence are floating about...


Benja Styles, DJ Envy & JDS have a new mixtape out there entitled Philly Love (The Spotlight Is On); grab it, then check the tracklist:

17.E NESS "187 REDRUM"

Cotdamn. I like how Benja revamped "Hip Hop Ride" though.


This week's DNB fix over at the DPD: FYLP (oct. 5th 2007 edition) features nastiness from the likes of Wicked Sway, DJ Hayze, State of Mind B2B Trei, the last BBC 1xtra show from DJ Flight, as well as Chris Goss & Tomahawk stepping in for DJ Hype on Kiss 100, with a special Cyantific guest mix to boot!


We're gonna take it back a bit with this video selection:

East Flatbush Project "Tried By 12"


Enjoy this Indian Summer. Until next time...

Elmo Helps Lil' Dunns Cope with the War

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There's a special episode of Sesame Street where Elmo is talking to a character who has a father returning from war (damn, they let ANYONE into the Army these days). It won't be shown on TV for some reason, but they will be dropping copies to over 400,000 families with parents who are off fighting Dubya's battles:

I always thought it was odd that Elmo was voiced by a Black dude.

Aftermath Studio Session Pt. 1

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With Busta Rhymes dropping jewels on the costs of music (studio budgets, ringtone prices, etc.) (spotted on Spine Magazine):

Seeing Bus in the studio cracks me up. Remember him and Timbaland from MTV Diary? Never gets old.

Hell Rell For The Hell Of It [review]


Wow OK that cover scares the shit out of me. Well, no, it's just fucking ignorant. But then again, this is Ruger Rell we're speakin' of. Dipset all day? I'd sure hope not...

He keeps saying he doesn't do this for the money or the fame, but then talks about wanting to buy a yacht and all this other bullshit. Nigga, please, you're in this trying to get paid. That's why you're on Koch - it's them illusions, nigga.

"Do It For The Hustlers"
OK this beat is boring. He sounds too much like Killa Cam on this one, which isn't exactly a good thing. And I'm already starting to not believe him. At all.

This beat sounds like my son made it. He can't speak yet. I hear that lil Milk Dee in the beat. If Rell and JR Writer are the future of Dipset, I see Dipset ending... tomorrow. And what was up with that apple juice/pee pee line? Too much of that gurple?

"Deep In Love"
I hate when these dudes try to act so hard, then talking about loving their niggas. This beat would have been cool 5 years ago. Wake me when it's over.

"You Can Count On Me"
Straight G shit? "Fuck with me"? How many "I sell drugs b/c my block is fucked up" tracks do I need to hear? Even worse, dude doesn't sound emotional at all. Next.

"Streets Gonna Love Me"
A lot of "me" talk on this disc, no? I do like that beat though - nice use of the vocal sample, but the chorus is very predictable. And who the fuck is truly trying to "die" for the streets?

"Life In The Ghetto"
I'm a sucker for piano melodies. I like this track, surprisingly. The 2nd verse really gets deep into the real grimey side of the hood. A lil too much bullshit about himself when he should be sticking to the topic, but dude rides the beat well. That "get ready for dick and some balls" line sounds odd.

"Hardest Out" (ft. Styles P)
Ghost just trying to get a check off this one. He completely murked Rell on this one. Doesn't even sound like he was in the studio during his rhymes. And who said Rell was one of the hardest rappers out?

"You Know What It Is" (ft. Young Dro)
I never thought I'd be saying this: Young Dro murks Rell on this one! I like how they actually split up the 3rd verse. This beat is bananas though - I could listen to this all day.

"Show Off"
Worst beat on the disc so far. Synth-heavy bullshit. Whomever makes beats like this needs to be shot.

"I'm The Shit" (ft. Cam'ron)
"I'm the shit man/you see these flies flyin' 'round me?" Huh? This beat is vintage Dipset, though: that hi-hat heavy, epic sounding sample shit. Crazy boom-bap. I really like Rell's first verse; the whole Range Rover/Phantom shit at the end makes me smile. Is Cam talking about his IBS on his verse?

"Respect Me" (ft. JR Writer)
I get tired of niggas talkin' about money like they truly blow their noses with dollar bills, be forreal. JR kind of sounds like Papoose, for good or ill.

"I Shall Proceed (Rep The Set)"
Yawn. Why bastardize a Roots chorus? He freaks some old school sounds in the beat though; I'm on the fence with this one.

"Always Wanted To Be A Gangsta"
*Sigh* Another waste of time.

"Where You From" (ft. Juelz Santana)
This beat is kind of wild. I like the bounce to it, and it switches up nicely, too. "This Rap Ramadan/what you niggas go hungry". ROFL! How is Santana only doing the chorus?!?

"I Ain't Playin' Wit 'Em"
Um... OK!? I'm glad this is over.

What a waste of time. I don't have much good to say about this CD. The cover is the best part, and it sucks. I mean I couldn't have expected much, right?

rock the dub gives Hell Rell's For The Hell Of It 2 out of 5 stars. Nonsense beats, nonsense rhymes; Dipset no way.

hit the links:
Hell Rell on MySpace

XXL: Exclusive American Gangster LP info

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YN got the SUPER EXCLUSIVE Jay-Z American Gangster info. I am so psyched for this. Included in this post:

  • Puffy & the Hitmen reunited like the Wu and are possibly contributing FOUR cuts?
  • Expect this project to be "the lyrical side of Reasonable Doubt meets the musical majesty of Blueprint"
  • Pharrell only does two cuts, and they are the only commercial smashes.
  • No I.D. brought a track, as does Jermaine Dupri. With Bilal. Wow.
  • As of right now, Beans is the only cat YN heard featured, on a revamped version of "Ignorant Shit".
  • There's still unfinished material out there: DJ Toomp produced a cut, and there's something with a Marvin Gaye sample that's still being worked out.

Needless to say, I am super pumped for this release. I love me some Hov when he's on his grisly. This sounds like a dope ass collection.

Homie Spumoni!?!?

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Spotted @ Crunk & Disorderly (big up E)

Yo, OK I'm a fan of Donald Faison's. I rememeber dude being in Sugar Hill and Clueless when he was younger, and was a big fan. I also love Jamie-Lynn Sigler (my Sopranos appreciation is well-documented). And fucking Paul Mooney is the truth. One of the best Black comedians and writers ever, no bullshit. I wasn't expecting a movie with all 3 of them in it, especially entitled Homie Spumoni. Check the plot:

Meet Renato: a pasta-loving, Dean Martin-worshipping Italian-American living la dolce vita and working at his papa's Little Italy deli. Until his African-American birth parents show up, claiming he's their long-lost son Leroy. Now that he's suddenly black, "Leroy" tries his best to shoot hoops and dig hip-hop, but all he really wants is for everyone to just get along!

Say what? We beef on Hip-Hop music, Michael Vick, Don Imus, saggy pants and the like, but we let ignorant bullshit like this through? I don't give a frigid fuck if this never made it to the theaters... why would someone like Whoopi Goldberg sign on to be in some heaping bullshit like this?

I'm half-tempted to buy this and review it. I want to see how low my people's culture can go.

You can diss on Homeboys In Outer Space and whatever other nonsense you want to; Homie Spumoni, dog? SMH...

Peanut Butter Wolf's 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War

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Big up Lord Wigflip.

Hit the Stones Throw website for more info.

Playaz Circle ft. Lil' Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy" (video)


I can't get this chorus out of my head. Sorry.

Plus, homegirl that turns off the alarm in the beginning has a fatty!

The Observation Deck (4th Oct. 2007)

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They act as if this nigga never played ball...

  • The Atlanta Falcons are trying to get a refund on the $22 Million bonus they gave Michael Vick because, get this, if they knew he was invovled in illegal dogfighting, they wouldn't have signed him. Huh? Oh wait, do you hear that sound? It's the bullshit alarm going off...
  • Beanie Sigel is auditioning to play Biggie? Beans is a big dude but he gonna need a fat suit, right? At least we'd have a real rhymer... let's just hope the filmmakers never saw State Property!
  • E has a couple of stores detailing the beatings/brutalizing/murderous actions some Americans take towards others. Senseless...
  • If you haven't gotten a colonoscopy yet, good news: they might make x-ray colonoscopies a thing of the near future.
  • Episode #53 features an interview with old school legend Milk Dee. Don't sleep.
  • OhWord be hatin' on New Jack Swing, and I do, too!
  • You gotta love how the Wu became the first cats to clear a Beatles sample... then they weren't. The Beatles were still kind enough to gank them for crazy loot as if it WERE a full fledged sample, though.
  • The ethics case against Herman Thomas (AKA the court judge who used to spank niggas) was dropped.
  • Apple swears it's not making your iPhone an expensive brick to exact revenge, but I guess you can't stop the determination of hackers.

I'm tired. Someone else man the post, I'm hitting the snooze...

Termanology "So Amazing" (video)

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Termanology is one of the nicest unsigned right now...

Produced by DJ Premier (as if you ain't already know).

BONUS: "So Amazing" (radio edit)

Away Team "Greedy" (video)

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Diggin' the track. The video? Kind of nice to see shit broken down to the bare elements...

Training Day is in stores October 30th.

I Get Money... the wristband?!?!

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Talk about ignorance. I mean, it's bad enough that 50 Cent took an innocent old school rhyme and has made it this nonsensical anthem and a seminal cock-rub whenever he throws fake "50" dollar bills in the air during his shows. Now some jack-offs have mass produced these wristbands carrying the slogan?

I feel bad for Milk Dee. Is he going to see any monies off the proceeds? I hope this is feeding someone's babies or putting loot into the pockets of some Black college students. We all know that's a pipedream...


(shouts to Rafi for the initial link)

Separated At Birth?

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Amy Winehouse & Mick Jagger (Pic from Rolling Stone)

"Cereal Is Dope" Outtakes

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Those damn Internets Celebrities; you can't just have one amazing video like "Cereal Is Dope" (make sure you digg it); you gotta hit us with the OUTTAKES?!!? Check out this reel clips that didn't make the cut:

Get some info regarding these HERE. Rafi drops the ill post there; Dallas drops some more insightful info, and we also get TWO Lucky Charms-related clips HERE. INTERNETS CELEBRITIES FTW!

Possible American Gangster tracklist?


Over at weapons of mass distraction, there's a supposed tracklist to Jay-Z's forthcoming American Gangster from iTunes that looks mad suspicious:

1. Amen
2. Blue Magic
3. Untitled
4. Alright, Alright
5. You Don’t Know
6. And The Winner Is
7. American Gangster (Featuring T.I.)
8. Welcome
9. Ignorant Shit
10. The Demise
11. I Get Money (Remix)
OK I first assume that the "I Get Money (Remix)" is that Forbes 123 joint with 50 Cent and Diddy; if Jay wasn't trying to go radio with this, why would this be included? If you peep the original post @ wmdeez, there's other rumored tracks that are missing, like "No Hook", which was a big part of the NY Times article, as well as cuts featuring both Kanye West AND Nas. I don't see ANY of this making any sense. Not to mention that Just Blaze recently posted about the 40/40 impromptu session Hov and Blaze did on stage (with free drinks!), mentioning a cut entited "Roc Boys".

Basically, iTunes, I think you need to hold off on this until eskay posts something. I don't believe nathan until then.